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Jesus: One of Us

Chester Clark III


What an amazing condescension, from the King of Glory to the Babe of Bethlehem! In this message Pastor Clark builds a Bible study framed on 2 Corinthians 8:9: “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.”


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • December 19, 2015
    11:00 AM
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In our time of study together this morning. We're going to be looking at Jesus' incarnation to become one of us. You know I was thinking of the many stories that I've heard of those who have been. Selfless who have been Incognito. Who are leaders who have tried to be in contact with their subjects. One of the stories that that. That is perhaps remarkable. In history there are many different stories we could tell even of some current leaders but. One of them. Happens to be from the country of Thailand now was the kingdom of Siam. At this time when the story is told. And a farmer from. One of the provinces tells the story of how his family became the owners of a precious heirloom. Rifle. That they hold some. One hundred years ago the grandfather of this farmer had received a group of visitors. There were strangers who were visiting the village. Now the leader of the obvious leader of the strangers. Was clearly somebody wealthy and powerful. But. He was very very friendly and showed a great interest in the farmers grandfather as well as in the village in general. In fact. The grandfather invited him over to his house and the. The visitors enjoyed a meal with the. Grandfather in the family. At a certain time at a moment during their meal. The grandfather expressed his admiration for the rifle. That this visitor had and. The stranger said that well. Since he had been so warm welcome so warmly he would like to give this. Farmer. A rifle such as this if he could only come to this city to Bangkok. And visit him he would do so before he left. He gave him a piece of paper with. His address. On the paper. Now some time later the. The old farmer the grandfather of the. The farmer that's alive today. He he he who had a reason to go into Bangkok so he goes to Bangkok and he's going to the city has no idea what part of the. The town does this address would be agence So he begins asking people into surprise. Everybody asked. Knew which way to tell him to walk. And so he continued until Do his astonishment. He arrived. Outside of the royal palace. Now. He showed his piece of paper to the palace guards but they weren't inclined to allow him to enter until a large delegation began to come out of the gates. And there we saw the stranger. The stranger who had been needed it is house eating at his home who had offered him. Such generosity and. The stranger saw him and recognized him and called him over to himself and invited him back in the palace the grandfather was shocked to realize that his kind of ill. Visitor. Back in the village on that day. Had to been. The king himself. Moreover the. King did exactly what he had promised and he gave the grandfather a magnificent gun. Inscribed with his initials. The king's first name. Was too long too long corn. I won't try to pronounce the rest of his name. But the now. His initials were C P R. And the family still has that rifle. Today. You think of these. These nobility. These royal families these kings these rulers who are so humble to go into the houses. Of their subjects. And our hearts are filled with admiration in fact I found the story in a book called worshiping the great modernizer talking about teen Chulalongkorn. You have to understand in the. Just mindset. They don't have deities like we have deities so. We don't. They don't. There's not that they're making a god out of him but. This is how it says the. The story of the precious gun is but one example of a story that says the keen loved his subjects so much that he decided to go and see with his own eyes how they lived. What their needs were and how he could improve their circumstances. The king interacted with his subjects in an intimate manner. Basically the story reconfirms the image of King too long corn as an. A benevolent and concerned. RULER. Now this writer. I don't believe knows. The God that I serve. Because if the earthly rulers could so. In warm our hearts. By going and seeing with their own eyes how their subjects fared. How can we compare that with the ruler of heaven on earth. Not just go into Planet Earth to see how his subjects fared. But becoming one of them. To live with them. To be one of them not just for time. But for eternity. Father in heaven as we open your word today we just want to pray that God that you would send your spirit to touch your hearts that God you would give us a better understanding of who you are and your great love that you have for us. That you sent Jesus in His name we pray. A meme that invites you turn of mean your Bibles to second Corinthians Chapter eight. Second Corinthians Chapter eight. And we're going to read verse nine. And we're going to sort of frame our Bible study around this passage today. Second Corinthians Chapter eight. And verse nine. And when you're there. If you could just say Amen. All right second Corinthians Chapter eight. And verse nine. And Paul says this. For you know that. You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That though he was rich. Yet for your sakes he became poor. That you through his poverty. Might become rich. This passage. Is packed with