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The Human Nature of Christ - Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • February 6, 2016
    4:00 PM
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I'm going to be talking the SAF to noon. The series is titled It's time someone finally told you the truth about remember that's kind of tongue in cheek I'm not presenting myself as the expert on everything. I'll introduce a little bit more about that in a minute. But the SAF to noon is the Human nature of Christ and. One of the reasons I shared if you weren't here last night. There are certain topics that you're almost not even allowed to discuss an avid a circle's anymore. And that bothers me. I don't like an atmosphere where you can't investigate. I don't like an atmosphere where you can't discuss how somebody had told me earlier this afternoon about their thinking about being here in this and you know I'm just not sure I'd figure everybody's pretty much got their mind made up on this subject anyway. Now I want to tell you something. You better not have your mind made up on this subject. I don't have my mind made up on this subject from this standpoint. When we're talking about the nature of Christ we're talking about the nature of God. We're talking of the nature of God you don't understand it yet. And I don't understand it yet we're told it's going to be the science and song redeemed through return of ages. Which means there's always more to watch out learn so I hope you don't have a mind set that you're not going to learning anything more. Amen. Now our purpose here this afternoon is not for debate as I mentioned earlier. But more for edification. And I want to touch on a little bit of what we looked at last night before I jump into this particular topic before do that I'm going to kneel and ask God to bless our time ago someone invite you to bow your heads with me. At this time. Heavenly Father. Father once again we just thank you prefer the privilege we have of being here in your presence. On your holy Sabbath day. Lord. If we've ever needed the Holy Spirit. In human history Lord it's now. And as we come together and. We're studying these subjects together today. We need your spirit the spirit of truth to lead us into truth. To give us understanding. To humble our hearts open our years. Pray I pray Lord that you would touch my lips in the words I speak would give glory and honor to your name. And Lord I ask and pray all this in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen. And I want to just briefly Ok it's up there now. When we talk about the Human nature of Christ I'm going to share a number of quotes here. And I had wanted to have slides for them I didn't. And so what I did is I gave you your L If you happen to have a smartphone you can pull up the notes. I'm going to be following right there. So at least you have some reference point. And you can look at it later on because I'm not going to read my notes and I'm not probably going to touch on everything in my notes today. This is not intended incidentally to be an exhaustive study. On the nature of Christ in the time period that we have. But it will be food for thought for you and hopefully like a set a little bit of encouragement direction and here's what I mean by that. Last night. We talked about the truth about the last generation. And I told you there were two things I was. Reason Well actually I told you there's one thing I was positively certain about. And one thing I was reasonably sure about the thing I was positively certain about is there's going to be a last generation. Amen. And the point that I was reasonably certain about is that some of us are going to be part of it. OK So that makes it important for us to understand the reason I decided to share what I did as as I said last night is this. When you talk about some of you are aware of this maybe some of you are but when you talk about the last generation it's a subject that is very marginalized in the church today it's criticized and ridiculed like you would believe such a thing and it's. So non Grace non gospel centered This is the kind of talk that you get. But a Seventh Day Adventists we have to remember something. And it's. It's rooted in the concept of the sanctuary. What the sanctuary the heavenly sanctuary teaches us. Is the. Jesus is doing a work. Now this isn't just taught in the Saints for of course but when we look at the Salvation picture. The work Jesus is doing is putting away sin. Right. He's a Savior from sin. He's going to do away with sin OK So he's in the heavenly sanctuary. And from the Biblical vantage point. He's going to finish his work in the sanctuary I.E. putting away sin when he completes that he's going to put off the priestly garments is going to put on the garments of vengeance he's going to come back not as a priest. But as a king and receive his people. He's not going to do that until his work in the sanctuary is finished I.E. sin is put away. It would make sense for the high priest to leave the sanctuary when sin wasn't put away. Amen. And so it's from that standpoint that we have a clear understanding that you're not going to get this from the Evangelical churches and this is our problem we're going to even show it goes. And they're ridiculous because they don't understand this framework. They come from a whole different framework. And instead of us being bold to saying listen we have a High Priest who can save to the uttermost. We cower and say well yeah I guess it was all done at the cross. But what that does for you and me on a practical. Spiritual level. Is it totally. Incapacitates our Christian experience. Because the fact of the matter is we are not secured for heaven yet. You understand what I mean by that. A lot of people want to go to heaven but there are you going to be there did you get to be fitted for heaven. Now that's a work that Christ is doing. But he doesn't do it apart from you and me. We're not know what you're going there was going to be forced to go to heaven. That's called universalism. We don't believe that we believe that everybody has a choice. How often we do we exercise those choices. It's not a one time thing it's not like yeah I exercise and mention this this morning I exercise a choice twenty years ago I accepted Christ no that has to be exercised every day. Choose you this day. Whom you will serve correct. And so as we looked at the topic last night. The reason I shared it is that I believe. Let me say one or the other thing when you look at the prophetic endtime scenario. The issue at the end of time the final testing issue the mark of the beast seal of God is shoe. Is a character issue. The marks are in the forehead. OK the mark of the beast is in the forehead or in the hand. The seal of God is only in the forehead. When you look at Revelation Chapter fourteen it says that the name of God is in the forehead as well and we talked about this I believe we talked about this a little bit the name of God. Is synonymous with the glory of God the character of God. The final test. When we talk about the the Sabbath