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The Paradoxical Prescription to Happiness

Joakim Hjortland
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How can we experience true, complete and lasting happiness? Discover the recipe for the best life you can ever live – here and now – and through eternity! Video available at www.empowermissions.org.


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • January 16, 2016
    10:00 AM
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There and if I do it. Thank you for four days be a full day. Beautiful Sabbath you have given us and. I was reminded this morning off. When they built the temple and then they have this integration of the temple how you answer to prayer son you feel it with your press on stored on. And when they built this building in accordance with your will. And your do we believe that we are here to celebrate the status you have sanctified. It is the not quite us with your will. And I want to predicates. You seem an hour later we present with us in a special way as we come together in your house to worship you. So long about you that you may give us your perspire it thus you have promised to you may live my words that you may speak on the hockey Lord you know what's best credit you may tailor make this message. You know what each and every one of us can take with us from this message and its predecessor You may go I might even say it with my with it. What shall we say up here from to know what I spread out you may impress the things you have in store for us today through your spirit. Thank you Lord us you will draw us closer to you and not I pray I am reminded of this beautiful worsened because Song stuff. I delight to do you know are we ALL MY GOD. Your Noyce within our hobby in my heart which were that's really the joyful experience he wants us to have us followers of us pray Lord I thought that maybe X our experience every every year and everything. Thank you Lord. If you will lead us you will speak to us or dismiss it or apprentice name him. The message this morning. Titled The paradoxical. Prescription. So happiness how many of you. How many you want to be happy can somehow say that's the big question I guess right all of us want to be happy so. This is some assistance that it's relevant for for all of us sometime around some time ago I was reading this interesting article an Swedish newspaper. Basically to type of Dr Goli So you know million wage. You know luxury car structurally houses. The recipe. Of Joy question mark. It's basically to question ice off here. And the article is talking about this British study to have been conducted basically asking them. What are the necessary ingredients for for the perfect life. Perfect happiness what do you really have happiness in your life to really have the best life. Going to what art in this is sorry. Ingredients. And this sort of following. Ounce service. That's were given in this. In this survey. They said you know you needed a yearly wage of over one hundred twenty thousand euro. Hollis with a well you have two hundred sixty thousand euro in the vision that I'm going to summer house. You know this nice. Awesome marketing car. And you know I would think it would all mention that this is hearing brilliant. Would be like you know I could I make success you know being in on the top of them a CLI or you know being your fame some would say you know what someone said being on the top of your sport or having you know. Maybe a perfect spouse others would there. This that are the type of things that they answered in but people without serious you asked him what do you have perfect happiness to really be happy to really have the best life. You could live what art and this is a goodness what is the recipe for for for happiness. Now he states. The recipe. Are does that. Necessary ingredients to recipe to happiness. I read on an interesting article about actually a British girl a swell sixteen years old Kelly Rogers. She. Proximity to me and British pound suppression it's been a half million you're off a time when I can get that is on the lottery. She got you know what she may be one of their to hope for you know when she both lottery ticket she got what many many types of people all over the world you know are dreaming for dream hoping to get one they and she got it. And she looks quite happy right. And you know this. Made it possible for us. A young girl you know to do pretty much anything she could dream about there were no would like to do it on. She For instance she used. Seven hundred thirty thousand a year olds four for four luxury houses proximate the turn of sixty thousand euros for sports cars you know. Two hundred thousand euros for it. Celtic vocations next one is the hardest one Thomastown I think it's six hundred twenty thousand euros for fashion floats not. The you think this. All of this things you know that she was reading about them. You know do you think it's given a better life. Now if she'd Rich did she care in their perfect happiness best like you think you think this. This really gave her but a life giver perfect happiness yeah. Some hands head shaking. You know. Yes a few years off there were or. When I read about this. She she lived in the home of her mother and she had three cleaning jobs just to make. And Smith. Just to get enough to survive and he says What's your sense of very interesting. She says the following. I almost wish I had not won. If I knew what I know now. I would have given