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Enochs in This Our Day

Kurt Osena


Kurt Osena

Assolciate Pastor of the Collegedale Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • February 6, 2016
    11:00 AM
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This morning we're going to be looking at. Character in the Bible name. In uk. There's not much said about you knock. But even though there's little said about him there's a lot we can get from his life. But before we get into God's word this morning let's go ahead and our heads for the prayer. And let's invite the spear into this place. Our Father which art in heaven. Dear God I think you for bringing us here together as a family to be able to study your word this morning. Father as we are in your presence. We calm anticipating to hear your voice. And lo we pray that as we examine the life of. Enough. As we look at his faithfulness to you. We ask that you please speak to us. And that you would teach us how we can be faithful. As he was for they prayed a special way that as the Word of God is presented this morning. That truly I would hide behind the cross of Calvary. And Lord that I would simply be. Your instrument this morning that I would be your mouthpiece. And so I print a special way that you would seem to find my lips. I pray you fill my heart with your Holy Spirit Lord that the words are proceed out of my mouth. Will be only words that you desire for us to hear this morning. And so I pray that you please guide us through this study. And I pray Lord that we be able to leave from this place Blessed Be as he seems and use them we pray him and give your Bibles please turn with me to the Book of Genesis. And we're going to be looking at Genesis Chapter five this morning. Genesis Chapter five. Now if you were to read ahead. If you were to skip to Genesis Chapter six. You will find a very sad story. You will find that the condition of the world became so bad. But there came a point where God. Had to say that is enough and. Because he saw that the world was so wicked he destroyed. The earth with a white friends with a flood. The condition of the world. The spiritual condition of the world was so bad the Bible says in Genesis Chapter six you're in chapter five. Them to read Genesis Chapter six. And verse five the Bible says and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. And that noticed this. Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart. Was only evil. Continually. You know I can't imagine what type of a world that must have been like for everyone around you to have. Evil imaginations. Evil intentions continuously. They would be a scary world to live in wouldn't it. But that was the condition of the world that was a spiritual condition of the world. It became so dark that God had to say it is enough. And so he he caused the earth to be flooded. And what is interesting in Genesis Chapter five. You're going to see this. Genealogy and. In this genealogy. There are certain individuals that are highlighted. If you look at Genesis Chapter five. If you notice what it says in verse one. Are all the saints very meant. Genesis Chapter five looking at verse one. Notice what it says. The Bible reads. This is the book. Of the generation of Adam. In the day that God created men in the likeness of God made he him. Male and female created He them and blessed them. And called their name Adam. In the day when they were created. And so what we're seeing here just a step or five we're going to be seeing a genealogy we're going to be seeing. But the sentence. Of Adam. And we're not going to read through the entire chapter but you'll see that there is a quite a list of individuals that are listed there. But what I want to highlight in this chapter is the so interesting that God actually makes notes or he actually. He actually explains more on the lives of. Adam. Seth. Methuselah and know. Who are those names. Adam. Seth. Methuselah and Noah. What it all of these men have in common what we all know that these men were faithful. Men. And the reason why God wanted to put extra emphasis on these individuals. Is because these men were worthy of being noted of. They were notable because of their connection with the Lord. We know Adam. Obviously Adam he was created after the image of God. He was treated perfect. No sins no his his image was not marred. Created after the very image of God. But we know sadly from the beginning and in Genesis Chapter three we find that he was the one that was responsible for causing all the sin in this world. However we know that. After Adam had committed the sin. He lived a life still committed to the Lord. And he continued to preach. Telling others that hey listen I know I had messed up. I know I had failed you as a people. But I want you not to forget that Jesus is going to die for you. I want you not to forget that you have a redeemer. In Jesus Christ and so Adam. All of his life. He preached. That there is mercy from God that you can receive. Even though we are. Sinful. That we have Seth. Seth. Was obviously Adam's son and his name means. Appointed or compensated. Compensated. We know that Seth was replaced whom. Abel right. Seth was a very good man he followed the footsteps of Abel and so he represented. God very well. Then we have enough but we're not going to you know it just yet. We'll get to him. Throughout the rest of the sermon. But let's go and skip