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The Geologic Record

Sean Pitman

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  • December 18, 2008
    10:45 AM
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Verizon on the July record and will go out and start with and I think it's quarter till now is the first picture is a picture of the Grand Canyon you can see the horizontal layers all the way down while the into the Grand Canyon and I noticed the top also it is very very flat as all the layers that are horizontally can change there and there's very little unevenness in a life knife blades as far as separation of one layer from the next and then using these oldies off in the distance and we'll talk a little bit about them as well features of the geologic column General features the geologic column is made of sedentary layers so that it turned rock the layers are generally facile very flat and even relative to each other as in the first picture of these players are generally found all over the globe some areas of the world have a few layers or missing layers completely missing layers in some areas and most of not all liars the four on the column was found on mountains such as the Swiss Alps however as the Rockies Himalayas appellations and other mountain ranges and is popular popularly thought to be a record of millions and even billions of years of Earth history and the geologic record contains fossils as well so there's names of the layers and then there's certainty index fossils as well as associated with the layers and we'll talk about dozen more in the fossil record section so the question is what we expected on hold geologic columns look like if the geologic record is truly representative of millions and millions of years of Earth history you can't expect the first layers of long long time well right now flash is the sediments laid down flat and limited up little bit more rugged there's some erosion on on and then he got more letters land on top and Angel in the zone gaps and then you get more erosion and more layering as you go on overtime and so you and I would expect something to look like colitis over millions and millions of years of July columns should look more like that so it is coming years now there's a toss of injury erosion of mountain ranges and is pretty grand knowledge and gingerly treelike pattern to the whole type of writing them generally safe for you see on the surface of these rocks on unevenness of erosion and legacy of the layers that were previously laid down there is no evidence of prior version there is no erosion that always happened for millions and millions of years until the very top my guess is not significantly here is all layers of the Grand Canyon this is a Grand Canyon and schematic cross-section and then to the rankings actually helpless as nice a don't like structure is cut down like this is the very sharp features one of these layers here are five relative to each other not really around it except for flatly because sinistro staircase these letters here these layers once extended all over the Grand Canyon and that they have since been washed away as longitudinal staircase levels were then washed away but they've been washed away flat leasing of the Grand Canyon is a nice flat erosion not the dendritic type of erosion that we usually see today this kind of sheetlike or flat erosion and my question is not slowing here is the contact zone visit talking lesser shareholders the sandstone of Michelle him is the line between them is really flat except whether the shortcut sharp cracks in the line from the shelf they are filled with your cock in the system and my question is how you get a crack forming over millions of years without any contaminants the only thing it still buys the overlying sediment cure Samsung no degree no other type of contaminant going on sure talking assessed how does that happen over millions of years of time using the same sort of thing is they are talking a sense on a lot of things in the angle here is the lawyers got shaved off a chainsaw flatly in the Lipitor with information on the top flatly deposited as fat as a razor blade between the two layers how you show something off so flatly slowly physical and non- catastrophically has happened over millions of years this got shaved off by some Valium and flair got balls on top nice and slowly him a him as an and will size and in and Asians as an I is in an and as he and he is emotionally and is actually in a single paragraph is in a new role as all the layer is a will using me always well layers and it was a lot of we were over millions of hundreds of millions of years that there sat there has to surface of the earth for the surface and whatever on the surface of the other underwater sediment or in some of these are getting land animals so there is a service of their names and get eroded in an uneven manner they got along as smoothly if at all peers all these layers also nineteen many of them are what our culture besides there were deposited by underwater currents for distributed to close a containment lines and here's a little experiment done by a professor by business users as well as very interesting and will serve as as I have a you should is is is is is is is a Mathematica is in way over their and as I might've a Libra love you in a a you a you and I is in a you as a manager from Valley and smoothly as is his own I know I is in and in the low on the is is is is is no shadow will and is a one in a case is are you hello so as possible as I like and what is a okay as I is one and I will not as I is settled on his way is a way is there is nothing voting is that I is a relaxing I is the AU is is is is is not that I am blown as a blow to the last one is all in my notable is in a is as solid as is as a and even send you anything you and I will say what is going to come as easily as a way as him I very has sound of a lifetime to see you as you yeah as I will I bought the software life is not as on the phone and call as I is very interesting which is the model will model the Grand Canyon national