the mom the back right away. It brought me nothing but them have been us through my life. Can you imagine. She says she won you know she got what does of it. Well are hoping to get someday. And when she gets this you says I wish I knew what I know whatever just give me back. I wish you'd never happen. It brought me nothing but on. Now let me tell me. Let me tell you about my friend. They would. When he was. You know. Since he was a little little boy you know what always awesome. It's a big passion he was going out here like you know it's getting us good. You know he became pretty good you know. And when he was a. You know you want to he basically. He's dream. What's real feel. He moved to California. And he was able basically to leave their professional border. So he was steer skating the some of the best you know. Skateboarders in the world. And he had the promising career also skipper only it's your soul you know living history. But after one the year. There. He realized the piece. Didn't give you the happiness on the fulfillment thought he thought it would. But he hoped. And therefore after only one year living his dream he said no this is not it doesn't fill it would be something. Give me to satisfaction this doesn't give minute Joy I hope and. So he basically he decides to go away from there. You know. Now what he doesn't study he talks to music and with some friends you know they start this. Back to get are about and eventually. They're getting pretty good. You know you are playing one more in one more quest to play different but some. They're actually according to two albums you know. And they're playing with travelling on the US together with some of the most known bounds in the time doing very well you know how many success. Gives them some happiness but. But here we have access also here distance really give the satisfaction this doesn't give the the happiest happiness that he thought and again. So he has disappoint them but. And he decides to basically quit in the in the bound. But it doesn't study it's now it's on strike and I mix. And I think maybe that's will do it. Maybe academics will do it and. So we starting medicine. And he's doing very well the scene there in the very top of his class. It's doing very well luck of the McLean. But I gather you realize this hey this doesn't give. What he thought it. There's still some empty space in his heart. He seemed perfectly fulfilled. And he was looking around the mist looking up starving people and trying to figure out what what can really give happiness and true happiness and joy in meeting life. What can really do what is the. What is the recipe what what are dating grid in studies and the. You know and one observation he makes is it seems like you know those hard to most happy to people around them that are. You know the that are you know. Are in their relationship are silent on. So you think that maybe maybe I need to think more about the park and. So so basically he pursues early on and he gets the scarf about from the bench early on there read in love they're really having a good time and I think this is a few things. But eventually he realized this doesn't work out the Sea Folk that are so basically he he has you know. He was living his dream of doing well in music is doing well academically but nothing of the stuff. If anything in the world you know. You Nice opinion what you could imagine would give him happiness and joy in this things. Nothing of this. Come deliver. And so was he just wondering twenty four years old why. What is the matter What should I leave for if there is nothing about it on this he still feels this emptiness in his heart and it's actually considering maybe us to end his life. He says all of these things that if something should give me happiness it doesn't that never. Why should I move longer. Now. Why he stopped or. Why. Why didn't all listings you know. David sniper Cal you know that you think would give you that they could dream about the that they really think you've something with yap and if this is this is why. Why didn't it. Give the joy and satisfaction that they thought it was. Now I think. C.S. Lewis did well on Christian. Apologetic and off their I think you said it really well I want to read a quote from our Christianity is that a following creatures are not born with the Cyrus unless satisfaction for DOS to sire sexist. I bet if it's hunger. Well there is such a thing as food a backing wants to swim well there is such a thing us what are men fit of sexual desire. Well there is such a thing as sex. So basically what he says you know he says. There is no such thing there's no this higher in this world no longing this well. That doesn't have its fulfilment in our we feel hunger we can it's you know that he wants to be in there is water etc to try and now listen to this conclusion. Very interesting. If they are for if I find myself. I decide if I find myself along in which no experience in this world can satisfy the most probable explanation. He stuck. I was Smith. For on the hob there are three peanuts powerful. I think this is the wrist some quite well this luxury. Houses some exotic locations and luxury car some all this things didn't really give the joy and happiness that category just for what you will get. I think this is the reason why. Why it will that you know living us a living its dream us a skit where pro or or being doing well. Ian music or academics didn't believe or to my friend they do you know the happiness that the thought