to Methuselah moved to Isabella was also a faithful man. His name means. A man sent out. Or that is a man on a mission. Methuselahs life itself. Was a sermon. You see. Methuselah. If you if you try to dissect his name it actually means. When he dies. It shall be said. Talking about the flood. When he dies. It shall be sent. Methuselah. Was a man that was to represent God. He lives. The longest as anyone know how long he lived. Nine hundred sixty nine years that's a long time right. That is a long life. He lived that long and perhaps. He lived that long because he took care of his body really well maybe he applied the principles of health and to his life. Vegetarian diet I don't know he was healthy. He lived nine hundred sixty nine years and by the way. I just can't. You know I was kind of sitting down in my room and kind of thinking about that. Imagine if you were to live that long. What would life be like. What would be the conversations that you would have with other people. Maybe you're going to be talking about marriage. But marriage and those for us we talk about marriage being sometime around twenty five twenty six. You know thirty some thirty five don't know. Right. We talk about marriage being around that time but how if you. How what would happen if you live nine hundred years. Yeah you know I could probably wait off a marriage for a little bit. Maybe ninety years old I start thinking about it right. Or when is adulthood. When you consider going to default. Right. That's crazy. Or. When should we have kids. If you look at the genealogy you'll find that many of them had kids like in their early hundreds literally hundreds. One with our conversations because I have no idea but one thing is for sure. The men and women that live during that time. They were incredibly smart. They were very healthy individuals. Many of them grew to be way taller. But I don't know. Just just. Everything about them was just. Amazing because they were closest to Adam. And Adam was a tall man was he not. He was a tall man we can imagine that. But here is this generation of people who lived long and with Lucilla he'd lived a very long time live the longest nine hundred sixty nine years and his life. Was a sermon in and of itself. Noah. We also know to be a very faithful man Amen. Noah. Even though the world was was was darkened by sin. Even though the hearts of the men were evil continuously. We know that no abided by the instructions of the Lord. And he can committed himself to continuing to preach. That there is going to come a time where God is going to put. Issue or judgment upon the earth. And so does anybody remember how long he preached. No a priest for a hundred and twenty years. That is a long time. I mean I'm sure there may have been times where he was discouraged. Sure there are many times where he felt close to giving up. You can imagine him live. Preaching to a world that is full of wickedness. People prior mocking and making fun of them. They're saying hey wow. Why are you preaching that there is going to come a flood. When it had never rain before. So here no he's preaching is a god is going to issue a flood. I know we haven't seen rain before. But get ready. Get into the ark. Anyone that is willing to obey the law or get into the ark. Noah preached faithfully for one hundred twenty years. What is it that all these men had in common. They had a connection with the Lord. Ellen White even brings us our own price object lessons page one. Sixty four speaking of Jesus he clothed in self in the divinity with humanity and came to our world. The gospel message was given by Adam. Enough. Methuselah. And no even Ellen White. Noted these men specifically. As being faithful. Individuals preaching the gospel message. This morning I would like us to look at the life of the knock. And you know what. We all know and yacc we all know his experience we all know that. What happened to him. He was a man that was translated. How many you want to be translated to have an event. To not see death. In not had that experience. He had a very unique experience and so I would like to take this opportunity to really hone in on his life to focus in on his life and to ask the question. How is it that in up was able to have such a connection with God that God said you know what I'm going to take you to heaven with me. You know Ellen White says an education page eighteen. Higher than the highest human thought. Can reach. Is God's ideal for his children. Highest in the highest human thought that we can reach is God's ideal for his children. And I believe that in not believe that and so he lived his life. Asking God to help him become the man that he desires for him to be. And beloved I believe that each and every one of us can be like each and every one of us can have the same experience that Iraq did. And we can be we can have a life. That pleases. The Lord. But if you have your Bibles let's look at Genesis Chapter five looking at verse twenty. And. You should be in that chapter Genesis Chapter five looking at verse twenty one I want you to notice how God describes. Enough. You have a short description here. Within the genealogy but I want you to notice here the Bible says and live sixty and five years and begat. With use of a. And in Ark walk with God. After he got Methuselah three hundred years and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of the not were three hundred sixty and