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The Secret to Shake the World

Joakim Hjortland
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God wants to use us to shake the world – to turn the world upside down, and make a mighty impact for eternity. Learn the key to that spiritual dynamite power and see God do great things in and through you! 


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • January 26, 2016
    11:00 AM
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To secrets. To shake the world how many of you would like to be part of shaking the world can I see your hands. Yeah. Shake their well not physically about. You know spiritually. I remember when I after you know high school or whatever you call it in English I went to my mission school in the States I went to Rice in Michigan. And I remember in the beginning of the time there you know where people are from all over the world. And then. Everyone said something shortly of why they were dear. And you know. Many of the people there they said something. You know their answer to that was something like this they said no I'm here because I want to get trained and then I want to go back to Australia and turn Australia upside down you know. So I want to so they are. Yeah I want to also be training here I want to go back to in an attorney and I've said I want to go back to Scandinavia and turn it on on and things like this you know. I don't know what you think when you hear this but maybe you think Man this sounds so Lou. I don't see it too much. But this is what God wants rights. It says about the day. You know it was said about them this sort of to pull out that tunnel well upside down. God wants to use us by His grace to turn to our lives and to shake the world to to have a powerful influence in this world right. You know efficiency through twenty an hour into human service to do it says in the. Abundantly more than we can think. And imagine sort of part of who works in house. This area is to fifty there is no limits. To the usefulness of won them by putting self aside. Makes room for the workings of the Holy Spirit to find stuff. I want to talk. God wants to use us to shake the world. Now then a question comes up. How can we you know. Shake the world us God wants us to do. What is the secret. And I believe there are several things of course you know. I talk to the bit about two days ago. About. I think you know. One thing that the disciples had that they put them. There was no other. You know they had their focus to have their priority. In the right place that's not. Sitting and other kids doing a very important thing is to. You know to have a definite aim success in the mind amounts of definite thing. Now what I want to talk about or. Highlight this morning is something a little different. It is. But. But it's another very crucial part for this to happen. And that is the connection with and especially the connection with God and true. Prayer. That I want to look on a few examples of and or before we get out I want to read very powerful quotes from gospel workers. To fifty nine. Here it's the greatest victories. Gained for the course of God. Are not the result of labor arguments ample facilities why the influence or abundance of Moon's they are gay and. How does it go to continue to great to speak to again for a cause of God there are gay and in that audience Shambler with God. When we honest agonising face. Faith. Men lay hold upon the mighty arm. Of power and I believe that's true all up. Of history. How people who got us used in a powerful way and I might do it to make a difference in this world. It has been. Men and women of prayer. It's guardhouse using a powerful way to make a difference to make an impact. In this world I want to. Want to look at a few examples of that. This morning. And then we're going to tell you about a special initiative a special clown. That we have. Now the first example and the him I am. There now have my US leadership. There was so furious on that so long I've been in ruins were finally built the piano city was restore. NOW AND I WANT TO YOU REMEMBER HOW LONG time did it take for them to do it ups. If there's a day it's fifty two days in a very short time. Deb in the rules for a long time but only fifty two days. They were able to build it up. And that's not only was it the not short time but it. In a difficult time he's doing persecution. It wasn't easy times. But in difficult time in fifty two days in a short time. I think this is one of the most powerful greatest assurance of the Cause of God up through all of history. It's a part no doubt. At least a powerful Szymon for the Cause of God. And so much showed up even their enemies. They said they were so amazed that they said they're on the show hey. God has to be behind this down the shitter they couldn't have done this alone. It's really cool when they read about it there on the show the mound this. This is not possible they couldn't have done it. Now. How could they do that how was this possible. I believe it was several of us and it's much we could learn from the story. Now am I out. He was very much amount of a definite aim he was showing the way. And I think that's what's the. Shush members and. Church officers you could say. They're united in the effort. All but there are some people united in doing this work. And that's only work. Today be finished. A church member Sunday there's a rally. To work together on united effort. And now are a crucial part that we see I think is peace. Prayer. Come with me if you have it by was to my out there my ash up there well. Then my ash up to one hundred here verse three and verse four. And the him I AM THE BOOK OF THE him my shop there well. And we would read verse three young verse four so it's. Yeah. Right after Esra. King's son Chronicles. You have a restaurant I have my Yeah. Schefter well. I would reverse through