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The Character of God Controversy, Part 1

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker



  • January 10, 2009
    3:00 PM
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all right morning everybody is high great to be here found wonderful to be out of the snow and ice I I drop in Los Angeles North Hollywood area and just being here sort of reminds me of what my life used to be like back there I became a Christian when I was twenty years old and it's been almost thirty years almost fifty and I like that in Advent hope because I'm still in evidence and I still got that hope praise God cannot about two months ago my family moved out of California my wife and my two little children through the munchkins four -year-old and a one -year-old and moved up north of Spokane Washington so for the last couple of weeks I have been shoveling snow more than I've ever shoveled in my life I've know what's worse snow and ice earthquakes but I guess whoever you are you got a deal with something right when Jesus comes than one do with any of it and that's our that's our hope that could be here to be in warmer weather system blessing to be in Southern California have a chance to talk to you I'm very thankful for the opportunity let's open our Bibles to the book of Revelation chapter fourteen I know I'm on a schedule here because you have a church service coming after this event data talk fast I don't think I can talk as fast as Leo Scriven you never heard him preach but I will do my best to go up to cover I'm in a be doing a three-part series here on a an issue that is rather controversial call the character of God controversy by Doctor Chris Lewis an opportunity and know him Doctor Christmas any friends of Doctor Lewis when he and I co-authored a book just came out that the last few months of the character of God controversy the subtitle is a close look at the intense love and justice of Almighty God and I brought a box of these and so if you would like to get a copy at a discounted the my time here tonight after sundown on the box in the back and it's just that is the big issue is one that I've been wrestling with for many years and know here in Loma Linda especially there is great interest in the character of God is over to tackle some of these topics and before we read our opening test in Revelation fourteen wind is one shared quick experience that just really touched my heart probably more than almost anything can sever Jesus directly was about maybe three weeks ago my family were living in a little rental property of near Newport Washington threat of snow and ice in our little four -year-old boy where hoping my house soon our house finally sold in California thank the Lord so were getting ready to purchase of the property of anyone visiting a rental property for about a month and an bathroom scale by the boy walked up to me and in the bathroom to freshen if you do something and he looked up at me he said that he is I want to be just like you want to be just like daddy how I what a beautiful sound you don't hear from you or your little boy and I thought Lord that's quite a responsibility my boy wants to be just like me so I I just thought Lord help me be like you so I can reflect you again so if you'd like me then you'll be like you is that it's all about being like Jesus and of course we need to know Jesus as he is we need to understand his character and this is a controversial subject within the outside the church and within within the church is the nature of the character got his attributes enough to do our best to look at a according to the Bible so revelation fourteen wine and let's pray again before we read got a lot to talk about three parts this is a big big time together so let's pray heavenly father thank you that I'm here in Loma Linda and we pray in the name of Jesus or the Holy Spirit pleased to bless these talks we need your power we need your we need your truth help me as I tackle these topics I pray that I will lift you up and be just a vessel to reveal your character according to the Bible and as revealed in Jesus Christ in Jesus name we pray okay revelation fourteen as we know is a mighty chapter is a chapter written he's inside become a Seventh-day Adventist one of the greatest chapters in the Bible filling prophecy and end time side every verse that in verses fourteen to sixteen it describes Jesus coming on a white cloud and I'm looking for Tibet are you as our greatest hope is that Jesus will come and get us out of here in verses six to twelve describe the message the three Angels messages to prepare us to meet Jesus when he comes on the white lab and in verses one to five Revelation fourteen describes the people who have been prepared to meet him when he comes on the clouds are described as a group called the hundred and forty four thousand one update key characteristics of this group is in verse one Johnson eleven Lola Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him hundred and eighty four thousand having his father 's name is written where written and therefore had to write the processing about God 's name being written in the fortieth of his people now when the Bible talks about beforehand this doesn't mean the little bit of skin above your nose between your eyes right when the Bible talks about beforehand what you talking about talk about your mind that's right what's going on inside God wants to do something inside of our minds and then went to when it says he wants to put his name and in our four yes what what does that mean what is his name that's right