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The Fear of No Fear

Justin Kim

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 19, 2008
    7:00 AM
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you are here to have an experience of God 's word amend your selling air please make yourself in quickly quickly quickly relates but we still love you regardless I'll spare you you come into the sartorial this morning the message is entitled near all of no fear the fear of no fear how many of you are afraid perpetually raise your hands everyone can spirit you today and in North America we have a generation of young people who are out and said what capable more competent or spiritual or just everything but they have one thing that prevents their potential to be unleashed it is beer in North America this is the number one fear is what can anyone guess I'd know ideally set but also thank you for those answers it is public speaking how may be afraid of public speaking it's it's just funny like I be hanging out here and and and and the and three BN corner here and everyone is just so old and nervous person during prayer the person doing a special music person of no introducing there there there just clad me and then they and they only have two minutes up your but they're just freaking out as a faith building experience in and there's there here to introduce among it is a lower preview because all three of the revenue of the time and I got hot good morning everyone this is the money funny as I sit here and I love watching this screen every year when I went once with on you know what I'm talking up reading audience we are listening to the message and Allison this was all up in your face and if I realize of the cameras you look and you can begin in the facial expressions that you have it is just hilarious but it's fear isn't it everyone in the whole world is watching me now and all your insecurities pop up yes if you know there started a young age we redistribute statistics show eighty one percent of ten -year-olds are afraid of being fat seventy two percent of seventy seven -year-old today are on a diet of some sort research also indicates that young girls would rather be dead than that in United States the number of children with eating disorders and related issues continues to increase this comes from remote router ranch in a program for anorexia and bulimia and reading treatment facility for women and girls suffering from anorexia it stems from fear I was in the first grade I had a fear of going to lunch fear of going into a cafeteria and you know exactly what I'm talking about you go into the catchy you get your lunch and when you're done paying you come out turned around under the whole sea of your classmates and you have to make a rational decision where am I going to say yes and if I sit here got almost worst-case scenarios everyone stares at you and says is you have the cooties go sit over there and settled in the corner in your eating by yourself but that wasn't my I am a Korean American that means those born in America but my root background is Korean South Korean by the way not North Korea now my mother bless her heart didn't really know how the lunch system worked now the normal American not having this lunch is to pack pastrami salami pepperoni no I don't know PETA butter jelly sandwiches even if editing of your your lunchbox you take all your stuff and alleged box economics Ivan Appel I'll treat you for the granola bar have a granola bar and amplitude for the chocolate milk and you give in after the economics is daunting enjoy your lunch right or here I was a mom and when it was my first day the lunch you got something awesome my mom had no idea what a sandwich was he's from a Korean background using a rice or whatever he singing what might my son would not appreciate rice and Korean food because in an American school so she went to bless her heart and she would she would be really afraid of redoubt if I said this all over freedom that's okay she went to the supermarket opened the frozen food section got a TV dinner and we were not seven pianist at that time and she got us strength scampi frozen put it in a nice lunch box when it was you know as American as in the lunch box put it in their descendent careening out a study hard I love you in then go out there and you watch here I was all beaming got on the school bus for the first memo line which is a scary experience went to school great experience whatever any sit down for lunch and I want think that the paperback or lunchboxes and then have the you know tuna salad and the noodle salad and whatever Saladin NEDs in here I open my box and I take out up buying lots of strip scampi and all the heads in the cafeteria deterred city and what happens when you're afraid your cheeks turned the color right I have some Irish friends their dirt dirt cheeks just go like no super purple majordomo for political read-out like all men everyone is staring at Little did I know all the smug classmates they were in all these they wished their mothers had given them strength skimpy for lunch and a look back at their meager sandwiches are we rather have that but in my mind because I was paralyzed with fear I got self-conscious all I want standing about the weird shrimp by the way trip is not edible for humanity amen zero Deuteronomy fourteen prolific as eleven strip is a filter feeder and then this is not justification for you to vote at such an skimpy monument in a in fifth grade I was afraid of close in my day what was in fashion was eighth to Swatch or call champion switchers have anything on talking about the weather the fashion in the blueprint for you okay now champion sweatshirts have a little see on the side year and every person in my class had one so I went home and mom