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Chris Buttery
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  • February 14, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Welcome to Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church and thank you for joining us resentful study hour wherever you are and however you are tuning in we are so glad you're here we've got our special requests this morning and new topical index so I hope you have your hymnals and are ready. Are you a man. First song this morning comes as a request grows from Born to that time die plan common and she requests him five twenty for me to trust in Jesus. Let's sing the first and second verse. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH. It's a wonderful him I love that it's such an old and a good song. You might know as well it's him six hundred hold fast till I come. This comes as a request from Barbara show this in Laredo Texas and Marlena or Lana in Miami Florida. Let's sing the first second and third verse. She says. So. Amen bride crowns are in waiting. If we but hold fast until Jesus comes. Even so come again Lord Jesus. If you have a special request please visit us at our website at SEC Central dot org click on the Contact the swing let us know where you're from Choose any song in our Him happy to sing them with you this morning we're moving into a new theme and that is so let's sing him five sixty seven have the own way Lord the first second and third verse. So that's right. They're allowed to have as we learn that we have children and that receiving our reward comes from the work within us this morning as we study continue our study the Book of Proverbs and your Holy Spirit to enlighten us and Pastor Chris and let us truly receive the wisdom from above. We thank you for your holy name central church. Thank you wonderful beautiful songs one reminder of the second coming Jesus is coming soon. And if we want to be ready. The last song we sing that reminds us to let God have His wife. It's not going to be about our way and it's got to be all about his way meant here and those are the churning in Glad you're joining us as well want to welcome. Each one we're on Lesson number two in al quarterly on the book of. Trust your you have that handy and you have your Bibles will be studying here behind the mosque. And for those for those that are joining us we'd like to make sure that you. Colin and receive the free offer it's often Number two one five one zero and all you need to do is call nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven all. They have to get that to tell us where they want the CD or the D.V.D. version and we'll get that right out to you we want to also welcome those that are joining us in Las Vegas Nevada to give a shout out to Neil and Lisa Neal and Lisa have been dramatically impacted by the Ministry here at second and I central view when they can by a live streaming will they watch us three maybe in other places and just recently I had a chance to talk with me a long lease and they inform me that they were baptized and and it's just wonderful that we baptized at a church administered in Las Vegas. So if you're watching God bless you guys and also I shout out to PETA in Sydney Australia who watches us frequently and is blessed by a ministry here as well. Let's let's go in our Bibles where a look at a memory text here we're going to look at the the Lesson Number ten behind the mosque where in Proverbs and so you may want to keep your finger there. The small inning have to twenty five and six and cool I shared this with us already let's read it one more time it says Do not exult yourself in the presence of the King and do not stand in the place of the great obviously a warning regarding pretentious behavior and trying to be something that we are not and that's really what the lesson is about some of you may be familiar with the individual by the name of Fred. Some years ago he was probably one of the most curious people that have a lived for the Mara for most of his life wasn't Fred tomorrow as a matter of fact at one time he was my God got a high school teacher. And he was also known as Dr Robert Lemmon or Linton rather French college dean. He was also known as Dr Cecil B. Heyman a law student and brother John a Catholic monk. In addition he worked as a hospital chaplain a Hollywood actor and most unbelievable of ole a surgeon aboard a Canadian naval destroyer. The Mara was probably one of the greatest pretenders of Al time and was simply trying to be someone other than himself. You know and we want to talk much about what I'm about to say from much here this morning we'll take another route here but you know a lot of people a lot of people pretend in life because I don't like who they are not satisfied with how God has made them and equip them and and so I try to be someone they're not all try to reach to become someone that they admire someone that they perhaps even worship and they are full dismally short and life like that is miserable God wants us to if I could put it this way embrace who we are in the sense of not our sin that elves selfishness no but who we are how he's designed us and made us and when we give our lives to Jesus and we converted then the Holy Spirit is at work to make us all that God originally intended us to be we want to talk much about that but there are a lot of pretenders even in the church trying to be someone they're they're not. But I want to we're going to talk about pretension