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3. Training Your Children to be Good Workers

Daniel LaFlair


Daniel LaFlair discusses the importance of teaching children how to work in a productive manner. LaFlair also discusses the importance of including children in our work.



  • June 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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I want to mention again that there's a wealth of resources at AM empresse dot info that's M M P R E S S dot info. That's Bob Jorgensen's website. Bob did a lot of stuff. On medical missionary. You can find information there you can find it on true education. You can also find on homeschooling and he also did a lot. With medical there are people in the medical field. Who are also familiar with one of the things that he was working on. And I know it's made an impact. In my family. IS I. It's he's. He has a CD available. I would encourage you. There's a doctor who came in did some presentations and Bob made a video of that and you'd be amazed at the research that's coming from iodine. And some of the deficiencies. I guess. Because I don't have much time if you want to see me. I can share more on that a little bit later. But I. I have a lot to cover. Also. For anyone who is not here and I'm hoping that you know more material. Will be available at pattern education Dato R.G.P. pattern education. They are the sponsors of this true education symposium. So we're looking forward to that site. You know obviously as more happens. Adding more and more material to it. So am empresse dot info. And pattern Education dot. To good. Resources. One third web site is mentioned before I'm part of an Adventist I started administering a cultural association and. Not right now but pretty soon we hope. I have some material up there regarding. Agriculture and farming. And that's at Adventist EGD dot org. Adventist. Egg. Eiji dot org And. It'll have information. Up there pretty soon about the upcoming conference we're having in Texas. That's pray Father we ask you to fill our minds. With your words. And your wisdom. Amen. Let me ask you this question what was Jesus's occupation. CARPENTER. OK. How many carpentry stories did Jesus use as an analogy. When he was giving these parables are lessons to people that he traveled around. How many. Carpentry. Exactly one. The wise and foolish man who built a house. On the sand or the rock. Outside of that. How many other carpentry examples to Jesus use. Where did Jesus go when he was using. Parables and examples. Where did he go. Isn't that fascinating. Now let me ask you guys. When you are doing something when you're referencing something do not refer back to what you know. Do you not refer back to your occupation. Something that you worked with day in and day out. Why would Jesus go. More than anything else. To nature. We'll learn about that. Even the Levites in Israel are. Participated in agriculture. Bob Jorgensen ones. Made an observation I remember him sharing this with me that he felt that Jesus was personally involved in agriculture. The way that he spoke about it. The analogies that he used. There's no way that someone could just get up and speak about it without having experience in it. Every family somehow in the in Israel was involved in agriculture. Another observation. Actually I'll skip that. No line as as as I come to understand agriculture more and more. As I speak to more people who are involved. Now this is coming from someone who comes from business. This is coming from someone who wasn't raised on a farm. This is coming from someone who didn't know what to do with. You know soil balancing and all of that microorganisms. It was beneath me. Not because I felt that people were less than me but it was something that I didn't want my hands dirty. I went to school. I share that. This in a sermon. A while back. My wife and I went to school we were told to get a good education. A good education. To get a good job. To make a lot of money. To meet your spouse. To buy a nice car. Live in a nice house. Right. You get an education. A good education. To make a lot of money. To meet the good looking. Spouse to buy a nice car and live in a house. So that you don't have to do all these remedial things. Therefore when I go. Well after I got married. I didn't know how to fix a car. I didn't know how to build a cabinet. I didn't know what tools were I didn't even know I owned a screwdriver. Maybe a wrench and. I knew. How to unscrew screw and that's pretty much it. Outside of that. I was useless. So more and more as I look at agriculture. Many have said the same thing that there is no line. Of activity including preaching. I submit to you that teaches us much as much as much about God's character. As much as agriculture. I remember a couple years ago I was thinking about this. And I was thinking about you know. New Start. What is that what's the acronym you start stand for. I know. I want to see if you guys know what does it stand for nutrition exercise water. Sunshine. Drought. Not yet. Temperance. Air rest. Trust in divine power. Which we know is God right. So let me ask you this. What other profession. Out there. Allows you to observe all eight of those laws. What other. Occupation. To a certain extent. I'm sorry. Can resume. Canvassing. Canvassing is pretty close I'll have to think about that on your outside all day inside reading Steyer stale air. You're getting sunlight there's a lot of research that's coming out. I just read some research and I believe it came out of Wildwood and the. People from Wildwood can help me. It's talking about vitamin D. absorbing and how they're noticing that people up north who have shorter periods of daylight. Are more susceptible to cancer than those in the southern hemisphere. Even if you're less active. Outside. You're still less susceptible to various cancers because there's more. Possibility for exposure to sunlight. Down south. Than up north and kind of summarizing it. It's very good I believe. You could probably find it while Wood's website. But if your part. If you receive their newsletter. I'm remembering now. It came out with that I don't recall who said that to you anybody from Wildwood know what I'm talking about. Now. And it talked about most people are concerned about getting cancer. Sunlight doesn't give you cancer. It's burning sun burn. That gives you cancer. So what you do is you slowly expose yourself to the sun. So that you can start to develop a protection. A layer of protection from that Sun. The research just coming out is showing that more people spend. They spend more energy on trying to prevent one type of cancer. But they're finding out that exposure