I can't wear these clothes anymore I need to visit I was closing a coulomb of regular school I need to get a champion sweatshirt my mother bless her heart we went to this went the the mall we went to get us a championship is too expensive they just came out has ignore the bad of the city went to an Asian champion copy shirt place and setting just very nicely having a little see on the side road champion on big capital letters all over the front to indicate the person who's wearing the shirt is a champion and so I knew this is not real but my mother had put energy and investment of time to get the search so I was forced to wear it and as a champion for the whole day at school I was afraid of close eighth-grade is afraid of prom again I was not a Seventh-day Adventist practicing some pianist I was afraid off roles on we will go too much and that story eleventh grade I was afraid of the SATs and college is afraid of job and getting married always fears every stage of my life you identified your as twentysomethings and early thirty somethings there is a stage and a lot called for a life stage maybe the majority of you I think well yeah okay the majority of your new quarter quarter lifers you have a particular fear that all people do not recognize what am I going to do for the rest of my life cool am I going to marry what if I marry the wrong person I'm stuck with this person for the rest of my life where am I going to live than a paid the mortgage payments should even buy a house in this economy where should I live in terms the weather this is that if you thinking about all these things amen corner lovers alike yes we've understand and once you go past the stage you're man enough kids you know you're just a stressed out you have no time to be afraid of using away before anything your car worried about your upgrade people today are afraid about many things about all things at all times looks how big their eyes are house small guys are knows Keith air weights heights ugliness beauty intelligence economic status lack of a degree questions this morning is when your freedom before to be alone for the rest of your life when God call you view her loan rest of your life and by the way just to dispel the rumor GUI C promotes dating and marriage it's okay to like do all these things make you guilty to look at the other gender of this conference is that the primary motivation comes USC meant us just to clear up a misunderstanding are you afraid of being dependent on something for the rest of your life are you afraid to get in a car accident Lucy legs and to be dependent on people pushing you in a wheelchair are you afraid of failure referred of conflict friends afraid to push someone on their beliefs throughout this culture of fear there is an abuse of Christianity perhaps you have abuse Christian press you've use Jesus in a particular sense you have asked the Lord Lord what is your will concerning the time it asked that question for yourself Brassica CYC to go to a seminar what is God 's will for my life perhaps you have used interesting methods to find out God 's will Lord where should I go and for college Lord show me a sign in your driving around and you see a billboard that says come to New Jersey Lord thank you for your side I'm going to New Jersey or perhaps you interpret these these these weird different sizing your landlord if the move shows up tonight and it's red a marry her but the moon set up and it's below and I'll marry her it's yellow oval would that mean all know Mary her know in order to understand your purpose your individual purpose you will the Lord has already revealed the largest picture possible do not be so self-centered and so egocentric and so American Christian like me me me me me Rick Warren asked purpose driven life kind of Christian that God is some kind of big Buddha that you rub his belly and he just had is a libertarian skin year and he was a white robe and to be that's not the God we serve amen when after so pray every morning and have devotions are going to find out what is God with Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi me know God has already revealed his will in the largest aperture possible how does your life fit into that that is the first decision you need to make how does your occupation how does your weight your house will be how does your spouse how does that fit into the largest metanarrative possible that the Lord would correct you in the Michael but if you have the macro God is often silent management and got assignment I like this picture is a great controversy meant friends not the book but the theme Seventh-day Adventists have a metanarrative that is the largest man in the largest picture but the most objective you stand back Michigan's largest picture that the address have the only competing metanarrative in this world is evolution all of the mayor narratives not work and obviously we know evolution is what incorrect what is the great controversy metanarrative this morning when I look at for prophecies that partake about and great controversy manner for us I know you know that the war in heaven all these things and perhaps you sent Dennis noticed for a prophecy that we are still waiting for the objective in knowing these prophecies is so that we do not have any more fear and God says fear not fear not fear not fear not fear not fear not not here not me says another two hundred and more ancestors on this morning at three hundred and ninety does the room echoes run at the Bible says if you're not as much of the minutes of five plants I can find a number anywhere it's just their all-time God is not recommending us on a journey Iraq and in the delivery if you just give right he's not saying that he sank clear not an ideologue this picture possible to the help you and your