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2. Following True Education: Success, Failure, and the God Who is Faithful

Kari Montague


Kari discusses the trials, benefits, and process of establishing a true education school. She also shares how God was faithful through every step.



  • June 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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We are sustaining a terrible losses in every branch of the work through the neglect of home training. It was this that impressed upon our minds. The needs of schools. Were religious influence. Should predominate. If anything can be done. To counter act. The great evil. In the strength of. Jesus. We will do it. Here's a couple of. Run through them quickly. Christian experiences. And teachings of Ellen G. Why. Page two hundred ninety seven. The Lord directed our minds to the importance of the educational work. We saw the need of schools. That our children might receive instruction free from the errors the false philosophy. That their training might be in harmony with the principles of the Word of God. Another quote. Child Guidance three o seven. For ever there are a few Sabbath keepers the parents of the night. And providing a place for a day school where their children and youth can be instructed. They should employ a Christian teacher. Who is as a consecrated missionary educate the children in such a way as to leave them to become missionaries let. Teachers be employed. Who will give a thorough education of in the common branches. The Bible. Be Made. The Foundation. And the life of all study. I want to share with you some of my personal convictions. These their convictions from my heart. And I believe the writings of L. and Y. are inspired. I have a background in education. And because of that I was especially interested in to see what she had written. And in my heart I don't know if I can express it adequately. There's a sense of urgency that I want to see these principles implemented. And I want them. To be the success that I know they can be. Indeed we have precious light. Precious Life. Bible. All these books just the topic of education. There's so many. I I began with the quote Earl Sutherland. Books that he's written. I don't know probably. Many of you are familiar just let me ask. With the story of Earl. Sutherland and Percy McGann. God's beautiful farm. If you're not please raise your hand in OK. Well this. This story got to be a full farm. Tells the story. Of Earl. This. Pardon me. Excuse me. Yes. Earl Sutherland. Or add Edward southern excuse me I don't know what calling a rural. Excuse me Ed Sutherland. He was an early Adventist educator president of Battle Creek and of Walla Walla college. Contemporary of Ellen White. When you start first learning about these principles. He believed in them. So much so that he left his. Secure position. Came down south. Tennessee and began a school that implemented these principles the story is fascinating the story is very inspiring. At least for me it was. Did You Know That. Eleanor Roosevelt No knew about the schools that Earl Sutherland. Implemented. Persons from the government visit the school. This true education school. Nine hundred thirty nine S. not excuse me Maine one nine hundred thirty eight Here's a reprint Reader's Digest. Talking about the school. Very inspiring. Very fascinating. This is no surprise to me and think I'm just going to veer just a little bit. But think about this. Think about the health message that we were given. Seventh Day Adventist. Research shows that Seventh Day Adventists. Live seven years longer than the average population. Article and National Geographic. So we know this precious light. That we're giving. Given to us the church. Works. Now the question that I ask. I ask myself why I ask you. We have this light. Either we believe it or we do not. And either. We're going to do something with it or we're not. So that's the sense of urgency. In my convictions. In two thousand and seven. An opportunity arose at my church for me to start a school. Well was it me actually was a group of us. It was a group of us. Which ran for about two and a half years. I make it into that a little bit later for just lack of time I'm just going to tie these two together. Which something that convicted me even more. When the school closed. There was a time period that I just gave up. I went back to the public school started working there. And in the fall of two thousand and twelve. A friend called me now this girl her name is Crystal. She knew about the school and visited it. Back when it was an operation I'm talking about the school in Benton. And now she graduated from Southern. She's now a teacher and. One of our seventh day adventists cools and quarter. Well back in two thousand and twelve. She called me and she said. Carrie. When you going to reopen the pattern in my school. And I was taken by surprise that. Crystal I. I haven't thought about that I'm not I don't have plans for the head. And that ended up an exchange going back and forth. And I told. Crystal. Back then two thousand and seven. Brand new facility. Building. I had land two plots of land for gardening one right by the school. And another place. I had a bunch of support. Now what do I have. I have my house. I don't really have money to do this. But she kept urging me. And then she finally said we just went back and forth. Debating. And she said. Well what you do this. Will you just pray about it. And I said OK Crystal. I will. I will. And so that week. I got on my knees. And I seriously prayed. And I know I believe God talked to me I can't go into there's many things I could tell you. But I did know how it was going to work. But I got from my knees and I just said lord. I believe you're telling me to do this. I will. Neither question. But I had to wrestle with. Is it legal to start a true education