the Will dissatisfaction and what I think I think this is to resummon. They were created for something more to get ready for something more than music for something more done done done human relationships for something for something more than all these things. They were created we were created for something more than all those things. Now. If this is not the recipe for list. Ingredients it's not a recipe. So while that was done. What then is to recipe to true hop. You know. If you peel back car. If you buy a lock on nice or their rights. And it's of this in a car and. You wouldn't but petrol it would you hope not purposefully hopefully you will the wind up. Why because you trust that those who produced this car. They know best what will really make this car work well and I'm sure should if you want something to run well if you buy something I want is for something it's usually helpful to look on the instruction from from the producer and. Similarly I believe that our creates are good at the signed us up to sign their human heart to death. I believe in those spots. What we truly satisfied a human being. What kind of truly give joy peace and happiness. In our life. I think. I'm convinced and I believe you. Would argue that that's the recipe we find the recipe. In the Bible. The recipe to the best life. We can live on this earth. Interest on it and now let's let's consider a little bit let's you have come with me to balance if you're going to shop there for the concept of for some well known wrote. Verse but I want to read it. Nevertheless Philip instructive for we can read their verse for. Philip instructor for. One reverse for. Now this is actually a nice song. That's resigned yesterday. So it's rejoice always. Again I say. Rejoice. And also we had a similar Arsenal in the first of five sixteen. Rejoice. Always rejoices maybe in on not the most commonly use word in English vocabulary today. But it basically means big lab. Have great joy or delight trying to be always glad we always joyful. Delight yourself in the Lord always. This is this is what's the full support rights this is what the Bible sus you know is what God wants for us it's God's will for us now question. Do you think this. This was only something that you know Paul up as a Paul wrote. What do you think the sick. This actually was something he also experienced himself in his life. Was it only something you wrote on to change it. I think. I think it's interesting actually I wasn't surprised first time I noticed it but you know just this one when he talks about the Farriss on the side of says he actually said. And do what they say. But do not leave like them basically twenty three want to do what they say but do not leave like them. I wasn't surprised. But there isn't if they said the most of good things but the problem was to didn't really leave it in to Walk the Talk to do it really that way that towards. Now. I don't believe that's the case with up most important. In fact at least three times to read. But he says things like. Follow me. Follow me yes I follow Christ. You know. There isn't for his success. When he was traveling around pitching or on the in the military and he didn't have to say. Do what I tell you. But do not believe like me. That's not the way plant the church is everywhere on tarnish it well upside down you know that wasn't giving power us an apostle. There isn't much he was a powerful bridge of us that he walked the talk they could see. This wasn't just something it thought it was something he leaves and. And you know it's not about surprise that never spoke like Christ spoke in a wind so powerful quote the minister of healing. So it's because never cries. So I believe you know when when apostle Paul writes this. Rejoice sort of ways always begat it was joyful. Was delighted yourself in the Lord. I believe I'm convinced that that wasn't just something you wrote about good reason to do that you see something. This is a way of life. This is something he also actually experience in his time. Now how could he. HOW COULD HE ALWAYS BE God how could we all of Joyce How could the always delighted self in the door. What is the recipe how could how could he do that now. Time with me. So very interesting Pat search will go to the second second. Shop there are eleven second second Korean towns. Shop there are eleven. And we're beginning verse twenty four. Second cream just eleven winner is verse twenty four to twenty. It's here. Here it's specifically here. Poorly he describes a short overview of some things he experienced in his life as he was working for a lot of it was working for up an apostle and he says. From the Jews. From the Jews. Five times I received fourteen. Stride. My nose. Wound. Now. What this means. It stopped. Basically what's the what's to say it ripped right. Forty eight minus one times there is my right foot is that they they estimate that I've usually. If you would be it forty times. You will die. So basically this is like the maximum suffering you can get to it I'll die it's a very cruel. Five times the experience to use the hit them to maximum pain and suffering. But without killing him. And then he goes on verse twenty five True time so it's been with your old Swan So I will stall and trip down so I was shipwrecked an item a day I've been in the enjoin us often impersonal Waterson purse of Robertson Person my own country many pairs of of the Gentiles in prison that safety in person the with an innocent person the something for spread on it