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Last Generation Victorious

Christian Hjortland
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At one point in history, there will be a last generation. The book of Revelation describes this as a very special group. They are going to have a special experience. Discover how justification, sanctification and glorification fit in to God’s GPS – God’s Plan of Salvation.


Christian Hjortland

Speaker/Director of Empower Missions, Spain.


  • December 18, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Thank you once again that they want to be with us we invited to be with us and to fill us in their Holy Spirit. Yes understanding. Us now and more grace. Into our lives. Pretty misspeak. Through Minas you misspeak to our hearts and that. We may let you change us. So you were grace in Jesus' name amen. OK so. I'm calling this presentation. The last generation victorious the cross and we know from there. The prophecy. We know from from the Word of God It's at one point in history. There is going to be one to generation. And the book of Revelation is describing this special group and it's different now is different to group than we have seen earlier and. There are several reasons why this group would be special. So we will take a look at that. Today. You can come to Revelation Chapter fourteen vision fourteen. And I look at it on the beginning versus the other we have read some of them already been I will will break and babble a bit more separation fourteen. Verse one we will start and then I looked and behold all I'm standing on the Mount of Zion. And with him one hundred forty four thousand. Having his father's name way. Written on their foreheads. Why do they have the father's name written in their foreheads the special group. OK Danny. OK go and go and so the name is symbolizing character so that God's people will reflect character and then do this this group. If you look at some names. We have been looking at and Michael which means. What. Michael means. Who is like job. Was like God. So that the name is. It's quite. Revealing something important in Jesus if you look more different his name. The committee said the other guard will deliver his people got the livers his people first too. And I heard a voice from heaven. Like there were so many waters. And like the voice over. Loud Thunder. And I heard a sound the harpist playing their harps. So you see asked. When God is talking sometimes he sounds like a thunder result of the revealing scene if I use glory. And verse three says they sang as if they were a new song before thought all before the four living creatures and the elders. And no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. So this sort of Rome have been talking about they have a special experience. That no one has ever have. On this earth. They're going to they're going to go through seven asked clique's they're going to have a time of Jacob's trouble through this time. They were the ones that. They have been facing. Pope some priests and. Persecution and and. The four winds go to Los and going to climax of the Last Battle of the earth. They have been without an intercessor. So they have a. Six perience like. No one else to sound. So let's see more would assess the verse for. These are the ones who are not defined with women. For they are virgins. These are the ones who fall of the Lamb were ever he go else. Disorder redeemed from among men being firstfruits to God and to the LEM So when he says he's talking about. They were they were. So clearly how they were you know before they came to heaven. Because they're just driving them here and I asked if there were in heaven but then the said they were they would do so they would out. So they won't be filed by. I women as we discovered. It's representing you know an unclean. Woman. Corrupted woman this is crap the Church of fallen church. And they're not the fire lit they decided the whole of the Lamb come out. BABYLON The decided to join dance remnants. And follow with the lamb What's with the so ever he Gold's so. They have a pure faith. They have a pure faith contrary to divorce. That the word defiled by the woman. So these were not defiled. They are this that's why they're called vergence. Stuart is talking spiritually here. Worse five M. in their mouth. Worse. Again worse. This Crimea and how they work their condition in their mouth. Was found. No guile. For they were are without fault before the throne of God. So the same as described what Christ. Nor deceit was found in the mouth of him. I say are. Fifty three nine. In their word. Without fault this used. Regarding Jesus that he was without fault in first Peter one team says they're going to reflect. Jesus they're going to have the father. The first name. Written in the foreheads. We're going to have a character in the end that. Again nice piece is the reflecting Guard finally now coming to Hebrews chapter eleven verse five. Hebrews eleven. There is find. Because someone read up police. Hebrews eleven the verse five. OK teleco. Wow. He had this testimony. If he pleased God. The last generation will have this testimony. That they please God speed a prophet tells us and Patricks and prophets page eighty eight page eighty eight. She says. In the midst of a world. By its iniquity doomed to