here the morning review in reviewing our lesson. It's simply the claim it's the claim to be something we're not which ends up naturally cheating ourselves and cheating others the who's the master of pretense. The master pretenses. The devil himself that's the. Actually ride in pretense is simply an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true and Satan is the master of pretense your member back there in Genesis Chapter three came to Eve to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He used the medium of the serpent the brilliant beautiful flying creature and and through that serpent he used sweet words and convinced convinced Eve that he was concerned for her happiness and and yet all the while what was he plotting to do. To kill or to destroy it. That's exactly right and then of course in Second Chapter eleven and verse fourteen. We're reminded that Satan himself appears as an I what type of angel and they have darkness now an angel of light that's ride an angel of light and this angel of light appearing to have your best interests at heart and your concern is seeking to trap you in order to harm you and to destroy you all to mentally and lead you into eternal destruction. We live in a world as well where we need to be constantly alert to the enemy's deceptions and sneeze and there are also people that we interact with from day to day who don't care about us except their own ambitions and they won't mind taking advantage of us either. And so we're told to be on alert when we walk here this Saud will talk more about this and unravel this as we go through the lesson. This week's lesson in probably the wise man counsels us not only encourages us to be away but also counsels us to step out from behind the mask of self pretension in five different areas and each day looks at one particular area of pretension and so if you go with me to Sunday's lesson let's let's launch into the study and take a look at God's word here. So Sunday's lesson the mystery of God The mystery of God and in summary. This is the this is Lesson number one when it comes to those lessons of removing the mosque of self pretension his his one area. Don't pretend to know all the ounces. That's the that's the number one don't pretend to know all the answers. Try to wrap your head around the the never ending number of infinity. You remember when you're in school and doing math and you showed you that symbols It's an eight but it's it's kind of lying down on that side. That's the symbol for infinity it's called a limb the skate a limb the skate and some weight lying down on it's if you're looking at it's lying down actually on its left but it's lying down on its right hand side but trying to get your mind around infinity that's a huge number. It's a never ending number just keep on counting and you'll never get there and that if we throw we toss around the word billion quite easily. You know how long it would take to count to a billion. If you want to stay at it for about twelve hours a day seven days a week and take about fifteen years fifteen years to count to one billion that's a lot. It's a large number and we just talk about you. Well we have just eighteen trillion dollars of debt here in the United States. It's gone up. We were only at ten trillion a few years ago now. I mean that's a huge number. This and us away look. We're dealing with stuff that's beyond our reach and blues minds probably have to. Twenty five years to notice what it says here about God we're going to our first verse here probably Chapter twenty five verses two and three and let's take a look at what it says about God If life is full of mysteries is it possible we can know everything else. There is to know about God and if God is the one who created all these things in this thing still we get learning and discovering and trying to figure out how close can we come to fit. Out God. Let's take a look here probably up to twenty five verses two and three it says it is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings is to search out a medal look at history as the heavens full height and the earth the depth. So the heart of kings is searchable the word conceal just simply means to hide or to be hidden or secret things things that God has decided to keep from us for one reason or another it's not that God is trying to keep information back from us. Just because he's afraid that you're going to learn as much as he knows and you going to become like him. God is not sadistic and not that way at all there's certain things that God cannot share with us because I'd simply blow our minds. You know we've talked about a couple of those things already but God in some ways it's like parent children that don't understand some of the mysterious thinking of their parents and some of the strange decisions that parents make and sometimes if a parent tries to explain that to a child the child still not going on the stand and and the decisions made often made based upon a life experience and and knowing that that probably wouldn't be the best thing for our children but our children don't know that they have an experience they haven't. And so they question question. Intelligence and question whether we really have the best interest of hot. So God's ways a mysterious to find minds. Again much like a parent's ways may be hard for a child understand. Well take a look at a couple of verses that talk about some of the mysteries that surround God there's someone who has Deuteronomy Chapter twenty nine of us