being the test. That's the. Out word. Test. But it's a test of character. Much like when we look at the apostle Peter who. With all his heart. Promised Jesus he would not deny and. You remember that. With all his heart in private libel I believe that. Peter believed it would all start backing reader desire to get the problem is that Peter didn't know himself. And he had not developed the kind of character. That could withstand that kind of test and you can find this throughout Scripture you don't find it just in the Book of Revelation. You go to the parable the wedding garment What's that about. What's the wedding garment about to tell you in short and you can go back and study it. Here's a feast. The king throws a feast that King is God the Father. He's the. As a feast he sends everybody who's going to who's invited a wedding garment they're supposed to put it on when they come to the wedding feast. Only when the time comes for the feast to come in this deadly the feast of salvation is the invitation of salvation imitation is given to everybody I know I'm talking quickly here so I make sure you're with me on that you understand that. How many of you read the parable the wedding Arman. OK imitation is given all. They come to that wedding garments. Are they come to peace rather. And a man is not wearing a wedding garment when the king. Approaches the man of the master the house the feast. Approaches the man and says Where's the wedding garment remember what the man says to him. Says nothing. He's not like what you mean wedding garb and I don't. I don't know what you're talking about you know why he says doesn't say that because he knows what he's talking about. What is that reading garment representing that fees that was to fitness to be there that was the righteousness of Christ that he was supposed to have but he didn't have here's a person don't miss this. Who has in his mind except it. The invitation of salvation. He received the garment that he should have put on by his Christian friends good Adventist friends as all those guys are legal this is a you got to be wearing the garment the wedding. Don't worry about it you don't need it. And so confidently he goes in there thinking he has every right until the king company examines and he says you're not fit. That's investigative judgment. It's a test of character at the end of time. And the fact is you can listen all kinds of technology in the church today makes you feel real good now but when the test comes you might not feel so good anymore. We're heading. We are. I believe. Living in the last generation. And that test is a test of character and character is not built at the end of time it's not built in a moment it's built. Every day. But it's not built by people who are convinced in their mind that it's not important what choices we make today because we're just saved by grace. We are saved by grace. And the Bible says Paul says let us have grace that we may serve God acceptably. Grace was to enable us to serve God not excuse us from serving God. Are you following that. So this morning when we talked about the invisible gorilla in the. The perspective change that comes with conversion. I mentioned to the luck there are a lot of people. That that as long as I've been in the church that share. About the. What I want to say the. Long years of. Of Abas misery they went through because the church is so legalized and they require this that and the other and. When I sure that he was a YA KNOW he look. I experienced that. And my point this morning I want to clarify I was. I was careful this morning and I want to be careful now but I want to flesh this out just a little bit more. The point I was making this morning and this is not a universal statement so this doesn't apply across the board everybody. Let me rephrase. Let me clarify this way. I'm sure that there are people who grew up in the evidence church that had a difficult upbringing a bad experience whatever. As in any church. But I also have encountered. Numerous people whose memory of their upbringing. And the legalism of the church. Is from a carnal unconverted standpoint not that their carnal. But they don't think about the fact for example I can think back when I was a kid I could think me and I hated being in church I hated going to church and to sit there and they did it today. But I've got to stop to think to myself well wait a minute was I converted then. Well if I wasn't converted then how else would I look at how does not convert a person think about spiritual things. And so what we do in the church today as we do a value Genesis study we're going to find out all the. Why did all the young people leave the seven am a church. And we go ask a bunch of unconverted people why they left and what would it take to bring them back. And they say you need to jazz things up to make it more worldly because that's where they're coming from we say oh OK. You're it I'm saying. We don't stop to think that conversion changes your perspective. And so there are people who come to me very heartfelt very sincere they say me in my group in the church it was so legal listed. Well I won't. Question that there have been people in the church of illegal istic. But I think we all need to think to ourselves because I said. I think I mention this this morning. When I was converted and joined back in the church. There are a lot of things I could have brought up that I've grown up this happened this happened. But it was really irrelevant to me what I realized was I was. In or that I never admitted to. And that I needed the grace of Jesus. And you know what everybody else did. It was really irrelevant to me. I was going forward. I think as a people we need to go forward and I thought. I said I was going to be careful this morning wrote Be careful now. And I want to be a little anybody's hardships. Before we can't live in the past. Jesus is coming it doesn't matter. You know. If you say all there are people that were really goes to going to church. Who do you think planted them there. The devil did I have people come to this I'm I'm really I'm not going back to church anymore because of us and so. Do you think put us in so in the church where the devil. Why do you think he did it. To discourage me. So who is winning the game now. When you make that kind of choice you hear him say. Time is short. And we need to think about our spiritual decisions and when we talk here about the nature of Christ the Human nature of Christ why. The reason this is important is. Is for the whole reason Jesus took the human nature and we all. This is what we're going to flush out here so I want to start with just. First of all. I don't think I've ever given a sermon on the nature of Christ. I have touched on it before. So I kind of do this with fear and trepidation I mean part of it I think I've wanted to avoid debate. Part of it I think I shared a little bit last night. And this is a concern of mine today. That for a long time I just didn't want to ruin my reputation. Right what if this people these people want to bite me here I won't go here because I'll be