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Christ Our Righteousness

Marc Swearingen



  • February 20, 2009
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven thank you so much for the Sabbath hours thank you for the rest it brings the Lord B Duprey now in this moment of time that you would cause us even now to step off the treadmill of life and focus our minds on the holy word of God Lord it would be safe to say that a majority of us if not all of us of that very busy weeks this past week in our minds are racing our hearts are beating fast and we really need to slow down that we might discern heavenly realities so Lord in this moment of time please accept our confession in our surrender again we ask your spirit to bring this truth home like never before in Jesus name we pray on Christ our righteousness let's turn to Jeremiah I like to call this the gospel according to Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter twenty three I want to underscore verses five and six just for a moment Jeremiah chapter twenty three verses five and six as we attempt to catch a glimpse of Christ our righteousness Jeremiah chapter twenty three they are in verses five and six Jeremiah the prophet says in verse five a of chapter twenty three behold the days come saith the Lord but I will raise him to David a righteous branch and a team shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgment and justice in the air in yesterday easy shoot up shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely and this is his name whereby he shall be call the Lord our righteousness BCCI we find it Jeremiah talks about a situation where God himself will raise up a righteous branch the root in the offspring of David and of course that is Jesus Christ and Jesus will save Judah and Israel and notice at the end of the burst he is called the Lord our righteousness that is his name now the Lord obviously is a phrase that can be synonymous with Christ so the Lord our righteousness could be also stated Christ our righteousness this text clearly states that Judah and Israel will be saved by the Lord our righteousness now it's interesting to note that when we look at our own lives we look at human nature in our current condition all righteousness are as filthy rags would you agree you can say men are I I can hear you from up here our righteousness are as filthy rags and so the only way that we will see eternity is due to righteousness the spotless role of Christ's righteousness alone now that opens a whole another vein of thought because through this role of righteousness friends Jesus is able to save boss from seeing not instead from sin and to get back to that in a minute because I know that a lot of times that for me to thought is misrepresented from the desk of God across America in the churches of God but what to talk about that later but the reality is is that you this comes with such a sufficient righteousness that we can save us from sin and what to talk about that later I want to cover a couple of things before that the question comes up now since Jesus can save us from sin with a complete salvation we must ask first then how does Jesus save us by his righteousness from said because we can talk all this theology about how Jesus can do that but what does that mean practically welcome talk a little theology for a few moments and then I want to get into a real practical vein of thought on how we can be saved from sin by Jesus righteousness before we understand how we are saved by Christ's righteousness we must first define both sin and righteousness from the Bible now what is sin all right now that is exactly right doubt I'll I I repeated this earlier this week I said this earlier this week and I say now some people believe that sin is separation from God I'm here to tell you that sin is not separation from God since simply results in separation from God but the essence of sending is the violation or transgression of God 's great moral standard his law and when I say that I'm in the ten Commandments by day so when we sin we violate God 's law the ten Commandments now what is righteousness we need to divine righteousness now and what will going to discover is that sin and righteousness are opposites now I want to turn back to the song 's but go back to Psalm one hundred and ninety oh one get a couple of verses in on this tonight let's look at a biblical definition of righteousness Psalm one hundred and nineteen Emily to look at verse one forty two and will jump down the verse one seventy two Psalm one hundred nineteen in them all look at versus one hundred and forty two and then jump down to one hundred and seventy two David writes in Psalm one hundred nineteen verse one forty two he says by righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and by law is the truth so the Hebrew writer here basically parallels three times righteousness God 's law and true and so the synonymous words imply that God 's law is a definition of righteousness now if you look at one seventy two of Psalm one hundred nineteen David makes it even clearer he says Mike Fong Chao speak of thy word for all thy commandments are righteousness so right here through these two tax we clearly see that God defined as righteousness by his law so soon as the violation of that law and righteousness constitutes keeping that law now how many people are righteous gallant friends it's Friday night it's the Sabbath you can actually answer how many are righteous Romans three birthday and there is