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The Human Nature of Christ - Part 2

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • February 6, 2016
    5:30 PM
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Father in heaven. Father and. Again we are approaching a subject. That is holy ground. And we approach it reverently. And Father I ask that your Spirit would guide us. Away from those areas of speculation. And into those areas that are important practical trues. For your people living in the last moments of Earth's history. And so guide us now we ask and pray in Jesus name Amen. I want to say again this is not this presentation is not intended to be a very hard rigid you've got to look at this the way I do when we leave here set or if you want to think you think see things differently. That's fine. I just encourage that this is a subject that has been studied bare people and I think there is an important aspect of. Studying it and then aspect is understanding. Here. Here's the thing. I mention it already going into this that. The final test is a test of character and character is formed by our choices that we make every day. And let's just be real clear. Without the grace of God we would never make a right choice. When we're looking at the nature of Christ what we're doing let's let's make this clear as well. By the Bible tells us that when Adam and Eve sinned. They brought upon himself a condition. Their nature was perverted into a carnal nature the Bible says the carnal mind in a moment say is. Enmity against God. It is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be. In other words. A carnal person can never ever come in harmony with the law of God. If it wasn't for Christ. Saying. I will put anybody between the of the woman serpent. If it wasn't for Christ. Promising to come and take our humanity in bring his divinity in and lift up humanity. We wouldn't be making any right choices and. So it's because of Jesus taking our humanity. That gives us the ability today to make the kind of choices that will develop characters for have. Sometimes we talk about that people say oh you're talking about how you're going to make yourself right just now as you know it's never making ourselves right to suspect that was going to be our last presentation. We'll do it some other time. But we'll never make ourselves right. We wouldn't make the first. Righteous. Action or have the first righteous thought if it wasn't for the grace of Christ. As we care about that. And that's because of his sacrifice and Jesus' sacrifice wasn't just on Calvary. It was an infinite sacrifice to take humanity. It was an infinite sacrifice. And. And I praise God for the humanity of Jesus now what was this you manage it. Revelation three in verse twenty one and we're on page six if you have a handout if you just come in this U.R.L. if you put that in your smart phone that will bring up for you. Of the handout the document file that I am going off of and I'm on page six. In the middle of the page number five says overcoming. As Christ overcame it this is the language of Revelation chapter three verse twenty one Jesus tells us that we are to overcome as he overcame. Now again just me asking questions as I'm reading the scripture and trying to understand this. The question to mime in my mind is this. How could we overcome as he overcame. If he didn't overcome as we have to overcome. When asked God again. It's in the hands out. How could we overcome as he overcame. If he didn't overcome as we have to overcome. He says overcome as I ever came in he and then we say we can't be that hat. I mean what's that. I mean honestly was I going to be. The implication those when he says you need to overcome as I overcame. Means it's possible. OK. It means that you go away he overcame is a way that I am able to follow. Now once again that implies to me that there was that that he experiences. Something similar to me when I am in that valley of temptation and. We're going to explore it is the relation of what the Bible calls the flesh. In the mind. Now we're going to look at a few passages here together the first is a fusions to the fees and chapter two. You'll notice that when the Bible speaks about human nature. It speaks of it in these terms the flesh and the mind is separate components. And just to throw a wrench in it for you if you've never studied this. The flesh and the mind of both refer to the mind. On. And so it will get to that in just a minute but it will explain that the flesh in the five times the flesh is not talking of this. So I think Jesus came with skin. OK And we'll see that in just a moment. Look at this. In the easiest to notice verse will start verse one. If you just do one says and you he made alive. Who were dead in trespasses and sins. In which you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince. Of the power of the air. The Spirit. Who now works in the sons of disobedience. Among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh. Notice. Fulfilling the desires of. What the flash. And of the mind. Why are those things separate we're going to talk about that here in a minute and we're by nature. Children of wrath just as the others are Nature is made up of those things the flesh. In the mind now let's see how that plays out we had mentioned the Romans eight seven The carnal mind. Says the carnal mind is enmity of carnal mind is not subject to God's law. OK. But the Bible also tells us about the mind of Christ Paul says in First Corinthians two sixteen. We have the mind of Christ. OK Adam didn't have the mind of Christ. After the fall of the mind of Christ is something that comes in convert. Hold on to that will come back to we're just. I'm just when you see the. We're going to look at the difference here between the flesh in the minor Romans seven really. I was going to say flesh is the South. But no pun intended but. Romans Chapter seven. Does. Less to sell. Almost seven. If you go with me to verse eighteen. I want you to notice