destruction. Enoch lived a life of such close community guarded he was not permitted to fall on the power of death. So you know he's representing this one for thousands. Because they too were lots. Suffer death. So here here we have a type for one hundred forty four thousand. She continues. The Gardley. Character of this prophet represents the state of holiness. Which must be attained by those who show. Who shall redeemed. Who shall be I guess it should be submissive issue shall be redeemed from the earth. Quoting erosion forty three. At the time a cry second about their mass in their world before the flood iniquity will prevail. Following the promptings of their corrupt hearts. And the teachings of the Sept The philosophy. Men will rebel against authority of heaven. But like you not. Because people will seek for purity of heart and call formative to his will. Until they sold. Reflect the likeness of Christ. So. Light in the UK. They will warn the world of the lower second coming and the judgment to be obvious that. Upon trust question. And by their holy conversation and example. They will condemn the sense of their own goblet to see we have a type here for the last generation. That's true also want to people they will seek purity. And God is going to transform their Kell character and. And they will not be permitted to fall on their power. Death. Just like. Just like you know. So they believe in it's such a close communion with God. You know quotes. In the midst of a world full of iniquity. There will be a horrible time. I mean it's just gonna get worse from now on. So it appears they will have all the reasons of breakouts law as we talked about yesterday. But they were LOTS. And they will show to the universe. It will silence Satan's. Accusations against God their actions well seventeen and the dragon was wroth with a woman and went to make war with the remnant overseed. Which keeps the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. In relation fourteen twelve. Saying something similar here is the patience of the saints arrogated keep the commercial God and have the faith of Jesus. Now. We talked about there in the mystery of God and that. It says it was a saying in in for in cautions one. When I'm there the clearer descriptions of the mystery of God watches one verse twenty seven. Remember Christ in you. And what's the hope of glory. Christ in you don't want this is going to be fulfilled. And efficiency. Five twenty seven S. I read last class. That he might present it to himself a glorious church not having spots. Or wrinkle. Or any such thing. But that it should be holy and without blemish. And Peter also talked about this in say computer. Three fourteen where for beloved seeing that you look for such things. The deal gentility may be found on him in peace. We don't spot and blameless. So. Similar description there. So there is no doubt that there have been Gallup people up through history that. You know have been really reflecting al such as you know. And he got to sort of order. As a type for what will happen today also love die on the earth. But there's going to be a whole generation. Now. Whole generation of. Old group all of these people. That would go through the special time in Earth's history. What else box. Being blameless us would read. In great controversy page four twenty five it says. Those who are living upon the earth when they intersectional cry shall cease in the sanctuary Bob. Or to stand in the sight of a holy God I went out to media ter. Their robes. Must be spotless. Their characters must be pure far from sin. By the blood of sprinkling. Through the grace of God. And their only. Diligent effort. They must be conquerors in the battle with evil. While the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven. While the sins of penitence believers are being removed from the sanctuary. There is to be a special work a purification all putting away of sin. Among Us people upon the earth. This work is more clear to Percent that. In their messages over a violation fourteen. So all these people are going to stand right just before God There are all of us having plans. The characters have been purified saw what us and righteous mean what does it mean to be righteous and to break this down. Being righteous. Be one. To do right. With. Yeah. So we can say being in there. For gas people to be in their right to relationship with God isn't them isn't that simple. It sounds simple. But through God's grace. He will do it. He will do it and mocked of course. It is not possible for us in our own efforts our own works. To become righteous. So I'd make sure that we left down to it. Earl men's. Chapter four or six let's go they're almost up to four or six. ROMANS for. Six. OK So God imputes righteousness. Without works. Righteousness. Is a gift. It's a gift of hope from God and we become righteous by trusting God. Trusting that Jesus will accept His righteousness. We trust that he can do for for us. What. What we cannot do for ourselves. And that is to save us. We cannot save ourselves and. Become like like him. So basically we have to ask Al to be there. Be there or savior. The Lord our lives and. To trust him. And this. This work of righteousness is in Mirapolis Lee from recklessly transforming your life remember. Is that Darius. And the least of it the tab. And