to sunlight in the vitamin D. that you're obtaining from that is able to cure and I'm not going to remember these numbers. I believe it's seven different cancers I might be wrong in that. I would refer you to Wildwood on that. So you spend more energy trying to avoid one type of cancer. When the benefit of the very thing you're trying to avoid. Will help you. And prevent you from getting seven different types of cancer. Think about that her second. Bob always said this. And I have come to believe it. And I believe in the Garden of Eden. That God established two gardens. He established a garden. In the Garden of Eden. And the second garden. Was in your heart. The heart's garden. The outward garden. Was to was an object. And a lesson to that. Inward garden. What happened in one. Also happened in the other. As you broke up that fellow ground that hard ground. You noticed it taught two simple lessons. Of what you needed to do to that. Inward heart. As you struggled with that sin or that temptation. I tell my children all the time and they know this. You know. And I was sharing this with someone the other day. You have these weeds and they know very well. You have a tiny little weed. And if you get out there and is growing up around your tomato plants you get grab a hole. And you start hauling around that tomato plant. It'll get rid of those weeds in there nice and easy. But if you leave those weeds for a couple weeks. What happens. Those weeds grow. And then what. What you don't understand is as tall as they are the roots might be even taller and I was sharing with someone. We had a field a few years ago. That was just riddled riddled. Planted potatoes and I planted corn. In that field. And it was just full of weeds. And in the process of weeding I learned a lesson I actually sprained my wrist. I remember telling my mom this and she laughed and she thought what. And so my mom came for a visit and she got out there and she decided she was going to help me and I she was pulling those weeds. She realized real quick. Those roots. Were deep and to pull them out you had to exert energy. So I tell my children all the time. It's easier to deal with that scene. When it's a tiny little weed. In your heart than it is to wait and cultivate it know allow it to grow and grow and grow and it gets rooted in there and then what happens as it matures. It develops seeds. The seeds fall and then all of a sudden you have more weeds. That you're dealing with that one weed multiplies into many. Just like. One sin. Can multiply into many no other. Occupation. Can you see those. Glimpses of the character of God. Working in you. Working in the outward garden in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were to daily experience. What they how they were to work in conjunction with God. God told them. Curse it. Is the ground for thy sake. Think about that. Curse it is the ground for your sake. I'm cursing the ground. But you going to keep working on it. And it's for your sake. God knew the character of man he knew what man. Needed to do to restore that heart. His garden. His heart garden. That character back to the Denecke. Model. And the book education. Actually in let me back up. I've read this quote a couple times in this really has become my theme because I really want to solidify it into your mind's. Education to seventy one with such an army of workers as. Our use. What is that our use not their use not somebody else's youth. Our youth. Rightly trained. My furnished how soon the message. Of a crucified risen. And soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world. Not part of the world. The whole world. Whole world. How soon might the end come. Is this what we want. Do we want this world to last much longer. Or do we want to hurry. The coming of our Savior. What is our mission. House to might the end. Come. The end of suffering and sorrow in sin. How soon. In a place of possession here. With its blight of sin and pain our children might receive their inheritance where the righteous. Shall inherit the land. And dwell there in forever where the end happened didn't. Shall not say I am sick. And the voice of the weeping. Shall be no more heard. Isn't that wonderful. Let's get busy. Let's take action on this. Stop. I've decided. You know. As I've said I'm not Bob Jorgensen. YOU SOME. Somebody asked me about the presentation this afternoon. I wish I could get up here and give that. I don't have his mind I don't have his intellect I don't have the years of information that he was able to achieve. And. So I can only present to you from what I've learned. My own experiences. Education Page twenty two the laws and operations of nature and the great principles of truth. That govern the spiritual universe were open to their minds. By the infinite author of all. We're talking about we're going back to Adam unease in the light of knowledge of the glory of God. They're mental. There it is again. Their spiritual powers were developed. And they realized the highest pleasures of the Holy. Of their holy existence. They received the mental. They receive the physical. And they receive the spiritual. What does the word study mean does anybody know any of your professors and pick on you what does the word study mean. Oh yeah. The word study really if you look at it. And you really get to it's it's it's not it's. It's true definition. It's really it's a school. The word study really is a school and learning. There is what what's. What takes place in a school. Learning. I said it. Learning is taking place as well as. Something else. So there's a learnt. For someone learning what else is taking place. Teaching. So learning and teaching are taking place simultaneously. In this school right. Nature. And I want to propose to you in it this is not anything controversial or drastic. Did Adam and Eve have a Bible. How can they learn about God. Without a Bible. Without it and we're not talking about the part where he's coming in talking with them daily. We're talking about before God gets there how or Adam and Eve learning about God. I want to present something to you for thought. And we're going to explore this. A little bit. Nature was actually the first book. The Bible is a second believe it or not because people fail to remember yesterday we talked about. After the people. The Israelites came out of Egypt. The things they should have known. They didn't so God had to give them. What we talked about this yesterday. Ten Commandments and. Because they didn't fall into the Ten Commandments and what did he have to do. He had to expand on it and give them what. The Mosaic laws. Because of their failure. Because of them trying to build a relationship with God