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Where Are the O-Rings in Your Faith?

David Kim


This message was presented at the Florida Conference Adventist Christian Ministry's inaugural Collegiate Summit.  The conference theme was "Launch" with the idea of launching the students into ministry on their campuses.  In this message, David Kim highlights the need for detailed preparation in fulfilling this mission, and that the students need to be fully persuaded about their beliefs, even in the smallest details, or risk spiritual disaster.


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society


  • January 12, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Thank you for this special music. He was a very sincere rendition. Wanting to be like Jesus a man. Before we begin to this is this evening would you please pray once more with me. Lord God our Father. You are so merciful to us. You've given us Traveling Mercies and provisions as we've traveled some. Far distances some close distances. To get to this place but we take none of that for granted. And Lord as we open up your holy Sabbath day. This evening. We pray for the Holy Spirit to be among us. To be with us and to be in us that we might receive the blessing. Hear the words. Feel. The impression that you desire for us. Lord I pray we pray. That we would be changed. This Sabbath. This weekend. At this retreat. And that we would see Jesus. We pray this. In his powerful name Amen. Well I'm honored to be with you this evening and I want to thank. Pastor Angelo. Pastor Pedro. For hosting this event. And inviting me to come. And. Normally you hear this kind of thing at the beginning of a speech and you think of covert of course. It's the obligatory. Expression of gratitude for being here. But when I tell you this next fact you understand that. It truly comes from the bottom of my heart. And that fact is this. Right now in Philadelphia. There is a wind chill warning. And they are forecasting up to negative eighteen. Degree. Wind chill. This weekend. And so when I say. Thank you for having I truly made it. From the bottom of my are now. This weekend as. As Pastor Pedro very very directly and encouragingly. Reminded us that the theme is. Launch. And I was wondering if we could all just say. No I'm kidding. I'm not going to ask you to say lodge again. But it's a great theme. It's a great theme it really connotes. Action and passion and. Impact. It is a great theme. And it works on so many different levels. Different level for. For example for some of you young. You might be just entering college I met some freshman here. As I was having dinner you might be just entering college and so you're launching into a whole new phase of your life. Some of you on the other hand. Might be might be seniors. Any seniors here. Yeah yeah that's right. Being a senior being ready to graduate that is a reason for celebration. So you might be ready to launch into a whole new face. Phase of life as well. Your you might be going into the workforce or you might be going into graduate school or whatever you're doing but. You are launching in another way. Some of you might be launching into. Campus Ministry. Some of you might be doing that for the first time or perhaps you are launching into an A new concerted effort on your campus. So you might be launching in that respect and then. As I understand it. The Florida conference is launching into a new era of campus ministries. And so launch works on a lot of different levels a lot of different levels. But for me whenever I hear the word launch. It always takes me back to one specific event. And it wasn't the one nine hundred sixty one a vent. Pastor pager talked about. It was a. Nine hundred eighty six. A vent. Let me make sure I got my date right. Yeah one thousand nine hundred sixty January twenty eight thousand nine hundred eighty six which tells you guys. That. How old I am. I was thirteen. In one nine hundred eighty six I think I was in seventh grade at the time and. We were all very excited. We were all very excited because we were going to get to watch television. In class. We were going to get to watch television in class Of course we didn't have flat screen T.V.'s back then. And so you had these gigantic two C.R.T. cathode ray tube C.R.T. you know that's not right. That's the L.C.D. right I don't even remember what the technology was it was so old. But these two. And it was this huge T.V.. Gigantic T.V.. And they would wheel it from classroom to classroom. In Usually for us it was in this big wood in. Cabinet. And so but we thought it was great. We were going to get to watch T.V. in class. And what we were going to get to watch. Was the launch of a space shuttle. And it was a very specific space shuttle. It was the space shuttle Challenger. Now if you guys heard of the space shuttle Challenger. Because I recognize that as I. I know I could pass for being a college student say man. But I'm I'm literally. I think I'm twice the age of. Most of you were many of you in this room. So I wouldn't hold it against you if you had never heard of the space shuttle Challenger. But the space shuttle Challenger was a very exciting event. Because among other things. The first teacher. Was going to go up to. Into Space and. Her name was Christa McAuliffe. So we're all very excited because we were school kids and we were watching