the verse for. Here it says and they said them to move the remnant that are left off their captivity. In the programs are in great affliction and the reproach to Wallace through some of them also he's broken down on the Get off our bond with fire. And it came to pass when I heard his words verse four that I sat down and wept. This and more under certain the some fasted on and prayed for God of. Before God the God of heaven. So what happens here is in the him I hear he hears about you still. He's not in the he's in but he hears. He hears about the situation of the people of God. And he hears about the bad condition they are in then when he does start he he's sad he whips and he seeks God in prayer and fasting and. And they are nighties he's coming to God and he's pleading pleading for God. Now there is one thing that he says is it to the mists. When you read this story. And that is or actually before I said it we can also be reversed Homer six hears us and said I Mrs D. O. Lord God of Heaven the grace done terrible God That chip is covenant and mercy for them that love him and observe his commandments Let Die an ear. Now Be attentive on their own eyes open that the only is to hear the prayer of servants which I pray before dinar. Day and night for the Sheldon of servants. Confess the sins of the shilling off. Which we have seen the against. Both I and my father's house. Have seen. Now I want to show you something really interesting that is it to me so when you read the story when you read it is sometimes. Sometimes you read the story of the Bible and. We think it's happened right after each other I would guess you know it just come the. Chapter after order verse after. But sometimes it's you know a longer time span and. Can't come to verse one. And then my A Chapter one Verse one of someone. Because someone else. Rid I thought. Care. Now my a while in verse one. OK here we are told an interesting thing. Where told. We have an understanding of what we asked read before you know when he hears the situation and he seeks God in prayer and you know fasting and. Here we are told when this happened when he got this news. And it says here in which month and second analysis in English kids slow. Or whatever you know so what it's us there. That's the month when he gets this news and. Any one of you know which month. Of the year was starts. Which month of the year I guess is the question I don't think I would have asked it before I knew or. Read it. It's the ninth month of the year. This is the ninth month of the year. Now how this in mine. And count with me to shop there one. Sorry shop to two. And verse one. Now my up to two. And verse. While I'm here it's an attempt to pass in the mouth in the twentieth year of success to King. That the twine was before him and I took up the wine and gave it on to the king. Now I had not been the four times in his presence on here. I think for Women Are you remember a story. This is the time when his shares with the most powerful man in the in the world. About the situation of his pit bull. He serves before the king. But he toast. He sat here. The king says as he sat. And he understands why. And he gets the permission to go back and do something about it yeah. This is when it happens. And that is why it's us. It's US This happened in the month. Of news something that Easts the first month of the year. We had to watch. Deceased this happens for months off to watch obviously it was after he got the news. Four months after he got the news about the situation in Israel for. That's when he tells the king. About it. That's when he is allowed to go back and build up to what we had to watch. The forty's powerful. Shipment. For the Cause of God It's four months of prayer and fasting for moms honestly seeking God. Claiming it's promise us. Dots before this powerful usher them and and. You know. And if I confirms. Confirms the son she had some other interesting. There's a she says that. It was asked he prayed during this time. That the purpose was formed in his mind that he was the one to Littleton this work. Of the building up. And restore your asylum. So. Prayer for the crucial part both before and in the beginning last when he arrives to some you know the ghost. And citizen. The city in the night then after that he spends the rest of the night in prayer. Every time you see again and again when they are missing difficult to see they sit up as a call to prayer to have many difficulties. Pray for their significant role in making this powerful argument. A reality. Induct. Time. Our second example I want to look at the story of the store of Donna. Dennis a powerful story I always loved the story. Down and I remember when. When I was about ten. When my little brother was about to be born. I want to seem to be named Daniel. So. But actually when he wasn't I was you know and I. I started to cry. But anyway I got a pretty good name he is the most quite similar as well Gabriel. So it's fine but. But then the I'll no doubt. He's a powerful. You know. Bible character on one of the heroes of God right. In history. God used to mean in a proper way fink about this. True he came. The mightiest man on earth. We're rich with the gospel. Is like you know someone world or. Rich. You know. Shared a gospel with. OBAMA Our even more powerful person yeah. True true done you know become so what's rich I not only doubt attest. The Testament of the kind of star was shared to all of the kingdom. To basically do all the world. Think about that through to one person. Actually when I think about it. God did through Daniel. What he intended to do what he wanted to do. To restructure. Got the better done it through Daniel. The principles of his kingdom us through His faithfulness use love. Was revealed through this person. And it's quite interesting. You know and I trust his statement he talks about how. Every institution of the seventeen