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End-Time Vindication

Diego Silva


In this Bible study, Diego Silva explores the fairness of God’s judgment and the transparency of His government. He looks at why God waited to execute judgment on Lucifer and how this exhibits His love.


Diego Silva

Pastor of the Miles City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Montana


  • April 23, 2016
    4:30 PM
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This afternoon we're going to study. The great controversy. And the last day events and how god will be vindicated. In these last days. The title of the messages and time vindication. And my time is short so we're going to go straight in get invited to turn with me to genesis chapter eighteen. We have a familiar story here. That gives us a window into the character of god. And it helps us to understand a little bit about how god is going to deal with the evil. And a vindicate himself as he puts an end to rebellion and purifies the universe of sin. To familiar story. I'll just give you a couple of moments to find genesis chapter eighteen. God. Visits. Abraham he is about to destroy sodom and gomorrah. We have a few verses here. That. Give us some very important insights into the great controversy. The bible says in genesis chapter eighteen are we there. Verse seventeen. And the lord said. Shall i hide from abraham that. Thing which i do. What was god about to do. If you look at the context if you read the whole of genesis eighteen god is about to destroy. Two cities that were in. Open rebellion against him the cup of iniquity he was full. And what does god do. As he is about to execute judgement on sodom and gomorrah. God visits. Abraham. And the statement that's made is. Shall i hide from abraham. That thing which. I do. Seeing that abraham verse eighteen. Shall surely become a great and mighty nation and. All the nations of the earth. Shall be blessed in him. What is god going to do before executing judgment. He is going to make sure that abraham. Understands what he is about to do is everyone following. If you go on a few verses we're going to go to verse twenty. The bible says. And the lord said. Because the cry of sodom and gomorra is great. And because their sin. Is very grievous. Did god understand the condition of sodom and gomorrah yes or no. Did he understand that the cup of iniquity was full and that it was time for intervention. But notice what the bible says in verse twenty one. And this is a glimpse of what god does. In judgment. Both. Investigative and execute of judgment. Verse twenty one says. I will go down now and i who is speaking here. Were in genesis chapter eighteen verse twenty one for those that just stepped in. I will go down now and see whether they have done. All together. According to the cry of it. Which is come unto me and if not i will know who is speaking. God. Is this an omniscient god. Is this an all knowing god. This is sound like a god that knows everything. God is doing a work of investigation here. Now we're talking about two cities. Who have exceeded their limits in terms of wickedness and rebellion. And god understands this but he is about to execute judgement upon these two cities. But before doing what he has every right to do. He is going to make his way. Known to his servant abraham. This is important for god because abraham. Is going to be the father of a great nation through which god is going to bless the world. And so god is saying that. Before i do what i'm about to do. I need to make my way known on to abraham is everyone following. In verse twenty five. We're not going to read the whole dialogue but this is. Abraham a. Speaking with god can you imagine. The ruler of the universe. Opens himself up. To be questioned by his servant. Abraham and verse twenty five. It's an incredible verse especially the last part. It says that be far from the to do after this manner. To slay the righteous with the whip kid. And that the righteous should be as the way kid. That be far from v. And notice the last part of genesis. Eighteen verse twenty five. This is a question. And this is the question we're going to be looking at today in our study. What is a say. Shall not. The judge of all the earth do. We're talking about vindication. And here we catch a glimpse of how god. Deals with rebellion. He will execute judgment. When he has satisfied. Of them on. Mind of a vote. Who are intelligent beings that are observing his judgments is everyone following. We're talking about end time a vindication that's what we're going to talk about today. We're going to a bible study. Before we continue in the word of god. I would just like to illustrate. By talking a little bit about american politics. I don't share political opinions from the pulpit. I'm not going to do that today. If you're following. The republican primaries. And the debates. And politics these days. You are aware. And even if you're not following you're probably very aware that. Mr donald trump has been leading in the polls and in the votes in the republican primaries he's a g.o.p. front runner. And whether you love him or whether you hate him or whether you just don't know what's going on. Most people understand that. Donald trump's popularity is a symbol of this satisfaction. In america. Towards government. Whether you're democrat whether you're