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The Last Generation

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • February 5, 2016
    7:00 PM
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The series of what we're talking about this weekend I'm calling. It's finally time someone told you the truth about. And tonight's topic is the last generation. It's fun times and now it sounds a little facetious that it's actually sounds a little bit arrogant in a way. It's fine so I know the truth and you don't know what I'm going to tell you that it's kind of tongue in cheek. What I'm doing here. But I'll tell you what this grows out up. Tonight. The title is it's. Time someone finally told the truth about the last generation tomorrow morning. About the. Adventism. Invisible Gorilla I know tomorrow morning is. You know. Visitors Sabbath and all that don't worry it's visitor friendly. Even though I have been a straight there in the title all that. Your life. Tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be. It's time someone finally told you the truth about the Human nature of Christ. And then. The last message would be. It's finally time some. It's time someone finally told you the truth about the grace. The grace of God. I'm sorry Grace. And the imputed. Righteousness of Christ. Now you're going to have to bear with me through some of these. And I'll tell you what this grows out of. And you'll get a little bit more of this as we go. I've been in ministry now. Let me go back a little further. I grew up in the eye of this church. My mom and dad separated when I was young and. My mom was remarried I lived with my mom she left the evidence church and I along with her when I was about fourteen years old so I go into evidence to education up and through my eighth grade year. We left not just to have them tism but we left. Christianity we did had no Christianity our home. For ten more years. After that the Lord through some really amazing miraculous events in my life was. Able to redirect my attention to him and I praise him for that somebody maybe heard my testimony I shared it when I was out here. For restoration. And so I've been back in the seven eleven a church for twenty two years now. That keeps growing it. Praise God for that. I will tell you there's something that especially in recent years wearies me. And I'm not verbally inspired some may not say everything right there there's a saying that I think is especially fitting in our day. It says. We finally. Mastered the art of almost. Saying something. There are certain topics in our church. That we're not even allowed to talk about. Without getting labeled and marginalized. I don't think that it incidentally it generally happens in the context of people who are supposed to be free thinkers. And so I recently this was at a. I don't want to give everything away I don't want to indict anybody. But I was recently at a a conference where there was a panel discussion. On the last generation at the end of it I kind of felt like. Wow they almost said something. Because we're so afraid of what people might think if we say. What we think about or. More than that. What's clear. And I don't want to talk to you about an incidentally that panel discussion is on the last generation. And I said this is it. I can't. I've sworn I've got to break my silence on this. And when I even say that break my silence. I have. As I look back. Even in the past years in my ministry there are certain topics that I just wouldn't get into a lot. Not because I didn't believe them. Not because I didn't think they were clear from scripture. But because I knew there would be repercussions. Well you know what a minister can't just preach what people want to hear. Especially in the days we're living in especially if the topic that directly applies to the days we're living in So with that said. I want to start with the word of prayer. Ask the Lord to bless her time. As we discuss. The truth about the last generation and invite you to buy your heads with me at the time if you would please. Father in heaven. Father ask tonight. As we've entered upon the hours of the sadness. The holy sadness. You bless this day father. Your presence is with us in a special way. During these hours. So Lord don't fail us now and we know you won't but I pray your spirit would be present. To speak to our hearts and minds with clarity. Not from a vantage point of debate. Lord. Put to help us to be clear in our hearts and minds. About the truth for this time. That we may be the people that you've called us to be. And we ask and pray this in the name of Jesus and for his sake and men. How many of you heard that term the last generation. OK. How many you've heard that term in a negative connotation. The last generation. The final generation. Is another way that the term is used now the term the last generation at least in recent years has been credited. Not just the term but. What's called last generation. The Jala G. has been credited to a man named M.L. and various anybody know that name. He was a. He was a well known and respected scholar pastor evangelist administrator. Seminary teacher and author among other things. In the one nine hundred thirty S. and forty's and fifty's Well I think he retired in fifty or fifty one. Maybe it was forty nine right around there. Now one of them Ellen Drea Incidentally how many of you have the seven devils Bible commentary. Anybody have that. The commentary section on The Book of Hebrews that was written by Andrius and. He was a contributor on that particular chapter he wrote a book called The Book of Hebrews I mean. Had a lot that people are aware of and maybe some things that they weren't. One of his most not well known and widely circulated. Books even to this day is a book that he wrote called the sanctuary service. First published in one nine hundred thirty seven the second to last chapter in that book chapter twenty one is a book entitled The last generation. And therefore imperious and became known as the last generation guy in last generation theology grew out of interest and this is the guy who came up with it in. And incidentally. Has been blamed for much of what's gone wrong in Adventism. It's interesting that sometime later. A man by the name of Leslie Harding anybody know that name and have a nice history Dr Leslie Harding. Dr Harding. I was an avid a scholar known for his work especially on the sanctuary and other things but he has done some fantastic things on the sanctuary. A little book of his in titled shadows of his sacrifice. They may have that book. You ought to have that books great book on the sanctuary but Dr Leslie Harding he has a little. So lect and bibliography in that book in the very first book listed. With his comments. Is in the sanctuary service. Of which he says quote. This is the best. Book published on the subject period. OK no qualification this is the best book except for the some things in there. That's just to help you understand that at least for some period of time in the evidence church there wasn't any concern with Andrea's. Some of that came later on. Now. In an article. And I don't have a date this is online. Yet ever look up those things on the Internet you look at the evidence review and you read an article you like when was this thing published and doesn't have a date on there I guess they do that to keep it timely and fresh. But. This article I can't take the date. It's an article by Dr on how Rodriguez who formally was the director of the Biblical research institute. It was in the administration you in the article was in titled The theology of the last generation. And this is what he wrote. And I'm just quoting a part of this article. The Fiala G. of the last generation was developed and popularized. In the administers by M L Andrea's. Now that's really not an accurate statement and I'm not. I don't I'm not. I want to criticize. Dr Rodriguez. But an understanding of the last generation existed long before Andrea sin was around. And we're talk about that a little bit deceiving. This theology he goes on to say introduced