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The Book of James: Enduring Temptation

Chris Buttery
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  • September 27, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Lesson number three the title is in jury. Temptation and will be. Getting right into that as a matter fact will be looking at James chapter one and several verses in the book of James. And. And I'm packing those for us here today. And we certainly want to welcome those that. Joining us in live streaming or wherever you're joining us in the world we're so glad that you've decided to join us today. We want to remind you that there are free offers available for you to those that are in North American territories and. You want to just call in to nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven and. Or you can e-mail us at C S H. At SEC central G. and you want to Colin. All right into request. Order Number two one four four two that's two one four four two to receive your special offer and. Also we want to encourage you to do our ride in and maybe. Maybe have a question related to the lesson. On that particular week a particular day. Or you have a comment you'd like to meet a mike and we can certainly share those questions tried on some the best we can. And for those that are joining us here today as well you know you can write in a colon and to ask the question of come in and we can have you do that right here live. Each time we get together. So we want to make sure that you're aware that you can ask questions and you can share your comments as well. Also we love to hear from those who are viewing us. Send in your comments. Let us know how things are going how you enjoy the program or enjoy reading comments and thoughts from those who are viewing us I thank you so much for doing that well. Here we are. James. And you probably have your Bibles open if not with me to James Chapter one. And we're going to look at several verses heah. As we unpack. The These very this very important topic. Injuring temptation. And during temptation. You know. By not typically known for debating a but. When I was in high school. Sometimes I'd have sleepovers with our friends and. I would visit with my particular friends one particular friend. Was not I believe in the in creation. Actually believed in the. Teaching the theory of evolution. And we we got to dialoguing about that now I had made a conscious decision to serve Jesus at that time. But I knew we didn't come from Goo and. End up in the zoo to what we are today I knew that. We came from the hand of a creator an intelligent designer. So here we are with get ready to sleep and we. This very deep subject breaks out and we having this discussion about evolution and creation and then the conversation. Took a bit of a turn and. We started talking about the nature of humanity and. Who we are I'll make up and. I was using I use the word. Temptation in the discussion. You have ever been tempted drawn away we were discussing the problem of. Doing wrong and so if you have been tempted before. And my friend. Responded and he asked the question he said what is temptation. What is temptation. For the first time I recognize that. That. Some folk don't know what it is because in their own natural state. We just go along with the flow to go along with what naturally pulls us to to this thing or to that thing and we don't resist anything and. So therefore we're not feeling. There's no. There's no temptation is. Is what I gather my friend was. Was arriving at the Oxford Dictionary. Asked the question what is definition. What is temptation this is the definition of desire to do something especially wrong or. Wise it's a does. I have to do something especially. Wrong or wise. Now. Contrary to my friend. The Christian life is filled with struggles. Filled with challenges we no longer just float. With the current. As Christians were peddling upstream. If you've ever been out here on the American River or any river for that matter. And you are going with the current It's pretty easy just to get in your boat and go downstream. Now what happens if you reach a point where you don't want to be. And you want to get back to where you need to be. Then you've got to stop. Paddling upstream. And it's not that easy to do. You're going against the current in the in the in the ocean you're going against the tide. Sometimes even on the. Undercurrent that you've got to be careful of in the Christian life. Is not one of. Going with the flow but we're. We're paddling upstream. Because of the because we're resisting the things that we didn't used to resist. That we just succumb to the things we just used to do. Now with pressing on would end up with we have a new set of principles and you goals. These types of things. And it's not easy to do. Admittedly not easy to paddle upstream but by God's grace. We can enjoy it. We can enjoy it when. When I was living in the tropics. In northern Australia up in the Strait of the north as the tropics the south is the Four Seasons kind of reversed. To what we experience here in the U.S. and. We lived in da one. And in the backyard we grew a mango tree. And I was in a fall and just didn't like I wasn't fond of mangoes at all these were the stringy mangoes and. They didn't look good and. I wasn't sure they would taste good either. One of the things that turned me off of mangoes as well. Was the fact that sometimes we go out in the yard to play. Before school and we get home from