bus very ancient deposition with the long exposed surfaces for millions of years or a catastrophic model of the position is rapid and relatively early solicitation layers reason I can't lay my newsletter is an option is as is as long as I is is there is wrong I run on a is missing from the homeland he is a liar is a very long cat is a low cost one he is one is that was so young and is as you as you will so have you do then slowly over the millions of years of time millions of years and she turned to stone already the case shouldn't be whipped up as soft budgets went up into overlying layers for having loadbearing cast push down themselves and all this erosion was also very interesting is this much too high Sierra foothill recognizes problems far back as nineteen seventy six American journal science he writes even if it is accepted that the essence of the contemporary rate of degradation of land services are several orders to high to provide accurate yardsticks of erosion geologic past there has surely been ample time for the very ancient features reserved in the present landscapes to have eradicated several times over the survival of these Californians is in some degree an embarrassment to all of the cannot commonly accepted models of landscape development another was when Senator layers on top of the Rocky Mountains around arguing with people I asked him why the sedimentary layers to learn this Polaroid original problem because as you wash off the surfaces of these rocks the fun of themselves are lighter than the underlying magma and they float they float up some of your stuff in the top and they float up make up the difference read more on economic and sunny ethics for museums of athletic conference never get a rundown sea level because the corrosion rates and only take ten million years to run all the continents of the world on sea level so that's fine okay slut but my question is wireless sedentary layers still on top if you have a dirty place and then you start watching office the grime and whatever on top of the plate is lifting up the play what you have left after a while just like I is you just can't grant last vision had no sedimentary layers left after ten million years if you have your whole explanations of continents float so my question is why are very old sediments that are tens and hundreds of millions of still on top of illness after ten years it just doesn't make any sense and it doesn't make sense that's in those long again the Rockies just to show you some numbers are the rock as you know is between one hundred and one thousand centimeters per thousand years that there is no change in elevation so what does I tell you the mountain stream but it's not getting taller that tells you that is being eroded out what race one hundred one thousand meters without the arthritis shoulder is nationally portrayed the kind of leftist thought to have begun a seventy million years ago in garage rate of one hundred seventy three thousand years equals one thousand meters of erosion per million years or incredible seventy thousand meters version seventy nine years so the total thickness of the layers in the Rocky Mountain regions is only thirty five hundred meters I was the original sentence the original total thickness so why is it still there that after seventy nine years and should have somewhere around seventy thousand meters erosion and sediment left if that's truly the home forever so the same problem on our society without fifty nine years old there was once covered with six thousand meters a sentence now fully covered with three thousand meters of sediment the Himalayan erosion rate right now is two hundred seventy thousand years one hundred centimeters for thousand years of erosion it was about fifty thousand vertical meters of erosion and fifty nine years the Dean Mount Everest is still covered by the old religions limestone which is about halfway down the column so what happened wrestlers used to be much thicker but we know that the structure is so scientists who are talking sake suggests that half of average slid off twenty nine years ago so that explains half of erosion because of happened it slid off it wasn't eroded wages slid down so that still twenty million years of erosion of the current orderlies in layer and it's still there how did I survive at the current elevation the Rice and writing factors for twenty nine years that it should be three thousand meters of erosion are actually not true television twenty five thousand years of erosion you still have the three thousand meter solar taste Thomas averaged zero seven four on their fathers the sea level the total land surface area of the earth is about a hundred and fifty nine square clunkers a cubic kilometer above sea level the total cubic kilometers above sea level is a hundred and thirty million the average of several references suggest about thirteen six cubic kilometers of solid material are carried by all real visitors into the oceans every year that's about thirty one thousand million metric tons per year time needed to run all the land where the sea level is not nine half-million years so again why is it still there if there is really hundreds of millions of years old .net nineteen seventy one the right North America is being donated at a rate that could level into millionaires or to put it another way at the same rates in North America 's code have been totally eroded since the middle Cretaceous time unknown years ago and spies assignor sparseness and eighty six geomorphology some of these rates operation are obviously staggering the yellow River could clarify not an area with average height of Mount Everest and ten nine years the student has two courses open him to accept long extrapolation of short-term gain nation erosion figures and adopting reality of erosion surfaces or accept erosion surfaces and be skeptical about the validity of long extrapolation of present erosion rates in other words they just don't go together they were twenty one except anything except current extrapolation of erosion rates which can be orders of magnitude often