a strong element of legalism in some sectors of the church by claiming that the character of God maligned by Satan in the car. Cosmic conflicts will be vindicated through the holy imperfect life of obedience of the last generation of believers. This generation will reach a level of character development and equaled in Christian history. Copying. Perfectly in their lives what God did in Christ. Once this happens the Lord will return. This. Theology seeks to explain why the Lord has not returned in the nature and purpose of Christian perfection. It is based primarily on a particular reading. Of the writings of Ellen G. White. So two things from Dr Rodriguez number one he says that the algae came from Andrea isn't. And reassign got it from a particular reading of the writings of L. and Y. In other words not comprehensive. Not a broad reading of Ellen White but pulling out just little things and making them say what he wanted them to saying and that's the allegation. In this particular article. A pastor friend of mine is actually doing his diet right now working on I'm not even going to give his name just because I didn't have this conversation with him. And because of the way this thing is charged. This subject. I don't know if he'd be OK with me doing it. But he's writing is doctoral dissertation on. Andrea says last generation. Theology he's going to write a paper on that. One of his colleagues if I told you his name you know it. And one of his colleagues if I told you his name you probably know it as well who is a well known scholar in the atmosphere said Man Why in the world would you ever write your paper on that. That's a professional suicide. OK now. Now I understand what's being said here. It's not like. Hey let's study this thing out it's like no no no let's not touch that because. And there's got to come a point especially in these days we live in as admin this we're not afraid to look at things. Discuss things a little bit. Now my purpose here that's all I'm going to say that's just a little history. I'm not here to talk about Andrea since the ology and I in fact I'm going to use very little of Ellen White tonight as I talk to you about what I go. Even about the last generation you know why. Because it's in the Bible. And we're going to look at the bible tonight I think it's pretty clear from the Bible of that there's some things I want to share with you more than that well let's let's say. Let's start with this. I want to talk tonight about the last generation in various ins. Last Generation I mean right Andrea says chapter in fact I was just going through it again recently. I think it's. It's well written I can't. I'm not here to say oh yeah everything he said is. I mean he's not a prophet of God He's not inspired I'm not. That's not that's not my point. My question that I would pose is. Is there anything to this concept of a last generation that's going to vindicate Caird God no two things that I want to start out with tonight one I am absolutely certain of. And the other I'm reasonably sure of. Are these. As far as the last generation is concerned. Number one. And I'm certain of this. There will be one. Amen. Yeah we're all certain of that. Number two and I'm reasonably sure of this. Some of us will be a part of. Some of us will be a part of it and maybe times going to go on longer than I imagine that to me those two things make it important for us to discuss this a little bit. Now I want to go back to some history in the evidence church. I want to go back to the disappointment. In October of one thousand nine hundred four now in October twenty to eight hundred forty four of course it got the word was going to come aboard didn't come. The next morning. Among all the believers that were trying to deal with the disappointment there was a man named Hiram Edson you probably heard the name Hiram it's in a farmer in. Was it upstate New York. Now I'm blanking on that one Hiram Edson. After the disappointment. Joined together with some friends that were with him for an early morning prayer meeting. It was Edson I believe who said that the disappointment that the loss of. All earthly. Friends could not have been greater than the disappointment they felt Now imagine that. How many of you lost a loved one. And as you when you lost that loved one that. Every one of your loved ones died at the same time. He said that couldn't have that could have compared to what they have to understand because when the disappointment came. They. The feeling wasn't like oh we got some things wrong the feeling was. This whole thing is a sham and Jesus. He may not even exist. And so they were really wrestling with this they went out to his barn is. History tells us. He and his friends and they prayed that the Lord would reveal to them what. Where they go wrong and give them some kind of evidence of his favor and. It doesn't say how long they prayed just that they prayed until they had the assurance of the Holy Spirit that got her their prayer and he would answer their prayer. They got up from prayer and Hiram Edson that morning decided he was going to go out he was going to encourage the other believers in the area. And has he struck out with a friend across one of his fields. His attention was arrested in that field by what we'll call an epiphany. Was it a vision was it oh I don't know he doesn't know he just describes it as he was going across that field. His mind was. It has a direct it to something and that's something I'm going to read from the words of Edison himself. This was printed later on in the review and herald of June twenty three nine hundred twenty one. So I'm quoting from he says Heaven seemed open to my view. And I saw distinctly and clearly then instead of our high priest coming out of the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to this earth. At the end of the twenty three hundred days. He for the first time. Entered on that day. Into the second apartment of that sanctuary. And that he had a work to perform in the most holy place. Before coming to the earth. He continues on by saying this. In my mind was directed to the tent. Chapter of Revelation. Where I could see the vision had spoken. And did not lie now time does not permit us to go and I love to go on the tenth chapter revelation. And look at the Bible says about how in the days of the standing of the seven Angel the mystery of God would be finished. But I want to challenge you you go and study up that mystery of God. You study it in the Bible you look in the Spirit of Prophecy look at our average pioneers writings. And you'll find that that. Finishing of the mystery of God is something they equate to what is taking place even right now. In the heavenly sanctuary in the most holy place. OK the finishing of the mystery of God. Another way of looking at the a by. The Bible calls. It is a several references I could give you the first one comes to my mind now is a feast in six nineteen where Paul talks about the mystery of the Gospel and you'll see that when they talk of the mystery. Christ in you the hope of glory that's the mystery of find in another place. They're the same thing. So the concept of the. In other words. When Revelation says the Mr God will be finished. What is saying their revelation is. There is a time coming when the work of the gospel will be finished. Now we might hear that and say oh yeah there's going to be time when we start the preaching of the Gospel we finish not the preaching of the gospel. The preaching of the Gospel is done for the purpose of the work of the gospel. To do its job. In the lives of believers. When revelation. Talks about the mystery of God being finished. Is talking about the work of the Gospel in the lives of believers being finished. You think Jesus is going to be in the in the heavenly sanctuary just forever up there. Trying to cleanse sin. You think he's ever going to get done with his job. You think this thing's just going to go on and on and on and on and then I'll go I'll get old and die and you'll get old and die and our kids grow up and they'll get old and die and on and on and on