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What Soap Can Never Clean

Chris Buttery
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  • March 14, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement in the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento central church brings you receiving the word timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and Mike Thompson amazing revelations await viewing God's Holy Word the Bible. If you have your Bibles and show that you do placed him with me to mock chapter one and I will be looking at verses forty to forty five and we read these words again. And they came a letter to him that is Jesus besieging him. And milling down to him and saying them to him If thou wilt thou canst make me clean and Jesus moved with compassion put forth his hand and touched him and said unto him. I will be thou clean and the soon as he had spoken immediately the leprosy departed from him and he was cleansed and he straitly charge him and and for with sent him away and said unto him see that all say nothing to any man but go die wife show by self to the priest offered for by cleansing those things which Moses come out of for a testimony on to them but he went out and began to publish it much and to blaze abroad the matter in so much that Jesus could no more openly enter into the city but was without and does it places and they came to him from every quarter. Today's message and it will be relatively brief is entitled What soap can never claim a story encountered in some places claims that soap takes its name from I suppose that Mount Seppo. Ancient Roman sacrificed animals. Apparently rain. Would mix with the animal tallow That's the fat of the animal and wood ash would run down the side of the mountain into the clay soils of the of the banks of the bank of the Tiber River eventually women notice that it was easy to clean their clothes with this the substance. Now the location of Mt Seppo is unknown as is the source of the ancient Roman legend to which this tale is typically credited we don't really know the origination of it as we know it today and the earliest known evidence of soap use comes from the Babylonian clay cylinders that in from about twenty eight hundred B.C. and they contained a soap like substance the pirates found there in Egypt dating back to fifteen fifty B.C. indicates that the ancient Egyptians bathe regularly and combined animal and vegetable oils with alkaline cells to create a soap like substance the word soap actually first appears in European language in plenty of The Elders historian the trial us which discusses the manufacture of soap from this tallow this white solid animal fat with ashes. But only mentions for it as fragrance for Haleigh and plainly mentions rather disapprovingly that among the goals in the germans men were the likely had to use it then women. Now in modern times the use of SOPA has become universal in industrialized nations due to a better understanding of the role of hygiene manufactured by like first became available in the late nineteenth century in advertising campaigns in Europe and in the United States helped to increase popular awareness of the relationship between cleanliness and hygiene and health by the nineteen fifties not too long ago so it became public acceptance as an instrument of personal hygiene. So how effective for HOW IS SO perfective in claiming that whatever soap you choose to use whether it be. Irish Spring or spied a lily natural trill triple milled soap or moisturizing soaps Hoebel So it's soaps glycerin soaps or aromatic soaps whatever so you choose to use when soap and water is applied to a soiled surface the soapy water holds particles in suspension and then when it's rinsed off with water all the dirt the grime and the grit washed down the drain. Now being clean is important to you and me I men. So really we don't want to look dirty we don't want to feel dirty we don't want anyone to think that we are unclean people. What would we do without soap. So it claims off the dirt the grit the grime the germs. Sometimes the paint the markers the crayons the source the stains and the smells Aren't you glad for soap. I'm sure glad for so. But there are some things the soap will never clean now clean the grease from underneath your fingernails and you've probably discovered and may have found this out when you were younger. But sometimes soap soap can clean the dirty mouth but technically it doesn't clean the dirty mouth and as we read in this story soap cannot clean. Lepper and soap cannot clean a Cinna look with me here again where in my chapter one and where verse forty the Bible says they came a leper to Jesus they came a leper to Jesus now today leprosy is known as Hansen's disease and it's basically a malady that effects acts as an anesthetic and it numbs the pain cells of feet and hands and. Ears and nose and eyes. For thousands of years people considered leprosy or Hansen's disease today to be considered to be highly contagious largely through a Dr Paul brands research. We now know that of all infectious diseases. Hansen is probably the least contagious and that in ninety nine percent of the cases of Hansen's disease only numbs the extremities the destruction that follows because typically destruction of the body is associated with leprosy that destruction follows. Because the warning system of pain is gone. So you can imagine when someone inflicted with Hansen's disease stands on a nail maybe doesn't know it because they if feet. Discover later on that the infection has set in and the damage is done to the flesh and to the surrounding area and that's one of the dangers of Hansen's disease of leprosy back in the day of Jesus of all the diseases it was one of the most feared the thought of contracting this deadly disease filled the bravest person with fear. Unfortunately. Among the Jews in the time of Jesus they considered it a judgment on account of sin and so it was known as the stroke or the finger of God like someone already dead or that person was shut out from society and shut out from contact with anybody. Whenever whatever this person touched was considered