this. This. Live launch of the space shuttle. So the countdown happened. Just like we had in this room. The countdown happened and then. When it said liftoff. The engines. The solid rocket boosters. You remember those two skinny things on the side. Those started firing. And then there was a big orange tank in the middle where the fuel was. That all started firing and then you saw the shuttle start to lift off and it was incredibly exciting. At my age and. And with the event of having this teacher going to going into space. It was. It was amazing so we watched it go up in fact it was in Florida right here. Cape Canaveral. And so we watched it go up and it kind of goes up and it starts to turn and kind of turns on its back. It almost looks like. Shamoun lifting out of. Jumping out of Sea World right now apparently we have to let sham Ugo. Is that correct. I've heard that we have to let him go and that's probably a good thing I'm quite ambivalent about zoos and. Animal exhibits like that. But in any case. So the show was going up. And then. Seventy three seconds. Into the flight. It just exploded. Just blew up to a big ball of fire have you guys seen the pictures or maybe the video of that explosion how many of you have seen that. All right about two thirds. Two thirds or almost all of you. So I guess it's not that ancient history. And we were just stunned. We just saw a blowout. It was there was lifting off. We're all excited. And then it was done. It was blown up. Except it wasn't like. C.G.I. special effects it was an actual explosion. Of an actual space shuttle. And seven actual. Astronauts died. And so when I hear the word launch. It always takes me back to that. Because it reminds me of. All of the things that go into a launch. And in particular how everything. Needs to be right. Everything needs to be put together. Because if you'll remember. What went wrong with that flight he was a very small thing. You see on these solid rocket boosters. There was this. There were different pieces to the solid rocket boosters and between each of those pieces. Was what they called him and then have you guys heard of the ring. Some of you might have. Right well the O.-Ring and it was it's literally a gasket. I'm sure there was more to it than that and if any of your aeronautical engineers you can educate me but. You literally a rubber gasket. That goes in between the pieces of the solid rocket booster. And what had happened. Was the temperatures. Had gone down. They had gone down to I think as low as eighteen degrees. The night before the launch. And the rings had never been tested in. Temperatures that low. But they were determined to launch. And so they said we're going to go ahead with this. Anyway. And so what it happened was because of those temperatures the rings had become brittle. And when they became brittle. They were no longer able to have as. Of a seal between the different segments of the rocket launch. Solid rocket booster. And because of that jet fuel was leaking out. And then with that tiny tiny little hole that tiny tiny little bit of jet fuel leaking out. It caught on fire. And then the chain reaction happened. And as you. You've all seen the Challenger exploded. And so when it comes to a successful launch when it comes to launching. I think that is a a a tragic. Illustration of how we have to sweat the small stuff. We have to be. All put together we have to have a firm foundation. In what we believe otherwise. Bad things can happen even disastrous things can happen. Are you with me. Does does this illustration make sense to you. A man. OK. So with that I'd like to talk about where you are about to launch. Because this weekend. You're going to be. Equipped and inspired and. And you're going to engage with each other you're going to be networking you're going to be planning you're going to be doing all these things. So that you can launch. Back onto your campuses. For Christ. You're here. So that you can be equipped and prepared to launch back onto your campuses for Christ. But we don't want to have a launch. Like that of the Challenger. So we have to make sure that even the small stuff that we pay attention to it. We make sure we're all put together with a firm foundation. So with that I'd like to talk about. I'd like to turn to. The book is second Timothy. So please get your Bibles out. Electronic or otherwise. And turn to second Timothy. Because this is a very very appropriate passage for us to be reading this evening and. We're going to do a little bit of a Bible study on this. And in order to get the most out of this passage we're about to read. I need to set a little bit of context. So we're we're all students here right. All students or most of us are or recently you've been in a classroom once or twice. So we're going to have a little bit of dialogue and I'm going to ask some questions. Who was writing the book. Of Timothy. Paul Yes. Yes. Paul the Apostle was writing the book of. TIMOTHY. And who was he writing it to. Timothy Yes. You will find that. Whenever I ask questions there are no trick questions. There are no trick questions the answers are all in the text so you can be very confident when you answer. To have Paul writing a letter to Timothy. Now where was where was Paul writing from then when no. Yeah he was in prison. He was in prison. He was in jail. Probably was more like a dungeon