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Who or What is Anti-Christ?

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • February 28, 2009
    4:00 PM
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I'm wrote the reviews afternoon on top of who or what is antichrist of this donkey monos home watching our Gitmo YouTube link that was a met him Barack Obama was the antichrist and legislate you go to some of the sites that have a lot of single evidence that go there but evidence vicinity in prison but are you that is on it others were five is a is and what is interesting because you wonder sometimes if we don't get office course of truth by below website issues like that so I want to go back through the antichrist because this is something that even about the next week we often have a simple answer for it but as you study it it's a little bit little bit more to it and seems through some verses in and Frank so we started a book of John the thirteenth chapter verses twenty one the thirty hour reading a hearing when Jesus had thus said he was troubled in spirit and testified and said verily verily I say unto you that one of you shall betray me then the disciples looked at one another doubting of whom he spake other was leaning on Jesus as bosom one of his disciples whom Jesus loved Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him they should ask what should be a fool he spake he then lying on Jesus as breast saith unto him Lord who is it sought methods again what is antichrist was his prey before going further by ahead father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word Lord give us clarity of mind and thought and Lord we ask that you would help us Lord to make a proper connect the current time but the soonest soon coming of our Lord Moore speaks through me let me not be seen or heard his prayer in Jesus 's name amen so at the Last Supper there the disciples make it at all mess the disciples did one of the things they like it was arguable the first and when Jesus came into his kingdom they argued about who to be number one the big argument avail is that none of the vice president I guess you could say as I was in finding every time Apogee 's got upset I remember after Jesus fed the five thousand when they got on the ship what were they arguing about they wanted some make Jesus became they did not understand that Jesus as Messiah ship was not of this Earth he did not come to liberate the physical nation of Israel this is a misconception that existed today with the nation of Israel people still think that you know that from the second time now and liberate Israel Jerusalem and live one thousand years with this misconception that the heart of what she was ultimately does Judas believes he is helping Jesus if he betrays him because he's going to quickly move that the necessary event so that Jesus can take over the world will forget that Google detects so it goes on and on chapter thirteen veggies after he is the little myself give a sop when I get in at the big piece of bread and that but in the oil and what hit them he gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon and watch this and after the sop Satan entered into him then said Jesus unto him that thou do is do quickly I was thinking that Jonas was thinking when he said whatever you do would quickly it was speaking to do this but Jesus knew that it was all wrong and controlled units saying that I can open our respect back because of strong point must be made here Julius had just had his feet washed by Jesus amen others are close to lose most of Jesus it does at his feet washed by Jesus Judas had just eaten with Jesus as a matter of fact when you look at how the Last Supper laid out in a recliner that they got reclined on to Eaton that time and study regarding John the beloved the one who writes the book of John Revelation for second and third job is closest to Jesus Batson Peter beckons to the given heads of the author the book that were reading from but something else happened Julius OPR audit you also closest to Jesus that debate as to which one of next job of problem aside whether Judaism giveaway one of the two of them and the chewable or very close to Jesus ironically the two disciples belladonna gives you the biggest verbal and outdoor headache I pulled up closest to know Mister and words people can be in the very presence of Jesus and not be converted they can spend long hours of Jesus and actually have a relationship with Jesus they can be close to Jesus and actually never know who Jesus is an out of that lack of knowledge is born of the spirit of antichrist the idea that you know Jesus when you really don't what gives people the option to try and force span is why you have a gospel of prosperity being preached television on networks of the United States today many people breathing and have no concept of what the kingdom of God really is God 's kingdom is not of this physical earth I don't get that the Seville heaven on earth now a misunderstanding of Jesus is at the heart of the antichrist was long and then nondogmatic that they would move for what intent he spake unto him but language easily say that they all only talk to us they didn't know Satan had taken control of dogmas that point that means that people lacking among us was actually working for the enemy and some of us also spent a lot of time with Jesus would not be able to recognize them either so there's something about Antichrist that have a stealth nature to put some thought because he was at the back to the Jesus at seven p.m. by those things that we need against the feast or each of them or should give something to the poor even having received the thought went out immediately and it was one it wasn't simply night because it was my time it was nice because it was spiritual nine when she will left the presence of Jesus the life of the world and walked out the bow and deal with the rabbis and enemies of Christ when he walked out to do that he wasn't just in the night because of my time each step into spiritual darkness when you take turn your back on Jesus and walk away from them to do them arm you stepped into spiritual darkness Judith accident as an antichrist model why I was doing was able to be the antichrist among the disciples one Judas was trusted as matter-of-factly real-life Jonas was probably the most qualified of all the disciples to be a disciple of his problem because a multimedia limit these ignorant fishermen and an unlike taxpayer tax collectors Judas is thinking why am I even spending time with these trials I'm so far superior to them there's only one of us that can really help Jesus do we need to do and asked me to do is figure it out while I'm not getting paid by the way I thought you was because he carried the bag which is critical to carry the money back shoulders would get the money back and take out of it whatever he wanted he was among the closest to Jesus at the table but in another way Judas was one of the leaders he was inherently a leader among the disciples in fact besides Jesus he was probably the most respected of the twelve BA from