school in my state well. I knew that it was because of what happened. At the school and BET can in two thousand and seven. We met with the super tenet of South East. County Superintendent of Schools southeast County. He met with us. We told him what we were going to do and I'll never forget what he said we were at the. Lifestyle center where the school is located. And he said. I grew up. I'm one of eleven children I grew up on a farm. I know. What good experience this is for children. I'll help you. And so I knew we could do that and we did. Under what's called a Category four school there's of nonpublic. Non-public school approval process in the state of Tennessee. There are seven categories. And back in two thousand and seven. We were under. Category five which is. Church related schools. And there's more to that they don't have time to go into that. So I knew that. Yes you can. That way. But now again. I tell you my situation is different now all I have is my house. And so I was wondering. Can I have a school in my house. They didn't seeing like that was possible. My thinking state regulations. OK. Each state has different requirements for running a private school I kind of looked into Georgia we looked into the state of Oregon. And incidentally. Their requirements. Are less strict than. Tennessee. And if I have the information. Know where I put my head up here but I will if anybody's interested. I have it back there. So if you're interested there's a website that has the summary of the regulations for each state if you want to leave that up for for you. You can check it out. Next thing I did was. I went to the Tennessee Department of Education website. And the first area I looked at was the home school laws in the state of Tennessee. And the reason I was doing that was because I really didn't want to go through the state. Didn't think that they would accept something like this. And then I was afraid that. That would hamper. What I was the type of education I was trying to do. And when I looked into the homeschool regulations at that time. As a non. Parent of a student or a legal guardian. As an outside person. I could not have a school with homeschoolers. Could not do that I could. Tutor them. For a portion of time each day if they needed help in a certain subject I could do that but I couldn't have a school no home school school. So I thought all. OK can't do that. So then I started looking well. I know I couldn't do the category for school that I had done before. Because I'm independent I'm not really church related. Other than I'm a Seventh Day Adventist So there's something. Category Five schools. Nonpublic schools. I looked into that. I said. Oh yes. This may work thank the Lord. So I started pursuing Category five status. Now Category five schools are not accredited. But they must follow regulations. Established by the state. I could develop my own curriculum. Which was what I want to. Now. Another thing I want to say is another thing that I was very concerned about was and has attempt to ask. I communicated with. Marcia Tidwell. She is the director of non public schools in the state of Tennessee. And I told her I wanted to begin a Category five school and. Then I was afraid to ask the next question. And I hesitated for. I don't know how long before I would send the email. Because I was afraid I would get rejected. But. I had to because that's only I had had to move forward. So I finally sent the dreaded team that I'd like to begin to try to apply for a Category five school. Is it possible to have a school in my home. In the answer came back. Yes. Sometimes you know reduced. Reduced afraid to loose I am. To proceed thinking there's no way. They're. There was so. The next question I asked. Works and I locate the school. I want to share this is a very important. I told you about two thousand and seven a school in Benton. There was an adequate piece of land that we could use for agricultural purposes it was beautiful. It really was a very exciting time in my life. And also. One of a bittersweet bitter experience. But anyway. This is the council that we're given. The ideal location for educating young people is in the country with a large parcel of land. We should choose a location for our school apart from the cities where the eye will not rest continually upon the dwellings of man. But upon the works of God. Fundamentals of Christian Education Page three twenty. Let your schools be established away from the cities were. Agricultural and other industries can be carried on. Manuscript releases Volume twenty one. Page three twenty. Well. Remember my situation where I am where am I I'm a college Dale I'm in a sir. Suburb of college to sever regular home. I don't have a lot of land. But that's what I had God told me. As I told you I believed. To do this. I decided I just need to move forward and trusting that somehow. In the process of time. Land would be located. Whether it was trying to sell our home to try to move and that's another story that's still on the ongoing now. As we speak. I want to read this quote I just felt. This Use what you have. Use what you have and distrust the Lord. The means in our possession may not seem to be sufficient for the work. But if we will move forward in faith believing in the all sufficient power of God. Abundant resources were opened up before us. If the word. Be of God. He himself will provide the means for its accomplishment. He will reward. Honest. Simple reliance upon him. If we go to the source of all strength. With our hands of faith outstretched to receive. We shall be sustained in our work. Even under the most for bidding circumstances. And shall be unable to give others the bread of life. I gave me hope. The desire of a just paid three seventy one. Next question OK. Here I am. I'm going to move forward. How do I get students. Are going to sure. And my situation is what works