none righteous no not one I and how many of said all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and what are the wages of sin thank you Yelena Romans six twenty three the wages of sin is death and by the way and that person Romans six twenty three about the wasted sending data that is not just a gap that is a natural aging death so to speak that is talking about a second death and eternal death but every law center will suffer in the lake of fire that is eternal death brothers and sister and since all have sin and there is none righteous and the wages of sin is death that means the entire human race is under the penalty of the second death would you agree that heresy no are right now in order to be spared the second death Christ must save man from sin through his righteousness since were all under this death penalty now Jesus through his righteousness must save us from that penalty now what we want to do is address this for a few moments because how does he do that how does he save us from the second death through his righteousness well Christ must save us from to things I from sin 's penalty the legal violation of the letter of the law are right even if someone only send once in their life and from that point forward never send again and through their whole life only committed one sin they would still the under the penalty of the law and so Jesus must meet the legal demand of a violation of God 's law so he must save us from sin 's penalty but you know what it doesn't stop there where many people leave it beyond the also must save us from the power of sin in our lives because friends through the nature that we been radiated because of fallen Adam and through our heredity and through the cultivated choices that we made we have cultivated simple habits and we must be saved also from the power of sin in our lives not just the penalty of sin and so Jesus must save us from sin 's penalty at from since power through his righteousness now let's see how we are saved from sin 's penalty and power by Christ's righteousness let's turn to Romans chapter five on a show you just a couple of Scriptures here Romans chapter five verses eight through ten Romans chapter five remember again we have to be saved from sin 's penalty because because were all under the second death penalty that penalty must be satisfied somehow in order for us to have life we cannot have life and not have that penalty satisfied as far as as good as the penalty of sin and and when it comes to sins power Jesus must liberate us from that power through spiritual regeneration and renewal in order to liberate us from the Poland policy now in Romans five verses eight to ten we catch a glimpse on how this will happen now in verse eight it says but God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us much more than being now justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him now notice verse ten for a when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be saved by his what life now these babies taxpayers good thing a lot of banks but one of the things I want isolate here is that we see that according to verse ten especially we are not just saved by the death of Christ we also saved by the life of Christ because friends the reality is is that when you look at the standard of God 's law not only went when that law was violated when we need not only have the penalty satisfied but the law also demands a perfect life a righteous life right and none of us have got to give and that's where Jesus comes in because friends Jesus death satisfied the penalty yes but what we have to understand is that Jesus perfect life satisfy the requirement that the laundromat in perfect righteousness and you know when you look at the at the life of Jesus Jesus never ever send not even in all one-time and you know when I first became a Christian I had to wrestle through that because that is such an incredible concept can you imagine living thirty three years in this world and never sending once even in fall that's an incredible concept and so Jesus perfect life met the requirement of the law to render perfect obedience and so what we need to realize is that Jesus and his death satisfies the demand the legal penalty of the law and his life satisfies the requirement of a perfect life now how do we receive the fact that he met those two demands K faith righteousness comes by faith that's true let's go a little bit deeper into the subject in this reality how can we be saved individually by Christ's righteousness what we need to understand is that when we come to Christ and see our sinfulness we must first experience sincere heartfelt repentance what we must realize friends is that all our sins have personally caused the death of Christ on the cross have you ever sat down and contemplated how your sins and my sins personally have caused the death of Christ and has the spirit of God descended upon you with so much power that you will move with incredible contrition at dock at the fact that you are personally responsible for that runs the reality is that every one of us is guilty for Jesus death and when we look at the love that he demonstrated on how he was willing to take our place and and and and basically bear upon his soul the collective second death equivalent of every son and daughter of Adam that should move us to be genuinely sorrowful or sorry for our sins friends how many Christians today that are professed Christians truly truly bow before the throne of God and sincere repentance for sin has