the language of the Apostle Paul here. In the first printed. Romans seven. Starting in verse eighteen. Now most Christians are familiar with Romans seven this is a chapter that I think everybody in the WHERE I'M BACK BY when I preach in a place that has got a lot not of not having us or what have you I mean this is a great chapter because everybody relates to the struggle Paul describes here. Of wanting to do the right thing and finding yourself doing the wrong. The internal battle between. The flesh in the mind you can see this in just a moment. Verse eighteen says. For I know that in me. That is in my flesh. Nothing good do wells for to will is present with me now to Will is another way of saying to choose. It's not just a want is to choose to will something. Where do we will go where is the. Where is the center of the will. What part of the mind the frontal lobe. Right that's where make decisions and reason and that's where it seated their judgment. Is in that. And so notice. He says. In my flesh. No good thing because I too will is present with me in other words to will to do right is present. But how to perform what is good I do not find. For the good that I will to do. I do not do but the evil I will not to do that and I practice. Now if I do what I will not to do it is no longer I who do it by. Soon that dwells in me. I find a law. Now this is a principle kind of law here. You'll see that the minute. I find in a law that. Evil is present with me the one who wills to do good for I delight in the law of God according to the. Inward man. But I see another law in my. What. Members let's say flesh. Warring against the law of my mind in bringing me into captivity to the law of sin. Which is in my. Members over wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this by you have death. I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind. I myself serve the Law of God. But with the flesh the law of sin. Now oppose sharing a powerful truth here that we have to understand about fallen humanity. For all of humanity is made up of two components the flesh. And the mind it all reside in the mind. Now if you actually do some brain study what you're going to find is that. As I already mention reasoned judgment. And the like decision making is in the frontal lobe of the brain. But there's another portion of the brain called the limbic system that controls all the urges of the body. Now you medical students got to know that probably right. And the rest of us. Maybe we studied it maybe not but the idea is this the urges of the body I'm not talking about something that we call the lusts of the flesh. That doesn't. We know that we're less means the desires of the flesh and it isn't always evil. Hunger thirst. Desires food love sex those kinds of things. Are controlled by the limbic system. Now the way God created man. The way Adam why. Before the fall. Reason and judgment. Always controlled. The flesh. That is those urges and desires of the body that's how man was create. And so you know there's there's. There's nothing wrong with having his desires. There's nothing wrong with wanting to eat. There's nothing wrong with wanting to drink. But that can be perverted candid. Yes or no. And so reason was always to bear sway. The problem is that when Adam and Eve sinned. Their product on themselves and their posterity that's you and me. A condition in which reason. Was weakened. And the flesh. Was strengthened. So the body. And the bodily. Urges always control reason. So that for example. When you eat Thanksgiving dinner. And you're stuffed and you've got to loosen your belt buckle. And you're like I couldn't eat another thing. It would be a violation of every principle of my body even other things so this is a debate on Pioneer like right here right. That's why that happens. Because where reason was supposed to bear sway reason doesn't it that the carnal mind is not subject. Neither indeed can be. And so fallen man finds himself now in a condition where he has no power to overpower the. Urges of the flesh. OK this is how the bible describes. Human nature. The flesh does not refer to the body itself or the skin. But to what Ellen White referred as now will look at us this in a minute as what she calls the lower passions. The natural desires of the body. These are contrast with what she calls the higher powers of reason and morality. Now consider some of these statements this one is from the book added a stone bottom of page six. If you're following along. Ellen White says the lower passions have their seat in the body. And works through it. The words flesh. Or fleshly. Or carnal. Lusts. Embrace the lower corrupt. Nature. The flash. Now listen to the next of this part of this next part. Or follow along. The flesh of the it self. Can not act. Contrary to the will of God is that even as corrupt as my pleasure is in my urges in my desires. They can't force me. The reason is always there and I always have to make a choice before I sin I can't the my but my body can't force me to send it can't force you to send. The problem is in our fallen condition our mind has no power over the body. OK. We are commanded to crucify. The flesh with its affections and lusts. How shall we do it. Shall we inflict pain on the body. No but put to death. The temptation to sin. The corrupt. Thought. Is to be expelled. Every thought. Is to be brought into captivity to Jesus Christ. All. Animal propensities. Are to be subjected to the higher powers. Of the soul. So now she's speaking to converted people and saying you have the mind of Christ. But you need to exercise the mind of Christ by faith. And choose to expel the thought that's corrupted right. And so even than being it will you girders of the nature of their. Well the only thing we point out now is this that this idea of the flesh in the mind. The components it deals with are reason. Versus the. Urges of the by. And what happens. Do you think. Every time you yield to the urges of the body. They strengthen right. So at first