school and scattered all along the base of that mango tree. Were. Mangoes that had fallen to the ground. And they'd been bitten into. Will half eaten. And that was because of the fruit that these were and it's interesting. The fruit bat they wouldn't pick the. The green mangoes. They would pick. The mangoes that were ripe and. They would mess I'm up to take a bite of one. And then they just. Just drop it on the ground and that one was contaminated so we couldn't use that one. Or someone half eaten or whatever but we'd find out. Find out that the. The fruit bat had gotten to the mangoes. It's an interesting and important lesson because typically the devil. Comes to not green Christians those who who have noticed. Those who are not growing in their faith but he comes to those who are growing in their faith those that are maturing. Ripe. Ripening Christians. Like the fruit that is drawn to ripe fruit. The right mango. The devil is drawn to those who are growing. And he brings special temptations. Special trials and special challenges. To trip us up. You see. And to cause us to come undone so as Christians we can expect that the devil is going to harass us we can expect that they are going to be trials. And we can expect that there's going to be. Temptations as well now I know that's not good news that we're starting out with good news here. But we're going to do with some good news. Let's take a look at James Chapter one Verse twelve. Notice how James. Starts out this discussion. With regard to enduring temptation. Temptation enduring temptation James Chapter one. And verse twelve. James Chapter one Verse twelve. He says. Blessid. Is the man. And we don't expect the next but. Next words but here they are blessed it is the man who in Judas temptation. For when he has been approved. He will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him. He starts out by saying bless it. And this is naturally an allusion to the dog. The Sermon on the Mount right. Jesus taught. The Sermon on the Mount and he started his conversation with the wood blessed blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness Blessed are those who persecute for my namesake Bless of a happy. Blessed said. James says blessed or happy is the man who in Jewish temptation. Bless it. Is that one who faces difficulties and trials. And then he says Blessed is the one who in Jewess. In Jewess. That word in Jewess. Is different from the would patience that is typically used for this would in Revelation Chapter fourteen those twelve for example were told that the patients. Here is the patients of the saints that would patients. Can probably be better translated. Perseverance. From which we get the idea of insurance you say. Perseverance. So the word. This would. In Jew as. This word is different from patients which suggests a passive submission. It's not that at all. This would in Jewess emphasizes the. Active staying power. That makes men and women try on front. Over their temptations and trials. Just think about a marathon runner for just a moment. What are they doing that. I've never seen. To be honest I've never seen maybe you haven't either. Marathon runner with a pleasant look on their face and. I mean it's hard work. Striving What are they striving toward the finish line. Twenty six point two miles. Something like that I can barely run a mile said twenty six miles. They're enduring think about a marathon runner when you think of. When you read the word enjoy Blessed are those who in. Temptation. But in the Christian setting. We're not running with a grim look on our face and we're not looking like we're about to kill over like the average marathon runner looks like. But we're injuring by the grace of God. We overcome by the grace of God and then. The idea here is that the man or the woman is happy when they enjoy. Temptation. What is temptation anything. That tests. Our faith. Anything that tests our characters. That's really it so it could even be sickness. It could be a spell of. Of lack of resources. Even poverty. But maybe calamity. Or maybe some enticement to sin and that's what we typically think of as a temptation enticement to sin so let's go to Sunday's lesson. And run over there and. Take a look at the root of temptation. We must will stop there. Where does it begin where this temptation began. Now. Jesus taught us. A very special prayed upright did he not. Among the requests mentioned in the Lord's Prayer. He teaches us to pray Lead Us Not Into Temptation. Lead Us Not Into Temptation. So this question or this prayer. Has the flavor of the this thought behind the perhaps of God entices us to sin. For asking God not to lead us into sin is he the one that leads us into sin. Is God does God tempt does entice us to sin does god. God does God to entice us to sin. Now God does prove. Us or tests. Us. Test men and women we think about Abraham faith was tested when god. He asked. When God offered him to offer up his son Isaac. And you can read about that in Genesis Chapter twenty two verse one. God proved. Abraham is what the the text says. And then Israel's faithfulness at the Mount at the foot of Mount Sinai. Was tested when God spoke the ten commandments he was. He spoke them before they were written down. And you can read that in Exodus Chapter twenty and verse twenty. God said he. The Word. So that he would prove his people so God does prove he does tests. Tries his people but. Does God lead his people. Into Temptation What does James say. James chapter one in