and that will so long for the soft evolutionary theory and doctrine writing is that how you explain how erosion driven orders of magnitude less in the past over the course of hundreds of millions of years compared to say why zero zero today so much greater than it was reasonably in the past organizations human skin along with you always irrigation least we around topsoil much more rapidly than would otherwise have been rounded the argument here is innocent and simultaneously increased the sediment transport by global rivers global reverser soil erosion are not to the max of two three billion metric tons for your which compared to the result isn't that much to reduce the flux of sediment reaching the rules goes by one four million metric tons because of retention within reservoirs otherwise a low-interest erosion rate from a surfer surface soil we also built dams as of the total result of human impact is actually a reduction in the decline of the communal surfaces toward sea level because of this reservoir moving them intended to Senate has done there still like quandary there how do you explain both at the same time I'd also seen the overall smoothness to me is just a ministry back to this student don't hear you say here is a picture of that see how smooth it is in these layers over here on the grand staircase they used to cover these letters here this is the same limestone is to be covered by always grand staircase layers over there so how do they get all the players got eroded away so flatly how did that happen slowly over millions of years when so nice and everything how to do that so much like fishing vessel flatly so close to our appraisal here's some erosion can see how Al Sharpton is writing this and the nice flat land on top how did that happen to did happen slowly or rapidly using file filter cigarette in my life so I happened very rapidly this is at the beach China Nederland and noticed a little mini grand staircase here phase so what happened is that the water was once on top right is a down economy receded there is less water and it moved away from here is grand staircase levels are fine as well they're not dendritic cells have erosion coming from this direction and they can then turnaround and so as you'd expect of a long period of time this is very wrong and she is obviously so much of the grand staircase looked more like raffish erosion or slow erosion of millions and millions of your also see this over and make their how to survive everything else all of a sudden around at all the legislators you still know all oils and yet is surviving on less along himself whatever did not rain on the resident did not notice no son John I know I search knowledge a satellite cell resistant to erosion here's reviewed very nice and all the dirt all the way around it is if all my vessels often everything around is gone after that happened recently with regard to your search is on top of freaking granite rock band these layers smash these layers here do the same as the music notice that these layers are warped so what happens is the preaching when we got pushed up by tectonic motion the contrast into each other in the pressure pushed up this raw and all the layers around that event don't wash away somehow she I told myself the in utero why not this is really happened is this uplift really happened over millions of years how did u survive all my vessels off now present a model seed in you see which one you think makes more sense suggestion is that this happened extremely rapidly right after the flood there's a tremendous amount of energy and energy that developed for the flight had caused gigantic tidal waves action that deposited all newsletters very rapidly and flatly Ellen White says of the pre- flood world does not have the great mountains and we see today these are developed because of the energy released by the flood and the Connelly is the ability sounds extremely rapidly model anyway so we go sign-up happens within decades they are made even less less than maybe a few years this is very rapid all the water from the flood rapidly runs off and takes that arose directly initiate erosion fall is sudden rather like we saw in the Long Beach model single assignment with it unfortunately our chief capital water no water left and energy positive and see thousands thing worked out this impersonal soft they're still not in this life the solid rock more like this very easily whom it seems more consistent in way that has this was uplifted their wagering soft sediment cannot help with it and wanted in the water ran off without her sediment and all the smelly water that's about it all this talk what criticisms of players which are still flat because they were accomplished and very rapidly this is the since stopped is offloaded by the Chinese were deposited by the money water main off from here which model makes more sense the long age model of the flow occurrences where the things is very resistant to erosion or catastrophic model where the water is on the force would be fortunate that your strategy him also found this comments here's another interesting findings are sinkholes indicated that the top layer around the Grand Canyon Harleysville singles all around it how do you get sinkholes today was a modern comparison to develop sinkholes today but here's the regional singles in the beach the alternatives are for the water was going over the top of a bargain when underneath of it and undermines the settlement underneath and then there were there were weeds because it still soft and muddy and the sun just coming to the opportunities as all sinkholes develop today hears us and called by the Jordan River is because of the diversion Jordan revoked by the diocese developing because the water level has now receded lower as undermining undermining the underlying settlors in creating these sinkholes so this is happened slowly while is still money that is when you set is already rock you have millions of years of strong internal organs while racing for the synchrotron Rockwell is still not in soft lining canyons and resulted in a sharp very