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Let's Be Real

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • February 7, 2009
    3:00 PM
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heavenly father it is this is why we come this is why we are here this afternoon because we love Jesus and the book that testifies of him and so Lord we do not come to hear a man you know Lord that on nothing and I have no wisdom above any other man that is on this earth that there is a garden having a revealing secrets and orderly for either this afternoon you would open allies that we may behold wondrous things from your country more than that which we see not that you would teach us the father we need a message that will never leave us the same potentially we can see because of this time together we are more prepared to meet our Savior when he comes as our prayer and Christ mean that all of God 's people say and payment sold this afternoon to be looking at the message that was humanly intentions for this morning and that messages entitled let's be real let's be real if you have your Bible says need to the book of Matthew six chapter him to sixth chapter as God grants me the opportunity to gallivant across the face of the earth reaching his word calling hard to make decisions for Christ and being able to encourage souls that are downtrodden by Satan and caught in the bondage of sin is one thing that I found not just religious communities but even in the secular world that there is something that everyone hates him and that one thing that everyone hates this upon receipt I don't think you can assault the person deeper than calling him a hypocrite when a person calls you a hypocrite it's a very light this is it is an attack on the very essence of who you are that you and your deep down you're not who you are presenting yourself to hereinafter is a pretender this is not the real you celebrity accomplishment every accolade every compliment is not real person we live in a world where people want to just be real this is all let's be real in that phrase comes up in conversation that's what were about the state was really in our minds will start talking in all of the Sebastian what you think about the food a potluck fall yeah you know God provides you know it's always good to be setting the Lord provides all things that pertain to life and godliness blessed be his name you come to a place leprosy keeps pressing the issue yet if you like the potatoes like this did you like the bread you know I may verify that I brought a potluck dinner comes up when it finally got the say hey let's be real there comes a time when we get to a point in the conversation where we recognize that a person is not understanding us perhaps I'm coming to you about a fault him him approaching you about something you did to me was something and I did to you and of course this is why would you say that I want to tell this person does you know I didn't want them to know and accept what a time in order to relieve the tension between that has to happen it must be a shift and are marginally stable let's be real you just like her that's why you believing that we are just jealous that's why you're acting that way let's be real let's put all cards on the table so that if there is broken and needs to be healed B healed in this sense I find that there's nothing amongst ministry to young people that young people see right through him hypocrisy they see right through him I don't know how many young people I can think of who grew up in the church for no longer in the church because of this month to say whatever she has weeping at the altar every Sabbath but we should consult is a different story him how they can say whatever he wants of running the pathogen free to follow something but it's a different thing at home that's why pastors to struggle because they need a pass that was not just a pastor at church was also a pastor at home potassium salt click the stop of the church members ears but he's too busy to hear the cries of his children must be real let's be real so Matthew chapter six Jesus begins to attack his sermon on the Mount which I found interesting the fact that Jesus felt that it was important in a public sermon to talk about hypocrisy I must believe it must've been a very pervasive problem on Friday following Wednesday PC Jesus never gives up a public son and I said on the Messiah he never gives up and it gives is a you know what outside of Luke chapter four when he announces missing in Isaiah sixty one the Spirit of the Lord is upon me outside of this we find Jesus telling individuals when it comes to public discourse is deviant hypocrisy in his assignment so that I can only conclude that in the multitude that we find in Matthew chapter five is that there was a multitude Jesus went up in the mountains of reach is mostly been a pervasive problem in amongst believers hypocrisy coming from the Greek work until the case you're just an actor he pointed across depends on the audience kind of lifestyle to let him around it is not vegetarian when I got what my college friends and I can easily fit in I went again that's the real him and I comes out and I will talk about how he am fine you know we need to vegetarian stuff and whatever but that when I leave just as I go somewhere else I'm making this stuff is the real while pretending for acting like playing to the crowd before I get ahead of myself Matthew six verse one Jesus says he him we warned him a very close attention listen