verse thirteen. We're continuing with James train of thought talking about. Temptation he says Let. No one say. When he is tempted I am tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil. Nor does he himself. Nor does he himself tempt. Any one. So does God. Tempt us. Entice us to sin. No no he doesn't dog. As a matter of fact that was the first accusation that. Adam and Eve brought to God. In the Garden of Eden. You remember that God came after that transgress. They recognize something was wrong and God who normally met with them at a particular part of the day. Came to visit. And what did Adam and Eve do. They hid themselves not from each other but they hid from God and God came and asked him Where is it didn't. Wasn't asking that because he didn't know Adam was but he was asking him spiritually Adam where are you what have you done. And what did Adam say. Well there was that woman you say that you made. She's the one that gave me the fruity. What was he saying. God you're a boy. You're the one who made the woman you're the one who put it here. In other words you were the one who led me to this. Temptation to this point. To sin. And then what did the woman do. She handed it off to the serpent but ultimately to God because she said well the serpent. That you made. Lead me into temptation here I have the fruit that's it. So both of them were accusing God of leading them into temptation enticing. God was enticing them to sin which of course he doesn't do. So of course naturally we don't want to be blaming God. We want to be blaming God for the problems in the challenges that may come to us all the temptations. Now when we. When you pray. Lead us not when you've just prayed. Forgive me forgive us our debts and. As I forgive those who are indebted to me. Then we go on to pray lead us not to temptation is just. Having just prayed that the guilt of sin might be removed it's fitting that we might pray that we might not go back to that sin that would ask God to forgive us from. Talking about the Lord's prayer here. The pretty Jesus is teaching us to pray is akin to what the Psalmist prayed in some nineteen verse thirteen listen to these words he says. Keep back your servant. Also from presumptious sins. Let them not have dominion over make. Keep them back from me. Then I shall be blameless. And I shall be innocent of great trans Gresham. Is that I came to pray the temptations don't come. Well sure. It's OK to pray that. Are they going to come. They are they going to come. They surely will. And so I kind of prying that temptations don't come because of the discomfort and trouble that temptation can bring. All the danger of being overcome by that particular sin. We're being drawn away to commit all the guilt. And the grief that follows so it's OK to pray that the Lord lead us not into into temptation. Where does Jame with his James say that temptation begins. We're talking about the root of temptation. Let's take a look at James Chapter one Verse fourteen and I want to take a look at another verse. Over in mock Chapter seven will take a look at that in just a moment. James chapter one in verse fourteen. Where does sin begin or rather temptation begin. Temptation actually begins in the my notice. Those fourteen. Let's jump back up to verse thirteen. Let no one say when he's tempted I'm tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil. Nor does he himself tempt any one verse fourteen. But each one is tempted when he has was drawn away. Drawn away by his own Luna desires and in ticed. Now. Jesus talks about the same thing over and mocked up to seven if you want to run over there with me. Mocked up to seven in verses twenty one and twenty two. Notice. What Jesus says here. Mocked up to seven vs twenty one and twenty two. And we can jump back up to verse twenty. Where Jesus says. And he said when. What comes out of a man that defiles a man. For from within. Out of the hot of men or out of the mind of min. Proceed. The following things evil thoughts. Adulteries fornications murders. Thefts covetousness we could listen to see. Lewdness and evil eye blasphemy pride foolishness. All these evils. Evil things come from within and defile a man. Interesting isn't it. So where does temptation begin right there in the mud temptation begins. In the mind from within Jesus says that means. That means we have a choice. That means we have a choice. That means no one. Can force us to sin. That's what it means to. Natural inclinations. And desires. Get our attention. Often. I think we can agree to that. James. Here. Uses. Hunting and fishing terms. To refer to the internal problems internal promptings. These illumines these temptations. So our own desires our own cravings. They lure and entice us is what he's saying. And when we give in to them they finally hook. And trap us. So he's using fishing and hunting. Terms. If you've probably been fishing before and. You know how the game works. Maybe some of you've been hunting I don't know I've never been hunting before. That's just a little bit too aggressive for me but I used to used to fish when I was a young boy. And my first time fishing. Went. Went out with a neighbor friend they invited me to go fishing and they showed me how to put the bait on the. The hook and how to cast a line it was a lot of fun and. They were fishing and it was in a little play a little creek called Buffalo Creek. When you fish. You're casting the line you alluring the fish in. And you want them to do what you want them to bite on