twenty nine Thanks right right over here. I want to take a look at several couple of verses before to get we get to Deuteronomy Chapter twenty nine and those twenty nine in eyes I attempt a forty five in those fifteen the. Bible says talking about the Creator God he says Truly you are God you hide yourself. Or God of Israel the Savior. So what does God do at times he hides himself. Now it's not that he's playing hide and go seek with us you understand or pick a boo anything like that there sometimes is good that God does hide himself. When God came down to meet Israel on the top of Mount Sinai. He came and covered himself in what dark clouds can sin. While in the presence of an all consuming fire god knows so it's for a better meant that God often conceals himself and protects protects us from him and there are some things that we probably ought not know as well that he keeps from us Romans eleven thirty three is another one is over the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable his judgments and his ways past finding out and then Deuteronomy Chapter twenty nine verse twenty nine Thanks right. To the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children or ever that we may do the word. OK So God doesn't hold back from us everything but the things that we. We do have access to he's allowed us to have access to them and that they might be revealed to us and the thing. And generally twenty nine twenty nine is speaking particularly of his word of his law. There are certain things that we cannot know and if God shared it with us perhaps we couldn't understand but there are plenty of things that God has given us access to to discover to learn and to understand and particularly most importantly of those things that have to do with his law and his word God wants us. Annoy His will for our lives. He wants us to know that there is a there is a heaven to win and yes there is a lake of fire hell to shine. He wants us to understand the plan of salvation so that we might be saved at last and so when we come to God's word we when we come to his law we see his will we see his plan for us and those things are for who for us. God says Here they are I'm going to reveal these things to you and you'll be blessed by them. You know when we think about even certain scientific discoveries. Those are for betterment to help us realize that even as we dig deep into the smallest of cells. We still haven't reached the bottom. We still haven't got to when we when we when we point the Hubble telescope in a certain section of the universe. There's myriads of galaxies out there that we just discovered and there's more beyond. But the things that we do discover and explore for our betterment to help us understand that God is God and that he is the sustainer of life that doesn't hamper anyone's initiative to want to keep researching and studying to see how things work God wants us to see how those things work and how they operate but ultimately we need to come to the conclusion that God is the maker of it all and he sustains it you see. So God reveals things to us for our betterment for a good and especially when it comes to salvation and His will He gives us His Word He gives us his law he wants us to know those things now in problems twenty five a story we read it talks about is the high the heavens the earth the depth. So the heart of kings is unsearchable Now if a king is difficult to understand of his will and His ways. Difficult to understand how much more difficult we going to have how much more difficult it's going to be to understand all there is to know about God it's going to be vastly difficult let's talk about the let's talk about monarchs and the secrets. There is a. There are things called state secrets princes have them it's called a comma impair. I in Qana impair I state secrets and those secrets to protect and preserve the countryman you know when we think about our own country right here in the United States there are certain strategic strategies and secrets that kept from the general public to protect the United States citizens. You know you don't hear a strategy coming from the war room regarding ISIS and and how this all these things are going to take place because you never let the enemy know what you're going to do you see a certain secrets and that's what the wise man is saying here there are certain secrets that the king has and if you can't figure those out the man that you're going to know all there is know about God In other words remember your place in this world you are not God and don't ever think that you can be and don't ever think you can know it all about the heights of the heavens can we know the heights of the heavens. While we can know our atmosphere of heavens. Let me let me share some of this we do there five they say there are five layers to our atmosphere there is the troposphere which is eleven miles high from the from the equator from that point out eleven miles the poles it's a little short and naturally far from the equator eleven miles. That's where most of the weather takes place about three quarters of our weather takes place in that atmosphere then you've got the stratosphere above that which is thirty miles from there going up and that's where the ozone layer exists which helps block some of the sun's rays. Then you've got the message for you which is fifty two miles from that point. That's where the media was burned up and that's why the U.S. doesn't have big indentations in craters like the moon perhaps you