people 's so the open Scripture ask you to bow your heads one more time what heaven bothers you look down upon us we ask full portion of your grace a double portion of your Holy Spirit and pervading amounts of your mercy will write over Scripture Lord as you have been with us in the past less us intimately right now for your WordPress Jesus thing and please open to accept it for acts chapter four yesterday we covered the twelve disciples whether wrongly trade cementing of the asked question how good when you're training to the best teacher box which belonged trading if your heart is into it if you're not quote converted you can have the best teacher possible and you still won't get God as a forces training on receipt example of Judas but after they get it go to accept her for ass chapter four verse thirteen acts chapter four verse thirteen X is the fifth book of the New Testament chapter four last I checked with the fourth chapter of acts first thirteen is diversity now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and a good man they marveled and it's a knowledge of them that they had been what with who with Jesus verse twenty nine and now Lord behold their threatenings and grants unto thy servants that with all watts boldness that they speak by word verse thirty one and when they had prayed the place had shaken where they were assembled together and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and they spake the word of God with both as I see all of you here this morning we see one of the most intelligent most good-looking most affluent than most biblical we him knowledgeable of most young people that I've seen never I've seen a lot of people so that the veteran of the problem about you guys have a lot of potential event but were paralyzed with fear the twelve disciples didn't get it because it into the largest picture index chapter one once they realized Jesus died three days and grave resurrected and he went up to heaven and right now friends Jesus is in heaven now and don't understand you need to understand that he's coming that's it he is not now upstairs and had been on a Barca lounger sipping a virgin martini is actually doing something and having it we need to understand that is the largest picture box West they realize that Jesus would often have any set on the thought of the universe any called his Holy Spirit to go down where he once used to be they realized a no holds bar we got full power and they went all out in one phrase they said we don't care let's just go all out who cares if were ignorant and unlearned if we seem who cares who cares let's just go all out as young people this is a space I will love it when people say chairs and if this was a pulpit you know the you you use expletives to ask show your I don't care to dismiss young people shoulder I don't care dismissed in different ways never see a young person who has pink hair is one the most unnatural things ever seen in my life he florescent be what I did after typing here once you don't step in care but pink haired is indicative of a heart that says I just don't care I want to go up against the grain there she saw the Mohawk I love blocks not for myself but you know just to see that I just don't care their city with hearings not like the less little start but like to start it missing year to the middle sitting on said like five hundred Ewing to stick it out it's all coming down to their knees in his just don't care about their years they don't care about what they look like I feel bad for the manipulative airport the goal of Swiss cheese and put it back in young people have the say hey I just don't care I widely believe in something I love the hippie movement eating shower for two years two weeks to months it just didn't care they understood the larger picture of regular honest in the larger picture we won't care about the small minor what are those things open to Revelation chapter thirteen religion thirteen verse eleven through thirteen open quickly quickly quickly and I know this I know you know this mentally frontrunning into the existential ramifications in our lives relation thirteen verse eleven through thirteen I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he spake he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon the exercise all the power of the first beast before him and called it the earth and then which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed he does great wonders so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men this beast in Revelation thirteen is none other than the United States of America in a friend 's we understand the larger picture possible artist picture possible the first prophecy that we still have to see become fulfilled his seat American domination of the world right now America is the predominant nation but he has not dominated the world and it is in progress as we speak and inference regardless of who the president is the White House for a controversy page forty three four hundred thirty nine four forty three degrees with Lam likewise was seen coming up out of the earth instead of overthrowing other powers the service itself the nation thus represent must arise and territory previously unoccupied and grow naturally and peacefully what nation a new world in the nineteenth seventeen ninety eight rising to power and promise of strength and greatness and attracting the attention of the world the application of the symbol of midst of no question one nation and only one meets the specifications of this prophecy it points unmistakably to the United States of America in nineteen seventy nine there were only two superpowers nice dates and the USSR against the USSR there is generation statement does not know those four letters mean this is shocking are what is that aircraft carrier