the hook and then you. You know yank back you've got a. You've got the mouth hooked. And then your real them in and. So. James is referring to and using the same language here. That fishermen use that sin entices us our own desires. Our cravings Lewa. And they entice us. And then when we give in to them they finally woke us. Saying. Every person has their own particular craving which arises from their own temperament. And from their own experience. This fact. This fact. Doesn't deny that there is an external attempt and his minions. That take full advantage of our weaknesses. But while they tempt us. Can tempt us to send their temptations wouldn't have any power. If it were not in us. Any desires in us to respond to the inducements to understand what I'm talking about. So the devil's only effective because he knows that there is an enjoyment enticements within us. That he can. He can work on. If they weren't there then his temptations would be absolutely powerless. There's a statement that I want to read. Force here and I we have a question. Ben has a question for us with regard to sin and temptation here. And we're going to come to you here in just a moment Ben once way. Once we're ready. But here's a quotation for us from messages to young people Page sixty seven. It's a very powerful statement notice. What the pen of inspiration says. She says no man can be forced to transgress. His own consent. Must first be gained tells us we have a choice right. His own consent. Must first be gained. The soul must. Purpose. The sinful act. Before passion. Can dominate over reason. Or iniquity. Triumph over. Conscious. Conscience. Temptation however strong. Is never an excuse for sin. Pretty pretty powerful. So we can't say that God. Decreed my temptation. All we can say. As we have been known to say the devil made me do it. You know the devil can make you do a thing. Or you can do is tempt you in Tyesha. That's all he can do but. We must have. He must have our consent. Before we decide by him before we give in. We fall into temptation because of a desire to satisfy a particular craving that it's. In US that is contrary to the will of God. So the big question. You've got a question for us here. Yes Or is it a sin to be tempted. OK And this is a good question because a lot of people get this issue mixed up. Sin and temptation. The basic answer is no sin is not a temptation look at verse fourteen fifteen. James continues to unpack. What happens when we're alluded enticed by our own sin or enticed by a desire rather within us. And what happens next look at James one fourteen. And verse fifteen fourteen or fifteen. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and. Enticed. Then. Notice. Then when desire has conceived. It gives birth to what sin. So here we go two separate issues. Temptation. Temptation. Draws us to committing sin. And when it goes out it says when desire has conceived it gives birth to sin and sin when it is full grown. Brings forth. Death. And so certainly. Sin is a deadly. Thing. Temptation is a temptation to sin is not sin. Two different things entirely. Desire is not wrong. Desire is not wrong. God has given his powerful desires. Including ambition. Temper and. Even sex in every basic. Disposition. But desire becomes wrong. When it becomes or when it oversteps its bounds. And seeks to gratify. Itself. Outside. The will of God. Now Monday's lesson. We're going to unpack this more so let's go to Monday's lesson. When sin conceives. Let's take a look at this a little bit more desires are not wrong. They're not wrong. They're only become wrong when it overstay. It's bounds and seeks gratification outside the will of God. So temptation is not a sin. But it's an enticement to and if we choose to. If sin sin is conceive what does James say when desire has conceived. It gives forth. Gives birth to sin. We're also rounded. Every day with sights and with sounds that are appealing to the mind. Is through these emotional. Stimuli that unholy desires are presented to each one of our minds. As long as those desires are not gratified all fulfilled then they are not wrong. It's only when the mind responds to the desire to nurture and to hold on to it that the temptation then turns into sin. Just like that. So James statement here. In verse fifteen when desire has conceived it gives birth to sin. He's comparing the act of sin. To fertilization in conception. Is what he's doing. Just as a B. for example carries Polan with it. To open blossoms to another to to fertilize another flower. So each human heart is open to on the holy thoughts and desires. Now if these seeds are allowed to mingle with our carnal natures which is something we are born with if they are if the seeds allowed to mingle with common out common natures. They produce an inevitable harvest of sin. That's how it goes. Our only hope. Though is to put God before every avenue of the soul to test everything that enters into the mind by way of these different avenues. Through the through the eyes. Through the mouth. Through what we hear what we touch on this five of them are listed for what's the fifth one sound sight. Taste smell. There it is smell. And there are some very very cool smells out there that draw us in don't they. I tell you this. I will take a look at a couple of powerful promises here. Because we're talking about temptation starting in the mind. Which means sin. Begins where. If we if we consent. To the temptation sin begins. In the mind. This is. This is serious stuff