republican or whether. You don't follow politics. Most people realize that people like donald trump and even dr ben carson you know dr carson has dropped out of the race. But. Last fall he had mr trump and. Other g.o.p. candidates. Concerned because dr carson who is also an outsider. Was also very popular in the polls. For a time even started competing with donald trump and. Dr carson's popularity was also a symbol that. There are people who are not satisfied with the government their discontent. They distrust government. Back in two thousand and nine. When president obama took office. He issued a presidential memorandum. On transparency and. Open government on his first full day of office. He made an incredible statement. Whether you like. President obama or not. You will probably agree with his statement. Very very lofty goals he set for his administration. I'm reading from president obama's memorandum. My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government. Now underscore that phrase. Openness in government that's what we're going to talk about today. We're not going to talk about american government. Or chinese government or north korean government or. Brazilian government that's where i'm from. And i actually cut off a few slides because my time is limited but i want to tell you about a few other governments but i'm just going to stick to american government. But i'm not going to spend too much time on it because today we're going to talk about god's government. And i want to contrast. What we see in. Earthly governments. With what we see in god's government now he deals with the universe. President obama's statement was. We will work together to ensure the public trust. And the stablish a system of transparency. Underscore that word transparency. Public participation. And colab aeration. It continues. Open this will strengthen our democracy and promote fissions c. and effectiveness in government. And having worked in institutions and being involved in church life. I have learned some. Thing about leadership. Transparency. Awakens trust and trust. Promotes harmony and harmony. Facilitates efficiency and of course these are the ideals that president obama set forth. Now. Of course many will claim that he has not really practiced what he declared. And that's really not what we're going to discuss today. But the point that i want to bring to your attention is the importance of openness in government. In order to awaken the trust of those who are being governed. Open government. Is the idea that citizens have the right to access the documents. And proceedings of the government to allow for public oversight. Now let's go back to our story in genesis chapter eighteen. Did god didn't need to disclose to abraham. The reasons behind what he was going to do. God is sovereign. He is the ruler of the universe. But he condy sands to talk with abraham. And to reason with abraham to help. Abraham understand why. He is just. In executing. Judgement on those wicked cities. And that is a symbol of how god deals with. Rebellion in this universe. God wants to not only deal with rebellion but he wants to be vendée katydid in the process. Is everyone understanding the point so far. So in our study today we're going to take it in three parts i'd like to give you a background into the cosmic conflict between christ and satan. And we're going to talk about the investigative judgment. And the vindication of god. And the millennium. And the executive judgment and you're wondering how my going to do that before five thirty. Well we'll see what we can do. But i am taking for granted that most of you understand a little bit about the great controversy. And you're familiar with the doctrine of the investigative judgment. And of course the millennium. But my focus today is not to prove these doctrines from the bible. It's to give you a picture of the character of god. To inspire you and. To help you appreciate what kind of god we serve does that make sense. I'm not really dealing so much with the doctrine of judgment. Or the millennium. Or for that matter the great controversy but all of this that will look at is going to help us appreciate better what kind of. Ruler that we have in this universe. All timidly god's goal is to purify the universe of sin. And to assure that it will never arise again while at the same time preserving. Freedom of choice. And in order for him to do that. He works with an open government. He's transparent. With the heavenly intelligences. When he does what he does. Let's start with the cosmic conflict just an overview. In luke chapter ten verse eighteen. Jesus said to his disciples. I be held say ten. As the lightning. Fall from heaven. This is jesus speaking. And this is a good summary of the great controversy of course without getting into all the details. When you go back to isaiah chapter fourteen versus twelve anon. You get some of the details. The statement is made of how. Are thout fallen from heaven. Oh lucifer. For a valid hast said in the heart. I will ascend into heaven. I will be like the most high. So jesus said. I beheld satan fall from heaven. You go back to the book of isaiah you get some ideas as to why he fell from heaven. He wanted to be like god not in character. He really developed a feeling of. This satisfaction with his own position. And he began to conclude that he could