your heart been roped in at the fact that an innocent victim paid and infinite sacrifice just so that you might have a chance of eternal life if I share this story with you earlier this week but out here in case there is some fear that one of the meetings this past week but I can remember one morning several years ago I was studying in the morning was reading about the Lord and studying how Jesus is interceding in the heavenly sanctuary and he's pleading his blood in behalf on humanity and in what was interesting as I sensed my heart is with an emotion because of the deep conviction on how I I I was acutely aware of my cents it was almost as if God passed in panoramic vision before my eyes my sinfulness and I felt in my soul not an emotional or charismatic feelings but a conviction that I was utterly lost and that I needed Jesus or I couldn't even take another breath brothers and sisters and I'm telling you right now in that moment of time I stretched out my hands to heaven pleading for the forgiveness of sins and did you know after some time of wrestling even when I felt my spiritual yet broke like Jacob I wrestled in residence at God I need to know that I've been forgiven I need to know that my prayers been heard in heaven I can go on unless I know for sure because I spent in the desk and I preach the gospel and I don't want to stand up knowing that I am not surrendered and repent and do you and you know after Constantine of wrestling this is sense of peace came over my soul and it was like this burden was lifted off of me and the guilt and the regrets and all the things that come up before me and rose up and begin to cross me like a weight were released because Jesus Mai said the mayor had taken my Cinema Guild and he had had plant from me as far as the as the east is to the west downtown right now friends I felt like I was a liberated captive because you know Jesus came to liberate the captives and so many people maybe somebody at the night live with guilt and Jesus promises the take that guilt away and did you know that if we sincerely repent of our sins and true song Jesus death becomes a substitute for our we no longer become undead or come under the penalty of the second death because then Jesus death is substituted and then we all what is called in theological circles justify my Christ's death at the big term that simply means pardon or forgiven I felt in that moment of time in that morning and that quiet heart that Jesus had partly made and had forgiven me for my sins and I sensed that I experienced justification by faith justification just as it you had never seen but you know what the gospel doesn't start their this heartfelt sorrow leads us not just to be sorry first in but but moves on us to such an extent that we are willing to surrender our lives and put away our sins no we don't hear this a lot because people don't like to have people stand up and tell them that they need to put a way to send because the reality is that in most cases most professed Christians are still similar friends on Sony right now we really experience a converting power Christ people learn to hate sin course at the process by brothers and sisters again if we experience to heartfelt repentance the accident to be late at the root and the whole tree has been a draw and it's not that we will never sin again necessarily because because we are prone to make mistakes and when we were late when we experience God 's converting power that doesn't mean that necessarily all men dies completely because we still have to wrestle with the old nature but did you know that when we experience to repentance and then come to the point we surrender our lives only to Christ and the Spirit of God will empower us to live the life of Christ you believe that you can be like Jesus Sandy you could be Jesus don't confuse but Jesus can live his life in your soul so that people will see him in I heard about like this I was listening to a speaker last year and Emily and he was holding an afternoon seminar that one lady said you know what Pastor Bob Ms. passed up on I struggle with overeating and this one was was very slender and he was slender she said pastor I struggle with sweetness trouble with overeating I don't know what to do a bit like a glutton he said one public and accurate now you sure do look like you have a problem reading but then he said to her but you know what I found that when I surrender my heart to the Lord and I allow him to live through me he brings his temperance into me and I live out his temperance in my life and you know that was such a revelation to me brothers and sisters because when we allow Christ to live in us completely he lives out his attributes same light and that's what's called sanctification you see what justified by the death of Christ we receive imputed righteousness which is just as if we never send but that we also saved from sin power by the light of Christ in us which is an imparted righteousness that we call this big term sanctification is the Christ saves us their justification and sanctification that Christ our righteousness and saved from sin 's penalty and being saved from sin power and friends I think that a lot of times we focus on justification and week an end and we just stop there it's so important yes but we have to remember that South must die as well and we must learn that we have to surrender to Jesus so that he can empower us to have victory over the sinful tendencies in our lives there is no sin to strong within us that Jesus cannot