Jesus at his feet washed meaning that if it is even from them as representative of the word he had taken the word any advantage you take them but Watson as a symbol of public kind of baptism were repentance he had gone to the rituals he goes out from among them into darkness but I wanted them back to another story real quick to show you why Judas gets mad in the first place is important because sometimes we get mad at God about what I want to learn about the antichrist is descriptive synonym many antichrists and it is the spirit of antichrist and we have to be careful we don't become so I you would probably become antichrist deeds and every single one of us jobs well done if you were a chapter that is a good usage they were for the Passover came to Bethany where Lazarus was which had been dead only and raising the dead that it made him a supper and Martha served but Lazarus was one of the metadata table with him then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard very costly than one feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the older of the ointment then said one of the cycle nobody else but John points on this disciple is in fact John is always going on people really are probably because John wrote was alive long after everybody else maybe it was because he was writing after all of that report middle of Peter that did the training points out that it was Julie's right here in Largo do this because of Judas Iscariot Simon son which should betray him and Judah said why was not disappointment sold for three hundred pence and given to the poor now with June is really interested in giving this the value of that stuff for the poor old Judas was corrupted Jones a minor from Brooklyn follow us a more Brooklyn joke George is a crock English was not polished for the different types of professional anyone approach that SP also it looked like he was doing you a favor the various vitamin a wildly wasting this stuff when we can sell it and get the money for the poor when Jesus rebukes them Jonas is angry she was get so angry at being rebuked that that he believes they are in almost all four Gospels he leaves from back in incident I'm go directly to boot boot boot view the rabbis of the Pharisees who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver he's eating his pride and ego is art that deals with publicly rebuke you and from that small and everything that happens forward now Larry Mona rounded him but I can tell you that the spirit of antichrist does not like correction does not want to hear God 's word in fact it will invent its own word but it can remain safe doing whatever it's doing and how Jesus describes it while I was with them in the world I kept them in thy name will do okay with me I have and none of them is lost except to the son of addition that the Scripture might be fulfilled by the Gospels portrait of about Judas betraying Jesus Socialism is the son of perdition the vision is from the Greek word which means eternal damnation eternal destruction but also good he is the son of eternal laws well we can make connections second Thessalonians two one two four he said now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto him that you be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled neither by spirit nor by word or by letter as from a that the day of Christ is at hand let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed but will the son of perdition why do we connect Judas to the enterprise because they viewed that the future Antichrist Paul will run here is called Islamic religion Jesus calls to listen himself the son of perdition won't hold and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is gone now you got warmly back the most important was it ultimately the final Antichrist the Christ and I can have two meanings and discuss more later and I can be your against someone or I can be in place of someone you understand that you understand all the great controversy Satan 's work is to try not simply to go against God or Jesus but to replace them Penny has found ways to have people work of intermediaries for him that when people think that worshiping one thing in fact they are worshiping Satan in the ancient world it was idle than they would settle idle all kinds of idols of Egypt and Egyptian pantheon that arrive at an always on the God to Alan and in Greek UN of cultural Jupiter Zeus that a lot of Roman or Greek and each one of these godly extreme hot dogs when they set up their idols and they printed up all that they are praying for Stalin but in fact the demons behind that are not really playing the snow like to think that they think they are in fact that worshiping demons one of the things of the devil figured out in the last six thousand years is that if you can get people to worship people people make a better intermediary then who stolen idols and really wants Jesus came to earth and wants Jesus died a part of Revelation chapter twelve the spirit of prophecy Satan did not have full reign to walk in another might use the it was past the the believe that what the blood is not used very much antichrist John Doug why we don't probably knew that was wrong with it because he realizes that Satan is stop on earth is going to change his game is to try to find some other God for people to worship he is going to pretend to be is to find a way to be a replacement for the other the only way now he can fulfill his original plan of exalting himself above the throne of God somebody's got to be an idol somebody even got a be an American Idol somebody got a B worship of Satan to get worse unlike other like that little by little at first and stealth in silence and the more openly as an increase in strength and gain control of the minds of men the mystery of iniquity carryforwards deceptive and blasphemous work almost imperceptibly the customs of humanism found their way into the Christian church the spirit of compromise and conformity was restrained for a time by the fierce persecutions was the church and door on the paganism persecution ceased Christianity and of the Portobello looking to lay it aside the humble simplicity of Christ and his apostles for the pop and pride of pagan priests and rulers and employees of the requirements of God she substituted human theories and traditions the nominal cock conversion of Constantine in the early part of the fourth century called great rejoicing in the world arrayed in robes of righteousness walked into the church now the work of corruption rapidly progressed paganism while appearing to be vanquished became the conqueror her spirit control the church erred doctrines ceremonies and superstitions were incorporated into the faith and worship of the professed followers of Christ but this compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the development of the man of sin foretold in prophecy of the upholding of exalting himself about God but again system one billion people strong right now a false religion is a masterpiece of Satan 's power a monument of his efforts to seat himself upon the throne to rule the earth according to will does a joy