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Beating Bobo

David Kim
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By beholding we become changed, so the question is, what are you beholding, how is it changing you, and how can you have victory over the media and entertainment choices you make?


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society


  • April 6, 2016
    5:45 AM
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Good morning and happy sabbath. Isn't it a beautiful day. And it's a joy it's a pleasure to be with you in the house of the lord just morning. Amen amen amen brother clayton i want to thank you for that prayer. Anyone who's doing intercessory prayer needs to pray for the speaker. Because it really warms the speaker's heart. To know that people are praying for him or her. And it is encouraged and we need it. We need it because we're just. The speakers just a person like you are. And so we need all the prayer we can get so thank you brother clayton for that prayer and that is my prayer. That you would see jesus. This morning. Through the word that. I've prepared for you. Let me get out my sermon notes that might be helpful. I want to pose to you a question this morning. And the question is how do we learn. How do we learn. Whether it's in school or whether it's in the life. How do we learn. How do you learn. Experience. Yes learning by experience. Even better when you learn from someone else's experience. But for some reason we all feel like we need to make the same mistake so that we can be convinced of it. Experience. Other ways that we learn. Yes ryan. Observation very good. We learn by observing the world around us and others. How else do we learn. Listen. That's right. We listen we have deserved we have experienced. These are all very good answers. But did you know that. It's only relatively recently that at least. Psychology. Realized these things. Did you know that. In fact it wasn't until the one nine hundred sixty s. when. It was demonstrated through experiments. This idea of learning through observation. Prior to that time. There was a so-called. Behaviorist model. Of learning. Behaviorist model of learning now that's a big umbrella. And i'm not going to go into all the nuances of what goes into that. But what i will say is that the one of the most strident. Strong forms of the behaviorist. Model of learning and believed that learning. Was really about. Stimulus response. Incentives in punishment. Meaning they believed that. Our behavior. Was simply a matter of receiving stimuli. From our surroundings. And then our neurons would do whatever computation they do. And then. Out. Pops. New learning new behaviors. Does that make sense. So in other words. They're saying that any person. Given the same circumstances would do the same thing. Because our behavior and our learning is more a matter of calculation. Calculation by our d.n.a. and calculation by our. Our brain paths and things like that. But that just like in a computer if you put the same code into a computer. It ought to come with the same output every single time. And this was the prevalent. View of how the human brain worked before. The one nine hundred sixty s.. Which is totally different from all the answers that we just gave. Then in one nine hundred sixty one there was a psychologist at stanford university. Named albert. Bandura. Albert. Bandura and. He conducted. What became known as the. Bobo dall experiment. The bobo dall experiment. Now do. Do any of you know. What a bobo dollar is anyone know what a bobo dollar has no hands. No hands at all. Now i know some of you were alive in the sixty's. I'm not going to point you out. But the bogo dollar was back in the sixty's in fact i actually remember it. I was born in the seventy's and i remember. The bodo. Although to be fair. I didn't call it a bobo doll. I called it a. A little clown. Rubber clown plastic clown. Dall that was weighted at the very bottom and had a clown face in arms all picture. Drawn on it. And did now i'm getting some. Head nodding. You remember the bobo dog. What did the bobo doll do. How did that work. You punch it and what happens. It comes back up all right we all know what the voevoda all is good. We all know what the bobo dollars. The bow bow dall you. You it's this clown. And it's weighted at the bottom. And you punch it. And it comes back up. No matter how many times you punch it. It comes back up. And so. Albert bandura. Conducted an experiment in one thousand nine hundred sixty one at stanford. He took thirty six boys. And thirty six little girls. Itll boys and little girls between the ages of three and six. By the way. All of these kids. Came from the preschool. At stanford university. So note to self. If you have a child of preschool age and you don't want them to have psychological experiments done on them. Don't put them at the preschool. Run by a major research university. So thirty six boys and thirty six girls and they were. They were separated into different groups and. Each child would spend some time in a room full of toys. And at the center all of all