where to some toy in a slip this is often in hunger and thirst infesting so often in cold in the in this restaurant it cites to other things what comes of only daily. My Did concern for all the shots just. Now what in the OF think about this no doubt when you reduce experience. Pool. Leave the rough life. He experienced. So many difficulties someone is shot and so many things. Think about these human lives thinking this guy. We all live. Crazy things all the bad things what happened with him human and thinking from a human point of view. He should have been one of the least happy people in the world. So I mean there were a good to rejoice always somewhere in the right you see it's increased something really by Sonny makes this song you know to be saying yes that in our busy. Rejoice then they were singing songs I know we don't know what he sang but. But he was happy was joyful you were how in the world. Could he do it out to secret that he discovered that you know all these other things contrary to give you the very contrary the lever. What is the prescription. To Happiness. Christ what's the most important thing in his life. When he decided you know. We have to go what to do we're to move out to you know latest plans how to use this time talents and resources. He didn't really ask. What do I want but he also got want to he must fully surrender to God and he's bound for him to leave us Christ for him. Christ. What's the furthest. And the best and the last in everything for me to leave scribe I believe that this is the secret I believe this is the reason why he could always free choice. He was fully surrendered to God and Christ. And truth came. Now to talk about I don't want this week. I think she I want to read something to quote from I don't want my favorite water which I think sums up pretty well. The whole message and everything with our show this morning. And to one sentence. Quotes two of my favorite quotes from from from I don't want. Let's I think summarizes this message very well. The first one strong message directed by page thirty it. It says those Everett seeing make God first and last best for the happiest people in the world. It's not the money that we do it does not offend them and do it. Cries. Maybe maybe this is a part of what maybe you can't maybe you can read it to get or you would have to remember it try and use a bigger part of your brain when you when you speak you know than when you just hear something OK let's get to those who in everything. May God first and last and best are the happiest. Well. In the world. OK And one more quote. It is an unselfish ministry. True happiness is found Testament seven page forty nine. Carried out to get us one. It is seen on selfish mean these three the true happiness is found you know that's how poorly. He leave the life of unselfish ministry then it ask what will be most comfortable for me and he won't we could sar the most this is the secret. It's this is the prescription This is the recipe to make God first and last and best and to live a life of service to live a life of selfish. Ministered this will do what. Nothing else in this world can do. Now we should ask ourselves you know. Can I set up to start my experience do I have I made Christ first and best. Last and everything in my life. And do I live a life. Service a life. On selfish. I mean it's tree for God and my neighbor. Now how many of you. How many you want to want to go to heaven when they are. So that's the big question I guess. How many you think heaven would be a good place better. I think it's stupid question right now. One thing we carry see is interesting you know just as the best to cheer up the story he tried to speak you know there one thing you have most problems really it's like it's to tell about the kingdom of heaven because one thing you know when we decide about seventy thousand said lot about heaven in the bible of the Kingdom of God. But one thing we see is it will be much better than we can experience than we can imagine it like he tried to how can I describe the kingdom of heaven to pull that. Everything in those days well you know you tried to find parables and they tried his best. And John when he was shown the new earth and. He says These wonderful. Says that he wants to describe it for for for for for coming ages before the believers. He sits down and he's trying its best and have you thought about what he does is very interesting. Instead of writing. Everything he says he spent quite some of the time to write what is not there. No pain no sorrow no suffering no death. Because no pen. No no human which can describe it would be much better done we can't imagine. No question. It's much better than this earth. You know or or before before before. Before I said I show him how many how many do believe that God loves us and wants our best down. I hope so. Right those That's the tenor of the Bible God is love. He wants our best he sold out us with the gave His only begotten Son not God loves us if he wants our best on it heaven is much better than the place what it wanted to well are we still hear. Doesn't sound very loving to me when I go on you see depend on us. This is a will to Kris thing happening in the world to turn on the news. Why do a kind of seems like a contradiction. You know it's. God has a purpose for us on this earth. As long as we are here. God special plan. He wants to use single one of us. As long as we live. He wants to use us to make of the front for in time if he want to use us in