this wasn't. Club Fed. This. This wasn't some prison where you get three squares a day and you get to work out all the time. This. And you had cable T.V.. This was a serious prison. This was the pagan Roman Empire. And their prison and he was a prisoner. Most likely of Nero. Emperor Nero anyone heard of Nero what's he famous for. Burning Down Rome. So this was he was a bad guy. So this was a really terrible situation for Paul to be in so he was writing. To Timothy from prison and. It was actually. That is where he would die and. Scholars believe that. Second Timothy was the last book. Last letter that he would ever write. Or at least that was in the Bible. So you can almost think of this as. His final words. His last will and testament. And he wrote it. To his beloved Son spiritually Timothy. So let's go in before I go on the other thing I want to say is there are two things the. Does anyone know what the purpose of the book of second Timothy is what was it called purpose in writing this to Timothy. Encourage and yes that's right. We have some Bible scholars in the room. It was. Reassurance and encouragement. And so I would. I would ask you to keep those concepts in your mind those ideas. Reassurance. And encouragement. As we read through this passage. So let's start in verse one. Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God. According to the promise of life. Which is in Christ Jesus. And so I want to I'm going. We're just going to apply this as we go. Paul was an apostle. How by whose will. By whose Will was he the Apostle. By God's will remember no trick questions. Paul an apostle Jesus Christ by the will of God. And then this phrase. According to. When you see that phrase just think. Based upon or based on. So Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ. By the will of God. Based on the promise of life. Which is in Christ Jesus. And I just want to say one. Thing to you about this. Is that God is on your side. It was God's will for Paul. That he should be delivered from being a persecutor of the church. To becoming the greatest evangelist. In the church. It was by God's will not his own will. God. Was on Paul side God wanted. Paul to be saved. And he wants you to be see. You are here by the will of God. And you are here by the will of God. Based on what Jesus Christ did for you. And so God is in your corner. God Some of us may think. May look at God. And think of him as the scary. Mean. Arbitrary God. Who is out to get you. He's making a list and checking it twice. Looking to see who's naughty or nice. Is that Santa. We have counterfeits. We have counterfeits in our world do we not. And so people take. God. And they caricature him. And then they call him Santa seriously. And they make him look like this. He's like this green shaded. Green eye shade. Accountant any accountants in the room. Now you won't admit it will you. Someone up there. Just tabulating. Checking the boxes. To see whether you've been naughty or nice. Whether you deserve to be in the kingdom. But that's not who our God is God is on your side. And from the very first statement appall. He is telling. TIMOTHY. He's reassuring him. I am an apostle. Of Christ. Because God wanted me to be. Based on his promises. And so he starts with encouragement from the very beginning. To Timothy in verse two Timothy a beloved son. A beloved son. You can just hear the love. You can just hear the love that Paul had. For this young man who was. Does anyone know what Timothy did. What his role was. He was a group of course he. He helped Paul in many of his missionary. Endeavors. But his specific role that church history tells us. He was the first pastor in ethicists. The first pastor in FS this. And so think about it. Timothy rolls up into FS this there are no Christians at all. There are no Christians. And he working with Paul. Are going to set up this church. And so that. Does that sound easy or hard. Can you imagine that you're in the pagan Roman Empire. Pantheism all kinds of idolatry. All kinds of immorality. All these kinds of things going on and. You are alone. And you're going to plant a church. In one of the largest metropolises of the Roman Empire. It's hard work. And so that's who Timothy was. He said. Called him a beloved son. And he says. Grace mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Now when he. He. He's saying to him. Hey. Here's the things that I wish upon you. And what are the three things that he says he wishes upon him. Grace mercy in peace. Grace mercy and peace. Isn't it interesting that he chose those three things. We often read. These salutations as if you know we I mean I'm guilty of it myself we just blow through these things like. Yes OK It's from Paul two Timothy. Got it but why would he. Why are the three things. Why wouldn't he wish upon him. Strength. Prosperity and. Mental powers. He could have wished anything upon him couldn't. He didn't have to wish these three things upon him. But the three things he wished upon him were grace mercy and peace and so this tells us a lot. First of all it tells us that Timothy. Needed. Grace mercy and peace. You see. Timothy was one of the first evangelists one of the pioneers of the early church. You would think that he would be a pretty pious and holy young man would you not. He's probably got it together he probably knows this scripture. In fact will will