these toys was a bobo doll. And there would be an adult. In that room. With the child. And in some rooms in some. For some children. The adult. Would play with the dollar in a very nice friendly and kind way. Talking to the bobo dog. Role playing with it just being very kind and gentle and nice with the bo bo dog. In other rooms. The adult. Would spend ten minutes. Beating the bobo dog kicking the dog. Throwing the ball across the room. Cursing at the bobo dog. Using strong language. Yelling screaming at the bobo dog. So those are the two groups. And then what happened was after they had been in that room with that adult. User having a pleasant. Nice. Play play experience with the bobo doll aura. Rude. Violent. Malicious play experience with a bow bow at all. Then the child was put in a separate room. Also full of toys. Also having a a bo bo doll. And then they just watched to see what would happen. Well. What do you think happened. For the children who were in the nice play. Environment where the adult had been kind and gentle and. And pleasant to the bobo dall what do you think those children did. They were nice pleasant and gentle with the bobo doll. Now the children who are in the. Violent offensive. Aggressive play situation with the bobo dall what do you think those children did when they were put into a room by themselves. With a bobo doll. They were aggressive and violent. They did all of the same things that they had just observed. And so this was. This might sound. Obvious. Doesn't sound obvious. Does it not sound obvious. It sounds obvious doesn't it. In fact you wonder why someone would pay good money. To conduct an experiment like this. But what's even stranger than that is the fact that until this experiment. Psychologists did not believe in this model of learning. They did not believe in learning by observation. They believed in learning by calculation. That our brains are just wired in such a way that if we are faced with the same circumstances. We would all do the same things. But clearly you had two populations of children who are in the same circumstance. Meaning. A room full of toys and dall by themselves. Yet you had two radically different outcomes. And the only thing that had changed. Was that that episode right before being put by themselves they were in that other room with the toys in the boat all. With the adult. And they had observed two different patterns of behavior. And so this was groundbreaking. Eye opening research. In the science of psychology. And it established. Imitation as a primary mode of learning now. Now. Albert bandura decided to take the experiment a step further he thought well this was. This was imitation and observation and learning. In real life. But what was becoming popular in the sixty's. Don't make me call on you people who are alive in the sixty's. What was one of the technological advances that was becoming very popular in the sixty's. Television thank you thank you i don't. I couldn't quite pick out who said that but yes. Television. Was taking off it was like the mobile device. Of the sixty's. And so. Albert bandura thought. Ha. Now i wonder if this effect. Of observation by learning by observation i wonder if this effect. Also happens. If you watch it on a screen. And aren't there in person. So it's not like you're really having that experience. Because you are at arm's length from that experience because you're watching it happen. And in fact you know that it's happening. In a fictitious way it's not real. Right it's. It's not real it's just on a screen being inactive by some people. I wonder if the you would have the same effect and so he tested that. He did the same things more lassie and bodies showed all of the images of either pleasant violence pleasant. Kindness or violent aggression. On a screen and had children watch that. And then saw what they would do. And what do you think he found. The exact same thing. So it didn't even matter whether they were in the person with the room. Or if they were just watching it on t.v.. Had the same effect. Learning by observation. Well. Now we all understand and believe in that that this happens that we learn by observation. And in fact there is a an emerging area of technology some people call it the the new the latest. High growth area for of the future. And that's called. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and. We see examples of artificial intelligence showing up all over the place in fact i'll never forget one day when. This is a very simple example of artificial intelligence but. I have a smartphone. And i use google maps. And every morning i check the traffic to get to work. Now one day on sabbath morning i opened up my smartphone. And i opened up google maps and. On its own. It told me. Right now. It will take you thirty five minutes. To get to church. And i thought to myself how did it know that i was going to go to church today. Of course it was learning. Because we all know that our phones have g.p.s. chips in all right. And google knows and other people know where each and every one of our phones is. Every single day. And every single