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In Every Tongue

Joakim Hjortland
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The everlasting gospel is to go to every nation, tribe, tounge and people. Let’s do an eye-opening reality check, think of how this can happen and how we can use our gifts and influence to make a powerful impact through this work.  


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • January 15, 2016
    7:00 PM
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To preach to every nation. Try timing on people. Paul wrote the following in First Corinthians fourteen so likewise you unless you up there by the tongue words. How will it be know what is spoken for you will be speaking today. Of course we need to preach to forbid on the stamina to get the message in the language to come on the stump for a bit but it can this done well you should be something special to see not language. You know on the air like you know it's different to hear you know when you're in the OR IN YOUR MOTHER time. Now here's the challenge and I want to you know how many languages do we have in the world and I guess us or anyone knows how many languages one thousand pretty good guess. And they are. The best one so far I think at least. And one hundred thousand of them much less maybe if you count ballots out of it maybe I don't know. But it's six thousand eight hundred online languages. Now let's do a reality check. Most out of his publications appear in the major languages you know banished friends. You know major languages which of you is this language just are understood then accessible to many places around the world also in the emerging nations who know this languages are accessible to educate the people on the ballot but to reach the common people in this in many many places around the world to many many countries around the world. Publish it in the mother tongue and now let's bill you with more specific let's look at some statistics on this most of what I have in this presentation I got from a powerful book about Smith Some years ago by carrying books. Basically So probably the numbers a little different but it gives a good good idea to two thousand and one I think to publish it but still. When they made a pamphlet the complete Bible existing in. Three hundred seventy one languages six thousand New Testament in one hundred sixty or less better. And in comparison estate bubble occasions we had it in two hundred ninety five languages periodicals in seventy four language chess and Ellen White books in hundred forty one languages in comparison. Joel us witness US publication three hundred sixty one versus not ninety five and three other cults one thirty nine versus seventy four why the well I don't like this number. Should do something about it but it's good to do a reality check and according to the General Conference or I also did just this video powerful video that has been really a powerful tool in the mound of some utopian chance that the five hundred forty two languages on this one video was made in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. So it's not a very long time I go to our studio. If I wanted for it to a done witches and now according to General Conference messages or all in eight hundred three language that's what they said and then three on the time line was just about a. Which we are pressed something on that your language has. But this one was just for Hama ninety three do not have any print publications. No nothing written. Now on top of that even worse. We actually have books you want books for instance and. We maybe don't how many of the last three months maybe if we have where we have had stuff general maybe current imprint them in the old language translation and maybe are like. Oh this is why we have five copies of different than what books you know exact we are far from where we should that we had like it's a sub to think about it but it's good relativistic now I think we have some things to look on from your post with us from Campus Crusade for Christ video and also from Bible transmission. There are you know very organized some systematic manner they are approaching the translation. So I want to share something I think it's inspiring to see how they are you know moving forward with their work. Also from this book that. What if I was translation not this time when it was print that they have been a thing or been involved in chanced I think the New Testament in five hundred languages quite quite right. Reaching out to thirty million people so I guess that's five hundred smaller languages because probably already in the big it was the five hundred translations. They have they were at the moment it was print that engaged in ninety five languages I guess but for us on the stump. They had a presence in one thousand five hundred seventy one language US and the gold was part of the Bible it will be just at that in. In two thousand and twenty five I like to fit all of the good go to you know. We need to plan for it to make it happen and success and in the end amounts of the fifth and the just project or or it win this must print the truth thousand. Still three thousand to two groups who do not have the Bible in their language. This is really powerful and really something that should inspire us I think. They are in them. Missy or before I said if I can say the mission of that just as soon projects. Well I mean they're OK. It was to basically to show that everyone in the were in his or her language just their mission that's really cool missions have made it to nine hundred seventy nine Their mission is that everyone in the world we hear what. Video that's here the golf ball in their own language. And so basically at the time it was published they had scheduled to translate it into a language test every language with seventy five thousand or more primary speakers so that it's one thousand one hundred fifty four languages they were they had scant of chance pensions for. That would basically cover ninety nine percent of the world's population. So that's so about if you reach about that you cover almost everything. And that would be in order today or in the time they had already five hundred forty two translations when this was printed and they were working on two hundred fifty two hundred fifty languages in progress. And according to their schedule every seven to ten days they would have a new translation that's quite powerful they're pushing forward. Let's reach out to everyone and that's going that's how we should. And now. That's when this was printed right in two thousand and one. So I checked up just this week. Like to see some more on