is that how it's going to happen. No there's going to be a last generation. And that last generation is going to be when Jesus finishes his work in the sanctuary or Edson his mind was directed to the heavenly sanctuary of course as we begin to study. He studied in our local Crozier study and F.B. Hahn study that came up with. Paper on the sanctuary Ellen White commented on the Daystar extra on the evidence Advent believers at the time they weren't. Adventist Well you could call them Adams but we didn't have seven to evidence began to study. And they came to understand that an eight hundred forty four what happened wasn't Jesus. Supposed to come to the earth. And cleanse the earth by fire but they realized that Jesus had moved on into the final phase of his ministry in the sanctuary in heaven. Edsels direction. His. His mind rather was directed to that you've got to have mercy on me I've been up till. Since the equivalent of two am your time today so I'm hoping my thought don't. I'm not saying that for pity just sympathy is the same thing anyway so. But eggs is mine was directed to the sanctuary and of course in a Seven Day Adventists we. You know one of the things we say is a Seventh Day Adventist. One of the things that makes us unique is what we call the sanctuary message. Right. What is the sanctuary message. Have you ever thought about that what is the sanctuary meant. I've heard all kinds of things present at the sanctuary message. I've heard people try to teach every evidence doctrine from the sanctuary and I'm not going to criticize that I'm going to tell you I don't think that's really what the sanctuary message was You will find I want to know that you'll never find any of her books. You won't find the pioneers doing that as a rule. And what I mean by that is this. For Edson. When his mind was directed to the heavenly sanctuary. He was directed to what Christ was doing in the heavenly sanctuary. OK. In other words. They wondered what happened with Jesus he came to the earth he died on the cross he ascended to heaven what's going on and they were directed there and they saw this is what Jesus is doing now in heaven. Continuing on with he is. Priestly ministry. The sanctuary message and I want to share with us. Statement from the book early writings that Ellen White makes regarding the sanctuary regarding the subjects'. Of this is in a section called the messengers it's a little section of early writings called the messengers. Speaking of those who would be carrying the message of the end of time. I'm reading now. There are many precious trues contained in the Word of God. But it is present truth that the flock needs now. I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points. Of present truth. To dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock. And sanctify the soul. Simply stated. There's a lot we can study in the Bible but there are certain things that are especially important in the context of the time we're in now you may be like myself. You might. I don't know how many of you. I'm not a I'm not the fastest reader. I'm not a slow reader but I'm not a fast reader I mean I know guys are like you know they take a book about this size. And you know they read it over lunch. And I'm like How did you do that. It takes me a week. I don't know if anybody relates to that. I got a lot of books I want to read and I get a stack of them and I they're sitting around right but I want to keep in my Bible and. What have you. The thing is I am. What happens is I have to prioritize and I can't cover all that I got a priority. Well in my dissing there's a lot of truth in the Bible. But there are certain things that are especially important for the time that we're living in not to say anything else is unimportant but she says it is present truth. That we need now in this danger. Of the messengers running off on this point and on that point. Are you with me so far. All right. Now. She continues. Satan we'll here take every possible advantage to ensure the costs. But such. Subject subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days. The commandments of God in the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated. To explain the past Advent movement. And show what our present position is established the faith of the Downing. And give certainty to the glorious future mark those words glorious future. Think about that for a minute now this is in this. What did she say the sanctuary. Did you get the rest of it the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred day. This is important going to hit on a minute she didn't just say the sanctuary there's an important subject this is one of this is present truth. She said the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three in the days when we get to that minute. Then she followed up by saying the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus. Where do we find that in the Bible. Revelation. Fourteen twelve. It's the end of the thirteen just message right. For their third angels message starts in verse nine. And I saw a third angel flying into his heaven are four thirty to follow them. Warning he gives the mark of the Beast What have you. And then it says in verse twelve here are they who keep the commandments of God. And the faith of Jesus now she uses that language here. These things. Sanctuary connection to try to turn to days the commands of God the faith of Jesus. These would give certain to the certainty that the past haven't movement. They would establish the faith of the doubting. And give certainty to the glorious future. And then she finishes by said well I'm going to finish this statement by saying. Where she says these I have frequently seen. What is frequently mean. More than what. More than once more than twice. I have frequently seen where the principal subjects on which the messenger should well. These were the principal subjects on which the messengers. Should well. Notice she didn't say a subset of such subjects as the sanctuary. But the sanctuary connection of the twenty third it twenty three hundred days. What does that connection. Do to the subject of the sanctuary What does it mean the same connection with. What is the twenty third of days due to the subject of the sanctuary. That's the first question the second question is the commandments of God the faith of Jesus Revelation fourteen twelve what does this have to do with the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days because these are the principal subjects this is what supposed to absorb the attention of the messengers. This supposed to be the message that is given frequently. She had seen this. Well let's look at the first one. When you talk about the sanctuary and you connect it with the twenty during the days what does that do. When Of the twenty three hundred days in. Eighteen forty four How do we know that Daniel was. Fourteen and fourteen said at the end of this one of their Today's what would happen. Sanctuary would be cool and so when you take the subject of the sanctuary connected to eight hundred forty four. What does it do. It focuses you in on not the typical day of atonement the anti typical day of atonement right. Now you're not just talking about the sanctuary I mean we talk about the sanctuary because they always talk about the tent stakes are going to. The coverings of the Goatskin there's a ram skin there was this that you know the candlesticks know. Once you connected with the twenty three hundred now what you're talking about the David tone. Right. Not the typical The anti typical but we want to understand this. We want to look. Briefly at the typical day of atonement get back in Leviticus twenty three now if you have your Bibles I'm sorry. The Vatican sixteen. Leviticus sixteen. In Leviticus Chapter sixteen that's our day of atonement chat one of them anyway. David Toms. Chapters in the Bible. Genesis Exodus Leviticus. I want you to. I'm not reading this whole thing you can do that at your leisure but we're going to go to verse twenty nine. Leviticus sixteen twenty nine you have it. The Vatican sixteen twenty