five years. And this is the opening passage just as an enough walked with God. And he was not. For God took him. Just a few words that describe the life of Enoch but we see that. Those words are so much there right this is so powerful to see that Enoch walk with God and because of his walk with the Lord. He was translated into heaven. Now there's something to note there I watch and notice. What how old was enough when he had Methuselah. Sixty five years old and then how long did he live. After Methuselah. Three hundred years. After. And it's noted here in scripture that for those three hundred years. That's three centuries but love it for three centuries. Enough was faithful to God amen. He was so dedicated to Lord's so faithful the Lord he had this experience with god. That was unique that was. That was unlike any experience of any other man had had. And because of that because of the experience with the Lord. There is a baby. She loves the message. But yes so. Live three hundred years after that a very faithful life. But I want you to notice something here. He had a son his name was Methuselah. And was very interesting as L. Y. brings out. That Methuselah is the reason why Iraq had that experience. Because when he not had his. Methuselah. When he will look into his baby's eyes. When he would observe his baby's life. He would say he started to see that just as he loves his son so much. He can imagine thank God love him. Even so much more. And that experience of observing his son and the experience of loving his son. That caused them to have a deeper appreciation for God. It sparked a greater love in his heart. For God. And so he had this conversion experience for three hundred years. Three centuries. He lived a life. Of faithfulness and so my question this morning what I would like us to look at is what does it mean when the Bible says that in knock walked with God. Isn't that a fair question to ask. What does it mean when the Bible says that Iraq had walked with God because that almost seems like a broad concept. You walk with God but I would like us to look at the Bible today. And let's examine his life. And see what exactly that means turning me to. Amos. Chapter three. Looking at verse three. Amos chapter three. Looking at burst. Three. Now Amos is a minor profits a very small book so it's something we have a hard time finding it's. It's right after. Droll and then there's. Amos. Amos Chapter Three looking at verse three. And when the saints get there if you can say Amen. As we look at. Why what does it mean when the Bible says in our walk with God. Amish up to three looking at verse three. The Bible says. KEN to walk together. Except they be agreed. So one thing is for sure in order for me not to be able to walk with God. His life needs to come in agreement with whose life. With God's life. L. might says this INOX walk with God was not in a trance or vision of the word. You know it didn't just have this. This vision of him walking with God. Like this glorious vision of him just like walking with him in the mountains or walking with him on the beach. No. The. Well let's us here says you know it's. Walk with God was not a trance a vision. But in all the duties of daily life. As a husband father. A friend. A Citizen. He was the UN. Wavering servant. Of the Lord. So his walk with God was not something that he was having in his mind or was not some sort of vision or trance. He literally had to walk with the Lord. In that in everything that he did whether as a father or a friend or a citizen. He made sure that everything he did was in line with God's will and then all of the decisions that he had to had to make everything that he had to decide. He made sure that it was in accordance to God's will turn a chapter one verse five. James Sheppard one. Right after the book of Hebrews. James chapter one and we're going to be looking at verses five. Through seven. James Chapter one looking at verses five through seven I want you to notice what that what Ellen White said there when she said. He was the. Unwavering. Servant of the Lord. What does it mean to be an unwavering servant. Let's look at James Chapter one looking at verses five. Through seven. It says in verse five. If any of you lack wisdom. Let him ask of God. But give it to all men liberally. In a breath not and. It shall be given him. Do we need wisdom. Does God want to give us wisdom. And what does the Bible say we have to do if we need wisdom. We simply need to ask. That wisdom from him and he will. Liberally give it to us but notice what it says in verse six. When you ask for wisdom. The Bible says this but let him ask in what in faith. Nothing noticed this wavering. For he that waiver is this like a wave of the. He. Driven with the wind and tossed. You see the experience that you know it had with God. Was not a very doubtful experience. He was not a he was not a person when. When God would present to him his will he would not just stand there or sit there and just be like oh I don't know God. I don't know if I'm going to do that. God I'm not sure if I can make that decision rather when to know it was presented to will the Lord every time God presented him. His way out would say OK God I'm going to proceed with that. I'm going to move forward. Regardless of our fear regardless of my circumstances. I am going to move forward. By faith. Nothing wavering. I'm going to move forward with what you want