we can prevent a. Action. From happening we think we can prevent a action from happening perhaps but can we prevent such a sin. Happening taking place in the mind. Well no we can't buy a cells but notice these promises. By God's grace. Someone has Philippians to verse five. As Philippians two five Mark thanks. Notice these I'm going to read a couple of promises force. First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen this is a powerful promise and. One that maybe you could put to memory. No temptation has taken you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above which you are able. But with the temptation make a way of escape that you might be able to bear it. So God has wonderful promises. For us and. He tells us that. The temptation you might be enduring or going through is not. Is common to men is not the only thing. You know the only one whose face that. You know pretty much where a person has fallen. Is pretty much prefaced by the thought that I'm the only one going through this. I'm the only one. Dealing with this right now. No one understands which makes way for going into the realm of committing the sin. But. But poll. Challenges that thinking it says no temptation is taking you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful who are not all you. To be tempted by which label. So that means God measures God's ways that up before he allows it to come. You know God in His sovereignty. He allows things he doesn't make them happen but he allows them. And these things try our faith and our patience and grow us you see. But will with the temptation make a way of escape that you might be able to bear and only come back to the point a little bit later. Second Corinthians Chapter ten versus four and five notice this second printing is ten four and five for the weapons of our warfare not carnal the not the not the knots the not stuff that you can hold onto like. Swords and shields and guns. Then O'Connell. But mighty in God. For the pulling down of strongholds casting down. Imaginations and every high thing. That exalts itself against the knowledge of God Now notice. Bringing. Every thought into captivity. To the beating of Christ. Wow. That is powerful. So every thought. Can be brought into submission to the claims of Jesus Christ. Every thought. That is powerful. That's encouraging. Philippians two five X. Mike live humans to verse five. Let this bind be in you. Which was also in Christ Jesus. So we're encouraged here to have the mind of. Jesus was Jesus tempted. Yes. To Jesus in no way to sin begin. In the mind we can have the mind of. Jesus who did no sin. Powerful what a wonderful promise that is. Matthew Chapter four verses wonderful what tells us. Jesus was laid up by the Spirit into the wilderness. To be tempted by the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights. Afterward he was hungry. Now when the tempted came to him he said if you are the Son of God. Come on that these stones become bread. But he said it is written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every where the proceeds from the mouth of God Jesus was tempted like we would like we are. And yet the Bible says that he overcame. And how did he overcome. Temptation by the. By the word of God. He said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every where the proceeds from the mouth of God So through the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. And out in the Jadick. Cooperation with the Holy Spirit and obedience to God's word. By His grace we can overcome. And that's wonderful news for us. Let's go to choose those lessons. Every good and perfect gift. We're just following. James train of thought here. Every good and perfect gift. What's the best gift you've ever received. What's the best gift you've ever received. Whatever it is. It's not as good as this. It's not as good as this one right here the one that God has offered us. Let's look at James Chapter one Verse seventeen. Now remember he's talking about. Temptation he's talking about sin. Now he talks about. Good gifts. Contrast thing. With temptation. There's temptation. Things that come from within that entice you to sin. And he's also the devil that brings temptation to Lewis to sin. But every good gift. And every perfect gift is from when. Above. And comes down from the Father of Lights. With whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. You know our situations may change our lives may change we may change our circumstances may change. But as one person that never change. Changes and that is God the heavenly Father. He never changes. And. And so here we have the assurance that God brings. Perfect gifts. To us God's goodness. In this verse is seen as the antithesis of temptation. And lust. Meaning that God doesn't give us gifts that one Hamas. But that will benefit. Benefit us he doesn't sin the problems that come from without all the temptations that come from within. Instead he brings Grace. And he brings strength. To aid us in the fight against temptation so the question is what is the gift look at verse eighteen. What is the gift of His own will He brought us forth. By the word of God or the word of truth. That we might be a kind of first fruits of his creation. Someone has Hebrews two verses seventeen and eighteen here. OK Right here. Hebrews two seventeen and eighteen. Will come to in just a moment. David. So what is the gift that. God bestows upon us. In the fight against temptation. What does he say. He says that we. By his own