nine now. Follow carefully with me. This should be a statue forever for you in the seventh month on the tenth day of the month you shall. Afflict your souls. And do no work at all whether a native of your own country or a stranger who dwells among you. For on that day the priest shall make atonement for you. To do what. To cleanse you. That you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord. It is a sabbath of solemn rest for you and you shall afflict your souls. It is a statue. Forever. And the priest who is annoying to it and consecrated to minister as priest. In his father's place. Shall make atonement. And put on their linen clothes a holy garments notice verse thirty three carefully. Then he shall make atonement for the what the holy sanctuary. And he shall make atonement for the tabernacle of meeting. And for the altar and. I'm going to read the rest of that. I want to ask you this question from what we read what. Two things. There is there are two primary things cleansed What were they. I'm going to cleanse you. From all your sins before the Lord so that was what the people. What was the other thing cleanse the building. The tent. I don't know if you've ever given thought to this I remember the first time to sit me at that why in the world is that a big deal why you know that isn't this about the cleansing of the people why the tent. I said important I mean we've got the people there to. Taking care of cleansed you. From all your sin. Oh but now we're going to go clean the tent. Oh Well it needn't be washed the blood need to be washed No it was no washing of blood. Something you have to understand is understand the process of. The sanctuary when a sinner would come with his sacrificial animal or her sacrificial lamb. If that sacrificial if the blood was. If the apartment. When the person came for forgiveness and they confessed sin over the head of the animal. What they were doing was there figuratively transferring their sin to the animal. OK. Now the animals representative of Christ. So he became the sin bear or figuratively in that crowd that was what it was teaching. Then the animal was slain the blood was caught. And the blood was taken now. As burying the sin of that individual and it was taken into the sanctuary. And the blood became a vehicle if you will. To transfer not. The blood into the sanctuary but. It was a symbol of pluck transferring the sin into the sanctuary. So then on the day of atonement. It wasn't at the sanctuary is being cleansed from blood on the day of atonement. You follow me. It was being cleansed from what on the day of Toma sin. OK the blood. So when we're talking with David Tom and here is like OK we're going to cleanse the people. And then we're going to cleanse the building. Your cleansing of the building is not about washing down the building there's something significant here. That we need to understand again because this is the type. And the type is teaching us something that really comes clear. When we look at the end I type. OK. I want to think about it. The process I just described. If the center. Put yourself in the place. Should be hard because when you confess Tristan to Jesus and accepted Him as your Savior. It would have been equivalent in those days to bringing that sacrificial animal. You remember when you accepted Jesus as your Savior. Have you sin since then. It's a silly question isn't it. So what happens now. When you come and you confess your sins and. You go free. You confess your sins over the head of the animal and then he did the animal slain you say the animal the blood is taken by the priest into the sanctuary. You go free. And then you sin again. Who do you think's the first one to call that. Flag on the play. If you will can I use that terminology. It's almost Super Bowl weekend so it's like. It is Super Bowl weekend. Not that I'm going to be watching it. Amen. So because he way. If what does that mean. It will who's who's going to the first one who's going to be like hey wait a minute you can't do that. The devil is going to be right there center you you just forgave that Barry Abbott you forgive that person and they're off doing this they look. And he knows what we do because he tempt us to do it me calls us every time. Right. So when we sin. After we have been forgiven by God. What happens. Who bears responsibility for that. Jesus wasn't just a sim bear on Calvary. God. Even now bears response about what happens when I'm standing here I'm a minister of the gospel and I sin and that was it I look at this guy who bears responsibility. The Lord does. And if you and I don't have time to unfold all this by I think a simple reading of the sanction when you look at the sanctuary what was at the heart of the sanction what was the. What was the most. I'm trying not to give you the answer here. What was the most focal part of the sanctuary. Like if you take in the whole structure what's the one that's really highlighted the most. I mean the words right there right. Holy Place right. I mean if you have a place it's called the holy place a place called the most holy which one's more important. That's not hard to figure out right now what's in the most holy place. They are going to come and what's in the heart of the Ark of the Covenant. What's inside of it. The Ten Commandments of God. Well what's the significance of that list to be carefully. Law is the foundation of. Every government that exists. If there is a government it governs by something that something is law and when you see the law Incidentally what inside the ark is the law of God. What happened on top of the Ark on that mercy seat. What is it. The should come into glory which was the presence of God would come and rest between the Cherubim on the to in other words that was figurative of the throne of God. And what's underneath where the law of God It only makes sense. Any Kings rule is going to be based and founded on his lawyer or government is founded on law. The picture we have of the structure of the sanctuary. Is a picture of the government of God that has been attacked in the line. Since. Sin entered the whole picture. Right God is challenge with his laws too difficult cetera et cetera. When the sin is transferred to the sanctuary what it's saying is God's government bears the reproach. Every time we send. Until this whole thing. Salvation we start talking about salvation some and all we care about is whether I'm going to make it in. Salvation is far more than you and me making it in because if I make it in you make it in but these lives that Lucifer told in the beginning aren't cleared up guess what. It's not going to matter. You go back to the great controversy what caused the great controversy me sinning. Then me getting saved is going to fix it. It's the accusations in the rebellion of Lucifer that started it and that has to be cleared up. That's all figured in the sanctuary. When the sin was transferred to the sanctuary. Until the Day of Atonement on the Day of Atonement it was cleansed and taken out and put on the head of the scape goat. The picture is that God takes responsibility for the sin problem one day. He's going to put all the blame where it belongs. You follow that. OK so what else is mine was directed to the center with Ellen White says the same connection with the twenty three hundred days. Our minds should be directed. This is where our focus is. Jesus is doing a work in Heaven the most holy place like the high priest did in the earth. Cleansing not just the people. But the sanctuary. God. Bears the reproach for a sin and let me give you two examples one I'm going to give you one I'm not going to look up and when I will just for sake of time. If you go to the Book of Joshua don't go to the Book of Joshua but if you were to go to the Book of Joshua chapter five you'll find that the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness. None of the children born in the wilderness were circumcised. I don't know if you're aware of that. When they finally crossed over to the Jordan. God told Joshua Joshua Now you take those who were born in the wilderness