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The Imperative of Dedication

Justin Kim

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 21, 2008
    7:00 AM
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morning sermon is entitled of the imperative of dedication was entitled everyone the imperative of dedication you sound a little groggy this morning good that's all right it is Sunday morning if you're like any normal young person you probably stayed up a little bit longer some of your smiling with both of us this slut a slight guiltiness yes yes yes I did from the old broke or are about to fall asleep right now but that's okay and people keep them awake when you keep each other week this morning some as an title is the heritage of dedication the imperative of dedication hopefully your experience your GUI C has been a positive one our objective here Q why C is not to have a nice conference although some of you have gayness I be getting a couple mins of how great a conference this is forgive us for some of the inconveniences you had perhaps the walking distance perhaps the culinary tastes that we have cultivated here perhaps some of the summoning canoes will forgive us to give us always seek to do here at UIC is to create a movement to create a what everyone a movement we want to move this morning a study some of the movements of history and perhaps give us a clue on how to move in this present day the past events at me as if I could list them for you I would talk about the disciples the first night disciples were first rank converted men we have the Reformation will talk about a few minutes when the founding fathers of America I love American history we have George Washington tall wooden teeth we looking man but he could command men to go out and do something that John Adams sure where will you pull you and you could communicate with England and yet Thomas Jefferson 's shy but he can articulate with his pen that James Madison had out in our Hamilton yet John J at August group of men who came up at one time and they organize and move it did something and they created America that is early evidence it is homely folk twelve years old seventeen years old eighteen years old and they wore overalls and ignore their beards up to their knees but they created a movement that would still exist today you'll set the Communists friends ever than by now that a little island in independent Caribbean and North or South Korea on the most isolated pockets but they at one point took over one third of the world you have the Muslims have a concerted effort one the fastest-growing denominations up of movements and even inaccurate you have without making a political statement you have Barack Obama one two thousand eight election with the help of young people yes we can see why she seeks to be a movement I want to emphasize that there's somebody here sitting today and you're why seek junkies what I say not much I make a dry eye IM making a drug allusion what happens is you go from NYC to Y C two Y C two Y C and just listen listen listen listen get audio person listen listen listen listen listen and you don't move your fat okay I still love you for your fat and your own peace you have all the scriptural knowledge you know all of Daniel we know all revelation and you just sit there we need to move friends and then the burn that excess fat in men the Reformation the Protestant Reformation was a group of men who could think who could do who could move who are intelligent of you know Martin Luther will talk about and noticed a couple people here Theodore Bays of Europe I've never heard of my sweat the Protestant Reformation but with that he's got the Arby's I use a stalling plot against the monarchy it marked in Buser he was age of a follower of Calvin in Heinrich bulling Gerald is European in hiring both injurious gutters we believe is a great preacher at twelve thousand letters are still found today and there are huge spiritual and theological importance imagine if we had twelve thousand and e-mails today what would they reflect able to get William Farrell yet John Lott PE almost created the Reformation and Pauline it almost started in Poland of all places yet Martin Martin Martin Luther yet Peter martyr in William Tyndale transmitted English Bible from Hebrew and Greek intelligent yet already squiggly he died in battle he's a pastor who died in battle in the Swiss Army yet Thomas Cranmer he betrayed the Protestant Reformation he recanted against them and then came back to the movement and when they burned them he put his right hand in first you betrayed me firstly you will die first put his hand in the fire I may John Knox is a leading reform in Scotland he came up with that he can with the idea every church you should have a school in Scotland is noticed most back of backward country in America are in America and Europe mercy with most most endemic countries out there most illiterate because of him all the arts a lot of literature philosophy and an education was preserved in Scotland because of a church school where are the administration was today they're struggling for a five students or parents I have rather send a private school of better quality the Queen of Scotland beard Don Knox 's prayers more than anything else even death itself they were under the banner theme up at fun tests meaning going back to the original going back going back these are first rate scholars but they are just intelligent first rank preachers first rank of organizers to remove verse where are the reformers of the day I'm just text messaged my friend here I'm just playing Wii game we only just eat my and my veggie hot dogs it will air all the reformers today what's interesting is Peter Berger sociologist famous sociologist of religion he said the Reformation is the greatest