God had to give them the ten commandments. After he gave them that they still failed to learn. Of it and ten simple principles. That's not hard. But they still failed. And because of that he had to give them more. Fast forward to us administers. What did God give us. The Bible. And this is why it is clear and this. Because of our failure. He had to send her. Because of our neglect. In studying him and. Digging into his word he had to send her. That's a second time he's had to do that so nature. Was actually the first book the original text book the Bible came along because we forgot how to study nature. We forgot how to look for the creator. In his creation. The Garden of Eden was a representation of the whole. What the whole earth was supposed to be. There was development to be done. Making making it. Become even better. Term with me somebody find it when you find it. Go ahead and read it Ecclesiastes these nine five you should know this. But that's OK let's find Ecclesiastes these nine five. When somebody finds it go ahead and read it. Ecclesiastes sees nine five. OK. Now we know. This is talking about a literal death. And literally people who have passed away. But let me ask you this question. Can you be dead but yet still be alive. I'm not going to answer that I'll let you guys. Think about that. I know what I believe. Now let's turn that around we just read. Ecclesiastes nine five. Right now let's switch around and go to equally. Clichy Estes. Five nine somebody find that and read it. Ecclesiastes five nine. Did you catch that. What is that last part. The king himself is served by the field. Adam was the first king. This world ever saw and. He had dominion over all. He was to serve the earth. The entire earth. Jesus came. Not to be ministered to. But why did Jesus come to do. To minister to redeem us back to what we were called to do. Right. OK. They could have. They would established. More gardening. They they were sorry. They were to a missing I think a skipped over something and looking for it. Well OK the second part of education as it. Page twenty two as it came from the creator's hand not only the Garden of Eden but the whole earth was exceedingly beautiful. No taint of sin or shadow of death marred the fair creation God's glory covered the heavens and the earth was full of his praise. The morning star saying together and all the sons of God. Shouted for joy. Dust. Was the Earth to fit. US was the earth a fit emblem of him. Who was abundant in goodness. And truth. A fit study for those who were made in His image. The Garden of Eden was a representation of what God Listen to this. Of what God. Desired the whole earth to become and it was his purpose. Not. Anybody else. His purpose. That as the human family increased in numbers. They should establish. Other homes and schools. I just lost my spot apologize. Homes and schools. Like the one he had given. Now where did he give it. Thus in course of time the whole Earth might be occupied with homes and schools where the words. And works of God should be studied and where the student should thus be fitted more and more fully. To reflect throughout the. Angeles ages. The light. Of knowledge of His glory. What is God's glory. His character. They would establish more and more gardening schools. If you read. Galatians three and I believe it's Romans three I was looking for that we're all called heirs of such a. Abraham and. We're all because of that. Spiritual Israel are we not we believe this. The garden was a school. What was the textbook nature. Jesus use this as his lesson book and. Redeeming. These people while on earth. He always pointed them back to nature he took them back to the simple things. The same institution the theme. It did two things. They lived in it. And it was their instruction. This was the original purpose. You live in it. And it was to be used as your instruction. Your education. The entire family. Where the students. This whole institution was established. Priests in doing that. Doing these things would be more fitted to reflect God's glory. Which we know is his character. Than anything else. This is what is stablished in the garden. Now I want to digress here for a second when I talk God always has the best plan for us. I believe this with all of my heart. But God is so loving and he so gracious. That we do real God many times. And God says OK. You've deviated so I'm going to work with you here. Ideally this is where I want to. But this is where we're at so I'm going to work with you. And then many times we do real god gods. The original. Establishment. The home. Was to be disc the school. They were not supposed to be institutions. It was not supposed to happen. But in reality were marred by sin. We have single mothers we have single fathers we have a society. And we need. This is not to bash. Any other. Type of institution. Or any other product out there. What. This is to do. In reality is to call them back and help them. To get as close to that original that God established as much as possible. So what we're going to do right now is I'm going to stop I'm going to ask you all to stand up. You have the unfortunate thing of coming after lunch. And I know what that does to your brain. I want you to turn around and say hi to the person behind you. And then I want to. I want to turn to the person on your right. The person to your left. And then the person in front of you and I want you to stretch and stretch to a few more seconds. Take deep breaths. OK. Go and have a seat. I got a lot to cover. Now and continue. This ideal plan that God set up. Was that agricultural practices would perfect. The character to more fully. Reflect his character. The ideal plan that God set up was that egg recall. What perfect the character more fully. What did I say I don't know what I said. OK I have abbreviated notes. The ideal plan got set up was that agricultural practices. Were perfect the character to more fully reflect God's character. I'm not sure what I said or how I said it exactly. Councils to parents teachers and students page three eleven. Students should be given a practical education. In agriculture. This will be in estimable. Valuable. Value. To many in their future work to do here that their future work. It doesn't mean you have to remain there. You don't have to go to the drastic extreme. Of what I did. And I went into it. Because as a youth I missed. All of those opportunities. But it's saying. What this is going to do is prepare you for your future work. Whatever God has designed that to be. The training to be obtain in fell in trees and tilling the soil as well as. Literary lines is the education that our youth. Should see. To obtain. Agricultural