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God First

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA




  • December 5, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Welcome to the audio edition of. Partnership unlimited. Each year. It is written conducts partnership weekends around the country. These dynamic events are a spiritual highlight for many who attend the following service. Will give you a glimpse of what. Partnership unlimited. Is all about. We hope this message will motivate you to deeper Bible study. And bring you a closer relationship with God. At the conclusion of this sermon. We will share some additional information. It's lovely weather here in Tennessee as are not the traditional English things always mention the weather when you greet people. And so that's what we always do mention the weather and comment how good or how bad it is. As I said yesterday it's good to be in a Tennessee I spent three months in Tennessee. In two thousand and seven. While I was working as an evangelist I spent three months in the Nashville area. And steadily enjoyed my time as it was good to be back in this state. And I was just commenting to John. You may wonder where I know him from or. If I do know him. About twenty years ago he came to England to do a campaign. Met him briefly then when I was very young but. Ten years ago. Ten years ago or ten years ago next month. I had the privilege to be interned evangelist. Under him. Who was a senior evangelist. And so if there's anything you don't like in my ministry or do something wrong. Then I learned from him. And he trained me. It's a privilege to be here. I like to thank each one of you for being here. I've been blessed today by listening to the testimonies I mean powerful here in the testimonies of different things taking place around the world what God is doing. Evangelistic Lee in these days that we are living. I believe we're living close to the end of time. I believe Jesus wants to come. And I believe when we hear these stories of natural disasters it's almost like the footsteps of an approaching God. As he's coming closer and closer to this. As we hear about the tragedies that take place. The ones that make it to the news. It reminds us of what the Bible says as what would happen. Prior to the return of Jesus. And I believe the heart of God is. Breaking every time these events take place. As he looks down on planet Earth and sees all these terrible tragedies I believe he longs to come home and come back and take his people home. And I pray that you and I may be there. When those days come. You know I live. As has been mentioned I live in England. It's a country where. Is very secular. As you've probably heard and. You hear often. I mean courage this weekend just being here because it's a country where we sometimes hear and. In some of the hallways of our church the evangelism. Is kind of. Dead or dying these days. I'm encouraged to be here to hear about how evangelism. Is still going forward Amen. How God's word. As he promised. When it goes out. It does not come back. Void. It doesn't. That's the promise that has been given. You know. Was had the privilege to preach a campaign just a few months. Weeks ago in England in Manchester. And we had a young man who came in you know sometime you see people that come and he came every single night is his name was Christian actually came every single night. But he didn't make a decision to keep the Sabbath or to be baptized during the campaign but. Just three days ago. Got a text message. To say sorry I was in a church last Sabbath. He sets up. I was sick. But I've been studying the Sabbath thing. A bit more. And I've now made a decision that I will only worship on Sabbath. And I'll see you in a few days time. God has people everywhere. That when they hear the word. And we make it a priority to share the word with them. They will respond. And they will change their lives. Like to invite to buy your head as we begin with a word of prayer. Father in heaven we pause. This afternoon as we begin this message from your word. I want to pray Lord that you would speak through your word. I pray Lord that as each person is gathered here that. Each one of us may have the aspect the part or the the angle of the message that you want us to hear this afternoon. And that we can take something. Personally. Away from it. I pray Lord that you would speak through me may not be my words but maybe yours. I pray in Jesus' name in him. As I believe was mentioned yesterday in the introduction by. Eve. If you still chuckle. Is that our marriage. And men. Just celebrated my second year anniversary. And so now I've been married for two years I'm a. Expert on marriage. A man. I've learned many many things in marriage. But one thing that is challenge me from the beginning was when I got married it challenge me. To evaluate which. Woman comes first in my life. You understand. That's kind of a challenge you immediately challenge with. If you haven't contemplated it before marriage. You definitely contemplated. After the wedding. Which woman. Comes first. I remember once. Early in the marriage my wife commented to me she's a