organizational achievement in the history of man what's interesting that you are in and in his innocence pieces this was a network of friends we see these guys at all giants and when there are all friends met some think the friends you make your could be the foundation for the next Reformation the roommate is rather weird person at your sleeping within the bed could begin next March and to be a next count what's interesting is purebred or so these guys thought all the time it's okay to fight within the ranks amen they had vigorous discussions but they were for the same goal we need to be fighting for the same goal and be willing to articulate our differences any winsome and Christian with we can talk about the nature of Christ within our ranks we don't need to get all know draw draw were fighting for the same goal in being him and friends what's interesting also as they had a fraternity system not fraternity like they look good drunk fraternity or sorority they had a brotherhood they would go out and they say this young man has a lot of promise I wanted to hurt him I want to mentor him I want up and they would pass on their thinness to the next generation just like the disciples notice was only for men but the women were extraordinary also what's funny is behind the scenes these giant species scholars these the snow is almost gods and goddesses of of of the Reformation I don't mean in the pages of the units these beasties characters they fought over girls and you know that they'd write correspondence to each other like a uninterested in her so don't touch her know what I'm go to get her before you do thou man of God no had enough of him since they were just like on us some of us these ministers these rep reformers were celibate they were from the Catholic Church one thing is when they came out of the Catholic Church he realized it would so busy doing the work that my family had a age thirty thirty to thirty five we need to get married and by that time everyone their age was already married because you know they were there priests so cool in their time were girls were also celibate the nuns and the convicts so what's funny is these reformers take us speaking engagements that were close to convents mother superior would say oh pastor asked whatever it is and would you come to the convent of St. Mary's of Mary of the holy Ascension or whatever it is that another yes I will be there if so what's funny also they had heading correspondence shows that they were setting each other up Patty Zwingli was the most pickiest of the reformers and you think is funny it's this none looks like a cow I want to marry Martin Luther was the was the was the one who date overrun match made these is the most in this one girl he's a hate what about them what about him what about heaven she's a no no no no begin everybody get married we want to mention what you may have to get an eight billion kids at each of many but what these women were positive they were also into their part of the social aristocracy they had an education and base they know what obligation to the Reformation costs reason we need to be the best examples in Europe we want to have the best families we want to be educated we also want to articulate the beliefs of the Reformation would be the best mother 's domestic week we also want to be the best evangelists out there Yosemite Avenue is one of the highest calling we are a denomination with a woman prophetess she has asked all of the women to be the best domestic mothers and wives and this was ever seen but not only that but also all evangelists and ministers for God 's cause soul winners brought Binky visionaries in the book called dedication and leadership Douglas Hyde has written this book he was eight X communist is asked what his ex- communist for those of you in the next generation Gullah communists or communist parties scary people who believe it's scary a political system who live far far away take all read Wikipedia not enough time for this but he said he left the Communist Party and you entered into Roman Catholic religion on that a condoning law and order yet another cheap neither but he writes in this book how is it as a communist who does not believe in God be conquered one third of the world the US Catholics who believe in a supernatural God have not conquered anything where is your level of dedication leadership and it stands as a rebuke to us Adventists because we believe in God we have the ultimate truth Scriptures that the fullest revelation of truth robust far and how much have we progressed where is our level of dedication and leaders couple things one simplicity if someone asked on the street does for you Justin we do for living pastor canister minister whatever this all of what nomination seven seven seven day Adventist Christian a lot of they believe of you is what I got got got to go you have these instances airplane bus taxi she wants the hotel the other side says that every Communists is this I know that we are probably going to die but the rich have always held the power over the poor and for the first time in history the poor have the opportunity change that can eliminate poverty forever the youngest to oldest man everybody is taught to specifically state their beliefs do you know your beliefs say simply what you believe we are not sad of keeping non- coffee drinking non- pork eating weird people that is not legal we are people who love Jesus to the fullest overseeing how can Jesus trickle down to every aspect of our lives to excellence he writes you'll be respected if you are very good at your job not just because you are good at talking about your beliefs in any quite a rational but the fact is if you recognize because any one thing you will be listened to all sorts of subjects in no way related to it if you're willing