know you've got the you've got this this zone this sphere where the media has been up and then you've got the eye on a sphere four hundred thirty miles from there and that's where satellites and space stations. And then from there you've got six hundred twenty to six thousand miles. And that's called the exosphere and that merges with interplanetary space and that is you know there's a debate about whether that is actually a part of our atmosphere or not because it's way out there you see. But then you go when you go from there and that point on. How much do we know the height of we actually displace have height. Do we know the depth of space. No we don't not at all of this galaxy. From what the what. From what I understand is about thirteen point three billion light years away from us thirteen point three billion light years away and you know what a light travels at one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second. So a light year is light traveling at one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second for an entire year and therefore light travels five point eight eight million miles per year. Not five point eight trillion miles per year. So the closest the furthest galaxy that we've discovered is thirteen point three billion light years away. Can we measure the depth of space or you know we can. How about the depth of the earth. Well you could measure the depth of the earth and they say it's three thousand nine hundred and fifty eight miles to the center. But we're not sure of is what all the materials are down there because we can't get close enough to figure it out. It's too hot down there in the coal of it's the temperature of the core of the earth is seven thousand Calvin which is twelve thousand one hundred forty five degrees Fahrenheit. Deep as mine in the earth is the telltale not gold mine in South Africa and that's two point two miles down and the temperature down there is one hundred thirty one degrees Fahrenheit not going to spend very long down there so. You keep on digging down and it's going to get hotter and hotter. If you can figure those things out how you're going to understand the mind of a king and if you can understand the mind of a king. How can you fully understand the mind of God. Now I'm sharing this in the lesson is sharing this to remind us of our place in this world. You know we often like to think more of our selves and we actually ought to now granted we are valuable because Christ God created us Christ died for us on those two fronts we are valuable in the eyes of God but we ought not get cocky about that all too big for our bridges is what my folks would often tell me so we need to remember our place in the world God is big He's a lodge and yet he loves us and cares for us there are many mysteries in the life there was a question related to this Jan I think you've got a question related to to the issue of mysteries. I want to suggest this you know even in our own posts in the lives there are mysteries that on Explain why did why why did this particular thing happen to me why was I allowed to go through this particular experience and I'd like to suggest here this morning that we can trust God with those things that we do not understand and we can also know that he'll explain life's greatest perplexities and disappointments to us when we make it to heaven first Corinthians Chapter twelve tells us that now we see through a glass darkly but then we're going to see face to face we're going to be able to see clearly because God will reveal it to us and say here's why allowed it to happen here's why you struggled and went through this particular experience it was for your good. So that questions now will be on Savan but I'd like to suggest that even in your own life if there are mysteries. You can trust God you cannot know that he's got your best interests at heart. And I don't think we should ever doubt that question related to that if God seems distant during difficult times how can we find him. OK So if God seems distant at these particular difficult times how can we find him. The fact of the matter is if you have if you have if you have you remain connected to Christ and you've been trusting in him he's not gone anyway he's not going anywhere. Now. You think about the story of Jesus and his when he was about twelve when they went to the temple and they were travelling home. Joseph and Mary had been travelling for a period of time and then they discovered that Jesus was missing and he was gone. They all caught up with what was happening at the from the from the time that they spent in Jerusalem they got busy chatting and talking with others that they had misplaced Jesus Is it likely that we could misplace Jesus. Let's ask the question is asked this question to answer the question what things can we do to misplace Jesus walked things. What things were done in our lives where we might if we might leave Jesus behind or he might be right you might be here and we may be way back here. Selfishness for sure. Yeah not spending time in God's word Sure. Not prying Thank you yeah. Excellent thank you yeah there are things that we do that would can disconnect us from God does God go anywhere. And he's right there waiting for us. Sometimes we run ahead we lag behind we're not keeping our eyes in his words spending time with Him in prayer sometimes warring can just completely moot remove us from his loving care. There are a lot of different things we can do to distance ourselves from Christ and so