a USSR the former Soviet Union it was the Soviet Union former Russia and that whatever suits their in nineteen seventy nine there are 's two superpowers spectrum magazine one of our denominations on that that is an interesting magazine predicted that the two superpowers would exist forever it is impossible for United a USSR to ever fall nineteen eighty nine is about a mental nineteen ninety one time magazine page thirteen July twenty nine nineteen ninety one time magazine contradicted spectrum magazine and said America is worlds is the world 's sole remaining superpower the magazine is more Adventist men's magazines and thoughts US military Newsweek March twenty four two thousand three three twenty three three the United States spends as much on defense as the rest of the world but together America is the dominant force in the world today in the world there hundred and ninety one countries America can beat them all is not a source of pride is a source of profit prophetic interest when Ella White made this prophecy United States had the thirteenth largest navy in the world it was impossible for anyone to fathom the United States become the sole remaining superpower the thirteenth largest Navy I don't know what other people I think now is no Mozambique if you have profited it as a note Mozambique will become the only remaining superpower prevented nothing wrong with mode Mozambique EN 's and Moores and the Lord loves them and what if anyone heard this prophecy anyone will be that is ridiculous and why those ridiculous great controversy that is ridiculous Seventh-day Adventists but here we are today and if so they're like oh no oh with it is even shocked us to think America is the sole meaning US judiciary as all of you know after 9/11 the American government has had a zero tolerance attitude we appreciate quote appreciate torture is a truth extracting method waterboarding we had at Patriot Act have been in nineteen ninety nine I said to my friend I know what we believe is church but America will never change we have enough this Constitution in impossible two thousand one on staring at the TV screen and my mouth is open the subsequent years we had conceived before our eyes this beast that is changing before I know this is nothing of new information from hopefully but how does your life how does your Michael life fit into the macro picture and religion in America that the first amendment is being eroded as we seen the last couple months US economy has been bought out by the government everything is being solidified unified systematized and one we'd watch up the lot this is a not a car not a cause for fear and are Seventh-day Adventist that are celebrated American government there they are afraid of credit cards a little chips and then minutes cell phones and this and that my belt has the tracking device and GPS systems and cameras everywhere that they need to wear a tinfoil hat to make sure the government doesn't penetrate into the brain waves of the individual now it is proper to be of concern one have to be paralyzed with fear policy number two relation thirteen month rates one three eight I stood upon ascendancy and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns on his once ten crowns upon his heads the name of the name of blasphemy the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard 's speech at the feet of a bear 's mouth is mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power receipt is an great authority one of the heads and a solid ahead as it will what that is a deadly wound was healed of all the world wondered after beast continued verse eight request for forty three and you don't need to spirit of prophecy did identify distinct friends is a great solicitor of Scripture what is this image of the beast and how is it to be formed Benes is made by the two one piece it is an image to the beast is also called image of the beast that you learn what the image is like and how it is before the study the characteristics of the beast itself the papacy the second prophecy that we are to look for is the worldwide domination of the Roman Catholic Church process for decades have recently until recently have understood this beast to be the Roman Catholic Church and if you don't understand his friend you need to understand is that this week before you go home go to the booth go to boot final five abstracts but any good night good a lot of use and there should have information on this and ask any person next to you what this means is a traditional and standard Biblical Protestant belief that all other mainline proclamations have forsaken the mortal wound it was in nineteen seventeen ninety eight after the French Revolution and this won't did not mean the end of the papacy friends is a miss understanding that some of our friends within the denomination have a problem with what this means the end of the domination of the papers meant in nineteen twenty nine Mussolini recognized Vatican City as a sovereign state Viking sixty five the second Vatican Council cannot establish it ecumenical it some as the predominant mode of the church nineteen eighty nine as a holy alliance between Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan to topple communism in ninety nine is a joint declaration on the doctrine of justification and it officially declared the Reformation was over between the Lutherans since then there have been scores of documents one which each denomination of the Protestants in nineteen ninety nine when he went poking tonight states the crowd sang he's got the whole world in his hands and they were talking about God in two thousand five three US presidents knelt at the pope 's funeral we think may be just a simple innocence physical gesture thereafter submitting themselves to the supremacy of the book