unclean. Even the air that he breathed was considered to be contaminated. Anyone who was suspected of having this disease in the time of Jesus needed to present himself or herself to the priests who were to examine and to decide. Each particular case if pronounced a leper that individual was isolated from family was cut off from the congregation of Israel and was doomed to associate only with those who had the disease themselves and apparently the law was inflexible even kings and rulers were not exempt monarchs if they were attacked by the. Disease so they would lay down this scepter and like anyone else they would flee society away from friends away from family the leper needed to bear the curse of this particular malady alone. He was obliged even and if you could believe it to publish his own fate. He was to rend his garments and he was to sound the alarm whenever he came by anyone he was to cry out unclean unclean referring to himself he was to signal that. He was unclean and it was heard by people with fear and a horrendous now in the region of Christ's ministry there were many who were afflicted by the disease of leprosy. And you can understand that the work of Jesus in healing people from many different things reached these individuals and perhaps kindled in the McClane of hope but since the days of the life. The Prophet. No one had been cleansed from leprosy and perhaps they didn't want to expect that Jesus would do it for them if he hadn't done it for anybody else that was one thing. There was one individual however and we read about him here in MA chapter one in verse forty who's hot hung on in faith. Now he probably wasn't sure how to reach Jesus Jesus traveled around quite a bit by foot and if he approached Jesus and found Jesus the question is Would Jesus heal him would Jesus accept him and and heal him of this dreaded disease would Jesus take time to notice this down cost of society. The one who was suffering from the justice of God would he not be told to run and pronounce his curse as he had been told by the scribes and the Pharisees to do. However this man evidently was determined to find Jesus he was determined to find the Savior to cross his path in the hopes that he would be healed and so he traversed the towns in the villages looking for Jesus and He. Happened upon Jesus found him there healing people of all manner of diseases down there he sees the lame and the blind the paralytic those dying from their various diseases rise up in health. What we do know is that he comes nearer to the crowd and these restrictions that have been laid upon him the safety of the people and the fear with which everyone regards him he doesn't matter he thinks only of the hope of healing. Now he's not a pretty side very likely. The disease has probably made some very terrible inroads into his body into his skin. He's not nice to look at and you can imagine people stepping back in fear not wanting to be in his presence. Perhaps some seek to prevent him from a part protein Jesus but for this man all of that is useless. He doesn't see them. He doesn't hear them all he sees is the Son of God All he desires. All he desires is to hear the voice of the one who can speak a life to the dying that's what he hopes and of all all too often you see there are individuals not back then but today who approach are free to approach Jesus for fear of what someone will say to them they're afraid to ask mercy and ask for the forgiveness of Jesus because they're afraid of what others might think I don't want to be considered to be too weak in the eyes of my friends or my work colleagues. I don't want my image to be tarnished. What will those at my work my family my friends say if I come to Jesus and I choose to follow him. Too many unfortunately will never know what it is to like to love Jesus to follow Jesus to serve Jesus and to know the height the depth the breath of his goodness because they were too concerned with what other people thought about them if they came to Jesus. Now there's a little saying that I like a lot. It says people would worry less about what others think of the. If they only realized how seldom they do others others tend to be put off from coming to Jesus and follow him because of the apparent hypocrisy of his professed people they have mishandled perhaps maybe talked down to made to feel unwelcome and in response they choose to come to Jesus another day or not at all reasoning that if they ever came to Jesus and they gave their life to him that they wouldn't want to become something like the people that have mishandled them and perhaps who can blame them if that was the case but we need to look at the leper here the Smalling looking at the leper what happens he presses in to see Jesus you see he's not concerned he's going after what he needs so desperately he doesn't care about what others think or how he's being treated. He wants to be made whole he's tired of being sick he's tired of being cost out. He's tired of his malady he wants to be made whole and so he presses in to Jesus but someone's going to say but you know what Chris you know he's got nothing to lose. He's already an outsider he's already out cost he can come to Jesus more easily. Perhaps but don't let the greatest blessing in your life slip between your fingers because of your pride because you were afraid you might be misunderstood. Jesus was often misunderstood we never he never made any attempt to clear the air his actions were playing to anyone who had a hot to see and understand. So do what needs to be done if you haven't come to Jesus come to Jesus. Don't let anything buy you from seeking him from falling into his kind gentle arms of grace to be made whole of him. You say don't be afraid don't worry about what anyone else thinks and so we continue the story. It was a leper that came to him beseeching him now the leper presses into Jesus and he cost himself at the feet of Jesus besieging him and kneeling down to him saying under him. If you will if the will that cans make me clean. If you. Will now the lepas not asking whether Jesus can make him whole he's not doubting that Jesus has the ability to make him whole and