read he grew up in the church. But Paul knew him. And he knew his heart. And he knew the three things that. Even Timothy needs. Needed were grace mercy and peace. And to me I don't know about you but I look at this and I take heart. Because of Timothy needed grace mercy and peace. I don't feel quite as bad that I need. Grace mercy and peace. In fact we all need grace mercy and peace. Because who needs Grace. Yet who needs mercy. And who needs peace. Sinners need grace mercy and peace. If Timothy were perfect. He wouldn't need grace. If Timothy didn't sin. He wouldn't need mercy. And if Timothy had no problems. Spiritually he wouldn't need peace. But I know there are some of us in here. Who need grace. Who need mercy. And who need peace and you can take heart. That even someone like Timothy. Even someone like Timothy needed grace mercy and peace and. And somehow that makes me feel a little better. Does that make you feel better. Amen. So verse three. He gets into the meat of the letter says. I think God whom I serve with a pure conscience. As my forefathers did. As without seizing I remember you in my prayers. Night and day. All right. Does anyone else find Paul hard to read. Does anyone else find Paul hard to read. I find Paul difficult to read. I find Paul. I have to like read Paul. Five or six times and the same one remember back in grade school when you diagram your sentences. Anyone remember doing that. He'd have to diagram sentences sometimes to just understand what Paul is seen and so let's let's break this down. He's saying. I thank God. When I pray for you. That's what he say. OK. So. Says I thank God when I pray for you but then he throws this thing in there about how I was serving him with a pure conscience. As my forefathers did. Why is he telling. Why is he telling Timothy that he serves God with a pure conscience. Does that sound a little odd to you. I mean it's almost like he's bragging. So it's like he's bragging saying. Hey by the way Timothy. I serve God with a with a pure conscience just like my forefathers. Why do you think he told them that. Remember the truth seems of this book. Reassurance and encouragement. Yeah you can do it too. And let's remember where Paul was writing from prison. And what did they do to you in prison. In the pagan Roman Empire if you're a Christian. They persecuted you and they tried to get you to read can't. They wanted to get you off the Christian program. Because the Christians were causing problems. And so when Paul writes to Timothy. Say. I think God who I'm serving with a pure conscience. He's reassuring him. He's telling him. Don't worry Timothy. I'm hanging in there. I am. Remaining faithful. You can be assured of that. Because Paul was Timothy's mentor as. Have any of you had a mentor or a professor or someone in your life who you looked up at to as a role model. Anyone. A man. Now. What if that person. Betrayed the values that they had instilled in you. If they had gone back on some of the great advice and and. And wisdom that they had shared with you how would you feel about that. You might feel that they were a phony. You might feel like well how can I trust anything you ever said. And so it was really important for Paul to tell. TIMOTHY. I have a pure conscience. And still serving God. And the God of our fathers. And so. He's reassuring him. And so then he says I as as without ceasing I remember you in my prayers night and day he's saying I'm praying for you. All the time. I'm praying for you. TIMOTHY. I'm hanging in there and I'm praying for you. First for greatly desiring to see you. Came with the I love you. I want to see you. I so desire to see you. If I weren't in prison I would be there visiting with you. Being mindful of your tears. Saying. I know. What a state you're in Timothy. Your own loan in F. assists. Your starting this church. You are being persecuted. You're going against the entire grain. Of the society. He didn't have anyone else. He had to build it from the ground up. And he knew that Timothy was struggling. Because he was mindful of your tears. But he said he is greatly desiring to see you why. That I may be filled with joy. You say I know you're crying now I know you are you are just emotionally distraught Now I know how hard it is for you but. When I think of you. I am filled with joy. Why. What I call to remember the genuine. Faith. That is in you. Which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois. And your mother Eunice. And I am persuaded it is in you also reassurance. Saying I know you can do it. I know you I know you are having a hard time right now. I know you are alone. I know you feel like you're going against the entire grain of society. But I have so much joy when I think of you because I know you have faith. And you have the faith. Of your mother and your grandmother. In your family you have a faithful family and I am perswaded that. You also have that see. What an encouraging statement do you find this statement to be encouraging. What if you got a. Letter like this. How would it make you feel. Would you feel. How would you feel about that. I mean I would feel encouraged. And I hope that you would too. And so over sixty says therefore. So here's the punchline therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God. Which is in you through the laying on of my hands. So I say. I'm hanging in there. I