only cookie-cutter pattern here and here's the start of the canyon right here and is very sharply defined listening formed rapidly or slowly over millions of years it was formed slowly by slow levels of erosion with new expectancy rounded off in dendritic and what would you expect whatever River created this account of undercutting a random sort of manner that was crisp cookie-cutter pattern it's like sheet erosion within the sing out very rapidly here's the drive policies and blinds hanging from the collapse and canyons we know that this was produced this guy in the early nineteen twenties for Harlan Brett 's general undressing him us I was in Washington state were produced by massive floods everybody laughed at him for a few years until they finally found the sources of Florida which was a gigantic Lake Bowen blocked by ice dam and diced them have been undermined several times releasing the entire contents of this massively in a sixteen hundred foot wall of water and had carved out a strong scab lands in Washington state including Tuesday's drive falls which are three times bigger than Niagara Falls and their blinding canyons then he won the generals meddling in the nineteen eighties because of this people laughed at him for a long time because they thought that is accepted is that they would be forced to believe in Noah's flood but when they found it was a local flood Islamism is a massive local flood your good to go but he knows flood no way let's look at the Grand Canyon service because of the Grand Canyon from space now this is a great King the line but no necessary notices this is the grand staircase around the runway in this flow to overcome them through here's a long seriousness of this single grand staircase this is the Grand Canyon says that the grander Canyon the signing that all the way and then this is called the Grand Canyon somebody's knowledge and a picture here so is look at Seattle BJ does that look like a blinding canyon on a massive scale to me analysis of the Londoners are just like the dry Falls and much of these lines right here it's amazing that will shop on here to me this is probably a huge like that before and then it broke through right here on all the sugar water would rush over here I created a giant waterfall all in all the water receded a bit more about this line of thinking and before it even farther back all along was gone and then all you have left with is this river Colorado River still going and soft sediment adjusted down very rapidly notice at the beginning the river is straight it doesn't have very many and usually occurs anything is a straight shot because revenue flowing water goes straight in the energy is used up it starts turning so that it is more jagged back and forth on you as it is farther along and so is this more of a catastrophic model for a long five million year period of no log one of my professors Loma Linda I he believes in evolution long periods of time not only is bringing to his office to talk about why didn't believe in evolution over time so finally I just got frustrated us what is your number one reason for why you believe the earth is old for the new geology geologic column is always number one reason is the number one reason why the leader of Islam all this because of the longer stands in the Grand Canyon is answer and importance of the Grand Canyon and filled it up to thousand foot walls of Dan back up the river into these massive legs behind phases these dams would require tens of thousands of years each to run away and there's lots of them in the Grand Canyon and outside he explained that under the hundred thousand years possibly for some of the larger ones the road how the world can you explain how the Grand Canyon can be young and catastrophically have these logins there would take thousands and thousands of years H2 around the suspect left the telephone so on the lookout will look into it and organizing the site where should I go read up on drinking and stuff in person very long so then that same we challenge the University of Arizona library and that same month they had published a paper called Trans Union the geologic infant and it turns out that these of logjams collapsed within eighty minutes of actually stated in the roadway along here's a time there were undermined because when you take hot while the integrated into cold water what is a transit glass turns into glass and saw how stable do you think the glass stands in the field of earthquake there would have as your last longer Chanel many ostriches are little while water behind it what's up to thousands of well watered and due to the King this cannot carve it out very rapidly the massive amounts of water released suddenly from the scandalous Washington state state begun that China water in a concentrated Kenyan bushes in the carpet out very rapidly so that cells is the geologic change in Washington New Jersey Verizon news two thousand and a lot of clouds with uneasiness usual wall water suddenly released or seven times the flow of the largest flood of the Mississippi River huge amounts of rapidly moving water you can judge a massive rapid erosion portion of the Grand Canyon once thought to be up to seventy nine years old in Florida five million years old quotes may be as young as six hundred thousand years old that's an order of magnitude difference father is a range of error there between ten and hundredfold initial dating by five millimeters backup by potassium argon radiometric dating how reliable is that now that we got on the six thousand years then we got more recent paper published in two thousand seven and I got all these different sides of probability down to hundred thousand years so how reliable is all this is the range of seventy million down to hundred thousand years with your range of error how accurate can you be calling Geico is another order of magnitude new guy Heather yours in Holtwood Gorge same sort of situation is indicated by a hundred and eighty millimeters and a test tomorrow in July two thousand four liquor lesser cardiologist from University of Vermont in Burlington