meaning. But we're going to look at three different aspects of the condescension of Jesus here. The smore ning. Three different aspects of Jesus' common session first of all we're going to look at the prior condition of our Savior and. The Bible here it's clear that he was rich in what way was he rich how can we see that he was rich. And secondly the condescension of our See here he became poor. How did he become poor. In what way did he become for poor and finally the effect and the consequence is the result of that condescension. That we might be made rich is this an agreeable plan for us today. You have your Bibles ready. Let's do a Bible study on these three thoughts. And just see what we can learn about Jesus our king. Our King who loves us. Very very much. You know of some of the thoughts from the sermon I. I came across as I was reading and I found a message by. By now and now my mind. Drawing a blank. Who great. The great English preachers. Charles Spurgeon and and. As he was. He was speaking he spoke on this text. In part and. He shared several thoughts not these verses not this Bible study but I'm going to share with you several thoughts that he shared. As he went through this discussion of Jesus. Condescension. So first of all. First of all we can see that Jesus was eternal we're talking about his prior condition here. So we're going to starting kolache ns. And we're going to look at how Jesus. How Jesus had. Eternity before he came here to live and die. As a human being he was eternal kolache in chapter one. And verse seventeen says this. And he is before all things. And in him. All things. Consist. The Bible is very clear here Jesus is not a human being just like us. Now I believe that Jesus came to understand us I believe Jesus came to be our example. But I think that we should be very careful not to try to make Jesus. All together such a one as ourselves. Because Jesus was God wasn't it. Jesus had it in eternal preexistence before his incarnation as a babe in Bethlehem. Jesus is the one who inhabits eternity. Jesus is the one who is the creator it says here. Who who by all of by him. All things exist. And so Jesus was eternal. He had that. Capacity and. He was of God Himself. Not only that the Bible tells us that Jesus had. Everything you know sometimes we give our ties and offerings and we. We may might even. We might even talk like God needs. Us. Listen God doesn't need us we need to give so that God can bless us. That's a fact of the better. God does not need our ties or our offerings. If God needed something he wouldn't ask. Us. It's not because he needs. It's because he wants us to have the blessing of giving that he asks us to be faithful and returning. Our ties and offerings. Notice to me Psalm Chapter fifty and verses ten through twelve. It says for every beast of the forest is mine. And the cattle on a Thousand Hills. I know all the birds of the mountains and the wild beasts of the field are mine. If I were hungry I would not tell you. For the world is mine. And all its fullness Now that pretty much sums up how do you. Possesses. All things. When you want to talk about rich that's rich OK there's no other standard of rich besides that that is. If you own. Everything. That's pretty much. The epitome of being rich. Jesus was rich. As the King of Kings. And the Lord of Lords. Jesus possessed. All things. He was the King of Heaven. And of Earth. Not only did he possess. Everything. But if he ever wanted anything that he didn't have he had creative power now that's taking it to another level yet isn't it. He had creative power. John chapter one. And verse three. John chapter one in verse three that. The Bible tells us that in the beginning was the word in the Word was WITH God in the Word was God All things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made so. Jesus had. Eternity he was eternal he possessed eternal. Eternal life he was the giver and sustainer of life. He possessed all things on in heaven and on earth know that he had creative power we find in John chapter one verse three. But also we notice that Jesus was the recipient of worship and adoration and praise. Now that means that in the heavenly choir. If we were to in the heavenly courts if we were to be there. We would hear the choirs tuning up. And then we would ask them the question. Who are you going to sing about and they would say Jesus and we would ask him the question who are going to sing for and they would say Jesus. We would ask them. What are you. What are you going to honor and who are you going to honor and glorify and they would say Jesus. They exist. To glorify God upon the throng. And that was Jesus Jesus was God Himself. He. He possessed worship and praise did Nehemiah Chapter nine verse six. We don't turn to the book of Nehemiah very often so I hope you've done that with. Me today. But this is what the. This is what the Levites. Are singing. And this is what he says You alone are the Lord you have made haven't. The host the heaven of heavens. With all their host. The earth and everything on it. The sea seas and all that is in damned. And you preserve them all. The host of heaven. Worship's you. Who's the creator. Who does the hosts of heaven worship. Jesus. Oh my friends you have to understand. When Jesus. Before he was incarnate and he was the one who the angels. Loved to worship. They love to praise. They wanted to talk about. They wanted to adore him. They wanted to please him they wanted to serve him. Imagine the contrast of going from heaven. Where