and never circumcise because that was a covenant thing. Between them and God. And you bring them in you circumcised them. And when you circumcise them it's going to roll over way the reproach. Of Egypt. From my people to us Joshua five one through nine you can go read it later. You're going to roll away the approach of Egypt's. Now what was the reproach of Egypt on give you a reference here. Again you can look it up later Exodus thirty two. Right during the golden calf where God was going to write it came Moses came down from the mountain the people dance around a golden calf and God said I'm going to destroy him and Moses says God you can't destroy them. If you destroy him the Egyptians are going to say he wasn't strong enough to bring him in. And so when they finally came in. God said Joshua you circumcise them and roll away the reproach of Egypt because I was strong enough to bring them into the Promised Land. OK There was a reproach. Upon God Himself. When his people were not yet in the Promised Land. You follow that. You're probably doing some adding and subtracting on that. In your own heads. So God bears the reproach. When his people are unfaithful let's look at one other place in the book of Romans here I will have you look this one up Romans chapter two. Romans chapter two. And we're looking at verse twenty one. Starting in verse twenty one Romans two twenty one. The Bible says. You therefore who teach another do you not teach yourself. You who preach. That a man should not steal do you steal. You to say do not commit adultery do you commit adultery. You who abhor idols. Do you Rob temples. You who make your boast in the law do you dishonor God through breaking the law notice verse twenty four he's quoting actually from from I believe it says a he says. For the name of God. Is what blasphemy MD among do. Gentiles because of you. As it is written or more specifically if you look at word up the way the word here used for blasphemy is where the means were vile Governator violent among the Gentiles. Who's he talking to here. He's talking to professed. Followers of God He said look you guys say you do this but your you say one thing when you're doing the other. You're bridge you're doing so you're disobeying God and all the air you say a person should obey God in the name of God is reviled among the Gentiles. Because of you. OK the point. The simple point is this. Our lives can bring dishonor upon God and his cause. OK. But the good news is the opposite is also true. The opposite is also true. Case in point the story of Joe. OK. One of the most powerful stories to this day. In the Bible. If you read the story of Job I mean job. Is a fascinating story. Where job is just not a month. I want to break into a sermon job I'm not going to do that but simply. I want to simply put this in the beginning of the. Of the story of Joe. Here's what's interesting. When you open up the story of Job When you're reading there. It says that God is meeting with these sons of God. And then a says Satan comes into this meeting. And God says Where did you come from. And you remember what he said. From where from B. Herb. Where was this meeting not taking place on the earth because Satan came from the earth to come to this meeting so the sons of God are not all bunch of people in the are there heavenly beings. And here comes Satan crashes the party right where you come from I came from from the earth from walking to and fro on it now that. All he said yes. And then the Lord says. Have you considered my servant job. The whole the whole concept in other words. It tells us right away that there has been an ongoing dialogue here about something. You don't just jump into they have you thought about this. No there's been a discussion that's been going on and then discussing something like. This. And you see it as you. As the Book of. Of the job unfolds a story of Job unfold. Nobody wants to serve you God. Your rules are too hard and strict and. It's miserable everything is just so fast to be so you know. You've got to loosen up a little bit. Nobody serves you because I want to serve you well. Have you considered my servant job when you know that's the discussion because as soon as God says that. Satan says. Does job serve God what for nothing. You know the reason he serves you is because he gets this this this and this. But it's interesting to me and the point I want you to get from the story of Job is God. I don't know how to frame this how to say this. God was glad to have a man like job that he could point to. When the devil came God was confident. Which is this is this baffles my mind. God was comfort in that human being the good point to and say hey have you considered Joe. I know you're not going to get one over on Joe. And the devil said no you're wrong. I will get one over on job and he tried everything he could. And the testimony of Scripture is in all this job did not sin or charge God with wrong. Absolutely incredible. And so good job becomes. Just like the Bible says that. Our lives can bring dishonor upon God in the same way. When we choose to be faithful to God our lives can bring honor to God Now any time we get in this discussion what's going to have something to. Oh so you're saying that. We're going to have to be so perfect that we get it and listen. Let's use the word faithful. And let me even make a clarification. We're going to talk more about this this weekend. I just I don't want to get the wrong impression. But what Joe. What you know you read the book of Job and Joan had questions. And. When I read the book Good job Joe had a lot of complaints. It's not like he didn't complain or anything but job was faithful. And God knew Joe would be faithful. And when we are faced full. To choose. God then God will do. In us and through us and for us what we can't do for ourselves. The reason I say this we get we start to talk about faithfulness and people say oh now you're going to give me a guilt trip and like. Perfection on me and. We're going to start getting perfectionistic and we are all this stuff around we've done this for years and I haven't is. And you're going to start making us feel like we've got to be this and. Some have been as. Act like they don't have a savior. In it. He would oh you know I can't. We can't live like that. Right. That's why we have a savior. Right good. But the idea is for some they want to save your Who. Winks. And our sin. Instead of gives us power. To live above the sin. You say But you know we get to hear how we going to be faithful like Joel was and how his will. How I mean. God's going to count on us. I'm going to let him down yes you would. So what I thank God we have a savior. Who can save to the uttermost. All who come. And that's what he's doing right now in the heavenly sanctuary. That's what he's doing is not up there does winking at our sin he's up there saying look you look to me and I'll make you faithful. And he has a vested interest in it like you did with Joe because he wants to be able to point to those who will choose Him above everything else. He knew Joe would. It's no coincidence that. Ellen White. Writing of the Book of Job said this is in signs of the Times February one thousand nine hundred eighty. That job would be quote read with deepest interest by the people of God until the close of time. Of course because it picks up. This picture. Now another place one other that I want to look at. Refer you to on this idea. Of God's the. Faithfulness of his people. Vindicating. His goodness and his character. Oh I got to be careful with that. We're going to talk about this tomorrow I get time I get tired of caviar that's what I mean by that is. We've got a couch everything Have you noticed that. We've got to throw it out there do I really have to say. Now you know we can't we're not going to say borrow works. Now you know we can't do this in our own strength. Do we really have to keep doing that you know exactly what I'm saying. But I go into I'm like I don't want somebody to get away go away from here and say what he said we're going to be saved by. What we do know