I might just have it to me just might be hunger and I'm living a legitimate hungry and just give me a piece. Apple or a pizza whole wheat bread right. But it doesn't always stay that way does it because when I give in to the urges they get stronger and stronger and next thing I'm eating all kinds of junk or whatever if that's the issue if it's if it's food appetite kind of thing. Or if it's. It could go from there to alcohol and drugs or it can go to sex or whatever else it is. There could be pure desires for love. Desires to love are fine but they can get distorted and perverted when I yield to them in the wrong way. Look at the next state. Top of the page seven it says. Child guides page three two and I threw this in here on purpose. You know. Some of the abacus I mean. I would say. I should ask Are your part of the health study what percentage of seven they have us are vegetarians. In spite of all the counsel that we have. OK so thirty eight to forty one percent less than fifty percent of baboons to vegetarian why well it's not a big deal were saved by grace anyway right. List of the state. I have been instructed that flesh food. Has a tendency to animal lives the nature to rob men and women of that love and sympathy which that is what it strengthens the passions. Right. That's the last thing we just like any wrong choice strengthens the passions that I'm going to tell you I don't need my passions Frankton anymore than they are. I need the mind of Christ right. It tends to analyze nature to rob men and women of that love and sympathy which. They should feel for everyone and to give the lower passions control over the higher powers of the being. If meeting was ever healthful it is not safe now. A lot of people just think it was a hell thing. Just like you know we so we can live longer like ten more years or something that's not why we had health reform it was to keep the mind clear. And the passions on the on the weaker side. So we can have victory. So we could reflect the image of Jesus. Satan. Reaches the mind through the flesh. God reaches the flesh through the mind. Because eighty Joseph said that I thought that was. Profound Satan reaches the mind through the flesh. This is why for example when you have. You haven't you maybe heard studies on music before worldly music's use a certain kind of beat that bypasses the reason center you wear that. It's all there. All the philosophies and things that use your to snap them along as like hey this is really good not even think about what's being put into your brain. So you can bypasses the reason center and find his way into the mind through the body in the urges of the buy. But God goes through the mind to control the body works the other way around he starts here he gives us the power to reason and choose the right path. Jesus came with the same fallen nature we have but with his higher powers and control this was the distinction. He had the weaknesses of. What Israel might say four thousand years of. Degenerated humanity. But his mind was uncompromised. And so no matter how strong the. Urges of the flesh. He always resisted. Even in thought. Not even in thought did he even entertain and that's hard for us to produce like well how can you be tempted with that. Look the Bible talks about temptation. And James says that every man is tempted when he's led away by his own desires and types and when. Desire can see. When. When you know when desire it's that's when desire conceives it brings for sin and when. And then sin when a full grown brings forth death. The point is that every man is led away by tempted when he's led away by desires and and types. But temptation is a sin. When you're drawn away at something. And you say no and you. Expel the faut that's not sinned. That's temptation. Jesus came with the same fallen nature we have but with his higher powers and controls he wasn't just like us. If you was just like us we'd all be lost. He brought divinity into humanity. This is the mind of Christ. That the scripture talks about when we accept Christ. It receives a new birth. We receive the mind of Christ. And are able by the power of Christ to once again Place reason above cash. To overcome as Christ overcame that's what that means. But you're never going to do that unless you exercise your will that's why L.-Y. tells us that. What man needs to understand is the true force of the will. You're never going to get anywhere if you don't make a choice. It's not a magic carpet ride that overcoming sin. Jesus provided everything he took our humanity brought divinity into humanity. And now he offers us to the new birth the same divine Mind. It's a conversion process that should happen every day. And he changes our thoughts and puts us in control and helps us to resist evil. But helping us. Is not going to be choosing for us. And this is why. To me this is such an issue for us to understand. Because there are far too many Christians that I know who have bought into a modern. Even Jellicoe view of salvation. There's just sit back and easy chair and I'm going to just be a sinner until. Whenever I can overcome in this life and thank God for the grace of Jesus and grace becomes to them an excuse to live in sin. That's not biblical. And what's going to happen is when the final test comes. There are going to be a lot of people that are going to be unprepared. That Jesus has paved the way for us to be overcomers now and this is why the scripture when you think all this stuff is recorded in the Scriptures. Why you know why do you think the Scripture I was talking to somebody recently about this. You expect to get on the idea about all the as. All the do's and don'ts of. You know some religions they say. Have you ever read the Bible. You read the Apostles. Right. All the New Testament what does it do this don't do this don't do this by the way don't ever do this don't think about doing this go ahead and do this and you better be doing this right. I mean why all the instruction if it's not. If we're not no we