Jesus is the possessor of eternities a business as possessor of. Everything material. He has creative power. He has. Worship and praise of all the beings. Is it fair to say with the Apostle Paul today. That he was rich. Is it fair to say. Our text that we read says though he were rich. Yet. He became. What does it say he became or. Oh oh oh friend I believe it's fair to say that Jesus Christ was indeed. Rich. That he possessed. The the the wealth and the riches of all of eternity. Can we give him anything that he does not have. Can we can we. Well all we can really give him that he wants. Is our worship in our hearts. Though he were rich. Yet for your sakes. He became poor. Let's look now at the second part of this verse. It says. He became poor. For your sakes. I think that's very important here in second Corinthians Chapter eight in verse nine. So it really is Jeffrey in verse nine and. This is this verse just jumps out of a me first of all. Why is it that he became poor It wasn't because he wanted the admiration of the subjects. He already had that. It wasn't because he didn't know what was going on in the far flung realms of his kingdom. That he came to earth he already knew. Our condition. Jesus came to planet Earth. Giving up everything that he had. For one reason. The why. In this question is for your sake and for mine. For your sake of are mine. We believe that Jesus Christ left everything that he had and. He gave up the. Some of the very characteristics of the Godhead. The Bible says the word became flesh in John chapter one verse fourteen. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We beheld his glory the glory as of the only begun of the Father full of grace and truth. But as Jesus became flesh. He gave up some of those characteristics that he had. He gave up. The ability to be omnipresent everywhere at once he became a human being like you and I. Yes. There may have been. Miraculous ways where he could travel or be transport or be hidden from view we believe that of course. The Bible records it. And by the way. Human beings like Philip and others were also transported. And miraculous ways. But Jesus became a human being. He's capable of being in one time in one place. At any instant he he has. He has accepted the limitations that you and I have to become one of us. He gave up his characteristics some of the characteristics. Even. Of the Godhead. He became flesh. Keith a bull of feeling pain of being hurt. He became flesh. Struggling with temptations. Struggling with the attacks of the enemy. He became flesh. Capable of diy. Not just of being hurt and of bleeding but of die. Oh the God of heaven. For your sakes became poor How did he do it he had he did it by becoming flesh. Another way that Jesus Christ became poor for our sakes. Is that he had no home. From having. All possessions in heaven on earth. He had no whole notice with me his message in Matthew Chapter eight. And verse twenty. Matthew Chapter eight. And verse twenty and when you're there you can say. Men were looking here at. Jesus. Giving up all things. Him. Becoming poor for our sakes. And he says. Here he says in Matthew Chapter eight in verse twenty. Jesus said to him. Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests. But the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head imagine. Imagine that the King of Heaven. Not even owning any property. Not having any material possessions. Having nothing to his name. Not a place to rest he was dependent upon the. Kindness and the generosity of others. He slept out at times in the spent nights in the open air. Jesus. Had no home no place to call his own. Not only that he sometimes was hungry. Do you realize that. From the one who had creative power. He could have spoken those walks and made them into loaves of bread couldn't he have remember. In the temptation in the wilderness and Satan was even there to encourage him to do so. He was hungry. He had been fasting for forty days and forty nights. And he had bit creative power he was still fully God. And even though he had given up his omnipresent C hadn't given up his omnipotence God was still incarnate in human flesh. He could have. Korea ated those stones made them into bread. But to do so would have been to serve himself. An act of selfishness in contrast to the character of Divine Love. So there were times in Jesus' earthly life. When Jesus. Simply went hungry we know about the forty days that was of his choice. But notice of the ME in Mark chapter eleven. Mark Chapter eleven. And verse twelve it wasn't the last time the Jesus would be hungry. There wouldn't it wouldn't be the last time that Jesus would miss a meal. And be looking for food. And Mark Chapter eleven. And verse twelve we find the story. It says as they were leaving Bethany Now came the next day when they had come out from Bethany. He Jesus was hungry and verse thirteen. Seeing from a far a fig tree having leaves. He went to see if perhaps he would find something on it. When he came to it he found nothing but leaves for was not the season of figs. Jesus. Is hungry. He sees a fig tree. It purports to have fruit on it. He's hungry goes looking for food in the fruit big tree is empty bare and no fruit at all. And as Jesus. Leaves the fig tree. Remember there is that curse that he places upon it. Oh it wasn't a selfish curse. It was a symbolic curse but we don't have time to spend on that thought today. The point I want to make to you. Is that Jesus really did become poor. For your sake and for my poor