will He brought us. Forth. That's another way of saying that. We were born again. He brought us forth. First Peter chapter one verse twenty three says having been born again. Not of corruptible seed. But. Incorruptible through the Word of God which lives and abides forever. So how do we how do we overcome. Temptation you know if we are not born again we're just going to go along with the crowd we're going to go along with the flow but with the Holy Spirit working in us. There was a power at work to help us resist. That enticement to sin isn't there. And that comes when we are born again when we're born from above. In the would have God is what brings the new birth experience Jesus brings that to us. Let's remember this. Let's remember this that. Every time that we are tempted to do wrong. We are also tempted to do. What is right. Two things going on every time we're tempted to do what is wrong we're also tempted to do what is right because of Jesus victory over temptation. He provides. Temptation to do what is right. And not only temptation to do what's right. But power. To do it. Hebrews Chapter two verses seventeen and I. Thanks David. For this reason. He had to remain like his brothers. In never the way. In order that he might become a merciful and faithful High Priest in service to God. And that he might be. He might make atonement for those scenes. Of the people. Because he in selves suffered when he was tempted. He is able to help those who are being. To him to. Thank you so when Jesus humanity. Because he came like one of us. Yes he was one hundred percent God. But he was also one hundred percent man. And as a man he suffered. Temptation the Bible says he suffered. So if you are being tempted. Or tried it does bring a degree of suffering. Jesus suffered. Being tempted Why did he suffer being tempted. So that he is able to do I.E. those will help those that are being tempted. So as surely as a person is being enticed to do the wrong thing. The Holy Spirit isn't tossing us to do the right thing we come to this crossroads where are they going to take that road on this road. We have a choice every time and. By the grace of God with the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit. Working in our lives. It brings power. For Victory over that temptation. We read earlier there's no excuse to sin. Because every provision has been made for or the coming. That sin. But leads us to a question. Last brings forth sin and sin brings forth death we were told. With such high stakes before us. Why is it that we sometimes don't see more victory in the life. I mean. When we talk about sin bringing death what type of death is that. That's not the natural death most people will die. Except those who will be alive to see Jesus come back. It's not the first day if it's the second death. In Revelation chapter twenty verse fourteen it talks about this. Second if it the reason is called the second death is because the first death. Everyone's going to be raised from that is. Isn't that right. Either you're raised in the resurrection of the just or the resurrection of the unjust. But everyone's going to be raised from the bid. But this particular death the second death no one's going to be right that's it it's a terminal. And so if sin. Brings the fruits of eternal death why is it that we sometimes don't see more victory. In the Life. Perhaps as for several reasons. Maybe one of them is that we don't or we lose. The concept of the sinfulness of sin. We lose. The concept of how sinful it is and how deadly it is. You know the Old Testament sanctuary and its services. Were very impressive. But every day. Blood. Was being spilled. Every day innocent animals were. Lives were being given up because of some indiscretions some sin. That a person had committed. And I was very unfortunate every time. Animal was slain It was a reminder of the. Of the consequences of sin. And not only is it not only should we be reminded of the consequences of sin. Which cost the death of God's D A son. But we should also be conscious of the fact that. That sin hurts. And breaks God's hot. The cross is a a revelation to our senses. Of the love that God has had for us from the very beginning. Even when. Even before when. Rather when sin. Came about. So the cross is a picture of the love God has for us. So we need to be reminded that sin is deadly but we also need to be reminded that. God's love is powerful. And in that he sent his Son to die. For us. Let's look at Wednesday's lesson. So slow to speak. Slow to speak. How we doing with that slow to speak. Notice the council continues in James Chapter one. And verse nineteen and twenty. Having talked about temptation. And sin and that. Being born again we don't have to. We don't have to sin we can be victorious so you then my beloved brother and. Let every man be swift to hear. Slow to speak. And slow to wrath. Slower to speak. Was swift to hear slow to speak and slow. To reface twenty. For the wrath of. Man does not produce. The righteousness of God does not produce the righteousness of God So we're encouraged here to be swift to hear. And the idea here is our way but we have borne by the word. It doesn't excuse us from continuing to listen to the word. Because we've come to Jesus and we've been saved by faith. Through by His grace through faith by grace. Doesn't mean we should stop now listening to his word it's his word that brings transformation. It's his word that brings power. So we're admonish here. To be swift to hear God's