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Depression: The Way Out

Vicki Griffin
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Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • March 19, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Good morning everyone. It is just wonderful to be here i have already been blessed by all the music how about you. What about that will violin piece that brought back memories for me. My. My son when he was little he played that very song and i. I remember. Approaching him after he performed it and think. Anthony could you smile. When you do that any he was his age and he said. My teacher said there are fifty things going on in your brain. When you do this. No room for fifty one. That's enough. Well we have had a wonderful time doing the food for thought series. I am very thankful for this opportunity this morning and i bet some of you may be thinking well. This lady is talking about depression because she's just happy all the time and she this is going to tell us all what to do about it. Wrong. That was wrong. Depression. The way out. Is our topic and. I have spent probably more time. Getting ready for this very complex topic. Then maybe any other presentation i've ever done i've put a lot of heartfelt prayer into it i have my own experience i've been calling people that i know. Have really suffered who've had a shadow over their hearts and minds. Their entire life. And i've asked them. What is it. That would be the worst thing that could come out of a speaker's mouth. In the topic on depression can anybody relate to. Hearing some things that you just can't believe would come out of somebodies mouth when you're suffering. And what would be the thing that you would really need to hear and. Want to hear and i got some very interesting. And wonderful input. In this. And i also have my own story i'm not going to take time with it. But i was not raised the seventh day adventist i came from an extremely violent home. And suffered serious and brutal beatings from the time i was very small and. So i started running away from home when i was five. I don't have a recollection of feeling safe i don't have a recollection of not being sad. I don't remember waking up being excited about a new day and so i think this veil was over my own heart for very many years and so. The title of this topic today depression. The way out is actually the name of a book it's a good book. And i remember. I would like to recommend this book to those who want to delve further into this topic. In terms of a holistic approach. To climbing. Away from depression. I think if i were going to name it. In terms of a goal. I would call it getting stuck. Have you ever been stuck. Has your brain and your mind ever been stuck. Have you ever been stuck in a mood. Have you ever been stuck in a mindset. How many of you would like to get unstuck. Unstuck. Everybody can relate back. If i were going to talk about the process of what we're going to talk about today the process would be restarting. And building connections. In the brain. With others and with god it is my hope and my prayer today. This presentation will bring some clarity. To the topic of depression. That it will bring some inspiration and motivation and most of all hope. To anyone who is suffering from. From flying megatron. Circling around their head of the time. The press has been defined as a state of ceiling gloomy. Sad and apathetic. Now major. Clinical depression. Facts. About fifty. Americans. And it's the leading cause this surprised me it's the leading cause of disability in the united states and canada even ahead of heart disease. And any single cancer. It is in. Creasing. By twenty percent. In our population and in canada every single year. It is described as an episode of sadness or apathy along with multiple other symptoms. That last at least two consecutive weeks and is severe enough to interrupt. Daily activities. I think most of us have experienced disappointment in life has anybody in here. Experience disappointment. I mean you know if we don't learn how to deal with disappointment. It can degenerate into discouragement. And if we don't know how to get out of discouragement. It can devolve into depression and despair. And finally. Self-inflicted death. It's a leading cause suicide is a leading cause of young men from age twelve to twenty in the united states today and it is climbing. So it's an important topic. I would like to quote from an author we're just taking a few minutes to understand what's going on in your head. With clinical chronic depression. Dr john raese is a nurse like kiters from harvard university. And he's written a couple of books one is called a user's guide to the brain and the other is called spark. And it's about getting a spark in your brain from exercise the effects of exercise on the brain and other body systems. Other mental health issues including depression. And i would like to share. What he thinks about what's going on in that head of a person who is suffering from clinical depression. Because there's a lot of misunderstanding out there. There's a lot of judging. Going on when people fall into these states. And. The last thing that a person would want or need to hear is. Well we all have ups and downs just get over it. And so we want to know how to think about this disorder. What it means how it affects us. There are so many different types of depression and there are numerous causes and we're not going to go through all of those but we're going to talk about principles today. But this is so fascinating. Depression is any