moment. And so the phone had learned or google had learned that. At about eight thirty ish. Every saturday morning. I seem to drive to the same place. I guess that begs the question is do you go to church regularly enough that your phone knows where you should be going. But that's a separate topic. That's not our topic for today. But that's artificial intelligence. And we have other examples of it. For example does anyone know. Alexa they will know alexa who who are what is alexa. Yeah alexa is the artificial intelligence of amazon. And they have a product. That's. It's a speaker it's a. It's a multibillion multi-functional device. You can talk to alexa. Ask alexa questions at ask alexa to do things like. Turn on this kind of music or. What's the weather and. Alexa learns about you as you talk to alexa zane when no. Siri. Right we know siri siri is apple's version of that and. Everyone is coming out with their own versions of artificial intelligence it's. It's the hot new thing. In technology these days. Has anyone heard of. K.. Anyone heard of today. I know. Well ted a. Is one of microsoft's. Artificial intelligence. Well they call them chat bots is actually what they call them. Chat bots. It's not like a robot. A chat bot. And teddy was an artificial intelligence powered chat bot. And it was intended to be a nineteen. Have the per personality of a nineteen year old female. So it's going after millennial zx teenagers. And it's supposed to have ten a was supposed to have the. The personality the vocabulary the af act. Of of a nineteen year old female. Teenager. And she was developed really as a clean slate. And the idea was this that we will. All. We will create a in twitter. Will give k. a twitter feed. And she will learn by. People tweeting with her. So in other words she will have conversations over twitter. With different people. Whoever. Cares to tweet today. And she will learn from that and will be will be testing and developing. Artificial intelligence. Through her. Learning through twitter. Does that make sense. Well what do you think happened. What did she learn do you think. On twitter. Do you think she learned how to be nice and pleasant and polite in a while in fact. It only took a few hours before kay. Was a racist. A sexist. In anti-semite. Saying all kinds of crude and violent things. Only a few hours. In fact it got so bad that after twenty four hours after only one day. Microsoft took down today and they said that they needed to work on her. Artificial intelligence code. To give her a filter. Against some of these things that she was learning. Through all of these. Twitter interactions. Here what i just said. They put her out there as a clean sheet. They said whatever you hear on twitter you're going to learn from that it's going to it's going to be great. It's this artificial intelligence thing it's the wave of the future. You're going to learn by observation. And after only a few hours. She was a racist sexist. Violin. Vulgar person. Person in quotes. And after only one day. She was taken down by microsoft. And they. They said that there were some issues. And she did not have the filter. That she needed in order to be released to the world in this way. And so there's no doubt about it whether it's. Children or adults or even artificial intelligence. We learn by observation and imitation. And while this sounds obvious to us. It actually was not accepted by the scientific community. Until after nine hundred sixty nine hundred sixty one. But as christians. We've understood this for a long time have we not as bible believing christians we've understood this. In fact. We have a children's song. Be careful. Little eyes. What you see what you see be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little ears what you hear. For the father up above is looking down in love. So be careful. Little ears or eyes. What you hear and see. This is a children's song this is the basics this is god's love one o one. And we have had this knowledge. Despite the fact that the scientific community. Did not have this knowledge. Until after nine hundred sixty one. And i praise the lord for that. Amen. So we understand this we understand that we learn by imitation. We learn by observation. It's obvious to us. We've been told in the scriptures. And we also know it by experience. So let me pose to you this question. If we understand that. What we see. And what we hear. And what we observe. Has such a profound effect on who we are. Why do we sometimes have such a cat cavalier. Casual attitude towards the types of media. Music entertainment. All of these things that we see and observe and hear and experience. Why do we have such a cavalier attitude toward these things. We all just. Agreed that it's obvious that we learn by observation. And in fact the experiment that. Dr bandura did. Not only tested in real life but also on the screen. Because sometimes people say. Well i know that that's not really happening. I know that that's just a fictional story or or that's just play acting. And so it doesn't. It doesn't affect me. It doesn't bother me. So anyone ever heard