open. Resources for self-support. All their lines of work. Adapted to different students may be may also be carried. It On. But the cultivation here this the cultivation of the land. Will bring a special blessing. To the workers. It's not just saying teachers did you hear that. To the workers. We should so train the youth that they will live. They would love to engage in the cultivation of the soil. Students are to be given practical education and culture I can tell you this. My children are not just learning to use a home. My son has a passion for learning how to do engines. It opens the mind it's. It expands. You can learn carpentry work. You can learn how to repair a metal. One of the things that he wants to learn and I want to learn and. I don't know. The first thing about it is welding. It opens the mine in the imagination you just don't stay where you're at. It's an avenue to so much more to do hair. It's a blessing for your future work to come. There's an interesting connection to the hands and the brain. In what happens there learning that what happens while. With what the hand does is teaching the brain there was a study that was done and that was trying to find it. And I couldn't remember. But you can Google it I'm sure and look up research done with. Coordination of the hand. We know with piano. And I heard a lecture on this one time. That when you start. I don't I'll tell you right now I don't play piano. So if you ask me to go play something from Beethoven. Could I start on these piano and start playing it on less God performs a miracle I'll tell you this right now it's not going to happen. So what is it. My son. If I gave my son. A piece from Beethoven you may have to practice. A little bit but. Pretty sure he could play it. But what enabled him to get to that level. And I can't do the same thing that he's doing. And he's just doing it with his hands. I have hands on myself do I not. As he worked with those hands. He was programming. Parts of his brain and. Which was it was programming. In teaching the brain to work with those hands. So that they knew where those fingers need to go when they needed to go and. It. Craned. That when the brain saw a certain note. That would reflect without him having to even think about it. That finger. In that position would come down and he hit that note and he could go on and play play something from Bach. My brain has not been programmed. I've never I've not taken the time to sit there and do that in program. There's just one. Connection of how the hands. Can train the brain. And they can work together. The same word in Genesis two. Verse eight where it talks about Adam and Eve were asked to till someone. Actually they've been many studies on this and. I will take their word we were talking about authority. This is one place. Where I'm accepting authority on this. Because I've heard it too many times. And I have done it in the road the research myself so I have been able to. But the word also means. Serve. So when God told Adam and Eve to go until the garden. He was telling them to go and serve. Now again we talked about this a little bit yesterday in the day before. What were they serving what's in the soil. Microbe. Go and serve. The soil. Education to twenty one to two. Actually. Sorry I just realized counsel to parents and teachers and students I didn't finish. There should be open to the youth means whereby many while attending school. Learn the trade of carpentry. Under the guidance of an experienced some we were talking earlier. Experience matters. Under an experienced workman carpenters who are apt to teach patient care are the qualifications. They're apt capable. Excuse me patient and kind. The use should be taught how to build substantially. And economically. Cottages and other buildings. So essential to the various lines of school work are to be erected by the students themselves. These building should not be crowded. Close together. Or built near the school buildings. Proper. In the management of the school work small companies should be formed. Who should be taught to carry a full sense of responsibility. All these things cannot be accomplished at once. But we can begin to work in faith. You know what that teaches us. It teaches us. Even. What I'm doing everything that I want to do I can't do it once. I can't get up here and give you a ten hour sermon because I would lose you step by step by step. Isn't that how God works in our own lives. He never forces us. He never dumb son us. He gives us. As we're able to receive. With with a practical train. Students will be prepared to fill. Useful positions in many places. To do here that. If the opening. Providence of God. It because if. In the opening providence of God it becomes necessary. To erect a meeting house in some locality. The Lord is pleased. If there are among his. All in not hiring somebody from outside. From those. Among his own people. Those whom he has given wisdom and skill to perform. The necessary work. How many of our institutions. Could benefit. If we as parents sent them. Capel capable. Able bodies. To help them. Erect buildings. To help them build foundations. To help them well together something. How many of our institutions today. Are hurting and failing because we as parents didn't do our job. Jobs education to twenty one and to twenty two. The Minister. The missionary the teacher will find their influence with people. Greatly increased when it is manifest. That they possess. The knowledge and skill required for the practical duties. Of every life. My wife. When and I when we got married we barely knew how to do anything thing. The Lord. We've come a long way and we've learned so much more. The the idea was we were not. To stay where we were. And often the success. Perhaps the very life. Of the missionary depends on his knowledge of practical things. The ability to prepare food. Again let's think of these institutions. Many of them don't even have. Capable. Kitchen help. They can prepare food. They don't know what to do with raw produce. True story. The. No two individuals who are trying to work with the market we have across the street. And because the. They were organic they were not using any chemical sprays. Actually let me back up. Let's say with a kitchen hair this actually happened. The kitchen when they deliver the produce a purchase that ahead of time. When they deliver the produce. The chef looked at it. The lettuce had a hole in. We can't use that he said why. It has a hole in it. Hole in it. He says well. But taste it. It's healthier. There's no more nutritious. There are no sprays in no chemicals on that. I'm sorry we can't use it. He rejected it and said we're not buying from