enough that he became plush flesh poor enough that he had no home. Poor enough that he was hungry. Had no food to eat at times. But poor enough also that he was persecuted. The Bible says and Matthew chapter twenty seven. Let's turn there and read these three or four verses together. Matthew Chapter twenty seven and verses twenty seven through thirty one you know the story. Jesus is being brought before. His own people to be tried and and. Being turned over to the Roman governor and so forth and. The Bible says and. Matthew twenty seven verse twenty seven the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the Pretoria men gather the whole garrison around him and they say. Stripped him and. But a scarlet robe on him. When they had twisted a crown of thorns they put it on his head and they read in his right hand. And they bow the knee before him and mocked him saying. Hail King of the Jews then they spit on him and took the reed and struck him on the head. Driving those near those thorns and into his brow. And when they had mocked him they took the robot off and put his own clothes on him and led him away. To be crucified Jesus was persecuted. Our scripture today blip in chapter two it says that Jesus humbled himself. Not only to become a man not only become a servant. Not only to die. But he humbled himself. Even into the death of the cross. Why did he do it for your sake and for mine. Though he were rich. Yet became he became poor ofr ends. What an amazing amazing story this is of someone who had everything. But he gave it up. He gave it up for you. He gave it up for me. You see there's. There's there's there are fewer people there are few people who understand better the pains of being poor. Than those who have once been rich. And Jesus didn't. He wasn't a stranger to the courts of heaven above he didn't know it. He wasn't ignorant of the praise and the adoration of the angels. He wasn't he wasn't a. He wasn't a stranger to having things and having. The creative power. Fact he still possessed it. But for your sakes and mine. He laid it aside. There's nothing we can see. No one can understand. The loss of wealth. Like Jesus. Though he were rich. Yet he became poor. Charles Spurgeon. Commented on this thought. He says this and wondered now wonder you. Angels. The Infinite has become an infant. He upon whose shoulders the universe stuff hang hangs at his mother's breast. He created all things and bears up the Pillars of Creation. Has now become so weak that he must be carried by. A mother woman. And we all wonder you that knew him in his riches while you admire his poverty. Where sleeps the new born king. How do you the best room in Caesar's Palace. How the cradle of Gold been prepared for him and the pillows of down on which to rest is head. Know where the ox fed in the dilapidated stable in the manger. There the Savior lies. Swathed in the swaddling bands of the children of poverty. Nor does he will rest there long. On a sudden his mother must carry him to Egypt. There he goes and becomes a stranger in a Strange Land. Why though he were rich. Yet for your sakes. He became poor. But that's not all the passage here in second Corinthians Chapter eight nine verse. A verse nine doesn't. In there. Finally it says that through his poverty. We might become rich. We might become rich. Look at me to sell a couple of verses here on this subject as well for the. Chapter two and verses seven through nine. Efficient chapter two. And verses seven through nine. And this is what Paul. Marvels at. Why did he do all this he did it for our sakes he did it so that we might be made. Rich and. He says here in Hebrews and efficient chapter two in verses seven through nine. That in the. Ages to come he might show the exceeding riches. Of His grace. In his kindness toward us. In Christ Jesus. We become riches. And we become recipients of the exceeding riches. Of His grace. In Christ Jesus. For by grace. You have been saved through faith. And that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God. Not of works. Lest any man should boast. And so Jesus first wants to make us rich. As we become recipients of his grace. When we can say how lujah. Though I were guilty of the worst sins. I have become clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's rich my friends. That's what true riches is really the exceeding riches of His grace he says here. This is what Paul is marveling about. As he sees the transaction. That God wants to give to those who are undeserving. Though he were rich. He became poor that that we through his poverty might be made rich. Oh what a wonderful wonderful Savior. We have not only that. That we are made riches in possessions we're made rich. In our possessions first Peter chapter one and verses three through five first Peter. Chapter one versus three through five. And here we find a. Another apostle. Marveling at what Jesus has done for us first Peter chapter one verses three through five just after his greeting. To the elect. The die a sport of the many who are scattered around the kingdom of Rome. Peter says this blessid be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Who according to his abundant mercy that's what we just talked about his exceeding riches of His grace. Through his abundant mercy has be gotten us again. To a living hope. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. To an inheritance. Incorruptible and. Undefiled. That does not fade away. Reserved in heaven for you. Now I want to I want you to understand something friends. You don't have to own a piece of property here on this earth to be rich. I want you to understand that you don't have to have anything to your name or anything in your bank account in order to be rich. Because my Bible tells me that besides the riches of His grace. The pardon that he provides for through Jesus Christ. Through his becoming poor for me. The My Bible tells me that he also has laid up an inheritance for me. Of exceeding riches. In the heavenly kingdom. Notice it says an inheritance. Incorruptible and. Undefiled that does not fade away. Reserved in heaven for you. It's as if you have an inherit. You have an inheritance of something that you are going to inherit. You know I heard a story of one time of an old man and he had a lot a lot of wealth. So much wealth. Well when he was to pass away you know who was going to get it. His son was going to get it right. And just like that you have an old man and I have an old man who's going to pass away. And when our old man passes away we become. Heirs of the riches of Heaven now is not Jesus the best way you understand I sort of switch the illustrations there bit. But the old man is the old man of self and sin in my life. And when Jesus passes away. When. When that old man passes away. I come. The. Bonafide. Recipient of an inheritance. In the have an inheritance where MOF and rust of not corrupt. Deeds can break in and steal. Treasure laid up in heaven friends. It's real. And you and I own it to day. Only because of Jesus. Because Jesus for his for our sakes. He became poor that we through his property. Might become rich. What a wonderful wonderful Savior. We are. Do you say I don't have anything or but you have everything you have the riches of inheritance. Now what's amazing is. What's amazing is. Possessions as we know them today. Are finite. You understand what I'm saying about that. In other words it's like comparing. It's comparing a bowl of water. Finite measurable You know how much it is with a fountain of water. Now at any given moment there could possibly be more but water in the bowl. But what Jesus promises is. US is not a bowl of water or a finite amount of possessions. What Jesus promises us. Is an infinite supply. Oh it's amazing. What God promises for us. Not just a finite but an infinite supply of whatever we need. Whatever. We can. Whatever we can require in order to B.C. THE BIBLE SAYS IN PHILIPPINES chapter four in verse nineteen my God shall supply. All your needs. What is a say. Who will supply. My God will supply. All your needs. According to his riches. In Christ Jesus. Now. Do you think the riches that are in Christ Jesus are sufficient for your needs. I rather think they are. My God Now sometimes we don't understand how that's going to happen. We face. We face needs. We come up short. It might be a financial It might be physically it by my. Might be emotionally or spiritually. But the promise is their friends. A fountain springing up that will never stop. A god who can supply all of your needs. And it's not based upon how wealthy we are. But how rich he is. It's an amazing amazing thing that God can supply. All of our needs. When God supplies our needs. He does it. Very well. So we are rich in part and we are rich in possessions we are rich in provisions. And lastly we are made rich. In Promises Promises. Second. Peter now. Chapter one and verse four second Peter chapter one and verse four and this is what. The apostle says. Second. Peter chapter one. And verse four. He says by. Which have been given to us. Exceedingly great. And precious promises. That through these you might be partakers of the divine nature. Having a scape the corruption. That is in the world. Through lust. This isn't this is an amazing passage. This passes tells us that the promises in the Bible. They are exceeding great. And precious promises. They are very very valuable. And we become the recipient of them through Jesus. And through those great and precious promises. We become partakers of. It says The Divine that nature now. Let me tell you. If the promises are precious and Maj Gen. How valuable the divine nature itself must be. Divinity. Once to be clothed in humanity and not just two thousand years ago they. In it he desires to be clothed in your humanity. Devoted he desires. To be lived out in your life. Divinity desires to use your hands and your feet in your mouth. Your. Your heart to bless. And to give. And to inspire and to minister. And to be a fountain. Of blessing to others. Imagine how valuable that is. Oh what a wonderful wonderful promise we have and not just this promise but. The promises. The all the promises that it entails. By which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that. Through these. You may be partakers of the divine nature. Having escaped the corruption. That is in the world. Through lust. You know. Would you agree with me in the Apostle Paul that Jesus really does make us rich. Yes Oh yes. Now we're not talking pot are our pocketbook we're talking about. Butter richness. More valuable more lasting. Eternal riches. Oh Jesus. Who was rich. He became pope or. He really did. He was really rich and he really did become poor so that we really can become rich. What an amazing God. An amazing God we serve. You see there's. When I think about what Jesus has done. I can't help but get a badge and what he's going to do you ever think about that. You know you've heard me say before I don't believe. I don't think you believe that Jesus was born on December twenty five