to be effective in your place of work you must be the very best man at your job her seventh by my big brother Don McIntosh to believe his grandfather who was a mechanic the story is that his dress I was a mechanic and he wanted to be an evangelist engine mechanic at the same time how could he do it since decided one thing you can be the very best mechanic possible second he changed the name of the shop to ten Commandments shop if you want to find an honest mechanic you go to ten Commandments the cat mechanic body shop and while he's there and you get your car fixed he says I'll give you ten percent off if I give your Bible study while in fix your car so you can teach him the Prince tithing and also give them Bibles and I'm assuming business boom we need janitors were the best janitors possible if you work at McDonald's bless your heart but Beta very best McDonald's year here in possible they should become manager of McDonald's go to corporate takeover McDonald's and it pretty burgers and their friends if you are going to fashion phrasal Lord get the fashion dented the highest echelons of Paris and perhaps put into principles principles of modesty for change imagine if modesty was a return on the fashion gentleman like that with such a district close that's a instead of wearing a bikini to church and inference that could be the very best you can and when your best advantage it transfers over and people are going to be willing to hear what you say but if you just and again and here I don't know what to do here and no one 's going to listen this Effexor studies also friends students he writes you look very hard for the cause and we are very grateful to you for your done but you would have done a better job for communism if you past your exams him him them are likely to carry it carry conviction amongst your fellow students more importantly you would be more effective later on you will not always be a student student life is preparation for whatever follows afterwards we want to use this student as a preparation for going out and making a mark in your profession that you may do a good cost for communism out there the better you do your exams the better it will be for the cause I just replaced communism for the Lord amen I just attended a comment about African drum dancing that was not of the other blue I have a friend who was in anthropology and she studied African drum I am not condoning African drum dancing by one way or another that's what happened to her and she converted all the other not eat all the other but a lot of the other anthropologists out there who would have never heard of in this message of the other friend she was us us us student on the majoring in history and up I decreased collagen East Coast she did the very best he could to get it it was the highest grade in class through the best exam reports a person and at the end of the course the professor respect either the professor knew she was my name and she went into office hours and said Professor X I like to recommend to you a history book it's been very powerful to me is called the faster records if the student was a two three GPA D+ average dropout who prefer through the great villagers with the professor read maybe thoroughly nerdy maybe but probably not the three your development and mentorship he writes he was assigned by Jim Jim was overweight all unattractive ugly you shape and communism said we take everyone and anyone not based on externals or ability only one thing dedication if this ugly contorted fat bald man is dedicated will take and will train and will give them opportunities in this gin character bikini became one of the leading leading trader traders of communism after four he writes and page one oh seven throw your troops quickly into action again some sector of the front were to get a quick quick victory matter how small people once they are suitably active activated get satisfaction from being active young people we need you every single young person to engage in the local church level go to your passions that look I wanted teach Sabbath school it starts on a very small level I wanted if I want to teach primary digital preachers if you want be a preacher in the best trading for being preachers preach the young kids if you can catch the attention of the juniors of the primary of the less literally the God will make it to Austin preacher in future but if you are stuck within the need you know primary and be faithful in the small he says is individual members of the Communist Party are brought to believe together they and others like them can change the world in their lifetime they actually thought we can take over the world for we die and they took over one third of him existing world 's young people are stupid we don't know that we don't know right so we do everything whereas the older you get you have more experiences in more fears of a wound this would be good to do this and that's why elders and pastors in board meetings have to be three hours long when young people get informing and a signal to the world okay I second that okay dismiss we go out to take over the world was stupid but the Lord uses our stupidity we need the experience of the elders we need to combine together and lastly he says this in the syllabus is powerful friends page forty two to forty five the best way to train a young person this is from a communist right to take it or leave it best way to train a young person into the movements is an activity that he calls you ready for this canvas just between you me friends in all three men are taken as anyway enjoy canvassing of the less your interesting parts knock on doors slam slam forty says this young people need to develop not more skills and learn more and I think it educated they need to experience horrible traumatic experience canvas