to what I'm saying is that you do not all that is your your justice charity and kindness before men to be seen of them otherwise you have no reward of your father which is in heaven for one dollar bill is not always do not sound a trumpet before being as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and industries that they may have glory of men verily I sent you they have their reward but when outdoors alms do not buy left hand know what thy right hand do it all maybe on his secrets and I thought it would see it in secret himself shall reward the open so follow this the Bible says this Jesus as a deed that you do not know all be formatted to be seen of that so many people take this birth is a lot want people to know that I'm helping citizens as I dislike out with her tuition so amenable to write a certain season as season to write executive persons receiving the season is the one who actually favored tuition when he was actually me that some people get from the text does not would Jesus think he says will be formatted to be seen so he gives an example and apparently inverse to there were some hypocrites what sound a trumpet before they did a kind even now I'm looking to do some I'm I am a very imaginative person something into my soda walking down the streets of Loma Linda and I haven't seen any homeless people but why grew up in Chicago and Boston is a lot of homeless people see walking down the street in massive messages is at the big Street harbored MIPs on the street you walk down mass Avenue you see that guy sitting and that usually sit in front of the CBS to buy the train station by the subway stations field the copper whatever you come up the station and and Gai sensei and we got a couple dollars him all you hold on for my trumpet that I carry with me everywhere I go and everyone loves you my buildings and gives them the money but he said that is what is happening in the city in the streets it was also happening into Senegal so as to make sure I want units and how fine I am to be seen of men and he says you have no reward from your father so there's a reward for doing kind leads him to the motivation of self glory and to receive the glory of men so perhaps you do not illustrate with me we had Christian aid was a hypocrite and a Christian be was not a hypocrite in Christian and I do in the synagogues and in the streets make sure that he seen doing his gifts of charity Jesus says in verse three one oh two is not doable and I'll do all that not by a lot I know what I write and do it that night all may be in secret and I probably see it in secret shall reward me home on leave you see a contrast with your father sees in secret but you get rewarded for opening yes but if you do things to be seen alternately you get nothing him what you think him not been run on old glory note award from the theology to follow this Jesus says if you are struggling with hypocrisy if you are dealing with the fact that you want to do all to be seen of men the answer is not start doing all you follow what I just said the answer is not start doing alms the answer is do it in such a way to be seen by God that I'm doing it for different him vis-à-vis Don somebody's eye question is whose eyes are you doing at so follow the situation you talk to young people to talk the college student and I like it all out decidedly real I'm not interested in spiritual things are a lot about a church not interested in outreach home to try to be real and we think that that's what it means because it is a hotly voted for it knowing that in my lifetime still engaging user simple things yelling at the guy when I go back home on time thinking you are protecting taught acting like ensemble so gung ho about finishing the gospel of this generation tired of doing us all I just stopped preaching is not what Jesus 's recommendations to the Christian this afternoon from those in their heart of hearts that when you go home do not stuff going on in your life that's how the devil for the Christian God says the answer is don't stop taking positions in the church don't stop getting involved with zombies don't stop showing up at outreach because you got things going on in your life he says guess what keep doing the alms just go deal was happening in secret to the problem of democracy is not an issue of the awkward international opinion what a hypocrite is not a person who comes out front and yet has these data it's a person comes out front fatalities that in her life with no desire to change was going on today I talk to young people like Josephus about the design to be real I'm not try to be up there thinking I like these people is that for every single appeal that a preacher makes you only have to not been a change their life to pull the days just after your life is a lot you're not fooling anyone and so Jesus says stop pretending that means you need to deal with the hardware that's the solution so the thing is hello letting reading for the reading diseases gets deeper into this first file so it is all happening talks about priorities as and when I'll pray is also not be as though they are hypocrites are a lot of race anywhere is involved in the corners of the streets of interesting writer uses the same two scenarios industries and indiscernible what you duet starts and what you do in public interesting so he does this verily I sent the unit out there we were but now went out for you so here again Jesus assumes don't stop offering him and don't stop praying enter into thy closet and when