help us to overcome the problem is that we need to learn to surrender and surrender because sometimes so habits are so deeply rooted in us we don't really persevere in that experience but we need to learn to the surrender in a constant state of repentance in order to preserve our justified state because sanctification preserves justification in all never forget it I was in an evangelistic series and it was the morning of the baptism that went into church that morning I was always riding a spiritual tidal wave of of joy because the whistles that made the decision to be baptized and I walked in and this precious sister came up to me and she said to me after Mark exists all the baptistery last night and you know before let the church actually dead water Labette filled up now to get the baptistery rate the next morning and I said well and I could tell she was just a brace and ever dealt with an abrasive person that just you nature cause he wants that back is improbable mercy I want to be around this person right now up I mean I could feel the abrasiveness coming out of this one I said well I was very tentative I said yeah I did well why should clean it and she just jumped all over me don't look at those floating cockroaches and ants spiders and leaves and all that junk in there look at that month floating on the top waterjet cleaning the baptistery would you want to be baptized in garbage water like that I would jump all over me and you know what cell came up right and everything I thought I mutinied who are you to talk to me you know why you don't talk to me like that and everything within me wanted to arise and just verbally cost this woman you know but then you know what the Lord spoke to my thoughts Mark imparted righteousness the power of the spirit to subdue the nature you see this all happened in a moment of time to do the nature surrender the rotation sanctification although it is a stop I realized that warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fall I what battle do you ever need to totally surrendered to have complete victory you look at any earthly warriors there's never been a time in intercessory were a general is totally surrendered had total victory what's the way Christianity is the opposite of the way the current of the thinking of the world is so the Lord impressed my mind looked around the tree of knowledge in each effort you got to get away gasoline logs hopefully this woman is just populate and then the Lord impressed me run to the bathroom so I ran into the bathroom ran into the last toilet stall close the door now that is the Lord I'm so irritated right now I want to explode but then after after a few moments of the kneeling man you know the spirit of value he subdues us submit surrender right and I said okay what a woman to do he said I want to go pray to stop and again he didn't say this audibly just a thought dry go pray with the warm way to make I can do that right now I want you to pray with it so you know and it took a surrender brothers and sisters are right but the Lord impressed me look my gospel is powerful enough to help you to overcome this situation and so I got up and I went up to the sister I said you know to be going over here privately and have a talk I really feel like we need to pray I could tell when I approached her she was just like okay she's really got a hesitant but she was uneasy buzz by a double over what she said but you know we went back into a private area and we knelt down and began to pray at night I started praying and did you know as I started praying she began to weep and when I was done pranks he said to me you ever forgive me for the way I just spoke to I wish I could tell you it's going on my home right now and why I'm irritated has nothing to do with you that baptistery with a floating cockroaches just pushed me over the edge but I'm dealing with so much right now I just can't let it out or not sorry could you ever forgive me and then I realized right then the God had the right course of action of friends let's face it we were in a battle against self and here to tell you the righteousness of Jesus can help us to subdue our sinful tendencies but we must learn to surrender habitual because friends if we do not surrender when fail the only human element to salvation and if any is yielding salvation is completely a work of God all we have to do is allow God to bring that power in that grace into us that he can save us from ourselves I moved to Hickory two years ago to Hickory area I just thought about that my introduction no hickory is the one way capital of the United States am convinced and it's a very difficult city to circumnavigate in a car and I don't mind telling you that made some wrong turns it turns at times and at him telling him amazed at how impatience of those drivers are there I mean I've had people just just basically swear at me and and and and and make unseen gestures at me and Andy on my flesh wants to rising and all and and and chase them down it out and talk to them and say listen you note Yahoo IM you are right but you know what even in the car God can say you know what they're obviously unconverted I was at Southern Adventist University of years ago working on MA and it was the first day of class in the morning and you know they give you these student ID card that they might they do that here not the probably do but I have this student ID and I forgot we have to go to the business office and have it activated we can go buy breakfast on because it's like a credit