that is the answer to the question if if Christ seems like he's not they had during difficult times we have to first ask the question have I removed myself from him and if I have then I need to take certain steps to come back to him and that spending quality time with him looking into his marvelous face trusting in him and learning to love to love him you know the more you get to know God the. Well you love him the more you love him. It's easier to trust him some folk have a hard time trusting God because I haven't They don't love him. Like they probably ought to and so I hope that helps answer the question. It's a good question God hasn't gone anywhere but there are some things we sometimes need to do to find him for ourselves he's there studying coming to Him in prayer trusting him so that again like the footprints in the state sand right. Yeah you know there was this one footprints one footprint footprint one footprint a pair of footprints is that better. And those were the times that Jesus carried us. Good good point thank you for sharing that all right let's go to Monday's lesson. So the first lesson we learned from Sunday's lesson is don't pretend to have all the answers let's go to Monday's lesson. What's the next lesson we learned here from the wise man the full as wise the fool as wise when problems Chapter twenty six and we're looking at verse eleven. The second lesson that we learn here in today's study this week study is don't pretend to be wise when you're not. And that's very closely related to pretending to have all the answers when you don't it. Don't be wise in your own eyes don't pretend to be wise when you're not doesn't take long before you realize that your your your way is not always the right way and it's not always the best way when this was purely by accident when I had come from a strategy you know we drive on the left hand side of the road which is the right side and. You drive on the right which is the wrong but be that as it may come here to the United States used to driving on the left hand side of the road you gotta get used to driving on the ride. I remember being here for a couple of years and I certainly wasn't insisting on having my own way but it would have been disastrous if I did insist on having my own way and insisting on driving on the left hand side of the road when I should've been driving on the right one day without even knowing what I was doing. I found myself on the left hand side of the road I didn't know that until I was an oncoming car. And he was flashing his lights and I was wondering what is this guy doing on the wrong side of the road. I mean where I What country are we anyway and come to find out that it was me that was on the wrong side of the road and anyway. He I don't know if he waved to me or what that was but he wasn't too happy anyway if I insist on having my own why and I think it's the right way can it. Kemah be disastrous results they can be disastrous results that's exactly right. What would happen if there were no absolutes that look it's. If you want to do your own thing that's fine you do your thing that's fine. What happens when we get to a traffic light and it's red and you decide what that means guard that just go do that that could be absolutely catastrophic absolutely catastrophic That's right. What happens if there was NO NO north needle to a compass. Could you figure your way out of a jam and you got G.P.S. But what happens if North was a North and South wasn't self and it was just whatever you thought it should be. What a mess would be and would we surely the Bible says In problems fourteen twelve there was a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is the way of what day if that's right what would happen if there were no moral absolutes and he wouldn't name the absolute Anarky and and there be no right or wrong look at Proverbs Chapter twenty six verses eleven and twelve. Let's talk a little bit about this here a bit more it says as a dog returns to his own vomit. So a fool repeats his folly to see a man wise in his own eyes. There is more hope for full. Then for him. What are we to be careful of here. What are we being asked to be careful of here. We need to be careful not to when it first of all recognize that if we've done something wrong that it and it didn't work out to good that we did something that was wrong recognize that. And admit that and correct that if need be. We're reminded here too. To remember how sick a foolish decision made us and therefore not to return to it. Just like a dog something made him sick and he vomited But then a dog would sometimes go back. I don't know why I go back and just like it's our own vomit and and and a person who continues to insist on doing their own way when it's the wrong way is like into an individual or a dog that does what it does this idea of insisting on doing the same thing. The wrong thing and expecting for different results or different outcome is truly insanity and this mentality is fueled by an insistence that you are right no matter what is it is that a good good disposition to have to insist that you are right no matter what. What happens if you are right. Well it then then the attitude would be a problem. Wouldn't it. It would be and it would be a problem. Let's take a look at a couple of verses that caution us about being. But. Pretending to be wise when we're not insisting on having our own way. Someone has for us. Hiya judges Chapter twenty one verse twenty five judges twenty one twenty five. Thank