I shut thy door printed on father which is in secret and I father would see it in secret shall reward thee all to open me and goes into the Lord 's prayer was well familiar with look at verse sixteen just like you finish off the section moreover when you fast be not as what hypocrites there is again a sad countenance for doing this figure their faces that they may appear unto men to fast verse seventeen but now when thou fastest anoint thine head and wash thy face that thou appear not unto men to fast but unto thy father which is in secret and I thought it would see in secret shall reward thee openly so here again Jesus highlights the point in prayer and fasting in all you'll just need to action that is acceptable by God on your people are doing things to be seen of men and so here you have one indictment against the hypocrite is why it is that in doing things and be seen of men but the question is not going to be seeing them go which means you're not doing it into private him is gone doesn't seem openly he sees in secret will get what you know when it starts to look at what to do when in your heart when he looks at him and because of this we can do whatever we want in public means nothing to go because the Christian rule and rule is a Christian as we know an education and that statement was true and honest in their inmost soul is not talk to you now the only talk about let's be real let's be real so the cost of the church in order to be real what am I talking about talking about authentic Christianity is talking about that real Christianity is the one when no one is looking willingness to play in a group when you say no afternoon potluck all of a sudden I will need to bring spiritual things from talking about her spirituality that is you know I just remembered there was his this is book is called to seek review of this book is culpable secret is run by sociologist taxied on weblog of the year award two thousand seven at even we gave all awards for blogs you got an award weblog of the year and essentially what this project was was that he said okay the challenge of Americans challenge Americans to buy me a postcard and I want you to tell me something you've never told another human being anonymous Sunday the postcard and then I'll publish them in a book and some of them are put on the website so he started getting things from America that is interesting because when you read some of the things in the book I haven't read the book I'm not interested in people 's lives was like that for some adventure about in the book are disturbing him let me just tell you completely changes the way a I think about what writing on the subway is a delight although this person but if that is available Sigrid you don't know if the whole issue with this is that what you claim on is that we live in a society where there started deep dark things is involved in the closet I cannot expose and it's always there in the closet and you make sure when people walk in the will of your company when it walked in the role of your conversation there's a site called you can open us are just chomping at the opportunity to shed all my heart it's out there so you have a pastor 's wife and to proceed with it my husband is a pastor of a mega church denomination is not only been believing God never told another human being not a woman were already supposed secret is that you know I was married I am married for twenty years ever happened my marriage I been having an affair with my best friend was a woman she was writing this about her husband to turn the page yet while Vincent is thinking about his wife have been having an affair with my male best friend got a book from the eighties some longitudinal study called Day America told the truth and she challenged Americans on different questions of action and he said okay and we did a survey and part of asserting he said okay how many of you Americans for a million dollars would kidnap someone else's child someone else is out one million dollars not their child digital twenty five percent of Americans at four million dollars and kidnap somebody else's child how it gets better I gets better him seventeen percent of Americans said it would abandon their old children four million dollars him them twenty two percent of Americans several million dollars to become a prostitute for two weeks they said how many you for two million would do it for longer percent twenty two percent BC Hydro to look for the book the look on Amazon.com are not making this up to hold one of the booklet essay are we as moral as we like to profess ourselves to be viewed downloaded anonymous said a certain PR member there is a studying Christianity did anything how many of you pastors ministers have fallen into sexual temptation since you've been in ministry fifty percent said yes and any other surveys and how many of you have lied on the serving twenty percent said yes so you're talking for you talking fifty to sixty percent of ministers it means to falling into sexual sin while in ministry so you have a situation when you say what is it that people are finding what if we published a book about people secrets in this world what would be available policy groups the interesting thing is that is a post secret in heaven everyone stays in his room are written down somewhere and everything done in darkness will come to life so what am I telling you today Christ needs authentic Christians friends not just Christians on Sunday you see you when it comes down to it and the final