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The Book of James: The Humility of Heavenly Wisdom

Chris Buttery
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  • November 1, 2014
    11:30 AM
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We're delving into al. Al Next lesson in the as we study the Book of James. And we trust you've got your lesson we trust you've got your Bibles. Handy. As we look at the study entitled The humility of the heavenly wisdom. That's Lesson Number eight. The humility of heavenly wisdom. And for those that are joining us and. Viewing us we want to make sure that you. You know you can call in or e-mail in. And receive the. Free Offer either in CD or D.V.D. of these presentations. And today's office is off a number two one four seven and. You can call in at nine one six four five seven. Sixty five eleven or you can e-mail and give us your name and address and want to make sure you. Let us know what off a number it is. You can call nine one six four five seven. Sixty five eleven. It's just that easy. Not too complicated is it. Sure. Well we're excited to get into a study by the way. Again just want to keep reminding us that if you have a question or you have a comment that you'd like to make during the central study our class you're welcome to email it. At C S H. At sex and for the G. and. For those that are viewing us. You can send in your question or your comment we'll read that for those that are a local those that are here. You get to ask it you get to share your comment during the class is that OK Keep those coming we appreciate them. Very very much. What we've got a very very special. Study here the Smalling as we tackle the subject of humility. Coupled with wisdom. And what true humility. Humility looks like. Versus. Those is what may be. Might be conjured up in our own minds initially. What we think humility might actually look like when I look at what Bible. Bible humility is here this morning and the author to the lesson starts out the study on. Sabbath Saturdays or Sabbath afternoons. Lesson. And he talks about the concept of a min. Middle manager mentality. Large and small companies have these middle managers that act as a go between. So to speak and so he talks about this. Middle manager mentality. And the attitude. Is an attitude where the workers feel entitled to feel entitled to something. They don't have. So here you have this middle management mentality where a person is desirous of more respect perhaps or maybe a raise more income. Or even perhaps a promotion. That may not be coming to them but they think they deserve that promotion and. Sometimes this middle manager. Mentality. Can be revealed and can be seen in. For example flattering remarks that are made to management how good how good the C.E.O. is and the upper management. And in the hopes that maybe they might get their raise with a promotion that could also. It's another symptom. Could be. The putting down of a fellow worker. That this particular individual doesn't do as good a job. And the attempt of course is in putting them down. You are wanting to puff yourself up and do a good job. I could do a better job. You see this is. This is the idea of the middle management mentality and. Really really it's a me attitude. It's all about me. The major television. I'm committed to the top and it was said that he didn't leave any dead bodies lying around typically when a person is scaling the ladder. Looking for a promotion they're putting others down. Climbing that ladder of success. Unfortunately there are victims. That lie strewn all along the roadway to that. Successful positional promotion. And that's unfortunate now. This selfish rival. Rivalry isn't just confined. Unfortunately to the workplace. And when we study the Book of James and when we look at what the scriptures teach us. James is addressing this very mentality this very issue. In the church. In the churches that was existing in the time in which he was writing in the first century. So when I invite you to the Book of James we're going to jump over there again. And we're in chapter three. Last week we talked about taming the tongue and. In this week. We talk about humility which is really and in the antidote to. Timing. The time. Because out of the abundance of the Hot Jesus said in Matthew twelve. The mouth what. Speaks. We say what's in our hearts and in our minds and. So when we talk about humility true humility and hell this. How this all looks. Let's take a look at where we're going on to Sundays lesson. The meekness of wisdom. The meekness. Of Wisdom. And we're in James Chapter three and I want to do is here. What I want to do here is read chapter three verses thirteen to eighteen. We're going to catch. Several days. In these few verses but I just want to catch the context. Before we pick it apart so to speak as we take it by verse. James Chapter three and list of the verses thirteen will read right through to eighteen. Who is wise and understanding among you. Let him show by good conduct that is works. Done in the MCNESS of wisdom. But if you have been envy and self-seeking in your hearts. Do not boast and lie. Against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above but is earthly sensual demonic full way envy and self-seeking exist confusion in every evil thing. But the wisdom that is from above is first PUA. Then peaceable. Gentle willing to yield full of mercy and good fruits without the end without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness. Is son in peace. By those who make peace. And