used their own genitals and courts to we take these things in his asset listing under thirteen thousand years while the difference of two hundred eighty nine year days and thirteen thousand years what does I tell you about different data methods agree to hear that all the time right did I really called again essentially agrees that's a difference of four orders of magnitude so I went back to my professor with the stuff I think they dance clubs and eighty minutes he's one talk to Monument Valley big problem same sort of situation seasons long as those that are horizontally layered on the sediment in between loosely connected series releasing one's same sort of deal what happened to all that are in between and while the long blowing things up monuments taken away where they all resistance era into home doesn't rain here everywhere else not here notice also that their lineup to things line up with each other in a flow pattern current to flow together a lot of right-hand side of this thing know that the engines of Ottoman the six hundred five all on the line does that happen over millions of years that it doesn't rain or snow are in your weblog here I see a concert from our vantage point see the all I will see long lines as a lifelong patterns at work so as I see you as is and will and I is an online about one hundred dollars as he is a is is is is is a will as well as lifestyle is so in our azole is now happens in your tendency to think of the name much more convincing than all these things got eroded away of your time is as is as is will stop all all as I will always will this is all standing on a unbelievable easy as you will and is on his one hundred as well as an novel is is is is is is is is is in the ground on the harassment based on site area is is wrong is you will okay and now is as soon as I is not as obvious as long as a NYS Halasz is taught is wrong and and and want to know is that English is one of the all glass will not hasten through the whole nine zero zero so here we don't stop following management will be the speech was incredible they are laudable undermining things with all the pillars this is rapid this is not slow available upon holes in Hong Kong rapidly or slowly the knowledge of a large somehow survived millions of years of slow erosion or was it just rapid and all the water was gone before it collapsed to another way collapsed recently so here's a nice little skinny one here this is the standard story about how the largest developed more than two thousand arches are located within seventy thousand acres in southeastern Utah there were once very almost one mile sudden local uplift caused cracks to form the cause and corrective more regulator cracks because of erosion they are in your tracks slowly eroded them to sign false confessions and then the water nature the cracks in the usual delicate little arches have to send the story you believe that we believe water just went through this rapidly treacherous reptile before the class on our reason nothing happened slowly you don't advantage to San Fran him all of a sudden in between your phone taken away slowly wanting fulfillment instead that's all I'm not sure for millions of years says this is in the middle of a huge Valley fever doesn't look like Walter Lancelot consider how myself so there am I saw very been around for a huge value eroded away and things in life for millions of years of version no this is a river and massive sheet erosion catastrophic finally is not a huge problem here's a red wall limestone and this is a chain grandma off the white Stephanie said they are right stuff is interview educated with the white stuff daily finger in amongst each other one layer overlaps in Hawaii NYC is one other to these layers are supposedly separated in time by two hundred million years sorcerers and level down and there's a gap in time of two hundred million years this is still flood Noah and underwriting somehow the two hundred millionaires happened in between the top of this and the bottomless you how to make an educated like that over two hundred million years of time when there's a discount now is a catastrophic one of your real threat walls and the schematic diagram Mississippi layer those layers are not there they're just missing they got around anyway flatly somehow this is gap was no sign of two hundred million years with assignment gone the cameras moved up but underneath flatly no millions and hundreds of millions of years whatever this is catastrophic and hormones of your version it will be changed for issue of Princeton University press made a very interesting what I think is a revealing comment concerning the start conformity problem is annoying characteristic of the draft from boundaries the alliance between players and the many other measured by a stratigraphic boundaries boundaries between different types of fossil groups is a general lack of physical evidence of sub aerial exposure choices and to preaching starring channeling and residual gravels tend to be lacking even where the underlying rock century and soft limestones these boundaries are currently for these that are usually identifiable only by Kelly in a logical more fossil evidence another was astonished on the physical structure of the raw essays on what kind of also the runner-up that's only way they can tell that there was a staff they can't tell anything about erosion in our generally okay earlier paper you'll remarked remarkable aspect of your informant is in limestone sequences general lack of evidence of leaching from the under surface residual saws and Karsten surfaces are irregularly irregular writing channels that might be expected to result from long sub aerial exposure are lacking or unrecognizable their origin of peer conformity is as uncertain and I certainly do not have a simple solution to this problem though that is if you don't believe in a catastrophic while you know this is also the only single citizens angular unconformity because there's angled rock got shaved off flat and more rock outfit on this direction anything that slowly you shave it off flatly even