can't follow it anyway. It's there because by the grace of Christ we can follow it. We are expected to follow. In the book of Acts Chapter seventeen The Bible says that God Wink at the times of our ignorance. But now commands. Men everywhere to repent. He doesn't suggest. He doesn't kindly ask. Could you maybe he commands us to repent says you know now. Some vision has been purchased for you at an infinite cost. Now you need to respond. Not just with lip service and so here we see Jesus coming into humanity. To game the victory for us in the next statement from testimonies to if you're on their page seven mil the page in the blue. Some will acknowledge the evil of sinful indulgences. Some will acknowledge the evil of simple don't ya know it's not best for me did. To to drink coffee. Yeah I know it's not best for me to. Hang it up my friends and. And to stand up late. Playing those games and stuff. I know that. Some will acknowledge the evil of simple indulgences. Yet will excuse themselves by saying that they cannot overcome their passion. That's why I use this weakness. Why is this weakness you want to hear the answer that. It is because the animal propensities those are those bodily passions. The animal propensities have been strengthen the bond I exercise. Intil they have gained the ascendancy over the higher powers. They've been strengthened you have you say although I know I shouldn't do that but as long as you do it you're just straight your work in and out here working out that soon muscle. That's what you're doing. And you strengthen the propensity and so when you know you're right I don't want to do that. You're not choosing by the mind of Christ. To overcome. And it's strengths. That propensity. In the Bible says that Jesus. Rather Ellen White said that Jesus didn't have like passions. He did have the propensities you know why. Because you never yield to temptation. He never yielded to temptation when he when he was faced with a temptation when it's we can't understand then. What would happen. If you do you think about the things you struggle with now and I will guarantee the things you struggle with there are things you have strengthened all through your life. Jesus never strengthened anything. He never yielded to temptation. And so he did create what he did have a corrupted. Nature. Like we do. And you might ask well. Well then that then if he didn't have a Cup of Nations like me been. Then how is it fair. How can he really save this tempted on all points like. As we are. Well we're going to come to that in just a moment. Why the weakness because the animal propensities have been strengthened by exercise until they have gained the ascendancy over the higher powers Listen to this next part. Men and women lack principle. They are dying spiritually. Because they have so long paper their natural appetites. That their power of self-government seems gone. And I praise the Lord the prophet talks to us like this. And nobody else wants to do that these days. Oh man. I sound so legal istic No it sounds like God wants us saved is what it sounds like. And he knows the process he knows if you've got to make choices I'm going to make choices. He can't for he's not going to force us to be saved you still have to serve so long to pay him for their natural appetites. That their power of self-government seems gone. The lower passions of their nature have taken the reins. And that would should be the governing power. Has become the servant. Of corrupt passions. Eighty Joes in one thousand nine hundred five I have a quote here. Just I was debating on reading it but I'm just going to read it because a. And it come to read in the Scriptures. All the way through. Speaking of Christ. He is like us. And with us according to the flesh. He is the seed of David according to the flesh. He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh. Don't go too far. He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh not in the likeness of sinful mind. Do not drag his mind into it. His flesh was our flesh. But the mind. Was the mind of Christ Jesus Jesus Christ came in just such flash as ours. But with a mind. That held its integrity. Against every temptation. Against every inducement to sin. A mind that never consented to sin. Nope. Never in the least. Conceivable shadow of a thought. And by. That means he has brought that divine man. To every man on the earth. And woman. Therefore every man and woman. For the choosing and by choosing can have that divine Mind. That conquers sin in the flesh. Look that's why he took humanity friends. That's why the humanity of that's why I own my Says the humanity of Christ is everything to us because it's a pledge to you and me that no matter how bleak it looks. By the grace of Christ. I don't have to live as a slave to sin. Now these next couple statements are hard for people. Because we say I don't understand how can being that exercise a little faith your desire to just sixty four says this Jesus. Came into the world bottom of page seven. To display the glory of God that man might be uplifted by its restoring power. Jesus revealed no qualities. And exercise no powers. That men may not have through faith in him. Now I'm standing up here in front of your preaching and I'm saying that it's hard to believe. And the only way I can believe it is by faith. I believe what God says here. I believe in the power of Christ. His perfect humanity. Is that which. All of his followers may possess. If they will be in subjection to God as he was. Again the top of the next page similar statement says. If we had to bear anything which Jesus did not endure. Then upon this point. Satan would represent the power of God is insufficient for us to get understand that even. Everything we're talking about here isn't it is in the context of something that is far bigger. Called the great controversy. That way back in the beginning the devil said Look God you've got you've acquired too much of your creatures nobody can ever do it you need it minute and give it up. I'm right and you're wrong. If we had to bear anything which Jesus did not endure then upon this point Satan would represent the power of God is insufficient for us there for. Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are he endured. Every trial to which we are subject. He exercised in his own BE have no power. That is not freely offered to us. His life testified that it is possible for us. Also. To obey the Law God. Now again you're just like. You may be saying thinking. Well I don't know. And I mean. To obey the law of God and we think of it in that if we think of it in the ultimate scale but let me simply ask this question. How many of you. By the grace of Jesus. Have overcome something in your life. OK maybe you smoked. Maybe you drank. Maybe caroused. Maybe you did a number. And when you came to Christ. You stop doing those things. Because of your strength because of your power. Is that how it happened. What happened. Jesus gave you the victory over that sin. So why can't he give you victory over others. Now the words we have the testimony even in our own experience that Jesus is facing. And the challenge with us sometimes is this. We want everything sooner then. Maybe it's going to happen there are. You when you have years and years. Of of building those pathways. In is sin. Then it takes some time of cooperating with God to pull us out of there. But that doesn't mean he's not going to do it. That doesn't mean you can't do it. We see in Jesus. We see in Jesus the promise in the pledge that we can live above. The weaknesses of the flesh now. The Bible says that Jesus was tempted in all points like. As we are question to be asked if he didn't have the passions that we have how can we say he was tempted like you were tempted. Let me let me explain this even The occurred some people have asked me this. You know Jesus never took drugs. Obviously never became a drug addict. So how in the world. Is a drug addict spine. Supposed to find hope in overcoming his addiction when Jesus never dealt with it and addiction is a people of ask that. Now the question. Reveals very faulty thinking. And I'll tell you what that means. Who do you think it's harder to tempt. With drugs. The person who is strong out on them. Or the person who's never used them. To get a person who's never used drugs to be tempted by it. Does the temptation have to be stronger or weaker. I'm going to tell you doesn't take much of a temptation at all to get a drug addict to say OK I'll take your word I'm saying. Or food addict or anything else. We seem to think that because Jesus wasn't some strong out drug addict. He doesn't understand my temptation. The fact of the matter is because he never gave in to sin. When he faced those temptations in the wilderness for example. He had to go forty days without eating. To experience what you and I do between breakfast and lunch. Oh wait I'm done as a sermon over yet I can't even. Oh my daughter my son my twelve year old daughter I mean she's like she gets an hour later she's like I'm going to go I'm going to eat right he's going to eat all the time. Do you have to go forty days just to get to eat all good. Did the temptation he experienced in his class stronger levels of temptation now. Let me back up a little bit. Tempted in all points. As we are. The Bible teaches three areas of temptation three points of temptation. First John Chapter two. And I'm not going to go there. All there is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of life in fact I heard one of the saddest calls this morning. Those three areas. Every temptation. A person. Faces fall into those areas. There's a little overlap as well lust of the flesh. Those are the those are the desires of the body. It's not just sexual desires desires for hunger desires. And those are perverted desirous of desire for hunger drugs and alcohol and all that are lost to the flesh. Lust of the odds and lust of the flesh can have to do with sexual. In the soaking last of the eyes fall into that. And the pride of wiper these are the three areas and. If I had time we go through. Adam and Eve's fall and Jesus temptation in the wilderness and you would see even in his temptation the woman as he had all three. The three times why were the three temptations of Jesus in the wilderness why not for one and two. Why not six. He was tempted on those three points. And he experienced in those three points. The depth of temptation the greatest depth that anybody will ever experience and so you can say well you know I got this drug addiction Jesus doesn't know yes he does know. For two reasons he knows number one. He came in our humanity. And because he never yielded to sin. The temptation was put on him that much stronger. And he still resisted and he gives that strength to you and me. When we receive the mind of Christ. That's reason number one reason number two. When Jesus was on Calvary's cross. Every thing that you feel when you sin. Was placed on him Jesus knows what it's like to commit sin when he never committed sin. The shame and despair you feel when you fall into that sin for the hundredth time when you knew you were going to promise God you wouldn't. He felt that on Calvary's cross. For you and me and everybody there is nothing that has not touched Jesus. That touches us. This is what Paul meant when he said in order to be a merciful and faithful high priest. Tempted at all points. As we are. He was touched with our infirmities he know us. Like nobody knows what you experience. But he also knows victory. Right where you struggle. And the importance of being clear. On the nature of Christ and I'm not talking about every new was. But the truth. That Jesus met. You where you are and overcame where you fall. So you can overcome. That's key for us to know. Because otherwise what will do is we make excuses for ourselves and this week. We do that all time well I just I can't. We're just we got this flesh I have people that we have this. I got this was. I got this