how this pressure how developed and was really powerful I found out you know it was released. You know in one thousand seventy nine nineteen eighty nine ten years late there. They had it in five hundred forty two Language us. They're here right. They had a few hundred hundred forty seven translations in ten years. It's like that mom about out some amount that we have and I want one of the years. They had it in ten years. Hundred sixty six countries in one thousand nine thousand five hundred translation twenty years. Five hundred translations in two thousand seven hundred ninety three languages which is eighty five percent of the were covered. In two thousand and seven house and translation powerful pushing for. Two thousand and nine the new goal is to reach everyone every language that has fifty thousand or more speakers so that is it time to sixty five more languages on the current day out in the time and generally twelve to sixteen this week. You can look exactly on how many languages you have you can look at the interactive timeline of everything since they start up. And on their web page thirteen hundred eighty one language US powerful in nineteen seventy nine think we have something to put on from their their work and not only that basically since they published a video several billion viewings. Several times has been viewed. More down. How in the. Decision to accept Christ as their personal savior a source of powerful really power of media power of that's yeah we have definitely something to learn there. Now that will carry book. Member ministry in the. I don't know so much about it because I don't know if you have a webpage that's got this old book at that time to find out but I don't know so much. I know but since like a partial edition of the list and a good beginning. I hope they would continue or others will be inspired to do what they wanted to do this their goal was to go to us to publish sponsor S.T.A. books in developing nations and especially in the UK and between ninety ninety four and two thousand when they sponsored over two hundred books different titles of language that's primarily a spirit of prophecy books but not on me you know many places for instance the president of the mission he said one of the great this new. Christian believers to have adequate reading material in their own language so many times there is something but they don't have probably the money and the finest to do it and that's usually the problem I'm sure you could even if something chance that you kind of hired to perform there well you know I know what ministry in store now they are trying to put into it to chance but like I sort of different things and I think you know a lot of them have become and I haven't if you know sometimes they can be powerful that can be a good way to reach out as well you know in a way. Just pay them on the pay them to. Through the Gospel basically and. So if you. Usually do it and actually it's not too expensive either because the estimate the estimate that a printing cost in India. They said in the year two thousand yes to give us an idea for seven thousand five hundred US dollars which is of course some money but then they publish thirty two in the front books fuckin type that's up restaurant of between three thousand and eight thousand copies can imagine. And if you look at what we have accomplished so far I'm probably what we have in many countries. How many types we have come on we should have been able to do much more many more languages many more types many more and that's and that's in the yeah of course maybe some countries are more expensive but still you know it's should be possible. Now the goal of this when they wrote this book at least in the that it's the first of generating to Doesn't this was their goal. Basically Or before I showed up basically was to think all bit by bit in the time was finished I think that some language us having to states' rights or US publishing to on the seventh of this time which us. So their goal. Basically they say was to publish on this route the following books which contend in time a search in three hundred seventy one language just by the year two thousand and eleven so in ten years. They say OK all its books should be in or list languages we have the Bible German seventy one languages which is you know quite From percent whites to what we have it's a quite high increase in ten years. It's a pretty ambitious thing but they had the goal was to have steps to Christ this I read this great controversy. Petrik some prophets the ministry of filling a book at all by having doctrines. A book at them done them in a relation a book at on the nature of a book it's on the sanctuary how this all this all that you have a seventy one let me just all along which is that the Bible is in public. That's good languages because that's probably the biggest ones you should start with the biggest ones like this many of them. So I think that's a really powerful I don't know I wonder I try to figure out a bit what you know if they're still active because having this home spread this is a good ministry this is I mean is it we should you know. Good to support financially or whatever or be inspired by but they're also both kind of like they wanted to inspire more people to be involved in this because they are you know space and know that they're trying to get in different places of course obviously they come. They don't know one thousand languages themselves you know. So probably other people could do similar things and I guess they kind of caught in a contact you know called well written it's what books do you know. And maybe help with these kind of things and financially sound it's not the kind of what you do but basically they also write about how or how you can get involved. So it doesn't look at he says like a board it's to be for Sharon appointed and I found the stablish which will be managed by the board and then they leased several points of these at the beginning you come and try to if you want to get the whole book probably from MIT at a John McCain camp should put it up on the web. I mean the board will determine which territory has to highest priority and then at least some different points you know do this find out about you know. Really cool and that's really. I think kind of they were inspired by you know they talked about these things like a fight just this video which is very organized systematic work to come on let's get five hundred languages in you know whatever big bounce and that's how we need to do you know to finish the work it's an issue and it's a conference and we have to restrict every language right now let's let's read