on layers on top this way is a catastrophic or what classic types these are rocks that from underlying levels of squirted up until the line rock in the overlying rock eroded away how do you squirt solid rock is a very Jurassic layers Cretaceous layers try acid layers is these are all millions and will supposedly third rock from here screwed up and so I locked for years like the sand layers that are clay layer in the middle of the said Larry Gross I got screwed up in the middle of the sand the layer this works so the president of synergy and the cellular family are in the narrative down rapidly and they were still soft and muddy and using the Neo times and tons of pressure from the overlying layers put on soft money layers underneath what is tons and tons of pressure going into the mud missing the final time you leave second the line level and also needs to space right up until one level and practicing harder the rotted away assumes that God is more resistant to review and make these little slice but this is classic dice this is more consistent with millions and millions of years of production is rockstar like that bars in late two thousand one not necessity hundreds of thousands of years old and I can make this out very long the projection agency these layers try features are discussed in representing a year a year of time another layer like tree rings it laid down in the bottom of the lake that every year so I question assiduously goes through about ten lawyers there hadn't survive platinum around their ten years the government is a very layers that are folded over each other how does that happen at each of these is deposited one year at a time that he falls no effect like this if this is not a more rapid deposition process wherever in the Sioux some adults will probably pronounce differently measured bars and let go fluency in Sicily found up to five lamina deposited during one year and was a clear marking point because they knew the Xenical newly built in that year until nineteen seventy one hundreds of years they found a number of laminar range between three hundred and sixty seven he expected one here are one hundred sixty so our investigation supported Kosovo today bears first intention that sediment laden floodwaters could generate turbidity underclothes and departed to positive arms rapidly that it through and out on his second interpretation of VARs of our vice items unnecessarily hanging so the argument that hundreds of thousands of bars represent hundreds of thousands of years is now overturned especially given the premise that a catastrophic scenario condyle dress so obviously fit together like a jigsaw puzzle especially if you look at like like Africa and South America see that connected together by the judges will become of pushing the utterances of the sort of project see down here single rule projection systems of the invention printed arguments for Connolly just the question is for the argument is a way that the stronghold just happened over two hundred million years of time and original con Pangaea the weather all connected businesses that are millionaires on the next part of that time ten days after separate ways so let's look a little bit scenario of this it makes sense two thousand years ago Ephesus was a seaport city now it is five miles inland because the deposition of two tiny little rivers there Louisiana the Wii Louisiana coastline is being lost twenty five square miles per year because a version the US spends five hundred million dollars to prevent erosion on the East and West Coast Florida spends eight million dollars a year along to prevent corrosion the past fifty years what this is awesome the three hundred meters surface coastlines and a northern and central regions of California wrote it about the recent history year the sun areas because I think it's a lot regenerating up to one five meters per year here's how slow the current advantage of their CRO euros from back pretty far half is from coastlines of Texas is losing between three and fifteen meters ago sign three year major Gulf Coast storms can cause thirty to forty years of erosion in one day landmark light from the landmark lighthouse and I think Congress in North Carolina it was originally built fifteen hundred meters in eighteen sixty nine and had to be moved another one thousand meters avoid collapse into the ocean which equals about two meters per year version also this is true all over the world Japan now that will suffer a Long Island that spending billions of dollars to prevent corrosion there obviously you don't want please let you guys so don't ask a question what would an average of just one singular coastal erosion or deposition due to the shape of the constants in two hundred million years one centimeter doesn't sound like much relatively speaking right at the change would be significant there would be two thousand kilometers or twelve hundred miles enough to a road or deposit halfway through the United States on all sides is not talking about the surfaces is talking up the edges of version so why is a puzzle still fit if it really is a two hundred million years of the bonus economists divided why does it still fit the Gulf of Mexico alone should be completely filled in by the deposit from the Mississippi River in ten million years so why is it still the Gulf of Mexico and before you does Kelly comes a very interesting their patterns of rock that show the direction of flow over very large areas no and even worldwide and unnecessarily recent research has been completely published I was being worked on right now by Arthur Chadwick and others of you conceive mortgage of videos on amazing discoveries and also from the walls of my series and is in and is and is and will is you is will and will and so in such as a something is is is is is is is is a is an is is is is is is was is is only as he will and a and I is in an and him and is pretty much is is is is as nice as you is a you is is is is is also a nice and will will is is is is is is how will you as a home is a a a a in and as I is is is is is is is is is will is is is