that's not what I said. So let's be clear on that. So when I talk about a maybe I should better say this and this passage will make it clear. Just as in the case of. Joe. It's not that God's people vindicate his goodness. But God indicates his goodness to his people. OK now. Is equal. Chapter thirty six. Go there with me. Verse twenty two. Is he a thirty six. Verse twenty two. Now noticed. This is so phenomenal This actually brings both sides of it in the secret thirty six twenty two says there are four say to the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God. I do not do this for your sake go House of Israel. But for what. My holy name sake. Which he you have profaned among the nations. Wherever you went so same picture again God's name is being dishonored. Because his people who profess to follow him. Really aren't being faithful. So God's going to do something. Verse twenty three and. I will sanctify my great name. Which has been profaned among the nations. Which you have profaned in their midst now here comes right you can feel it. You profane my name. I'm tired of it I'm going to do something about it. Here's what I'm going to do I'm going to destroy you for profaning my name. That's what you would expect. But that's not what happens. They listen what he what he does. He's about to do something you profane my name I'm going to sanctify my. My name. And here's how. And the nation shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God. When I am hallowed. In you. Before there are. How the. Made holy God says I'm going to. In other words. When you are made to be wholly faithful people. The nations will know that I'm the lord. Why will they know that. Because they know it's not you and they know it's not me right to not to look at Mark and say look he became holy. He must really have worked hard at that. That's not what they're going to say if they can say that I never could have become holy I know he couldn't go but that must be the power of God. Amen. Same with you same with me of this is what God Look this is not I'm not reading Ellen White the Bible says God says book this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to in you read on he talks about how he's going to take away their idols and watch them for their building this. And he's going to cause them to walk in His ways. And that's going to be the evidence. To the whole world. To the whole universe. That I'm God. They're going to know the nations are going to know that I'm God. When they see you Hal and. When they see me rather hello they knew before their eyes. Now I'm jumping over some things that I have. I want to tell you that just there's a lot there's a lot of stuff. In this context let's let's review some of the things we looked at. When you look at the sanctuary the sanctuary message what is the sanctuary message what is it. What I mean. What did Jesus go into the most holy place to do you hear that you hear the arguments today the thing is a look. It was all down to the cross right. Jesus finished. Everything he needed to finish on the cross. God was vindicated on the cross everything was done on the cross. OK Answer me this question. Why has he come back yet. I mean my savior. Was praying. Father. My desire is that those who you have given me be with me where I am. Did something change. Right it's all been done since. Thirty one E D. What are we waiting on. This is what some people say. What we're waiting on the Gospel to be preached and I love what a T. Jones anybody know that name a T. Jones Jones preached a powerful sermon the one nine hundred three general conference session on at least what has been title since is what it means to be church member and this is what he said look we can preach that thing for ten thousand years in the Lord's never going to come. If that's all that happens. He said it's not enough to just preach the gospel the goal is to preach the gospel. And that by preaching the gospel there's a people that are ready to meet him when he comes Seventh Day Adventists we look to the sanctuary the significance of the sanctuary is we believe in the cross of Calvary. But the work that was done on the cross of Calvary is not made effective in the lives of the believer without the work of the high priests were to is also a taught in the whole. Parable of the saints were in the Old Testament. You never have a situation where somebody brings their sacrifice to the sanctuary slay the lamb and then they all go home. The priest had to take the blood of the Lamb had to take it into the sanctuary. The priestly work of Jesus had to be accomplished. Seventh Day Adventists look at the same connect with the connection with the twenty three days and realize that Jesus. When he ascended to heaven. When it. To carry out his priestly work first in the holy place and in the most holy place. What's he doing. Simply put this. He's putting away sin. Look at it in the papers with me. He was Chapter nine. He was stepping on we get a couple more things were to look at here he risked Chapter nine. And starting in verse twenty four. Hebrews nine twenty four you have it. Hebrews nine twenty four. For Christ has not entered the holy places made with hands. Which are copies of the true. But into where. Heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God what. For us those words are important for us as our representative just like as the earthly high priest was represented in the sanctuary on earth. Christ has not entered in. To the holy places made with hands and. Earthly temple. He's entered into the presence of God in the heavenly temple. For us to appear in the presence of God for us as our representative as our heavenly High Priest Now notice. What goes on to say. Not that he should offer himself. Often as a High Priest. Enters the most holy place every year with the blood of another. He would then have had to suffer often since the foundation of the world No zero in on this part especially. But now. Once at the end of the ages he has appeared. Speaking of his first advent. He has appeared to do what. Put away. Sin. By the sacrifice of himself. So cording to this passage why did Jesus sacrifice himself. To put away his sin is he going to do it. Where is he going to put sin away. What sin is he going to put away. Is he going to put your sin away. Or are you excluded from this. So this is what we do we get in these but I mean I can I can't believe Christians debate this. Oh I don't know I don't think we're just going to keep on sinning Whoa whoa whoa whoa what did he come to do You shall call is named Jesus because He will save his people from their sin. He's came to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself that's what he did. That's why he did it. Is he going to accomplish it was all know how little faith in the word. Now notice it doesn't in there so he came in appeared once. To put away sin the other one says contrast and you see him in a moment. Once at the end of the ages he has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. And as a to point is that appointed for man to die once but after this to judgment. So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who what. My Bible says. Eagerly wait for him he will appear what a second time. Apart from sin for salvation and there's a lot of filler in there but the idea is this he appeared once to put away sin he's going to come the second time apart from said. Now if you're reading in different translations you might if I not say apart from sin it might say this without reference to sin. It might say not to deal with sin. All saying the same thing in other words. Paul saying this Jesus is our High Priest these appeared in the presence of God. He came to this earth and sacrificed himself to put away sin. He went to heaven to finish that as a High Priest. When he comes the second time he comes apart from sin. Without reference to sin. Not to deal with sin. Because he's not coming back as a priest. He's coming back as a king and Kings don't deal with sin Kings execute judgements. Which is the by why the Bible says in the book of Jude. That he