you anymore. How many of our institutions. Can we as parents. If we were to send them discerning hearts and minds. Who would know that just because a leaf. Has a hole in it because somebody's got a hold of it before you got the bug. But that this organic let head of lettuce that I'm going to eat is much more. Far more nutritious than this store bought G.M.O. stuff that I'm going to put into my body which once. Once is consumed my body doesn't even know what to do with it. It so hard to recognize whether it's even food. The ability to Perth. Care food to deal with accidents and emergencies to treat disease. To build a house or church. If need be. Often these make all the difference between a success and failure. In his life work. In acquiring in education many students would gain a most valuable training if they would become self-sustaining. Instead of incurring debts. I heard somebody in Hare say. They're covered under. School debt. My sister is covered. And she's carrying all of this massive school debt. That. It's like a. It's like a chain. And a heavy weight on her back. If they would become self-sustaining. Instead of incurring debts or depending on the self-denial of their parents. Let young men and young women depend on themselves. How can they depend on themselves. If we haven't even trained them to be independent. Or give them the abilities to be independent. They will thus learn the value of money. The value of time strength and opportunities. And will be under far less temptation to indulge. Idle and spendthrift habits. The lessons of economy industry self-denial practical business management and steadfastness of. Purpose. Thus mastered would prove a most important part of their equipment for the battle. To do here that the words she chose there. The battle of life. And the lesson. Of self-help learned by the student. Would go far. Toward preserving in institutions of learning from the burden of debt. Under which so many schools. Have struggled and which has done so much toward. Crippling their usefulness. Our institutions don't need money. Money. Cripples them. They don't need donations. They need capable. Learned. Intelligent. Students who are willing to work. They don't need to check. I guarantee that if we did more of that there would be less suffering in our institutions. More would be accomplished. Because they would have able bodies. And willing hearts. All. Literary training. Is only part of education. We must not take what we would take. As higher education in this world called higher education into our schools. Now let me ask you what does the word liberal arts mean. What does the word liberal arts mean. You stole my thunder. Liberal arts comes from a Latin word. Which means to liberate. Well if liberal arts is liberating what are we liberating from Think about that really. We're teaching children a liberal arts. Which means to liberate. So if we're teaching them to liberate what. What is it that we're liberating them from and I had to think about that first second. Art is what I wrote this down because I wanted to get this right. Art is what you engage in. For leisure. OK so you have your liberated from something. Towards art. If someone else does the growing. Someone else does the building etc so on and so forth. You can engage in your leisure time. That's where the term comes from. You get paid without getting your hands dirty. You're liberated from work or sending our children to school to be liberated from work. You cation does not teach them how to get out of. Disagreeable tasks. Instead it teaches them to enjoy it. One Teach One education teachers how I can serve myself. While the other one teaches me. Can serve others. What is the purpose of your training right now with your children. What are you trying to accomplish. Who are you teaching them to serve. Self or others. Are you liberating them from work. Six testimony page. Actually wanted to finish. Education Page two twenty one I apologize if you let the youth be impressed with the thought that education is not to teach them how to escape. Life's disagreeable tasks. And heavy burdens. That its purpose is to lighten the work by teaching. Better methods. And higher aims if you get that. It's not teaching them just dirty work. But it's teaching them how to strive to do it better. And to come up with more creative ways of doing it. Not to be lazy. But just to do it better. Teach them that life's true. Aim is not to secure the greatest possible game. For themselves but to honor their maker in doing their part of the world's work. And lending a helpful. Hand to those weaker and more ignorant. One great reason why physical toil is looked down on is because it's done. Is the slipshod unthinking way in which. It is so often performed. It is done from necessity. Not from choice. I can speak to that for sure. Many things have happened from experience and many things have happened. And I've had to do it because I've had to in the Ceci. I wish. All I wish there were so many things that I was taught younger than I could use. To do it now. Instead I have to go and pay someone else. Stand in there spending the money. The whole time thinking. I wish I knew how to do that by whole thinking. Has Changed no longer do I want to sit and office with. Air condition. Pushing a pencil. Telling people what to do. Some of them. Miles and miles away that I'll never ever see them. That is no longer desire of mine. Manual training should correct this error. I'm sorry. The worker puts no heart into it. And he. Neither preserve self respect no wins the respect of others. Manual training. Should correct this error. It should help develop habits of accuracy. Did you hear that. It's not slipshod and. Thoroughness P.P. People should learn tact and system. They should learn to economize time. Meaning. Not waste time. Get things done effectively and efficiently. And to make every move count. God doesn't want mere Madonnas who just basically. Performs on an assembly line. He wants. Thinkers. He wants. Intelligent beings who are capable. But not afraid to do. Manual work. Six testimony I'm sorry should have given you that. Page one seventy two one seventy nine. People should learn. Tact and system. They should learn to economize time and to make every move count. They should not only be taught the best methods but. Be inspired with ambition constantly to improve. Let it be their aim to make their work. As neatly perfect. As human brains and hands can make it. If you're out in the garden. And you're forming your roles. You know I've told. Taught my children that were out there we want beauty. Just because of your farmer I had this concept as a young. I remember at Academy I went to