and I'll show you a clear perverse on this in Exodus chapter thirty four that God name and biblically is his character in other words God wants his character the attributes of his character to be rich and indelibly inside the minds of thinking and the heart of his people or Jesus comes and that is one of the characteristics of those who are ready for his return the battle is on incident and the battles going on inside of the fourth and one of the ways that the devil can prolong his existence is by trying to prevent this prophecy from occurring he doesn't want God 's name in our portraits he wants to stay around as long as possible and so he is doing everything he can to prevent this from taking place that makes sense now there's a lot of ways he can do that decided to do it just by sitting in front of people sitting in front of a television set for too long getting all the wrong things in the forget all the things of Hollywood but another way that the devil can prevent this from happening is by misinterpreting the character of God there's a statement in the great controversy that has impressed me deeply great piracy page five sixty nine it says it is Satan 's constant efforts to miss represent the character of God the nature of sin and the real issues at stake in the great controversy that is one of the Devils constant activities is to try to misrepresent who's up there and it's very important for us in our relationship with him in art and our eternal existence are turn by turn of her life is to know him as he is first John chapter three verse two talks about seeing him as he is and that's what we want now let's go back to Exodus and let's take a look at chapter thirty four because this chapter describes more clearly than probably any other chapter it is verbally the attributes of God 's character of his name and of course those attributes were then revealed in Jesus in an unparalleled way no human has ever revealed God 's character perfectly except for Jesus himself from birth to death and resurrection Exodus chapter thirty four describe Scott's character in the gaseous comments about this article invested in front of me and I read a report some time ago about a Christian I don't does any cruisers out there but the creation that went down it sank off the coast of Greece and the headline here this was in the Fresno bee says Captain Chris Captain blames currents and to two people disappear they don't even know I don't think they ever found them hundred fifteen I'm sorry fifteen hundred people were on board that ship and this is what the captain said as to the reason why his vessel say says here that his vessel floundered on the volcanic reef and sank in the Aegean Sea and he blamed the strong currents for the accident state-run television reported so it was the currents that were underneath the water that move the shed in the wrong direction and eventually it sank and there are currents today is not right currents without and within that are trying to crash us on the rocks and we need to know what the Bible says and make sure that we make it safely support Exodus chapter thirty four verse five describes God coming down on the Sinai to Moses and revealing his character verse five says the Lord while I and he stood with him there and he proclaimed the name of the Lord and if you compare that with what we read in Revelation fourteen one God 's name is human being is for hits here's his name being proclaimed and described for success the Lord passed by before him and he proclaimed and he said the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and I will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children to the third and the fourth generation and it says Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth and he worshiped it says in chapter thirty three videos Heidi God put them in the cleft of a rock and he was as he was hiding in their front put his hand over this question maybe it will provoke little cracks in his fingers and Moses keep through and saw this revelation of God 's glory and of his character passing in front of him his name and then he revealed the attributes attributes of his character the powerful revelation as you look closely at verses six and seven we see that God 's character biblically is a bland isn't it it's a blend of various attributes some of you ladies probably many of you ladies are good cooks and you know that when you cook a good meal you have to land various seasonings than condiment sends vices and different kinds of ingredients and once you put them all together in the right way then it is good right now I'm not much of a cook so I can't really speak my experience my wife does a lot of the cooking before it became a rosemary I didn't really put too much I hi I was a compiler I would make sandwiches with the avocado on Aaron the veggie burger and whatever else and that's pretty much what I ate but I know that we need to that cooks need to put the right ingredients together in order to make the meal taste and when it comes to the character of God biblically when you look at these verses it's very clear that God 's character is a plan and exquisite blend of various you might say spices and condiments and seasonings various attributes of this character and it all come together in a perfect blend and you look at the verses God is telling us that his character is a blend of mercy mercy is definitely back is heavy on the Merseyside if lot of mercy and graciousness and then you got goodness and you've also got in verse six at the end truth truth is part of the character of God and when overlooked truth