marginalized I'll be put in this group and they'll say you're one of those. You know what I don't care about that anymore. I don't. You get older and you get stubborn I guess I don't know what happens but I do not. I would rather. I don't want to face. The Lord and have to have say and I've been unfaithful because I was afraid of what people were going to say or I would climb up the ladder whatever else. No I don't have this all figured out but I do want to give you history and I think there are some things than. There are aspects of the nature of Christ. That I think will be unclear. And will be starting throughout eternity but there are other aspects that I think are very clear that we act like they're not that clear. And so here we go. If you have been that you are all you can pull that and you can look at the notes and I'm looking at here. If that's wrong somebody tell me if you happen to pull it up and it says something different than the human nature of Christ at the top tell me. Oh no it says faith and works because that's we're going to get OK it's there it's the right one and I personally. First when I first came into the church I would say that I guess that what I I first began to learn about the nature of crisis significance of the Human nature of Christ. Through reading the writings of Wagner and Jones just because that was a pretty prominent part of what they taught. Now when we talk about the nature of Christ we're really talking about. I don't want to say that the big disbelief is universal but I'd say it's universally administrators and there are always a few here or there. But universally at his church that Jesus took humanity. The question has always been in the debates always been about what kind of humanity did he take. And the two that well there are three main views The first is that he took the humanity of. Adam. Before Adam sinned. So as to prefer nature. Or the pre lapse area and is the theological. Term. The other viewpoint. On the opposite end of the spectrum. Is that he took the nature of Adam after the fall. Which would be the post of all the post lapse area and. Viewpoint. And then there's a middle view that says well. He took something in between the two and any time you get in between you can have a number of flavors like Baskin Robbins you've just got a lot of. You can have a lot of shades in there. But the general idea of the hybrid nature the between the two. Is says that Jesus took human weaknesses of the nature like he got hungry and tired out the sinful. Urges of the nature. Now I have encountered in my experience pastors. Respected pastors who would take the. Post fall viewpoint Adam fall viewpoint they would say Jesus took the nature of Adam before the fall that I always had a challenge with and here was what my challenge was. I'm a firm believer in the spirit of prophecy. OK Now let me tell you what I mean by that. In fact I thought I don't know if I've ever done. My spirit of prophecy or he's out here it probably wouldn't hurt. Done in the church in so many places because a lot of people today there's a lot of confusion about the agonist viewpoint of the Spirit of Prophecy the biblical standing. Of the gift of prophecy what I mean by that is a lot of evidence don't take the Spirit of Prophecy writings as authoritative. OK. Authoritative simply means this. You recognize that the person is a prophet. And because the person is a prophet you understand that God since prophets to tell you what you couldn't see otherwise. So for example. Ellen White wrote. Of King Saul Samuel the prophet reproved Saul. Ellen White says these words in the book. Some profits. Because Saul accepted same as a prophet. He should have received Samuel's reproof. Even though he didn't see it that way. You hear what I just said. Numbers you can be like. Well I'm I said this but I just don't see it that way. Of course you don't see it that way that's my guts and a prophet to tell you right. I mean that's the whole purpose of a prophet is the problem was a seer they saw the way God saw and so they would reveal things that we wouldn't see otherwise. And Eleanor why. Repeatedly uses the terms. Sinful nature. And fallen nature when talking about the nature of Christ I can't be like well you know he took the nature before the fall because she uses different language I'm going to show you that in just a little bit. And so for me it was it in my mind it was fairly clear that Jesus came in took the same fallen humanity I had with one exception. He was he wasn't carnal he didn't need to be converted and will talk will flesh that out as we go. And so Jesus came into my humanity in your humanity and by his divinity overpower him. I should maybe even clarify this. Because the Bible makes it clear that Jesus laid aside his divinity but by his father's divinity trusting in His Father. The same way that you and I have to trust in the Father. He overpowered the fallen nature and never sinned. Even a thought. Now when I when I that's that's how I begin to understand it and that was exciting to me to this day it's exciting to me you know why. Because it told me that I can overcome. It told me that I don't have to be a slave to sin I'm going to tell you something very frankly. That is good news to a person who sees himself or herself as a sinner. But if you think you're pretty good person that's not good news at all. I I. One of the most astounding quotes I found in the past year or two now it may have been. Was Won by. The comedienne or Robin Williams and I may have shared this some of you may have heard this before but. How many of you know the name. Robin Williams the guy hanging himself OK. I don't know how long it's been now. I want to say about a year ago maybe. Rob. Williams was an alcoholic he fought alcoholism his much much of his life. He had two marriages full because of his alcoholism. In an end this N.B.C. interview. Where they were talking to him about his alcoholism he said you know. He said you do things that discussed you in their shameful. Right he's talking about when he fell into his habit. And he didn't want to. But he just fell into it it overpowered him it was an addiction he said. You do things you don't want to and they discussed is disgusting and shameful and then he said this he says. People can say I forgive you. And that's great but it's not the same as overcoming it. Now I want you to understand that the world that we're supposed to preach the three of those measures to they're looking for overcoming. Hey don't worry. God loves you he winks at that sin. You just keep on living in it you don't understand I can't stand living in this. Going to stand that's what's happening. And when a person. Can't stand being in that place where the flesh. Overpowers the will. They long for deliverance. And the Bible says I think God through Jesus Christ my Lord he brings deliverance. He brings deliverance and that's what we're talking about here. I have a couple statements I'm going to jump over Ellen might make some. Clear statements. First of all that this we the. I mentioned this to this is going to be our study throughout