roshon of connections. It isn't a road show and of what actions what kind of connections. In your life as well as. In your brain. Your brain cells. There are distinctly different types of depression actually depression. Mimics the flu i spent a day at a seminar. With specialists called a psycho nurse immunologists they study. You know. The specialists know more and more about less and less. And he was one of those people. And they studied the link between the stress system. The immune system and the brain this brain body connection. Do you think there's a connection between the brain and the body. That we need to be aware of. Absolutely. So when a person is experiencing a decline in. Mood states there are flu like symptoms that occur. Can you name some of those flu. Without the fever. What do you feel when you have the flu. Do you have any motivation. You know. Do you have any energy. Can you creatively solve anything. Can you be joyful. Do you have body aches and pains. Do you have appetite problems. Sleep problems. All of these things are flu symptoms and your brain is literally putting you into hibernation. When you are experiencing this depression. There are. Full alterations taking place in the emotional circuitry. So is it a psychological problem. Now can it be grabs sent by emotional states. Can a mood. Or an attitude or a lifestyle and. Depressive symptoms. We're going to look at some of those things. So these are alterations that take place and shut down. In winter time. Is occurring at the cellular level. In the brain so there's a lack of energy and motivation appetite and sleep. Irritability. Inability to concentrate or experience pleasure. I have talked with people that have such serious depression they couldn't put it key. In a keyhole. But the emotional landscape. Turns wintery. Our neurobiology tells us to stay inside the victim. Of depression become trapped in a loop hatred. And worst of all apathy. Apathy. No energy and had donia. No ability to experience pleasure. Or joy or happiness. The devil. Loves it when people are depressed. There are many causes for depression but saint is at the root of everything that is evil and joyless. Because the bible says the joy of the lord is our strength seventy five percent of people who suffered this type of serious depression. Also have other conditions going on now even this was the. If this was all there was to say about this. That would be pretty depressing and i would be tempted to go and eat something fried. Just to cheer up. But fortunately. That is not the end of the story. I want you to leave this building full of hope. Today. Even if you're not in a better mood. And that is possible. You. Be rebooted. God has engineered you and me to a renewable recovery. And restoration are you thankful for that today. I didn't choose. The environment that i was born in. I didn't choose. My genetic deck. I didn't choose any of those things. I had no skills for anything. Growing up me. All a response to any kind of threat. That i knew. Was to run away. That's it that's all i knew. Got into serious trouble by the time i was eleven i was running away chronically. Got into the horrible lifestyle of a run away and ran away for good. When i was seventeen the only reason i kept my grades up. Is because i would hide in libraries and sed and i would study. I would read books but i didn't read books in my spare time i'll tell you that right now i did. Every single possible thing. That would incline a person toward completists self-destruction. I'm so thankful today. That the lord is in the business of restoring train wrecks what do you say. So here's what happens here's how god has built backup systems into your brain. Backup systems. Redundancy. New nerve cells are born in your brain every single day can you say thank you god for a new brain cells and rationally in the regions that are affected by depression look at the campbell area of the brain which has to do with learning and memory. The frontal lobe which has to do with executive function. Be amended a lot which has to do with emotional memory. Lifestyle choices. Attitudinal discipline. Have you ever heard that phrase. Attitudinal discipline. Social and spiritual nurture. Actually stimulate our full growth factors that encourage new nerve cell growth. Increase connectivity between cells. And nerve cell. Survival. These are brain growth factors. Vascular growth factors. Fiber blast growth factors and. Insulin like growth factors i am so thankful that we are able to move forward. In our lives regardless of our backyard you know some people can't relate to anything i've said so far. You were born on third base and you were born cheerful. And just because you were born on third base doesn't make you a good baseball player. And just because you were born in the dugout doesn't mean you can't play the game where sin abounds grace. But more about some i'm really really thankful for that these growth factors actually put the brakes on cell destruction in the brain. Would you like to know how to stimulate those. Growth factors today. Would you like to know the. Used to this not just to put a big picture frame around this depression. Can result from physical mental or spiritual causes you don't hear a lot about spiritual causes in the in the literature but they're there they're very real. King david. Was depressed because you have unconfessed sin in his life was depressed because he was running from the call of god and living a life of disobedience. He lived he was depressed because he was tired. He ran into the desert actually ran into a cave in and shouting