and then in verse seven talks more about this mercy and not his forgiveness willingness to forgive iniquity transgression and sin and in the last part of her seven talks about another attribute of his character which one word what word begins justice that's right they just decide of his character described at the end of her seven and I believe that when you put all these elements together mercy truth justice that underneath them all is is a word that starts with Al Olan VE right it's laugh love underlines everything that God does it motivates him supremely now if you look at history and if you look at Christianity and if you look at even within our own church there are definitely extremes about the character of God some people and this is been going up her longtime see God as being so just that there's not much mercy they don't see any mercy or love in the Lord and extreme imbalance when you say and then there are others that feel like God is so merciful and so loving and so kind that what are they ignore ignore his justice that's right they don't see justice in the in the character of God and then there are others that you see just as they seem of injustice but they pervert justice and we know about the current within the evangelical world the strong current that says that God 's justice will be manifested one day Mike and taking the lost and placing them somewhere and burning them forever and ever and ever and ever that is definitely in balanced view an unbalanced view of the character got we know that from our study of the Bible now that there are those that feel that God 's justice is so minimal that he doesn't punish sin at all and within our church there is a controversy going on right now about the nature of God 's justice especially verse seven one verse seven says that he will visit visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children what is the nature of his visitation that's when we talk about there are three different views right now that are contending for supremacy when inattentive three different views and one view is that God 's visitation is doubly you might call it half where he just withdraws his hand and he allows natural consequences to run their course little bit like a smoker someone allowing a smoker to get one cancer is his own fault he's been smoking and then you just let let them go and letting it and there's a view about the justice of God and his visitation that it is entirely passive or he just lets natural consequences run their course nubbin is another view which is that God 's visitation is at him he himself does sometimes have personally directly punish sin and these views often contend against each other nothing and then what I would call third review which is really I think it's the correct one personally which is a combination of AMD that yes there are times when God does allow natural consequences to run their course when he withdraws his hand and less sin or Satan or nature take over but then there are also times when he does legitimately and actively punish sin and I believe that you can find all in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy very clearly and if we don't see both were not balanced that's my conviction and try to prove this as we go along today now let's go to Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus thirty two and try to highlight this chapter look at my clock in about fifteen minutes and then take the last ten minutes to really go deep into a very very powerful issue when you look at Exodus thirty four like we read about God visiting that yes he is forgiving but yet he will not clear the guilty but he visits this attribute of God 's character is justice how do we know what is the nature of that visitation to mean the answer is clear as I study my Bible and that is that when you go back to Exodus thirty two it's really the context of Exodus thirty four Exodus thirty two is the biblical background of the revelation of God 's character in Exodus thirty four now what happened in Exodus thirty two was a terrible crisis what happened was the Israelites decided to give up their faith in the true God and to worship a block of metal it's the or the building of the golden calf not to look at some of the highlights in this chapter and Jeopardy tubers one says when when the people to come out of Egypt the mixed multitude saw that Moses delayed to come down from the now given up in the mouth for a long time the people gathered together gather themselves together to Aaron and I set him up make us gods which shall go before us for as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt we do not know what has become of him so here's the restless crowd most have been gone for a while and they came to Moses and they said to Aaron he said Mexico at one of the important issues when it comes to God 's character is that we have to make sure that we do not make an image of of our own God in our minds but that we let God be God that we let him show us who he is instead of trying to create him in a way that we want him to be that make sense because that's idolatry and in a sense that's what the Israelites were doing they wanted to make their own God now Aaron was in charge in Moses 's absence and Aaron should have stood up against this but what kind of a person was Erin riches as Aaron said to them he said bring bring your golden earrings break up the golden earrings which are in the years of your wife and your sons and your daughters and then bring them to me so that people broke off the golden earrings which were inherently brought them to Eric and he received them at