Word. What. What should we hear what and what we hear we embrace and we hear with enthusiasm. You see you remember. Jesus often said these words. He that has. Is let him hear. Revelation Chapter thirteen verse eight. With regard to the. The Lamb's Book of Life in the Mark of the beast issued. The angel say is he that has. He is let him here. By the way. The. The seven churches of Revelation Revelation Chapter two in Revelation Chapter three. Every church is counseled you have the. The rebuke you have the. The admonition the counsel there a couple of churches that the. Receiver rebuke. But you've got these things that are very common to each church. And Jesus comes to each church and he says at the end of the. Rebuke an admonition. He that has. Is let him hear what the Spirit. Says to the churches. So if we have he is. We are here where the listen to the Word of God This admonition. This admonition here in James Chapter one. Also embrace is the general suggestion that we should be more ready to hear. And to speak. A lot of problems come when we open our mouth. Quicker. But even a would fall too fast. Then we should listen. We should be fast to listen. Quick. To listen and slow. To speak and that's the next step he is slow to speak. Slow to begin speaking knots. Not speaking slowly. Slow to begin speaking weighing everything else. Thinking about something before we say something. Obviously this was a problem in James Di and that's why he's addressing this. He talks about it in James one twenty six. He talks about it again in James. Chapter three verses one for way Tain. And then again in chapter four and. Before we're done with the book of James will be delving here again. With the idea. With the issue of what the. Of the of the. The potential of the tongue. Will talk about that. So he would encourage to be slow to sweet speak in other ways Don't be so quick to blame God for the temptation of trial. That you're going through. Or Don't be so quick to justify your sin. Or even to voice your doubt regarding the promises of God. Remember the context here is temptation and sin. Yes. There is a good admonition here. With regard to how we relate to one another. Husbands and wives. Parents and children. Work colleagues we should always be swift to hear and slow to speak. Slow to wrath. But here. The context is sin. Temptation and sin. And receiving the gift of God which is a new life. So don't be so quick to justify your sin. To blame God for. The temptation of a trial that you're going through a love the statement Christ object lessons page one. Forty seven and why it says. Take the word of Christ as your assurance. Has he not invited you to come unto him. Never allowing yourself to talk in a hopeless. Discouraged way. If you do. You lose much. By looking at appearances and complaining when difficulties and pressure come. You give evidence of a sickly in feeble faith. And then she says this. Talk and act as if your faith was invincible. The Lord is rich in resources. He owns the world look. Heaven would. In faith. Look to him there was light. Power and efficiency sounds. Some people when they read this statement so that sounds a little hypocritical. Talk and act as if my faith is invincible if I don't feel like my faith is invincible Why should I talk that way. Why should I act as if it is because our words and actions have a direct effect on what we think. And what we think has a direct effect on what we say and what we do. It works both ways. So here she is encouraging us to talk and act as if our faith was invincible. By God's grace. We can do it. Yes we can overcome by by this. Through the strength of Jesus. Yes the Holy Spirit is working and he will help me and give me victory to talk and act as if your faith is invincible. And then the. The third admonition here in James Chapter one Verse is nineteen and twenty. Slow to wrath. Someone has cautions for those six for us. Cautions. Chapter four in verse six. OK Right down here. We'll get to you in just a moment. Just a couple of other points of admonition from the. The. The wise man. Proverbs Chapter fifteen verse eighteen. He says a wrathful man stirs up strife but he who is slow to anger. Allays. Contention. And then Proverbs Chapter sixteen verse thirty two. He who is slow. The anger. Is better than the mighty. And He who rules his spirit than he who takes us down a city. God is commending the person who's. Has better control over their lips their mouth and their temple. Commending that person more than someone who can conquer a city. You conquer you tell you don't a good thing. A Christian should be able to restrain his temper. Some people need glue stick not Chap Stick right. Cautions for verse six we have some great admonition here thank you for reading that for us. So we're an adman. Admonish to speak words of encouragement of faith and. And hope to others Jesus Jesus was said to speak words of grace you can read that in Luke Chapter four verse twenty two in his own own home town in the church. In the church in the synagogue. Words. We know help. All words. Homme. And by God's grace. Will be sharing words that help those who fulfill God's will in their lives I'm reading a statement from the less than those who fulfill God's will in their lives will be known for their eagerness to grow in their understanding of truth. For their self control in not prematurely. Urging it upon others. And for their winsomeness in starting with those who disagree. It's an interesting concept. Interesting