hell million singing songs. Was not what he needed he needed two meals and a nap. And that's what he got him and he was depressed. He had everything. He wanted and he was the wisest man on earth. And yet he suffered one of the few worst cases of depression. Ever recorded in human history because he lived in excess. Is it possible to live in excess. Even with good things like work. Is it possible to overwork yourself into depression over think things in. To depression for me in are active. In other people's business. Into depression. Over stimulated into depression. You know some of us have. I'm sure most of us have thought at one time you know if i would only won the lottery. Then i would be happy. I'd have everything i need i wouldn't have any problems i'm king solomon he won the lottery. He had everything that he could possibly want i did a little research. Seventy percent of people that win the lottery. Lose everything that they've won. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Within four years. Do you know what the main. Statements are coming out of these people. Seventy percent of these people that get. Every thing they want say things like. People you love. Turn into vampires. I don't mourn of my ticket i squandered it and lost everything i have been better off road. Suicide rates go up in this population. Drug addiction goes up. Even in relatives who are given too much money. They are they have their possessions stolen. There were robbed of their shock. Cheated. And exploited. I think we can agree with solomon's father. David when he said in proverbs thirty verse eight. Remove. Far from me. Vanity. And lies gives me neither property or poverty. Give me neither poverty or riches. Exceed me with my proper. Portion how many of you would just like a proper portion in life. Whether it comes to meals or whether it comes to your temporal necessities. Well. How many of you have ever been berry picking. Has anybody in this room ever gone barry. Down a very inspiring so you have your growing your own berry. Weaker. Raspberries at one time we go out and pick raspberries for breakfast it was just fabulous. Well. When you go berry picking berry bush right here. Have you ever seen a berry bush like this. Here's a blueberry. And we have picked a blueberry. How many do varies there in the bucket. One blueberry i don't even think martha stewart could make a good cobbler out of one blueberry. And so what we're talking about today as we go through this. Are some depression hits. And some depression. Helps. And if you look at advertisers. They're very good at picking out one thing that's going to fix everything. But i'm here to tell you one thing doesn't fix everything. And in fact. Some people don't get fixed. All ways work with your healthcare provider. It is possible to feel wrong. And do right. God gives us the energy and it's a miracle. It's not all about failing and if about ceilings. As a matter of fact the opposite of depression is actually not joy. It isn't. The opposite of depression is resiliency. It's the ability to tunnels through. Problems. Until you get to the lighter side of things until you get to solutions god actually uses trials to build character and resiliency into our lives. So more waiting to get happy when there won't be any problems anymore. But god allows problems. To grow us into resilient people that aren't depressed. We're problem solvers. But we can't do it picking one thing you know. I remember a lady coming to one of my meetings very frustrated and she said. I've been eating walnuts for three weeks. And nothing has happened. I don't feel any better. And i looked at her and i said well imagine how you'd feel if you were eating them. What if you want to have a good cobbler. You got to have what. You don't have a bucket full of berry. And that's what we're going to talk about today. We're going to talk about all of that now is it possible. I wouldn't let my little granddaughter a million get her hands on this bucket because what the little toddlers love to do with things that are in buckets. What do they love to do. Now you may have been born with a bucket full of berries can you toss them. And waste and that's why we have the solomon he squandered all those berries. But i tell you what i'm a scavenger i need all the berries i can get. And that's what we're going to go all her. Today. Because i want each of you to have a heavenly cobbler how about that. Let's talk about some depression here. And some depression help some by the way. I'm going to touch on. Most of it very lightly. There are a couple i want to land on quite heavily. One of them i want to land on. Is the factor of trust. As a hit. I want to i want to talk about faith versus feelings as a hit. I want to talk about. Attitude as a hit and a help. And so some of these others although they're all equally important. I want to touch on some lightly because if i spent too long. You'll get depressed. And we can't have that. So some depression factors and hits. Include genetics and family history. And other words what is the difference between genetics and family history. Family history and you can be taught behaviors. You can be taught to behave in a depressed way. But you're not basically a depressive person but. This is the behavior that you've been taught. It's called shadow symptoms. And so what we have learned. We can on learn. What our genetic liabilities are can be compensated for and even overcome are you with me. That doesn't mean that some people don't need interventions it doesn't mean that something. Some people don't might not even