nature. Well lose the major die to self except a mind of Christ. And be an overcomer. Amen pastor Howard. I know it's getting late. Something I wanted some one other thing I want to share in relation to the temptation of Christ. Is that. You know because we get to this where people will ask you maybe have some I have this question. Well OK we see. You talk about Jesus take our nature any meaning us. Meeting our temptations what have you. But let's be real the wilderness. Temptation number one. Turn these stones into bread. Sorry that's never a temptation that I've ever faced and I don't think I ever will face that temptation is not a temptation for me to turn stones into bread. How's that anything where I like. Where I understand that our greatest temptation. Across the board. Greatest temptation that underlies all others. In fact. Ellen White says she saw the ledgers of heaven and she saw all the sins recorded there in above all the sins there was one master heading. And he would remember what it was self. The root of every temptation the self reliant on yourself. Instead of relying on God That's why the sin. We give in to the set Y. because we don't trust what God says God says this is the best way to eat for example but I'm going to be that way to me this way while. Because I don't trust that it got ultimately as a trust issue. You may not see it that way. When Jesus was in the wilderness. I will go to the wilderness. Jesus face but the temptation of turning. I will go into the wilderness the temptation of turning the stones to Brett. To my systems to bring before. Some just tell me I said water bread or something like that I've done things like that before. Anyway. No I haven't turned water to bread I just thought things like and anyway. The temptation. To turn stones to bread was a temptation to Jesus to rely on himself. Instead of relying on his father and his self could turn. Stones to bread but he laid his divinity aside. Something that's. That's hard for us to understand. All Let me read a statement this is where some people are like whoa you read this statement and it's like how does that even fit in the book confrontation. Page eighty five which is a fascinating book if you've never read confrontation it's a it's about. It's a compilation of reviewing here at articles Oh my it wrote about Christ temptation in the world is phenomenal. Page eighty five. It was a difficult task. For the prince of life to carry out the plan which he had undertaken for the salvation of man. In closing his divinity with humanity. He had received. Honor in the heavenly courts and was familiar with absolute power. It was as difficult for him to keep the level of humanity. As for men to rise above the low level of their deprived natures. And be partakers of the divine nature. And I actually had a guy in my church just ask me this he's like. Well Pastor what. What about this was it me keep a level of to me. What I mean it was. It was hard for him to keep the level of humanity. It's not hard for me to keep the level of humanity. And she even says that it's. It's as hard for him to keep a level of humanity. As it just is for us. To become partakers of the divine nature why. What was Jesus self. Myself as human and myself as carnal. What was Jesus' self divine. So for Jesus to rely upon self was to rely on. Divinity. So for him to keep the level of humanity was to deny itself. For me to deny myself I've got to deny humanity and seat. To be a partake of the pain to partake of the divine nature. And so sometimes it really is temptation say. Well. It doesn't sound the same he was tempted this. He was only tempted from a perspective of he was the Son of God. Now you can chew on that for a while. There are aspects of the life of Christ. And the temptations of Christ. That we will be studying. Throughout eternal ages. But what is most essential. Is to understand this. We have a complete. Savior who was tempted at all points that we are tempted. Yet without sin. And if you want guidance. There's no plate of better place to go than somebody who specced. Anything you can ever face and has overcome at every point. And that somebody is Jesus Christ. And that somebody Jesus Christ promises you. That you can be an overcomer. By His grace. And you will one day soon stand faultless before the throne of God. Because of what Jesus did in taking humanity and. Overcoming humanity. On your behalf. Ellen White says the last statement on page nine. Sake declared that it was impossible for the sons and daughters of ADD. To keep the Law of God. It's really a controversy started. And thus charged upon God and lack of wisdom in love. If they could not keep the law. Then there was. Fault. With the Law Giver. Don't forget that. This is this is not just Adventism this is scripted sure in too many people view salvation is just this person I am I going to make it. And they forget that if only if I make it. But if god. If I don't allow God to perfect his character in me. The questions of the controversy of the devil level to God are never answered. So we talked about the other night here they are right. Jesus humbled Himself clothing his divinity with humanity in order that he may stand as the head. And representative of the human family. And both by both precept and example condemns sin in the flesh. That's the language of Romans chapter eight verses. Three and Four and give the lie. To Satan's charges he was subjected to the fiercest temptations that human nature can know. Yet he's sinned. Not for sin is transgression of the law. By faith. He laid hold upon divinity. Even as humanity. May lay hold upon. Infinite Power through him. What Jesus did humanity may do. Although tempted upon all points. Even as men are tempted. He sinned not. He did not surrender his allegiance to God as did Adam and sold by the grace of Jesus. You and I may do. And I praise God for that. And I would say this. Don't sell yourself short in your Christian experience. We don't be talking about your flesh all the time I