we understand history we understand but we also understand that the world. During this time of year. Has hearts that are softened. The story of Jesus. We understand that we should think of Jesus. Not just this time of year but all year long. I can't just preach on the incarnation. I have to also preach about Jesus' life. And his death. And that he's coming to kids. You see. We understand incur nation. But we ask ourselves these questions. If Christ in his poverty in his coming and. Being a man and living and dying here on this earth. If Christ in his poverty made us rich. What can he do for us now that he's glorified. If the man of sorrows save my soul. Will the man of. The man who is now exalted to the right hand of the throne of. The majesty of the heavens. Will he allow that sold perish. If the dying savior availed for our salvation. Should not the living and. Interceding savior. Abundantly secure it. I love the passage in Romans chapter eight where it's as if. If God is for us who can be against us. And Paul there he says he says look if he if. If he loved us so much that I'll just turn there because I just can't. I love the way the way Paul says it. He says in verse verse twenty thirty two he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things. That is to say my friends. If Jesus was given as a gift to planet Earth. If Jesus would go to the cross and die for your sins of my own mind. If Jesus though he were rich would become poor. Listen. It only stands to reason that God already has an investment in you. Right. He already has something that he's paid a down payment into your salvation. And when you've made a down payment you care about finishing the transaction right. When you've made a down payment that thing is even more valuable to you than before. And Jesus has been poured out by Heaven as a gift to planet Earth and that poll here says. If he's given us his son how shall he not with him also for they give us all things. If Jesus has been given. Listen you can be sure of one thing you have an open. Blank check. Already written in heaven because any thing. And I repeat. Anything that you need in order to be saved. Jesus. Is going to provide for you. There's no. There's no limit. He doesn't say well you know out. I'll give you this much grace. I'll give you this much grace and then no that's as far as. Listen. He already gave us G.'s us. How shall he not with him all so freely give us all things. Everything that you and I need in order to be saved. He's going to give us. Oh what an amazing Savior we have. I read again you know. I came across as I was finishing my message today I came across this church sermon by Charles Spurgeon and I don't. I don't usually read a lot of sermons or listen to sermons when I'm preparing because I want God to speak to me from the Word of God as I'm as I'm preparing but. I found I've just happened to come across this passage and. I thought wow. How how well. Charles Spurgeon. States some of these things he says this. If when the nail was in BIND hand oh Jesus. Thou to its route. All hell. Can you be defeated. Now that you have grasped the scepter. If when the thought. Borne crown was put upon my brow that it's prostrate the dragon. Can you be overcome. And conquered. Now that the acclimation of Angels are ascending to the know my brother and. We can trust the glorified Jesus. We can repose ourselves on his bosom. If he was so strong in poverty. What must he be. In riches. Oh friends. I have to ask you the question today. Though he were rich. Yet became he became poor that through our His strength. His poverty. We might be made. Rich I have to ask you the question. Have you been made rich. By Jesus poverty. The bible or scripture for today it. It says. This. Let this mind. Be in you. Who was in Christ Jesus. Though he were God he was willing to become a servant. Let this mind be in you who is in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robber to be equal with God but. Made himself of no reputation. Taking the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man He humbled himself into came into the point of death. Even the death of the cross. You want that mind. That experience. Therefore the Bible says. Verse nine God has also highly exalted him. And given him the name. Which is above every name. That is the name of Jesus first and says every knee. Should bow off of those in heaven. And those on Earth and those on of the earth and that. Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. To the glory of God the Father. And I think of the Incarnation. Is not just incarnation. Is that he's alive. He wants to do a work in our hearts and lives will be led in this Christmas season. Father in heaven. For R.C.. Your son became poor. That through his poverty we might be made rich lord today. I just want to pray that your spirit. Would speak to our hearts. Maybe maybe we don't know Jesus as our personal Savior. Perhaps we we have but we've just sort of wandered away from him today we have an opportunity Lord. To just accept him as the Savior and Lord the King and ruler of our lives once again. We thank you that your goodness leads us to repentance we thank you that for our sakes. You who are rich. Consented to be made poor. So they father we just want to pray that Jesus might. Might give us those. Riches. The really matter. We might have them during this Christmas. We might be a fountain of others this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. 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