want to see you I'm praying for you all the time night and day. I want I know you're suffering I know you're hurt I know you're sad. But I'm filled with joy because I know your face full your family is faithful you are faithful and I know you are faithful. So he's building them up. He's encouraging him. And then he says. Therefore. So now you know he's getting. He's going to get a little bit of a talking to. I remind you of how does that sound. Therefore I remind you. Has anyone ever said anything like that to you before. You know something's coming down the track. When someone says Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. Well what is this gift. Well let's read on. In verse seven. For God has not given us a spirit of fear. But of power and of love and a sound mind. So the gift of God is the Holy Spirit. Because it's the spirit which God has given us. And what. Is that spirit that spirit is not a spirit of fear. See Paul in his own gentle way. Is saying to Timothy. I know you're afraid. But the holy that's not from the Holy Spirit. And I gave you. I know you have the Holy Spirit. You have the gift of God. When I laid my hands upon you you received the gift of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit. Is not about fear. It's not about fear. It's about. Power love and a sound mind. Intellect. Saying. I know you're afraid. But that's not from God. And if it's not from God. It's from somewhere else. It's either from the devil. Tempting him. Discouraging him. Or could be from yourself. Allowing yourself to be disconnected from God and not receiving that encouragement. But you say this fear is not from God. And I'm reminding you Timothy. The fear that you feel. In ethicists. By yourself. Building up this church. That fear is not from God. Because the spirit that you received. Was a spirit of power and of love and a sound mind. So he goes on then in verse a. Therefore do not be ashamed. Now why didn't he say. Therefore be proud. Therefore be proud. He didn't say that he said therefore do not be ashamed. Well lot of this has to come from inference. Because when we read a letter it's kind of like listening to one half of a conversation on the phone. Has any of you ever been sitting next to a friend and they're on their phone. I know we only text today but. Just pretend that they were actually talking on the phone. And all you could hear was one side of the conversation. Could you sort of figure out what they're talking about. Of course you could. And we call that inference. Any English majors here. I don't know English majors know accounting majors know English majors. I guess we'll find out what you guys are all studying at some point this weekend. But we call it inference. And so if Paul is telling. TIMOTHY. Not to be if not to be. Well let's go back up. When we talk about verse two. He said grace mercy and peace. Well what can we infer that Timothy. Was a sinner who needed. Grace mercy and peace. A man. All right. And then when he said. Being mindful of your tears. What can we infer from that. That Timothy was emotionally distraught. Right that he was weeping. That he was having a hard time we can infer that you agree with that. And so now we can infer that. When he says Do not be ashamed. Of the testimony of our Lord. Nor of me his prisoner. We can infer from that that Timothy was ashamed. Perhaps the word had gotten back to Paul. Because they would. You know the missionaries they would travel from city to city and. And they would come back and check in with Paul and. Perhaps they told him you know Timothy he's having a hard time right now. The working FS This is not going well. It's a tough time it's a tough place and you know I think he's losing it. I think he's breaking down. He might be. He might not make it. I don't know Paul. And so he writes in this letter. And he says. Therefore do not be ashamed. Of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nor of me his prisoner. But share with me. In the sufferings. The Gospel According to the power of God. He's saying. Not only do not be ashamed he's saying embrace it. You say. KIMSEY you feel uncomfortable. I know you feel uncomfortable. You feel uncertain. You feel stressed out. Don't be ashamed. In fact. Embrace it. Based on what. Because if we back up because of the faith you have. And the gift you have the Holy Spirit. Because of your faith. And because the Holy Spirit. You should not be ashamed. In fact you should embrace the discomfort you feel because of the work you're doing. And he says. Therefore do not be ashamed. In the testimony of our Lord nor of me his prisoner. But share with me in the sufferings of the gospel according to or based on. Based on the power of God. You can do this you can embrace this. Based on God's power. Not your own. He didn't say to him. Do not be ashamed. But share with me in these sufferings. Because you should know better don't you remember all those memory verses. Don't you remember all the scriptural promises. Remember all that time you spent studying the Bible. No he said. Because of the power of God. Now by the way. We need to study the Bible. Amen. We need to memorize scripture. Amen. I have hid in the I word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Scripture memorization is the antidote for sin. We need to do these things. But ultimately we can only do them through the power