they are the important verses that we're going to be studying here now these ones we're going to be looking at over the next couple of few days. In the lesson quarterly. And then we'll jump into. James Chapter four. In just a moment. So the be wise and to be understanding is obviously to be desired according to James who is wise. Who is full of understanding of the BE you're right. You want to say well. I am by God's grace I am. This is calm trusted. In the fish in Chapter five verse fifteen Paul talks about those that are wise. And those that are foolish. And obviously the desire would be that we would. God would consider us to be wise versus being foolish foolish is not the is not where we want to be King Solomon. We're told in first Kings chapter three in verse twelve. Was made. What was made to be wise and. Had an understanding hot and. This came as a direct result. And an answer to what was King Solomon's desire was it to be famous and to be popular and to have power and press stage. Was what was it that he came to God and. Asked from him as he was about to ascend the throne. It was. It was for wisdom. It was for wisdom to be able to meet the needs and the demands of. Of rulership to serve the people with an understanding of. And as a result of that and no doubt. Some diligent effort on behalf of King Solomon the Bible's record. Of him is that he was wise. And he had. Understanding. Well. Because he put others interests ahead of his own. Israel. Israel was a should. That the nations around them. Would marvel at them at their wisdom. And their understanding and you can read that in Deuteronomy chapter full and verse six and why. Why would the nations around them marvel at their wisdom and understanding. What do you remember what the. They can do. Was in general much up to full of a six that they would do well and. They would obey God. God said if you have by me if you if you have been diligently to me if you meet with all of your hot. In mind and soul and strength. Then. Folk around you are going to look upon you as being wise and being. Of. Well having understanding. These are good things to have Wouldn't you agree. So the question is here what is Biblical wisdom. What is Biblical wisdom and it's. It's closely connected and related to. Humility. Closely related to how we conduct our lives as Christians genuine wisdom. But basically is and we talked about this on the second. Week's lesson of this particular quarterly study guide. Biblical wisdom or genuine wisdom is Biblical knowledge applied. That's all it really is. Biblical knowledge applied. It's one thing to know the right thing to do it's a completely different thing to actually do what God is asking us to do so true wisdom is taking the word of God and applying it to the life. Living and breathing. The Word of God living. That word in our lives. Now wisdom is different from knowledge wisdom is different from knowledge. Share this with you before but Knowledge is knowing that tomato. Is a fruit. But wisdom is knowing not to put the tomato in a fruit salad right. So that's the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom makes the application of God's word. And so when we hear we're going to just thumb through these verses together. James chapter three verse thirteen we start the day who is wise and understanding among you. That's the desire that's what we want we want to have wisdom and understanding. Let him show. By good conduct that his works had done in the make this of wisdom. Let him show. By good conduct. Genuine wisdom. Biblical wisdom. Will be shown in good works. Bible talks about good works those are things that are done that benefit others. That that. Help grow the kingdom of God. Good works. The first. Of the Holy Spirit. Work in our lives. That's what it basically is a genuine wisdom will be shown always in good works. A tree is known by. The fruit it be is a mother is known by her. You didn't know that one all right. A child that a mother is known by her child. That's ride. And then what about course cause is known by the. Effect. That's ride cause is known by the. Effect a Christian. Is known by his or her. Stella character. We're known by the lives we live. Where Noyon. By the way we treat one another by the way we treat others. Well known by the way we talk to others and how we interact with others. And it says here that. That wisdom. That wisdom. We have to be wise and understand let him show by good conduct. And if you have the King James Version it probably says that a conversation like this is the New King James. That's his conversation which just simply means. Conduct. Let him show by good conduct or. The manner of life. By a person's manner of life. Poll and. This is by no means an example for us. But the Bible talks of poll. In the book of Acts and is said that his former conduct this is him speaking of himself he said that his former conduct in Judah. Consisted of persecuting the Christians. That was his manner. Of life that was the his way of life it was his lifestyle. Poll. He had Mohnish is the young Timothy. In First Timothy Chapter four verse twelve. To be an example to the believers in. Conduct. In the way he carried himself in the way he conducted his life. In his life style. You see. And then PETA. In first PETA Chapter one Verse fifteen tells us that our com dot org to be holy. A lifestyle the way we live our lives ought to be holy and. Synonym biblical synonym of holiness is. Is sanctification. Living the sanctified life growing in grace. And it's all by faith in Jesus Christ. It's not. It's