conflict and standing before God and going to the other great conflict I recognized something you can have faith in victory over sin do not have real victory over sin arguing that it cannot be justified in the church has to be before the eyes of God when he says like you said Abraham will one of our kids my fear always before your face more just at search on Sabbath do you recognize that I see in Seagraves this why we have gotten is the only people walking around with a sense of condemnation constant spiritual insecurities and Jesus says this is the condemnation because the light has come on and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds and more people everyone comes like what happens to expose PC friends we all know we all know him say what was something wrong like the teams outsource up formula something wrong we don't want to tell me where going we don't want to do something we should be doing him don't know what else I'm always going to church no problem would just steal it right now I got it right all the class that I'll catch you later when you're leaving class for your skipping class is yielding the most impossible Melinda is see the people left on him and him and you talk about the classes they met what you are discussing basic output octets and Julie to get what you adorn Ahmed like I could make you drop me all on a musical Sebastian Sidi to drop you off like I'll know what you make it in all I got some decent danger of an ideologue in relation I wasn't with his godlike slightly being on that list like this is because we all do the same thing but I don't want to go eat something that the community does not support out to be very quiet about what I'm going to want to go to the movies you know I know I want to talk about movies or what about my jewelry that I know where I can be in this group will be accepted with my jewelry him at this point where we say I'm even authentic community God says no need authentic Christian or not challenging you the boldness and what size you need to get a heart worked on Jesus is trying to say him to question the photography is not well been aware only on part of hiding the fact that on the scope of my jewelry is not Jesus 's remedy is all back to the AC Grace Diehl was a heart problem created me a clean heart makers will the repentance in your own life to see friends present church was suffering for me was suffering for lack of authentic community you know what am talking about many of us cannot be ourselves in the church we cannot because everyone around us expecting me to be so holy because of my position because of my role because of things that I've done in the past we like to be closed so this whole concept of like I said earlier today and when we're talking about people analog people being in my business business you got that people just can't see him thoughts on the model blessing page sixty and the Christian dog should be as transparent as long as what you have to high if your life is being directed and guided by the word of God if your decisions are in Christ you are seeking things about what you have to hide what you want his assistance cleaning heavy cotton will when you're exposed to the community someone to say something to stop indulging in your sinful habits that's what we want to keep my business law self-confident coupons of this and that doesn't easily be set how can they not do this loss came onto this indulgent him would you be lost why will you die him for the for the glory of man full and him him significantly this person be making ceiling on it and it pains my heart because I go places him treats him him not often faulted and people tell me things that never told anyone else for I in him and I will how is it that I had come all the way from Boston will him to West Virginia to Pittsburgh to California where the case may be and people feel like people did this person and be real short exit is leaving tomorrow in the community here will get an up or single to this idea what I'm struggling to get what is digested like any player not what is real and that because we don't really want victory and we do we got so fine because you know what friends will be on the Bureau with the one you stood up here and admitted to struggling with something I guaranteed mother handle I guaranteed him him him seen it time and time again that comes out to all yet you're not struggling with this guy sat me down to her brother Sebastian you normally in the church global blog but was struggling masturbation for thirteen years I need help thinking him we are at two three four hundred member church not one person he said there's no way to tell them what Islam and be judged be condemned from you sit down to counsel young men him and I got an e-mail from a leader of a ministry like I can be honest with you and struggling with pornography masturbation follow blah I can even talked on the phone outsourcing don't call us respond to my e-mail brother Sebastian doing things for the Lord will community to go to him because there is no one to be real so the whole thing friends is that we can do on the ministry of preaching that we want in our own members are dying and all members are being strangled in sin Jesus says we need to be real friends no will to be seen of men that start doing things to be seen I'll gone on the wagon as far as we got to be real world Christianity authentic rule and not just unchurched not just on Friday night not just that religious event on Tuesday at the own person you'll