comes with ten thousand of his saints to execute judgment. The picture is clear in scripture that the work of the sanctuary was a work that concluded. In the getting rid of sin. In the tight. We're not in the type where the anti-type were now Jesus is entered into heavenly sanctuary to do was put away sin and that's the sanctuary Paul is talking about here. And when he's put sin away and finish that work he will come a second time. To take his people home. Our first question. What does the connection with the twenty's her days do to the sanctuary it focuses. Us on the final. Intercessory work. Of Jesus as our High Priest Look folks if that's not what Jesus is doing what is he doing. And here's what we have and seven davened isn't we say well no Jesus isn't put. There's not going to be generation where he comes the sin. We're never going to be best until Jesus comes. And then you know what we do. What why do we even do this thing with the sanction eight hundred forty four and it suddenly is important important you know why. Because it means nothing if it doesn't mean Jesus is there putting away soon. Don't you understand it means. That's what it was about. You go to the Day of Atonement typical oriented typical. He's putting away sin. You want to say it's not about putting away sin it means nothing. And that's why it's today it's passe new people coming amateurs didn't even know about the sanctuary. Well don't tell about that it's just going to confuse them you know why because we talk about the tent poles knows that the other. And not tell them about a savior. Who is our high priest who's saving to the other holes. And cleansing from soon. Because we don't want to learn people or give them any kind of. Perfectionistic tendency. My wife just sent me a link to this article. There's a school this is the generation we live in. OTOH. Don't discourage people. I've been hearing this is such been back in the church folk I hear. Well you know we've got I remembered we have and we we grew up in a muse you had to OK So let me just break the news to you we haven't been doing this in the church for thirty years. We're better now right. No more guilt trips hey we're doing to our marriages last longer right our kids are more spiritual. Kids don't leave the church anymore because we have been hammering them with perfection right. Wrong. Wrong So who's going to stand up and say guess what it's not work and. I'm getting into tomorrow's sermon a little bit. My wife sends me this article there's a school. I'm not making this up. There's a school. Elementary school where they send a report card home to the parents. You see if I owe a million I really. I really want you got to hear this. And I want to read it to you and I pulled it up on my phone earlier. I don't know you might not want to hear it. It's it's really sad. But it exemplifies. Some of what we're talking about. I just don't I just don't want to. I just don't want to butcher this thing. OK listen. This is what it says on the report Caro No this is a letter that goes with a report card. Listen if. After reviewing the enclosed report card. You would like us to develop a second version of this report card for your son with higher grades. Please call that that up. So if you're worried that your son or daughter are going to get so discouraged by the report card look you let us know we'll send you another report card with false grades on it so your kid doesn't get to steal or are we that. Been skinned any more. OK last part here. Look the sanctuary connection of the twenty three days AND ALL MY says What is this about it focuses us. Focuses us. On the final intercessory work of Jesus as our High Priest in cleansing his people from sin. Demonstrating the power of gospel in their lives and thoughts bringing glory to God Just as when we are. Unfaithful. We can bring dishonor on God's name. So when faithful. Through his faithfulness. It brings honor to his name it demonstrates his power over sin. Certainly not our power over sin but his power over sin. So finally I want to answer that second question from earlier. What does Revelation fourteen twelve have to do with it all right because he said the commands of God. The sanctuary connection we have. The twenty eight hundred days. Comma. The commandments of God the faith of Jesus. Links right in there. Revelation fourteen twelve. What does that have to do with a century in connection with a twenty three days well. I practically just stated. Right. Because if. If what Jesus does in the same forgives glory is not what it says in the three messages. If you're gonna give Him glory it's way they start. And then it says for the hour his judgment is coming. How do we know when the our judgment came. Daniel eight fourteen right the century in connection with one hundred days you wear that you wear that the first day Angela says the our judgment came. Is is proclaiming the prophecy that was given to nearly fourteen that they're linked. And proclaiming in essence the work that Daniel eight fourteen foretold that Jesus was going to go into the heavenly sanctuary cleanses people from sin and come back and claim them as his own. This is why Ellen White. Said the emulate fourteen is quote. The foundation and central pillar of the Abbott face. Great controversy for a nun. And I want you to think about this we're going to finish with this thought. Revelation fourteen twelve in light of the things we've looked at. What does Revelation fourteen twelve say. Here are they. Well we don't talk that way we don't talk here are they we say here they are. I think about it for a minute why does a person say here they are why do we use language like that here your genes. Oh. Here those scissors. Here the breath mints whatever. Why does a person say here they are. What's the implication. Not just that they were lost but what there are some things I wish I could lose right. So it's not just that they were lost but somebody looking form. Right. You're looking for them. Here you do that all great I've been looking all over the. Oh here your car keys right. Here they all are implies that somebody is looking for them. When the Bible says in Revelation fourteenth well. Here are they here they are they keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus. Somebody's been looking for them. Somebody has been looking for them. Go with me to Romans eight. Romans eight. Probably never thought you'd hear anything about last generation theology in Romans eight. I should even use that term I shouldn't really or shouldn't use that term because this is just my my my goal the c evening. Is it seven the Avonex would not worry about what one group or the other group says what we would study our Bible. We would side of the Spirit of Prophecy and we would believe truth wherever true says at least be willing to study it out. So when I when I use a term like at the ology going to its building into somebodies camp I'm not trying to build in some his camp. But I want to direct you to. Romans chapter eight in the US The language here of the Apostle Paul. In verse eighteen. He says for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the what. With the glory which shall be what revealed where in us that word glory in the Bible what does it mean a just a just a just a cursory study. Of the word glory will show you that the word glory is used many times in Scripture. To refer to the character of God the glory of God is the character of God. One example is in Exodus thirty three where Moses says to the Lord show me your glory and God says OK Moses make all my goodness pass before you. Whoa I didn't ask for goodness I asked for your glory same thing. And I proclaimed the name of the Lord and when I did say name I said Glory same thing. Name. Glory goodness. Character. Israelites use names to express characteristics they name their children for a reason. You understand what I'm saying when Paul talked about the glory to be revealed in us he's saying that. Though we are suffering we go through hardships right now though the Christian. Fight is. Though the Christian walk is a fight