beautiful lady in her character she's more suggestive than I guess you'd say demanding. And she just kind of. Said one. Name. Almost as a common in passing. And I hadn't noticed. Like on my desk. In my office. There's a. Old picture. An old picture of my mother. In its original frame from nineteen fifty something. When it was framed the originally by her father. Back then and I managed to get my hands on her and I kind of had in my possession. All the other brother and sisters wanted it. I had it. There on my desk. And my wife made a comment. In passing but. It was kind of more loaded than you may think its use I am how come it is you've got a picture of your mother on the desk and. Not me. That was all she said. But I got the message. I got the message. Have you ever heard of the. Life scenario sometimes. It's kind of a story that sometimes people say they say. You may have heard this scenario. If you're in a boat with your wife and your mother. And is thinking. Which one do you save you never heard. Now what they found is when they ask that question in different parts of the world. Different cultures. Answer it generally. Differently. And find a certain part of the world they say if you say your wife or your mother who just ate. And certain cultures will always say. Say my wife. Till death do us part right and protect I say my wife and other parts of the world they say. Generally speaking the overwhelming answer is this the wife say if the mother mother brought me into this world. She nursed me. She raised me. I've only got one mother I can find another wife. You can probably get on the response that's not what people around here is like. There's other parts of the world the other cultures there say if I can save both. If I can save both. I cannot live with the shame of either my mother or my wife dying. Therefore all drown with both of them. Tell your stories at a wedding. And you know sometimes in these weddings these days maybe your wedding. We did this. They asked the bride in the group certain questions. And they're asking the bride and groom these questions and. And they kind of like you know they're the kind of gear a certain way the questions are like some of them are funny some of them are romantic some of them a person oh. And I asked the bride the questions and they have to groom the questions and I was just waiting on the table in the corner. And they were asking the. They asked the bride the questions. Now they switched to the group. And as asking the groom the questions that they were about to ask him they say things like. You know who was the one who said I love you first. When you have an argument who apologize you know this kind of question they ask and. It's kind of funny it's kind of cute. People ransom back and forth and then they kind of going up and then. The penultimate question was you know. Which is the happiest day of your life. To which he said. Today is the happiest day of my life. And then the final question came. It was kind of like he just led the way we knew where they were going with the questions you can almost predict. The final question came. We each woman. In your life. Do you love the most numbers handed to him as we would say in English. On a platter. All he has to do is put his chest out and say. Well it's a privilege to say this for the first time in my life. My wife. But he falls for a second. Put the mike up to his mouth. And then he said. My mom. Yes he said my mom. And the tension just descended on the reception hall. We were saying that our table in the corner was kind of lumped on one of these things called the pastors table a wedding. And we're all sinners shaken her go Oh boy. This is off to a rough start already. The person who asked the question didn't know what to say. She's a she kind of stutters this kind of awkward mom would you say. You've just kind of. Allowed him to say. My wife when he says. My mum. Then he try to rectify I said well I like. God's first and then. My mother's second. And then my wife. You never heard the phrase digging a ditch. You just might dig in and go in deeper. So then the person the maid of on who is asking the questions turns to the wife and she like. You have anything to say. You're Jewish she just said. I'll deal with him later. I can report they're still married to this day. Very well. It was funny. Maybe for us I'm sure it wasn't funny for the wife. But it's an interesting thing question of how do we organize things in our lives. As to what comes first or what comes second or. What comes. Third you know when my life is kind of busy and I've gone through a particular week where everything's getting busy busy busy busy busy. And I've got assignments to complete for my studies and I've got sermons maybe to write. And I've got events to organize and I've got family things to do. And if your head is kind of just fill all these things. And you write down all you to do list of everything you've got to do and. Inevitably what we do is this we start to rank. As to which one comes first. OK I'm going to do this first one to do this next or do this next and this next. And this next. And we put it down in order. But then if an emergency