someone else say that yeah. I want to ask if you've ever said that. But i think most of us have probably heard someone say that. But again the science. Is clear that our brains out a certain level now as adults. We do develop filters. So we can rationally. Understand these. These differences. But sub consciously. It's still has its effect. And so the question i have is. Why are we so cavalier about this. I was at work. This is this happened at work and i was talking to a coworker. A good friend of mine. A very good guy and. We're just making small talk and. Somehow the topic of this very popular. A vision show came up. I won't tell you what the name is honestly i had never seen the show because the way the conversation came up was he was talking with another guy. There the three of us. About the show and i said hey what are you guys talking about. They said. Oh you've never watched blank. You've never watched the show. So no i've never watched the show it's. What's it about. And he said oh it's a great show it's awesome. I binge watch it. I just you know the on demand you know it's one of those shows that just really sucks you in. So really while that sounds really interesting well what's that show about. And he said well. It's about a guy who becomes a drug dealer. And then all of the things he has to go through in order to sell his drugs and and. The things that he faces with. Competition and. Customers and. Like what kinds of things well you know he asked a. Yes to kill people and. You know there's. Sex and drugs in there. Yeah there's all that stuff and i could see as he was explaining to me with his mouth. He was articulating to me in words. What the actual program was about his enthusiasm for the show was just going down. Because at the beginning of our conversation you know he was what you've never seen the show it's so great and it's so interesting and i. I love to watch it. And then as he was explaining to me what it was about i could just see the enthusiasm deflating. From his face. We are so cavalier about what. We take in. And mind you i'm speaking. I'm not i'm not holding myself above you. I myself had shows and movies that i would watch. Prior to my heart conversion. Which i just thought were great. So interesting and of. The good guys are going to win. So it's good right it's an uplifting story about how good triumphs over evil. So the fact that all this other stuff happens. And is going into my brain along the way. That's that's that's that's ok because the good guys win in the n. zone or whatever here. Heard anyone say that. Or perhaps you may have rationalized it yourself that way. And so there's. There's the television. And the television today. Lord have mercy. The stuff that's on your normal cable subscription today. Compared to what used to come over the way airwaves. Even back in the ninety's. Let alone. The eighty s.. I mean. Do you people realize that. Leave it to beaver used to be prime time television. Do you realize that the lawrence welk show used to be prime time television. We've come a long way baby. And i'm not sure how i feel about where we're at actually i am sure where. How i feel about where we're at. Not very good. But it's the. It's the movies it's the music it's the it's the t.v.. It's all of it the music of pop music today. I imagine if someone were to do a statistical study of the subjects of. Top forty or popular music. I think we can all a numerate what we think the top subjects would be. It is just. It is not a good scene. And so all of this stuff. Goes into our minds. It rolls around it lodges in there somewhere. And then it'll come back at random times. And that image of what. Never it was. We'll just flash it through your brain. At. When you least expect it. Has anyone ever had that experience. And my the only one. Where i could be sitting in a business meeting. Talking about something really boring. And then all of a sudden an image might pop into my head. From some t.v. show or some movie or some. Some song. From way back in the day. You can't unsee this stuff. There's no such thing as. Unseeing what you've seen. You can't. And here it. There's no such thing as an hearing. What you hear. Which is why. Be careful little eyes what you see and be careful little ears what you hear. This is why the lord warns us let's turn to matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five verse twenty nine. Now through chapter five verse twenty nine. If you did your sabbath school lesson this week you read this passage. Matthew chapter five verse twenty nine. And when you get there police say amen amen. Anyone need mercy mercy. Are a. Matthew chapter five. Verse twenty nine. And jesus says if your right. Causes you to sin. Pluck it out and cast it from you for it is more profitable for you. That one of your members perish. Than for your whole body to be cast into hell. And if your right hand. Causes you to sin. Cut it off and cast it from you for it is more profitable for you. That one of your members perish. Than for your whole body. To be cast into hell. Jesus is warning us. What he says is literally. True it is literally