card I and so is the first day of class that the place we buy the breakfast is and is a huge line and here I am with this tray full of food and there is a whole lot of people behind me and him up at the cash register and in this dear young lady makes my card swipes it on sorry sir this card is inactivated you have to be put down and go get activated and ten not like please note that look behind it I could see Ali 's people get irritated at me a minute on luck buddy you know we got classless go in unlike but I plead my case doesn't look you don't birthday class and he cut me some slack I'll keep track of everything you can just charge it on my account later I promise shopping every any one sorry policy says that you need a credit card activated praise God with a policy amen right but nevertheless I said look please and she said on sorry yeah I simple cannot in my view not my flesh Verizon started little impatient in my mind am thinking you know what you know who I am again I think they did I am a sponsor grad student I sponsored right I'm good for the conference is good for it get with the program and these all these are the thoughts that come up in your mind if you know what Jesus was there saying look imparted righteousness sanctification the power of God unto salvation to everyone the believer home Lord would you have me to do just be patient so I finally said Lupton I leave my food right here and run down into it and come back to set up their go-ahead so I ran down I got my cock and I and I gave her look like you don't ideally you and I get back when I get back on the deal with you and so I went down I got my card all all initialized whatever was I went back up and be grudgingly went given that you know it you Lord Lord put a little close on the mouth they are to let me speak but you could by body language my looks you're just ready irritation night bender and so I I finally slept with women I went out into the dining room sat down and about the blessed with I will lord please blessed in the Lord you know speaking to the thoughts if you know you have this unresolved issue here how can you pray to me with a clear conscience when you're a minister of Christ and you just treated that girl like that there's an unresolved issue they remember from whence thou art fallen and repent into the first port go back to where he left me and let's meet up again and then I'll walk with you and then we can we can deal with this prayer of the breakfast thing and so I had to eat crow as it were then you know what Lord to write so when this girl and she looked me set up and she did he look like all mercy it up back on the passive aggressive looking a lot on the minister and I am really sorry for the registry Versar forgive me for that and she said sure and you know every morning when I went to that landslide I was sure to say good morning and you don't bent to build a rapport with her and by the end of the session you know we've on talking terms and things worked out if you don't friend you can understand to these stories what when trying to illustrate justification is beautiful because it sure does give a the sweet release from which you know what we need to learn to walk in the sanctified walk to because Christ's righteousness also covers victory over sin that how save us from ourselves and friends the reason why we do not have more power as Christians is because we have not tapped into that yet but did you know that Christ our righteousness and both of those dimensions does the third Angels message here is the patience of the states here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that is the glory of God that like the entire world in Revelation eighteen one and when he has God 's people need to learn to surrender ourselves and to experience the power of God in those situations so I encourage you today learn to cooperate with God and surrender to Christ and experience the victory that he brings because he will bring you off more than a conqueror through him that loved us it is a theological question just as a side note does Christ's righteousness cover filthy garments you know I saw a picture in an evangelistic slide about that showed a man with filthy garments on and then Jesus is behind him with a white robe going to cover him and I thought to myself you know what that's not theologically correct because the reality is is that Jesus removes the filthy garments easy Christ's righteousness is in a cloak to cover premeditated and calculated sending friends Christ's righteousness network covers calculated rebellious Sunni as unrepentant ovens and and not surrender but it covers our nakedness once Jesus removes arsenic that's a theologically correct position in our state Texas real quick in Zechariah just got back to Zechariah just real quick Zechariah chapter three Zechariah chapter three Zechariah chapter three verses one to five is is our final text tonight Zechariah chapter three verses one thirty five notice what the Bible says and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him and the Lord said on the Satan the Lord rebuked me of Satan even the law that chosen Jerusalem rebuke me is not this a brand plucked out of the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and stood before the angel and he answered and spake under those that stood before him saying take out way the filthy garments from him and under him he said behold I have caused thine iniquity to pass from the and I will close me where the change of raiment and I said let them