comes up that goes up to the top of the list and we kind of do that all the time in life. And it spills over into our. Spiritualize. It spills over into our church life. It spills over into every area. What is number one in your life. Who occupies first place. In your life for me I am always challenging. If he has it my work is it my play is it my wife is. What comes first a Seventh Day Adventists. As Christians. We've learned to Cleese race. As to what we supposed to say. As to what comes first you know you see those teachers more here in America. Bumper stickers in America than you would back in England. Things that was a good first family. Then. Seahawks or then. Titans or then football or then music and. And it's kind of like God family. And then something else. And worse condition in our mind to think this way and we would what we would say. We have a list of priorities. And we put the first one. And the second one. And the third one. And then we put the fourth one. Turn in your Bible to Genesis thirty nine. There's a story of a man there in Genesis Chapter thirty nine. A Bible character just want to highlight a few stories. In his life. Genesis thirty nine is a story of Joseph. And their Joseph who lives over three thousand years ago in the land of Egypt far far ago. What can we learn from him today. You know the Bible says in Romans fifteen verse four. The whatever things were written before. Are written for our. Learning the through patience and comfort of the Scriptures. We might have hope. The Bible stories are there for us to learn from them. And to see how we live and pattern our lives today. Joseph lived the unique life he grew up in. You know one of twelve sons. And there he grew up in the home and he was the favorite son we know the story. He was the favorite one the parents. The one. The daddy liked. And then his wife changed dramatically. When he went to see his brothers with his multicolored coat. And they decided to take him and put him in a pit. And then they saw the opportunity when the Midianites came by selling. Very soul into the Midianites. And the Midianites to can see Egypt. And they sold them to potter for. And you can imagine what's going through his head. His life has changed dramatically. And now he's gone from being the favorite son. To being a slave in another man's house. And as we read the story in Genesis thirty nine The Bible says they're in verse around. Two in verse three says the Lord was with Joseph when he was a prosperous man. And he was in the house of his master in Egypt in verse three and his master saw the Lord was with him. And that the Lord made all that he did prosper. In his hand. There were some think about Joseph stood out in the midst of the slave. House that he was. As a slave serving in the house. And the Bible says he prospered in everything he did. Now as he read down through the chapter you know the story if you go down to the chapter. It tells a story. A part of his wife. She tries to stick him in a corner and get him into bed. Now the only part of the story that we have is when Joseph. Wriggles. Away from her grasp. Leaves his coat or his clothes or is tunic behind. And runs out the house. But the thing is. Was the first time she approached him yes or no no way. I can imagine he sweeping the house when he comes to his master's room as is sweeping last. He comes to the room and. Thinking it's empty he opens a lot of sweep and. There he sees her in a suggestive position. Maybe getting changed or something. He quickly leaves and goes out the room. Maybe the next week the situation happens again and maybe it happens again and. Maybe she starts making overtures to him. Again and again. How did Joseph. Resist. We only have to final conclusion the story when he runs. But we know based on human behavior. That was not a one off as something that happened repeatedly. Maybe every single day. Maybe multiple times a day. The only way that Joseph could have resisted. Such temptation. There in a private place. Is if every single day. He had committed his life to Jesus. Every single morning. Now that's not written in the story. You can say that's a righteous. Assumption we put in that he had to there's no way he could have stood. If he hadn't committed his life to Jesus. If Jesus was not first. In his heart. Primary. Number one person. If he was not. Joseph would have fell. And we would never read the story of Joseph. He would never have been the prime minister of Egypt. But Joseph stood for God. JOSEPH. Committed his life to Jesus and Joseph there. Asked. A Slave. Commits himself to the Lord. And we read that in Genesis thirty nine. He was a man who was faithful to God. In the midst of temptation. Real life. Hard. Temptation. The Bible ends the chapter saying he's put into prison. Now we know the processor must have believed that Joseph was right. Because according to the laws. If you have a slave who tries to rape your wife. What you do to the slave. You kill him. And you buy another slave. The very fact the part of a says. A put you in prison. What he was saying and that is. I know you're a faithful man. I know you're a godly man. And know you're committed to