right now the Sunday law it is in the works how does your micro life into this in the space of friends Roman Catholics are the most loving people out there God has people in there that's why he says come out of her my people I went to a Catholic Roman Catholic high school there are nuns there who love the Lord Jesus all their hearts I sincerely believe that and I was drawn to Jesus because of their love but the system is absolutely fundamentally incorrect it was we have to know for your to say things like and no fear to love them just more of the more advanced Catholics used to be hated in America they were hated they were dissident Protestants used to spit at the ground that they walked up you pay this but now they're just as your Roman Catholic it gets interesting and it's just the same their more reviled than Muslims fundamentalists in America today one one of them became the present United States was a shock John F. Kennedy was a practicing Roman Catholic today Supreme Court has five of the nine Justices were Roman Catholics summing that would've been shot shocking in early America Mid-America early nineteen hundreds today is of no and it's interesting on nine five out of nine is as majority of the demand five divided by its about fifty percent captivated three the third prophecy to wait for through the two great errors is a great contribution that life eighty eight through the two great errors immortality of the soul and cited sacredness Satan will bring the people under his deceptions the former lays a foundation for spiritualism the latter creates a bond of sympathy with wrong the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the golf to grasp the head of spiritualism they will reach over this the clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold union this country it will follow the steps of Rome and trampling the rights of conscience they'll be a union between three entities Spiritualism Catholicism and Protestantism meant was the first prophecy to be fulfilled if the domination of unites states of America was the second is the rise of the Catholic Church always a third is a trifle unholy union relation is about opposites you have a woman who's just picked out and drinking wine and sleeping with every man should see and you have a woman who is on top of a womb of moon and she shining like the sun you have new Jerusalem and you have new Babylon you have the Last Supper would Jesus or you're the Last Supper that birds are eating habits changing enough that the unholy Trinity now the three Angels messages go seven three frogs messages the three frogs twenty three frogs three frogs will come together and you'll go through all the kings of the world spiritualism today pervades everything for those of you who are still in the trap of entertainment there is spiritualism in everything that you see there is a concerted effort there is a theological agenda in Fox Hollywood ABC NBC all these things today is not a claim that is the truth there are vampires there are Harry Potter there are hogging will call the Halloween Virgin Mary we know when people die the white little that the floats out of the body floats around these are all theological statements that Hollywood is making when you die what happens we been no white little steam comes out of your suggested floats around and lingers on spiritualism is everywhere when this merges with the three what can happen we need to watch out for this and number four is Matthew twenty four but Matthew or Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty format is the first book of the New Testament chapter forty four verse fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then what friends shall be and come this is a prophecy right now in an and nepotism there's more satellite evangelism more TV than ever America said that the most missionary the world know anyone who used to be number one in sending the shares of the world is now not even top ten are marital and was dying their churches in England they are cathedrals in England they're closing down one became a Chinese restaurant imagine you go to Cathedral and get some tofu fried rice there's a single canonical op up in heaven right there there are cathedrals be changed into bowling alleys there cathedrals being changed into strip club friends South America South Korea is taking up the lack that the rest of the first world used to have South Korea if an couple years will exceed America in sending missionaries of the world South Koreans and amounts and without I'm Korean of sales as a statistical fact are preparing for the last days in their unique way they have already preplanned exactly what to do when the North Korean border faults they are waiting to be told on the edge of the border and they had exactly all the plans the protocol the blueprints they have the resources the supplies a map of the territory and they're waiting for the green lines and wants that clarion call comes out all these denominations Chris knows will go out and you exactly what to do next there's no confusion no overlap no mystification to win North Korea for Jesus grains are going to Iraq Afghanistan places where Americans are not welcome because of other statements instead of forcing the individuals learning but I will afterwards these individuals are learning Arabic themselves and then teaching them about Christ separator other nations are saying more missionaries either day this is a fulfillment of prophecy but a rate at this rate by year twenty twenty they'll be forty million Adventists in this world before you say wow that's awesome that is still still too small the number that is far from the goal of Matthew twenty four verse fourteen SAA message becomes more prevalent so must ours all forms of evangelism must be biblical MS