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Darwin vs. God

Sean Pitman

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 19, 2008
    9:30 AM
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him on as much for bringing this era altogether DY seat to study your word in your will for us and your guidance in our lives and to learn a little bit more about your second shot of nature Jesus name a lot of people think that the science is inherently answer is that the liturgy don't overlap that religion is one happening to approach truth and science is a completely separate out any temperature and that you do not have an extra talk to each other in their separate enterprises and five position anyway that they don't have to be separate they can be separate I think it's better if they're not the thing that if you can overlie your science and religion you have better of those fields that you have a better religion and you and your science is actually could be better Darwin published the book that started everything in motion as far as science becoming more secular because before Darwin became popular scientist the best scientists in the world were largely very religious in their efforts to explore the mind of God doesn't have to garland Santa started becoming more and more secular and independence of God or any sort of my consideration of God in their studies and is the title of the book is very interesting with our monkeys on the origins of the species by means of natural selection so that's the mechanism for the desert preservation of favored races in the struggle for life published in nineteen fifty nine in the races is talking about here are human races so he's it was kind of the anti- Lotus a racist it was a racist mentality as a nation and this book reflects the so what is Darwinian evolution what is actually based on assessing this on a fairly simple mechanism known as random mutations which are small or large apparently random nondirective genetic changes in DNA and natural selection which is a nonrandom force a real little force of nature that in each generation mindlessly selects the strongest to preferentially survive and reproduce the next generation and that is otherwise known as survival of the fittest and is also very real force that happens there is natural selection it works it's just brutal and mindless as they the only problem with this force so what are the implications of Darwinian style evolution well let's start with the implications of those who favor of atheism the atheistic view of Darwinian evolution this is Richard Dawkins is a very famous and currently living as a wall as a supervisor public understanding of science at Oxford he's very well-funded he has a lot of money at his disposal and he's been very active he writes all atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist so before Darwin came along he really couldn't intellectually if the film doesn't exist because there is so much evidence for God but then when Stalin came along the Canada removes the need for God as an agent you have the atheist 's presidential election but it does and it's interesting that the doctor started out as a Christian but then he became thinking actively searched for something to support to believe not to believe in God because he has such a horrible view of God and we'll get into that in a minute for here's a little video of a I will change him as he is not that he is is is is is is genocide this is a is is is him and who means OU God who delivery is into what is innovative you really thought that God is all those horrible things the heart I would like a leader is it all depends on your view of God and if that was your view thus I were brought up on it this is what God is really like in the Old Testament it is more a reflection of God and is of human degradation then you probably be pretty teams as well so you know is to understand the Dawkins background a little bit why he's so adamant and so very hateful against Christian ideas and labor being is also famous professor of biological science at Cornell University he writes naturalistic evolution has clear consequences that Charles Darwin understood perfectly well know Bosworth having exists no life after death exists Knowlton foundation for ethics exists no ultimate meaning in life exists in free and very well is also nonexistent and he seems pretty cheerful about it and turning against the plaintiff is pretty depressing that he seems to be fine with it and it's interesting to me he had had a brain tumor and pastorate and he didn't seem to have it sent to affect his acus audiology is still the same way all the way him George Gaylord Simpson professor of paleontology rights of man as a result of purposeless and materialistic processes that did not happen in mind he was not planned is a state of matter a form of life is sort of animal species on the order Primates agenda nearly or remotely to all of life and indeed to all the material and so purposeless naturalistic processes is also pretty cheerful about it is really sure what Charles Sagan his famous astronomer who passed away as well he writes the secrets of evolutionary time EA time for slugging relations of favorable mutations and death to make room for new species and that's really great so that was interesting about him especially scissor I personally have been captured by the notion of extraterrestrial life and especially extra chart terrestrial intelligence from childhood that swept me up and I've been involved in sending spacecraft nearby planets to look for life and in radio research for extraterrestrial intelligence so he can want search of the other forms of intelligent lives of life in this universe as long as it's not he's fine with finding other night highly intelligent beings just don't call them George Wald Nobel Prize winner and physiology he writes times the heroes applaud the time with which we had the deal is on order two billion years I didn't so much time the impossible becomes possible the possible probable and the probable virtually certain one has only to white time itself performs miracles so just given enough time the even the impossible will become possible you know so this time not job performed your again with Dawkins is an so save the say that if you need somebody who claims not to believe in evolution that person is ignorant stupid or insane or wicked but I'd rather not consider that so neither Communists doesn't seem very promising if you don't