these so obviously it's outside and if we have a place in the humans would have done. It is that we have a place in God's plan and he's worked on these are now. If ANY SUCH A GOOD PLACE question. The question counts. Walked make heaven have. Weiss really the key to great joy and happiness of heaven you know that would be much better than this earth you know it's another good question I think about you know because that we can start to experience having more and more on this earth that Christ wants to write he wants to keep my phone and he wants us to get a taste the God's kingdom and the joy. Already now. Now. I want to read up. Powerful quote from from from again. My favorite author I don't want steps to Christ I think. Some are says well. What I believe that the key. Secrets to the happiness of heavenly sent to this powerful. Our Savior story. Was in the uplifting. Hundred them shun or fall of the mountain. For D.C. counted not his life here on to the south. But and Jude the cross the spicing the shame. So angels are every good in working for the happiness of others is pitched at seventy seven by the way. So enjoy every ever engage in working for the happiness of other. It's obvious. These East's their joy. The spirit of quite self sacrificing love is a spirit that prevents heaven on its very and its the very best of its beliefs. The Spirit. That's Christ followers we will see the work that they will do. Now. I want us to not just especially one thing here it talks here about the essence of its place the essence all of the beliefs of Heaven I don't know but you. But first when I read it I count on the street what it means but I didn't have a perfect. Now I want to look it up to get a good understanding you know what its beliefs. The finish and I found release that looked it up and it's perfect. It's happened. It's perfect happiness. So basically this talks about the essence what is the essence what is the core what is the sort of perfect happiness. Of have them. Of the Kingdom of God who should be much better than everything in the sort of what is to keep what is the core. To it. It's in the beginning of this quote. The same sentence it says the Spirit of Christ. Seventh sacrificing basically spirit of service. Ducked the prescription and they cease why you know. Remember I called the title of this message what's the paradox prescription to happiness. And these seats I believe. What for us. Might seem like a paradox. Watch you mentally. From a human perspective first doesn't really make so much sense. Because we think usually. We tend to think us human being that when we follow our own we hold the science of plants. We get what we want you know when we put our self-worth. That's when we really will be happy when we have people starving us you know that so many time you think in the world if you have to starving you do this on these for you don't the to do it yourself. Man you are happy you have reached it yeah. That's what we tend to think human Lee from a human perspective. But the realities. That's when we put so far side. When we put others first right with God first. When we. The reality is he's the service. Nothing being sorry but in serving the true happiness. Lasting happiness. Truthful feeling. You know following are all that we let on the Cyrus our own dreams. That it's not the kid ice not the secret to perfect happiness. If Think about it if I would be the case. If that would be to prescription if I would be the recipient. Then whole new world would be heaven on earth. Yeah well isn't that true. They're leaving the dreams. Living the life the Thompson. Are dreaming or people in the top of the sport a top of the most richest people yeah. All of this would be the most happy people. But it's is you don't have to look far to look long. You don't need to study much you don't need to read much to figure out that that is not the case. Because that's not the prescription. That's not the secret that's not the recipient. And if we have more time you know I could tell you could tell you so many many stories to tell you about Chris Sharma who are world's best. And how being on the very top reaching the a rich in this gold. Didn't give the happiness you thought I could tell you about Gary Speed one of the most popular soccer players in the world and how he would go very sadly. Also very popular some manager off to watch how he very sadly took suicide. I could tell you about you know. Team Carter Albert and then Robert other professional soccer players that. Did the same thing. But to many others but even though they haven't done that they are far from happy there. Mr of all they're depressed there and sort of sort of this. You know actually seeing this needed that is cited to send out fifty thousand. The pression guides to professional soccer players around the world seeing the problem seeing how I think about these soccer. Arguably the best. The most popular sport in the world. This people are leaving the life that literally people around the world are dreaming about living. And they are sent the pressure got their reach their fantasy I looked up to at the small to secret. This is not the kid that's the reason the US and give it can't fully. Sure it can give you some joy sure it can give you some happiness. Sure. You know all listings come due. But he calmed fully satisfied. It's come to fully feel that emptiness. Every human being has in its hawk. That only cries. Can Feel Good tell you Oh but many people will act or whatever but so