need. Medications. But what do you. Agree with me that when we take advantage of every barrier that god has for us that we can reduce the good cancer he and severity of symptoms. That we might even delay the onset of certain conditions. Or lemonade. The need for medications altogether would you agree with me that when. When we follow the principles that god has given us that we will be on a path. Of improvement. Does that sound reasonable and fair to you this morning. Ok medical conditions. Always work with your health care provider. Conditions like cushing's disease diabetes heart disease obesity. pro-inflammatory conditions. All are directly related with conic depression. Parkinson's multiple sclerosis certain medications. Actually are causative agents in the production it doesn't mean that there aren't circumstances where you need them but these are hits and if you combine enough of these hits. You could wind up with a major depressive episode. Toxins pollution. Lead. Mercury and dioxin exposure directly associated. There are situational depression. Everyone in this room. Is here because god created. Need in your heart. Probably through across this and so. Situational depression is very real. Whether it is loss. Loss of a loved one loss of a limb. A disappointment a major disappointment in life it's one thing to have an ink on your favorite shirt. It's another thing to lose someone that is dear than life to you. And so we face these kinds of situations in life. Trauma. Buttes. Chronic stress. Crowding in isolation all very potent. Satyrs in depression in depression. Lifestyle factors. Very very critical in the the. Fueling or the dialing down of depressive symptoms. Diet exercise. Sunshine. Water. Rest. Relationships. Social isolation the heart health consequences of social isolation. Are equivalent to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day and i still it directly associated with chronic depression we need social ties we need each other mental culture. Is that important. Disciplining our minds the kinds of things that we focus on. Are going to change us. Trust in god. Very very important so i want to just touch on diet. The standard american diet i call it the chips chops and lollipops a lifestyle that actually promotes cellular changes. Which encourage brain cell death. Hyper inform is them in the brain. Which just destroys it eats. Out these areas of the brain. That should be producing these new nerve cells. To get you well. Into your old age so these repeated. Poor food choices according to experts. Actually change the way the chemistry of the brain operates including the structure and function. So that you become a victim of mood swings. Food cravings. And other. Emotional problems. Due to diet. And that's what we've been focusing on in our foods to foods for thought class. There is not just a sad diet available there's also a glad diet. God's luscious. Abundant diet. God's luscious abundant diet rich in dietary fiber greens. anti-oxidant nutrients. These foods. Actually. Are you have a crunch factor and. They are very healing to the brain in fact. This is a statement from biological psychiatry that nutrition intervention. Where do you go. If your nutrition intervention. At the post apartment. With beings and fresh fruits and vegetables and grains then feed these things are powerful medicines. Food. Is medicine. It says it may benefit cycling atter conditions and countless. Aspects of well being. How many of you can say god cares for me today and he shows me. Through the colorful foods that he has provided for me. This is a message of love from god. But he loves us and he wants to provide us with trees. Only leaves from the tree of life. Even on this earth. How many of you would like to take advantage of those healing leaders. I want to talk for a moment about exercise this is really powerful. From dr rabies book spark exercise. Just. The chemistry of the entire brain. To restore normal signaling lights a fire. On every level of your brain from stoking up the neurons metabolic thermoses. Furnace says to the supporting structures that transmit information from one synapse to the next. It regulates neuro transmitters. Targeted by anti depressants. It wakes up the brain so it wakes you up somewhat from. Apathy. It wakes up the brain and gets it going in improve self esteem. It improves mood. Feelings of wellness. Just starts the attention system. These are all. Like symptoms from inactivity and lack of movement. And so here is something that we can do. Even when we don't feel like it they can begin to reverse this. The generator. Process that occurs in the brain under chronic stress. Negativity and. Even our attitudes can create this process of degeneration in the brain. But. But it is also true that. When we begin to exercise the. Part of our body. That doesn't go dead. When we're so depressed we can't move i remember being in bed. In this condition one time after the loss of my husband and i literally did not have a lil. To get out of bed i couldn't move. And. I just want to. I would work all day long i was in ministry i love the lord. But i was so depressed. I wanted to die i prayed to die every single day. I would work by day. These beautiful. Magazines and tracks i would work by day and ask god to stop my breathing at night and and. Finally at the end of about three weeks. I was so upset with the lord that he had granted my prayer yet. That i said lord. Even. Even if my living. Would cost me to win souls for your kingdom. I guess i can't. It's too painful i don't want to live please stop my breathing. And i was sure. I respect