know that person is deemed when Jesus entered them into the word abiding in Christ they got power to him and I need to know because I got real problems I got real struggles you need to know this when it starts getting victory like I need to need to know that the people problems preaching the gospel they don't even believe because any spiritual power anyone know why but does not grow him notwithstanding any power no power to want to him and more that are within this year but him and him to say this is one last thing before I make my appeal I know that what I share this morning at church I preached him him in all Mountain View Academy and after I I shared that experience I had with my girlfriend at the time to get into the back of the church an elderly man came up to me must've been in the sixties and sake of a locust because I love you so he came up to me after the Sunday economic Mimi on said I want to thank you for sharing what you should send in him not know why he was there exist some of us that's all he could say some of us just need prayer it was interesting because I saw the school to get you just tell partly on this point Jesus could not sin Jesus could not sin Jesus could not send these different analyses different enough to get victory we can get victory yesterday as I was quite awesome this brother is not realistically has nothing to do less than dichotomy unity in Christ Jesus was different than us because people are struggling Obama was able to the start of school the department the same thing myself die to self know matter what the lessons that he is a prophet he's even got itself and him and you're right you're right but I realized after the sermon beyond that because in his experience the only way he can deal with that he was not getting beauty without Jesus was different yet the changes theology things that happened to someone you don't start giving it to him to call cognitive dissonance my experience is not in harmony with what I believe him so either I need to change my experience wanted to get my beliefs but you know it's easier right to stage believes him to believe you can give victory for all eternity sitting in front of Jesus comes not what my Bible says that's not what my Bible says don't cheapen the boss because you will know how to abide in Christ and him so the downstate friends this morning as I know you all and I included not separating myself from this we all got troubles going on we do not like to admit it for perhaps our storm hasn't come yet but it will come him talk about that in the next session your storm welcome him and if it's already arrived to start us to start being real fun challenging you as a church need to create authentic communion no more the big stuff no one is pretending me to learn how to reset people waiting on him to does unfortunately got to a mental map him thank you him but Israel is illegal to ministry on getting a Bible study to someone they can be puffing away on a cigar almost anything as I know growing in Christ so when I come in which are still many cats out of the focus of our filming himself for his album illegally and of course to my mind is going to struggle within the unit was going on in his life so that remind him of how bad this sin is specializing the person you think you need to know is where can I go for power show me how to get out of this situation you see of people believe what I open up my heart when I come on a single struggling with the investigative judgment auto understanding will come to me all missionary is not even sure about eighteen forty four how are you a missionary amino acid initial response putting the mallet which is coming to me because she needs help because she needs help because she needs help him so this afternoon automated you because many of you many of us him him me him and were afraid that it would come out so we really are people won't accept this day to get all the teachings what your problem get yourself together but the reality is the opposite they should be treated better women come in the church but he does not we run things evangelism evangelism evangelism and to come out of Babylon into a Babylonian and him 's environments you've got you got people being treated the same only I noticed that the troopers are not my mind this is the truth no doubt in my mind this is the truth but I don't be most fatal to him that we think will without having Christlike love for the brother decimals fatal section is for Cormier started at the sound because I'm too busy ministering to people out there decision we lost him him go on the left side from no Google uses the least of these my brethren you were rather in the first of the church is not talking about you agree or does it go Brett and the church that he did not want to the least of these my brethren you did it not unto me what why Jesus there beside thinking that you're serving it what did I see you hungry and visit I think you will write out the church say she had ordered all July she's really awkward and weird I wanted to come to my also arthritis finds a way to sugar off member that girl that was me that you shirt off but I got yesterday to the awkward he talks a lot I wanted to come over you don't hang with us that was me and I was a stranger to my peel my first appeal is allowed to challenge him toss him in the today people find authentic community is going to be with me for a few hundred is from a legal one creating authentic commune it are unable to find any figures series notice that