not something we merit. Sanctification. Happens when Jesus is in our hot in our lives through the Holy Spirit and. Creating this trance. Leading us to a leading us to live a life that's a little bit more like Jesus you say that sanctification holiness so. Peter tells us that our conduct our lives. Or to be holy. So we're talking about lifestyle here when we talk about conduct. The way we live our lives and then. We come to an interesting word here in verse the saying let them show by good conduct. That his works. Done. In was in this or in the make this of wisdom. In the MCNESS. Of Wisdom What does that mean. What does that mean in the MCNESS of wisdom now. If we were to. If we were to look for another word for Meek. According to the original Greek. There would be gentle. Gentleness. Make this all gentleness. Now I want to just say this for someone's benefit here this morning that. That making us is not equivalent to being a doormat. Two different things entirely. And that's what we typically think of if you go to a dictionary. And you pull out the word meek and. Look for the definition it basically means someone who's. Compliant. And lets everyone else have their way. And that's not necessarily the case here Biblical wisdom or biblical. That is an attitude and spirit of the learning and. That learning at the foot of. Feet of Jesus at the feet of our Savior leaves a person to treat people gently. To handle situations. In a gentle manner. Meekness is not equivalent to being a doormat. It is not. The Bible says of Moses. At the time in which he was living that he was the man. That was around. Question for you here. Was Moses. A pushover. Fairy wanted to Pharaoh Pharaoh told him not going to let your people go did Moses L.K.. All right. If you say so. Moses came back. How many times that he come back to Pharaoh. That there were ten plagues. So there it is. He came back again and again and again and notice his. It was no pushover. He was doing the will of God. Make this doesn't mean that you're a pushover. Make this doesn't mean that he was. He was not complacent. Moses was Moses didn't lack initiative. That's a false type of make this a false. Type of meekness. Excuses complacency and lack of initiative. But think about Jesus. If there's anyone who was ever meek. It would be Jesus. It was Jesus who said who's who's going to inherit the earth. The Meek the maid shall inherit the earth and he was quoting from David Psalms thirty seven. The meek shall inherit the earth this is an attribute this is a trait. God's people want Amen. And so we have to try to figure this thing out. So this is not being a pushover. But when we think about Jesus Jesus lived. His convictions. And he spoke his convictions. And he did so he implemented his plan. In a gentle. Very firm. Manner. We think about jesus jesus was no pushover. Certainly he went as a lamb. To the slaughter. Before his shearers he was dumb he didn't say a word that was his that was his. Calling his life was to be spilled out for yours and for mine he was to shed his blood. So that you and I might receive the forgiveness of sins and that we might be made to be like Jesus. So making us involves sacrifice there's no doubt about that. But making us doesn't involve being a pushover. Jesus. Followed his convictions and he. Implemented his plan of salvation. With gentleness Yes yes but with in a firm manner he was persistent. Someone said that gentleness. Of spirit. Is most conducive to clear thinking. As well as calm. Administration. That's interesting. Gentleness of spirit all meekness is most conducive to. Clear thinking as well as to. Administration. Good food for thought isn't it. So biblical wisdom according to James Chapter three and verse thirteen. Let him show by good conduct that his works at done in the make this of wisdom Biblical wisdom doesn't boast or doesn't show off its goods of good works you see. Doesn't point. In this direction. We serve and we do. What is right. To give who honor and glory myself. Do you give your honor and glory to self. On the back and look at the good thing that I've done. No this is. This is to our lives or to give glory to God And so this is what James is teaching us here. In Chapter thirteen. That Biblical wisdom doesn't show off. It doesn't. About his good works good deeds done in humility. The fruit of wisdom good deeds good deeds done in humility. The fruit of wisdom. Jesus talked about the right hand not letting the left hand I what it. What it's doing. And that's. That's another way of talking about make us all humility. Just doing. The thing that needs to be done because it's the thing that needs to be done God has asked us we do it. Whatever the results are the consequences let the let the chips fall where they are let's just do God's will and we don't need to pat ourselves on the back is interesting though the way God has made us isn't it. As you really you know. We can really come pat ourselves on the back to well can we and we can. And we cannot kick our selves in the seat of the pants too easily. It's interesting the way women. So we've got to we've got it we can't be down on ourselves but we can't be all puffed up and. You know you talk about. Parents have a say you know you. Heads a little swollen. If it's if I if I talk more about all the good things that you do or that you are. You won't be able to walk through that door. Your head so puffed up. That's that's not the Christian attitude is that we do what we do in humility put our nose to the grindstone we do. What Christ asked us to do we serve Him