discharge. Should be like a Joseph in Egypt and like Daniel in Babylon. You know through this people will learn how how you know. Through their faithfulness. You know to to to the principles of the Kingdom of God how they reveal the principles of the kingdom got. You know that's how every person every institution every. Ministry in our shows should be like you know we can learn from them. Now. The question comes out that God use. Him in such a powerful way. No doubt. A crucial ricin was not done and whilst amount of prayer. You. Member What happened when the heart about the dream of them were going to start in Chapter two right and here he was about to be killed what did he do to get it with his friend came to get around. Misty salt God for we stop and help guide us. But not only one whose life was at stake Yeah. He prayed to God but. What does it say. Treat time so that he was seeking God in prayer. Not only. That also actually. With the risk of his life and. You could say much about then also. If you like were written down in nine right when he. When they resist explanation to division from done it. It's when he's in prayer. That Gabriel comes to him. It's quite interesting many times also. And I want to know when she received wisdom. With wish missions is was when she and other people were praying and also it to us. Off there at three weeks of fasting I'm on a spread out on and got the vission from down there ten to twelve. And that's a that's a very powerful story by the way I don't have time to explain it but. Basically in this in down the ten. You see how in answer to Danny's prayers. Gabriel is sent to work. And affect the heart of the person King. And off the tree weeks he's struggling for the heart you know the. King is resisting the influence of got off the tree weak God sense. Michael. God since Jesus and find that of the victories gained in answer to. Down this prayer is really powerful. And I says. You know. We would receive a smart answer to prayer if we prayed us down there live with prayed with the same honesty would present. You know Anyway it's a powerful story. Now let's go to our third example the reformers in many ways no doubt. We could set up the reformers. Also where men and women of prayer. Listen to what it says in the great controversy. From the secrets place of prayer came the power that shook the word in the great reformation deal with holy calmness servants of the Lord shut their face upon the rock. Of its prominence. Where did the power came from that shook the world during the time of the Reformation. What does it say. Came from prayer. From the secret place. Prayer. If I had you know one time. To grow it. You must known. You know reform right he was asked about his plan the next day. And then he answered. And he said he said work work from Allah to lead it in fact I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer. We don't found this except. This is said that. It's. It will set up this is something. We don't find this except quote in his own writings. But not very important to him. It's an out of place in great controversy it says that during the struggle. The did not pass a day without devoting three hours subtlest to prayer around them. And they were our selected from those the most favorable to study. No doubt that there was a man of faith a man. Of prayer and how this is just a few example if we had more time. You know I could tell you about Abraham. The father of the people of God right there friend of God the debt. You know everywhere he went where every way pitched a tent he also built an altar of prayer. And he gathered these camps together to seek out the morning out of the inning. And what I'm up to tell you about. You knock that he said that he he or he constantly kept this mind in a prayerful frame and asked you know east of where you have to Norty for more time I could tell you about most US. Write to us during four times forty days of prayer and then a communion with God he received. At the commandments and the instruction of building the sanctuary and and telling about delighted Jack to tell you about Jesus is study said that spent. You know from our US. In communion with God in the morning he went forth. You know to shed a light. To share his light with the world. To tell you about Paul and I wish I could tell you about. You know a gentile or white on the Pioneers. I want to and some yes one. Interesting thing as I read about that one time I heard his testimony from out. From the time offender wise he had seen or heard any white preacher wasn't present at the meeting which he was preaching and when he when he heard. How she was praying to God. How honestly. On the sleeve she was praying to God. You know yes hearing that's prayer. He was convinced he was a young man at the time. He was convinced that she must be a prophet of God. So powerful were her prayers that she was just hearing that he was commies man needs to be a prophet of God. So I believe it not only. Not only the people that got us US power fully up through the history of the world. But also. I think every powerful movement every powerful Revival you know. Return of the revival only comes only to be expected an answer to prayer. I mean. Only powerful movement and revival and you know for the Kingdom of God. Prayer has been an essential part which if well more time I could tell you about the deliverance of Babylon we see very clearly in the Bible. This came an answer to prayer. To Remember you're my twenty nine. Verse eleven there it's just after seventy years you should be delivered. It's right after I did says. You shall seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. It was an answer to prayer. Also idiot I believe they're delivered from Egypt you know. God comes to most scientists I've had a crisis. I want to do something about the situation I want to believe in my people. I believe it was all song. And also