actually do things a better. God and his government. Was not good enough. And if he was in charge. He would do it better and. Of course we don't have time to give you all the details today but in revelation chapter twelve verse four. It tells us that the dragon which is satan the devil. That old serpent. The dragon. With his tail. Reading from revelation twelve verse four. Drew the third part of the stars of heaven. And did cast them to the earth. So of course he had his feelings of this satisfaction with god's government and. He began to share those feelings of this satisfaction. And the bible says that with his tail. He drew a third of the stars. That is referring to the angels of heaven with him. And some commentary from. Ellen white satan thought that if he could carry the intelligences of heaven with him in rebellion. He could also carry with him the other worlds. So he actually came to the point where he believed that if he could get in. Sympathisers. He would actually take god's government. He would take god's position. And so he was working on doing that and. He was actually very successful the bible says a third of the stars of heaven. Were drawn with him. But in all reality those. Angels that did not sympathize with lucifer and did not rebel against god's government. Were exposed to those questions that were raised about god's goodness. About god's wisdom god's love. God's fairness. And so the question. Would come. Why did god not eliminate the rebellion if he is all knowing and all powerful. The bible says in revelation chapter twelve or say that the dragon and his angels prevailed not. Neither was their place found any more in heaven. And it couldn't be stated better than in this statement from desire of ages page seven fifty nine. God could have destroyed satan and his sympathizers. As easily as one can pass the pebble to the earth. But he did not do this why. She goes on to explain. It was god's purpose. To place things. On any turn all basis of security. Time was given for the working of satan's principles that they might be seen by the heavenly universe. So the same god. That was concerned with abraham. Before destroying. Sodom and gomorrah. Was concerned with the heavenly intelligences. And before executing judgment. When the time came when there was nothing more god could. Do. To win them back without violating freedom of conscience. God still waited. Because he deals with rebellion responsibly. The bible says in revelation chapter twelve or stand continuing the story. It says that the accuser of. Our bread the wren is cast down which accuses them before our god. Day and nine. Why is satan referred to as the accuser. Of the brethren. I want to look at this question. This is fundamental to understanding. What god is doing. What jesus is doing. Why we're still here. L m y. Explains in early writings page one forty six. After satan and those who fell with him were shut out of heaven. And he realized that he had for ever lost all its purity and glory. What did he do. He repented and wished to be reinstated in heaven. Now we're going to explain what the bible means in revelation twelve ten. When it talks about the dragon say. And the devil. As the accuser of the brethren. Now of course he rebelled against god he was able to gather sympathy. And he had his sympathizers. And some of god's angels most of god's angels remained on god's side but he had a third of the stars of heaven on his side. And we are told that he prevailed not and neither was their place found any more in heaven. But we're told here that. There came a point. After he had been shot out that he repented and what did he desire. What do you read there on the screen. Last part. He desired to be what reince. State and now we're going to understand what it means for him to be the accuser. Of the brethren. Why is he referred to as the accuser of the brethren. Ok. That's the question we're going to answer. So it says here in early writings page one forty six that he repented and wished to be reinstated. Let me ask you a question. At this point does god still love lucifer. And his sympathisers has god's feelings changed. Towards them. Is it because god is. Out to revenge and. Get back at them for what they have done is that why god doesn't accept this repentance. Ellen white explain. Story of redemption page twenty six. He. Lucifer. Then related to the son of god that he repented of his rebellion. And wished. Again. The favor of god what did he wish for the favor of god we're describing here. What takes place before. Adam many crews are created before this world. Comes into existence. Early writings page forty six but no. Why is his repaired since not excepted why. Is lucifer and his sympathisers not reinstated. Heaven must not be placed in jeopardy. The seats of rebellion were what within him. In other words. The repentance did not involve a genuine change of heart. Of attitude. The rebellion was still in his heart. But it was sorrow for the consequences. That his choices had brought upon himself. And under those conditions. God cannot reinstate him. Because. As it would place. Heaven. In jeopardy as everyone understanding. So then why is he the accuser of the brethren are you ready for the answer. You know this this statement. Story of redemption page twenty seven. This is his reasoning this is ellen white's insight into the story of the