of God. Paul tells us that he says according based on the power of God in verse one who has saved us. And called us. With a holy. Calling. Not according to. Not based on our works. But according to based on his own purpose. And Grace. Which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began. So the strength and power and soundness of mind. And the not being ashamed. This all comes from the power of God. And it comes from the grace of Jesus Christ. Given before time began. Sometimes people think that Jesus and His grace and mercy and love only came starting in Matthew Chapter one. Or maybe Matthew Chapter three because I think that's when the birth happens. But Paul very clearly tells us. Jesus Christ. Was the source of our mercy and grace from the very beginning. From the very beginning before time began. But has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ. Who is a ball wished death. And brought life. And immortality. To light through the gospel. Abolished death. Death is a highly unnatural thing. We should never be comfortable with the idea of death. And I don't mean that we should fear death. Because those of us. And I pray that you are counted among them who are in Christ. We will have a turn a life. Amen. But death was never God's plan. Sometimes. Human ways of thinking. Other philosophical religious systems. Try to treat death as if it were just something to embrace. Something that's part of life and we should just get with the program. But. Every time someone dies it's a reminder that we are not home. Every time someone dies. Is a reminder that we do not live. We do not live in that world that God intended for us. And so we should never become complacent or accept death. Because Christ. Abolished. Death. And brought life. And immortality. To light through the gospel. To which I was appointed a preacher. An apostle and a teacher of the Gentiles. In verse twelve I think this is this is. Let's stick with me for verse twelve because this is an incredible incredible statement. For this reason. I also suffer these things what is the reason that he suffers these things. Remember your sentence diagram. What is the reason that he suffers these things. It was just in the last verse. Because right where am I a students. Because of Jesus Christ. Because of His mercy and grace what he's done for. Because he has conquered death. And he has brought us immortality. This is why he suffers these things. Nevertheless I am not ashamed. And why is he not ashamed. For I know whom I have believed in am persuaded that he is able to keep. What I have committed to Him until that day. There's a lot there. First of all. The source of his. Unashamedly this is because he knows who he believes. And he's persuaded. Of it. We're going to apply this in a moment but think about that. He knows who he believes. And he is persuaded of it. And he specifically persuaded that. He who is he talking about. The God. Christ that. Christ is able to keep. What I have committed to him. Think about that. He didn't say. I am persuaded that. I am able to keep my commitments to God. Until that day. Did you see that. Did you catch that. He could have said that he said. I am not ashamed. Because I know who I have believed. And I am persuaded that. Based on that belief. I can keep my commitments to God. But that's not what he said. He said he is persuaded that Christ is able to keep. What Paul has committed. Paul has committed to be a follower of Christ. But he cannot do it on his own. He needs Christ to do it for him. And I just think it's such a beautiful statement here. And it's a reminder for us that our walk with the Lord is not. Us walking. But it is. Christ. Walking for us and carrying us. In his arms. And so that's why he was not ashamed. So let's apply this a little bit now let's let's bring it into today. I praise the Lord that there are so many campuses represented here. And some of you may be few and some of you may be many. But when I was going to a secular school. There was not a Seventh Day Adventist. Group. On campus and so I praise God. To see all of. All of you here representing Adventist students on college campuses. Amen. I mean that that is a true blessing. The thing is about it. That. You are not even even though you might feel low you are not as alone as Timothy was. But you're kind of alone as some of you might be just as alone as Timothy was. Some of you might be the only. Administering a B. there's only two or three of you or. Maybe there's two or three of you who actually come to your Friday evening Friday evening vespers. And you know there's a few more on campus but they're at the frat party instead O. If that doesn't happen here does that. Some of you might feel that way some of you might feel like Timothy. We talked about office this. Pagan Rome. Akhet the academic world today academia today. It's practically like Pagan Rome. The whole system the whole framework the whole intellectual ideology. Is stacked against Christianity. Is stacked against faith. And it's stacked against the things that we believe. Can I get an amen on that. I mean it's true isn't it. So you might feel like Timothy sometimes. Some of you might feel alone discouraged. You might look at your campus of. Tens of thousands of students. And maybe there's a few of you a handful maybe a couple handfuls of you. And you look at that and you