me to do in life. You know my actually talks about the life of. He would often spend time in the mountain alone. He would be he would he would go to the mountain just by himself. Just just just have some solitary time with the Lord. And it talks to you mention. How in UP would spend so much time with the Lord. That if he had something that was on his mind. Perhaps he had a decision that he had to make. He would sit there. Be still and wait to the Lord would give him an answer. Amen. He would be still and he would wait for God to give him an answer. And beloved I believe if we can learn that. Or if we can apply that into our own lives when we can be still. With God. I believe that a lot of the problems that we have in life could be prevented if only we learn the principle being still and waiting upon the Lord. You see God. God wants to tell us what exactly is on his mind. What's on his heart. He wants to direct our paths. But I believe that oftentimes we are too impatient with him. In that when we pick up our Bible to perhaps understand his will. It's like we have a rush devotional experience. And when God is just about to give us the answer to our question. The answer to our to our heart. We just close the Bible and we walk away. When God was. Just about to give us the answer. In not knew how important it was to follow the Way of the Lord. So often times. In the mountains he would spend time. Just waiting upon the Lord God give me the answer. And God would give him the answer. How is it that not understood God's will. You know it's interesting Iraq didn't have the Bible like we have today is not true. You know it didn't have the Bible the Bible was waylaid it came in way later. So how is it that understood God's will in those times. In order for you to understand God's will. You had to hear it from those who were faithful to the Lord. For example. Adam. Was alive during that time. And so. Even Doc had the privilege that all of us don't have today. Right you know it was like. Maybe he was a little confused on some things in a way that it let me go and ask a faithful friend of mine. Here's something interesting L. might says this is powerful pay charts and profits. We talk about how these men right they were so smart they were so it's a lecture on what you know what does this. Adam have learned from the Creator. The history of creation. He himself witnessed the events of nine centuries. He imparted his knowledge to his descendants. The end to believe means were noticed this world without books where without what there was no books during that time. The ends of delusions where without books. They had no written records. But with their great physical and mental vigor. They had strong memories. Able to grasp and retain that which was communicated to them. And in turn to transmit it. Noticed this unimpaired to their posterity. And for hundreds of years there were seven generations living upon the earth. Contemporaneously. Housing the opportunity of consulting together. And profiting each by the knowledge and experience of all is not incredible. There is no books like we. You know for us like if we need to know something sometimes you have to go to a library writer we have to borrow a book from someone to. To to be able to master something. But these men and woman. They had no books. All they had. Was the word of mouth. They had the privilege of hearing from from Adam from Seth. If they had questions about God's Will they would go to him say hey what do you think. What do you think God wants wants to do. Once for me in my life. And so they would go to these men and these men are able to express the will of God. By the memory. Would know books and. When they would share it. The words would be unimpaired. Amen. This is the mental state they were in this is how. How healthy these men and women were. And so you not had that privilege of being able to hear from Adam. From Seth and some of these faithful men that lived during his time. But beloved there is no greater person to speak with than Jesus. Amen and enough to recognize that. Even though he had Adam there even though he had these faithful men the living during his time even not recognize that if you really want to understand God's will perfectly. The best place to go is to be with God. And so that's why we find when L.-Y. talks about the life of the dark he would often spend time in solitude. In prayer in communion with the Lord because He knew that God would guide. His life before us today we don't. How about him. Today we don't have Seth. We don't have no we don't have those faithful men who can share the will of God unimpaired. But we do have God's word imminent. We have his word we have the privilege of his word and. Beloved I believe that we take for granted. His word. We probably take it for granted because it's always there. And you know what was so incredible to me I was watching this You Tube clip. Of a group of Chinese Christians. And these Chinese Christians they. You know they they they they they they would hear a word from a preacher and they. God being preached. And there was a time where they received a box of Bibles and I don't know if you guys have seen this before. But they had received this box of Bibles it was like an underground church. And this box of Bibles was brought to them. When the box was opened. And they saw what was inside when they saw that there was Bibles you know that these