eternity. I'm just trying to understand because we talk about the nature of God Paul says the same thing. First time in the chapter three verse sixteen. Without controversy that is without argument great is the mystery of God as the great mystery there's no controversy on it. We're going to be studying it through our attorneys so I'm not going to be like hey I got it all figured out here. But I guess I will be deception quote. Because what happens is. I'm going to read some history first and then some. We're going to go into some scripture. What happens is there's been enough discussion on this it's kind of negative like. It's like what we're going to study forever we can't quite figure it all out that there have been many leaders in the church and like yeah you know let's not even go there. So I want to I want to read this statement from Ellen White from the kind of always selective messages Volume one page two forty four she says this. The humanity of the Son of God is everything to us. It is the golden chain that binds our souls to Christ on the top of page two if you've just come in that you are up there if you have a smartphone you could pull these notes up and follow along I hope to have slides and I just didn't have them ready I apologize for that. The humanity of the Son of God is everything to us is the golden chain that binds our souls to Christ and through Christ to God this is to be our study. Christ was a real man he gave proof of his humility. In becoming a man. Yet he was God in the flesh. When we approached this subject. We would do well to heed the words spoken by Christ to Moses at the burning bush put off our shoes from off my feet. For the place where on the stand is is holy ground that some people go there like have there it is less just not even a little more not done yet. We should come to this study with the humility of a learner with a contract heart. And the study of the incarnation of Christ. Is a watt. Anybody following. A fruit full field which will repay the searcher who digs deep. For hidden truth. As sound like we shouldn't study it or we should. Absolutely should we just study it nicely. Rockets to be kind to one another now some history just briefly I mention to you already. These are some things that are just thoughts of mine as have reviewed over this and I hear discussion on the subject. Both Jones E.J.. E.J. Wagner and a T. Jones who presented the message of justification by faith that the eight hundred eighty General Conference. I don't know how familiar you are with that history. I mentioned to you this morning a book called. The return of the Latter Rain by Ron Duffield excellent historical source now. If you read just a handful of. Ellen White's statements regarding that message. She basically says that the message of righteousness. That Wagner and Jones presented was the clearest brightest. Has ever shined on this earth. OK we've got to have a mystery they like let's go back to Luther. Let's talk about loser because he understood Luther didn't understand much as a half as much as Wagner Jones did. We got I am going to like Desmond for who went out they went back to Luther. And he would trash record Jones and put the thing upside down know where Jones. Have a clearer understanding Luther. And incidentally. I should say this Luther is credited for a lot of false views of justification. That he didn't whole and. Time doesn't permit me to go into that. I keep wanting to dive into something else. But both Wagner and Jones. Held the view that Christ took man's fallen nature incidentally. With the church as a whole. This was not a good baited subject. In eight hundred eighty eight. And when we're going to Jones presented it Nobody was arguing that they were arguing the longer lation just be clear on that. At that point in time. It was widely accepted that he took the fallen nature. But never sinned. OK. Now Ellen White in reference to the message of Jones and Wagner wrote in May of eight hundred ninety five so this is nearly seven years after Minneapolis I'm sharing just because some people will say oh Wagner Joseph came to preach. One thousand nine hundred massive. Minneapolis conference. We never had notes of it nobody took notes we don't know what they said and after that they went downhill their theology so we never will know. Yeah that makes sense God sends a message to his people and then there's no way to find out what it was. Well that's far from the truth that's one of those. Revisions of history. Nearly seven years after Minneapolis this is what she says the Lord in His great mercy. Sent a most precious. Message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones. This message was to bring more prominently before the world be uplifted Savior and invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ. Which is made manifest in obedience to. ALL the commandments of God. Many have lost sight of Jesus. They needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his merits and his changeless love for the human family I might want to just interject this here. Even when people talk about Wagner and Jones when people today talk about eight hundred eighty eight. There is usually a downplaying of the law. But you'll notice that when Ellen White talks about this message what does she say she says. Thank you aren't. She says. It invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest or. In obedience to all the commandments in other words the two are blended. So she doesn't go down talk a lot but then she says that people needed their eyes directed to. What Christ. Right there at the end that I've mentioned it's a long lines when we talk about this morning. The problem is not with a lot. Except for if we're looking at the law as something that we have to achieve. In our own strength. And so what does she say that people need that their eyes directed Christ when our eyes are directed to Christ we see is divine person. We see his power and we have faith in that power. It changes how we relate to the law go. OK. Anyway this is how she described how she goes on to talk about this message and says. I'm jumping at a little bit. All power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts undermanned imparting the priceless. Of his own righteousness to the helpless human. Agent. This is the message that God commanded to be given to the world. It is the third. Angel's message. Which is to claim with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit. In a large measure. Now. Simply put the message of Wagner in Jos lifted up Christ. OK. And the righteousness of Christ. Now you've got a pause with me and ask this question. How could it be that the clearest message and I mean I could give you statement after statement zero might fall. A round with Wagner Jones to Kant meetings. Eight hundred eight hundred nine hundred ninety thousand nine hundred one general conference sessions Jones spoke. Twenty four sermons in eight hundred ninety three at the General Conference session. Twenty six sermons in one thousand nine hundred five of the general compensation I skip eight hundred