could so type. Well you know I'm just so we can quit talking about yourself. Right. Yeah it's we let's it doesn't let's talk about his strength. Hey we can talk let's. You know what that here. Let me pull up a chair Let's talk about weaknesses human weaknesses. GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON let's look to the strength of Christ. Get our focus on what he's promised for us to live up to what he has paved the way for us in our Christian spruced let others see you know us. The character of Jesus Amen. Because that's what he has prepared. You and me for. Let's take some questions there were some questions earlier. Sure there might be some questions now. On the Nature of Things. And we'll just take a few like ten minutes or something. Are there any. You know they say what a teacher teaches. If there's no questions either it was crystal clear it was so confusing nobody even those with ask. So I'm going to just. It was the first questions anybody have questions on what we've discussed. Any question. I can tell you have an answer to it. But there's one right up here. Oh do we have a. We don't go I have to just ask it on the repeated. OK. Hundred forty four thousand why out. OK what did I say I have zero repeat the question. The question is one hundred forty four thousand are they. I mentioned that. That one hundred forty four thousand are not the only ones going to heaven. The question was Are they the only ones who aren't going to soon. Right now the words. Kind of like Who are the hundred forty four thousand. That's who I was. And I'll try to do this briefly. I would recommend you do a little reading do some research. It's interesting this research in l much writings I believe has about twenty six original statements. Twenty six or twenty seven on one hundred forty four thousand I've compiled them up at one point I have gone through them. And of course there are duplicate some other places. But N.Y. speaks of one hundred forty four thousand as the ones who overcome the beast and his image. She speaks of the hundred forty four thousand in the terms of the Living Saints those who were alive when Jesus comes there translated without seeing death. OK. I believe the scripture tells us about one hundred forty four thousand. They don't have any guile in their mouth they follow him wherever he goes. They're not defiled with women. All of this language to me tells me that this hundred forty four thousand. Are those who are going to be translated they're going to see Jesus when He comes in His glory. In order to do that they will have had to be purified from sin or they would be slain by the brightness of His coming. OK. The apostle says that with that without holiness no me I will see the Lord right they have got. So. My understanding from scripture inspired prophecies one hundred forty four thousand. Those are the what the. What I am called a part of the last generation. That will not die but they'll be translated to heaven. And in order for that to happen. Jesus will have to. Anish the work that he's doing in the kind of sin in those individuals. Now the distinction is this. Not everybody is going to be among one hundred forty four thousand who are saved. Not even everybody at the end of time they're going to be people who are laid to rest at the end of time who won't live through. And become one of the hundred forty four thousand. Now the only point that I would make there is people have asked me for wealth God's going to purify the sin so how come grandma and grandpa were able to go and they did that because they were. Because the demonstration. Of cleansing of sin in the last generation is not man's demonstration of God's demonstration. In other words. The fact that God didn't do it for grandma and grandpa because of whatever. Elements in in the time in history what was able to be revealed to them and everything else that's God's business. He knew where they would be. But in the very last generation you're going to have people are going to have to be ready to see Jesus come in the clouds of glory. So to me. My understanding is those are the hundred forty four thousand I think you can do a little study on this. You'll see probably similarly. Yes. That's right. The righteous and and. And all that the special resurrection. Let me just not going to the special resurrection right now because over here. You're talking about the what. That's right that's right. But they will be the by according to Scripture they're going to be air goes. You're going to have two groups of people one who sees Jesus coming. The other who when they're raised from the grave. It says this mortal shall put on immortality. And so there's going to be a transformation that takes place. For those coming up out of the grave. Those who are living at the time of Christ will have had that transformation while they're living. Which is just phenomenal. Thought but you can. You know study that out a little bit. Any other questions. Yeah that no. That's fair. And I'm glad you asked that. And there's a reason I. I used to use the terminology of somebody called me on. I'm not like opposed to it but the idea of Jesus being born born again. Well he really didn't ever need to be born again. But that's a term we would use to make. So he in. When we're born again what happens is when not when we're born again it doesn't change it doesn't take away our sinful nature. It changes our mind. It gives us power of will to choose it right we receive the mind of Christ and that's important distinction to understand. Some people think oh my god my heart cries when everything I'm going to automatically know you're not going to automatically anything you've got to now fight the fight of faith. And so for Jesus. He didn't have to go through that process like he said we could see he was born born again or. He was born with the divine law. In other words. When we are born in the ground Jesus came on. Is the ground we are placed on through the new birth. Prior to the New Birth we're not like