John the Baptist a council of Christ. Remember what the descriptors sess about them. In lieu of you know look them. Looked up their one verse six. So this and they were both righteous. Before the Lord. Walking in on all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord of blameless. That's how it was described. I say fifty one of our seven says. Hearken unto me you don't know righteousness. The people in whose heart is my long. Fear you not up. The reproachful men. Need to be afraid for their reviling some righteousness. Were shot in keeping US law. Is not only mother cry stand. It's about what Christ did and how it transformed us and how accepted it. There were there and there were no God S. to do the law of God So if if Christ is going to cleanse the center from from our sense. And if there if it isn't to cleanse him from his people people since. And in particular one hundred forty four thousand. They have to live with him without an interest in. And live with him. Well at that in a mass intercessor scene must cease. If they WILL THEY WOULD him. Without him as an intercessor. You have to cease to sin. So this is why people are called Finally in the and that they are though. Those who keep the commands of God and have the faith. Well Jesus Jesus said in Matthew five forty eight. Be a day for perfect even ask your father which is in heaven is perfect and first Peter one sixteen. Because that is written the holy for I am wholly The only reason why we can become. Holy. Or perfect is because God. Came in flesh. Gatos divinity of us manifested in humanity. Christ came and revealed to us who goddess and reveal to us. What we can become in him. So he showed it is possible to live a life to keep his commands to keep all these crimes and not to sin. So be imperfect. But does that mean. This is also like a term that's when you start using these terms. People. Some people are annoyed by that. While I'm just reading from paper so for. What Christ said be there for perfect they've been so. Even as your POV follower issue is in heaven is perfect. So I don't understand what it means. What do you think it means when he's perfect. I mean. An area in here in this area. Now seen less OK. So being. As we have to cease to see and this is what we have to do in this where all. This will be imperfect means. And the work of God. What that we. What it will accomplish in us as we saw the righteous waltz. Included keeping His commandments S. S. and sick or I us. And and Elizabeth in the cording to. Luke. And their peoples and I said possible to get rid of all this all sounds exactly all. Well. As I said before name a name ascend. You think you cannot. Or Tom and I will find a person who have overcame. Or comments that. I mean that to be fairly easy. If you tell me something if you think OK. This. I don't think I can. And you will for sure find them out a person that has or can meet already seen as that transgression of the law. And that means. If God's people are going to keep his commandments. They have to seize the sin. If not they're not keeping them. Because if you break the law on one point we're guilty of all. Or breaking the mold. Going into first Joe I'm. First job chapter three verse. John Chapter three. We're going to ridge from. Versus four to eight. It's. First John Chapter three verses four to eight. It's. So this is you are of guard. OK go ahead and again whoever said. Whoever commits and also commits lawlessness and sin is lawlessness OK. Or like he says seen in King James seen a set or a question of the law. Came first five. Reverse five Also please. OK So why was he manifested. To take away our since. And there are six us who some are by death in Him sin the not. Who's never seen a. Has not seen him the Internet on him. So what's the key here. What what is the key here once what is or real need more practically. Yeah and you letting them biting us. And we about in him. So as long as we. We keep our eyes on Christ of lots and mother soon as we loose. Or ice. Fixed on him. Well somewhere else in the waves around us. That's a wonder star sinking like Peter. On the water. Game voters. Seven. Little children let no man the Seaview. He did thus righteousness. Is righteous. Even as he is righteous. So. Here the battle connects it. Again with being right is not just accepting as Christ was righteous. He's actually being righteous and doing righteousness. The nurse ate. There is quite strong words. He did commit the sin is of the devil for the devil sinner through the beginning for his purpose a Son of God was manifest that he might do want to destroy their works of the devil. This way came to. What we saw beginning to take away our sense that insists his we wish for us the sin happens when we don't abide in Christ Jesus once in happens when we lose sight of him. When we move or. Or or a vision from Christ. To the storm around us. Or things on ourselves. And in chapter two in first John this one says My little children these things right. I am to you that isa knots. And if any man say in we have another got to be the Father Jesus Christ the righteous. Doesn't say when you send. If you send this. Quite a lot of cool air ducts we can keep the commandments of God through Christ series Grace. It's all from because of grace nothing else. So this is his plan for each one of us. So when