believe in evolution you're not referring hopeless so let's look at a few of the stupid ignorant or insane and see if everybody is actually stupid ignorant and saying that he at least questions evolution this is Richard Smalley Winter nineteen ninety six Nobel Prize in chemistry in the keynote address and testing University he writes or spoke evolution has just been dealt its deathblow after reading origins of life by Rana and Ross with my background in chemistry and physics this clear evolution could not have occurred now it is seen which is a ignorant stupid or insane nineteen ninety six Nobel Prize winner recycle baking is a biochemist from Lehigh University he started out leaving full heartedly in Darwinian style evolution from the get go he has no religious qualms with it he has no personal vendetta against it and yes just looking at about chemistry as a biochemist he's confused because he writes molecular evolution is not based on scientific authority there is no publication in scientific literature in prestigious journals specialty journals or books that describe how molecular evolution of any real complex biochemical system he did it occur reason might have occurred there are assertions that such evolution occurred but actually none are supported by pertinent experiments or calculations there is a lot of what I call just source just so stories given enough time this is bound to happen but aptly none of those are supported by a mathematical or statistical analysis in the scientific literature is just a say so there's no tactile Asians are predictions about how long on average as you take nothing like that as for statistical analysis this is based on given enough time is bound to happen that's it this is the story which is a quite incredible I can call you think at all the scientists of the taken in by the story that is not supported by statistics or prediction of any kind Charles Hall town or towns winner of the Nobel Prize in physics and the UC Berkeley professor he writes intelligent design is one season from a scientific point of view seems to be quite real this is a very special universe is remarkable that came out just this way that the laws of physics were just the way they are we can be here at all some scientists argue that well there is an enormous number of universes and each one has is a little bit different this one just happened to turn out right well that's a postulate and has a pretty fantastic postulate it as soon as there really are the norms number of universes and the flaws could be different for each one of them yet a possibility is that ours was planned and that's waking also specially seasoned Nobel Prize winner in physics is he crazy or insane or stupid these are so from Ralph Hoyle on the top is a guy who cannot think in a derogatory manner came up with the term Big Bang theory and this man under underneath him he's a famous mathematician professor with prancing they write in together their book evolution from space no matter how large the environment one considers like to not have had a random beginning from the beginnings of this that we have emphasized the enormous information content of even the simplest living systems the information cannot hardly be generated by what are often called natural processes as for instance Ramiro meteorological and chemical processes information was also needed we have argued that the requisite information came from an intelligence him these are famous scientists physicists astronomers and mathematicians with prancing in particular goes on it was quite a shock for my earliest training as a scientist I was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with any kind of deliberate creation that notion has had to be very painfully shed I'm quite uncomfortable in the situation the state of mind I now find myself in that there is no logical way out of it so he wants to believe in evolution he grew up believing that he was taught it all the way through his education he has no problems with the philosophically or religiously and yet based on his view of science he is now stuck with a logical conundrum the science does not support with what he's been taught from childhood so analysis positive he says once we say that the probability of life originating at random is so utterly miniscule estimated absurd to become sensible to think that the fable the properties of physics on which life depends are in every respect and deliberate or created on how find myself driven to this position by logic there is no other way in which we can understand the precise ordering of the chemicals of life except to invoke creations on a cosmic scale we were hoping a scientist that there would be a way around our conclusion that there is so is he just crazy or insane twice as such a struggle for most scientists and scientists even consider the idea of God or a godlike intelligence has been clearly responsible for at least some aspects of our universe or by a system complexity by a set such a struggle nowadays here's Professor of zoology wanton Richard Lamont and from Harvard so adept at Harvard he writes our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense this is understanding the real struggle between science and the supernatural the first site he fully announced that scientific claims are nonsensical at times I mostly goes on to explain why they still believe these nonsensical claims here we take the science side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs in spite of its failure to fulfill many of the extravagant promises of health and life in spite of it the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just so stories because we have a prior commitment a commitment to materialism is so vague they present all the stories in the present the stories is absolutely true without the support of science or mathematical analysis or statistics or any of that stuff you usually associate with true scientific theories each as they are the commitments that philosophical commitment which you could call it a religious dogmatism is on is not the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world but on the contrary that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts of his material explanations no matter how counterintuitive no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated sounds like a club or something like a cult moreover that materialism is absolute for we cannot allow the divine foot in the door so is this a scientific