but too much to take my own life but i was that depressed and i was so sure that i had cost that line. That i went to sleep just knowing i wasn't going to wake up and. To my absolute shock. I woke up the next morning. I was just shocked. And i heard this gentle wice in my heart and spirit and. It was a bible verse. David said. I had almost fainted. Unless i had believed to see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living. Wait on the lord. Be of good courage. And he will strengthen your heart. The thing i appreciate about that verse so much. Is that the lord unsafe nap out of it. He said. If you will only believe it you will see my goodness. Yes the. Oh me step i'm asking you to take it. I'm not asking you to feel it. I'm not even asking you to believe it. I'm asking you to believe that you will see it. And i said yes. And i stop praying for things to be over and actually looking back on it it was. It was a very self-centered. Bitter. Focused prayer. But god understands that level of grief and he's there to made us a man sleeping is another issue with depression and sleep. Selectively. Lack of sleep selectively targets the highest order of mental functions. And decision making when we are in this in sleep. Falls to chance. Level. You have a fifty fifty chance of making a good decision. When you are sleep deprived. That's pretty ago when we pray for wisdom and then stay up till two three in the morning. And guess what. Here's the wisdom. God has given you reasoning faculties that's part of what it means to be made in his image and i'm thankful for reasoning faculties today how about how about that and where to strengthen those reasoning faculties by the choice because we give glory to god and we protect their reasoning faculties. And that brings us to media and media is a hit on the brain i don't think i'm. Anybody for prized hearing that today. Media american spend more hours with media and gaming. Then any other activity. Besides sleeping. And the thought mustn't just can. It's simkins. The way in which this media is delivered is been call. Gunning or shrapnel ing machine gunning. With scraps of information and images and music. And this creates a hit to the brain that actually results in discontent. Boredom. Tea and tension and increased anxiety and even fear not i'm not against all media. But. Would you agree with me that when we have become. Inundated with. Images and garrity and. Immodesty. That is shocking and we have lost our sense of shock. We've lost our sense of shop. I know i remember one time i was turning the channels to to get to something like. You know a program on deciduous trees. Very nice. And along the way. It's often a commercial. And the voice says. You couldn't have drug resistant lice. On your eyelashes. If they are thinning. And then you look and there's this image of these translucent. Bugs magnified a thousand times. I went tearing into the bathroom. I'm losing my eyelashes. I have what. So much for the deciduous tree. I'm lookin. I mean my feeling. I better get there. Stay tuned and hear one. Tragic story. You know i think they're running out of topics. Honestly. They are running out of topics. I hear michael talk about a creative creative scripting in programs like this instance. Are you meaning. What are filthy disgusting. Programs that we are showing our children. Watching things that where human beings are imbued with. Power i'm telling you by and by an offended god who will speak parents or grandparents. Guard your children in the chapter nine there is a destroying angel that goes through the sanctuary. Begins at the sanctuary. When the elder were to destroy the destroying angel. And it says. And the message to those angels is do not bear men women children maidens. Because some day since will be no more let's not raise our children for the devil. Let's give them a black. I mean men. And keep them out of our house. Grandmothers grandfathers. That television is not a babysitter. And if we don't have time to read a book then we should be babysitting. Those children. We have a responsibility to leave these precious once. To jesus and then. Let's talk about mindset. And outlook for a moment. And spirituality. I think that. Two of the biggest challenges in overcoming depression. Or even being successful in life. Is overcoming. Negative thinking. And learning to trust god and his word. Regardless of feelings would you agree with me that that's those are the two biggest hits i mean i can i could. I could go for a walk. But overcoming negative thinking. Is it when it's have been to all. It's a real challenge. I did a week long series of meetings. Down in the burying area and the person that hosted me there pastor harry rogers and his beautiful wife. Ingrid. They he was really sick. And there was a blizzard outside and. He came downstairs he was just a mess and. And of course i always and thinking the worst. You know if some of you understand what i'm talking about you know how the mind can just take you to a place. Before you're playing. You could end up here and then work your way backwards that you're going to live. When you get a stuffy nose. And he came downstairs he said you know i think i'm getting better and i said well. You could take a turn for the worse you know and. I'm getting better. And then. I said i looked out the window snowing. He saw cheerful. It's like it's almost sickening. I went to the window i said you know i actually think we're going to go out of this weather do you. I'm from california. It's. Knowing out there there's i was we could get your death of cold we could get pneumonia