Jesus says be perfect because you're your dad or Father is perfect it's nothing impossible that crisis that we can trust in right. A man. Can Trust. Jesus when He says that. So is this radical mound. Be a perfect. The problem to sit at today with try set up. So how about this can the devil tempt you. But God can to save you from this and Taishan. And save you from sinning. Dark Outside of us right. So first point us ten thirteen us go in first Corinthians ten thirteen we looked at it before. But this is an important verse. So although there are contempt for sure but God can save us out of the temptations. You know sit out here. His honor in his thirteen for us. OK so. I was quite clear or. No temptation us all we're taking your accept such as is common to man. But God is faithful. Who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. And then when you are there. He says. When they are their meal you are tempted. But the wood Death them Taishan will also make the way of escape. Is going to his going to make a way out. And then. That you may be able to bear it. So we need to trust him. That we need we need to claim this being claimed his promises and we were ardent patience. You have set a new word. I'm tempted No First Corinthians ten thirteen. You have said out the you will leave me. You will show me a way out please show me a way out. Give me strength. Give me more grace. So. And then. We have Jude. Chapter one of the one chapter verse twenty four. It is now on to him that he is able to keep you from falling. And the percent you faultless before that presence of His glory with exceeding joy. So he is the one. Is a miracle of God that we can stay away from sin we can. God can help us out of them patient. So. Come with me now to Titus chapter three. Is still way. Or do. Do we play a role in in celebration. Let us take a look at a title step to. Three versus four to seven and says back to when their kindness. And the love of God are saying or toward man appeared. And you know by the way this is Foundation. This is the Lord's kindness of us. The Lord's Tennessee in His grace. In His Love. As this appear to us. These are from NATION. Not by works righteousness which meet we have done by the calling to his. What Maher seeing. He saved us through what he's saying of course it is a mercy through what. Through their washing of regeneration. And renewing of the Holy Spirit so that this sound like a work is taking place here. He saved us. To do something. That washing of regeneration. And renewing of the Holy Spirit. So as we accept Christ something is taking place inside of us. He's going to he's cleaning us. The recent work here. That needs to be done Ses saving us not just say I accept. I believe in Christ. So. Well this is connected with. If you really believe in him. You will let him work in you let Him can see you. So this. This is vitally important as we continue will see it was this deceiver what else is us who are six and seven. Whom he poured out on us. Abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior. That having been justified by his grace. We should become here's. According to the hope of eternal life. So this is how he saves us. This is an evidence that we have accepted Christ the work he's doing in us. Now take phrases. The thief at the cross the. Christ promised a place in heaven. Do you think that if this. Thief would have been taken down from the cross do you think we would see a clear evidence. In his life. That he was saved. Right. Christ promised him because he knew his heart he knew to something it taking place in the heart. But if you would have the chance. He would. I mean. You even saw how we defended Christ out of. If you saw a little bit. A little bit off of the goodness of Christ in him. The love of Christ. So you sort of that we would have seen more. But. This is just showing death. Even. Even on the deathbed. Christ can save you. Because it's about. It's a heart matter as a matter of the heart. Who is in your heart and there but if we continue to label the. It will be very evident that the Christ has saved us. OK. This is according to His mercy we were saved. So he has declared. US forgiven. Is a declaration of forgiveness. And then. And then there was midwinter near minds and the proof of salvation is seen in that in this chapter before. In Titus two eleven to fourteen. For the grace of God. That bring salvation has appeared to all men. Teaching us that this is the reason why the greatest is teaching us. The nine on godliness and one of the last. We should leave suddenly righteously and dabbling in the present age. Looking for the blast of hope and lawyers appearing over great God and see reduces Christ. Who gave Himself for us that he might redeem us from every law unless they did. And purify for himself. He's on special people's zealous for good works. So this is what Grace is doing. Yes we accept Christ and you have this cleansing process start in our lives. And we're proof that we belong to Christ. Sanctification is connected with justification. Indeed we sort of need it's Christ has said in Matthew seven thirty one. Not only not everyone who says to me Lord Lord to enter into cream. Into the into the kingdom of God. But he would thus they will or my father. Which is in heaven. Soledad so will is to keep His commandments and to do