some few some more read some versus trying to read every time chime in people rights read this special swell on the gospel of the kingdom with efficient or less a witness to it to all nations and then then with common thread. Every tribe time pit bull runs many other worse a similarly for I know their works on the thoughts that I will gather all nations on all times and they should come and sit in my glory in the. And you have also in all before the Great show in relation to what is a see some different purposes than the. Religion seven it says that of all nations tribes people sometimes again and again you know God would be your only ritual the world quote the rich every nation every tribe. Every time. So we have some work to do. Now let's let's read some some statements got stuck to the basic It sort of Spirit of Prophecy Here are some quotes on this on this topic. Many of God spitball ought to go forth with our publication into place this would of thought in this message has never been proclaimed a book to be published in many different languages from city to city from country to country carried to publications containing the promise of the Severson coming this publications are to be transferred the need to everyone which for to. All the world the gospel is to be preached to every work of Christ promises the divine efficiency that will make you slow bursts of success to give all nations the message of warning. This is to be the object of our effort this publications are to be transferred into every language for all the world the Gospel to be pretty sure of the work about this our publication in one of our language shows should increase in circulation our presence I'm not working Many something for at the truth in French then there should German and many foreign languages that the spirit of harmony and unity prevail has to work is carried forward. We have no time for contention and strife in every cloudy. The truth is to go forth as a lamp to Bernath but every reasoning mind have the privilege of hearing the truth for D.S. time we have before us a great work what's the issues with pitchforks theories they do not decide to truth. They are afraid to have truth percent to the people they do not want the facts to appear us they are given in the Word of God. That's one of the believe the third in this message take up the work that God has committed at them seek to realize its greatness unimportance the believers do well in their power to rouse an interest in press and truth in the neighborhood in which the only. Let's all act an honest dissenter and to put this through us the park somewhere laboring one way or the other. But what should do something. The books containing the response of our faith must be transmitted or language does this work must make more rapid progress than it has made and she would push for said a cent today. If she saw to statistics. So we have some work to do. This guy. What's the one that inspired this foundation. Someone that I think can be an expression tot's we don't carry He was a simple English cobbler who became an self-taught scholar feud brewing rich and he went to India in some into ninety three of us about just. Of course of course that somehow it's an auction. And we live so far as I know what I know of him since a very nice honest Christian and he had to be shown that every language should serve the Lord by the end of his life he had chanced it that I'm printed in The New Testament in thirty five languages and portions of the old the New Testament in the number of languages and part of his genius part of his success was that we don't carry. You know you can say he multiplied himself through others. So I don't know exactly I don't know so many bit as I want to read more about it but what's to he somehow inspired others to get involved in this work and he swore hate every language that served in order in it to we need to and he worked he pushed for. And he's called the father of modern mates missions and I am one of the quotes one that he is known for Expect great things for gob and it's great things for Bob. Now imagine that's what while on the mound. I wonder if we follow this principle by God's grace I wonder how much we together could accomplish by His grace. If we expect him to grit things for God and claim his promises to did it work that should be done not come on think about it. Tell us there are probably better knowledge but probably not a whole lot better to type to get some more up to the numbers eventually when this things but they add up put it nicely together. But when this was made any white folks think about it. One hundred forty one languages and I have been talking about the most important books ever come before the well and the shops should be spread in every language every client writes the Bible of course to it but we have others helping us with out so if they are doing a good job of pushing forward to wacky translation or whatever which is also a nice thing to mean what in the course and other books as well but but especially I would like to read controversy and this books that God really spent time that I got to said hey this is a message for this time this is the last warning to do well and to help them to see also because again the Bible is nice but we have seen that we need something more minute to minute to put to really sit down on the stand the warning. And what we need to come through all this layers. Gods and time dynamite hundred forty one language has come on the total of six thousand eight hundred nine Language us and do we have one hundred years one hundred years. Really I guess the problem is we didn't really devalue of his books that's probably a problem if you really believe this you know come on we should have been able to if you could do thirty five. You know one man like in ten years you know their fans want to have to increase from two hundred to three hundred like that should be did several things they decided you know from. What is it over twelve hundred thirteen hundred translations nine hundred seventy nine I think where we come to better. I got stress. I wanted to plan for it for it so I don't know my appeared to us you have to think in print maybe it got kind of got me might want to use somehow in doing some of this in getting the message shots because I got some quotes on what they were doing and in the on different places. They're willing to have lots of happen to slots of people lots of people in the world and that could be rich also but many times they lack money elect someone and it's probably something that to do maybe just organize a group and kind of have a boredom to become to donate but I'm sure