to make him clean. He's not he's actually asking the question whether Jesus will cleanse him he doesn't doubt that Jesus can cleanse him he's wondering whether Jesus will cleanse him. Will he take care of him he's not sure that Jesus will clean someone up. That's as filthy as he is Will Christ accept this man. Will he take anyone who is polluted with sin. Having done the unforgivable will Jesus receive and welcome that individual the Bible goes on to tell the rest of the account Look at verse forty one and Jesus was moved with a lot friends compassion. You can count on Jesus' compassion. He was moved with compassion put forth his hand and what did he do. He touched him that aside polls had tried to prevent Jesus from touching the left or less himself should become contaminated I'm clean become a leper as well but Lange is hands upon the leper Jesus didn't receive the leprosy not not not one little bit of it this touch is what the leper absolutely needed at the time. Now we don't know how long he'd been this wiper say but it appears to be for quite some time now can you imagine what it would be like if no one wanted to come the E.U. No one wanted to sit next to you no one wanted to come into your presence. No one wanted to visit you every time you entered a room people turned around or left the room. Can you imagine what it would be like to be an outcast. Can you imagine what it would be like if you needed to be touched but there was no one around to touch you. Everyone needs to be touched even hugged. Someone suggested to really feel great Each day you need about fifteen hugs from varying people. Now don't get me wrong this is not an excuse to go out just find a complete stranger get get your quota for the day. You know just how goes it to the love you and you know and that you're comfortable with of course. This man received. Nothing he needed to be touched their families whose boys are never hugged by their dads. It's not man like they say only a handshake will do not annoy you they need more they need more than just a handshake. When Nicholai Chel you came to power in the mid nineteen sixties Rumania saw the proliferation of what was called Leganes A which literally means cradles or cradle otherwise known as institutional homes for the very young what was going on. Ceausescu wanted to ing increase Romania's industrial output and he thought that it required a larger population than Romania had at that particular time. So in nineteen sixty six he decree he issued a decree number seven hundred and seventy which restricted contraceptives and instituted a thirty percent income tax on childless men and women who were over the age of twenty five in the span of a single year the birth rate rose by thirteen percent and the infant population doubled. But even if that wasn't enough in one thousand nine hundred five the dictator raised the minimum number of children to five per family and the age of women covered from the decree from forty to forty five the result was one of the saddest natural experiments in modern psychology thousands of children from birth to the age of three grew up in understaffed institutions and there was one staff member to every twelve twenty children often experiencing what doctors say severe sensory deprivation in their formative months now few people outside of Romania initially knew about leg and they. But when shall was disposed in one thousand nine hundred nine images of the children reached the television screens around the world in one thousand nine hundred forty two doctors Dr Mary Carlson and her husband. Felton Els traveled to Romania to learn more about the effects of this maternal deprivation of these children what they found were children who were mute blank facial expressions social withdrawal and bizarre stereotypic movements of these infants all of this because of lack of personal care and touch all because of lack of touch Jesus reached out his hand and what did he do to this leper who had not been touched in years touched touched this man touched him and in that touch was a life giving power to the leper will Jesus turn aside anyone who needs his Grace who needs to be cleansed from sin. Will we be received of him even if it is for the third or the fourth or the fifth time the record goes on to say there in chapter one of verse forty one Jesus moved with compassion put forth his hand touched him and said to him What friends. I Will this was to the question will you make me clean. I don't not doubting that you can but will you make me clean. Jesus said I will be that clean and as soon as he had spoken immediately the leprosy departed from him and he was cleansed. The work of Christ in cleaning the leper from this terrible malady and disease as an illustration of the work of cleansing of sin in you and in me. The man who came to Jesus was full of leprosy it permeated his entire body it is deep rooted and it is deadly and so is sin and it's impossible to be cleansed by you and by me and as a Chapter one verses five and six the Bible paints a not too pretty picture of our condition that says the whole head is. Sick and the whole heart faint from the sole of the foot even on to the head there is no soundness in it but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores not good is it. That's a condition before we come to Jesus but when Jesus came to this world as a man one undefiled by sin and freely offers life giving power to any person that they might be made whole you ask why because Jesus is Jesus that's why that's the reason why he can any does whatever he wants to do because he loves us and he desires the best for us as difficult as Al as that is and perhaps is to as hard as it is to understand much like Popeye three point one four five nine two six five three eccentric Seta but which is also an immutable number cannot be changed by is what it is one cannot change the fact that God can and will cleanse all who recognize a need of a Savior. All of those who desire to fall down at the feet of Jesus in faith cry out Lord will you make me clean can and will hear the answer I will be that I'll clean just like that just like that it is Jesus will that we are cleanse from sin to make us his children and to enable us to live a holy life friends that is good news. Just a few bible verses for us here. Galatians one verse four it says Who talking of Jesus gave Himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil age according to the will of God of our God and Father it is the will of God that we be cleansed from our sin Don't let the devil tell you anything else you are the devils a devil as any he certainly is he gets us thinking for one moment it's OK It's just this one time. God will forgive you he'll take you back and you say alright I'll do it and you do it and then you. Feel dirty you feel unclean and you say I'm going to come to Jesus and the devil whispers in year he won't take you back. You do go gone too far now he won't cleanse you from sin is a true is a true as long as I read in my Bible and first John chapter one verse nine. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all on righteousness first John five fourteen fifteen says. Now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us and we know and if we know that he hears us whatsoever we ask we know that we have the petition that we desired of him we can trust God's promises if he said it. We can believe it. We can believe in Jesus it is God's will is Jesus will that we would be cleansed and we would be made whole no today that you'll never be shunned by Jesus Christ. If you come to him needing cleansing know today that if you fall in a heap. If you're dirty if you are filthy if you are on that clean that it is his pleasure to pick you up to wash you off and they clean you up. It is not beneath Christ to make you whole and you have got to know that today. You've got to know that today. Now the story doesn't end story doesn't end verse forty three says any straitly charge him done what he said why don't don't say anything to any man what happened in verse forty five. He said he went out he began to share it a lot much. And he blazed the matter of. The story concludes with the cleanse leper not able to keep what has just happened to him self to himself. The one who's been cleansed by Jesus as well can't help but tell others either what Christ has done for them. Thank Jesus today thank Jesus today thank him for what soap cannot clean he can. What cannot clean Jesus can in eighteen eighteen Ignace Philip some always was born in a world of dying women the finest hope hospitals lost one out of six young mothers to the scourge of child bed fever a doctor's daily routine back then was again in the room and there they would perform up autopsies from there the doctors would make their way to the hospital to expectant mothers without even pausing to wash their hands. Dr Sam always was the first man in history to associate each examination with the result an infection and death his own practice was to wash with a chlorine solution and after eleven years and the delivery of eight thousand five hundred thirty seven babies. He lost only one hundred and eighty four mothers about one in fifty versus one in six at the same time he spent the vigor of his life lecturing and debating with his colleagues. Once he argued that fever is caused by decomposed material conveyed to a woman I have shown how it can be prevented. I have proved all that I have said but while we talk and talk and talk gentlemen women are dying. I'm not asking anything world shaking. I am asking that you only wash your hands. But virtually no one believed them doctors and midwives have been delivering babies for thousands of years without this outspoken hunger Erin. He was wanting to change their practices some always died insane. Unfortunately the age of forty seven his wash basins discarded his colleagues laughing in his face face and the death rattle of a thousand women ringing in his ears no one wanted to wash their hands King David cried out to God after he took Bathsheba and had her husband murdered wash me and make me claim Lord wash me and make me claim. John the Baptist's message. As he was preparing the way for Jesus was repent and watch be baptized watch. Jesus said He that is not washed shall not enter the kingdom of heaven and Jesus told that to a Sabbath keeping educated man and Jesus spoke to Peter as he was walking around seeking to wash his disciples feet in that upper room before they participated in the Lord's Supper together. He told paid unless I wash you. You can have no part of me without being washed clean. We all too will die but not from the contamination of a disease or from germs. But from the contamination of sin and friends. It is in it is not just a regular death it is an eternal death and that is it some always told his colleagues to wash and Jesus in the Bible writers tell us to do the same thing. Jesus provides a way for us to be clean. You know the you know the him there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins and sinners plunge but Meath that flock lose wot all their guilty stains. We can plunge deep into that flood of Jesus' blood What do you say we can come to him and we can tell him that we're sinners and we need of his saving grace. He'll take us. He'll pick us up. He will wash a soft he'll make us clean and his desire is not just to make us claim his desires to keep us clean and it's Christ does the same thing as washing away that sin he can keep us keep our clothes from being soiled and stained he can keep our characters from becoming dirty his power and His will and His desire is to kill is to cleanse us and to make us claim. We're so glad you decided to tune in two days receiving the word program. If you have a special. Request we would be happy to pray about it for you to discover more about the Bible through our free online bible studies or to listen to more life changing Bible messages go to essay see Central dot org and click on the media resources tab. If you've been blessed or encouraged by our ministry and God impresses you to support us then visit our website or write to us that sixty forty five chameleon Avenue Sacramento California ninety five eight one nine always gladly receive God's word.


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