Chinese church members did. The wheat. They cried. Some of them. Picked up the Bible. And they held it like it was. It was like the holiest thing they've ever held in their life. Because they recognize that. In the Word of God is life. And they did not take it for granted these were men and woman that study the Word of God and beloved I believe that we should have a high regard for God's God's word in that way and that we should recognize that the words that are in this book they're not just a bunch of words that have no meaning for allies are irrelevant to us. But we should recognize that the Bible. Is meant to give us. Salvation. That the Bible is meant so that we can understand. The very will of God for our lives. God wants us to understand his will. You know so I had a friend of mine asked me how is it I can know God's will in my life. Just recently. How can I know God's will in my life is very simple. Are you spending time in God's word. Because if you can spend time in God's word beloved here. In my head here. Is God's will express in words. Amen. And if we would just take the time to study his his word and I know that sometimes find the Bible can be tedious. I would just like to submit you to really pray. To really ask God God give me a desire. A hungering and thirsting after the truth. Beloved he will give that to you and make and try your best and this is just a small tip I like to share with you. If you want the Bible to really become practical in your life. Here's a little so simple principle. Just sit down with the Bible and hash yourself the question What is it that I'm going through in my life right now. What's what am I shrug. Doing with what decision that I have to make. And what I would like you to do I know some of us may not have a really good understanding of the Bible yet. But for those of us that have a pretty General Honore saying the Bible. I like you to sit with your We're with with the word in your hand. Azure So the question What am I going to do. And then think of a story in the Bible. That relates to your experience. I guess following what I'm saying. Perhaps you're struggling with faith right. Maybe faith is something that you're struggling with on how can I have a more steadfast base and more what are some stories of faith in the Bible. Aren't there a lot. But someone name one. Story about Abraham exactly the last sermon that we heard last Sabbath Aber has life. Is a testimony of what faith is or we think about the disciple Peter. Right. Peter how do we how do we see he struggled with faith you guys remember when he had to walk on water. He walked on water with what happened. He sunk. Because of a lack of faith. Study that story. And beloved the Bible can never be exhausted. You may have heard the story before. But if you spend time asking God to communicate to you what is in that story. He will teach you something you guarantee. He does that to me all the time to spend time in the story. With the problem or the issue that you have in your life. Ask God What is that can take in the story to apply to my life. Immediately. And God will teach you what that is in dark walk with God. Because he sought the will of God in our walk with God because he sought after the will of God Let's go ahead and turn a Bible's now to Hebrews chapter eleven verse five and six. Hebrews chapter eleven verses five and six. And when you get there if Saints can see him in Hebrew shaft eleven looking at verses five and six. Here's another small description. About Iraq. And we look at this chapter last Sabbath. But here we're going to look at the Bible says in verse five. But by faith in DOC. Was translated that he should not see death. And was not found. Because God had translated him. For before his translation. He had this testimony that he did what that he pleased God So here we get this little bit of more. Description of. Of what type of life that. Live in Genesis we see that he walked with God and he was translated. But here in Hebrews chapter eleven. And verse five we find here that he wished translated because he had a testimony that he was that he pleased. God how many want to please the Lord Amen. How many of us want to live a life that pleases him in art had that life. And notice what it says in verse six. How is it that you not please the Lord the Bible says. But without fee without what friends. Without faith. It is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God. Notice this. Must believe that he is by the way that word is that past tense. Or Future Tense is neither those what is it. It is present tense he believe that God is and that he is a reward or of them that diligently seek Him. Beloved This is the reason why Enoch. Believed in prayer. He. He believed in prayer for two reasons. He believed in prayer. Because he knew. The god he's praying to. He knew that God is not a. Past God. He is not a future God. But he also recognized that God is a present God. And that he is a God that will help him in his present circumstances. This is why you saw you know I prayed a lot. But in addition to that. He also knew that God will reward him of the things that he asks for. If. And all the if he. Diligently. Seeks. Goes back to my point about rushing your devotions. But love it if we really want things from the Lord and talk about things in his will. If we really want him to answer our prayers. We need to diligently seek Him and diligently