is is is is is is like an month will as well shall I is a is okay to you is not as and I is is is is is will is in you is a is is is he on the left side here from you and he saw me as he is in the news is I and I and so he is and is and I and I is is a is myself and my Sunday as I is will is is is is is is you have nominated as a way I was in so I have a son in a a summary and is and will is not as a is he is a as is as a fellow content why is he a way so as a is is is is was is in and I lead is a and is not as big as he is in is the son and is and will is not becoming an way as I is is is is a theology is revealed as little as I is the will is in and say he is in the eye and is will is and is a you I you as is as is is is is is is is is is is will and is will a you will and is is is is is a is will not in the Duma and I is not in as is an All-America list is only as you having you as so as you know this is as a is is is is is is is is is why he is a you need me when I was using around the top manuals are the believes he made what makes himself going to have to run in the something right otherwise if there were no great mountains which direction with the great highways of the huge tsunamis earlier two thousand three thousand feet tall which direction related one once they started they just keep going right who shown shrewd around around the world every time the salami went by what would happen to the side after there be no more water there for a while with little chance for whatever survived to run around the mental footprints on the sediment from a while until he got camera goes around the globe takes a few hours or maybe no twelve hours associate around loving English wipes it out here and pretty soon you're accusing survived my global footprints and we'll talk a little bit about the footprint evidence versus body evidence in the fossil record on the next lecture this afternoon the other questions fairness the geologic column yes and that question is better than catastrophic arguments are there any other factors account for selective array him from you very very difficult to imagine how you can be so selective like for especially like Monument Valley high can be so selective for erosion and differentials on something like Monument Valley for something related rocks sitting on the middle of nowhere with a single next on it I don't know how you need a selective stuff I think it's a good argument started necessary argument is that the surface on top is hard and then erosion who was able to Road partly through these in the harder surface which was resistant and then undermine things that were softer underneath more rapidly and in his class that on such a massive scale where something is so isolated on high surrounded by gigantic valleys all the way around I don't see how that argument is unconvincing because you imagine something eroding away a channel through hardware and then getting down softer you think that whoever got through first is if you got down to first the original writing and lobbying uneven pattern download it would make a smooth surface unless you have another hardware but even when I got down for first would start at a preferential treatment on the lower level layers to make differential version before guzzling those areas were more protection of the launchers of time before those copyrighted way you would still have differential pattern results event is just too flat for those differential arguments I think to be convinced this is a very caricature they are now are the questions to Christian Howes have a timeline about how faceted becomes a slow part my personal timeline is unknown but ungracious geologist that is the lesson for five thousand years is my personal timeline I think about it has two cars crashing into each other you got to automobiles traveling very rapidly to have a head-on collision they were evil of the how fast does it take strike and as a progress and impact the day-to-day blood pressure low energy was released and they are start moving less and less rapidly toward each other and right now I think nursing the end of the remnants of inclusion the continents have collided very rapidly with each other they built gigantic mountains and ocean trenches for a rapidly good now they're starting to move less rapidly because I use a lot of energy including just like to cars and so this is the end of the collision are still moving there's still jostling around we still have earthquakes but not nearly anything like an original solution is now the question is how to do the zoology and creationism how different animals are given similar genus or species names how can you explain that from a creationist viewpoint and arguments along those lines have been used to say not all species have been preserved on those are just too many of the millions and millions of species on Illinois cannot fill these animals onto the ark therefore the whole arc story is a nice social and children's fable from a creationist perspective that I think of unlike some provisions that a lot of animals are actually descended from one of starter kind of animal less flat like the Biblical use of the word find instead of species for example dogs and all dogs descended from a wolflike creature from the Chihuahua to the great game but they can all all dogs can breed and produce viable and profile offspring than you have differences like horses and donkeys and zebras and all those kinds of creatures because all descended from one time what course is talking zebras for the horses and donkeys of the clearly two separate species but they can produce liable loss from the mule but the real sterile that you know why the meal Lucero Jerry the reason why you will sterilize because the horse chromosome one of the worst comes on versus the donkey comes on his inverted as an inversion chromosome than someone they can produce a viable Australia because producing my to reproduction you who rely on mitosis and mitotic activity doesn't matter how it comes on czar related to each other so you can produce a lot lost that when the mule tries to make the