because we love him. Not to get brownie points or to get other people's commendation. You see. But this was the issue this was a. An issue in the early church and certainly it's an issue even today. Because it strikes at the very hot. The very selfish nature of. Striving they true of man. Little wisdom doesn't boys to show off. Good deeds done in humility how the fruit of wisdom. And this is contrast it with verse fourteen notice what it says here in verse fourteen. But if you have been envy and self-seeking all. Selfish ambition. If you have these things in your hot. Do not boast and lie. Against the truth. So men women kids. They become in Vegas. Over promoting. This special interests. And show little regard for the desires of others. So. James is talking about. Bitter in that he knows the difference isn't there between jealousy and envy. It's also very slight. But there is a difference. Where does jealousy. Where does jealousy. Begin. What are you jealous of yeah. Good on so that's true jealousy began in heaven for sure. But it with us where this jealousy begin begins in the hot. When we stop coveting Isn't that right. And it leads to jealousy and it leads to envy. Envy is resentment around. When by some bodies possessions or by some bodies qualities that you desire to have. And you resent that individual. Because of those things that you want. You see. Covetousness as just merely wanting what someone else has. I should say I mean it's a sin isn't it. It's really breaking the Tenth Commandment. Covet not. Your neighbor's wife me that his your neighbor's goods. Don't want what someone else. Don't want what you cannot have. Just be contained. Is what we're encouraged. Just. Just be content. And we're told in those faults saying that this bit in V.N. self-seeking is in the hot that's right you answer that already. It's in the heart. What we need. PRETTY MUCH TO DO want to daily basis is to have a hard examination. If if you if you are called to the doctor's office your doctor's office and perhaps you have a bit of a challenge. With your heart that flatters Or maybe there's an issue you know well and the doctor. Going to do some stress testing on your hot. They're going to plug you in the going to get you on a treadmill they're going to be checking to see if your heart is functioning. At the capacity that it ought to be functioning at and. Some of you know what I'm talking about you being there you've done that you've had your heart checked what we need is to have our hearts daily examined. And we come to the Word of God and we test our attitude and we test our motives and we test L.. Spirit by the. By the word of God. It's an examination we need to test. Why we think the way we think well why we do the way we do things. By the word of God to make sure by God's grace that our motives are pure that they claim you're saying. So we need a daily examined. And what what what is the. What is the issue here that James brings out. About a person who is a Christian. Not just a person but a Christian who is. Has been the envy and self-seeking what happens in the same verse in verse thirteen he says and do not lie. Against the truth do not lie against the truth. In other words don't betray the truth. That you teach. By living. Inconsistent life with that teaching. Don't lie against the truth. Don't be a hypocrite. We could say it that way right. Don't be a hypocrite. Don't say one thing and then do a complete different things big thing because you end up lying. Against the truth and that is a problem. What happens when you are lying against the truth what happens when your life is. Is a hypocritical life and make sure you understand properly here what hypocrisy is and. Hypocrisy is not. Hypocrisy is not someone who is striving to grow in their in their. Walk with God to grow to become more like Jesus. Even though they know they are folding. That's not hypocrisy. You're striving you're growing by God's grace. Hypocrisy is saying that you are doing something or you have arrived. And then. While no one's looking. Do something in completely totally different. Living a hypocritical life that's what hypocrisy. Is what does that do to the witness of the church. If it stifles it doesn't it it hinders the witness of the church will anyone believe. What we've got to say if. We're not living. The things that we say are true and right. Can be very hard for folk to swallow that. I'm not too keen to go to a dealership and buy a vehicle from an individual who drives a car other than the one they're trying to sell me. Why you're driving that car. If you're selling me this one this is a something wrong with this one but. We as a Christian can focus on not so much looking in the world and also much looking at what the preacher preaches but what the church. How the church lives. That's the testimony of the power of the Gospel not in the preacher's words. Sure preaching has its place. But the life of the Christian the life of the believe in us and even the life of the preacher needs to be congruity with the teachings. The truths that are promulgated and taught from the Word of God. And so. So if we lie against the truth if we are living a life of hypocrisy that's going to hinder the effective witness of the church. And the devil doesn't mind that does it. Devil doesn't mind that. Jesus. You are God said You are my witnesses. But if we are testifying. Lives a test of our lives and the lives we live in a revealing. Bad fruit. Or not the fruit of the Spirit. Then we hinder our witness. And effectiveness in the world. Let's go on to