seek Him with faith believing in Him not wavering. No doubts. Just believing when God gives us a promise. It's going to come the best in not believed in prayer. Because he knew that his god is a present God. And as a reward or of those who diligently seek Him. She has a second point. The first point we saw that in our walk with God because he sought the will of God. But not also walk with God because of his prayer. Life. Ellen White says and profits page eighty five paragraph four this trust by the increasing wickedness of the on God and fearing that their infidelity might lessen his reverence for God in avoided constant. Association with them and spent much time in solitude. Giving himself to meditation and prayer. Thus he waited before the Lord. Seeking a clearer knowledge of His will that he might perform it. Noticed this. To him. Be given up prayer. Was as the breath of the soul. He lived in the very atmosphere. Of Heaven. When people were content hey hey you know why don't we go do this. Once you come in. Let's go to this party. Let's celebrate together. Let's do these do these different things go to these amusements are these attractions. Know enough. What he wanted to do what his hobby was. Was to spend time with the Lord. He often sought the Lord. Diligently. And the reason why he sought the Lord diligently is because he knew that God wanted to give him a clear knowledge of himself. And of his will. But to prayer was like for the breath of the soul. He recognized the importance of prayer are you pray. Are you praying in your life. If you are praying how. Is the quality of your prayers. You know remember when I was younger my life was nothing. God bless me. Bust this bowl of cereal. Right that was the def the my prayer life right. But that is not the pretty life that a dog had he cared less about the bowl of a cereal right. He prayed for important matters of his life. He prayed for that which mattered he asked God constantly for his will. And he would spend time in solitude. Making sure that he would receive. That answer and God would give him that answer. But beloved. I want you to always notice notice this. That there is also a balance. You see in not wasn't one that just stayed to himself. Yes it's true that often times he would reject invitations to do something. But that didn't mean he didn't care for the people that are around him. It says here. And why it says this is incredible. Says this. God does not mean that any of us. Should become hermits or monks and retire from the world. In order to devote ourselves to acts of worship. Though life must be like Christ life. Between the mountain and the multitude. And I love this sentence. He who does nothing but pray. Will soon cease to pray or its prayers will become a formal routine inot had a balanced life. Yes it is true that he spent a lot of time of pejoratives time in solitude. Praying to God. Making sure that his life. Is in the will of the Lord. Even though he spent that much time doing that. We see that in UK. Actually. Also new or recognise the importance of being a witness for God. Because there are others that were around him. Who did not know the will of the Lord. And so. Enough wanted to make sure that the Understood. So not only did he not have a very vibrant devotional life. But we see that he had a vibrant witnessing. Life as well. And like Jesus as Jesus spent time between the mountain and the multitude. So did he not do the same thing. He would. He would go to the solitary place. Pray to God. Ask for his will ask for strength. Then he would go into the city. Or wherever he needed to go to witness. And he would share that with God was teaching him by the way this is something I also want to want you to always remember. In order for you to retain the will of God in your mind. In order for you to really have a deeper grasp of God's word in your mind. There is something that you need to always remember. You need to share what you learn. You see the reason why oftentimes we forget troops. Oftentimes you forget what was preached in the sermon. Oftentimes with the reason why we forget what we learned in our devotion life. Is because we do not share it. And God cannot bless us. If we do not give. Amen. We should ask. So that we can give and. Let me tell you something. The reason why. I believe that God has helped me understand the Word of God better is because he has put me in situations where I had to teach it. So I would suggest to you. You know. If you even had to pay someone to listen to you. I don't really want you to do that per se but. What abut basically trying to say is this. Teach what it is that God teaches you. Because if you can do that. The Word of God is going to be embedded into your mind and into your heart. So how do you walk with God. How did you know you can live a pleasing life. What we see that. He sought the will of the Lord and secondly he had a. He had a really good prayer life. What else. Witnessing life. Was very vibrance he didn't. Only care about his own spiritual well being but he cared about the spiritual well being of others turn to Bibles with me to Jude fourteen and fifteen. And here we're going to see another short description about Enoch and what he did. Everywhere there. Can notice what says. And Iraq. Also the seven from Adam. Prophesied of these of these saying. Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousand of his saints. To execute judgment upon all and to convince all that are on God The Among. Them of all their ungodly deeds. Which they have. Ungodly committed. And all of all their hard speeches which. Unguarded these sinners have spoken against him beloved. Know wasn't the only one preaching in not preached as well. And he preached faithfully. And the message that he preached and by the way here's something incredible. In regard to the life of Enoch there were times where God would give him visions. Put him in a trance and he would be able to see the future. God had such a close connection with you know that God wanted to reveal. Not only his will for the present time. But his will for the future as well. And so God revealed to you not the Hey listen. There is going to come a time where I'm going to come back to the earth. The second coming. Which means beloved That was an administration that. He not was an avid as he preached the second coming of age also incredible. The Second Coming of Christ was nowhere near his time. This is way beyond him. This time. But yet he preached that Jesus was coming soon. He preached. A message that hey listen you need to repent of your sins. Turn away from your evil imaginations. Turn to the living God because there is going to come a time where there will be a judgment. Jesus is going to come back for a second time. Enough preached to the second advent of the Lord. I believe that he also kept the Sabbath as well wouldn't you say. So Iraq though he may not have known that he was a star but they are this is the seventh heaven is here's another point I want to bring out. In regards to his. His witnessing life. And that is. Elmo says this picture of the Prophet eighty six. His labors. Were not restricted to the south ites U.S. cash that. His labors. Like his preaching the. I will say you have a Bible. His mind studies. His labors were not restricted to the set dates in other words. He not didn't just look around and look for the next seventy avin is right. And say hey can we sit down and talk about God even though you know much about him. No he looked for. Not just the set eyes he looked for others as well. And he preached that the unbelieving. He preached to those that perhaps were not in line with God's will. He spent time with them. Yes it is true that there were times where he would have to avoid certain places. Because he knew that that would maybe affect him spiritually. But there were times where he could take advantage of opportunities to speak to those who may not have a clear understanding of God's will and so he did not only. Limit his labors to the set fights and beloved there is a point there that I would like to share. And that is we should not just be sharing. Amongst each other the truths that we possess. But we should also think about those that are outside of the church as well. A man. God didn't give us these precious truth for the purpose of sitting on them. But he gave us these precious true so that we can share it. To the world. His labors were not restricted to the set. And the reason why economics message was powerful and this is the principle I'm sure all of you know. Was because not only did he preached a powerful message but his life was harmful. As well Ellen White says in ministry of healing page four sixty nine. There is an. Eloquence far more powerful than the eloquence of words. What a man. Is has more influence than what he says. The reason why Iraq was his message. Message was taken seriously by many or he. People had heard his message or wanting to hear his message was because he lived a very powerful life a life that was consistent with the message that he preached and I pray that we would live consistent lives. With the message that we preach or share with others Amen. I believe it was gone he who said these words. I. Like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so. Unlike your Christ. Beloved. Our life should match up with their profession. That's the point. If what we say is contradictory to how we live. Then people are not going to take it seriously. The reason why Iraq was able to stand boldly and preach with conviction. And he was he was there between them all to the multitudes of people. Was because he had lived a life. That was in connection with the life of Christ he lived a life that was faithful to the Lord. And because he lived a life that was faithful to lord. He was able to preach with power. And you knock. Also believed in what he preached. And it's true that he believes in what you preach because he's preaching about the Second Coming of Christ that there have been a time near his time right it even happened yet. But he still preached with conviction with the belief. So hey Jesus going to come back the second time. He preached. With a conviction in his. Hearts and beloved I pray that we would have the same faith and belief that Iraq had when it comes to the second coming of Christ. You know. If he can preach what so much. Earnestness with so much conviction with so much faith in his voice. If you can preach that Jesus Christ is coming soon. Shouldn't we had that same conviction. Should we be preaching with that much. What's the what's the word. Enthusiasm zeal. I mean we're so that they have it as a man as some of their of us not only do we believe in the Sabbath What we also believe in the second coming of Jesus. But do we truly believe that Jesus is coming soon. Do we really believe it's