you. We're going to look at a couple of verses first first of all Matthew nine twelve. Jesus is speaking and he said when he heard that. Speaking of the religious leaders he said to them. Those who are well have no need of a physician but those who are sick. Now if you are if you're proud and you are. Why is it so either your way or the highway and you always always the right way. You going to be open to suggestions and to correction and to doing something different. Not. It's matter of fact in the book design of ages I don't have the exact page but talking about the Pharisees. Reminds us that the Pharisees and their pride were in a worse position than were the average sinner who recognized the need and they need of a Savior. Because pride doesn't have a need of pride fills no need. And so it's a very dangerous position to be in if you don't if you're not sick you don't recognize that you are sick. You know going to need a doctor. That's what Jesus says Romans twelve six. Paul says be of the same mind toward one another do not set your mind on high things but associate with a humble Do not be wise in your own opinion. And then Revelation three seventeen I think we know this one this is talking to the church of Laodicea because you say I am rich have become wealthy and have need of how much. Nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and a kid it's a very dangerous position to be in when you insist that you are right when you are not ride and also insisting when it comes to the truth of God's word insisting that you are right when the Word of God clearly is correcting you judges Chapter twenty one verse twenty five in those days there was no king in Israel and you when did what was right in his own. OK. So because they did whatever they thought was right in their own eyes there was absolute chaos and anarchy as a matter of fact in Judges Chapter twenty one some people have accused God of allowing for four for right to occur. If you read the stories about the Benjamins and Benjamin odds and then some of God's people and certain well trust cities that they were practicing and people say Right they look at that God permits it. But then they don't read on to verse twenty five where it says hey these folk were doing what value. It was right in their own eyes and whenever we think we're doing the right thing in our own eyes is it often the right thing. Now if we are aligning ourselves with Christ and getting closer to Christ and studying His Word and aligning our lives with his would would it would it be the right would we be doing beginning to do the right thing then sure. So you can be sure that when you're following God's word you doing the right thing but when you just guessing that you are all this is I think Sawyer's law and still insisting it can be very dangerous and this is what was happening in the book of Judges some terrible atrocities were taking place because individuals were thinking that it was OK. They just did whatever they thought was right in their own eyes. This is the danger of conceit and of course disobedience to God revealed will. Let's go over to choose as less somewhere. Rolling right along here so that lesson is don't pretend to know all the answers and don't pretend to be wise when you're not that's that's the one but you pretend to be wise when you are not OK Tuesday's lesson the sluggard the third lesson that we learn from this week's lesson is don't pretend to be doing your best when you are not. Don't pretend to be doing your best when you are not. It's been suggested that laziness has produced so many shortcuts and inventions that we probably we probably wouldn't give it we wouldn't give recognition for I mean why walk over to your bookshelf when you can sit in your seat and wheel. Over to your bookshelf. Why get out of your chair and change the channels on your T.V. when you can sit in your chair and with the remote control change the channels. I don't know if necessity is the mother of invention more than than laziness laziness is probably the father of invention any case. After thinking about laziness someone said some people would do anything to be able to do nothing. Some people would do anything to be able to do nothing. There's a story that was told. About an old mountain he and his wife that were inside it was sitting by their fireplace it was a cool evening and the fire was going there enjoying themselves and the wife thought that there was writing. Coming down outside and she wanted to really know if there was rain coming down outside so she said to the husband his name was Jed Jed could you get up and go and see if it's raining outside I'd like to know if there was rain coming down to which the old mountainy replied Come. We just sent this oil coal for the dog to come in to see if he's wet. Laziness or just as a student who spends more time and more energy preparing to cheat on an exam than studying for it it is the it is ironic that lazy people work hard to find excuses for their laziness probably up to twenty six let's take a look there probably up to twenty six are looking at those as thirteen through sixteen. That's. Probably up to twenty six versus thirteen through sixteen notice what it says. The lazy man says there's a lion in the road a fish line is in the streets as a door turns on its hinges so does the lazy man on his bed. The lazy man buries his hand in the bowl it wearies him to bring it back to his mouth those sixteen the lazy man is wise in his own eyes than seven man who can