the academy and the farmers came in and I remember they stunk. And they were the. You know and they were the uncool kids. It's true. Ashamedly this is. This is the truth. We look down on them. You know the rest of us all we were readers of the teachers or we did something inside an office while the rest of them they'd come in from the farm and all those who had to milk the cows or clean the stalls they stunk that's. They were below us. That's wrong thinking. God wants. Orderliness. They're doing so I can tell you. Even though we had that in school. Something was wrong. The education was not in even so today. Even though. You have agriculture. Doesn't mean you have to education. You're doing it wrong. If the children are being looked down upon and they're the most on learned kid children in school. You're doing it wrong. If you're doing true education. These kids are going to be the most enlightened. They're going to be the wisest. They're going to be the neatest. The most diligent. And the most caring. Let it be there to make their work as neatly. Perfect. Did you hear that. As human brains and hands can make it. I want to head a little bit. Through was another part that was to say. Just rewrite it. Back to Education Page two twenty one to two twenty two let the youth be impressed with the thought that education is not to teach them how to escape. Life's disagreeable tasks I didn't finish this. And heavy burdens that it's purpose is to lighten the work by teaching better methods and higher aims. Teach them that life's true. Aim is not to secure. That was the part I wanted. To do but to honor their maker in doing their part of the world's work and lending a helpful hand. To those weaker. Or more ignorant. I'm sorry that's not the one. One great reason why physical toils look down on is the. Slipshod. I'll go on I can't find it. Here it is such training will make the youth masters and not slaves. Of labor. This is education to twenty one to twenty two. It will lighten. A lot of the hard. Toiler and will unknowable even the humblest occupation. He who regards work as mere drudgery. And settles down to it with self complacent. Ignorance. Making no effort to improve. Will find it. Indeed a burden. But those who recognize science in the humblest work. Will see its nobility and beauty. And will take pleasure in performing it with faithfulness and efficiency. A youth so train whatever his calling in life. Here this. No matter what his calling in life a use so train. So long as it is honest will make his position. One of usefulness. And honor. Think of all the positions think of all the things that. Is there on or in this world anymore. Seems like everybody is selfish out for themselves. Sixty page one seventy two one seventy nine continued. A return to simpler methods will be appreciated by the children and youth. I really like this quote and listen to this work in the garden and field will be agreeable. Will be an agreeable change. From the weary some routine. Of abstract. Lessons. This morning we had a lesson on you know getting them out in the garden and we were talking about a radish. Drop picture of a radish. Well if they're having to try to figure out what a radish looks like and they only saw it from a book. It's not real to them it's not tangible it's abstract. But if they've been in that garden and they've pulled that cart. That radish out of your yard. And picked it up in they felt it in they've smelled it and they did it. By children who picked Dad can I have one sure go right ahead. They know they can taste it. When you ask them to draw it. They have a whole different perspective. They see it. They feel it. They smell it they taste it. But if you say to someone who's never been on a farm. Draw a radish. They have to recall have ever seen a picture of a radish on the Internet or in a book. Is that real to them. It really does. It'll be an agreeable change from the weary some routine of abstract lessons to which the young mind should never be confined to the nervous child who finds lessons from to books. Exhausting and hard to remember it will be especially valuable. There is a health and happiness for him in the study of nature. And the impressions made will not fade out of his mind. For they will be associated with the. Objects that are continually before their eyes. It's real it's tangible. I was listening to something. I want to say last month. Everybody knows by now. Google right. What is Google. The world's largest collector of information. The you know website Google. After years and years of studying and researching Google was recruiting the best students from. Every university across the world. And Google started to learn something. And they started. And they figured it out pretty fast. Quicker actually than any other company. They figured out that these people that they're bringing into Google. Are the worst. Employees. So googled. Made an announcement which kind of. Sent. Ruffles to. You know. Business industry. We are no longer going to take the cream of the crop. As a matter of fact. We're actually going to start recruiting from high school. So someone asked. I don't know who it was the executive at Google. Why. It was. And he said they don't know anything. They've sat in classrooms. And they don't know anything. Now this is interesting this is a secular. What's wrong with us. God's people. When secular people are recognizing something that we can't even grasp. Google said. They don't know anything. They're hard to train. Yet they think they know everything. So Google says they don't know anything but they know everything. So Google says if we can get them out of high school we can teach in the program. We can teach them. We can open the world to them. And we can create better employees than will will ever. Recruit from any institution out there. Google. Also made a statement that. If they do hire. From the higher education institutions. They're going to get the students who've never had a job. No experience whatsoever. Again the question. Well why is that. Well. If we get them fresh out of school. We can mold them and shape them. Into what we need them to be. Because those who come in that have been working. Come in with baggage. Work in the soil is one of the best kinds of employment. Calling the muscles into action and. Resting the mind I remember it was yesterday I believe somebody said that they don't like exercising. And I was sitting there and a smile and I'm like. I get exercise every day. I don't have to pay a gym. I don't have to worry about it. Those additional expenses. I don't have to try to figure out what time today am I going to try to figure in where I'm going to work out to stay healthy. It