true. To lose and i rather lose salvation. They met. It is literally true. To lose your hand. Rather than to lose salvation. A man. But jesus is not. Literally telling us. To poke our eyes out and cut our hands off. He is telling us how strongly he feels about the danger that we face. Is anyone here ever used an expression to make a point. While jesus uses an expression here to make a point. Because i can find nowhere in jesus's ministry where he said. I forgive you. Now go put your eyes out. Has anyone else seen the same one scene where jesus said i forgive you. Now go cut off your hand. He does not mean literally that we should do these things. But he is expressing how strongly he feels about it. And how dire the situation is and that we should take it seriously. So he warns us. But we can't just live our lives. Staying away from everything we need to replace it with something. Let's turn to food for libyans flippy in chapter four philip ians chapter four. Libyans chapter four verses eight and nine. Philippians is right after a fusion xin right before kolache in philippi in chapter four verse eight and nine. And paul writes. Finally brothering. Whatever things are true. Whatever things. Or noble. Whatever things are just. Whatever things are pure. Whatever things are lovely. Whatever things are of good report. If there is any virtue. And if there's anything praiseworthy. Meditate on these things. The things which you learned. And received and heard and saw in me these do. And the god of peace. Will be with you. Amen. And so. He gives us a long list of the things that are good. And then he tells us. To meditate on them. Meditate. Is a strong word. That means really thinking about it. Deeply. It's not a casual. Cavalier thing. We are to meditate on these things. Fill our heart and mind. With these things. And then he goes on to reaffirm what we've been talking about the things which you've learned and received and heard and saw in me. We learn by observation. By by. Surrounding ourselves with things which are true and noble and just and pure and lovely and good report and virtuous and praiseworthy by by surrounding ourselves with these things. We can be protected from sin. Amen. We can be protected from sin. By surrounding ourselves. With these things. So you might be thinking. Well. I don't really meditate on these things. And when i open the bible. I lose interest or i fall asleep. Or the idea of. Of surrounding myself with things other than the typical media and music and movies and television. That i watch on a daily basis that i can see i want to daily basis. That sounds really awful. That sounds really boring. That's ok i won't ask you to raise your hands but i know you're thinking that some of you are thinking that i myself before my. Our conversion would have thought that. So how do we do this is elder kim. Preaching legalism to you. I'm not preaching legalism. I am not preaching legalism. Because legalism would say. Go make a list of all the things that you need to cut. And then by sheer will power and. Actually what it would say is. Create incentives and punishments. So that you will avoid those things. That's so one nine hundred fifty nine. Remember it wasn't until one thousand nine hundred sixty one. That these experiments happened and we realize that we learn by observation. Before that we thought it was about incentives and punishment. And so legalism is so. Nineteen fifty nine. I am not preaching that gospel. Let's turn to second corinthians. Three eighteen. Second corinthians. Or as some might say. Two corinthians. Three eighteen. Second corinthians three eighteen. How do we become more like christ all the answers right here. But we all. With unveiled face. Be holding. As in a mirror. The glory. Or the character of the lord. Are being transformed into the same image. From glory to glory. Just as. By the spirit of the lord amen. Thank you brother clayton. That's a praise the lord. The way that we change ourselves or the way that god changes os is by surrounding ourselves with the things of god. And by be holding the glory the character of god. That is what transforms us. Your will power does not transform you. Your checklist. Does not transform you. Your self. Your. Your guilt. Does not transform you. Other people judging you. Does not transform you. None of these things transform you. Be holding. Christ. Transforms you. Amen. Behold in christ and so then the question is how do we behold christ. How do we behold christ. While i remember i said. Some of these things by sound boring to you if you're used in the habit of. Consuming certain kinds of media. Well any time we need a change of heart. That should drive us to our needs. And the first thing to do is to pray to god and say to him. God i am attracted to this. This media. This music. This show. This type of entertainment. I am attracted to this lord. You confess that before him. But then you ask him to change you. In prayer. Let's let's turn to solve chapter one o one. Solve in the old testament. Right in the middle. Solve chapter one o one vs three and four. You can use this scripture. In