to pray for more time I could tell you. And I feel how to stories that really powerful story. The Berlin Wall. A couple of years before the fall of the Berlin Wall in one thousand to nine. Am a group of people who started to pray. Every week for the situation of God would remove what hinders the spreading of the Gospel in order to big. Communist empire and those things yeah. And one more people joining in a big prayer network. And some years after they started this network. Very unexpectedly. There was fall down that that was so long you know Bill. You know the common use. Empire you could set it to the. I believe in announcing. You know answer to prayer. Now what about today. What about today now comes the exciting part which. I believe God calls you on the to. The men and women of prayer. I believe God calls. Every single one of us to be men and women of prayer. I believe God calls us to follow their example of this hero self the course of God up through history. He calls us to follow their example to be inspired by the example. And I want to say hey let's let's answer the call. Let's let's follow their example. And. And now. We have a very practical suggestion for something we want to do we want to. We want to make a special prayer shine a special prayer network. And before I tell you more about that I want to. We will read it here. And I quote. And I will tell you the very powerful testimony what happened last summer not. Inspired us to do this special creation and. Before I read a quote I would just repeat this quote again the greatest victory again for the Cause of God where and again. On on is in the audience chambre. With grout. With gobs. Caused by the workers pitched to fifty nine. Now listen to these quotes from Panama no one is reflecting Crites pitch one twenty one hits us. Of honest praying Bellew verse. Should encircled. Norway. Shouldn't circled Europe. But not only Norway and Europe up. But actually the whole world. On a spring believe it should insert. Gold the world let's all pray and humility let those who cannot leave home. Gathering their children and unite in nothing to pray together in response to the prism of God's people. Eighteen year olds are sent with heavenly blessings. Now. Last summer. There was to. Very special and. Elections where God powerfully was working the direction I believe in a way. Of the shot to countries here in Europe. The first one I want to tell you about these. Is Austria. Last summer. They had an election in Austria. The president of the. One had been depressed and in Austria had been the president for ten years he was not going to continue the need to shift the new one and so the delegates they were gathered there right to show a new leader. For their union. And they came with a name. They had and then the committee that. You know we're proposing and they had a name. They proposed to. The former secretary to now. Take up this. Responsibility has to live there. But actually the delegates to write the voting for you know. Shooting the other. They said no it was a very special election. They said no and then so then. Then it to. Just on union it to think again the you know what are we do then and. And they came with two more new two more names. And but both this two new names they had. It was actually quite low percent of the delegates that wanted them to be president of the Union. And one of them he was a quite young pastor he had said. You know. He had kind of. Made a promise with God. Only if I get over this certain amount of percent of the votes I would say yes if not I would not do it and. The number was lowered on here. So he said no. So this is a so first of the you get to know them the other you know. He said no and it was like he was very special. And finally after a long time right after a long process. The president that he's now in Austria he was elected. It was a very special. And actually because they had you so long time for this election process. That entire time to do all the other elections on this issue and they had to take. So he was very special and they were hot about something like this before. But what they had to do. But you know people come from all over Austria. Then it gets right to make decisions. And then now. The time was when we saw where they had to go home right to work or whatever. So what you had to do was say hey we need to come back next month and continue. So for a month. They had to wait and then they came back and continued on their shows also the youth director on some other positions. And also the youth director it was very special process. And when people saw his name on the on the. On the screen many people were surprised. And but but actually this was again a guy I was chosen I believe it was very very good choice he was your character some years ago on. You have seen much good fruits from his labor. So anyway he was very very were a special and. The person that told me about. About this election when I you know how about this they said. She said that if it was not for prayer. This whole election would have been different. You know they had a prayer room during this. This election. Time. They have on Sabbath it was like. And the. Thirty five people or something. Get in this prayer room during their special election. Time on some they did have even more people praying in the prayer room. You know just praying for God's guidance with this election. And he was a very special process a very special election. But God. Was alluding. People that he wanted to use. To lead the work forward in Australia. Very interesting story. Now the second and the second example before I will tell you about it for us we have and then. You know. Wrap this up. That's in lot to be out there actually a lot of us also last summer and. During this election. They have the youth for Christ's ministry in Latvia. A group of. Many young people that it's not a head they