controversy. If he couldn't anyway beguile them adam and eve. To disobedience. God would make some provision whereby they might be pardoned. And then himself and all the angels all the fallen angels. Would be enough. Fair way to share with them. Of god's mercy. Do you understand the issues at stake here. You see his reasoning and of course he was wrong because he didn't take into account. The plan of redemption. But he understood one thing that is true. God is fair and god is no respecter of persons. If god is going to grant pardon to adam and eve and their descendants. He will be forced to reinstate. Us as well as everyone understanding. Of course not taking into account that god would provide a legal basis. In order to forgive. Man jesus. His sacrifice. We read in testimonies for the church volume five page seventy four satan has an accurate knowledge of the sins which he has tempted them to commit. And he presents a v. s.. These referring to the sins that he leads people to commit. In the most exaggerated light. The. Clarine. Who is the clarion here. Satan. Will god banish me and my angels from his presence. And yet reward those who have been guilty of the same sins. Val canst not do this old lord in justice. Vi throne will not stand in righteousness and judgement. Justice demands. That sentence be pronounced. Against them. I want you to turn with me in your bibles to romans chapter three and. With this context in mind of the great controversy. I want to look at romans chapter three. Paul talks about christ's sacrifice. And how it provided. Justification. Freely. To all who have sinned. Jew and gentile. Now. In romans chapter three of course there's a lot about justification by faith in the latter part of the chapter. But in the first part of the chapter paul is simply establishing the fact that we are all under sin. Jew and gentile. We are all condemn. And we are all in need of salvation the same means of salvation is for all. If you go to romans chapter three the first part of the chapter. Paul here is actually quoting. Psalm fifty one. And i want you to look here at verses three and four. For what if some did not be lieve shall their unbelief make the faith of god without effect. In other words. If some have rejected god. This that make his. Means or his provision for salvation of none effect. Verse for god for. Did you say let god be true but every man a liar. As it is written out here paul is about to quote some fifty one. Ok. Do your homework later. Were in romans chapter three verse four. Paul is going to quote. David. In the song. Notice the words that. Paul uses here. That val god midas' be justified in by sayings and minus be what. Over come when the. Art. Judged. That you know god is judged. We're talking today about god being vindicated. You know god is judged. The investigative judgement. Of course ultimately it is to decide. The destiny of souls. But the heavenly intelligences. Are watching with great interest you know in the most holy place of the sanctuary of the earthly sanctuary. You know those two angels. Representation of angels in the most holy place. The ark. Is between those two you know what they represent the interest with which heavenly intelligences. Look upon the plan of salvation. You know in the investigative judgment it's not so much for god to determine who saved and whose last. God knows of them that are his. But the heavenly intelligences. Are watching with interest. To understand god's character. And god's. Judgments. If you go to. Romans chapter three verse twenty six. Speaking of jesus and what he accomplished on the cross. Still in this context of justification. To declare i say. At this time in his righteousness. Jesus dying on the cross. Was a declaration of his righteousness. That he god. Might be just. That's fair and the justifier of him which believes in jesus. You know in order for god to be fair. And uphold his law. And extend mercy to fall and sinners. Jesus had to die without. The death of crying. What we have are the accusations of satan. If they can be pardoned. If they can be given a second trial. Why can we not be given a second trial. So the investigative judgment in the end. And the vindication of god now of course when we talk about the vindication of god. Let me make it very clear i believe that christ. On the cross. Vindicated. God. Ok i'm going to show you from the bible. John chapter twelve verse thirty one. Jesus prior to his crucifixion. Now is the judgment of this world. Know now shall the prince of this world be cast out. You know what jesus is referring to here. His crucifixion his sacrifice. Was going to vindicate. God before the universe. And. I mean. Hadn't. Lucifer already been cast out. What is this referring to. You know. Jesus said i beheld. Satan as lightning fall from heaven right. That was prior to his crucifixion. And now as he is about to be crucified he says now is the judgment of this world. Of course we read the book of joy. No we find that satan. Seems to have a certain amount of liberty to appear before god in heaven lee intelligences. Make certain accusations. It seems like. God's hands are tied to a certain ist extent. And if god were to shut. The mouth of lucifer. As he comes to challenge him. Concerning his servant job. Say might have pointed and said. God knows that i have a case against him and so somehow god has to