ninety four. There wasn't any thousand nine hundred eighty nine three to ninety five one thousand nine hundred seventy to ninety nine ninety one or I or Jones are prominent speakers so this wasn't just I happen to be Canadian. Now the point that I make is this. How could someone or something. Some individuals who Ellen White says God intrusted with the message. The clearest message that we have yet had on the righteousness of Christ. Be wrong in their Christ ology. Right like oh we're mixed up as to what Christ nature was but we got the clearest. Idea that we've ever had and what. The gospel is of the righteousness of Christ. Does that make sense. Really doesn't make sense. Now you can argue it but it just doesn't make sense. We could talk all day long about it but it doesn't make sense. It would make sense that they would have that care because if their Christology was wrong what do you think it would affect their understanding of the gospel. Yes or no. And when I say Christology I mean the Human nature of Christ. Now it was at this time period that a letter was written this letter did not surface until the one nine hundred fifty S. in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in fact it was nine hundred fifty five the letter written to an evangelist. Navitas to Vangelis name. L. H. Baker referred to as the baker letter in fact manuscript release. Volume nineteen. No no no not not going to manuscript release. Volume thirteen pages eighteen nineteen and I have here in the notes. The baker letter. In the baker love letter L. on the right gave strong cautions about how the nature of Christ which to be treated in public presentation. I don't know how to read the whole thing. But a report because this is key. In fact this. This came at a time when our church where the viewpoint. That was held throughout our history. And helped by other pioneers including Wagner Jones. This is when it began to shift. More to the belief in a nature that was that Christ took the nature of Adam. Before the Fall sort of after a lot of that was based. On the baker letter. Now. I'm just I'm going to start out if you haven't some page three. In the blue it says be careful exceedingly careful as to how you dwell upon the human nature of Christ. Do not set him before the people as a man with a propensity as of sin. He is the second out on. The first Adam was created a peeress in this being without a taint of sin upon him. He was in the image of God he could fall and did fall through transgressing. Because of his sin his posterity. Was born with inherent propensities of disobedience. But Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God He took upon Himself human nature. And was tempted in all points of human nature is tempted. He could have sinned. He could have fallen. But not for one moment was there in him an evil propensity. Brother Baker avoided. Every question. In relation to the humanity of Christ which is liable to be mis understood. Truth lies close to the track of presumption in treating upon the humanity of Christ you need to guard strenuously. Every assertion. Lest your words be taken to mean more than they imply. And thus you lose. Or dimmed the clear perceptions of his humanity. As combined with divinity. Never in any way leaves the slightest impression upon human minds. That a taint of or inclination to corruption. Rested upon Christ. Or that he in any way yielded to corruption that would be sin. He was tempted in all points like as man is tempted. Yet he is called that holy thing. It is a mystery that is left unexplained to more holes. That Christ could be tempted in all points like as we are. And yet be without sin I'm going to read that again I want to emphasize that I want to listen to that one very carefully. It is a mystery that is left unexplained to mortals. That Christ. Could be tempted in all points like. We as we are yet. Be and yet be without sin. A mystery left unexplained. Is unexplained today. OK. Lot of people. Say I don't understand you know how I don't understand how Jesus could have taken. He had to take Adam's nature before the fall when he said because I don't understand how we could have taken it after. You don't have to understand. You understand that we don't have to understand everything to believe the Bible I don't have to go look God I know I know the word says this In other words I can be born again but I don't see how I could be born again. I just don't understand. Hey go look at the serpent on the pole right. And when you look a little bit Lord I don't understand how looking at that serpent on a pole is going to change me. It doesn't matter if you understand. You look you live you don't look you don't I you understand what I'm saying. Don't let your viewpoint on Christ's human nature be based on your inability to understand how it can work that way. That would just simply be the point she tells. There's a lot of cautions here to. Elder Baker she says the incarnation of Christ has ever been and ever will remain a mystery. That which is revealed. Is for us and for our children but let every human being be warned from the ground of making Christ altogether human in a such a one as ourselves where it cannot be so here's a good chunk of the Baker letter and. From this people said hey you know Al Michaels a baker and and. He's not to make him like. So you know. Bacon must have been and then. Assumptions come out. And I'll tell you why no assumptions come out because I read the baker letter I said no I want some background on this. I call the Ellen White estate called one of my friends or I said tell me what we know about Baker. What did he teach write what is she addressing here I want to know what specifically he was teaching what did she dressed. We don't know. Do you have any transcript no. Do we have any idea what he was specifically teaching no. Now that in of itself might not be that big of the of might not. Ring any bells for you but let me share this with you. The baker letter was written in eight hundred ninety five February of eight hundred ninety five. No no no no I'm sorry. I don't know when an eight hundred ninety four ninety five we don't have a date it's. Letter Number I don't know what I thought I had it here. But the bigger letter was written in one thousand nine hundred five now in February of eight hundred ninety five eighty Jones. Stood before the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists assembled. He preached twenty six sermons. At least five of which. If not more were on the nature of Christ. OK Now think about a prominent agonist evangelist. Speaking at the General Conference session. To all the brethren assembled. Now. Ellen White was going to write a letter to reprove and correct somebody. Because of their error. Who would it make more sense to write a letter to the guys speaking to the general conference session or the guy nobody even knew what he was speaking about. Are you do you hear what I'm saying I need to go over that again Baker we don't know what Baker was teaching. And yet Ellen White felt that she needed to correct that and right and given council