Jesus in his nature. Jesus was divine and human. But the Bible says we can become partakers of the divine nature. That's what conversion is about some were converted what it does is it gives us a divine Mind. And now puts us on a place where Jesus lived out in his humanity. And by his power now divine power work in our lives. We can live. As Jesus lives. And that's not a. That's not a you know I get what I know you get that people take potshots a little we hit we can we can well yeah we can but it's not us it's Christ who lives in me. As the apostles as in Galatians chapter two question back here. Yes and I'm really glad you asked that to you know one of the. How many. The question. You know do you have a mike you can. Know don't worry about it. Don't worry about it because I'll do one more after this one and I think we'll wrap up the question was a T. Jones talked about sinless perfection. And asked me again our to my thought here. It would only it says about perfection. When we talk about perfection. There's a book I'll recommend to you it's a book called The Crisis ahead. By Robert. Olsen the late Robert. Used to work for the Ellen White estate. It was a syllabus that he used for his class on last events. When he taught at Pacific Union. College. And it's phenomenal to question and answer format and. It's been Republics you can probably find an older version of it for. Anyway there's a chapter in their own perfection. And I think he does a great job of going through her statements etc. When we talk about perfection. There's two things I bring up. Sinless perfection What other kind of perfection is there. You know we can talk about you know people in General Jones do this or well you know. A child. A baby can be perfect at a stage of grow. Where he's not full grown but he if you know or a plant of a plant grows in it. And it's just grow that plant should be at that stage of. Three weeks or four weeks of whatever growth. Then you could say it's perfect at that stage even though it's not completely mature here in the same way we mature as Christians. But in a ultimate sense. When we're talking Christian group this is a bad word today and so we have all these ways of saying all the things we're perfectionist talk about maturity and all this. But the bottom line is this there finally is going to come a time when there will be people who will be. Sinlessly perfect. Just as God is sinlessly perfect. It's not because of their own strength. Or ability or anything else but is the work and workmanship of God. But make no mistake. God doesn't leave jobs half done. And this is what it means in Philippians one sixth where says. He who had who began a good work in you will complete it under the day of Jesus Christ OK. Now here's where some people does the other thing this is where people would talk about perfection some people say. Because of our fallen natures we can never be perfect. Before Jesus comes well in an absolute sense that is true. Because our natures won't be changed until that moment the twinkling of an eye. Because our natures will be changed so that time. Then bodily we won't be perfect but. Characters. Can be perfect and when an. Minnes historically have talked about perfection. What we're talking about his character perfection a kin to the statement where Ellen White says. When the character of Christ. Is Perfect Lee reproduced in his people. Then he will climb to claim them as his own that's character perfection. That's what Jones. I don't know I'd have to look at a perspex specific statement. Because Jones. Sometimes you talk about perfection. In those stages of growth. Which is accurate. And sometimes he would talk about it. In that stage of find all the final workmanship of God. And that I'm going to tell you something brothers and sisters. That's why I hope that Jesus is going to perfect his character in me. So I don't sin any more I mean you think about a minute. OK So now Jesus is done with his work and you. Yeah but I still have some sin in me Oh that's OK can't get rid of all of it. I mean think about that for a minute is that really what you expect no everyone of us expects at some point. Nobody thinks they're going to be singing in heaven right. Yes or no. Are we going to be sending in heaven. So God can stop us from sitting in heaven why can he stop us now. Find a good reason for that OK. I'll take one more if there is one more. Otherwise. We are going to conclude with prayer care and also see one right here yes. Him in and he will do what he promised. And that's ultimately where. God's people are at the end of time we've got to believe in the promises of God So much so that we believe in His promises of everything that we see think in feet. We believe what he says. You believe what he says tonight. Amen. Well let's pray together. Father in heaven. Father we do thank you for the Sabbath day. We thank you for the opportunity we've had to come together and study. Father there are a number of things we looked at today that we will be studying throughout the eternal. Ages. But father let us leave here. Knowing of a certainty. That Jesus our High Priest. Can Save us to the uttermost Lord to help us to believe. Leave that to the uttermost. Help us to cast. Our trust in him to put our trust in Him and cast her cares upon him. Father help us to act out. Our believe in him. And exercise faith in the promises of Jesus. By putting away soon. By purifying ourselves even as he is pure. By sharing the three angels messages with the world around us and looking forward eagerly to the coming of Jesus Father I pray that you are bless us as we leave here tonight. Go with us Father. We pray that the time that we spent today would help us to see that we have been with Jesus. And we ask and pray this all in his name for his this. Media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about body overs or if you would like to listen to more service. Please visit. W.W.W.. Audio verse or.


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