i could just see myself. Up to all kinds of tubes. Or in a ditch somewhere. And he said. This is nothing like the like the blizzard of seventy eight. Sure more go and he gives them a truck he's doing donuts in the park i must be ten years old and i am what is wrong with this man. His wife is german he's going to heavy. You're driving him. You know i can't believe people. It's wonderful. It was one of the and some people actually don't think this way. But i praise god that we can discipline our thinking in a new way and then we can discipline our thinking and sacked. First samuel sixteen one. Samuel had invested so much time. So much effort into saw. And solve just went the wrong way. He just went. He just went off and samuel was grieving and mourning and grieving and mourning in the lord came to samuel. And he said. Our the law. Will you mourn. First saw. I have a plan i'm sending you to jesse the bethlehem i and i have chosen someone to do something. How long will you stay stuck. I want you to move. And part of you being stuck in life. Part of depression. Is not moving on. We all have regrets. We all have things that we wish we had done. We all have things that we wish we had not done. I think i have apologized for everything but existing to my family. I mean i was. But at some point. You have to move on. God wants you to move on. Isaiah chapter sixty one verses one and three. Jesus said the spirit of the lord's upon me. He sent me to heal. Broken hearted you thinking means what he said to comfort those who mourn in zinah. To give them beauty for ashes. Oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise instead of a burden. Heavy spirit that there may be trees of righteousness. The planting of the lord let's spend our last few minutes talking about these healing steps. And you're going to find out that these healing steps have actually very little to do with feelings. Feelings are overrated. Amen. Feelings are overrated. No matter how you feel get up dress up and show up how many of you will say yes to that. You've got to show up for life. Every day. Because life is calling you. Number one hundred jesus. Number one come to jesus. No matter what shape you're in come to christ. The devil that you're on your own that god has abandoned you. You are too. Beat up bird out. Broke or babble. To approach got. You can trust him with your life. Even when you're stuck in a situation. You don't know how you got into it. You not know how you're going to get out. Don't hide from god. You can trust him. To show the way acts chapter three verse twenty six says god. Having raised up. His son jesus. Sent him to bless you. How many of you would like to receive and accept that blessing. Not for somebody else but. For you today. And here is the blessing. In turning every one of you. Away from his iniquities. You don't have to turn away from iniquity before you come to him. Go to him as you are tell him what your problem is. He invites the restless the murmuring be oppressed in the sorrowing. Go to him just as you are. Sinful and polluted. Well except to the very moment you give yourself to him. Are i calling says he will put his spirit. Into the humble. Seekers heart. The spirit of the healer. Will be in you. The comforter. The strengthener the lifter of the head. The one that can give you the greatest miracle in brown wrappers that ever existed and that is a spirit of perseverance. To go who or when you don't see the light. To do what you're supposed to do when your feelings aren't there and you don't have energy. This is what god will give you. I have to watch my little my little granddaughter. Learning to walk how many of you have seen little baby learning to walk. God has put an instinct in those babies to get up and walk. And when and it's a cliff hanger watching them i mean. She will and she's so you're such a strong little person up. She would stand up and fall over. She would bend over and. Wham right on her head get wrecked. Right back up. She'd be walking through a pair of slippers and. Boom she's over. Into a coffee table cut the corner to search once in a while so sit there and scream out of frustration but she just gets right back up. God has put an instinct. In babies to walk and it's a good thing they're short. Isn't it. I mean you know it's like really. This is bad if you toss me point. And so when caught when you receive god's spirit in you. He puts in. Instinct in you. To survive. It's a miracle. Because we want to solve all our problems and be. So we can be joyful all the day off. But that's not the way it works he's either going to solve your problem or he's going to make you bigger to meet it. And which do you think is going to happen more as time goes on often one are often too. Because you want to strengthen your character. And he wants you to glorify him. He's looking for people that can reflect him in a miserable circumstance. A marriage. Any. Knowledge hears. So number one. Give yourself. To jesus. Number two do not confuse faith and feelings. Chapter eleven verse one says faith is the substance of things hoped for and it's the evidence of the things that you don't see and might not get a feeling. This is from our hike. A feeling of assurance is not to be despised that we should praise god but when your feelings are d. pressed. Do not think that god has changed. Just as much because you trust his word. Not in feelings. You have covenanted. To walk by faith and not to be controlled by feelings ceilings vary circumstances you made me so depressed you can't even move like i was in that bed that day. You know the lord impressed