think what difference can I make here. I can barely keep my own faith. Let alone. Share my face with anyone else. Has anyone ever felt that you don't have to raise your hand. But I know. I know someone here has felt that way. And maybe. Many of you. And what we have here is we have. A recipe for how you. Overcome this situation. The grace mercy and peace. From God. The genuine faith. The Holy Spirit. The spirit of power. Love. And a sound mind. Jesus Christ. And what he did for us and. I want to focus on. Knowing who you have believed and being persuaded of it. You see. I'm going to share my testimony with you tomorrow. But it hasn't even been eight years it's been about seven and a half years that I could say that I know who I believe and am persuaded of it. And I thank God that you know at least he got me when I was thirty six. But I envy you. Because you might be eight hundred nine hundred twenty twenty one twenty two. You know something like that. You have at least fourteen years on me. I wasted those fourteen years. Oceans of my call. My classmates my colleagues at work. My classmates in school. Oceans of humanity passed by me. And I opened my mouth. Not even once. Because I was not persuaded. But think of it. We need to be persuaded because at its face. There's a lot. There's a lot that the world would have us be ashamed about. Let's think about this for a second. Think about it DOES ANYONE KNOW A. Skeptically minded person. Maybe a classmate or a professor anyone know someone like that. Maybe an atheist. Anyone know someone like that. I'm sure we all do. Just imagine that person for a moment. And they're asking you some questions. All right so you believe in some kind of Supreme Being. But you've never seen him. But he's on the potentials all powerful and he's everywhere at the same time. And he created the world. Instantaneously. In six days. To rest on the seventh. Even though. All of our science and all of our carbon dating and all of this and that tells us. That is wrong. And you believe that God. Became a Man. Die and was and rose again. And then went back to heaven. And you believe that he walked on water. And you believe that he took. Loaves and Fishes and. Fed five thousand people would that. And you believe that. You believe that the world is coming to an end. And that this Jesus guy is going to come back. He's going to float back out of the sky. And then you're going to float into the sky. And you're going to go to this heaven place. And now. Maybe you can find people who believe that you know we have a lot of Christians who believe that but then. Imagine a skeptical. Evangelical friend of yours. Maybe a Southern Baptist or. Church of Christ or. Or pick your. Pick your denomination. And they say OK you know I'm good with all that other stuff but. You know who cares about the Sabbath come on it's like any day's a good day to worship the Lord. Plus everybody everybody worships on Sunday what's wrong with you. Don't you know that Jesus freed us from the law. It will come our way and what is it you know what what's wrong with you know. A few knocking back a few buds. Now what's wrong with that or. You don't. Shrimp. Are you kidding me what you don't eat bacon. You don't eat bacon. Everyone loves bacon. Can you imagine that person. You've had this conversation I haven't you. And some of you may have been. Stalwart and. Unashamed and defended your faith. But I suspect some of you. Were fearful and ashamed. And you. You dreaded that moment when you knew that question was coming. And you're thinking I hope I can say. Well I'm here to tell you today Paul was here to tell you today that your problem is that you're not fully persuaded. You're not fully persuaded. Because if you were fully persuaded. You wouldn't have a spirit of fear. But you'd have a spirit of power. Love and a sound mind. And it doesn't have to be big stuff. It can even be little stuff. It can be little stuff and Satan can just plant a little bit of doubt. In some little nook and cranny of your belief and then like a cancer it'll spread. And one thing leads to another because here's the thing about our. Or use a big word theology. Which just means what we believe about God. The thing about our theology. Which is distinct from many other Christian denominations not all some also have a systematic theology. Many do not. But the thing about our theology is that it fits together. Like a puzzle. It fits together like a puzzle. And the thing of it is is anyone ever done a puzzle. I kid. Of course there are many puzzle doers here. I'm sure. Thousand pieces five thousand pieces. If you had a five thousand piece puzzle. And you put it all together. But you were missing one piece. Then that is not a complete picture. Is it not. That is not a complete picture. And it's just like that with your face. Because our faith is not a faith. Our theology is not a theology where you can just pick a little bit of this. Take a little bit of that. I'm just going to go all the cart. And then I'll be happy with what I've got our theology is a systematic theology. It all fits together. And once you start undermining one piece of it or another piece of it. Pretty soon the house. All comes down. And so we have to be fully persuaded. Even the very little things. And so I want to go back to the challenger. Because that evening. That evening. President at that