that's OK I'm OK with that. But I would think this. That if Joe's. Was speaking and teaching the same kind of thing that Baker was when he taught about the nature of Christ. Then I would think that he would be at least as deserving of a letter to correct his viewpoint. You hear him saying. Now that's not conclusive that's simply to say that. It's pretty strong circumstantial evidence that the nature of the Jones taught that Christ had. Was not the same thing that Baker taught and not worthy of any kind of reproof from Helen White evidently. Now. Another reason. Even more clear that we would have to support that is that there was a man. In our denomination by the name of Prescott. W.W. Prescott. Had been. He had a reconversion experience with the eight hundred eighty eight General Conference. He became a well sought after speaker and would go around and speak can't meetings and what have you and he picked up the same message that Wagner generals were sharing. He taught the same thing on the nature of Christ I'm going to quote to you a portion of a sermon he gave at the. Armadale can't meeting in Melbourne Australia eight hundred ninety five. I'm quoting now This is recorded in the Bible echo of January six on one page four if you're following the notes. He says you see. So you see that what the Scripture states very plainly is that Jesus Christ had exactly the same flesh. We bear flesh. Of sin. Flesh. In which we sin. Flesh however in which he did not sin. But he bore our sins. In that flesh. Of sin. Do not set this point aside. No matter how you may have looked at it in the past. Look at it now as it is in the word. And the more you look at it in that way. The more reason you will have to thank God that it is so. And that's just a quote from one of the sermons he gave that summer was October thirty one. Ellen White was present at the Armadale Kant meeting. Ellen White wrote to S. and I ask all of that Kant meeting where where how school was teaching that. That was from a sermon the entire sermon was on the nature of Christ is called The Word became flesh. This is what Ellen White writes. On November sixth that sermon particularly was preached on October thirty one he was preaching every night. November six to seven days later Ellen White writes a letter to S. and a hassle this is part of what she said. This is also on page four it's in the blue about the middle the page we are at this time. In our camp meeting. Having a feast. Of precious things. The word is presented in a most powerful manner. The Holy Spirit has been poured out upon brother Prescott in a great measure. Brother Prescott has been burying the burning words of truth. Such as I heard some from some eight hundred forty four. The inspiration of the Spirit of God has been upon him. Unbelievers say. These are the words of God. I have never heard such things before. We have had the truths presented in clear lines. Brother Prescott has never had so much power and preaching the truth. As he has had since coming to this meeting. The Unbelievers sit with their eyes riveted on him in amazement as a truth comes forth from his lips. Vitalized by the Spirit of God. When I consider the responsibility resting upon all who hear this heaven sent message. I tremble at the word of the Lord. Who will receive the message sent to them. I have come on. So here's credit you get a whole entire sermon she just comments on. Where he is telling. Good Christ came in the same class that we sent him but he never sin and our wife says I haven't heard words like this in six hundred forty four. The burning words of truth he's never spoken with such power before now how do you get that and say. Yeah but I think he was off on this day. Again you might say it's circumstantial but it's pretty strong circumstantial evidence. And incidentally a viewpoint that is happiness we've held. Through Ellen White's whole life time. The denominational viewpoint never changed during Ellen White's life time. Ellen White herself. If you look at the bottom of page four. I'm going to read this first name from desire of ages says. Ellen my comments are she says when Adam was assailed by the temper Now this isn't the temptation chapter of desire. When Adam was assailed by the tempter. None of the effects of sin were upon him. He stood in the strength of perfect. Manhood. Possessing the full vigor of mind and body speaking of Adam. Now listen carefully. It was not thus with Jesus. Is that difficult language to understand. OK here's out. And here's Jesus. She comments on Adam and then she uses these words. It was not Voss What does the US mean. This way. The same way. It was not just with Jesus so OK. Test cool quiz here. Was Jesus the same as Adam. No it was not the US. Now what is she going to say. It was not bust with Jesus. When he entered the wilderness to cope with Satan. For four thousand years the race had been decreasing in physical strength in mental power. And in moral works. Physically mentally morally and Christ. Took upon him the infirmities. Of degenerate. Humanity. I am hoping. I'm really hoping at some point the some of you right now are going. Wait a minute I've never heard that before. Because I in my experience the churn I hear people all the time going on about the nature of Christ and I this is one of the clearest paragraphs that you can read. Now there are implications in this particular paragraph that somebody might run this way and somebody run. Might run that way. You might be able to turn it to swear that way but what you can't do is read this paragraph and say Jesus took a major battle before the fall. Because it very clearly says the exact opposite of that. Unless of course you're viewing the spirit of prophecy as one of these modern views that. She was just kind of like a good teacher. Kind of thing rather than a prophet God. You understand I'm saying only that now I'm going to finish the statement as she says Christ took upon Himself the infirmities of G. gen you me and the last sense here. Only love us. Could he rescue man from the lowest depths of his degradation. Only in this way only coming all the way down we're mammals. Now I've got other statements or I'm not going to read them from desire of ages I'm just going to breed I've got in bold face as she says taking upon himself. Our fallen nature. The next one. He took upon him. Our sinful nature. That he might associate with fallen humanity the next statement. He took upon himself all in suffering human nature degraded into filed by sin. The next statement. Well but I'll make the next in a minute. So there are these are just a few of the places that. This is where I had challenge when somebody would come in they say Well I think you took the to preform nature. I couldn't reconcile that with these statements. I read a similar way I can't say that. Because she doesn't say that you understand what I'm saying. And I'm asking that question a lot but you guys are quiet. I want to make sure you're following. Now I want to read the last statement she makes there he says he was a mighty Pictish and are not possessing the passions of our human