your prayers. Memorize it and use it in your prayers. Psalm chapter one o one verse three and four. And david writes. I will set nothing wicked before my eyes. I he. The work of those who fall away. Is shall not cling to me. A perverse heart. Shall depart from me. I will know no wickedness. This can be your prayer. Every morning. On your knees during your devotional time. Pray the lord. Confess before him. I am attracted to this. Media. This habit. This. Entertainment whatever it is. I am attracted to this lord. But i don't want to be any more. And claim this promise that i will lord by your grace. Let me set nothing wicked before my eyes. Lord. Let me hate. Put it in my heart. To hate the work of those who fall away. Lord let it not cling to me. Lure. Take my per verse heart and make it depart from me. Lord. Give. Let me not know wickedness. I have prayed before the lord that he would give me. And nisha. Over certain things that i have seen or heard or experienced and he answers those prayers. That he would give me amnesia. Over these things which have no beneficial in fact a detrimental effect in my life. That is a. That is another prayer you can pray. But you need to pray to the lord for heart transformation. That he would make you. That he would allow it such that you would set nothing wicked before your eyes. That you hate the work of those who fall away that it should not cling to you that a perverse heart should depart from you. And that you would not know wickedness. Market. Claim it. Memorize it. In pray. Now then. The lord will put it in your heart. I guarantee it. He will make it so that. There are things. Images. Media that you will no longer want to have that you'll no longer want to watch. Get rid of it. Just throw it away. And here's a litmus test. Because sometimes we can get caught up in things like. Well this one sort of ok because the good guys win and at the end. And this one is sort of ok for another reason. But i would ask you this question. And for any piece of media. Would you watch that with jesus sitting next to you or that might be hard to conceive of. Let me ask you another question would you watch this or listen to this. If your child was sitting next to you. That was a big eye opener for me. After my heart conversion. Or even before my heart conversion actually this was the. One of the benefits of having children. Was. I would be watching t.v. and then i would suddenly realize that solomon was there and he was only a year or two old at the time but even at that age i was thinking. I probably shouldn't watch this with him in the room. And then that continued for some time and then i made that next step in logic and i said. Well if i don't want him watching this. Why am i watching this. It's a very powerful litmus test. Anything you consume. Would you want your child sitting there next to you consuming that with you. And so anything that fails that test. Get rid of it. And then as i said. You need to fill your life with replacements. There's a parable that jesus tells about deem. A demon that had been cast out. And that. The demon wandered around for a while but said hey i want to go back to my old pad. So he goes back to the person from whom the. The demon had been cast out. And he found that the place was empty. And he said. Well i'm going to move back in. We can not only. We cannot live our lives. Saying. I'm only going to be against this. Or against that will refrain from this. Or a frame from that. We need to refrain from certain things but then fill our lives. Up with other things that are good and of god. And so you have to keep yourself busy with good activities. It could be church related activities it could be service related activities. It could be good old fashioned getting out in the out and about an exercise. It could be. All different kinds of things. We need to keep yourself busy. You also need to find music in media. That is uplifting. And i'm not going to sit here and give you a checklist of what that means. And honestly i think that. I think that there's a continuum. Of music i think. Or media i think there's certain music that's clearly demonstrably wrong in a god. I think that there's certain music. That is clearly demonstrably. Holy and conducive to spiritual things. Then i think there are things that are partially. In one you know on a spectrum between the two. Why do i say that well let me give you an end analogy. The best diet. I think i'll look to our health ministry people to do not or. Correct me. But the best diet is whole plant foods. But you know what. When you go from being a meat eater. To whole plant foods. Sometimes you need to make a pit stop along the way with veggie meats. I heard some chuckling. Sometimes you need to make a pit stop along the way with veggie means. The image of the beast. You see it's not the beast itself but it's the image of the beast. But as long as you're on your way. I say more power to you because that's better and. We should not let the good. Be the enemy that we should not let the perfect be the enemy. Of the good a man. And so will play find. Find music in media. That