many examples to testify. The thoughts. He snuck to keep the peace. Not the secrets. Now let me tell you. Let me tell you the end of the story. My friend David. Twenty four years old who you know he's wondering what ended well. Yes tried all this things. It doesn't give the happen I thought. And he's wondering. Maybe that's why I should like to believe it. But twenty four years old gets to spoke to cope. He finds this. He got this book like a year before. From some friends of him and he was on it is to you didn't want to have anything to do with Christianity is a Christian book by Ellen why. The great controversy in the first one to show that way but in this time she didn't press to go down finally to the bookshelf. To put take down this dispute. And here it's like. So hundred pages or something in the night. It's two weeks yes read a whole book and literally change his life. In God in the Bible in God's word. He found that only thing that can give true. It's lasting happiness. You find only thing that can feel the emptiness every human being has seen the heart which found the only team that can really do. It's. And since done. Yes been very active. Traveling around to Ching I'm preaching. Trending pit bull follow Christ. Serve Christ. Around the world. And I and I went to use. School in the States Mission School on. And he likes to tell people. That's he would not exchange. One hour of peace. Life as a Christian. We all the joys all the good things to experience before he became a Christian. You know all the successes and all the good things expense he wanted to change. While Now our Christian us a Christian. With all those good things you have experienced before. And he tried to sound encourage people to Christ today. The only thing that truly can satisfy you know I tell you I tell you all. Well listings. Not only because in all this story this experience because I read this things because I read somewhere it is but I was to have a test about my own life. You know. In many ways. You know I had a good life you know I was five siblings. Nice family always been in good health experience many good things to get Shabbat in many different places you know seeing many boys. Done well in school and different things have been at war with sports for instance you know. My dream was to become professional soccer player. My big dream since I was a little kid. It went to well you know when I was fifteen I was playing with that well I would like this string got going with something like on the national level and Sweden soccer. And I had a. You know. Promising future. If there are possibilities to pursue a career. There but. But anyway. Sure listings he was found you know scored. Scoring goals on doing these things doing well in this thing together. Give up on us. But I can tell you this. Well the good things I experienced there were a lot happiness all the joy. It's a true all this experience us and. It's nothing compared with the happiness I've experienced after I really decided to make up first I'm best at last and everything and sorry. It's not think compared with the joy of experience the last ten years I was a really wanted to follow God. You know everything. And I can said today I wouldn't exchange and life I'm living now. Against you know one million euro nothing else that weekly wage of one million euro notes against becoming a professional soccer player. That's what my big dream it. Even though I became the best soccer player in the well. Because I know that the life. Might create three hundred in their lives and it's really. I know that's the best life. I could ever. That's the same I would choose. If I could sit things from his perspective. And I know that's also the case for you for everything you want to do in this room. Every singer want. If you're listening to this message. That's the case also for you. Those mean everything to make God. First last and best are the happiest. To Fish ministry. That's true happiness is found. Now let me let me tell you a story. So we're getting ready to close. There was also a show. You know there are got to get or everything we're dear for for the divine service and if it were sitting in the pastor of the shop she came up. Came up to walks up to the point but then you know I suspect they have a Reese's or an old minister did. They on and he would like one of his best childhood. Fronts and he would like him to get an opportunity to share some words with the congregation of that. That's if it's impressed to shout on. And sort of old man. He comes up in front of the shop and he stands behind a pulpit and he starts to share. Following story about father. And I on the front of the sound. They go out. Sailing. The Pacific coast. And though this. This father though he was on experience say there pretty soon the weather is getting worse and worse the waves are getting bigger and bigger and soon he realizes that the way home is really blocked on it's getting loosing the control of the boat and eventually they are chosen out into the water. The father is able to he's able to come into the water on into the boat and he. And he has. He grabs to raise the rescue nine and he wants to to of course try to rescue the two kids in the water in their original. Now at this time. He has to take the most painful and difficult decision of his life. And that is who shall we try to rescue first. You know this two kids start to this one day or two they are there with the waist up to Big didn't really have a shots but then these help