sensibly or reasonably so the lazy man says What's that mistreat a lion is a hand out in the street now back of a in there possibly could be but it was a very rare very rare experience and so he is the lazy person is finding and isn't exact is exaggerating and issue and making a mountain out of a molehill and seeking for an excuse. It's not to face the challenges that may be present that particular day. How many times have you lay in bed in the morning conjuring up reasons you shouldn't get out of bed in the morning. Look the fact of the matter is there are plenty of challenges that are out there and we face each day each day tends to be a bit of a challenge some less challenging than others but we need to get up we need to face life's challenges you know you know that's where we grow by someone said that we've got to go out on a limb because that's where you find the Furt. As Very true if you're not daring and you know doing you know trying to exploring or challenging yourself to to do better then you're not going to be able to know your full potential and capabilities but the lazy person makes excuses for not facing life's challenges in those fourteen it talks about the lazy person. Being like rolling in bed like a door on hinges. Now there's movement but the lazy post is not going anywhere and then a lot of folks in life that I'm making making some movement but they're not progressing on going anywhere either. And then this one is quite interesting in verse fifteen the lazy man buries his hand in the bowl it wearies him to bring it back to his mouth and Guy is so lazy he puts his hand in the bowl to pick up his food fork in the in the plate. You don't want to bring this back to his mouth again. Amazing stuff some translate this as the as the man putting his arms under his armpit so I'm a man that would fold his hands and insist on not doing anything that will be too strenuous like bringing his fork to his mouth. In other words the lazy person is half committed HOF committed and and lazy and then it says the lazy person is wiser in his own eyes talking about intellectual laziness someone who is close minded someone who's not who's willing to accept preconceived ideas and the. Unions of others then to think things carefully through which is the person that is contrast it in verse sixteen. This seven times a man who is lazy is wiser his own eyes and than seven men who can answer what sensibly person who answers sensibly or reasonably is thought things through has processed it in their own minds and allows their minds to grasp the concepts but the lazy person refuses to think for themselves and sometimes maybe even afraid to think for themselves but there's no need to be afraid of doing that spiritual lethargy. At the same time is equally and if not more fatal spiritual left A-G. being too lazy to do God's will too lazy to open the Bible to lazy to know God's will for your life in the book to paychecks and profits page fifty five is an interesting statement it says in the judgment men will not be condemned because they conscientiously believe the lie but because they did not believe the truth because they neglected the opportunity of learning what is truth. You remember you go to go to school you were sick the day before go to school teacher throws a pop quiz on you and you say hey hold on I wasn't here I didn't get by didn't do the homework I didn't do the class and the teacher has no compassion Did you have a teacher like that one of the teacher tell you. You got friends here in a class Why didn't you call them and ask them for the notes from their class yesterday then you'd be right for this test but I was sick. No you were lazy and so it is going to be the same situation with folk who who will claim that they didn't know the answers I didn't know the truth but God will say you had the opportunity to know and yet you were lazy and yet you didn't inquire you didn't open the word you didn't study. And it won't be good for them in that day what's the answer to the Lazy Bones way of Proverbs Chapter six who's got their force problems Chapter six verses six or what Richard has it right down here. Over six six through eight go dizzy. And now sluggard consider her ways and be wise which having no guide overseer or ruler provided her meat in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest. OK So the answer to the lazy lazy bones is to consider the end. Consider the end that does what it needs to do to provide not only for itself but also for its colony and the end doesn't have a cheerleader then doesn't have a postal Traina. The end just does what it needs to do and so that's the answer to the the lazy person's dilemma. Get off their seat get up and get going and when you get going to gets a lot easier. I meant to. Let's go to Wednesday's lesson the friend as enemy and then Thursday is the enemy as friend. This is Lesson Number four that we learned this week. Don't pretend there isn't anything wrong when there is. Don't pretend there is isn't anything wrong when there is true friends do true friends care enough about each other that they would even correct or wrong in that person's life in order to help them more in order to save them now is truly truly what type of friend would I be if I saw my friend in danger and I didn't alert him or her to try to or try to help that person or try to get them out of that situation would be much of a friend of what I'm on true friendships a based on two things truth and trust truth and trust look at