his will he says has to follow. And remember. I think it's just. In John Chapter five. Jesus worse. I think this is. This is the one we infer Matusow things with seem. Yet is the one who would have to physically thermistor right after thirty eight years. And Jesus told me and in verse fourteen there. Said afterward Jesus find a theme in the temple and said to him. We hold our ballot made hold. Whole see no more or less the worse thing. Come up on the. So Cross told him see no more. The same to their woman caught in adultery for. Three chapters later in. Eight to eight hours eleven. And she asked her eyes have asthma. Has anyone condemned you said. She said No my lord. No my lord. And this is said under her needle do I condemn the. Go and sin no more. Jesus did not come to this world to condemn the US. Because we were already condemned. According to the law. He came to save us. And ask him to see him I said. Go and sin no more because he knew that they had asked for forgiveness I mean they they were repentant. And he said look you see no more. I forgive you of sin no more. And in say try to see not so much. You know. And since you know more. If you have no say have a car Listen you're gonna go on a trip with your car. There are necessary means that you need in order to get to your destination what of the what without obviously before a car necessary means to go with a car. Somewhere else. What do we have. When he needs gas right. And isn't and isn't is an engine is our necessary means to take you to our destination. What else you need to get there. You know you. You need to sit. In the car. But it doesn't have to just sit there. You need to. You know. You need to drive right to take that will start it and use. Used the accelerator and so on are these are conditions for coming to your destination. These are conditions. Not the means. Seen you need to get it to cooperate there. We would it means. So that Jesus died for us. Are essential. These are or means from getting towards the nation. Jesus and his crucified. And Him crucified. Just like the engine in the gas. But or corporation is needed for success. These are. These are conditions that we corporate with him is there to. You know accept you accept into my life. I let you work in me. And the work through me. These are conditions. We cannot separate them from salvation and. Let me just point that out and there again I don't want to be sort of sound. Is all my works. It is nothing would my work sing and say me. But we have to allow God to their work like we have to allow him to do this cleansing work in us. And then it will be evidence that we belong to him. As we are going to walk in the works that he has put before us. So. Salivation includes this work that is starting in us. Christ will write the law for our harks. This is going to going to be shown in the interactions. The Salvation is only God's work. Not ours. Nothing orse but we need to cooperate when it's OK accept him. In our lives. OK Let's now take a look at the. Three steps. To gals. Restoration of man. Three steps to Gallus the restoration of man. Now is supposed to be the center and. It just very quickly. And it's actually. It's actually not the right way. He was supposed to be this way. And you get the idea. I'm not the focus is not for me to stand there in pain or draw. I just want to show you OK. So that the first step to God's restoration Oh man. He says in Genesis chapter one verse twenty seven so got a created man in his only image. But then what happened. Sin and we lost the glory of gun rights for all I've seen them come short of the glory of God. And we got the sinful nature and with sand. As we have lost the glory of God but he wants to restore us to his image. And he says three. Three part. If it wait to do this. Number one. Number two number three. OK. So the first part is sitting elsewise out. What we call that this will turn. Now. So justification. Justification by Faith. Salvation is a isn't. Isn't under sort of gift. Just. Feet. Cation. Cain number two this is this about a quarter percent think Christ died here. At the altar sacrifice. And he batted. A baptism self as an example for us. So we have to regret their sin and meet. That we are nothing in their selves. Come to defeat of a cross accept Christ sacrifice. And when to repent from sin. To God. OK so. And we have the. You know that burnt offering night that it your life to him and so on. With accept the sacrifice first of all this is like the main main thing we have to do first. Then we have Romans six twenty three. Recess for the wages of sin is death but the gift to God is eternal life so that through Jesus Christ our Lord. Now the second face of the resurrection a man. We find here in the holy place of that was the sanctuary and wants to do what could we call that. The process taking part in their. Spiritually. Sanctification or K.. All right. Sorry for my bad writing. But you get the idea. Especially when I do this quick kiss and looking. And that's the nice. OK Matthew Chapter one Verse twenty one. And she shall bring forth a son and doll shall call him. Name. His name Jesus for he shall see these people from their sins. So no Jesus. When Jesus came to this earth and gone back to sort of preaching a pant or asked a for on their first they repent for a king or God is a town. And