their drifting apart different directions. It's make a choice who should we try to rescue first. And he thinks to himself. Of course all of these goes very fast but it thinks to himself you know it starts his son. It's a Christian. And he's pretty sure that if you guys. If you drown stuff if he will die that day. Is pretty short of he would soon seem like anyhow. But he also not. That's a friend of his son. It's not a Christian. But maybe could become one when they think soon. So what if that says he takes the rescue line. And I see is crying out to his son I love you so. I love you my son's first trial to the rescue line to the to be front and press card. His able to save his from but while he's doing that it's his own son. It's gone. And you know I see as he shares his story he says he says what. It's a great plot. The fact that I was shown us on the just a congregation to accept his lot to accept some of it and he goes and sits down. When this the service is over two young men that have been sitting in the very back of the shop first didn't pay so much attention but eventually the story quote their attention on the they were touched on the come up to the old man and they want to talk with him and. And they said to him. That's that's a nice story. But. Who would have done that. No I would have done something like that. The old man who looks at them when they saw us. I mean that the pastor of the structure. Used to keep that I really liked how Paul put it truly did not spare his own sound. But they leave it up for us all how shall not. We all so freely give us all things. Of course. Who loves us so much that he was that he gave to His beloved Son. To save us. Of course. He wants our best course the way he will lead you and me to best way we conscious of course. He knows and wants our best. It's. Now come with me to Matthew Matthew chapter seven. Yes want to reverse here. Matthew chapter seven. And let's read. Verse twenty one twenty one not just seven a verse twenty want. Here it's us. Just this is speaking he says. Not everyone says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven. But the dust the will of My Father in heaven. Many would say it to mean that the Lord Lord have not are we not prophesied in your name how we not cast out demons in your name. And that many wondrous thing seen your name and then I will the character them. I never knew that part from me you who practice. Lawlessness. We have a roach. There are many professing Christians. That would not be said because still do believe in God or to believe in Christ go to have it. An intellect of faith. They have not met him in the ward off their life. They have not surrendered fully to him when he said if anyone wants to come off to me that him deny and self and take up the cross thing it follows. When it to not only believe in him believe that HE DIED FOR US AND BE HAPPY FOR doubt but we need to also. When it's accepted sacrifice for us that's the only way we can get to heaven. We have all seen on the ridge of his death. But we also need to surround there are South to him. So that he can change our hearts about we can be part of His Kingdom would do would be no strife and selfishness and bad things. We need to surrender to him fully and make him the Lord of our lives. So that we can be caulked of the King and on that he longs. And everyone that wants to be part of so I want to. That's because I want to close with an opposition I have to have true that want to make three up it's the first one. Used to accept just us. As your Savior. If you haven't done it or if you have the Knicks to do it again. But not only to accept the loss or savior. But also still in order for your life. To surrender your life to him and I know some want your best to accept Him as your Savior and your still only way. He's become inherit his kingdom and that he's Kingdom. We can't. We can experience his cane I mean our church and his joy in our hearts and by the way Mr mind of something I said something you know their way to the secret to perfect happiness is. It's not to follow our own we learn or desires and own our own wishes and that's true. But I think if the good news is it's and Psalms thirty seven their life yourself in the Lord on that he will give you the Cyrus. Of your heart. You see more and more US we surrender to God. He would change artists he would change your heart and more and more we will actually enjoy. What is good for us. You know. Sometimes you wish maybe you Army By contrast it's all this can the though the vegetables you know that is I should that you know but a good thing is when we send to God he would change artist and we would actually enjoy everything that is good for us. But it doesn't happen overnight it happened step by step more and more. We will enjoy the things of God of things that it's really good for us. So that's the first opposite to say Lord. I want you want to accept your sacrifice. And I want you to get a lot of my life you've got to and of course. We have slowly with the understanding. So much it so much better to have someone that knows everything but no sin in the future. To be our Lord. It's a good decision. Very good decision. Second up that I want to make. It's how you made. And now. When I saw you. I'm in Single are not there all how you personally and I'm thinking to myself as well and you made. God first and last and best in your life. You see the first and last and best in your life. Most important thing you see does he give the best thoughts