calls into months. I'm sorry hit. It calls into. Calling the muscles into action and resting the mind. Study in agriculture this is still sixty one eighty one seventy two and seventy nine. Studying agriculture line should be the. A B. and C.. Of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work to do here that the very first. Work. That should be entered upon our schools should not depend on imported produce for grains and vegetables. And the fruit so essential to health. Our youth. Need an education in felling trees and tilling the soil as well as literary lines. Different teachers should be put. Appointed to oversee a number of students in their work. And should work with them. Did you hear that teachers. Work with them. Thus the teachers themselves. Will learn to carry responsibilities as a burden. Bearers. Proper students also should. Should in this way be educated to bear responsibilities. And to be laborers together with the teachers. All should. Console together as to the very best method of carrying on the work that they're doing. Can you imagine our schools doing that. We could change the world couldn't we still six testimony one hundred seventy nine time is too short. No in this was written when. Early one thousand nine hundred eighteen hundreds. She was saying Time was short then. Think about us. If time was short then where we. Time is too short now to accomplish that which might have been done in past generations. But even still in these days. We can do much to correct the existing evils. In the education of our youth. And because time is short we should be in earnest and we're. Zealously. To give the young an education. Consistent with our faith. We are reformers. You know. Our children should be educated to their own decide that once they finish home schooling at home. That when they're getting ready to go off to an institution. And they without our prodding. Look at the institution and say. Are they following. To education. And if they're not walk away. Rather than carrying debt and building up. All these expenses. That they'll. Most of them will carry the rest of their lives. Our children should be taught in educated. To reason. And make these decisions parents we. God gave them to us for a short time. To mold them. So that they can become free moral agents just as we are not that we caught them throughout life. That's hard to get by especially when you're a parent. But that is reality. Reality that is where God wants us. We're sending off. Useless. Children. To many institutions. And what are they being. What's happening. Someone else. Is filling their minds. With their theories. And their belief. Yet. They're wrong. I'm passionate about this. And because time is short we should be in earnest and work zealously. To give the youth an education consistent with our faith. If you believe it. Teach it. We are. Reformers I love that. We are reformers. You know I told the story many. Sermons I have to I just came to my head. There's just me not do it justice but I'll try to the story about this lady and. She recently got married and she has. She wouldn't have an associate as a ham. And she takes a ham. And she cuts the end off how many of you have heard the story before. Cuts the end off you've heard it. Both sides of the ham and she sticks in the pan. So her husband comes over and he's delighted this is their first meal together. They were not evidence but they're good Christians they didn't live together before they got married and. He says to her. Why did you cut the ends off of the hair. So she looks at him like I don't know. Mom always did. So she picks up the phone and she calls mom and he said Hey Mom. I was cooking a ham and you know just like you did I cut the end off. Both sides and I stuck it in my pan and. And then. My husband asked me you know. Why do you cut the ends off them. And her mom says. Oh I don't know nobody's asked me that she said call Grandma Grandma is the one they're talking. So she picked up the phone in she calls grandma and she's like grandma. I was making our first meal I cut the end off the ham. Just like mom did. You know both and stuck in the pan of my husband asked me why do you cut the ends of the Pam I call Mom I asked her she's like I don't know. That's how I always did that's how grandma taught me to do it. Why do. Why do we do it on the other end share Gramma laughing hysterically and Gramma Are you OK. What's going on so Grandma starts laughing she's like the reason we did that is when your mother was young we were poor and we didn't have a plan big enough to put the ham in so I cut the ends off the ham and second in the pan. And the mother saw that she never asked her why she was never taught why. She just kept doing the same thing over and over and over. And that's what we're doing. We're cutting the ends off the. Ham vegetarian him. And we don't know why we're doing it. Everybody else does it. Much can now be gained in this weight. In following this plan the students will realize. Elasticity of spirit. And vigor of thought. And in given time can accomplish more mentally. Then they could. By study. Alone. And thus they can leave the school with constitutions. Unimpaired. And with strength and courage to. Persevered. In any position where the providence of God may place them. Any position. Think about that. Any position. Wherever God leads them. Our Schools. Oh. What time did I start. Africa. And I go just a little bit longer. HUNT Do you guys mine. Turned out to take. Sorry. No I'm not going to for. You see. Back then. Let's get let's say five hundred years ago how did you eat. Did you go down to the local wal mart. How did you eat. And if you didn't grow anything what happened. I'm sorry I had so many answers coming at me once you start. Real simple. You don't grow it. You don't bake it you starve. Today. Where do you get your food. Village Market. Somebody find Proverbs twenty four verse twenty seven Proverbs twenty four twenty seven. And when you find that read that for me please. I'll try to be quick I'll try to go through this real quick. Proverbs twenty four verse twenty seven Go ahead whenever somebody has that. Why does it say. Do the garden first. And then why. So if you move to a piece of land we have a backwards don't we. If you move to a piece of land the very first work. Of your hand should be to prepare the food. I scribed and I want to say. With an institution. They have it backwards also build get prepare your food. Institutions want to be self-sufficient. You know. I have the business background I was sharing this before. The largest expense when you own a business is your employees. Regardless it's going to be. Employee salaries. But if