for me. Well. Some of you in this room know me and know me well enough that when I'm excited about something. I tell everybody. And also the first thing I did I remember after that week. I went to church. And I don't know if. Our pastor's wife Teresa was in the audience will remember this. But I said that who has to go for the school I don't know if you remember that. But I just said that. And that's what happened and I want to interject something here. I said that I was excited about that I believed it. That was unlocked early October two thousand and twelve. Well October. Went by November when by December when the high. And I was sitting on my knees not in ten surely trying to do nothing. It's just that I didn't know what to do. And then I was getting. Distressed. I was going to the Lord and I was saying. Lord. I don't know what to do I just remember the story I think it was William for. That was the message was first given to. And he did not take it. And then the Lord gave a tell him why and I think Oh Lord please tell me please have mercy on places. And then things started happening after that. My husband and daughter help us design a website and I and I put here I think this should be the first step because other advertisements will need to direct people to the source of more information and. I do need that. What I had here is the little. I have. I want to show you the little. Poster. That we create we created another one before this but then we changed it to I feel was a better one that we finally used. I don't know that you can see it but. The first one was a brochure for the pattern life school in Benton a really nicely done pro. Brochure. The second one is the one for the school that I'm talking about right now and. It shows a picture of a little girl and she's at the kitchen and she has a little spawn she's working. She's working. And it's is part of life Christian school. A preparatory school for this life and the life to come. And then there's a little box that says every school teachers reading writing arithmetic. To education does more. And then it gives the website. So that people can look so that's one of the early things that we created the website then we did the poster. Then providentially I believe. Pastor Van Zyl. Is a retired pastor. In the area. And occasionally our pastor invites pastor Van Zyl. To speak at our church. And sometimes he comes on his own he's come on his own will one time when he came on his own he wasn't speaking he was an audience my husband was speaking my husband was speaking on the topic of creation. And. Pastor Brown still approached my house when he asked Would you come and speak to our people. On Wednesday night. And they set up a date in the future. So was that they can close or. My husband was so busy with the school. And he didn't have as much time as he would have liked to have. And so you mean he said just. Right now I don't have much time as I'd like to do. The creation. Explore that deeply. Do you have suggestions of something we could do and I said well what if we do education through education. So that's what we did and. That was about the time when this whole business of. The school in my home I was doing that. We didn't go there to to advertise the school in the home we didn't. And I'll explain that. We went there because we wanted to talk about true education the history of. A Seventh Day Adventist Church in regards to education and. So as we were there we were presenting. And we were telling the story about it Sutherland and Madison and how they were trying to implement these educational principles. And then we said well we believe in this too it's so weird. We told them of the little. It was a side note at the end that we were trying to do something. And that. At the end of the discussion that. Generated people come in to us which generated the students. Another thing that we did. Southern admonish university has. Classified as it's an online. And form for the employees and the students where you can advertise. You can just exchange you can talk about what you're doing. We decided just to put ole Rob said Well my wife is doing a little school explained a little bow. Bit about that. And that generated. Students as well. And then my daughter said what do we put it on Facebook to say my mom is trying to do little school so that generate some interest too is it just different things that we that we did to try to get students. This is a little picture. Of five students now. This is not all of them. Because there's been doing. I've been doing this for two years. And my home. There are another a seven. And I have to tell you I don't have a picture. I do have pictures but I didn't know where to find them you see this type of work is so labor intensive. You have to work I mean it takes a lot of work because you're trying to the academics it's easy because you have pretty much everything. Pretty much. That's out there already. But when it comes to implementing the practical skills. The agriculture. The home schools and I'm going to actually talk about tomorrow I'm going to talk about the curriculum. What should be in the curriculum and. So I don't have time to take pictures. I'm on the move and that is literally. The truth. I want to share. And not all the lessons believe me. A lot of lessons I want to share a few of the lessons that I've learned. First rule of us is a lesson. This is. Solidified in my mind. Basically. Brett. The Lord wants us to do this work he wants us to have schools such as this. That have. Character training is number one. The development of character when you think the about it. Well I shouldn't. Talk about it tomorrow. We know from the Bible he says. We should go out to the world and preach the gospel and then we have the council to step which sanitarium since schools and there's quotes here. Got as qualified as people to enlighten the world. He hasn't