their hand and he fashioned them with a craving for eventual and he made it into a molten calf and then he said this is your bees under God 's own answer which I brought you up out of the land of Egypt by Aaron to study his character he was a really nice guy and I believe that we need to be nice people obviously God 's character is definitely revealed in kindness and compassion the air are times when people need to understand an error and did not have the attribute of his character he was a week yielding man who was just almost you could say to nice and he didn't want to do this really but the pressure was on the people were pressuring him and say let's do it and so he yielded and he went along the and he fashioned this golden calf there's a big difference between Aaron 's character and most well once they did this in verse five says when Aaron saw built an altar before it and he made a proclamation and he said tomorrow is a feast to the Lord feast of the Lord these two young so that's what they get a headache these the next date to the Lord that wasn't really the Lord that they were worshiping now it was their image of the Lord that had now materialized in the form of a block of metal it wasn't the Lord verse six as they rose early in the morning the people they offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings and the people sat down to eat and drink and they rose up to play it again have a big party at the base of Mount Sinai in front of this golden glistening cap in verses seven to eight high up on Mount Sinai God knew exactly what was going on in and he began to communicate instructions to Moses about what was going on down in the Valley and he told that he told him he had to go down it down to the bottom of the mountain because we are in the midst of an emergency situation and so Moses began to go down in verse fifteen it says eternity went down the mountain he had two tables in his hands the ten Commandments which were written on both sides on the one side and on the other were they written the tables were great work of God in the writing for the writing of God Craven upon table so here comes Moses down the mountain with the ten Commandments which are a disk the news about character and he needs Joshua on the way down and verse seventeen says Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted down at the bottom of the mountain and he said to Moses there is that there is a noise of war in the camp there's a battle going on down there I think they are our people are being invaded by sending some sanity well Moses knew that was not the case and it says that he said to them in verse eight is not the voice of them that shop for mastery neither is it the voice of the crime for being overcome but it is the noise of them that saying do I hear they're having a party verse nineteen tells us that it came to pass as soon as they came near to the camp that Moses saw the calf and the dancing and his anger waxed hot and he cast the tables out of his hands and he broken at the at the base of the mountain and I imagine there was great acoustics in that valley where we limit ballot in Newport Washington there's surrounding hills and when trucks or cars drive through on any one of the highways highway to her Highway twenty if you're on a hill you can hear the acoustics you can hear the sounds of the noise of this traffic for miles and miles and I imagine it was great acoustics they are the bottom of the mountain and all of a sudden when Moses showed up and he took those tables and he brought that that voice could be heard all over the camp more than a million people could probably hear that sound and all of a sudden the party ended and they turned and they looked at the face of Moses and it says in the Bible that Moses anger waxed he was deeply passionate about what was going on now to look at Moses and his anger and eleven Erin which revealing more in the situation the character of God not biblically in any answer is obvious it was Moses Moses had a true heart for the people and this was a very very serious situation verse twenty says he took the calf would be made he burned in the fire ground to powder and then he made the children of Israel drinking and most said to Aaron what did this people do to you you have brought so great a sin upon them verse twenty two very sad but not the anger of my lord wax hot you know the people they are sent on mission they they said to me make us gods which are go before us as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of amenities we do not know what is become of him and I said to them whoever has any gold let them break it off so they gave it to me and I threw it in the flyer announcing the staff is that really what happened I'm usually not obviously not and this also shows us something about Aaron not only was he yielding and compromising when he should've been firm but he also was very reticent to admit that he was wrong and that is a character trait that we need to avoid and we all need to be willing to recognize times when we are wrong if we send it we done wrong it would made a mistake if we brought in the wrong direction which said things that are true we need to own up to it and humble our hearts and say yes I did it I'm wrong I misrepresented you Lord before my family or before my friends or whatever whenever we done it's a fight for our preparation for the coming of Jesus is to be willing to humble ourselves and admit when we are wrong well the plot thickens in verse twenty nine it says when Moses saw the people they were naked Aaron had made an in their shame among their enemies verse