Jesus. First word was as he was baptized. Repent. So when he repent and so we have here we have the repentance. And then you come here. So does not only service or sacrifice for sin. S S here he second if I sing. Second if I sing for sense. We repent thing. And we experience a complete life. Life change. And all our past sins or for forgiven. We have the new birth. Dying to sin. And being buried in mass Christ. Christ direct. Except his death and standing up to new life in Christ. So justification. And then we have to connect hand in hand with this is sanctification. So that we have a heavily heavily. HIGH PRIEST. That Ace interceding for us up there. Jesus Christ. This a computer plan of restoring. Humanity to himself. Soul and desist at the fact that he is there with. This will help us. To keep us from falling. Now in the future. Also. And when he too. You know he says he's as big a process and if occasion is the work of a lifetime he said working with us. Being more and more like Christ. And we need. At the start of the Word of God have the shewbread. We need resources are present in Christ we have their cattle stick which are. It's working or lives where we can assess and age percent in crisis. As well he's the light of world. And we have the altar of incense representing the prayers of the saints religion tells us. So. Diesel important for sanctification. What it is to contact with a gun. So as a High Priest in Hebrew step therefore. Versus fourteen to sixteen in the sea we'll see how we got to save us from sin seeing them. That we have a great high priest that is passing to the heavens. Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our profession. For we have not and high priest which cannot be touched but if eeling or infirmities. By the last in all points tempted like we are yet without sin. Let us therefore. Because of this because of what he did here. And the example. Let us therefore Camberley upon the throne O. grace. That we may obtain mercy and find grace in the helpful time we need. And also why because we have the high priest you have to hold the place. And in our thoughts and then most holy place this is why we can enter upon the. The throne of grace that we are with him mercy. And if he may. In we move find grace. To help in time in in the. In time of need. So basically. As Jesus also heals the man of this fell from heaven. Came down from heaven. And he lived a life in prayer. And then he rose and the light of the world. We have to follow in his and his footsteps in his path. And now we have one more here. What is this representing were God's glory is where his presence is. Glorification. OK What is this where the glorification. Here. This is the purpose of all of that sanctification process. To get rid of our sins and purify our lives. And this. And the glorification. When we when when a Christ comes again where will be with him we will receive new bodies. It's going to be the last step or. This is the only thing that we've changed and that's all we need to work on our characters here. And follow Christ there. We need Christ in all these three elements so. So this is what we're coming soon is essential because the only thing that will be changed when Christ comes back is our bodies. OK now. Adam and Eve. They have to go through a test before they are eternally secure. So they did not in a sense. Have their eternal life secured yet when they were new partner midden for a cent and I'll show in a moment of a little call from the process. Let me see how I can do you see if I keep running or is it hard. I guess you don't see. You can say. OK. Let us say here. We have this. This. Here's a test. Here's eternal life. Here's our life secured then. Adam and Eve. Then let's set a start and they came about here. It's in here. They send. And now they fell into this role in this is your alter it's our life. This is the road to destruction. Now they enter this path is that it fell down here. They fell down on this path because they ascend and they deserve all death. Is into this quote from Spirit prophecy. She says in three S.G.T.. I can demand what ye sons and daughters of God is it. Not to be if they have course the house the three Yeah. Good are gifts one three. Page thirty eight when. Adam and Eve were placed in a beautiful garden they have everything for their happiness which they could desire. But he chills. In his all wise arrangements to test their loot loyalty before were they could be around their eternal secure. Three had to go through a test. So let's not say that this is. This is the test. Here to return as a cure. Here to started on this test. They were to have his favor and to converse with them. And they would him. Yet he did not place. Evil out of their reach. We have free will right. Say the most for me to tempt them if they enjoyed a trial. They would be in the perpetual favor with God and the him away jobs. So they have this test. But they fail as you know and. An unrepentant sinner. Will just go on this path to destruction. Finally we also could talk about the. And I'm portable same as all of you know. Comes a time of just go deep deep deep deep and finally you are because you don't want to to repent. You're counted as state that the god can all the rich because you just you know. It's only because of us. And because it in the other want