they need to learn how to think on their feet when someone asks than what is Communism all you Communists and they need to experience since accident they feel how insufficient they are in any lien upon Jimmy Leiby learn more about Commies more and more and more and more and more in food insufficient you recognize yourself to be having this will not lean more education for reading on the educator for reference canvassing is where dedication is create an avalanche says every young person must receive experience of canvas ever young fresh now every person is not called to be a coal port for a man a man but every person must have experience for your default if you have a canvas you need canvas experienced the humility of getting that door shut in your face but also the joy when you sell a whole set in the joy of a cold quarter will be five million times in the rest of us when you see all those converted people in that this morning relative to biblical movements is open your Bibles Malachi chapter four of Malachi chapter four of us pray father in heaven as we read Scripture we asked for your blessing Jesus name and Malachi chapter four verse five behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord you shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and a heart of the children to their fathers less like and smite the earth with a curse for talk about a movement is called the Elijah message or the Elijah movements a lot of people say that this was John the Baptist before Jesus came and it was but if you look in verse five behold I will send you Elijah the spirit of Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord Jesus in the first and was eight great day the angel to save you all this is a great day today Jesus is here are all the little you imagine all the things it was a great day was a dreadful thing no changes they are the baby Jesus was born for you everyone know that's why we sing this cheesy Christmas songs the dreadful day of the Lord is the second coming of Jesus relationship six for seventeen who show right verse five talks about unlikely movement happening before Jesus comes the first time and when Jesus comes the second the couple characteristics of this movement will quickly down this one they had the boldness and fearlessness that we talked about on verse Friday morning Elijah told they had a first into eighteen eighteen I have not troubled Israel but you and your father 's house and in that you have forsaken the commands of the Lord and thou has followed Palin and Mark chapter six a lot John the Baptist says to Harriet it is not lawful for the to how my brother 's wife but a certain audacity as certain boldness strength I don't care necessary and where is your dignity friend kindness we need that today we generation of young people were willing to get Mohawks for Jesus to get pink hair for Jesus to get a belly button piercing for Jesus for I you don't know what to say about saying get these things friends please please don't but I think are you willing to go that out and just be ridiculous for Jesus shave your hair front of girls for Jesus would you be willing saying would you be going to be willing to go out on a lien and give someone a Bible study for Jesus to preach for Jesus to run a mission trip commissions for five years for Jesus to do is move for Jesus we need boldness in our schools for those in public public or private schools be bold in the classroom of a stupid people we both us and our families if your husband of her life if your children if your parents be bold with that we boldness in our church stand up to your pastors love your pastor pray for your past be smart with your passes but be bold be bold at work in the workplaces you to convert your companies the second fact is this these men were also humble job went up to the top of Campbell and first Kings eighteen forty two he cast himself down upon the earth and put a space between his knees John the Baptist writes in Matthew three eleven he that comes after me is my cure than I choose I'm not worthy to bear these men were not only bold but the tempered it with humility some of us are too bold and were stupid to which standup like I we shoot ourselves in both the and her knees and her hips some of us are too humble compromise as a result we be bold and humble together occupy going very these men were also simple and modest Elijah said was thinking one eighths like it was a hairy man with a garment of hair meeting noted girdle about belts leather about his loins John the Baptist was the same and he ate locusts and wild honey is never simple these men were revolutionary with their diet and their dress avenues there is a component to your diet just because you're eating veggie meat does not mean your living by the standards of the health message some of those sausages which are not resized to her salty racers are more unhealthy for you then the sausages themselves less really appreciate the help message just because something is something has no animal products it is not safe for consumption is plastic vegan the wind be healthy for we also need to be modest gentlemen and women we need to be modest in a way that we've never seen before and also good-looking sometimes acting modesty still look ugly the Lord is not appreciate ugliness in Psalms the Lord you are beautiful the Lord encapsulates all beauty being sufficiently aesthetically pleasing is not a bad thing but that doesn't mean that a bling bling yourself all up as meaning that ever let the all metal detectors go off at the airport is enough chandeliers in your auditory functionary parts of your head Jenna menu to it is more common to find men with earrings in this day what is more popular than the masculine black studs and earrings becoming if that we see a level of modesty and good looking this