is uplifting. That point you to the lord. You can even fill your life with something as simple as sleeping more. How many of us get in trouble with our media consumption. Late at night. How many of us. Think to ourselves after watching something or consuming a piece of media. Wow. That was two hours. Of my life i'll never get back. And oftentimes it's late at night and then you're tired the next day so you can fill your life with all kinds of things. But fill your life with good things. Don't live a life. Of abstinence and refraining. Live a life. Of being filled with a good man. And so i'm going to wrap it up here but i want to point us to one more tax than it's romans. Romans chapter seven. Romans chapter seven. Starting a verse fourteen. Romans chapter seven starting a verse fourteen and. I could have preached the entire sermon on this. But we don't have time for another entire sermon but i'll just go through parts of it. Romans chapter seven. Verse fourteen. And paul writes for we know that the law is spiritual. But i am carnal sold under sin. So he creates this dichotomy between those things which are spiritual meaning of god. And carnal or fleshly meaning of us. Or of sin of us. Without god or us. In satan. In sin. So we know that the laws spiritual of god but i am carnal sold under. For what i am doing. I do not understand it for what i will to do that i do not practice. What i want to do i don't do is what he's saying. But what i hate that i do. If then i do what i will not to do. I agree with the law that it is good. What he's saying there that's a very confusing sentence what he's saying there is the fact that i know that this is wrong. Means that i want to obey the law. Ok so he's talking about this. This conflict in his heart. He knows what he wants to do. He wants to obey god. But he doesn't do it. And he say why is this. But now in verse seventeen it is no longer i who do it but. Sin that dwells in me. So he says sin is dwelling in him. Well who's the source of sin. Satan the devil. He is the tempter he tempted jesus. He temps. Us. He temps you he it. He tempts me. And when he lives in our heart. That is when we sin. And so he says. It's not me who's doing it. But it's sin that dwells in me. For i know the in me. That is in my flesh. Nothing good wells. For to will is present in me. I want to do the right thing. He says. But how to perform what is good. I do not find. I know what i want to do. And i want to do good but i can't figure out how to do it. That's what he's saying. Has anyone ever had that experience i know i have. Now. Now here go for the good that i will to do. I do not do this verse nineteen. But the evil i will not to do that i practice. Now if i do what i will not to do. It is no longer i who do it. But sin that dwells in me he uses that phrase again he's reiterating. When you as a. Lever. Commit sin and develop these habits. Sinful habits. It is satan. The welling. In you. Sin. Dwelling in you. I find then a law that. Evil is pretty that evil is present in me he is going to he think. Evil is in me. The one who will to do good. I want to do good. I'm paul the apostle. I had the road to damascus experience. I want to do good. But even i find that sin and evil. Wells in me which is why. I'm not doing the things that i want to do. For i delight in verse twenty two ford. I go lie in the law of god according to the inward man. But i see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind. And bringing me into captivity. To the law of sin. Which is in my members. A wretched man that i am who will deliver me from this body of death. He poses the question. How am i going to get out of this situation. And let's read for the answer. I thank god through jesus christ our lord. I think that should get an amen. I thank god through jesus christ our lord because he is the only one. Who can free you from the sin. That dwells in you. And so i don't want your take away from this message to be. While you know what i really love this music i really love these t.v. shows but you know by the sheer grit and sheer willpower. Of my mental fortitude. I'm going to get rid of all this stuff. And i'll be miserable. But at least i'll be righteous. And unfortunately. I think that that's some of our experience. That is not sustainable. What is sustainable. Is not be whole. Being christ. On a day to day basis. And being transformed into his image. From glory to glory. Through jesus christ. And in order to do that you need to surrender to him. You need to go to him and say lord. I. I know that i have this problem. I am addicted to this media. And name it by name. But i don't want it. Just like paul i don't want it any more and lord i need you to send the holy spirit. To make me hate that thing. That is the prayer you need to pray. And so. Let us. Meditate upon this let us consider this as we as we stand to sing our closing him. Number three zero nine. I surrender. All this media was brought to you by audio for years. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Leaders visit. w.w.w. audio verse or.


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