basis versus a religious basis for belief this next man his name is Jean King and he wrote the seminal work on spontaneous development of early life forms the first cellular structures in the prebiotic soup heat his book is called biochemical predestination and it was the Bible for evolutionary biology for since the mid- nineteen seventies and then he became converted in this assist the little story from him will video clip search I is harsh and will species and are in a express or I will see you as is is is is is is is is is is and has a is as long as you is what size are far as I is is is is is is is is is is is is is a and I is and realize as a way is that interesting the resulting changes means it is one of the students in his class passed in the simple questions as different proteins in and always molecules himself and assemble themselves into these complex structures according to your book in your theory was appointed DNA and he thought the for a while you got another five years he finally cannot answer that question and finally decided that some intelligence had to be responsible for the information content of DNA and suddenly changed his mind on this and now he's an intelligent design advocate the releasing the movie expelled or an evasive of this is just a little interview with Ben Stein his site is interesting that if you haven't seen it is worth the least seen out on the on the rental and sale as I is in picture and I will I is pursuing I will be as powerful as he is in and on and on and now I cannot go a little move this is Richard Dawkins a wiring from Richard Dawkins perspective which is on the first new look original does why can't it be done to me is it because the science is the moral consequences or because you hate your idea of God writing is a very twisted idea of God and if you had that idea Gandhi would want a dog uses either right he thought he was a masochistic murderess of judgment told out to get you in Canada on which you want to exist now so you're perfectly fine if some other intelligence exists as long as it's not God I interesting is not based on again my emphasis here is not based on science of belief in atheism is based on philosophy not science him us all and was he is renting a house science and I may have allowed God to be in God and God will go in your life and will and is is is is an is in the way in your human being will will will will will will will will will will is little reason gone to that sphere is you that interesting nose hose your morals but this is the installing folks you know the whole love mono tone guy is inversely losing all of you wrote speeches for Nixon and all those that he has his own show on hand window signs money and all this is a very brilliant scholar in his own right and he has no real philosophical basis is to come out on this issue is just amazing that somebody like him his axis of such stuff that you expect from a Seventh-day Adventist theologian Isaac is fascinating on my little recording device here has gone on them I see if it works so question that at least a few well-respected scientists and just about every major field of science including Nobel laureates of problems with some fun in the last victim nationalism or Darwinian evolution proteases there is really all that well understood scientifically are they more religiously or philosophically based and motivated me what a lovely essay so far as religiously motivated guerrilla based on science so let's look at science what would make something scientific who is a scientific basis basis for a position in a philosophical position is impossible to have a scientific basis from philosophical position slick briefly about what most people think science is the scientific method is fairly simple this kind of the symbol of BS detector Thursday just make an observation of some sort in the physical world outside of your own mind the legends you see something happen you see an observation that any use that observation to make a falsifiable prediction as to what will happen in the future I've been in test that prediction to see if it successfully avoids falsification to see if that actually happens like he predicted to happen if the prediction of always falsification that actually happens the hypothesis gains predicted value another was is more likely to happen again in the future can so that the prediction fails the hypothesis must need to be modified or discarded completely in favor of the new hypothesis because it fails obviously isn't working and doesn't have very good predictive value makes sense fairly simple I observation testing and modified modification that science Circle popper one of the most influential philosophers of the twenty century she writes any hypothesis that does not make falsifiable predictions is simply not science such apoptosis may be useful or valuable they can they cannot be said to be science Popper began considering his definition for science because an enforcer falsification in size after attending a lecture by Einstein he noticed that Einstein 's theories were much sure does like Freud Armas because Einstein 's theories were risky they could be wrong yes on some object he made predictions that he contested the observation of going contrary to what Einstein said the nine sensors would be bumped at either the he was the step out on a limb basically you can easily cut himself off and be completely shown to be way off base is a very risky think several I have a dream or whatever and for those lawyer mother dropped is a baby any so I was never actually dropped as a meaningful manager father than the charges of it does it can just modify your story all day long and still be right and said marks are for a series of not very risky because there you have always post talk potential modifications to them whereas Einstein now set in stone this is less than happening in fifteen years any significant degree from the prediction of Einstein 's theory is wrong so Einstein 's theory by nature is more scientific because it is inherently more falsifiable design a sense so what is a non- scientific religion are those possible for example let's say there's observation dinosaurs and birds insert share several features that make it fit the hypothesis that dinosaurs and birds have a common ancestry as they hypothesis the prediction that link between dinosaurs and birds will be found sharing additional features like a feathered dinosaur which is the popular in recent days is that prediction