that this world has never seen before for alike it wasn't meant for he thought Elijah John was a mentor to look seven to eighteen seventy percent verse eighteen yet disciples all about them roundabout Moses had Joshua Paul and Timothy Jesus had John the reformers had all their little little underlings Elijah had a school of the Prophets friends one way to get involved is to find yourself a mentor and old people you need to mentor the next generation underneath there's been this break and forgive me for getting this off my chest I'm Asian we believe in the respect of the elderly and passing down our experience the next generation we have this continuity but in North America is I am old you are young get out of my face I young you are old you get on my face and is a complete separation of the generations the Malachi Elijah messages the hearts of the children are toward turn towards the new the fathers and the foster do to children there needs to be the ship the bonding of hands once again what find we find in the sociological studies as next generation is coming up or flux generation that the trends modern generation the oneness debts that's a sick and tired of postmodern generation in a postmodernity over without entering the post home over anyway blogging philosophy we are entering a generation where young people appreciate grandparents grandparents old people the Super Bowl people member them that was a generation of the golden time with grandma knew how to cook and she would cook happily and an grandfather and grandmother would sit down at the table together and intended the pace of life was a little slower the next generation says hey we walked that none of the iPod iPod touch extensible platform for innovative research in this just to sit down oatmeal and talk with grandma grandma what was it like when there was no water on the earth grandfather what was it like to go through the Great Depression because we're entering in depression right now you need to teach us how to live grandfather we need is mentoring back again for his UIC 's original function was to bring some of the book the scholars in the church leaders and some of the preachers together and having a given event in mixed together we've gone into this Adventist celebrity hyphenation always more affiliates marketing can I have your autograph and there's nothing while his friends were all the sisters together but we need to Mark Finley can you mentor me bachelor can you mentor me Israel Ramos can you mentor me Doctor Pitman can you mentor me pastor asked if mom can you mentor me instead of getting an autograph and running away DVD DVD DVD and getting your for your poster of Randy skeet in your bedroom known her we need to be mentored under the most godly people we seek an inference and then were five meets Elijah and John were repairers of the breach they repaired worship worship is in crisis today there is a level of less just hang out SS entering worship worship is a consummate experience between you and God with and also a corporate thing cell phones must be turned off during worship and in France how dare you take a cell phone message or call in the presence of the Lord we love you friends were not blessed until we are blessed you we blessed you with all the love for new cell phones off if you're falling asleep wake up and if you're dancing then worship there something wrong if there's smoke machines going on there something wrong if there is an electric guitar this jammin away like having another something wrong and what you leaders were fifty years old are turning this generations of it this is the style that you like what I'm doing is I don't like that style of worship and try magazine said and anti- magazine financings that the next generation is more Orthodox or sake of the lights of the screens of the PowerPoint of the guitars are the new microphone they wanted organic review movements in one hard-core Bible study doing personal one on one relationships and they're not finding it anywhere except for one place the Roman Catholic Orthodox Church traditionalism candles Saints Mister Goldwater we force reassembly anise or ten years to behind if you will write other churches in the mill north of Haiti we need to be progressive let's try a guitar now two thousand eight relates their friends in Germany I saw a worship service where there's smoke machines and their students in the front young people under a moshing during divine worship they had makeup on God I was just I cannot geez are not I love you are not scared need to death Elijah and John were reformers need to move you move the last thing he also persecuted do not be afraid of persecution he afraid of persecution do not be afraid of persecution why are you afraid the Lord is on your side when I was little I think with my church put my buddies we go send the car of the ways of the most painful way to die or persecute what if these super needles in our hands and slowly weeding I decided no sawed-off what if they put us in offering any turn up the heat what if they put us in a washing machine your dizzy and you're drowning at the same time there the world will see a time where persecuted like this was never seen gone who will be with us and friends what you got to worry if God be for us and then second Timothy chapter three verse twelve all that will live godly in Christ Jesus so suffer what persecution today are you suffering persecution no as the logic to say that all are not living godly in Christ Jesus and sentencing chapter two verse nine and then Elijah this is how we get the spirit friends of Elijah says like Shaw says that Elijah I pray be it a double portion of my spirit be upon me now has asked a hard thing says Elijah nevertheless if thou see me when I'm taking from the it shall also be with you but if not it