continue to allow things to play out in the controversy. But when jesus died. Satan was judged. He lost. He was defeated. Jesus said. It is finished. Kolache in chapter two verse fifteen. And having spoiled principalities and powers. He made a show. Of the vem. Openly. Triumphing over them. In is it does anyone know what it is here. The cross. At the cross. Jesus triumph over them. Kolache ans. Chapter one verse twenty. And having made peace. Through the blood of his cross by. Him to reconcile all things. Onto him sell. By him. I say whether they be things in. Earth or things in heaven. Are you understanding. Christ's death on the cross. Not only reconcile sinners. To god and provides a way of salvation to fall in man. But it reconcile. Iles heaven. And this is so profound you know the links of sympathy between. Lucifer and those angels that remained on god's side. But were exposed to those questions. Those ellen white writes in desire of ages page seven sixty one. By shedding the blood of the son of god. He had up rooted himself. From the sympathies of the heavenly beings. Henceforth his work was restricted. The last link of sympathy between say. In the heavenly world. Was broken. Is everyone following. So here comes the big question. If this was accomplished at the cross. Then why is god. Not able to put an end to the rebellion. Why does jesus not receive his eternal kingdom. Why doesn't he purify the universe of sin. That's the question. Revelation chapter twelve verse twelve. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea. For the devil is come down into you having great wrath. Because he knows that he has but a short time. Ok. A short time. But the question is if christ. Gained the victory at the cross why a short time. Ellen white answers this question of course the bible answers it. But i'm going to give you the. Summary. When i'm going to read all the verses and. All of the statements but this higher of ages page seven sixty one i believe really. Summarizes it well. Yet satan was not then destroyed is talking about the cross. Why. The angels what angels are we talking about here. Bad angels are good angels. Good angels. The angels did not even then. Even when at the cross. Did not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy. The principles at stake. Were to be more fully revealed. The principles at stake. Were to be more fully revealed. That's profound. What could possibly need to be more fully revealed. What possibly arouses the attention of the heavenly. Universe. Even after the cross. Genesis chapter twenty two gives us a glimpse remember when god asked abraham to make the ultimate sacrifice. And it says that god wants to prove. Abraham what does god need to know about abraham isn't god all knowing. Genesis chapter twenty two verse twelve. As abraham is about to sacrifice a son. He is told. Elaine not divine hand upon the lad. Neither do that now anything on to him. For now. I know that thou fears. Now that god need this to find this out. What do you think that god need this demonstration to understand what was in abraham's heart. Patriarchs and prophets page one fifty five. What was at stake. Heavenly beings were witnesses. Of the scene. As the faith of. Abraham and the submission of. Isaac or tested. All heaven be held with wonder and admiration. A. Abrahams unfaltering obedience. Who was wondering with admiration abraham. Abraham's unfaltering obedience. All have an op plodded in his fidelity. Satan's accusations were shown to be false but somehow. We're not there yet are we we have joe chapter thirteen verse fifteen after you read. Job chapter one in everything god. Allowed job to go through. I wonder what the heavenly intelligences must have felt. When they be held. Joel say vo he slay me yet. Will i trust in him. Let me ask you a question. Was god vindicated at this moment. I mean if you read the book of job. If you read job chapter one and two and the whole dialogue between god and satan. And then you really a statement like this coming from the man that lost his children his possessions. And his health. And he says though he slay me yet will i trust in him. If you tell me god is not vindicated. Then i don't know how you interpret the bible. Now there's this. In some way diminish. What christ accomplished at the cross. Those job get the credit. Or the glory. I mean. Is it not the power of god. The gospel. Changing a wick kid. Sinner. Into a submissive trusting child of god. Read. Second peter. I mean. First peter chapter one verse twelve. The angels this year to look into the gospel. What the gospel is able to accomplish. In a human heart. A revelation chapter twelve eleven. They overcame hamma by the blood of the lamb and. By the word of their testimony you know. The accuser of the brethren is overcome by the blood of the land. Amen. But revelation twelve or so leaven says they overcame him. By the blood of the lamb. And by the word of their testimony. If the blood of the lamma. Legally externally. Is able to accomplish everything. Without necessarily an inward change. Then why does the blood of the lamb not allow for the reinstatement of lucifer and his sympathisers. You see god will not violate the principle of freedom of choice. God is going to deal with rebellion in a responsible way he's going to sure that sin will never rise again. And his work. Is salvation. He