you're a self-supporting institution. It's going to be food. Think about an institution that goes out and starts the. Food production. Before they even put the institution in. Home much money. Are they going to save. Granted you have the have the right people to prepare the food. You have to have the right people to work the garden. I realize that. But think. Ha much Avondale as an example. How much more efficient and self-sufficient would they be. Education to nineteen. As a relaxation from study occupations pursued in the open air and affording exercise. For the whole body. Are the most beneficial no line Listen to this quote. No line of manual training is of more value than agriculture and quote. Did you guys hear that. It doesn't mean you don't do anything else. That's not what I'm pushing That's not what I'm saying. And you see I said many things before this. That there's other things you learn in other things you can do. But we're talking about educating we're talking about training. No. Line of manual training is of more value. When agriculture. The teacher should be out in the field. The minister should be out in the field. The parent should be out in the field the student should be out in the field. Everybody. A greater effort should be made to create. And to encourage an interest in agricultural pursuits. Let the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about agriculture. That it was God's plan for a man. To till the earth. And that the first man the ruler of the entire world. Was given a garden to cultivate. Think about it. A King. What's your job. You're not to rule the nation. You're to till the ground. God's plan for man to till the earth that the first man the rule of the whole world was given the garden and a garden to cultivate and. That many of the world's greatest men did you hear this many of the world's greatest men its real nobility have been tillers of the soil. Show. The opportunities. In such a life. What was William Miller. Where did he start dreaming about the heavenly sanctuary or. The message of the twenty seven and twenty three twenty three hundred a prophecy. In the field. Show the opportunities in such a life the wise men ses the King himself sir. Is served by the feel of him who cultivate the soil in the book. The Bible declares his God doth instruct him. In discretion. And death teach him. Who so keep it the fig tree. Shall eat the fruit thereof. He who earns his livelihood by agriculture. Escapes many temptations and enjoys an cumbered privileges and. Blessings deny to those who work. Lies in great cities. And in these days of mammoth trusts and businesses. Competition there are few who enjoy. So real and independence. And so great a certainty of a fair return for their labor. As does the tiller of the soil. That's education page two nineteen. Someone once said. It was one of the oil tycoons I don't really remember I have to quote one of these days I'll google it and put a name with it but. If you control the oil. You go as a Carnegie. You control the nation's. Rockefeller. OK Somebody Rockefeller Carnegie. So if you control the oil you control the nations. If you control the food. You control the people. Are you dependent on someone else for your food. We know what that answer is yes. Are you dependent on someone else for your water. Where does your water come from. Are you dependent on someone else for your electricity. Are you dependent on someone else for your clothes. Are you dependent on someone else for the education. Of your children. Some nose and not on. Then how are you self-sufficient. Are you independent. What training did. For Joseph to go through the. Let me I start my know what training let me ask you this. To prepare Joseph to be the prime minister of a nation What training did he go through. What type of training did he go through. Prison Ministry. Moses went through training. I mean. Moses what. The what type of training did Moses go through to try to to lead a million people. Where did God take him. He had to go through. Did he go through Yale. Did you go to Harvard Princeton. A started there. And why did God do. Retrain him. To free him from everything he learned. David was a sheepherder. He was out in nature. Isaiah fifty five God's way is different from our way. Ended With this in one thousand No four. I was driving to the farm I think it had to be two years ago. I remember it was in July and I don't think it was last year. So I'm thinking I was a no no no sorry I'll get back to that. Dot dot dot. I'll get back tonight. I was in Iran in one thousand know for driving. No sorry I didn't finish that statement. I bought two years ago. I was driving. And I really am confident with that time frame. And it was in July. And I was listening to news. And they said that for the first time it was recorded that for the first time. More people lived in the city. Than anywhere else. Outside the city. And I thought wow that really woke me up because I felt that. That is a sign of the time. In one thousand know for eighty percent of the people in the world lived in the country. Eighty percent. Now today. More than eighty percent of the world's population live in cities. Can you believe that more than eighty percent. In one thousand and four No I come back to that in one thousand nine hundred four and a White was telling people to get out of the cities. And live in the country. No. Eighty percent of the world lived in the country and she was telling people to get out of the country. What is the matter with us. Why are we moving in. Why are we listening to our leaders I don't mean a rebellion. I'm asking you in your own hearts to wake up and listen to God. Why are we moving to the cities. Less than twenty percent. Live in the country. I found an interesting statistic there are more people working at Wal-Mart today than they. There are do in agriculture. There are more people in prison in America. Than are doing agriculture. Several years ago there was another statistic to release that. For the first time I think it was in two thousand and seven. America went from being a producing nation. To a consuming nation. Are you guys really prepared. And preparing your children for the time that's coming. Father in heaven thank you for this opportunity to share this. Burden on my heart. And I pray that you or. In your words alone. Speak to everybody's heart hair and nor do you convict them of what you want them to do. But Lord. With that conviction I pray. And I beg you call them to action. Help them to see and understand your words. And say Lord here I am. Send me this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about. 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