fallen natures. But compass with like infirmities tempted in all points like as we are. And so we're going to talk of the passions here. In a little bit. But that's some history on this and. It's a sparse history. But it's just a little bit of a history. Now I want to look at some concepts in Scripture. John one fourteen. The Bible says the word became flesh and dwelt among us. OK The Scripture is very clear that Jesus became flesh. Now here's here's an important quite well first of all we could ask this was it what flesh did he take. But to quote There's another question has to be answered first and that is why did he take flesh. Why didn't God. Take human flesh. At all. Why did he take human flesh and all the let's go the book of Hebrews and find the answer and he was shipped to. Hebrews Chapter two. If you have your Bibles here which you are moving out of the little history lesson here who are going to Scripture. And Paul tells us and he rose to why he took humanity. He was to verse fourteen. It says in his much then as the children have partaken of what. Flesh and Blood. He himself likewise shared in the same that through death he might destroy him who have the power of death that is to fill. And release those through. Who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. Verse sixteen. For indeed he does not what. New King James says give aid to angels. But he does give to the seed of Abraham. Verse seventeen starts with the word at least in the New King James there are four. Now what does that word mean therefore. It's conclusive word it means for this reason. Right to that this did to and therefore this. For this reason for these reasons. OK. There for in all things. He had to be made what like his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God. To make propitiation for the sins of the people. For or because in that he himself has suffered being tempted. He is able to aid those who are tempted. Now did you get from out what the apostle says. Is the reason he took. Human nature. Why did he take. So that he might I know how to aid those who are tempted. And you pick that up. Verse sixteen again notice he didn't D. in. He indeed does not give aid to angels but he does give aid to the seed of Abraham was Paul's point there. It's not going to be here's a poll saying it's not going to make any sense for him to take the nature of somebody he didn't come to help. Because the only reason he took the nature. Was to aid those in the nature that he took. Now let's be real clear about something. And of this nature was a kin to the nature of angels and didn't need a save here. Prefer all. Now if God is going to stoop to an infinite level to take humanity. AT ALL Why stop short of taking the humanity of the people you came to save for the very reason you took the nature and extent of saying there. That's called argument here. He didn't take the nature of angels because he couldn't come to helping does he took the nature of man because he came to help me and. That's why he took the nature. Now a lot of times we talk about christ myth taking our nature in one of the reasons that shared in it's an accurate reason is that Jesus came to demonstrate to us that he now understands our weaknesses. And that's true. But it was more than just a demonstration. Jesus came into our nature to overcome in our nature. To show how you and I can overcome in our nature. Now that's not a good that's not a that's not a positive thing for people who don't like this concept of overcoming But that's why he took. Cumin nature. He came to aid us he came to be a merciful hippie and faithful high priest. Well what makes him merciful and faithful. It says for him that he himself has suffered being tempted. In verse eighteen he is able to aid those who are tempted in other words. Paul is implying here that Jesus faced the same temptations you tape. You face in the same temptations I face. So that when we seek Him as high priest to say Lord I need to overcome this he says let me tell you how it's done. I've been there. That's the. That's what that's the implication of what Paul's writing here in the book of Hebrews. The Word became flesh. And incidentally. I kind of passed over this. But in verse fourteen. Noticed the imp in eighty Jones brings this up. When he covers this topic in one thousand nine hundred five in one of his sermons. Verse fourteen says in as much tennis to children have partaken of flesh and blood he himself. Likewise. Took part in the saying. Why not just say he took the same. Look at it. Why did me just say. In the same with the children of partaking of flesh and blood that you and me we have to human nature. He took part of the same. Why he himself took part of the same when he didn't he didn't stop there either. While he himself. Likewise why would you write that. Put yourself in his place why would you write it that way. Why do you. Why do you repeat words. Clarity and emphasis right why would he emphasize that because he wants the reader to be very clear that. When he took humanity. He took our humanity. Because he came to help us. He's telling mass to give us hope because we could say and we could be tempted to say we do stay in the Church of the. Well you know the thing is Jesus there's not both. Jews took a major battle before the fall the reality is I mean he he kind of like he overcame for us because he doesn't understand where. And he's up here we're down here and so we can't really ever overcome like he ever came he's and he gets into this whole thing where it defeats the purpose of him taking humanity he took humanity. To give us hope that he overcame where we failed so that by His grace. And the new birth we can overcome. We don't have to be slaves to sin. What sense would it make for Jesus to take a nature that we didn't have. Ellen White makes an interesting statement of the bottom of page five makes an interesting statement as she comments on the imagery. Of the latter between heaven or Jacob's ladder you know Jacob's ladder was Christ. You're aware that in John chapter one of the end of John chapter one. Jesus. Philip and then you meet with Jesus and when within you'll see Jesus as I saw you under the fig tree. Praying he's like Man this is amazing you're the crisis is you think that's amazing. You're going to see greater things than these. You're going to see heaven open up in the angels of God. Ascending and descending upon the Son of God. And what he saw was the picture of Jesus as that latter that Jacob saw only Jesus. Jacob saw latter. Jesus said it was going to be the Son of God He's the one that bridges heaven and earth. Ellen White picks up on this imagery. And she makes a statement. Christ is the latter. That Jacob saw the base resting on the earth. In the top most round reaching to the gate of heaven. To the very threshold of glory. If that. Latter had failed by a single step of reaching the earth. We should have been lost. Now think about what that means you to figure out you can say I disagree look you can go out of here disagree with me that's all fine. But you tell me what it means you've got to