my heart. There's something that you can move in it's your mouth. Start. Praising me. You can move your eyeballs. Up for your redemption. Draws not. Numbers that brings us to number three declare what you know not what you feel. Because of the truth. Not the lies of the enemy. And do what god says. Take his hand. And do what he says as the man thinks. The mouth moves and a man goes nuclear power a mere noise. Under your nose. Ladies and gentleman. And sometimes we just whistle for the devil to come and get us. Oh i'm having a bad day. You know. I don't get any respect around here why can't the family keep this house nice i am i have many is that watching the games and i just. You know and the kids would never have to do all this kind. And and i can't control my wheel and i do the offset and then the doorbell rings it's pastor wess parents through what i have. Lord chiltern are playing. Dozens relax and do something. Yeah we can control our feelings and number four is really important. Choose our whole not i had a full. Self pitying life in your ira. Sometimes we wasn't for the devil don't let loose tongue. Negative attitude and. Control. Sinking. You give the devil. A foot hole. Because once he's got a foothold. It will become a stronghold. The bible says. I'm more than a conqueror. And i'm going to share with you a little story right now. Johnny erickson tada you all know that name. She broke her neck at age seventeen in a diving accident became paraplegic quadriplegic. Can't move from the neck now she has a worldwide ministry. Distributing wheelchairs. Throughout the world. To disabled children and adults she paints beautiful paintings with. A paint brush in her mouth. One thing that i did not know is that people that have quadriplegia still suffer from agonizing pain did you know that. I did not know that but they do. Well. She's been a quadriplegic for forty years now. And here is what she says about this. Almost every morning. She has a struggle with her face worldwide television radio ministry. Helping millions of people. I've had people tell me when i'm going through depression just help somebody else get your mind off your so i just. And my whole ministry is helping people. Please no. She says. I am no expert at this wheelchair thing. After forty years. I am no professional at being a quadriplegic. There are so. So many mornings when i wake up and i hear my girlfriend come to the front door to help me get out of bed to get ready for the day. I know that in a few moments she's going to come gliding into the bedroom with a cheery. Good morning. And i am lying there with my eyes closed thinking god. I can't do this. I'm so tired. I don't know how i'm going to make it to lunch time. I cannot do this thing called quadriplegia. I have no resources for this. I have no strength for quadriplegia. But you do. You have resources which you have strength. You can do i can do all things to you who strengthens me. I have no smile for this woman who's going to come in and help me in a few minutes. But she's chosen to come here and help me make god may i borrow your smile may i borrow your smile. And just as he promises he hears the cry of the afflicted. And before seven thirty in the morning. He has sent joy into my heart. I could greet her with a happy hello. Borrowed from got. Now what do they say about possession is ninety percent of ownership. Right you keep borrowing from got enough and pretty soon it becomes what. Becomes your own. She says resist the devil who loves nothing more than to discourage you and corrode your joy and use you to the joy of others. Take up your cross daily follow the lord jesus. Now she says. I must qualify that statement. Please know that when i take up my cross. I am not talking about my wheelchair. My wheelchair is not my cross to bear. Neither is your cane or your walk or your cross. It's not your dead end job or your in-laws. Your cross. Is not your migraine headaches. Not your sinus infection. I had a sinus infection in a migraine when i read this it just felt like a punishment. It's not your stiff joints. That's not your car. To bear my cross is not my wheelchair. It's my attitude. Your cross. Is your attitude about your did in job. Your in-laws. It's your attitude about your aches and pains. My complaints my grumblings anxieties worries resentments. Or anything that hints of a torrent of bitterness. These are the things that god calls me to die to daily. When i do. I become like him in his death. Dying to those sinful attitudes that he died for on the cross. But i also. Experience his resurrection. I get to become like him in his life i get to experience the intimate fellowship of sharing in his sufferings. The sweetness and preciousness of his presence. I become holy as he is holy. Oh god. You will make me full of gladness. With your presence. Do you crave the presence of jesus christ in your life today. When i cry out to him in my affliction. He and jacks his peace. Power and perspective in life. He imports a new way of looking at your hardships and then. A new way of looking at. Hardship. He puts a song in your heart. Because we're forgiven. Friends. When i think of what my record would be if i had to stand on my own before a sin hating god. I would turn into a race and right now. I can't. I can hardly take it in. It's so amazing. If i never get another answer to another prayer for the rest of my life. The fact of his amazing forgiveness. Is so incredible to me that i can sing no matter what my mood is. Amen. We can become that sweet fragrance. Of christ in this world. He wants us to have hope and not