trusted them with faculties by which they are to extend his work. Until a chill and circle the globe. And all parts of the earth they are to establish sanitarium schools publishing houses. Kindred facilities for the accomplishment of his work. A call to medical evangelism and health education page twenty. Now if you believe God is calling you not necessarily. For schools. But were this is an education conference I'm talking about schools. Then you can begin with assurance that God will help you. I'm here to testify to you. That I know this to be true. I know this to be true. And I could tell a testimony. But I won't. But I know that it's true and when you know that. When you know that God called you to do something. And that diversity comes. And it will. It certainly helps to know that you're in the right place. And just trust him. Do not let circumstances stock do. Let circumstances. Be your helpers. We were at the. Two thousand and ten General Conference. When Ted see Wilson was elected president. And in that sermon that he gave a Sabbath he used this quote. To the church. It's a beautiful quote I like it very much. It's fun to pay church and prophets to ninety. Often the Christian life is species set by dangers. And duty seems hard to perform. Yet the voice of God speaks clearly. Go forward. We should obey this command. Even though our eyes cannot penetrate the darkness. And we feel the cold waves about our feet. The obstacles that hinder our progress. Will never disappear before a whole team doubting spirit. Those who defer obedience to every shadow of uncertainty disappears. And there remains no risk of failure or defeat. We will never obey at all unbelief whispers. Let us wait till the obstructions are removed and we can see our way clearly. But Faith courageously urges in advance. Hoping all things. Believing. All things. The beautiful. I for the. When the school closed down and Benton. I had to experience there it almost closed down once because our practical education teacher. Decided that she didn't want to do this any longer. And I thought to myself oh dear. Will this hamper the work and I didn't want to of course it's so but. I had the attitude at that time of perseverance and. The Lord sent another person. He sent a person. His name is Dave. Say its last name. But he had a degree in agriculture from. Andrews and he volunteered to help me. And I said. Thank you Lord. Volunteered no pay. Incidentally this kind of worked as takes sacrifice our lives and college Dale. And we were driving forty minutes to Britain. No pay. Eventually got mileage. But I didn't matter to me. Because I believed in this. Lead in it. No problem. And my situation I realize is different from yours. I my husband worked at Southern. So he had a paycheck. And so for those of you who don't have these circumstances. I understand it's different but this was my situation. And so I kind of compare when the practical arts teacher quit. It sort of like in the boxing ring. And you're given a blow. And you're knocked down and the referee is going one to get up. Now later. When the board decided to close the school completely. I was given a blow. Knocked down. And I didn't get out. And. Hard time. And I couldn't. For years. I couldn't even talk about it without. Just breaking down. It's this till lately. That. I've gotten better. But you know what lesson I learned there. I didn't realize this at the time when it closed down. I was never angry with God. I was just. I don't understand. This is your work this is what you said to do why isn't it working. And you will have probably if you do something like this no matter what it is you have those questions. And so I look up and I'd say why. But I knew it wasn't him. Had to be something. With me. But then I could understand that I mean I know I don't do everything perfectly by any means as a teacher I know some of my weaknesses. But I learned this. And I think it's an important lesson. What I learned. Is at that time I itself. Katie. I was thinking of myself and. The failure. When I should have been thinking about God and his cause. And I didn't realize the two recently. Was a very important lesson. You know if you get self out of doesn't matter. It doesn't matter all that matters is him. The lesson and. I think a very important lesson. I don't know if I completely learned about hope so. Another lesson. Keep your eye. Jesus the last thing keep your eyes on Jesus. Looking into Jesus Peter walk security. But as in self-satisfaction. He collapses back toward the kids companions in the boat. His eyes are turned from the Savior. The wind is boisterous the rains roll high and they come directly between him and the master. And he's afraid. For a moment Christ is hidden from his view. And his faith gives way. He begins to sink. But while the bills talk with death. Peter lifts his eyes from the angry waters. And fixing them upon Jesus cries. Lor save me. Immediately Jesus grasped the outstretched hand. Saying hold out of Little Faith. Wherefore. It's doubt. Two lessons. Again they tie in with what I just said. Hindrances will come. Obstacles will come trials. Temptations don't let them disheartened you. If you start focusing. And all the circumstances if your mind's eye is on all the problems that will bring you down. Won't be able to move forward. You have to put your eyes. On Christ second thing. The successes. And Britain. There were some sometimes where it was just so beautiful and so successful. Do you know about some of the some students some. Education students. From southern. Heard about the school. And they wanted to come and they came and they came and saw and visited. Then they started telling people and some educators from the school of education and psychology. And the School of Visual art and design. They called me on the phone one teacher she's no longer here. From the School of Education Psychology. She