Monday's lesson this ties right in two kinds of wisdom. Two kinds of wisdom. Pull of brother James. In chapter two verse seventeen reveals to us that there are two types of faith. You remember. Remember that one faith. Is of work. As a faith that doesn't work. And that's what did. It's a. It's a dead faith but it's a faith nonetheless. That's one faith that he talks about a faith that actually works. To different faiths and here. In. James Chapter three verses fifteen and sixteen he reveals that there are two types of wisdom. Two types of wisdom Let's take a look here at verses fifteen and sixteen let's continue on this wisdom. What wisdom. The wisdom that. That is has been the envy and self-seeking all. Selfish ambition in the hot. This wisdom does not descend from above. But is was three things. Earthly. Sensual and demonic four way envy and self-seeking exist. Confusion and every evil thing there. So here you have another type of wisdom you've got a wisdom. As opposed to. Heavenly Wisdom. Heavenly Wisdom. Is applying the word of God in humility but here. You've got a worldly wisdom. That's in VS and self-seeking and that brings according to verse fifteen What does it bring verse sixteen. It brings confusion and. Nothing and every evil practice is what one version of the Bible says. Every evil practice. And you see this. You see this manifested in the way some people maneuver. In this shrew. Does that spirit provide a hole in the church. There are folk and you know it's a funny thing to think about you know here we are serving Jesus. The playing level is the is the playing field is leveled at the foot of the cross. All equal in the eyes of God. It's amazing that this kind of spirit of. Of striving and fighting to to reach the top. Order to be promoted to a more important position. Exists in the church. You know there's a beautiful church I haven't seen that spirit here that's wonderful. I'm not just saying that. I just don't see it. Now it's interesting. James says that the wisdom this particular wisdom. Envy self-seeking. Self promotion. Is not descended from above but it's three things it's. Earthly. It has only this present life in view. Doesn't think about eternal realities. Doesn't think about the consequences of one's own actions. It's also sensual or another way we could put that is. Unspiritual. Unspiritual. Satisfied with. Attaining and reaching its own desires and then. Devilishly a strong isn't it. He was the. I mean someone mentioned earlier on. Who was the. He was the one who brought envy and jealousy the planet with. Lucifer That's exactly right. So in effect is E.Q. Chapter twenty I look at that with me real quick. Zico Chapter twenty eight. And verse seventeen we have some scriptures here we're going to get some folk to read here. If I can get through my notes. Zookeeper twenty eight. And verse seventeen talking about what happened. The tragic tale of the enemy. This once. Shining cherub. Is a huge chapter twenty eight verse seventeen. It says about him that his hot. His hot loose of us how was it lifted up because of your beauty. You corrupted your wallet wisdom. For the sake of. Splenda for the sake of your. Splenda. The devil. Was not satisfied with the wisdom that God had given him. And so we corrupted his wisdom. And how did he do that by promoting himself by pushing himself into the forefront. And ultimately he said what. I will be like the most time I'm going to take God's throne. That's it. And he corrupted his wisdom he wasn't satisfied with the wisdom God had given him. It's interesting. When we look at these three things earthly sensual and devilish Someone has suggested that these are the three enemies of man. These are the three enemies of man. The World. All the Illuminists of the world the bright colors of things that attract us and draw us. Satan's attempt to draw us into his trap. Self-seeking and satisfying L L L desires. There's also the flesh. From Within. The devil wouldn't be successful in tempting any of us if there wasn't something in us that would be drawn out after the temptation would there. That's the Connel nature that's an enemy. And then there's also. There's not only the world the flesh but there's also the. The devil. And the devil comes along and he seeks to entice and seeks to ensnare. And trap us. And lead us to eternal. Ruin. And so there you have the three enemies of man and what does. What does. What does this earthly. Sensual devil this wisdom produce. According to verse fifteen it says it produces confusion. A better way of saying that would actually be rest less in this. Restlessness the Psalmist pray Lord. Lead me not to confusion. That's a good pray to pry isn't. Law and I'm pretty confused right now. Generally. Generally we get confused about decisions that we need to make. And the best decision we need to make because we're seeking some times when it's different difficult because sometimes it's hard to make that decision because we're seeking our own interests first. But when we make the service of God supreme. Perplexities will. Anish and a plane path. Will be laid out before our feet. This type of earthly wisdom produces. Produces confusional rest less than this and. Everything that is evil of things that are good for nothing. It's not going to do you any good. Not going to do you any good to promote yourself to push your own self interest to to push others aside. We're going to do you any good good for nothing. Good for nothing. Let's go to James now. Three verses seventeen and eighteen Let's continue reading. But. In contrast with