to. Well so this is the path of destruction. Here on this earth. Now. What is amazing is this. When Christ came down to this earth. You know. You know what we are he came. He came to took up. To take up. We're so where would Adam fell. Here Christ came down to this earth. And he walked and and and and. He passed the test. Christ passed the test. And that means. Because of that. Now. There Adam the scene there. Now he could again come up on this path. Because of Christ. So now he is again to keep. I repent. He said. I'm sorry for my sins. Now we come back to this and he will again. By me. Not maybe in the same sense as in the test but. He could again because of Christ fulfilled this is powerful test and. And it was between us as we know. Because of that now. We have the opportunity to go from here. Up to here. And praise the Lord for doubts. And by God's grace he can keep us here. Can keep us here and in especial sounds the last generation. They were going to walk through this test. And then their return to secure. They're not going to face death we're going to it. I mean some or some made me face death in this life but then we're going to face death. So to know what walking there will fall because we all say in London because of Christ I mean walking this path before. He says look. Because I have died for you and you have accepted me. Your on this path now. And you have eternity in front of you if you just passed its tenth Test you know the last. The letter very last test of one hundred forty four thousand is to Jacob's. Trouble. And finally when this is all over their return to secure. What we also know that until this time. They will. I mean they have to. When that why when the plates are starting at the end they have to also. I mean they have to cease the sinning because they are going to leave without a successor. So that you understand his things. Is it clear we have this. The path of life. At man ascend. And I'm saying the name and he failed this test to be taught as a cure and then it was on the road to to death. But then he accept the cry second Feist's in His mercy Christ you know. You're still way. And you accept that out then you came up here in the same. Happens to us as we as we repent. For more sense. Now. Now in the book Sons and Daughters of God This time page twenty. For itself what an event was this. When Christ place himself in the position of Adam. Here and enjoy to test where Adam had failed to pick that we're out of feel and say look I'm I'm going to show in a way. For all of us. And by this act placed man on a vintage ground in favor with God. Where he might or a camel nice own account. So to me so Jesus Christ the Lord around in his name. Through his grace. And then maybe an overcomer. Even as Christ was an overcomer. In Christ. Divinity and humility was unite we're united. And the only way in which man. May be an overcomer is. Through becoming a particular or divine nature. So as we go from this path accept Christ. Would become a partaker of divine nature. And he will lead us through that through through His grace. Divinity and humanity are blended in him. Who who has the Spirit of Christ. The pasta polarize in all things. It behooves him to be made like unto His bread and that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest. We have not an eye priest which cannot be touched with a feeling or infirmities. As was in all points tempted like an ass. We are yet without sin. So as we repent Christ's righteousness. Will be counted as ours. Because he finished his test. Is counted as if we did that. But we will also. Of course still be tested. And that the grace will help us. To to reach. Being eternal secure. One day. Even if we may die in this world. But the last generation is a special way that will not face death. And there will be course. What Christ is doing. Has been doing in them. And how he is leading them. They are not. Left to their own. And they will be Attorney secure and OK a few things left. And then where we're done. We have so many promises. To overcome are in the Book of Revelation. It was see. Again and again he didn't recount sitting over camps. Right. Is to focus on this. Why is the focus on this because it's vitally important for us the recount. So S. is just a repetition of someone who looked earlier. Relation to seven. So here are some promises for overcoming. Eat the Rich real life. Not hard but a second death or disintegration two and three. It hit the man a good white stone with it would in your name give him power over nations receive the morning star. Which is Christ. Club in the white Rayment name not. Blotted out from the Book of Life. The name confessed before the Father. Were going to be made a pillar in the temple of God name. The name of God in Jerusalem Britain and. We're going to see it. With Christ on his throne. So what is God's solution to allow this is I mean isn't there isn't well let me also let us make it practical and. Because we may be one. We may be the last generation. I believe that we are the last generation and. Only God knows but I have a strong conviction that. I mean things are happening in the world and. Things are just going well to say the right there right direction according to prophecy. And I don't think we're a long time left. So we're going to live a single nation where the last