a limit I believe that if we really believe that Jesus is coming soon. Our life. Would testify of that fact. Now we look at the early church the. Avin movement. Right before the great disappointment. There were a group of individuals who believe with all their hearts that Jesus was coming back a second time you guys recall the story. They preached to the mill right message they preach that. THAT IN OCTOBER twenty two eighteen forty four that Jesus was to return. And let me ask you a question. How did they live their lives. They lived their lives. Getting ready. Isn't that true. Now. I'm not I'm not going to say that you should go and sell all that you have right now and. And you know just. Sacrifice everything. But we should really be praying. We should really be praying God. How is it that I can live my life. With a sense of urgency. How is it that I can live my life with. You know with all conviction that you are coming very soon because well other people are looking us we may preach that Jesus coming soon but when they look at the church. Do they see the urgency in our lives. And so it is my sincere prayer that if we truly believe in the message the second Abbott message that Jesus Christ is coming soon. Then we should live like. Living a life. Of urgency in it. Because if we truly believe Jesus coming soon that we should be preparing for that and telling as many people as possible. Of that truth. Like you turn a Bible to me to Revelation Chapter fourteen. Revelation Chapter fourteen this will be our last passage here. Revelation Chapter fourteen. And I want you to notice what it says in verses one through five. And as your turning there. We have seen here. As we look at the life of Iraq. How is that he walk with God. How is it that he had a life. A testimony that he please God. There are three three points. Number one. He sought after the will of the Lord. Number two. He considered prayer to be the breath of his soul and number three. He witnessed to all. He came in contact with. That is how enough was able to have this life of commitment. This is how. Enough was able to walk with God. And this is now enough was able to talk with God. This is how innot was able to have a experience. Unique. Than any other. Is because he had followed these three things. With all of his heart he sought the will of God. He prayed earnestly to the God of heaven. Believing that he is the present God. And the witness to all that he came in contact with not just the fights. But he witness. To everyone for elation chapter fourteen. Revelation Chapter fourteen is they just there is a description here of a group called one hundred forty four thousand. And beloved one hundred forty four thousand is a group of people that you could be a part of as well. This is a group of people if you study out who they are. These are those who will live through the seven plagues. These are those who will see Jesus come. These are those who will be translated to heaven without seeing death and that. How many you want to be like. You know. I do. You can be a part of that group of people. I don't want to save one hundred forty four thousand. Only. I got says that literal number. But there is going to be a group of people who will be saved. Who'll be translated. To heaven and I want you to notice how the Bible describes this group of people. The Bible says and I looked and lo it lands do it on the Mount Syon who's the lamb by the way. The Lamb is Jesus and with him one hundred forty four thousand. Having his father's name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters. As the voice of great thunder. And I heard the voice of Harper's heart being with their hearts. Verse three and they sung as it were a new song before the throne. And before the four beasts and elders. And no man could learn that song but one hundred forty four thousand which redeemed from the earth. And knows the characteristics of these men and woman verse four says. These are they. Which were not defiled. With Women. For they are virgins. These are they and I love this. Which follow the words. Follow the lamb with their soever he goes. These were deemed from among men being the first fruits to God into the land now we don't have time to talk about because one by one. But there is one characteristic that I will like you to focus in on. And that is they follow the lamb. How everywhere. With their so ever. He go if you believe it I believe that's really what did he only went to the places that Jesus would go to in not walk with God. Because he wanted to follow God. He wanted to follow Jesus. Every step of the way. And my prayer for each and every one of us. Is that we would have that same desire in our hearts. There were that we will wake up in the morning and we in our imaginations we would look for Jesus. And we would follow Jesus wherever he goes and practically speaking in order for us to follow Jesus. We need to seek after his will in men. In order to follow his footsteps. Following Jesus is not this vision or trance like. Experience. Following Jesus is following his will. And if you can do that and have a prayer life like that it. And if you could lead your life not for yourselves before others. You too. Could walk with God. This. Media was brought to you by audio for years. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Please visit. W.W.W. audio. Dot org.


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