really want to pray for God's guidance. In this election. That God would lead godly people that he wanted to be there. You know to to lead to work for them so they made a big pression. For votes. Especially were just two days when they would talk about the election and you know take the decisions. They have the least of. You know people at the grid to pray. Thirty minutes it everyone sign up for thirty minutes. And then when they had printed thirty minutes they reminded the next person they sent out as a mess or something. To remind the next person in line. To do it if someone couldn't for some reason. And they had a gap suddenly they asked. And suddenly lots of people sign up to fill up the gap. Continuously they had this prayer in during this election. And they want us praying for God's guidance. And it's really powerful to hear what happened. Because this was also very very special election process and. This also took longer than usual. You know. They wound up finally became shall send us off several times actually but he said no. But still I asked him again several times this happened. But it's a no he forth. He wasn't qualified to do it and. Finally it took so long so long that came late into night to have not yet decided. And so that is cited to us to people to decide overnight. So. So in the next morning one of them said no and the other one. She had during the night she was going to be struggling with God and when he got the other man said no. He went out from the misting from this election with and he was still struggling with God. But then he came back and he felt that the guy was saying to you Are you are most you are he didn't feel qualified. But he sensed that God calling God wanted him to the to find the ME. He said yes. He said yes. And then he said afterwards to this group of young people that had President doing this election time he said. You prayed for this to happen. You don't stop praying now. Every time we were him it was with the Conference Board that the prayer for us. So now they continue this group of young people. Every time they have a conference board meeting. To have this show people sign up on the script at the time always you know and for the three hour scimitar whatever it is on. And if suddenly the meeting goes longer than expected a call from up a bill to joining and so they continuously all the time when they have this meetings. To pray and God is working goddess. Answering to praise God is working in a very special way. The other. Another thing I want to say about this election. But also very special. Was it was the election of the youth direction. The rector. He's a very young man. He's twenty five years old and he was twenty five years old and he was the leader of this huge for Christ Ministry and last year. He does. He has not cited geology. And so in a way it was very unexpected that he would be elected but. He he is someone with a talent a man with great to be shown. And I believe. You know a lot can happen by God's grace. With this news. And their leaders. So those people are not on my fence about that i told me about this they said. After this election is said. They set up a really big shift of leadership. Happened you know during this election. They said before we didn't even talk about session so great US a possibility. You know the Fourth this. This. This would be impossible. And the direction. That's came. It's completely opposite this of the direction of the shots now it's completely opposite they said that there. We experienced how God answered our prayers and I think this will be a very different period. And saying about the new leaders and a new conference board. They set out all of them are very spiritual people will know them us a very humble before God. And this is what matters most and then after telling this story telling this testament of how God powerfully worked and. You know. You know in this whole process of an ounce of these. Will his prayers for for the people joining in the Shannon. Of prayer Yeah. Like we have been encouraged to do. Then they conclude that. One of them. Concluded with saying this has been I grit. Blessing for us. Let it be the same. And even more for you and man and this is what we want. I want those watching them there to be true I want this to be to same for us. I want us to do something similar on God. To open up the doors for God to continue to work on these work forward here in Norway and Europe and. You know around the world. I believe. If we start to have more. Predictions like this God will really. He would work he you know his cherished church will be victorious it will finish the work. A lot needs to happen. It's a lot. Still to happen yet many changes need to be made. But through prayer and through true diligent effort. God will lead his work for are now. Now it comes to the. Specifically what we want to do some sessions with this message. We want to. We want to or one thing we want to do is to. To create and there will be an prayer Shannon. And then we are in the rhythm prayer network for for you know a special elections in our with the important things in our way and prayer especially for for revival and mission work you know that we can unite in a network. To share prayer requests for distinction. And when there are special misting is coming up you know important things we can make. We can. We can really seek God for God's guidance and living with this things yeah. So that's one thing we tell Oh it was more about that letter. And this impact but. The second thing and that is for right now that is something that we want to do tomorrow and Friday. And that is to make. To create a special prayer sion. For our very important meeting that is taking place. Friday morning this Friday morning. And that is this Friday morning. There is a very important thing in the election process. Of the new president of our division. The Trance European