charge. And we have to get out of this was God's solution for love to see you cry standing knocking at the door. Why is that why you see knocking at the door. Because it's not inside. He has been driven out of our local information. He's knocking. So you will not find this. Now. This kind of message. And this. Air is. This promise that into the law the seals. Which says to him that all recounts I will grant to sit with me in my throne even as the US I also or came and sat. And them set down with. My father in his throne. So this is step. For the generation that we will be victorious. There will be sitting with Christ and His to know. So we need to open up for Jesus to let him see the love and come into our hearts and as we discovered earlier. We have so much rubbish pile up at the door that he cannot come in we need to remove that rubbish. And ask him for help through the rubbish making. We can let the mean maybe our temperaments or or. Or better rates of personality. To the things we allow. Into our minds or entertainment. We may be impatient. We have our own struggles. Whatever it is it's piling up in front of a door. Christ has come in for holding on to things that are not good for us. So we can only over it. Overcome as Christ overcame. And not for one moment. Christ. Yet. That he's his focus was taken off from his father. We have to learn from not. With or come in the way. He overcame we need to behold. Him as Christ behold his father. Saul. Here. Spread process and ministry were healing page. For ninety two. But maybe only. Jesus taking all his sort of talking all his love and perfection or character. We become changing to see image. But it's not only. Think about him but talk about him. He's going to change us. Going to change your attitude and talk about his love and praising him. And the perfection of. Talking to his love and professional character. This is how he would change into his image. By contemplating the lofty ideal he has placed before us. We shall be lifted into a pure and holy atmosphere. Even a presence on guard. When we abide here. There goes forth from us of the light that eradicates all who are connected with us. So we're going to be told transformed by beholding him. Then. Yes. This is Ministry of healing page for ninety two. So finally among this last generation. Is not going to be any of Wrath. No more marine. No criticizing. No bad temperament. And the one. I'm loving acts are words. No impaired. Impatient. Nor selfishness. They have overcome by the blood of the Lamb. So the answer to allow the same problem is this appalling Jesus. Not only the words but with our lives our lifestyle. Daily walk with God as Enoch walked with God This is what we have to do. To experience trees every day salt. No justification. The leader asked from the penalty of sin. Sanctification deliver us from their power of sin. Glorification deliver us from their. Precedence of sin. I look forward to this. So all of this power is in the presence of saying. Salvation. This is. If you are to break it down but they're all connected and. We we have to be careful not to make it to fill a hole. But there they are connected I'm just wanted to see the different aspects of them. And pray scout at their recent poll in the blog is why. Why there's hope in us. To more tech seared first that alone is five twenty three. And the very doubt of peace sanctify you wholly and I pray God Your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless. And to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beautiful promise. What will happen. With us if you stay with where God Jesus said blessed are the pure in God. Pure in heart for they still see God bless that are pure in heart for they shall think god. So you want to let Christ. In your heart accepting his sacrifice and the tolling. Ministry of the hammer sector. Are you. Who else who wants to to let God reverse that. They're the problem would love to see young. In your life and experience Jesus David you want to experience this name and let us pray for this let us. Hunger for it and seek God. Because he's going to do it not we not in ourselves so that we may be true to him. And perhaps. God willing we will be part of the. How many four hundred thousand. That will not face death. Let us pray. Rest on up and pray together. Hard in heaven are a way I can be for you. How will my self. Lord. As we see you or pull our salvation. And ask to see how the world is in these days. Lord. Man it will look to ourselves for look to the church things may seem impossible. What help us not to have this focus help us not to be whole things around us. Look to things around us but behold you only. If what you're doing. What's crisis doing now in the hemis century cleansing us from a present from all our sins and help us also to to focus and in the Realize what are before us. And what and how we all personally in a need to seek you. In order to get her characters transformed more in three middle Christ. They were be present blameless. And without faults. As Christ. Will be ready. That's my brain just. This media was brought to you by audio force. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more. About audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Leader visit. W W W dot. Audio verse or.


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