in the beginning of the day in the end of the day throughout today. You see the most important thing. Or Easter something that comes in between Mr something that's that's in the way that shouldn't be there something that necessarily better instead become a minute things for me. So there was an item. It was more important to me and I got on his plan for my life until I was seventeen years old when I come in it can be sports it can be fed can be money. You come to our leisure to a person. That's though it's not bad this some of these things can become too important. It's come to something that becomes. We should love God of all our heart which love him first and it can be something sometimes that's coming that's when you can be counted a habit to come to how through. You know Paul talks about the stock market being there got you know can be many things and ten media. Even I mean the street. Come become an adult can be coming the way for our relationship. God and to make him first in our lives can be many things something and something we short while should ask ourself Easter something maybe spirit disenfranchising on your heart right now or maybe the past weeks or I don't know. That's ease in the way. What. Maybe a scene did then you're becoming to be important. Coming in between Got script on through life. If that is the case you've got impressing something on your heart which today. I want to. To lay it out to cross at the foot of the cross and say Lord. Your strength. I want to share. It's I want you to be deferred to be the best and to be the most important Lord. By your grace. I want to put it was by priorities straight. By your Grace I want to change that happy. It's. I want to break loose from that I want to I want to make you first I want to this night myself and you and the Lord God is in pressing something in your heart take that this isn't a day to not wait. It's we're living on second world. And every time I got in my thoughts. Every time he quotes. We said now it would be harder for us to say yes to next time. Last up a little. Maybe one thing that's got us. Pressed the past. It's one. Two years. You start. I see it when I look at Christ. You know I sit up to I'm not where I should be you know he leaves. Not for himself but for others see live for thumbprint it's us. And I want to be. I want to be a good preacher around and solo in there and different things but first and foremost I want to be a good Christian and I'm praying that's God would help me to be more and more like a my parent paying the watch of the famous song right Lord. I want to be a Christian. In my heart and wants to be shamed into your image from glory to glory from faith that they by the way. If you can relate to that. And I want to also to say. So got today that's to make that your prayer us while we may not only have a lot of knowledge where we have a lot of knowledge trying to have a lot of knowledge. But that's it will it really truly transform us into remission of Christ's. Now I only want to to to take those. Whatever God is suppressing you in your heart to take that decision today. In your heart. I would give you time right now where we are hard to come pray to God and tell him what we want to take with us from this my search. And then I went close with a prayer so. I want you to lump together with me and take some time. So individual prayed to God. And then I would finish with up with a prayer for desperate humiliate us now as we in our hocked tell you that the decisions we want to take by your strength. By your through your spirit. So let us we pray and I try not. Nor do we want to thank you so much for your great luck americium grace to watch us. Sinful human beings that doesn't this sorry to have so many times turn away from you disappointed you but still you love us. And you want to raise us up. Like to write just. But ALL SEVEN TIMES you. You don't give up any time we come to you Lord. You are willing to help us and rest want to thank you for your salvation. And all the great sacrifices you are mad to make it possible for us thank you a lot also that you not only am died for us but you also transform yourself into your image. Step by step. And we want to make you not only accept your not and that's our savior but us as our Lord. And let you down. The really wants our best and most are best suited us in our lives. And what I spread out you may help us to waterways make you lord help us sort of always make you first and best and last that we can truly rejoice in you even the crazy things happening around us that we cannot piss in our hearts I'm Joy in the heart because we know that you are with us. Your spirit. Which proves he still are his joy. Long suffering and will is good things are in their heart and we don't need to be afraid of anyone because you. King of the universe. The sweet us. Nor do you sit at the stations we have taken in our harsh on with the Predator you may help us to to to not only this side but to actually put it in practice stuff we are bad and doers of your word on not hear a song of the sitting ourselves strong. Thank you. Dutch you don't have compared you have started the good work. You know us you are able to complete it. So yes pray for for this decision stored on thank you that you would help us. And pray also that you may be with us. The. Thank you never left the rest of us. Thank you for your goodness. And to this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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