set a fair minor upon his head so they set a fair miter upon his head and clothed him with garments and the angel of the Lord stood by notice right there very clearly that Jesus remove the filthy garments and then covered the nakedness that that resulted subsequently with his robe of righteousness you see Jesus wants to remove sin or more lots not just the pen dear sin but the power of sin and through that friends it takes true heartfelt repentance and a complete surrender to Christ I want to ask you a serious questions not at you truly in your heart of hearts sincerely repent of your sins before Christ have you come to the point in your life where you have said I absolutely and completely surrender myself entirely to you Jesus take all of me can you say that well if were honest with ourselves probably none of us can we can strive friends each and every day to say Lord today I want you take all of our just sick and tired of a powerless religion I may get me a break friends I mean I'm so sick of religion in a sense that this endless round of ceremonies having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof I want to tap into the power of God friends because when I look at my life that I look at what's in my heart and don't like what I seek out want God 's power to change me brothers and sisters I want to be genuine and transparent I want to be a Christian not just profess and act all holy and righteous chronically everyone else up and not looking at my own soul I want to be right with God I want to see eternity and I realized that the only way that I'm the dude that is by surrendering in total contrition and repentance to Jesus each and every day so that his righteousness can infuse my very slow so that I can be a Christian and not just profess friends we need that experience it's not an option we were one member Dede internal world without that it's that's why the message to the Laodicean church you know I counseled about me gold tried in the fire right now Ms. be written and in white raiment that thou me is because it and I sent it out may I see the Golden eight the garment of Christ righteousness and the discernment of the Spirit of God to live a godly life in the most serious and important time a time of unprecedented wickedness and a time of investigative judgment friends I'm here to tell you we need Christ righteousness more than ever before this message is the light the whole world with its glory we got with God 's glory and and friends listen this is a two-dimensional righteousness sanctification or justification certification imputed important part of percent power to have victory over sin that is what Christ righteousness brings we need to experience that so I ask you in an appeal tonight do you have the sweet assurance of pardon sin in your soul is the ax laid at the root of sin in your life to where you have surrendered all to Jesus you see Jesus came as a solution for the sin problem he wants the pardon and remove sin from us so that we can meet him face-to-face friends on here to tape tonight I want Christ's righteousness to save me so I can look into the eyes of him personally paid my second death percent don't you want to see him don't you want to spend eternity with him would you truly tonight like truly receive Christ's righteousness which again transforms just a form of art transcends rather just a form of godliness but truly brings the power of God 's salvation into our more experienced friends that I say this again I know I'm so sick of seeing God 's people lacking the power that Jesus and a and him I'm sick of myself doing on the China state you know that point fingers but we need that power we really need Jesus to have all of us we need to experience that because the times in which we live predicate that we should be reflecting the character of Jesus everyone around us in this time I'm reminded of the words of an of an old hymn famous him it says when he shall come with trumpet sound old may I in him before the clad in his righteousness alone faultless to stand before the throne do you want that righteousness are you willing to pay the price not in a work sense but in humbling yourself that true repentance and true surrender so that you can receive the pardon and victory and all the fullness of God that Jesus wants to give you through his righteousness will you make a commitment right now to receive that precious gift from God how many one essay would be tonight I want to receive that gift with all my heart without reservation father in heaven thank you so much for blessing us abundantly above all that we could ask or think thank you Jesus for giving us your righteousness thank you for pardoning us and for leading us to repentance thank you for giving us the victory for giving us your life for allowing the Holy Spirit to replicate your exact life in us thus bringing your attributes that we will live them out father I pray tonight that you would bless the commitments that have been made Lord give us the power that comes from this message help us dear God don't cast us off forgive us for our sins Lord cleanse us from all unrighteousness empower us to experience that change of raiment remove our filthy garments from us and clothe us with the pure and spotless robe woven in the loom of heaven Jesus we want you to have control lately of our lives please take control and bring us off more than less you people tonight Lord and keep them until we meet again in Jesus name on


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