time Ronald Reagan. Made a national speech. From the Oval Office. About the explosion of the Challenger and I just want to read. A quotation from the. One of the great things about this speech is he addressed many different audiences in a very short period of time and one of the audiences he addressed. Were the kids just like me. The school children. And he said to them. And I want to say something to the school children of America. Who are watching the live coverage of the shuttle's takeoff. I know. It is hard to understand. But sometimes painful things like this happen. It's all a part of the process of exploration and discovery. It's all a part of taking a chance and expanding man's horizons. The future doesn't belong to the faint hearted. It belongs to the brave. The Challenger crew was pulling us into the future. And will continue to follow them. You are also on a mission. And it's the most wonderful. Blessid glorious mission you could have. Because we get to take part in the salvation of souls. For the most important thing in anyone's possible on the prospect of a turn a life worse as the prospect of eternal death. That is our mission. But this mission is not for the faint hearted. This mission is for the brave the campus's you are on our hostile territory. It's like Pagan Rome. They don't throw you in prisons but they might complain to you about safe spaces. And so. I want to plead with you this. The Sabbath this weekend. To become fully persuaded. If you have questions you need to ask those questions. Because bearing those questions. Does no good. But when you ask those questions you also have to ask with the mind of a seeker. Someone who wants an answer. Some people. Have you ever noticed some people they just keep asking questions. When. What they really are doing is they're just saying no and they use those questions as excuses for why they're not going to get with the. Get with the program. You don't want to be that person. You don't want to be that person. But you want to be the person who is asking questions. Because you want to know. As a seeker everyone's got questions. Everyone has questions. God is infinite. Therefore it is definitional impossible for us to know everything about him. So you shouldn't expect to know everything about him. But you should be fully persuaded. About what you do know. And that will give you a spirit. Of Power of Love and a sound mind. And so in closing I want to remind us why did the shuttle Challenger exploded. You remember. The overhangs. Very small thing. Very small thing. Just that little gasket. But once that broke down. The whole Challenger exploded. I would. I would have for you this evening. The Sabbath evening. Tonight after we're done here. Think about what are the O.-Ring is in your life. What are the O.-Ring Xin your faith. Where do you have faith leakage. Because you have to know where those are before you can do something about it and don't hide from this question. Because it can mean life or death. And as you launch. You need to be firmly grounded. You need to be fully persuaded. Even in the little things. Of the wise there could be catastrophic consequences. And so with that. Let us pray. Lord God our Father. You are so merciful to us. We deserve none of this. Every breath. Every beat of the heart is a gift for me oh and Lord we have. We have X. perience the heart of Paul. This evening. And the heart of Timothy. And Lord I thank I praise you for the young people in this room. And I also fear for them. And I pray Lord they each one. Would consider. Soberly. Introspectively. Purposefully. Where are those. Oh rings. In their lives in their faith. I pray Lord by the Holy Spirit. That you would reveal these to them that they would approach you. As a seeker. Wanting to know. In what areas. Do they need to ask questions and know more. So that they can be fully persuaded. And this evening I would invite anyone within the sound of my voice. Who would commit to the Lord this evening. To ask. Ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal those over rings in their lives. Just to raise your hand where you're at right now. Raise your hand where you're at. If you would ask for the Holy Spirit. To show you the over rings in your life. Lord God our Father. We see you see the hands. And I pray Lord you would send a double measure of the Holy Spirit upon those individuals that they might see through your grace through your eyes. Where the rings are in their faith in the Lord there are some who have not raised their hands. I don't know what is going on with them but you do. And I pray Lord even there. With those individuals. Your Holy Spirit would weigh upon their hearts. And not let them go until they make a decision. To follow you. Or we thank you so much for the Sabbath hours that we can come together. Come away. And be in your presence. And we pray that you would send your Holy Spirit upon us that we would maintain our holy sense. An attitude of holiness. Throughout this south. Lord we also pray for those who are still on their way. For travelling mercies. And for Traveling Mercies as we come apart this evening. And then you would bring us together to worship you tomorrow. We pray this in the powerful. Precious name of Jesus Corey's word and see this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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