many will be happy if they hear deficient you have an organize someone actually works on this I'm sure fantasist wouldn't be really a problem I don't think you could probably get a lot of people willing to donate to dot. If you have someone to really organize and contact what it is what you needed and work on getting good books and materials. So yeah my police estimate. Let's think and pray how we may become to park off. What should we got to with how us to play in helping getting the Gospel in answering he's up to three throughout I'm sure the Spirit of Prophecy of reach Shane every time every tribe every people every nation. So good news he says and wants us testimonies nine eleven. Remember nine eleven fund on the month will be rapid ones and imagine if you have one hundred people like we are carrying comp and I lost and there will be very consecrate to gripping them consent to give their life and all. So I went to God he said with a raise up an army like that then you see more and more. Missions course I think the last like thirty years or so to start a lot of mission schools all over the world training Tulsa not tough enough that all over the world. It's really cool and you know it says with such an army of workers right to Trent how soon the message will soon come in. Several might be character. How soon might and comment of suffering and sorrow unseen So I think God is really definitely repairing the way I think I think we're living in then we're getting close so much to be done but I think by God's grace some power. He would work powerful way through our generation. With the mindset of we will I'm carrying that that will expect great things for God caused a bit of par for God and their holy surrendered to him. So if you want to say with me to say with you know I respond to your Should I say you know and I think sometimes sometimes ask yourself what do you want me to do you know but sometimes a better question is God what will do you want to have because when we see what God wants to be done that might help us to see what he wants us to do we quit the thing it's got us and always call a qualified. But it always qualifies to court so much of the about the ability but try to opt out of it every day and I don't want what's the third person that was called to the prophetic ministry to persons not if they would have said yes she would have been called to mount by the right and first but they said no one of them and just did a great job prophet. Now I can say you know from my SO if I had so many things I have done the last year since I got in well in ministry when I was seven fifth and sixth and seventh and I would never have imagined I would do for instance when I started preaching head you know one person I knew Mrs so well so when she heard that I was going to preach in church for the first time. Also incident she said when she heard it she said on the stones will cry out. It's likely for her you know. But it you know and I didn't mean school I read it how big you know a whole day tests done like a one minute or a presentation and I grew up with some people. God you know it's not so much about ability rather but availability got us into call it qualified but I was qualified to call you know so I think it's sometimes it's no wonder you know I talk to some people from not you know that are pretty good they were studying you know that were just pretty good you know and they saw a bus if you don't have stuff in their letters. You know hey maybe God wants to use you you know he says whom shall I say That's his question. You know what do you want what's to be dumb and he's wondering he's willing he can use it if he can speak to a donkey speech drops if you come you know whatever you can qualify us. You know it's not that we have different gifts as well you know you know it's a balance there but generally. You know if no one does it maybe. You know he wants to sell for his work so they question he asked Whom shall I something. Said Lord hear mine. Summit. And you know what is your answer. Do you want to say with out and if you want to so you might not know what it means maybe it is to get in one of this maybe it's out of date I don't know but read about finishing their work and I got a house down for each and every one of us and the heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to all in this generation is the noblest of that kind of pollute and the human being the greatest things come in well. My my dream was to become a professional Talk of the hour that for me it would have been a great privilege to represent this with its national tour in soccer and I was kind of a dream for a long time. For me I would look up and it's a great honor and privilege and joy you know to it was to represent the Swedish national up to talk I actually we talked if there was a national level like on this gathering for my bitch when I watched them if I stopped with him. Then But if you think about it we are ambassadors for Christ. That's a much bread basket for the king and creator of the universe and I saw a much greater privilege much greater on our much more meaningful exciting and something I would give up smushed more joy than anything else we could be at all in this work. If you want to answer with the site today. You don't know what it is what it entails but you say Lord I'm willing to be used where you feel where you can use it and you know work. I don't want to do a lot with this be with their father we see there are some great work ahead of us before the work is finished and there is some up to be done or but we are also thankful that you you are. Able to performance and you are able to form a national time and you have a start up board. We don't know exactly how you can use us in your work. But we want to say here we are sun us we are willing in order to be used where usage fits as pets You may impress us with your spirit help us to say help us to understand how you can use us to reach out. With the greatest message to swallow Severson if your love your grace your your salvation and just let us go on and help us to understand how you can use us when on where on and let us to connect with people you want us to work with them and ask thank you a lot you will thank you for everything you will do because we know that when we expect and attempt great things for you you will accomplish what we campaign can imagine to us some about Christ us well in this I read us that he expected much hear from me one of us to follow His six. Thank you Lord for what's new with this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons cleaving Visit W W W.


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