twenty five verse twenty six says then Moses stood at the gate of the camp and he said who is on the north side let him come to me and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him now this is a very interesting moment what's going on here this is an emergency situation and Moses stands there and says to the whole group he said whatever the Lord side leading company now when you read the count of this in the book paychecks and profits the chapters idolatry on Mount Sinai when you read it it's very clear that what happened was the Levites went over onto Moses right hand and the Levites were group of people that did not participate in any way in the idolatry they did not worship the golden calf it didn't go along with this face that stood firm is like hearing should they were clean in the situation and they came to his right hand and then take your profits also says that on his left hand came and those that did worship the golden calf but they were repentance they realized when I saw most states whenever the tables crash when they realized what they had done the Holy Spirit convicted them and they realize they made a mistake and they wanted to come back to the true God and they went over onto his left to groups the faithful and the repentant now that that leaves one group left and know what was accurate it was a group in the middle and it was a group that reviews to change it was an unrepentant group some of the leaders who instigated this course and idolatry they were there in the middle they were defiant they were unmovable they would not repent and when you think about it this group actually happy very very serious threat to the entire camp and not only that but to the whole ultimately to the whole plan of salvation this group was afraid because God wanted to use this table to be brought out of Egypt to eventually through that line Abraham Isaac Jacob through the line of Israel eventually wanted to bring forth a son to die in the cross for the sins of the world and Satan behind the scenes understood that perfectly and make no mistake about it Satan is a very dark and vicious individual he knows where he's going and he is not he is hashing in his hatred of God and his people and you and me I thought about this many times with the devil hates me and you know what mutual I don't like him either and I'm trusting the Lord protect me wherever I go or I know the devil would kill me kill you will anyways know what's going to do with this group with this group that is being infected by the devil is trying to destroy his people and stop his plan to bring forth his son through this line and to save the world or to save you and me what's gotten into what he has a number of options he could do nothing as one option another option is cheaper just to allow the natural consequence of their idolatry inside their minds to eventually run its course or he could he could take action now I in Loma Linda there's a lot of doctors around here and this is a very appropriate question in this environment and if you're a physician and the application and some disease like gangrene or something is running up your patient's arm it's now up to the elbow and cutting up for the shoulders in take over the whole I what you as a favorable position to in this emergency situation use of the word amputate that's right now if you take a knife and cut off his arm I mean wouldn't you be exposing yourself to use accusations of cruelty is that school and community to take a knife and cut off his arm not really if you have the best interest of your patient and heart and you really care for him you know that there is a time when it is necessary to take a knife and surgically inserted and removed the arm from a person to save his life and really essentially that is what is going on here at the base of Mount Sinai God is a physician he's a lover he slides he knows what he's dealing with and it's an emergency is an emergency situation and he knew that something had to be done and so we look at the next first missiles of powerful person but it's right there in the Bible Moses looked at this middle group and it says he said to them which was to the Levites on his right he said thus says the Lord God of Israel put every man his sword by his side and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp and slay every man his brother and every man his canyon and every man his neighbor and the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses and there fell of the people that they are about three thousand men when you read this and pay charts and profits is is what it says page three twenty four those who perform this terrible work of judgment were acting by divine authority executing the sentence of the King of heaven men are to be warehouse in their human blindness they judge and condemn their fellow men but when God commands them to execute his sentence upon iniquity he is to be okay those who perform this painful act thus manifested their abhorrence of rebellion and idolatry and consecrated themselves more fully the service of the true God amazing the Lord honored their faithfulness by bestowing special distinction upon the tribe of Levi this tells us a number of things it tells us that God was behind it got pulled into doing it was by divine authority and the reason was because of their rebellion and their idolatry and something had to be done it also tells us that for the Levites he carried out this act was a painful it was not pleasurable to them just like it wasn't pleasurable to the Lord but it has to be done it had to be done and it says that when it was all over God