shall not be young people we need to take a certain initiative a certain dedication on RN and say look you're a good person give me a double portion of your spirit I need to be mentored under you I need to learn this I need to go to arise I need to go to campus I need to put Haskell I need to go to life I need to go to Key West I need to do it there some of you here because your mommy said you need to be here take initiative for yourself because if you live under your mother or your father spirituality you'll get nowhere less the mommy and daddy goodbye great anyway but take initiative for yourself we depressed towards our elders and say I lead a double portion of the Spirit be upon me I close with this one of the former generation of seventy evidences Robert Pearson I'm even know who Robert Peterson it's the people you know you have this history in nineteen seventy eight October fifteenth Robert Pearson was the general conference president he gave his last address to the annual Council of the General conference Daniel conference last year and meeting me and I to read the whole thing but in reading huge section of this no one asked you to listen Matthew do what no young people you are as as I am as I am are just so you are and if EE just zone out nasty this morning to see this morning in an adult think about what time your flight is coming in if you didn't do your laundry today or know what is the fifth color of the Eminem cycle you don't think of these things think what is the pastor saying my friends quote they say is often begun begun by charismatic computer with tremendous drive and commitment and it arises as a protest against worldliness and formalism in the church this first generation is generally embraced by the poor the rich would lose too much by doing it because of some popular spies persecuted by society general it has definite beliefs firmly held by zealous members each member makes a personal decision to join and knows what he was she believes there is a little organization a property in a few buildings the first generation has strict standards and controls and behavior preachers are often the education they rise my inner compulsion is little concern about public relations generation to the next generation with growth there comes a need of organization and buildings as a result of industry and frugality the members become prosperous as prosperity increases persecution begins to wane children born into the movement do not have to make the personal decisions that join it they do not necessarily know what they believe they don't need to hammer out their own positions these have been worked out for them already creatures arise more by selection and by apprenticeship to all the workers and by direct inner compulsion in the third-generation organization develops and institutions are established the need is seen for schools to pass on the faith of the fathers colleges are established members have been exhorted to live up to the standards while the same time the status of membership are being lowered the group becomes lax about this fellow speed nonpracticing members missionary zeal cools off there is more concern over public relations leader study methods up propagating the faith sometimes employing extrinsic rewards as motivation for service by members use question why they differ mother 's intermarry with those not of their faith generation for in the fourth generation there is much machinery the number of administrators increases while the number of workers at the grassroots level it comes proportionately less great church councils are held to define doctrine more schools more universities more seminaries established these go to the world for accreditation intent to become secular allies there is a re-examination of physicians and modernizing of methods attention is given to contemporary culture with interest in the arts music architecture and literature the movement seeks to become relevant to contemporary society but becoming involved in popular causes services from formal the group enjoys complete acceptance by the world that sex has now become a church brothers and sisters this must never happen city Seventh-day Adventist church this will not happen to do some Dennis Church this is not another church is God 's church but you are the men and women sitting in the century this morning on whom men on whom God is counting to assure that this is not happen already brothers and sisters he continues there are several forces that are beginning to stir it up regrettably there are those in the church who belittled inspiration of the Bible scorned the first eleven chapters of Genesis who questioned the spirit of prophecy 's short chronology on the earth who subtly and not so subtly attacked the spirit of prophecy I guess it with me here there are some who appointed reformers in contemporary theologians as a source and the norm of Seventh-day Adventist doctrine there those who allegedly overworked tired of the hackneyed phrases of Adventism there those who wish to forget the standard of the church we love there those who comment and would court the favor of the evangelicals there are those who would throw off the mantle of a peculiar people don't go towards win the secular materialistic world the leaders beloved brothers and sisters do not would happen I appeal to you earnestly as I know this morning do not let it happen IAP it's a Andrews University to seminary to Loma Linda University do not let it happen we are not seven the Anglicans not seventy Lutherans we are Seventh-day Adventists this is God 's last state church but with God 's last name message and he concludes with this selected messages volume one page two oh four and two oh five the enemy of souls has sought to bring in the supposition that the great Reformation was to take place