will save everyone. That is reeling to be saved. But in order for god to do his work responsibly. He provides the means of salvation. Christ's death on the cross there is no salvation. Without what christ accomplished. On the cross. Are you all understanding. But god is vindicated. Before the universe. As he demonstrates that what christ. Complet on the cross is also able to root out. Every seed of rebellion. From the heart of man. They loved it not. Their lives on today. This is possible. Through the work that christ accomplishes. For and. In human beings. Psalm one nineteen verse eleven. Vi word have i hid it in mine heart. That i might not sin against the. Revelation chapter fourteen versus five and twelve and in their mouth. Was found no guy. This is talking about those that love not their lives and to death for they are without fault before the throne of god here is the patience of the saints. The final test. The mark of the beast you know revelation fourteen. Follows. The last part of revelation thirteen. The mark of the b. god is going to have a people. That would rather die than sin. Like job though he slay me yet will i trust in him. They overcame him. By the blood of the land and. By the word of their testimony. God will. Then straight to the universe. The difference between the righteous and the way kid. Between him that serves god. And him. That serves him not you know. The bible says in jude. That there was this spew. Over the body of moses. You know. In the investigative judgment god is going to. Demonstrate that though moses was a sinner. Though he fell. There is a difference between moses and lucifer and his sympathisers. They both fell. But moses. Submitted to god's will and provision for salvation. Moses humbled himself and his repentance was not just a sorrow for consequences. It was a sorrow. A genuine sorrow for sin. That's what the investigative judgment is about the books are opened and the cases of. Everyone is displayed gone is not a respect of persons look at this statement. First peter chapter one verse seventeen. And if you call on the father who without respect. Of person whose. Judge is according to every man's work. Past the time of your surgery. Sojourning here in fear. Now i know that we're very uncomfortable sometimes. When we talk about being judged by our work. It's more comfortable for us to think that we're going to be judged as to whether or not we believed in jesus. Mental assent. That he died for us. Or not or we are going to be judged based on his life not our lives. But ultimately if the seeds of rebellion are still in our hearts. How could god. Demonstrate his justice. Now let me tell you this there will be people in heaven. That never knew the god of. Haven't. Never heard of jesus. There will be buddhists. Muslims hindus i believe that. And i believe. Everyone that's in heaven. Are in heaven because of jesus. There are individuals in this world that. Submit to the holy spirit's promptings and they don't even know that a holy spirit exists. And they will be in heaven. And there are people that profess to be the positives of the. Oracles of god and they may not be and have. So god is really not a respect of persons. But all timidly. The seeds of rebellion have to be rooted out of our hearts. I'm closing. The millennium. And the execute of judgment. And we're not going to talk too much about it. But what's the millennium about genesis eighteen twenty five. Gives us a little glimpse of it we read it already. Shall not the judge of all the earth do right. That's what the a millennium is about god opens his government. Not only to the. Unfallen intelligences. But during the millennium to all the redeemed. The bible says in revelation chapter twenty verses four and twelve. And i saw thrones. And they sat upon them. And judgment was given unto them. The rest of the verse explains who they are the redeemed. And i saw the dead small and great stand before god and. The books were opened. This is all timidly. Where god is leading everything for libyan's chapter two verse ten. We don't have time to go through philip institute but. There's a progression there. From christ's condescension. To christ work of redemption. To all timidly. Philippians two ten. That at the name of cheese. Us. Every need should bow. Of things in the heaven. And things in. Earth and. Things under the earth. God is going to purify the universe of sin. But he's going to eliminate rebellion but before he does that even though we're kid. Will acknowledge that he is fair and panoramic view. Everyone will see their lives. The lives of those with whom they lived and associated in this life. And god's dealing with. Every human being included in lucifer. And his sympathisers and alternately every one that is lost understands why they are lost those that are redeemed understand why some are not redeemed and god will preserve freedom of choice. And there will never be sin again not because god. Will eliminate the capacity to choose to go against them. But because everyone will understand that god's government is good. And that his ways are the best way. And that he is alive and may we get to know that god of love. As we get to know him. We will say yes. My drugs are godless. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader visit. W w w. Audio verse or.


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