heard about your school I want to bring my students. Can we come this is the school in Benton. And by the wife an educator find out about the school my home came to but anyway. So she comes with their I think it was nineteen students they came to the school they came to the. Well a called the farmer and. I was so excited I was so excited you know I was so excited. I was so excited because they think oh lord i want. I just want to share this good news I was thinking hoping that somehow effecting change would come of I think banquets OK but. And then. Dr done from school visual art and design came with his two boys and he and he saw to. Those are good times. So back to this what does have to do with this. It has to do with this. This is what it has to do. And in your successes. You can take your eyes off Jesus remember never you can answer. What is this not great Babylon that I have built. Ways keep your eyes on Jesus and. We have a little bit of time. I don't know if we would like to open up for questions. OK. OK. That is a very good question. Yes. A Both. Both. And that's something that you. Did you run into you have. When we've talked about the philosophy of the school and I urge you to do this you know when you have prospective students and. They are interested in this they'll come to you and. They are usually concerned. And this is the question. I don't know why didn't pop up I had it here. So I'm glad you brought that up about the. Academics. They're afraid of. Will my student learn. Properly. And. Will they get behind. Because you're trying to do. Half time is practical and this and. You have to be up front you have to tell them what type of education this is now. Going back to you I. My students come from. Most of them. Now. Maybe half and half. The parent was already. Home schooling them. But they wanted. This type of education. That I had the practical thing. If they were busy they were either. Working on a book or doing. Schooling to further their education. That type of thing. And so those students were brought to me because of they believed in it and didn't. And then I've had some students from the outside. From actually add fit to schools. And they were struggling. And so those type of pairs they were they were very very supportive they were saying OK maybe this will work. And that situation. So they brought those students to me. And then. Word of mouth spread. All of this is pretty good and other students came. And then I had those. That basically had parents that believe in what I was trying to do. And they would send theirs. But then. By word of mouth there would be some others. That did want that occasional babysitting type thing. Yes. And those. You see they will come and. A weakness I have is probably a tender heart. And I don't want to turn anybody down. And so I think it's an opportunity. This let me have this child let me work with them. And so I would take it. I would take it head. Whether it was you know it's a little part time or read. But you have to be careful there because. The primary purpose is to set your cation if you start doing this like. I was doing. At times. Then you're hurting. You're hurting yourself. Is that. Yes. Yes exactly. And I fix perience that. I don't know I. If I'm concerned now because of audio for so I don't know if they could hear you and I don't know that I could reiterate that question in its entirety. Do you want to help me or just maybe a lack of time. But. Yes. OK. OK but I don't know if they heard the original question. OK All right. OK. And the other yes. Yeah OK OK. Yes. OK. OK The question is ask How do I comply with the state regulation and. And and and follow True education at the same time. At the big. Early in the presentation I was talking to you about the state of Tennessee in a category five school where you can design your own curriculum it's not accredited. But basically what you have to do. The teacher has to have a baccalaureate degree. You have to have a fire inspector an X. inspection for your facility. In that case it was my home and yes you can have it in your home. And you have to. You have to pass that. And you have to report any students in your school to the local. Superintendent of Schools in your area. If you do things like that but you could. You could design your own curriculum you could work in the garden and you could do it for half time yes. At so. And then another thing is. There's more to the started to go into now and. Is bit bitter It says right here. Beatrice is my friend she actually came and she. Beatrice volunteered her time. The first year. She and her two children. They would come to my home and they would do a special day. With the children it was beautiful. She is very artistically. Talented. Skillful with doing things. And so we made moccasin. And Swedish. Well. We went out in nature and did nature walks and did a little. In Nature journal and. I don't know week after week there was so much of this was so neat one thing that we did we had we had different regular. Tin cans like you used. Well put up a can of beans. And just take out both and. And then she had us do nails. Together too and you made your own little loom out of the can. And then you get your string and we made scars I mean stuff like that. That's where the blast and it was really it was very very neat Yes. Their father in heaven thank you so much for I say. For your Sweet Holy Spirit thank you so much for the light. The precious light and the council that you've given us in the Holy Bible. And in the spirit of prophecy. Please the Lord we want your work to go for. I want to honor you. That is our request this blessed us and. This media was brought to you by audiotapes. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about how do you propose. Or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W dot org.


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