her this production is established falsifiable this side of eternity let's say you don't find a dinosaur of a feathered dinosaur or any other additional features it is a prediction necessarily wrong is not wrong is just not fair it's only verifiable but is not falsifiable there's no falsifiable aspect of that prediction because this side of eternity it could still be true is in a sense this is only there well there's a difference between a verifiable predictions and a falsifiable prediction is in a sense so it doesn't really meet poppers procure for signs that particular prediction soliciting some can have very mundane scientific hypothesis let's say for example I got to Las Vegas and I observed the rule double sixes every time I scratch my nose three times in a row so far today so therefore a major and processes that somehow scratching my nose causes me a real double sixes is not a valid scientific hypothesis from hoppers definition it is right it is so fast I knows I don't have to know how it works by this afternoon discussion as our level six is right and every time I do it it gains predicted values were inside a hundred times in a row you say there might be something to model theory okay I'll shoot people they outsource the source guys are especially superstitious in this way they were the same socks wash your jersey all season long and other stuff like this young I'm not saying that's necessarily always very scientific but people consider that this could be scientifically true a working theory anyway but let's say I once and don't roll double six Russia as what happens to my hypothesis does it have the same degree of predicted value now all of a sudden drops notch and predict to devalue and so now my hypothesis is least is not an absolute predictor anymore and has to be modified in some sense they doesn't make sense so without is it possible to detect God signature in nature using falsifiable science if God does exist he could act in such a way that we could detect in as those deliberate and intelligent it is at least possible they could do that if he actually exists that could be detectable as any other intelligent natural agent is you will like you says humans all of time there's a whole scientific disciplines like anthropology and forensic science where we are able to detect the delivered activity of human agents is it possible that God is a good act in such a way that we can detect in a similar manner or because some people argue there's no way we can detect God because God can act in the name way that we could actually recognize them as a deliberate agent place as their definition of those whom the God is more incapable of manipulating nature than I am I think not if he actually exists so the question is as God acted in a tactful manner of course he could hide himself right his omnipotence an all-powerful and everything they could hide is also deserving away frustrated I can as possible as well so the question is how CRC acted the way we could detect the basic notions behind naturalism and I was not sure detecting God is a deliberate more intelligent Windows would be difficult because you dissenters as mindless laws of nature can explain everything with overwhelming predictive value how then can anyone detect intelligent agents at any time that you can explain everything how can we detect extraterrestrial intelligence like reason saw earlier the people or scientists are looking for extraterrestrial intelligence even Dawkins does not oppose that idea some mainstream scientist who claim to be able to deliver an artifact artifact means the deliberate manipulation when it comes to human or alien action like SETI just don't call he had a precious rational intelligence here's us us us us techies from the SETI Institute is one of the leading scientists there he writes perhaps the extraterrestrials were imprecise error message with a string of prime numbers maybe or maybe the first of two terms in the ever popular Fibonacci Siri this was no doubt in such case would convey intelligence right so he can find some sort of mathematical tag like a series of prime numbers or maybe the first fifty terms and five repeated over and over again a few thousand times that would be clear evidence of intelligent manipulation of a radio signal so then down this question comes from Jackson and Bradley and other guys they write why then doesn't the message sequencing DNA and DNA molecule constituting confession evidence and intelligence source after all DNA information is not just analogous to a message sequence this was Morris code it is such a message sequence so widened his DNA somehow obviously natural whereas a radio signal with them with a bunch of prime numbers is obviously designed to give you a little quiz a few years ago so I said over a decade ago crop circle started appearing in cross in England and at first when these geometric crop circle started no one knew how it was being produced as they were being made and some scientists actually propose that some unusual weather pattern maybe I mean seriously some actual intelligence sciences proposes the process as a result of the weather pattern would anybody in this room believe that will force it turned out later on if you can see from out there but there's little check ways a little check ways going in China later is that you guys when running on doing this ten days they had aboard and string they should aboard in the one around stopped out these things and map it out with the string from the center so they can make these geometric states that were highly symmetrical and even before they found these guys by hidden cameras there were other people that thought that maybe these were the result of alien intelligence effectively do a notice the ones that environmental River Road DIY even if you haven't over not broken if you have a pattern like this is not a weather pattern is in you and your NL we believe this is a result of the magnetic interference you don't know for for magnetic and for interference interact with crops in such a way by the highly skeptical to me highly symmetrical patterns in crops are not produced by any nondelivery mechanism that I can think of magnetic weather patterns those are all equivalent unintelligent processes that don't interact with crops the mature lacrosse and highly symmetrical geometrical ways and only intelligent guesses that we know of no other known knowledge intelligent force of nature is able to do this that we know and