among Seventh-day Adventists and this reformation consists in giving up the doctrines which stand as up as the pillars of our faith and engage in a process of reorganization where this reformation to take place what would result the principles of truth that God in his wisdom has given to the Roman church would be discarded our religion would be changed the fundamental principles that have sustained the work for the last fifty years would be counted as an error a new organization will be established books of a new order would be written a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced founders of the system would go into the cities into a wonderful work but this is the Sabbath of course would be lightly regarded as also the God who created it nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement leaders would teach that virtue is better than vice but God being removed and placed their dependence on human powered which without God is worthless he ends this was the same the FSM damaged church had its alpha apostasy years ago you and I are leaders will face the Omega that will give the same subtle devilish origin its effect will be more devastating than the Outlook brother and I beg of you study know what is ahead then went help prepare your people to meet its lesson if you think this morning is for generations have passed if Robert Peterson were alive today and possibly nineteen eighty nine he would ask the question what was the fifth generation do this is you were sitting here this morning you are the fifth generation how will you conclude Robert Pearson sermon what are your fourteen years old or forty four years old or a hundred and four years old you are to fifth generation how will we move this last date Jim movements enough of that why seek jumpiness enough of just maintaining the church in the enough let's start any serious that speak dedicated to thought cause that's finished the Reformation now started hundreds of years ago this morning I make you appeals first appeal on the three appeals first very general you'll be part of this movement stand up right now not ugly some of you dissenting up as the rest of yours in your second abuse this if you wanted before the soldier for God 's cause needs to be called up ordering this next year two thousand five come up right now to my left and you're right you need a cold quarter this summer saying Lord I want at Austin experienced a horrible experience whatever experience I want to learn the art of pulp ordering NBA canvasser for Jesus God bless you come up right now guys get away get out the way they should be young people or people new people whatever people are here quickly run my second feels this they are gentlemen in this room we need to be enough of the effeminate beanie pastors we pastors are visionary sites who see the whole metanarrative picture for strategic course smart or intelligent West scholarship but also more godly and love Jesus I level but this one is if the Lord is calling you to ministry pastoral ministry I asked to come up my right here are some gentlemen you need to be a pastor Lord is calling you to be a pastor right here in S Camille Metz mask of bill creek when asked any a canvassing people come up you pray for me some people here at your ordained pastor come up to the front on my right be with a look at the pastor 's year we need gentlemen who are engaged in the ministry who can put people to work with each gender roles in God 's Army and amongst the assisting group if you are a woman and you are also called to ministry maybe not the pastoral ordained ministry but every other ministry out there just this table about men come up to the front right here and join our brothers here when women of Forsyte woman of capability woman of competence stop the penis enough of this enough the Lord is saying even imperative of dedication a dedication this world was never seen before come off I come from again if you want to call portal mode is impressing upon your heart you never called Porta before he sent my left in the Lord is impressed you this week to be a pastor to be engaged in the pastoral ministry come to the right here or feel woman to be engaged in some other form of ministry just as qualified as men to come here from from from still more time come there are those of you are stubborn you think you not need a mathematical quarter after San Diego porting article point do you need a golf order come out here house I'm talking to you the Holy Spirit is telling you call Porter now for the rest of your life just for the next year sometime in the next year this year club quarters ministers we foot soldiers we generals every eye closed every head bowed father and having prophesied of an army of you father we seek to be this army of you forgive us permission around father we seek to be reformers thought we seek to be Communists of heaven but we seek to be committed to throw away worldly ideologies worldly objectives will be values and you are sure in the second coming of Jesus father 's been enough pop circumstances would forgive me and my beautiful before you forgive us at UIC from medicines that have been taking place with a lot of your spirit rested upon these two groups beautiful soldiers Lord made to be most effective group of chemists are seen as well as well as never seen before the Lord be with a group of of of of those World War II ministry Lord create your generals father review organize your movements can only do this by double portion of your Holy Spirit Prentice humbly and rolled a name of Jesus Christ are this is my audio resource was a generation him I learned more about you might learn the visiting them that I'm not having done twice that are working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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