actually honored the Levites and gave them great distinction because they were willing to carry out the sentence in the midst of a very very difficult situation the last verse right after that or not the last verse of chapter but first twenty nine says Moses said unto yourselves today to the Lord even every man upon his son and upon his brother he may bestow upon you a blessing this day God bless the Levites and he actually put them in charge of his Temple showing that he was pleased with their willingness to carry out such a difficult assignment because it had backed paper profits it says here that it was necessary page three twenty five and three twenty six that this sin should be punished as a testimony to surrounding nations of God 's displeasure against idolatry love no less than justice demanded that this sin for the sin and judgment should be inflicted it was the mercy of God that thousand should suffer to prevent the necessity of visiting job upon millions in order to save the money he must hire a few and then it says it was in love to the world in love to Israel and even to the transgressors that crime was punished this crime was punished with swift and terrible severity so when I read this chapter and page arts and profits when I look at my Bible it tells me that ultimately underneath this situation and these actions was God 's love because he knew this had to be done he loved the people so much that he chose to put down the knife and to remove a group that was a threat to his people that one of the issues that people deal with today has to do with the issue of force we know it are certain statements in this repressive or she says it is contrary to the character of God to exercise force and I believe that that we need to look at it carefully and make a clear distinction when you when you read this carefully it's very clear that God will never use force to compel obedience he will never do that never ever ever he won't force you to follow them into a big but it's also true that he will use force to put down rebellions and there is a distinction there that we must understand and it's very very clear that this is exactly what happened in Exodus thirty two and there many other places in the Bible where things like this take place in ability Hebrews got just a little bit more time left Hebrews chapter one verse eight this is a very very important passage in Hebrews chapter one verse eight Hebrews one eighty nine describes the sun Santa Fe Scripture about Jesus himself when Jesus was here he revealed the character guy actually was Jesus announced line-item veto that in our book the character got controversy we explained very clearly that a dichotomy between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament is not biblical Jesus and I and my father are one their united Jesus was in the Old Testament Jesus is in the New Testament Jesus is revealing God 's character in both places there's a whole lot of not only is there a lot of mercy in the New Testament of letter justice as well not only is there justice in the Old Testament is a whole lot of mercy as well God gave that small group mercy and said company and those that refused that was when finally the Levites had to do with Hebrew chapter one verse eight says to the sun this is the father talking about the sun he sent your throne of God is forever and ever a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom verse nine says you have love righteousness this is talking about the sun is very clear verse eight percent this is talking about this and says that he loves we know that Jesus left of the Bible says he laughed and what is enough he loves righteousness and he loves you and he loves me it was inverse level everywhere to be Jesus is full of love now look at the second part of that verse it says he loves righteousness and what else does he do it says he hates people think waiting Jesus doesn't hate Jesus is full of love Jesus and when you're in the desire of ages talks all about Jesus about the book that changed my life thirty years ago a notebook and says that that Jesus only he could one thing one thing and he did he and he hated it with a hatred that will never understand not completely and what is it that he hates hates sin that's right he hates it with a with a passion if you really think about it if you really love you'll hate if you don't hate something you don't really love I love my family I love my wife and my four -year-old boy and my one year old daughter is now walking around like this all over the house I love my family with a passion which is a somebody broke into my house and grabs us one of sets Thomas the train toys and Raven came after him in the middle of the night to crush his head like some people do in this world who are controlled by a vicious being who has hatred in his heart against God against people against you and against me how live in a field as a dad that happened in the stomach and into my house and try to talk my wife or my children I pray Lord help me to know what to do in this situation anyone tried to hurt my family I tell you I am to be as passionate as passionate because I hate anything that would hurt my kids or my wife makes sense as we say among Jews teach its it's the truth when you love you hate and you hate anything that will hurt something you and quantitative in God as part of his essential character God he same with one of these days he's going to himself and I think thank you father thank you God for having enough love and enough passion and willingness to fight against evil to make your universe clean and secure and happy one