helplessness. Deliverance and not despair. Steadfastness and stability. Stability releases ability. So much ability in this room but when we're unstable god can't release it in our laws. He wants you to be snotty. Stuck. And sinning. Powerful. Not to fall. The last weapon against hell. How many of you like to give the devil a black eye today. How about double the best weapon against hell and in question is praise and thanksgiving and that's the last thing you feel like doing. When things are going wrong. Has nothing to do with emotion. It has nothing to do with being a masochist and loving torture the bible says that no trial for the present is joyous but agreement. But afterwards. It is going to yield. Righteous fruit. And then the bible and this is a compilation. Here. It's incredible. All his praise glorious. Made his praise glorious. This people i have formed for myself. They will show forth my praise. I will cleanse them from all their iniquity whereby they have sinned against me. It shall be to me a name of joy. Praise and an honor for all nations of the earth. By him. Therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to god continually by who do we offer the sacrifice of praise or we borrow praise from on a bad day. Who do we borrow smiles from who do we stop our mouths from gossiping about others from ellen weiss as we think with horror. Of the cannibal who feast on the still trembling flesh of his victim. But isn't even this practice. Any worse than the backbiting and backstabbing that goes on in the church of god. It's enough to shut. His presence from us. Backbiters are classed with haters. Of god lord. Seal my mouth and in christian circles we call it a. I have a bird for soandso. Let me tell you about the suit of our lips giving thanks to his name. I will praise the lord my god with all my heart. I will glorify the name for evermore has nothing to do with feelings. Sadness is not a sin. Depression is not a sin. It's what you do with it. It's how you work through it. That god is calling us. To collect the bear or. The lifestyle pieces. Doing what he says to do. When he says to do it. Who is like want to be oh lord. Glorious in holiness. Fearful and praises. Doing wonders. I will praise the name of god which song. I will magnify. Him. With thanksgiving. I have a choice every day i can either magnify my problems or i can magnify got how many of you would like to make a choice today. To magnify god. In your life. And when troubles. It's an opportunity to see how deep our walk with god really is he's in the business. Of showing us. Our faults he says nerd of me. Why are we shocked. And depressed when he shows us a fault. When he comes to us. And he shows us our weakness. Our sinful. Ellen white says don't be afraid of the converting power of god even issued tear. Your character to pieces. He will return it to you. Refined and sanctified i'm not embarrassed anymore. About making mistakes. I'm embarrassed when i try to hide but. Jesus said learn of. Me and there may be some of you today. Who have not fully understood what it really mean to give your entire life to jesus christ. You've given your life to christ now and it's going to be cherry festival every day. But the miracle. Is that he will strengthen you in the hard times how many of you would like to respond to this call the day that you want that deep walk with god. You want that character go not going to shy away from trials. That you will not nurture. Self pity any longer if that is your decision i would just like you to invite you to come up here and join me. That's my decision today. If it's your decision bought a phone in your heart today. You want to deeper walk with god than you've ever had before. Your good times and bad. To stand on your feet and join me up front and the spirit of god is speaking to hearts today. No more. Bitterness. We're going to choose to be better not bitter. No whining and distrusting guy. And flipping out. And getting into rebellion. When things don't go our way. Amen. How about yourself and the side of god and he will wear you out of depression out of despair. We'll show you what to do it has nothing to do with feeling. How many of you want to spread cheer. To fellow suffering human beings you've been selfish self. Oh dear god forgive me for being the center of my life all these years. I want to be thinking about somebody else besides myself every day. Amen. Their father in heaven. Your spirit has spoken to us to your word today. And we just are so grateful when you show us. Clings to us the life's that brings us down. Thank you for the two recovery. Carries that require discipline. That require. Looking to you father thank you for the trials that help us to see our need we cannot solve our problems. We cannot get ourselves out of a mess. Thank you for your amazing incredible love we've slighted your mercy. We've ignored you. We've rejected you. We've chosen our own way and thought about ourselves almost continually but dear god those days are have to be over. Because you are coming soon. The destroying angel is come to wipe out sin and sinners for ever. We are grateful. But we want to be found on the right side of the issue. As vessels of mercy and love. Melt. Our heart hearts. I pray. Be with us dear god help us to no longer slight you. That craving. In our heart. To pursue new like a child who asked to walk. No matter what. For this we pray. In jesus name. In this media was brought to you by. Audio tours a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon w.w.w. audio tours. Dot org.


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