so I think that those people of the proposed alien intelligences be responsible for this or more logical than those scientists propose whether patterns are magnetic interferences or fluxes of some sort how about this I showed this picture yesterday falling these rocks is all granite rocks they're all designed writers assume this was obviously designed maybe discontinued business and obviously designed know this so intelligence can produce things that are obviously designed like this and like this but held colleges can also produce things that are not obviously designed a intelligence can copy nature right to major copy intelligence not be on the surgical here some crystals this is a salt crystal snowflake hears pirate crystals are also just as highly geometric and as symmetrical as the crop circles right perhaps more so and yet are these naturally produced yes there is a was the difference how do we know these are naturally produced that we clearly know that the crop circles are not naturally produce you have to know something about the material in question how it interacts with nondelivery forces of nature before you can have any clear idea hour or basis upon which to base a prediction or hypothesis of intelligent design got to have some experience with the material in question you can just come up with it without any prior investigation were scientific effort these are just amazing snowflakes as a kind of the barrel shaped snowflake at their owner is symmetrical but did not chisel one of the all of these individually on the delivery design for the user set up the laws of nature in place of the major candidates ventured into this error the result of natural law this would you believe that some hurricane will only see the negative things in Sri Lanka for some magnetic flux just got a check of the rising something is obviously don't want to compare Dallas next year if his natural versus us who would believe that the that some force of nature defense not intelligent nature about this this is natural or deliberate as well naturally medicine short national is delivering planting the natural garden right so again delivered processes copying nature about this deliberate or natural you believe a tornado picked up all industries and sentiments of the beach like this now probably not enough until I can convince you about this given millions again into billions of years some planet in the universe this is bound to happen somewhere I isn't that the argument that given enough time the improbably becomes will you believe that happens anywhere in the universe outside of deliberate design so let's look at just how to detect design what about the mechanism of random mutation and natural selection customers we are not delivering their real nondelivery natural forces of unable to explain the information content of the NHS the real question here since they are both real forces of nature they can happen is novel functionally beneficial systems but if you actually look at it as literature they only work at very low levels of minimum structural requirements or levels one day he calls irreducible complexity systems with a minimum structural threshold requirement energy basic building blocks or amino acids are relatively easy drywall their life three letter words like this is an evolutionary sequence and three letter words comparisons of the English language system can I go from cat to dogma changing one letter of a time with each of the intermediate sequences the meaningful easily write cat had bad and getting to talk using no problem evolutionary sequence why is that so easy for the reason was so easy is because there's a very high ratio of meaningful versus non- meaningful three letter words case without a few hundred amino acids are systems require at least a few hundred characters or amino acid building blocks this much less common there are examples of evolution in action the producers and informational complexity at this level like lactational amazing designs for centuries those all have evolved in real-time observable file of starting sometimes with random structures are random sequences these are able to all that much less commonly so there like moving up to seven letter words will not get into that a bit more little later on in the next lecture him reason for it has to do with ratios of potentially beneficial versus non- beneficial in what's called sequence space and I'll talk about that mortgage on the next lecture however when you get up to complexities functional complexities that require over one thousand amino acids there's not a single example in scientific literature this annex financial decline and have little evolutionary potential devilish air Max Mosley of random mutation and natural selection works but it only works at the level of flight three letter words and animated a few hundred a letter character sequences are somewhat meaningful sentences or paragraphs about how you go higher and higher and higher to the mechanism drops off exponentially until Miami can measure hurricane whatever stacks of zones on top of each other and maybe a little tiny semi circle as possible ledger for Iraq's latest act on each other we expect maybe I could happen down the slightly lower San Jacinto on a certain distance and producing a certain degree of similarity for our can you imagine nature eroding grandstands of the sort of loosely resemble a human right that could happen I can go a certain distance but will have to want at what point does a high degree of similarity areas are symmetry and polished in managing them after one point of that degree of perfection to say hi this is probably not the result of nature anymore this is probably crossed the line over an obvious realm of intelligent design in others there's these ranges that he had beyond a certain point after we got to get beyond certain level all of a sudden your site this is not natural anymore this is the result of intelligent design so what yeah is kind of a gray zone you have not delivered potential in the yellow this is clearly the result of natural processes or at least nature to do as intelligent design everything all away through the on the home that because intelligence copywriter I bet as you move out policies and the nature is less likely to do this if it happened but not as likely to get out here is a almost certain I am not a very unbelievable the nature to do this but maybe given enough time nature on rare occasions could possibly do stuff that's out