way to look at these. These little admonitions in James Chapter one Verse nineteen and twenty. Being slow to speak. Swifter his slow to speak and. Slow to wrath. These principles should be in. And could be and. Ought to be used in now witnessing experience with others. Interesting. Well we come to Thursday's lesson. Saved by receiving. Saved by receiving. Let's take a look at verse twenty one as we close this week's lesson. Change Chapter one Verse twenty one. He closes. The thought by saying therefore. That were there for. It's predicated on what kind of forcibly based on those things that came before. Based on the fact that we have tempted from within and enticed tempted on. Based on the fact that we can be victorious over temptation. That God doesn't change he sends gifts. But based on the fact that we had to be slow Swifty is slow to speak. Slow to wrath. Therefore. Lay aside all filthiness. And overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness. The implanted wood. Which is able to do while France. Save yourselves. God's word is sufficient and able to save us. And to bring us to heaven. Ultimately that's a wonderful thing to consider the verse concludes all that has been written thus far about faith and. Sell vacation. It's an appeal to put away. All impurity. And separate ourselves from wickedness. Now that would put it all put away. Could probably be translated strip off. And its use seven. Of the nine times in the New Testament where detaching oneself from evil habits. So strip off it's in Romans thirteen. If for kolache and storyboards twelve. First PITA to. God wants to give us in exchange for. Al filthy garments. He wants to give us a clean white. Right mint. Which represents a beautiful character. Made so by the work of the Holy Spirit In The Life. That's what God wants to give each one of us. You know you've probably seen those pitches. Like I've seen them you've got a gentleman his head's down and he's wearing looks like a gray or doc. Garment. And Jesus is standing behind him. What I think is yes Jesus is standing behind him with a white garment. About to put it on top of that dirty gum and that probably doesn't properly represent what takes place in the Christian experience. And I want to take you to a chapter in a verse here. That. Talks about this does God cover our filthy garments. With his pure spotless character. You know the answer already. We've already. We've already been told what are we to do strip off. Strip off. The works of wickedness and receive with making a scene plotted would which is able to save yourselves. Zechariah chapter three. Zechariah. Chapter three and verses three and four. Take a look at that here. Zachariah chapter three verses three and four noticed this. The experience of Joshua. The high priest and and and. In this experience. We see what God wants to do for his people those that come to him in penitence and faith. Notice. Zechariah chapter three verses three and four. This is not Joshua was clothed with a filthy gum and if you read this is a fascinating story. The devil as they accuse ing Joshua. But we are looking versus are in for now Joshua was clothed with what other governments. Filthy garments and was standing before the angel. Those four. Then he on sit in spake to those who stood before him saying. Take away the filthy garments from him. And to him he said. See. I have removed your iniquity from you. And I will do all out color of you with rich roads. So the experience of. Joshua the high priest. In this little story and Zachariah three percent of the experience that God wants to give each of his people. Let me take you ascend let me remove it from you strip. Just let me take it off and let me then. Clothe you with my robe. Of righteousness what a wonderful God We served our way. It's a wonderful promise God then. Doesn't look at me and my sin he sees now. The beauty of Christ's character. Cloth. Clothing me. The devil doesn't want to know this truth. Doesn't want to understand how rich and how wonderful. This probably is. Promises. This clean road. Is offered to those. In essence who completely surrender. To Jesus Christ. Who choose to die daily to their old ways and allow God. Each day. To create his image. In them. It is then that the righteousness of Christ. The righteousness of Christ is not given to cover. On confess sin or Judi's that we do the righteousness of Christ is given to us when we hand over to God. He Cloyd's us with his road. Of righteousness. It's a wonderful thing that God has done. Powerful stuff. And the. And what James has written here. Has been written for our encouragement. Has been written here for us to gain hope and strength from when we receive the Word of God. By receiving the Word of God that we can be saved. When you receive a gift. You just ask the person just set it on that table right there. What do you do you reach out your arms and you take it. And it becomes entirely yours and that's what God is inviting us to do with His word with his robe of righteousness to reach out and to receive it and make it entirely. Now. God has done everything he's done everything possible to remove sin and guilt from our lives. And the most powerful tool. Most Powerful Tool he's given us is His word. Which. When we hide in our hearts. Lead us to victory what is this. Media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about your first. If you would like to listen to more service visit. W W W. Or.


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