God. I know my wife is lying. I know all these thinks. Are save your life. Put you in prison. Now we don't know how long you put him in prison was probably an indefinite sentence. I'm going to put you in prison. Just because I know you're a good man and you didn't do this. That's the best I can do for you. So he doesn't kill Joseph. He puts him into prison. Joseph goes from being a favorite son. To now being a slave under constant attack from part of his wife. Then he goes now into prison. And the Bible tells us at the last verse of the chapter. Is the keeper of the prison verse twenty three. Look not to anything that was under his hand. Because the Lord was with him. And that which he did. The Lord made to what Joseph goes from being a slave. Now he goes to being a prisoner. A slave in a palace to a prisoner in a prison. Huge change in life circumstance. And yet in the midst of that change. His faithfulness to God did not alter he stays trayful. To God he faced faithful to who he is as a child of God. And the Bible says. He prospered. How is it with us. When our life. Position changes. When a situation of life. Alters. When we move location from one state to another. And we have a chance to write a script as to who our identity is. Do we change who we are. When we move jobs another new place doesn't know who we are. When our life circumstances change. Do we still. Faithfully on a god. You see. Joseph wasn't committed to God. Based on his circumstance. His commitments or God. His surrender to God God being number one in his life. Was in spite of his circumstances. You bless me. Serve you. You take away all the blessings. I still serve you. However the next year of your life if God was to wipe your life. And change it oh loved one dies. Business fails. House goes into whatever you call it over here. Foreclosure that's the word. If that was to happen the next year of your life. Is God still number one. If the reverse was to happen. And you found yourself. All of a sudden blessed beyond measure is God still number one. See God is merciful one of the reasons why God doesn't sometimes. Allow tragedies to happen to us. Maybe because you know we can't handle it yet. He protects us is possible that our faith is not strong enough to handle certain things. Joseph was so committed. So devoted. That when things changed. Didn't change him. You know two thousand and eleven I went to the royal wedding. I think it was two thousand and eleven. I'm not really a royalist. As we would say in England. But I wanted to have the experience of going to an event where millions of people were. And millions of people watch around the world so. It's just unique I mean England. They get married. The only American ones I hope and. We go to the wedding. I wasn't invited to the wedding. So I got my car. At about four o'clock in the morning. Drove down the M forty. Park my car S. at Wembley Stadium. Then I took the underground. Or the chub. As we call it. Into London. Made my way to Westminster Abbey. And there at about five or maybe a six o'clock I forget what time in the morning it was the wedding started at eleven. I get there are six they're moving the tents away all the people have been camping for five days they move them they all move forward. And I stood right behind them. Which I thought was kind of good. They've been camping for five days. And I was able to stand two meters back from the line and I got there that morning. But I positioned myself. Probably from here. To that Christmas tree. From the door. Of Westminster Abbey. Just there right in my in a camera line. So as all the cast came up and they unloaded their residence. It was just right there. Not too far away. And they're on they're watching from six am and. Standing on the same one and a half square foot of concrete. For the next six hours. I'm glad that wedding was on time. And as a wedding started. Kind of an amazing occasion. And the public they liked William and Kate. And one of the reason why the public like William McKay is this. And I seem to have great support over here in America. You guys can wait to get rid the rules and. You probably taken back a man William McKay Why does the public like them so much well they say they like William because he reminds us of his mom. But why do we like the mom because she was pretty. Why do we like the mom kind ha ha. We like the mom because people would say things like. She's down to earth. She's gone from being you know in a in a middle class home nothing. Great. To being a princess. And it hasn't changed who she is. Her life circumstances trains dramatically. And yet she's still the same person. Downs worth kind hearted. Walking through minefields helping homeless people. Same person. And people look at. William and say. He's like his mom he's like that in the country we say he's like his mom. He lives in a normal home. His father has one hundred fifty servants Charles. William has none. Cooks his own dinner. Clean his own house. Flies are a helicopter people look and say. He's a good guy. He hasn't changed them. And they look at Kate. Or Katherine as she's now known as a. She's a good girl. She just comes from a normal middle