because a visit prevailing August that everyone a written title is only when one already to your news already synonymous with someone talk about how the struggling with either sexual immorality tobacco or drug abuse and are ready to hear that you can already hear people self-hatred and how they cut themselves had attempted suicide because they were abused as a child can already hear there is real friends and in the church this happened I was at Academy last unbelievable stories believable girls five years old suddenly abused by five women how are you still believing in Jesus I don't know him and the church is ready to receive the broken right here Ottawa fight right here if we would just listen him and the guns down just with my second appeal was there's people browsing in this room but maybe in this church that you know and you just don't sit on the same side of the church the Audubon are the church but you know we just understand you just don't get along for special prayer after the service this is a serious issue not an immediate PR so my view is that you know somebody in charge for in the search is in the world church as a Christian Seventh-day Adventist person in your life mom dad Fred him brother sibling however you know you have problems with them and you don't love them like should we need to forgive them in a single superlatively funny special prettily because inasmuch as you did it not unto the least of these my brethren you did it not unto me one says the person we will release his people to your love for golf a year in the parts obsolescence was my neighbor freedom you will release was that person that's able to get a lot of thoughts on the process of the nightly look at the sense that instead of addressing Martin to make this appeal we got a start dealing with issues right here in life you were not ready to come in and were pulling people out there year-over-year while you want to be careful of such and such an eagle you want to be careful of such and such things happen to me calmly at the believer people for your ear to ear you going places political issues and what in the world it was personally singularly fine for me you don't know them you don't know that you were talking about each other freaking golf heart so you know morning I want you to come forward with our special prayer right after this you know you got people either in this church or in the church and our problems would come forward to similar money special friend are those people you sold in adopting a way for you to come downstairs a special prayer you not to make it is not with the time come forward leaving the cost of audio this week apologize ask forgiveness for to forgive them you have issues with someone from for special prayers were going to pray out him reason on this is where it starts to Disney one courageous heart decided a deal with the brokenness pastors wronged someone says something to us I was messed up as a child one can't forgive my dad whatever the case may be my mom had registered a policy down my throat not arguing at home for come forward for ex-boyfriend in the wrong my ex-girlfriend to be wrong she or he or she was a seven-day Adventist come forward you need to do with that so for special prayer that we had a ball of yarn schools is not accompanied by the Russo real problems and come for meeting people who come down the aisle in a minute is there another time when the closest thing soon praise God for him to please every artist about every eyes closed as always found the start being real we can experience real victory into a real problems praise God wait for the opposite in all of all the people to make it front this week you need to do with our issues this week four so far pray with you I'd have to visit one him and inventory the foregoing welcome to him like this one hurts to be working on getting a bit over this reader and welcomed to the story heavily faulted him know why we all standing and are spending more and more tired of fighting for tired of being him and another thing the Lord would thought you're trying to do things for the glory for the eyes of the Lord we want to be able to give all into praying that the fast and to seek spiritual things because it was going on in our hearts as the old spiritual goals Lord I want to be a Christian in my heart father I pray that prayer is for every heart just standing there for the hardware that's struggling to stand to be real I pray that your spirit will continue to bring their souls and you may continue to challenge them until they find a place of authentic Christianity is something liberating Lord knowing that we have nothing to hide Lord lastly I want to pray for those that come for a special prayer because you know more than anyone else what are the issues amongst your children in the Philippians chapter two verse one you challenge us if there be any consolation in the bowels of mercy you will him fulfill ye my joy that to be like-minded Florida I pray that this would begin a change in this church we can put aside the wings Lord we can fulfill James five is able to confess our faults one to another that we may be healed we need freedom from these things were bound Lord by our prejudices of one another and we cannot experience true unity which Jesus said when we are one in the world will know that the father has sent please Lord guide us in this experience and continue to bless us as we engage in your word this is a increasing payment


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