this earthly sensual or spiritual devilishly wisdom. But the wisdom that is from where. Above is first. PUA. Then peaceable. Gentle willing to yield full of most in good fruits without. And without. Hypocrisy now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace. By those who make peace. And so the wisdom from above is first walk. Pure. And what is another way of saying pure untainted right. Undefiled. And that's right free from any selfish principles any selfish pursuits. Any selfish. Goals. It's first PUA That's heavenly wisdom it's empty basically it's emptied itself of self. Remember. John the Baptist and you know you read the story of John the Baptist he had a following. He had a following. He was making a why paving the way for the coming of the Messiah. And folk were coming to be baptized at his hand. And when Jesus came along the same. What happened to. John's following. It diminished. So I went down hill. That's right and as a matter of fact what happened to John he ended up being thrown into prison. And then the man lost his head. What did he say about his ministry. He said. I must or he must increase Imus. Decrease that was his motto full life. Giving Jesus the right of way. Letting him. Rule the roost in his life. It didn't matter. Didn't matter for a time. To Johnny got a little discouraged wondering whether Jesus really was the Messiah I mean. And why would he leave me languishing here like this and they were the result of following Jesus. While it's a pleasure and while it's an abundant life. The end of that. Life here on Earth may not look so swell and so dainty. And so nice. But we can be assured of eternal reality. Eternal life with only no death no sorrow no pay none of that. So wisdom from above is first PUA free from selfish principles and goals John the Baptist. Said his own personal ambitions aside and let Jesus Jesus take the helm take the lead. Also this wisdom is peaceable. Jesus talks about peace makers in Matthew chapter five in verse nine. They avoid strife. But in the Avoiding of strife they don't sacrifice truth. That I sacrifice truth. That gentle. In other words they're reasonable. For but for bearing under provocation. And they make allowance for other people's mistakes. Here's an interesting one to another trait of. This heavenly wisdom is that they yield. Willing to yield to yield to what you will toward the will of God Sure. But also willing to yield their own preferences. Not their principles. But their preferences. A lot of squabbles and fights occur in the family in the home in the church. Because someone wants their preference above another. It's better this way while you sure. Have you tried it this way. I haven't but. I know my way is the best way. And so fights. Occur and squabbles happen because someone is not willing to yield. But willing to yield to surrender their preferences. For somebody else's. And then it's also full of mercy and good fruits. Is without Patiala the end it's without hypocrisy. Someone's got first Corinthians chapter thirteen versus four through seven who's got that here. Lie down here. All right Erin thank you very much. First Corinthians thirteen versus four through seven. I want to recall oceans three verses one and two first. Talking about this heavenly. Wisdom. Colossians chapter three vs one and two. It says. If. Then you were raised with Christ. Seek those things which are way above where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. And he goes on to say in verse two Set your mind on things. Above not on things on earth. And you think about the disciples. When Jesus was alive they were clamoring for first place one day O'Connor in for first place he was going to sit on the right hand of Jesus when he established his new kingdom. Jesus' Kingdom wasn't of this world he taught you to try to teach them and tell them. And he reminds us today his kingdom. Is not of this world. It's an eternal Kingdom where we are content with the position that Christ. In trust to us. OK First Corinthians chapter thirteen versus four through seven. Thank you sir. The love which is of God. Suffers long. And is kind. The love which is of God and is not the love which is of God wanted not itself is not puffed up. Does. Not behave itself. Unseemly. Secret not her own. Is not easily provoked. Think it's no evil. Rejoice at not in iniquity. But we choices in the truth. There at all things believe in all things. Hope with all things. And endure it all things. The love which is of God never fails. Amen. Thank you so much. As not provoke things no evil. Doesn't behave really. Is not passed up. That's that's true. That's Biblical love it doesn't think about itself. For us. Or let's go to choose day. What causes conflicts and quarrels this is choose as lesson. James Chapter four verse one where. Jumping over now to the next chapter. What causes strife and quarrels. Chapter four of us one where do wars and fights come from among you do they not come from your desire for pleasure that war. In your members. And over again lation Zz Chapter five verse seventeen Let me read that force here. Galatians chapter five. And verse seventeen. Notice. What Paul says about the same issue. He says for the flesh. Lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh. These are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish. It talking about the struggle there is a fight going on the common nature is still striving support for supremacy. That's why Paul in Romans Chapter six says that we ought to reckon our selves to be dead to sin. It's not that our kind