class home. Not that wealthy. There's probably people here in this room that may know people that are more wealthy than her family and yet. Now she's the future queen of England. And she still seems to be the same person. It's like a secular examples of a great change in circumstance. And it doesn't change who they are. But Joseph. Is in a sense the biblical example for us. Of someone whose life circumstance changes. And yet he still maintains. God is number one in my life. He's there in the present. And you know the stories are in the present as. The same dreams and visions of people have he changes them. I mean he answers the dreams and the visions. One person gets. I believe your the person that are present forget about Joseph in a couple years later he remembers Joseph. And then they put a call in and the coach was a prison. And they call Joseph our prison and. He stands there before Pharaoh. In Genesis. Forty one. His life is changed. Is about to change now. He's gone from being the favorite son. To being a slave. To being a prisoner. And it's about to change again. Dramatically. But the key thing about Joseph and that's really what we're looking at this afternoon. Is that in every state in his life. No matter what the circumstances were God. Was always. Number one always in the present. Number one. Lost his life. Almost. Number one slave. Number one favorite son. Number one. And as he comes out of prison and he stands before Pharaoh in Genesis forty one. He explains his dream to him. And in verse sixteen. Notice what Joseph. And says. Joseph answered Pharaoh saying. It is not with me. God shall give Pharaoh an answer of what Kerry is standing before Pharaoh. After being in prison for all these years. And the first thing he says you know what. It's not about me. It's about caught up before he gives the answer. It's about God is the same thing in the new chapter two. When Daniel stood before Nabi Knesset later on and in the Bible. And he sounds well now because after is in praying all night. And he says. Hold on a second. God has given me wisdom to understand the stream. And God will give you the knowledge to understand this dream. Joseph stance is God is the one and not. Me. Then we can answer verse thirty three. The thirty three. And as Joseph is telling Farah what to do. He says. Now therefore let Pharaoh look. Out a man discreet and wise. And set him up over the land of Egypt because you know the story. Is going to be seven years a plenty in seven years a famine so Joseph says. Can a wise man. Find a wise man. And put him over the affairs of Egypt and he will run the country. As a fairer thinks of either for a few seconds. He thinks about that. And he says in verse thirty nine. He says very sad to Joseph. For as much as God has showed you all this. There is none so discreet and wise. As you. You will be of my house and according to your word shalom my people be ruled. Only in my throne will I be greater than you. Pharaoh think about this. In fact Joseph. I want you to be number one in this. In this country. Second only to me. Now historians believe that Joseph was serving under affair over the name of the second. And so stress. The third. John the seven years of plenty. And the seven years famine eighteen eighty nine B.C. eight hundred eighty two B.C.. Years of plenty. And then they went into the years of famine and journal years aplenty there was a canal built in Egypt. Called the Baja USEF which is still called that to this day. Translated into English as Joseph's canal. It was a canal or went from the River Nile. And enable them to make three hundred square miles of land that could be irrigated. And stuff could be grown. That kind of I guess you say archaeological fact that we have the. Supports the bible story that. There was years of plenty where they had water and seventeen thousand more acres or three hundred square miles and a canal even to this day is called Joseph Kony and they he served. Faithfully in the land of Egypt. And we know through all these changes in his life. God. Was number one in his life and not just there in verse forty six. Notice verse forty six what the Bible says and Joseph was how old thirty years old by the age of thirty. He's gone from being favorite son. Slave. Prisoner. Prime Minister of Egypt. Huge changes in life. And you know every single stage God was number one. Along with his in the book education. In the press a life of strange and slave. Amidst the sights and sounds of vice and the elements of. Hero worship. A worship surrounded by the attractions of wealth and culture and the pomp of royalty. Joseph was steadfast. He had learned the lesson of obedience. Faithfulness. In every station. Especially was Joseph subject to the temptations that attend. Great changes. Of fortune in his father's home a tenderly cherished child. In the House a part of a slave. Than a covenant a companion a man of affairs. Educated by study. Observant. Contact with men in Pharaoh's dungeon a prison of state. Condemned. Unjustly. Without hope of indication or prospect of release. Hold at a crisis. To the leadership of the nation. What enables him to preserve his integrity. Josephs bore