combat all the other ideas out there regards recipe six one two service of God with their faces light up inside of holy consecration with these hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of voices all over the earth the warning will be given miracles be raucous single be healed signed and wonderful father believers Satan also works of lying wonders even bring down fire from heaven inside of men thus the inhabitants of the earth will be brought to take their stand the largest mission feel that we have today is North America their campuses out their full of secular people with no idea of the three messages a set of ten Canadians yesterday that thirty million Canadians were among the most secular societies in this world I know there is the excitement of us went to the third world and we should friendly to foreign missions but often in North America is generated into sanctified toys and will go there for a week will boast will splurge will see all ways that a hot always how they live and get him a piece of bread to go home and feel good about themselves the thousand dollars we spend an airfare we probably put it to better use by the locals and space so many more pastors and Bible workers that's not to put down for nation form that all we need to go up as well for cement we need to have a mind how does my micro life fit into the macro in North America we North American missionaries agency to trends of the church the Third World is sending missionaries to America and at this rate there be more immigrant Adventists the naxal American Adventists there is the theory forgive me for educating this theory each one reach one of your notice before that unless cliché each one reach one of his minutes on out there each will if each person which is one person we can finish the work in this generation theoretical point of this join you the spirit if one person in one year brings war on person to Christ one in one year is that too difficult you have three hundred and sixty five days a year mission for three hundred and sixty five days screen at one person to Christ that is your purpose of letting that one person to Christ and when you win that person is not as dunking them to be a simple database you make that person into a soul winner also we most soul winning feed archive the yes network is he just doesn't work in one year if you got that one could initiate to the F4 in your case it's more about quality than quantity you can have fifty baptisms at the bat that baptisms and they don't do anything the potential is lost their review baptized fifty and also baptizing in the hundred that up anyway two two four eight and please listen to this I'm Asian I love numbers sixteen sixteen baptizes thirty two thirty become sixty four sixty four becomes twenty eight hundred twenty eight to one to fifty six two five twelve two ten twenty four two two thousand forty eight to four thousand ninety six eight thousand one hundred ninety two to sixteen thousand three hundred eighty four the party that I would let numbers thirty two thousand seven hundred sixty eight the sixty five thousand five hundred thirty six hundred thirty one thousand and seventy two two two hundred fifty two thousand five hundred twenty four thousand to one million or two million to four million to eight million to sixty million at up the point of this theory in thirty three years we can reach the whole world thirty three years friends how old are you don't don't save it out loud I'm twenty whatever years old just imagine what time you are fifty three years old the whole world of hurt about Jesus Christ appointed as it is a potential it is possible if possible for those of you who are seventy years old by Tanya hundred and three and button and biblical standards when you're seventy you're a young age the Lord is a big work for you when you journey year 's thing to do something youngest on a cruise control Social Security and a decent snow you have a work to do friends and we young people will help you but we need your wisdom we need your experience we want you there along next to us but young people by age of fifty three for the those you are not married you have a kid of the next year by the time your children of thirty three years old raising thirty three years old Jesus could be here that's as only if one person starts this at UIC we have four thousand people year that will cut away another ten years in CYC just starts it off just this group here the kinesthetic potential here Jesus can be here in twenty years but the evidence church has fifteen million people right now if you have his church embraces this the whole world can be evangelized in ten ten years this is not counting into the threatened to the equation the Holy Spirit 's latter rain coming right imagine in one day three thousand four thousand ten years is too long I hope it doesn't come out as a part of idealism this is not much I pump you up this is them that grow picture that Scripture has provided and once disciples August and is not grow picture they said I don't care about anything else I found my purpose in life I found my answers God has ready at answer a lot of your questions we just never let that sink deep into our hearts and get it in light of these prophecies there is to be no fear no fear lunchboxes no fear of closed no fear of Carl so for your prompt no fear of the United States government no fear open to Joshua chapter one Joshua chapter one I love Joshua Josh was it was a protégé of Moses Moses Bevis Moses dies was is is gone was absent and in the dose Joshua is in an anxiety attack is missing his father figure and said God intervenes and says in verse five three there first five there shall not any man be able to stand before the all the days of your life as I was with Moses friends we need the