wrestle with that. One of the prophet of God be when she said If that latter had failed one single step of reaching. Earth. We would have been lost. What could it mean. She says but. Christ reaches us where we are. He took our nature and overcame that we through taking his nature. Might overcome. Hallelujah. And that there is that kind of thing in my personal experience that to this day drives me there is hope he will say oh it's discouraging we've got to overcome No it's encouraging we can overcome. Because that letter did reach. To the earth Now here's what I want to do here because I'm looking at the time and think I'm going to we're going to we're going to take a break on this topic. Because I've got more to get to cover and I don't want to race through it but I'm going to do one more thing before we break. Between the. We're going to take an intercession. And that is first John for. I want to go first JOHN CORNYN this just hit me recently this is. This is one of these texts I'm going to tell you as a pastor. If somebody hears a pastor a Bible work or whatever you give him bible studies. You may be in the same place as me was first John chapter four. Where you have tiptoed around this verse. And trying to make it basically say something that it didn't say or. Just didn't go with the obvious. Sounding meaning of it you know what I mean and just system and at first John chapter four verse one. This is going to take a little bit of prophetic history here. So I'm hoping. I'm going to assume you know some. Have been a SPRO FENECH history. First John chapter four of us once his beloved do not believe. Every spirit but what. Test of the spears are trying to spirits whether they are of God. Because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God So here's a test. And we always have this is one of the tests of a prophet or test of the spear. Right. By dearest you know the Spirit of God. Every spirit. That confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Is of God. And every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Is not of God. And this is the spirit of what. The anti-Christ which you have heard was coming. And is now already in the world. Here's a test of the spear. Every spirit from God will confess to Jesus Christ is come in the flesh but those who don't confess that. Are not of God It's the spirit of you anti-Christ. Now what do you know about Catholic teaching and history has seven agonist know from Bible prophecy a study of scripture Daniel revelation that the end of Christ car going to find in scripture is the Roman Catholic power right. You know what they teach about Christ nature. I'll come back to that in just a moment. So as I've gone through this. And I know that no others have done the same we're like we read this as like well sounds pretty obvious who believes that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. What kind of flesh is there to come into. Yours I'm not going to know he didn't. You know so this is what we do with that we say well. The test is this. You have to believe that Jesus came into humanity. He took him a human body. You know not not a preferred over supposed to all be took human body that's what the test is and you've got to believe that. Well. Here's a newsflash for you. The system. Identified as the inner Christ believes that Are you aware that it will tell you what they don't believe. They don't believe Jesus took the nature after the fall. And in fact. They so don't believe it. That they've adopted a teaching. Called the Immaculate Conception. How many of you heard of this. Now how many of you think the Immaculate Conception is that Mary. It was born. That Jesus was born by a virgin. So I used to think oh macular conception Jesus was born of a burgeoning NO NO NO Immaculate Conception doctrine teaches that in order for Jesus to be born sinless Mary had to be sinless. How many of you are aware of that or and the worse account the theology says this. If Jesus had been born because of the doctrine of original sin. If Jesus had been born. And Mary was a sinner he would have been born with a sinful nature would've been a suitor. And therefore Mary had to be sinless. So Jesus could be sinless. If Jesus wasn't so so that the idea this is why we have in the Catholic system all the saints and. And mediators between us and God We are so far from God and God is so offended by sin that there is this gap. What we believe is Jesus bridged again and he came down where we were. But in Catholic theology no no no. Jesus could not have done that again Jesus taking us. Our nature where we felt would make him a sinner and therefore Mary had to be sinless immaculate conception. This is one of the. This is one of the key reasons Wagner and Jones. May be emphatic. Points they did on the nature of Christ to combat the Immaculate Conception doctrine. But if you take. First John for simply to say. This test is just that Jesus took human nature. Well guess what the anti-Christ. Power believes that just as well. But what they don't believe is Jesus took fallen nature. And I personally believe that's what the test is right. I mean if not now. You're left with some loose ends on that one. Now what does it mean. The fallen nature in this where I want to take a break I want to I want to take a break when we come back this we're going to do. We've talked a lot about this we've got history in a lot of quotes I want to kind of get. Well we're going to get some more quotes. But I want to look at specifically what. The practical side of this is why does it even matter. OK here we are talking about some of you are already you're going into next week you're like oh this is going to be. You know who cares why is it a big deal when we come back we'll talk about why it's a big deal this is a hit from a practical level this is why does all my say the humanity of Christ has everything to us. What is I mean how going to be everything to us we're going to talk about that. After we take a break. So when I do is I'm going to have for air. And then we're going to have a little time to. Whatever you need to do stretch your legs. Go do some jumping jacks or something. Don't do too many and still the Sabbath. Let's pray. Father in heaven. Father the things we've been looking at are not. Surface truths and. They're they're part of what you have told us is the mystery of godliness Lord we don't want to delve into those areas that are the secret things that belong to you but the things that are revealed are for us in our children. Father we want to understand. The practical implications of why it's so important why the humanity of Christ is everything to us is to be everything to us what does this mean for your people living in these last days. What does this mean for your people who want to reflect your image. For the world to see Jesus in us. This is our prayer Father continue to guide us this afternoon we ask in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio first a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Leave a visit. W W W. Audio or.


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