problems have to twenty seven. We're going to go over that those is five and six I just want to say it's probably twenty seven versus five and six A says open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed faith full of the wounds of a friend. But the kisses of an enemy deceitful that word rebuke simply means an open undisguised sencha lovingly declared to. Actually we're not talking here about just getting on someone's case because you've got nothing better to do a condemning a person but rather aiding or helping a person this type of reproof rises from a genuine concern for another it's based on sufficient grounds or reasonable proof versus a suspicious hunch. It's given up to serious consideration versus rationally and it is designed for correction rather than for ventilation of anger. So that's the type A rebuke that we're dealing with here and it's better than love concealed you can say you love a person but if you're not helping them if you're not showing concern for them then you know love without action is not always love is it or not really love faithful are the wounds of a friend. If you read the story in relations chapter two verse fourteen poll. I actually came to meet Pete and and I rebuked paida because Peter was he had made some changes with regard to his bigotry. He was saying the Gentiles for new eyes and he was ministering to them he ate with them but when certain Jews came who didn't who still felt animosity toward the Gentiles. Peter stopped eating with the Jews because all the gentiles for the sake of the Jews had come and poll being paid it was an infant financial leader poll going on Peter's case and said Peter you've got to stop doing that you are affecting the minds and the attitudes of others your example is all wrong to pull care about PETA strongly he did a poll care about the cause truly he did and he wasn't afraid to confront his brother when there was a very dangerous wrong that was being practiced and sometimes those rebukes alike wins. But remember they come from my friend and they are certainly better than the kisses of an enemy better than the kisses of an enemy and I'm sure Jesus knows exactly what that feels like he was kissed betrayed with a kiss and so we want to make sure that we're we're not afraid to help one another we're not afraid to encourage one another is not the reason we have church. The purpose we have. Church isn't it to spiritual and to encourage each other on and sometimes sometimes a correction or to use in order but for those that are on the correction bandwagon We just one encourage a not to be on there too long. No one has been assigned to the to the job of PUA rebuking rebuke always must be done in the context of love. So twenty seven seventeen reminds us and not that ion shop in Zion So a man shop and. The countenance of his friend. It's OK. Isn't it. Ion shop and according to this business. What can be the effect of a confrontation between friends. It's simply just doesn't mean that one provokes or in rage is another but there is a reciprocal benefit What's the benefit the quality of this friendship itself is improved and each stimulated and each are strengthened by the in the changes in the changes and better prepared for the next struggle and that's a great benefit. Well we were going to go to Thursday's lesson I'm just going to read one verse for you and and then we'll close because time is up the lesson is the enemy as a friend and the fifth lesson that we learn in this week's lesson is don't pretend so to it as it. So as to advance your own interests. Don't pretend that you're a friend just in order to advance your own interests and we live in a world today that is where we are surrounded by individuals who are sincerely seeking truly seeking their own interests and I don't mind who they're going to hurt who they're going to even deceive in order to make headway and to and to and to and to into progress and him and move forward with their own plans and ambitions problems temp to twenty six I want to read this for us. This is verse eighteen and nineteen like a madman who throws firebrands arrows and death is the man who. Deceives his neighbor and says. I was only joking. I was only joking there is nothing worse than someone intentionally plotting against the neighbor's welfare while pretending to be neighborly and then when found out just brushing it aside by saying you know I didn't really mean it. I was only joking. Serious is often caused by those who enjoy seeing their friends hurt by foolish tricks. There was a lot to talk about here in this particular lesson. But for the sake of time we must and the council and encouragement for her live in this world where people can deceive is to live to be wise as serpents as Jesus said and to be harmless as doves to be alert to be cautious not provoking danger and to be above reproach and speech and in conduct a life of pretension is shallow. And it's harmful to ourselves and. God calls us to abandon a life of transparency by His grace and avoid becoming food for hungry wolves by living and you want to join me to do that living in this present. We need to truly we want to thank you thank those who've been joining us glad you could make it and enjoy the study. I don't forget it's often of the two one five one zero call into the number at the email address on your screen and if you want the D.V.D. or CD version of programs we'd love to hear from you and we'll see you next time.


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