a light the test of adversity and prosperity. The same fidelity. The same committed as the same priority in bad times. As in good times God. Number one in his life. I don't know what the last year has been like for you and I don't know what kind of new year's resolutions are going to make on January the first. If you do. I don't know what next year holds for you. What changes may come in your life maybe I'll just go on the same as business as usual. Maybe there will be great changes in your life. Family. Job. Occupation. Where you live. But how will we handle whatever changes they are can God trust us with great changes. We still put number one in. When we're blessed cursed. You've already stories in the News of the people win the lottery right. You have the lottery here. I think a seventy percent of lottery winners will lose their money. And you just have to search on Google lottery winners and. You read the terrible stories. A lady in New Jersey that won the lottery twice in one thousand five hundred eighty seven and one thousand nine hundred ninety she's lost it all five six million. Back to living in a trailer park. People have won the lottery and their families try to kill them and. They've lost the money to ex-girlfriend who sued them and all types of terrible stories change and circumstance has changed people's lives. You know we may do our best our circumstances and life may change. But our circumstances in life and the changes that we have should never come at the expense of our spiritual lives. Yes Maybe God wants to bless us in our work life. Maybe we want to have the best business in the area but it should never come at the expense of our spiritual life. We should want the best ministry. For ourselves or for here. But it's never come at the expense of our personal spiritual life. We should be committed to the churches that we live in that we work in. But it's never come at the expense of US virtual lives. Even doing ministry. God always needs to be number one. You know one time I heard a conversation with a lady and a pastor I was in North Hampton England. And she just heard the sermon she says to the pastor. You know that was a great sermon a great sermon. And I just want to tell you what I tell my children. OK. Minutes into this. I tell my children this. I tell them. God is first in the past. And then I tell them. Family. Second. And then I tell them. Education. And she was waiting for a word of approval or. Recommendation or whatever we recall it from the preacher. Got First Family Education. Oftentimes what we put a second. Is really what's first. Because we've learned as Adventists or Christians. That we always have to say. Got first. To when we put a second oftentimes. Practically speaking. Often overtakes and becomes number what by virtue of the fact we put it second that we've ranked it a service you know as a piece director. We manage a school in the school in England of under them school. And one of the hardest situation is when I have students. I want to come to your school. LAXALT want to come to the school. It's a great come. The question. I'm going to struggle my parents always about one or two students a year. Potential students. Really want to come a parent to tell me a Congo has to go to university and I don't want to do any of them training. I mean just. I don't get it. You're about to send your kid to a secular university will be surrounded by secular humanism. Give them some grounding first Amen. It was once doing this year when it's come for a vendor them training and. Parents she said finally she said I've got the guts I'm going to just do it no matter what my parents. Adventist their parents say if you've got enough money to go study for a vendor them for four months. You've got enough money to live on your own to pay for an university. Out you go I'm sure those parents would have probably said something to a good first family second. Education. Third. But in the practical realities of life. Education was an education was one. And God. Come somewhere down the way. You see if we were to ask the question. What the story of the beginning of the man in the wedding. True story. And we were to answer the question. Who is number one in your life. And all the cliches were gone. And we were just being honest. If we got injected with the truth serum. And we just had to answer the question. Honestly. What would we say. I'm sure if we were around him to was a morning. OH GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD. There really practically speaking does God come number one. Or is it just somewhere below. In the nether regions. And we've just learned to say that he is really. Number one you see. We don't say God first family second. And education third or got first family second business third or whatever. It's God first full stop. Or as you say an American God first period. That's it. There is no second. There is no third. When you put God first. He then tells you what comes second. He then tells you what comes third. And what comes second one week. May be different to what comes second the week after. God is the one who gives us. Those instructions or those directions as to