here in this area but once you get beyond this this area also in your sake I don't think you can do it anymore regardless of how much time you given me to say a couple of video clips of some amazing machines that exist in the natural world this is the flagellum of bacterial flagellum seagoing cyanobacteria antibacterial so long and then it builds the first layer of structure for the low motor to make it slim this is the slack and real motor on no rain not in a ring but bushings and whatnot this is little motor element amenities up through the flagellar proteins and starts making hydrogen channels that they doesn't start spinning until it punctures outer surface because of it it would blow apart the Minnesota care that helps to line up these proteins as they come through the center of this thing happening in this thing this cap spend several hundred times a second so this is dramatically slowed down so you can see what happens in the cap flies off and have to get a different captures for to properly fold different proteins proteins come up the middle levels improperly without the chapter the proteins are just a state offense into the water and when the flagellum so you have temperature and CO2 that is a little feed of the cap move the fold improperly for the policy Gary doesn't work him though not hard to real-time here in the second is is very rare after the still not real-time you now several times this event has any concern and also this little the sold bacterium can reverse phase motors until you turn the opposite direction in a corner of his friends at a hundred thousand times a second the motor does and in less than a quarter turn they can reverse itself and is in the opposite direction so that the back entrance instructions and head toward a source of two and so what's the point of having this old moderate if you can't tell where the fruit is so assaying the motor is connected to chemical sensors that help it spin more often one is going away from food and spend less often less often look like rotate itself less often when it's going toward a source of food second therefore preferentially go toward a source of fears and all the interaction the flagellum itself just another requires about forty structural proteins that have to all be there at the same time before motility itself will work and investment including all the chemical sensors and whatnot have to be included so the receiver have another one that's all I have for that you need so the signature of God science allows us to study various materials to determine their natural abilities and therefore allows us to discern unnatural activity or manipulation to the point of recognizing the miraculous even the very signature of God as I quoted yesterday Jesus says at least believe the evidence of the miracles themselves the miracles I do in my father 's name speak for me so again is a simple Paul is miraculous from the human perspective customer universe of the perspective that it is averred miraculous given hypothesis of natural production yes the steering rack is given that hypothesis even though he was connected is not practicing the human perspective so what Jesus often when your whole site is before me my father 's name is are certain things that Jesus did that we can do like raise the dead is that miraculously our perspective this is a miraculous and dolls respective now raising the dead for God is like a snake in a case it is mix the batter but in the proper download of the proper software you go right from the perspective but from our perspective is miraculous so it is a relative term this is one of my favorite passages dealing with this topic in the Bible Paul writes for since the creation of the world God 's invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen being understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse although they claimed to be wise they became fools so what does Paul say is evidence of God 's son some blind form of faith why do we believe in God based on the things that have been made visitor 's eternal power and Godhead as evidenced in nature in short true science does not allow one to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist also religion can be scientific or science -based there need be no final difference between science and religion and will get more detail into the reason why the next lecture questions website illness all this information is on that website is in these videos will be on there as well the questions okay following lesson that is in this question let it what evidence is there for the age of the earth her being young instead of old I discover that a little bit yesterday and a lot of the most convincing evidence from me is from erosion rates the geologic column zero zero zero orders of magnitude too high for the geologic column to still exist on console shelves and authorities in Washington the oceans there's also another argues a question with radiometric dating ice core dating tree ring dating carbon-14 and all that stuff which I haven't got into the session because dating methods by themselves would take six lectures at least and I discuss all the potential and problems with various daily methods on my website as well carbon fourteen is actually friendly to the younger position because carbon-14 has a half-life of fifty seven hundred years and a maximum range of a hundred thousand years that even the theoretical maximum was interesting that carbon-14 is a carbon-14 has been found in fossils that are supposedly millions of years old so the question is how to do carbon-14 get their business to be completely gone within twenty thousand years which is an interesting question to his name oil beyond levels of background radiation that you expect I just buy the background sensitivity of the machine itself so that's very interesting I think the carbon-14 is the most useful method a friendly to the position the other question is is what he and he and he he him pretty sensibly you know yesterday on the fossil record I can probably go over that individually with you guys as complicated as a method that is a human is still somewhat problematic I think there's some good at least approaches I'm okay thank you all for coming this is my audio restaurants generation and environment you would like to learn more about you might think this is I'm not having it on my back on a board like this is an online service www. maneuvers .org


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