of natures are actually did. But he says reckon themselves to be did. Sometimes I guess they strike strives for supremacy and mastery wants to rear its ugly head from time to time. But the Spirit of Christ says no no not you first how this first. Let them have the right of way you yield your preferences. For someone else's preferences. That's that's true love. Strife and wars in fights come from this desire to have your why. My way. First and foremost. Sounds like when you read verses one verse want to sound. Like you're watching a basketball match all played by the playing racquetball. Or even watching the football match. Is this strife and fighting there. Why certainly isn't there. Why. Why. Because somebody wants to be one. Number one. And I'm not going to let you be number one. I'm going to be. Let you be number one. You know it's funny some Christian schools. And even sometimes our in our own schools just right after class. Send the kids out. Have a competitive game of basketball. Now. Playing some bustle having some fun is OK. When you get into some heavy competition it actually is contrary is it not. To the spirit of Christianity. You think about it it really is. Anyway I want to get on that hobby holes all roll right along here. Here you've got war. The war that's taking place here is a war against self. Is the war against self. That's the bottom line. Pride. Promotes strife. Pride once recognition it wants to be number one the root cause of all division and confusion is self-interest. That's the root cause. And when the satisfaction of self-interest. This is what someone wrote When the satisfaction of self-interest is the governing principle of man. There is no into Coral's each man sees in another the obstacle. To full satisfaction of post of desire. So in essence we are the opposition really. We are the opposition we've got to fight to to to wage and the fight is against self. Because it wants recognition. And what ends up happening inside of us that is expressed. Ends up. Effecting those around us. James four two and three let's read on your last. And do not have you Murda and covet and cannot obtain you fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not have a story you ask and do not receive because you ask amiss. That you may spend it on your pleasures. So what simple desires are mentioned here and how are they affecting the church. What's one of them lust. That's one of the problems lust. Something you're in for passionately. And because you cannot obtain that which you desire and that you yearned for passionately. You begin to hate. Murda. Minutes where it leads doesn't it. It surely does. It's self-interest left govern leads to the sin of covetousness and then it leads to hate and strife and fighting and also mis placed misdirected. Faith. It says here in James chapter full of us two and three. You have not because you ask not. In other words these the folk who are striving here. Have not have been to dependent upon their own efforts. For whatever they decide instead of in tune. Coming to God trusting in God to provide for them what is best for them. That's where strife comes as always is always a struggle when we were saying no god it. My way is better and God saying. I've got a much better way than you do. And that point of course. We ought to yield but when we don't yield it creates the strife this hate this fighting. This misplaced faith. And you know what's what the antidote to this problem is. Pray and pray. That's what the verse says. Prayer implies. When we come to God in prayer prayer it implies that we are seeking God's will. Above my well above my preferences you see. It says you have not you received. The answer to our prayers is dependent upon not only. The manna. Or the nature of the prayer but also the spirit in which the prayer is offered. Or wrong objectives. Or motives. In prayer. We often ask for something or God says well. That's not going to do you any good so you're going to get it. But I'll give you something far better. Something that's going to serve my purpose for you and. And to in the end we pray and hope it will save you at last. God help wants to help us in desire of ages page three hundred thirty and thirty one. We're told it is the love of self that brings on the rest the love of self brings on rest. And we are born from above the same mind will be in us that was in Jesus. The mind that led him to humble himself. That we might be saved. Then we shall not be seeking the highest place we shall sit at the feet of Jesus and learn. Of him. The love of self brings on rest. So any time you're a little agitated any time you're a little frustrated. Just. Evaluate and see where the self is striving for recognition of supremacy. Because that's what she says the love of self brings on the rest. Well in three minutes we've got a T two dice are you ready. Wednesday. Friendship with the world. Let's continue the reading here. In the tree in this train of thought striving for the mastery. Trying to be number one. Adulterers and adulteresses verse four Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God. Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. So you become an adulterer adulterous enemy with God Friend Friend with a well when you adopt the. The the methods in the modes in the motivations of the well. Which is striving for recognition. Striving for number one place. What is Why does James Cole is read as adulterers and adulteresses who's got Jeremiah three Verse six we're going to have someone read that. Jeremiah chapter three. And verse six. If. Right back here. Wonderful thanks Will. Terrific. The Lord. The LORD said unto me in the day so just say it that Cain has not seen that which by exciting is rotten. She is going up in every high mountain and under every green tree. And there have come. Has played the Harlot. All right thank you. We could read on to verse ten but in essence. The problem God had with his people is that they were going up to these high mountains and evergreen tree these places where they had their altars to the worship of bile and they were being unfaithful to God who was their true. HUSBAND. You see. And so when James talks about folk being adulterers and adulteresses in this context. He's saying that the well. Worldly wisdom. This wisdom that strives for supremacy in recognition. Leads a Christian to becoming. Unfaithful to Christ. Committing spiritual adultery. Spiritual Being coming spiritual adulterous or dull to rest says. The chief aim of the world. Is basically to satisfy the desire for personal gratification. But the gospel. That Costco calls us back to a program of service of not being number one. But being subservient to being. SERVANT. And they should be a marked difference between the attitudes. And the practices of the church and. The world in testimonies volume five page eighty one we're told that the time. Is not five distant when the test will come upon every soul. The mark of the beast will be urged upon us. You didn't think we'd be talking about this today in this context did you even notice what she goes on to say. The mark of the beast will be upon us those who have step by step. Yielded to. Worldly Dumond's. And conformed to worldly customs. Will not find it hard a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to derision. Insult. Threatened imprisonment and death wide because up to this point. Their lives have all been about them selves. And there's no way they're going to be embarrassed or have all be treated this way. Because they're not used to being treated that way they're not used to. They're not used to living a humble. Make a life saving others. They yield to the powers that be the contest is between the commandments of God in the moments of man in this time. The gold will be separated from the dross in the church so right now is the time isn't it. Right now is the moment. We seeking to be number one always seeking to to let Jesus. Be number one on those days lesson and we want to read these verses together. We're going to close those days less and submission to God Here is the solution. The solution to the problem. How to how to get away from stand. Apart from this worldly wisdom James Chapter four verses seven. Through eleven. There are ten imperatives. Listed here. That. James gives us. Notice what they are there for submit yourselves to God Now some folk are in the business of resisting the devil which is. Point number two. But the first step is to always do well. Submit to God you can't resist the devil. Without submitting yourself to God you don't have the power. The strength to do that when you submit yourself to God then you're able by his grace to resist. The Devil and what will happen when the. When you resist the devil he's going to do what he's going to run he's going to flee from you so there's Number one his number to submit to God resists devil. Number three the site draw immediate to God. Draw press into God's presence. With with a humble hard pressed into God's presence and what will God God do. He will draw on the two you like the protocol son who was a great way off. And his father came running. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh. To you. And he goes on to say the fourth. Imperative cleanse your hands. You. Sin is cleanse your hands. You send us. And then purify your hearts you double minded. Lament. And mourn and weep let your life to be tender mourning your joy to glowing. Humble yourself in the side of the Lord and He will lift you up those eleven. Do not speak evil of one another. Brethren. So there are your ten. Imperatives. Submit yourself to God resist the devil. He will flee from you draw not a God He will draw nigh to you and come to God with a truly con tried repentant heart God I'm sorry that I sought to be number one. God I'm sorry that I sought to put my interests. Above your interests. That I push someone. Out of the. Out of the way I pushed you out of the way. When I said when I look at Jesus and I see that Jesus simply. Simply conceded. To the law that was assigned him. I have no right to press my wife. Into the forefront I have no right to be number one. I'm sorry. And let your life to be turned to weeping. Your rejoicing to morning come with a broken. Contrite hot humble yourself. And then we come full circle. In verse eleven it says speak. Not evil. Against one another. That's heavenly with. That's not heavenly was and that's what me wisdom is I'm not as well he was a minute harkens back to the previous verses in James Chapter three. About taming the time. Truly when God has our hearts. Then he has now tell us. He has our feet. He has our hands. He has our entire conduct and our way of life. True wisdom reveals itself. Friends. In a loving. A life of. Humble loving words. And loving actions. Is not what you want. It's what I want to show to you by God's grace. We can. We can have it by God's grace. You'll keep doing that special work a consummate this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Leave a visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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