what comes first or comes second or what comes in order. You know as a visiting New York City one time. And I went to a shop on Fifth Avenue. I think it was a Nike shop. And there on the wall there was a quotation from a famous English football manager the probably most people don't realize. Was a quotation from him. But I saw the quote I saw the name. And reckon I straightaway. That's a manager who used to manage. Liverpool football club in England. They'll Shankly. And he had a quote that he wanted to instill into his team. And the quote was this. And get a lesson whether you like for sports or football or soccer or whatever or not. The quote was this. First is first. Second is nowhere. First is first and second is what I want to instill in the team is. If you don't come first. It doesn't matter if you come second tenth or eighteen. It doesn't matter because we didn't come first. Where is God come with you. Have we ranked him Well it's first or second this has got it I don't want to be. Number one of a rank of ten. I want to be. The only one. You see in the English language we have this word called. Priorities. Priorities. And the word priority. Came into the English language in the fourteenth century. And it came from a French word called preordered tape. Which came from a many Latin word. Prioritize. Which comes from two root words. Try our. Meaning first or before and. He ties. Meaning. The condition of putting them together the definition of the word. Is the condition of being first eaten as is the condition. Prior to the condition of the inferred. Meaning by definition. Inherent in the definition. There can only be listening carefully. One priority. Now that would came into the English language in the fourteenth century. And from the fourteenth century. Up until nine hundred fifty. The word was priority. Meaning there was only one priority. In the one nine hundred fifty S. though. Greedy Americans in greedy English said you know what. We're not content with one priority. We want priority is not how we want to prioritize and have multiple options. And rank them. It's only since nine hundred fifty that I would became fluoro. Prior to that it was a singular word. Signifying only one. Change the way we speak. And it changed the way we think. God does not want to be one of many. He wants to be. The only one. Matthew six verse thirty three. In closing says. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. We are only told what to seek first. We are never told what to seek second. He says See key first the Kingdom of God. And then all these other things will be added unto you. I don't know where God ranks in your mind now. But if he is not first. He is no way. God wants to be. The number one. Only singular. Priority in our lives as we close with the word of prayer. Father in Heaven Lord. You know the different individuals the different families the different homes that are represented by each person gathered here. Lord you know the struggles that we have a lot you know where you may be in our minds right now whether it's number one or whether it's not. Lord I pray that you would be with each one of us that we were taken on this. Look at our cell we would take an honest stock. And whether we'd been in this church for one year all fifty is or sixty or whatever that we would be honest with ourselves and see whether you're number one or not a lot I pray that for each person Galatea. That if you are not number one Lord that said day that you would regain that place in our hearts. Lord we open our hearts to you. And whatever change of life circumstance may come. May you always remain. The number one person. Bless us flawed. Keep us. We pray in Jesus name Amen. You've been listening to a special message presented by. It is written television. We hope you have been blessed in that your faith has been strengthened and your commitment to God has been renewed. Perhaps you'd like to share this sermon with a friend. Additional copies of this audio CD as well as many other spiritually. Reaching resources are available from. It is written. These include online bible studies and inspiring video programs. Christian growth and witnessing materials and books are no. 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Here's a sample. As strong as in Australia announced a few years ago that they calculated the number of stars in the sky. Seventy sixty million. That seventy thousand million million million seventy followed by twenty two zeroes. That's more Stossel than there are grains of sand and. Ollie. With deserts and beaches. And the astronomers say then. Number is likely way to love. In some eight verses three and four we read these words. When I consider by heavens. The works of by Thing is the moon in the stars which there has to ordained. What is man the ballot mindful of him. God has made a universe that vast. And yet he is still. Mindful of the human family. We serve a great and a big God. If he made all that. And he did. You can be certain. He can take care of you and your burdens today. I'm John Bradshaw for it is written. Let's look today. By every word.


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