of faith. The sufferings of the present time aren't worthy to be compared with the glory which will be revealed in us in other words it's not now its future but sometime in the future. And he implies a near future we're going to see this in a moment. There's going to be character revealed in us that isn't in us yet. You follow that. Look at the next verse. For the earnest. What. A new King James's expectation of the creation it. Eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God the. Earnest. Expectation of the creation. Eagerly. Waits for the revealing of the sons of God I like the new century version on this is what it says. For the earnest expectation of the creation. That's not what it says. I copied it wrong. I come to the same exact thing. Sorry. So anyway. But the point is he's telling us here that all creation is looking for something. What are they looking for. When it says the revealing of the sons of God What does that mean. Listen folks. You have this is Advent hope right. Right. What is that hope. What is the advent hopelessly Advent were not the first seven were the Second Advent. Was a second Avenue. Oh we're going to go to G. Go go go to heaven with Jesus when He comes again. There were the Bible speaks of the resurrection is the hope. But in Romans temper five. The apostle Paul says. We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. John says in first John Chapter three Behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God Remember that. He goes on to say we do not yet know what we shall be. But we know that when he appears we shall be like him. Because we shall see him as he is there for those who have this hope. In themselves. If I am self even if he is fear. The hope wasn't just that Jesus is coming again. The hope was I'm going to be like him and I want to see him as the years since he's going to take away my sin and make me like him that's the hope was so hopeful Christianity is the hope the apostle tells us here in Romans eight that all creation is waiting for. All creation is. Eagerly waiting there looking. They're looking to see the revealing of the sons of God. Right behold what manner of Lup who are the sons of God The ones who are like him the one to bear his image. All creation is waiting and what does God say Revelation fourteen twelve here they are. Here they are look folks. There is going to be a last generation. For sure. And I'm fairly certain that some of us are going to be a part of it. Let me clarify. Not everybody is going to make it to the very end. You're aware that right. I believe the Bible would call. This last generation one hundred forty four thousand that's what I believe. And one hundred forty four thousand are not the only people saved in Scripture. Some people say oh I don't know if I could be with. Hey. When we're talking about this last generation that lives to see Jesus coming. We're not talking about. The only one saved. We're talking about those who by the grace of God he uses to say. Here they are. Just like he was able to say with job. In the final chapter of the controversy. God is going to do the same thing with humanity. That's what Revelation tells us. Here they all are here all the people who. Magnify what I have done. And it is through the sacrifice of my son. What Jesus is done in the sanctuary above here they are. Are going to be one of them. I want to finish with this thought. You know this is one of the things that when I first came into the church. I didn't have somebody tea I'm just this think just before I'm reading in the Bible. In the writings of Eleanor why I was convinced that Jesus came to take away my sin. And that before he came again. That my sin would be gone not because I felt like it. Not because I saw how he was going to do it. Not because I could explain it but because that's what he promised. And it was exciting to me. It was a most exciting thing of my experience. And for a long time. I really haven't said a whole lot and you know I just like what I'm going to talk about Laster. It's so marginalized and everything else. And then I thought. I don't know when I started recently and I saw it in the Thessa said in that that. Panel discussion I told you about. And I thought. This is what stirred my heart. He was an author discourages people didn't discourage me as a brand ravenous to give me hope it's like. You mean I can actually by the grace of Jesus be free from this. Yet. It's a bad word in in Avin tism Well you know the rocks cry out sometimes I was listening to a song. I'm not going to give a total endorsement to the artist but I want to share with you there's a. There's an artist named Steven Kuhr stamina but he heard of this guy. Christian contemporary guy. His is. I believe it was his last album. It's called the glorious unfolding the whole album is how God is going to unfold his purpose in the final generation of humanity he doesn't use terms like file generation. He's an evangelical Christian or. The whole thing is about I'm going to read you a song. The lyrics part of a song called. God will finish what he started. OK. This is how he starts a song. You take two steps forward and three steps back on the journey of a thousand miles from your experience then. Person. And you cry and you pray but you know at this pace you never will arrive. Right so let's not even talk about it right. Now he goes on to say this. God will finish what he started. No thread will be left on woven. Nothing will be left undone. Every plan and every purpose that he has will be accomplished. And God will finish what he's begun. Now he goes on the course and to have a written right here he says and we will stand as the once completed. By then I'd ease it seated by the miracle of His love or by His grace. And other words. What's he saying. God is going to finish. It doesn't feel like it to us. But God started to work. He's going to finish it and everything is going to be done not one thread. Will be left on woven I mean I think even the language of that just moves me. You know you think of a garment that's like all you know you ever have assured or a suit is like oh there's that little thread it sticking off there. But in the thread in the fabric of your character there's not going to be one if there's not only one thing out of place. When God is done it's all been in this is what this is even though the guy famous on God going to finish it when he does. We're going to be a testimony to the universe of the grace of God. But we know that as evidence no we don't know that's not tell anybody. Have mercy on us. Here are the way to keep the commandments of God of the faith of Jesus. God will finish what he started. Is he going to finish what he started in you. Can you believe in you believe he's going to do it. You want to be part of it. Brothers and Sisters I want to be a part of it if you want to be part of it raise your hands with me this evening. Amen Let's pray together Father in heaven. Father I just pray. Tonight we've looked at a lot of different things. And my mind isn't as clear as it could be. I pray your Holy Spirit would take these words Lord. And if nothing else sternness a desire or desire to review our history as a P. People to understand the significance of Christ priestly work. To rekindle in us. A belief that Jesus is a complete savior. Who will finish what he started. And Father I pray that you'll help us. Not to form our Christianity. Based on the what. Even a majority of voices might be saying around us that we wouldn't be swayed so much by the pinions of men. But especially if this a generous history. We would be balanced to your word. And the testimony of your word. That we would have faith in your promises. And believe indeed that you will finish what you started May it be said of. Each one here. Oh Father may be said of each one here. Here they are. Here are my people to keep the commands of God in Jesus we ask you pray this. In his name for this this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more service. Please visit. W W W audio verse or.


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