of these days last text turn to Revelation chapter six we got more it is half medical physics with stick with me last earth revelation six first sixteen two weeks ago my little boy and I were fat on the snow he was all decked out in his snow close anyhow we have little semantic but it wrote that we took off our tire swing from our old house and I have been on in our little street goes around and around where where renting and it was just full of snow snow and come down and I sat sat on this little Latin little slap and I hauled around the neighborhood he does when he is down around me was that a great time and the snow bank was so high because the snow plows and enemy you don't know what that's like a moment here but I very much and I tell you this note like this time because the smoke that hung in an supplicant when the big snow piles is it daddy he said if I were falling one of the snow piles even you can find you just leave me when you said that and I think that story when you did you and it he said that he wanted to show and without even thinking about it I just said I think that I would did you help me I would dig you out even if you kill to get you because I love your mice now Revelation six sixteen last for everyone were put in desire greater than the close revelation six the end of the chapter describes the great thing of the Lord when God comes when Jesus comes in the sky cracks open and the Lord comes down and express people crying for the mountains and rocks to fall on number sixteen says they say to the mountains fallen us and hide us from the face of him who sits upon the throne and from what else from around of the land for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stay the wrath of the way that phrase is used one time in the Bible right there that's it you never find anywhere else the wrath of the land how does that make sense lamb and rest when you think about a lamb is humble and gentle when you think of wrath what is the wrath of the land and desire of ages page eight twenty five it says divine love has been stirred to its unfathomable depths for the sake of men and angels marvel to behold in the recipients of so great love a mere surface gratitude the Angels are amazed that God has given us such intense revelation of his love and people just think hey that's great let's just change the channel and watch something else angels marvel at the shallow appreciation of man love of God heaven stands indignant at the neglect shown to the souls of when we know how Christ regards said how would a father and a mother feel didn't they know that their child lost in the cold and snow had been passed by and left the parish by those who might have saved how would I feel if my son was stuck in the snow and it was a group of skiers that just want my son in there he'd fallen and he was saying help me I'm freezing and makes look at them as well paper him but we were meeting our friends at the top of the mountain and we we don't want to be named the powder spray right now and they just went on and there's my little boy in the ground crying out and slowly getting cold however mother father the juicy I know how she asked the question and she ties this is Jesus she is she says would they not terribly cleaved and wildly indignant when they not denounced those murderers with the rat as hot as their tears and as intense as their they would I would the sufferings of every man are the sufferings of God 's child and those who reach out no helping hand for their perishing fellow beings provoke his righteous anger and it says this is the right answer desire of ages page eight twenty five the wrath of the layout of the wrath of God there are times when he does withdraw and allow consequence to replace the Renaissance when he acts in passion and in his heart in his heart he loves the sinner but he hates sin and Lucifer has gone beyond the point of no return he did that along time ago and in his heart is personal passionate dark evil still to God to Jesus the holy spirit to you and to me he hates us and he would show us if he could and rejoice over it and do more to a even more on the praise the Lord we have a powerful God who is good and merciful and gracious and kind and full of truth and is also just and it will come a time when God will put an end and he'll do it personally I don't do it passionately and underneath all of will be that curious motivation shears motivation because he wants to get rid of evil permanent so that his universe is happy and clean and Q and secure once again and that is the God of the Bible that is the true God that is the God reveals himself through Jesus Christ and that God were to be studied more about in our next meeting this afternoon with the three o'clock about who can look at Gethsemane in the last meeting with a look at the message of the righteousness of Christ righteousness and hydraulic the message of God 's character got a lot to do a helpful stick with me and may the Lord help us to know him as he is and to love him because he loves us with a passion that leads him to do to get a status and get us both dollars and pray dear father in heaven that of God on the father please help us to understand you as you are opposed to understand your character as it really is to know your heart to have your name written our forces not to be misled by any occurrence that they lead us away from the truth as it is in Jesus please bless us and help us to understand our Bibles respect this afternoon is given for the great Sabbath meter love you nor in Jesus name we pray


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