division that did nominate in committee today when they were selected on them there which is on them that they would propose for the new president of our the Rhaetian a very important decision. So we thought hey why not do something that you didn't lot to want to do something like that in Austria. So that God would have the person at its best faces right now to take this responsibility. So that's God's work. Can move forward. Are free in this division Yeah. Wouldn't that be great to decide that. So we thought hey let's let's make up ration. Let's make out. A twenty four hour operation. Right. You know in connection with this meeting they would have on Friday. So our plan is that it would start tomorrow morning. And then we'll have a twenty four hour procession. Forty special import on the thing that we will really pray doing just that continuously during this twenty four hours. There will be people praying for the selection of God will guide us God will lose its God we you know live the person he wants to take this responsibility. To be elected and to to have the courage to say yes to take on this responsibility. So what we have done is we have made up. A google doc that you can sign up online and wherever you are in the. On this document you can write your name. On specific times for us we have divided up a time of course in fifteen minutes each and. You know. So that if all of us choose to time slots. Fifteen minutes some time tomorrow maybe on some time on Friday during this twenty four hours are on twenty four hours here. We would. Fast only. Us who are here. We will feel up. You know twenty four hour procession and. In addition to that. We have. We asked yesterday evening with some top down to the news. News. Try to in fact know when you start there. We sent out. Information about this link. And I encourage people to join us in prayer for the suppression that they can go in they can stop the name. And yesterday people already started to do it out there and. To encourage more people on. And. And also through Facebook rather than that. And so basically practically what I want to do we have it to use better if you receive the newsletter. You have risen in mail yesterday. Where you have this link we can go in and sign up your name. Also on Facebook to impact our way back on again. You can find this link. And you can go there and sign up your name for a time slot of two or three. Yeah. During this. Twenty. Four hours. And then I want to encourage you also to to spread the word to invite friends and family around you know someone who may shout a link and also hey you know join us we want to pray for this important meeting. And. And I believe no doubt. You know us we as a people of God on a specific. And tonight in prayer make oppression like this God would hear God would answer. God would lead this process in a very special way. Similarly I would as to what to do the most around the two on many other persons you know one thing that has happened. So I'm very excited about this and I believe. You know chance like this can inspire others to produce the same amount to a man and if will impact chapters in all over Europe you know. All that we make the networks like the suppression factors for all elections you know God would step by step. He wouldn't. He wouldn't really. Least work forty wounded people in responsibilities that he want to use you know to to fire his course in the best possible way. So why do you think it sounds like a good idea. A man. That's good that I would encourage it to Yad. Sometime today as soon as possible air. It to to be there if you have a computer get online. Or a phone or whatever you have and write your name on a time slot or to a tree. And then invite others to do the same. If you don't have a computer or something you know yes or someone at us and you can you know. Go on write your name on this link. And we can feel up. Because we want to feel up to whole. You know twenty four hour. So if we says some spots are lacking somewhere we want to try to. You know fill them up. So the sooner we see. You know if there especially in this time we can try to find someone to step in there. So yeah. Afterwards after you know. Before launch or whatever you know. Sign up your name and. And let's keep praying for for this important election and. You know it's not over on Friday but. That's basically when the name would be proposed but you know. Before and after us we can also pray for this process as well and. As well son he's leading the election process. But it's better get it. Executed Committee. Basically I think. Really you nearly there is from the Division I conference there's something to this that are part of the group that shows us it proposed and I'm. But there were some Willetts and General Conference where you approve it or. You know that's. Shortly how it works it's a little bit more about it on the. On the document as well. OK Let's let's let's stand up for what a fair. There on a far you have said nothing in this is so dear to the heart of God us your shot. And oh yes it's. You know the shot sometimes may appear us about to fall. It does not fall it's romance while the scene there since sound will be sifted out. It's. Your shot she will conquer it we finish the work. Will shatter everlasting dust into the world. And he will come back. Help us God to do what we can to be faithful to your work. To build up your shot. And to to follow your course. Press pressure for peace initiative we have the yes we have my prayer. Now richly blessed this important decision on Friday. And this process on that you may now inspire our family and friends to. Also join in prayer for this special election. This media was brought to you by Adil first a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio first. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W dot org.


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