game is viable gaming it has to go through a process called gnosis order to get your neurosis you have to throw the chromosomes of exactly one spot on one chromosome has to compare up to the identical spot on the other chromosomes exactly in order to do that when you have inversion of chromosomes you have to make a living to get them to match up and we make a living thing yet these translocations occur and there are not even because aloofness of them all up and so you can make viable again these the hands of the mule style almost always and so is not necessary that the meal has different kind of information is not a different kind of gene pool vicious physical orientation of problems and differences so I explain to operationalize the different kinds of animals are created de novo originally but when you're beyond the kind of boundary and I'll talk about that on my last lecture on genetics have you finally find his once you go beyond the boundary of Mendelian genetics and Darwinian evolution doesn't work this in your program and in as a lot of people imagine the flood as the year-long event and the water came up the water went down I know you will find trying I don't imagine the flood like that to me I think of it as a series of closely spaced catastrophe for massive and shortly space I think that perhaps is multiple meteor events agency figures in Arizona the third of the Gulf of Mexico is a meteor impact crater the Yucatán is his right at the edge of it is massive because he massively impacts all over the place so imagine that there is one through a hail of a meteor impacts what would that do to tidal wave action and oceans and the alliance says that the flood was so horrible the double feared for his life and at the art would be destroyed if God hadn't physically preserved it actually sent his Angels to take care of it this was not just a simple little water comes up water goes down this was massive tsunamis two thousand three thousand and twelve traveling at supersonic speeds around the entire loan there was one catastrophe after another and after going to get off the art was at the end of the catastrophes now you got these massive lakes that are really solid time got ice ages you got huge catastrophic events that also deposit layers so I don't think as the geologic column in the simplistic though this is just one event type scenario I think of it as multiple shortly stations that I usually don't get into because people have very different views the question is can the earth as a physical structure have been here before life before God yesterday dividing things and then creating life on this planet in the denigration weak how can the planet have been here before that some people think that the whole universe was created in six days because of and the creation we can talk to the stars and the sun him for I know he made the stars also but to me it sounds like what is my view that the earth has a physical structure and universe stars and whatnot could easily have been here for millions and millions of years before because several passages in the Bible I think indicate that for example Angelica says that after creation of the earth the son of God sang together where did this on the value of who are the sons of God angels right angels or beings on other created flats which Ellen White so she went and visited theirs is other created world with all individuals and small individuals and whatnot not necessarily people that there are intelligent beings the lid on other planets before we were created we were created as a saxophone type to the universe and so I think all these means lid on other planets in other solar systems and that the universe is here before we got here and the physical plant of the earth itself the canons of chances in the first to pass as a eugenicist assessed in the spirit however over the surfaces of the DNA or was without form and void so it seems to me there was something here there was like a watery planet but it wasn't form hadn't informed the waters have divided it have been given structure that happened and made interface that can support life since I believe that the physical material of the packet of inherent and is likely was here before creation week so I argue that evidence for a young life not necessarily on earth cycle myself a young life creationists instead of the day and I forgot the date forward says that he made the stars also the sun moon stars I think about it as a perspective problem to grow Genesis Moses we believe right now might says it hasn't honestly believe Moses revisionists I believe Moses is the creation from a human from an earthbound perspective so hearing vision and you're stuck on the earth surface of the earth and you're looking at the vision of what God is doing to the planet what are you noticing when we first is the first day I was like I but there is no son you see light right and then before the firmament got separated it would be like sitting on the surface of Venus or something we got a very dense atmosphere like you're looking through a very fuzzy glass but you can see is light you can see the sign you can see the stars and then went on the life of the firm that Mister above from the waters below and then it becomes clear more clear as like a crystalline material agency threat policy to fail there's a son there is there is a start and so I think is this more of a perspective issue that Melissa set off all of Sunday's visit heavenly bodies appear but I think as part of a perspective process of God actually creating other things that reveal the sun and stars and also started like a tangential point becoming offhandedly throws out oh by the way God made the stars also it seems almost offhanded but is not necessarily done is amazing that we do that makes you think you're coming this afternoon will be fossils geology this is my audio receivers generation and run around you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net and nothing like that working like this is an online service www. volume versus nonwork


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