previous generation we need experience we need a Moses up there so I will be with who I will not fail you nor forsake you I know you guys notice first the first six B strong and of a what good courage onto front to this people shall not divide for inheritance the land which I swear to their fathers to give them only be thou strong and very courageous that thou may have observed you according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded the turn not from into the right-hand or to the left Adame has prospered whithersoever thou goest this book of the law shall not out of my mouth but also meditate therein day and night about Mace observed unicorns while that is written therein for then thou shall make thy way prosperous and then not so have its success first nine have I not commanded the be strong and of good courage be not afraid neither be now be vowed to stop neither be thou dismayed Lord thy God is with the waiver of votes when God speaks it happens you get it God spoke existence into being with his voice and the supernatural mind of God as he had a brain yes as in the brain no splenectomy no in the mind of God thinks of something it trickles down to a supernatural lungs and in a supernatural lunch for supernatural air in a supernatural comes out he says be not afraid the vocal cords that God has that don't exist but do exist say do not fear and him and and vibrations come out of his mouth and the mouse that comes out in Genesis one these these sound waves themselves became matter and energy he spoke something out of nothing she says let there be a poinsettia flower those sound waves became this is flowerpot flowers when God says do not be afraid it is not a recommendation not advice fortune cookie God says I will create in your heart no fear friends as we are you afraid if I asked you to come appear and preach to be afraid if I has to go out in the world of me asking the Lord asking what the world and preach the whole world industries which you are you free when I need him I had on him and my degree in anything like no penthouse off into these things all that are important but how are you justifying intellectual leave your fear how smart are you smart people are really smart it is refusing to turn in a smart way for you like that the reason why we are afraid of terrorists is because they have no fear something about someone was no fear scary so must the creepy terrorists have no fear of being a guy they say even if I die their facial expression has no fear of death stares at them they stared death back enough freaks us out with this world needs is a group of young people with no year the primary objective of military training facility hate military world terminology of an American the primary objective of boot camp is to be feared out of the tear you down bring it back up and even they could play video games and brainwashing for millions of hours so when you go onto the battlefield their bullets flying we are not afraid to be going you learn how to fight in advance of friends we only brainwashing we don't need some kind of idea that we go to heaven W forty perpetual virgins to greet us there don't need these empty promises what we need we need the Holy Spirit be converted conversion is not a mental assent to twenty eight doctrines conversion isn't just learning more about Jesus conversion is the ability to be bold and fearless for Jesus without reservation that is the greatest need in the world today friends the world is afraid of people who are not afraid in order to carry out the three Angels messages to fulfill GUI sees mission we have to say Lord I am afraid but give me to spirits of no fear give me spirit of sound mind give me the spirit of love give me these things but how many you want a bold miss about friends were not asking you to be a markedly when asking to be at that bachelor would ask you to be please to be just gave them a freaking where asking you to be you the way God made you under the steps for fast control principled only Jesus can provide we need Amy Shepherd should be a new shepherds in a way bold as anything a meanness of Amy just protrudes out with EJB Karbala toward Seabees eight David Sweatt JD they perfume at profuse out shadiness we set the quick score staff the knees coming out reverberating or the go seventy three seventy the way Jesus made us as individual but insecurities that I want to be me out to be like that we don't need more David asks friends who don't need look at bachelors reads you we need huge which are people who are like you my prayers as we would be bold this morning but it's to offer outreach is to say look I don't care the final ingredient care bus to school all the way for Jesus by God is thirty three years ten years whatever years let's see with our eyes to either a node these eyes our prayer is to see Jesus is coming literally in the skies and what in heaven thought he spoke to Bailey spoke to a donkey father we thank you for speaking to our hearts this point father forgive me for my babbling forgive me for messing around forgives UIC for not getting the Lord as you see the hands of an risen today Lord I know heaven has marked the hands that have been risen in ships in four characters will lead into our hearts a boldness the boldness of Jesus the boldness of the apostles the boldness that Scripture commands us father this is not a recommendation we believe is not a rule of Saint promise to father as we leave this building applet to be stop is the fearless snowy today not only tomorrow we can see your sunroom is as to this is my audio is Wednesday was a generation is if you would like to learn more about G1 please visit to the life that God will work like this is an online service is www. audio versus nonwork


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