to secure one again that honor the church was led to seek the favor of the board of the great men of the earth and having thus rejected Christ she was induced to yield at least the representative of Satan the Bishop of Rome is one of the leading doctrines of Romanism that the Pope is the visible head of the universal Church of Christ in Festival supreme authority over prisoners in fact with in all parts of the world more than this poll is arrogated the very titles of beauty well first and foremost we known it would look at it as an obvious when one of dollars and added that it is the Roman papal system that represents the antichrist that is something that Martin Luther and many of the reformers all believe them affect was funny I listened to him to cable okay we think it is on the the the ouch on the church am derived and when it runs Calvary Calvary chapels there any revenue as a pastor answer program is somewhat called and asked him about what a text referring to the antichrist what is the man of sin and and and you could tell the president he will answer you try so hard not to say it because he knew we had to state road you have to and finally does a row which makes or not they were Catholic treatments or not that difficult he said that it speaks of the church of Rome but he hesitated he began almost stammer the reality is this is not an Adventist doctrine this goes back long before Edmonton at the wind of the Protestant Reformation and most people criticize Christianity have no idea what it actually is because the purpose of the antichrist was that he wrecked a church that did not resemble real Christianity so when you hear people attack Christianity in general often attacking the false religious system and that's why people than attacking athletic double set up that way if you were to double that make a lot of sense of the make the face of the church be a false face but it's easy to attack and hate the Church if you're not a Christian and he did it with great efficiency that a naïve animals song by rock groups called ruling my religion on the cover of orange County registered as we do with a guy to give an explanation as to why you lost his religion have to be in a Christian for so many years well what characteristics of the antichrist will give them something different and more more modern issues on this part of the John the Antichrist skip always personally read some of these John two eighteen presented is a little joke that it is the last time and as you heard that antichrist shall come even now are there many enterprise on me many working when he was alive whereby we know that is the last time Revelation twelve that tells us that would save his catheter is angry because he knows he has what a short time as time on earth gets shorter Satan will become more and more active and more and more open you will no longer hide himself as much as he does now you won't need to and you see that already holds a record store which ultimately shall have record store since I do limit the output among the more you use the Microsoft of the diet albums only remember those right and on the cover of heavy metal lock rabbit all been albums would be grossly satanic images that would basically curse God Marilyn Manson doesn't now they would do this because Satan doesn't need to hide themselves as much when it looks to me a clear sign of the end is not open Satanism is being practiced in the world today without any of improbable row erupted all the rappers in Miami and the football players you know you are call me say that the video shoot with some driving Rick Ross Valdez stuff resentment is with me the one of his worlds anyone know when we are there most of the current WWE three but David is interesting to think that what I telephone the Bible to chart drum in my end result of the legitimate welcome the church but again it was perfect how efficiently was an obscene enough to know I was one hundred percent convinced of the devil is little more about seventy percent convinced there's a God the sad statement before a lot of people say who is Satan 's people are more vocal verbal and more tangible in the world and the people of God are the lobby was added to believe that the devil but agreement over the God Johnson twenty two staffers articulate users with a liar but he that denied the DeLuca Christ is Antichrist that the market father and the son and every spared first off or three but confesses not that Jesus Christ come in the flesh is not of God and this is that spirit of enterprise where I have heard that it should comment even already in the world first second done all one does all the text that use the actual word antichrist in a hole by I will be done using the phrase for many the schemas are evident in the world who confess not that Jesus Christ is come the flesh is the deceiver and an antichrist at the end of the day the real point is who is Jesus to you that's what enterprise level out even replacing Jesus with Mary for example they can pray to Mary what if they think giving options is antichrist but also says in your own life do you really believe that Jesus came in the flesh we really understand that God came and walked on earth if you missed that point you might as well be antichrist is a lot of at the heart of the debate of Christianity is always Jesus what we forget it the doctor will discuss in the first thing I make should always do is lift up Jesus but not one lie leads to another needs one of another and eventually that will attract the character of Jesus Christ the nature of what I'll probably came with the earth and its purpose in the world today phonetic characters and use more active as time goes on both out from us meaning that the antichrist Christian roots when acidified talk about the Bulls were going out from among the madman is here locally as serious theories and the other colonies the church there with him a proclamation magazine up on the Billboard on the board the proclamation of his old movement against the nomination by people used to be about the nomination denies Christ as Messiah denies Christ came in the flesh not only denies that offers substitution and loving it they denied the law of God because if if if you want to mess with a lot of even really need Jesus if you can change the ten commandment you need to really think I really need that you sent another way out of it well here Darwin to the character sure that people use we backward and almost alive on out of this antichrist movement along the Roman church began to allow many different theories to begin to flourish one of whom is the theory of evolution Roger Minogue in his book a trip into the supernatural omega probably read when you get to the park or Roger Minogue deals with evolution in an interview that he done out the DVDs of interviews he says that when he was out the worship of the evil demon worshiper of Alito vote Rosamond always and he came out of even before spring became a seven minutes he was given a gift is my favorite part of the whole story as well a favorite part but the funny part is given a gift the demons by the Spirit you be able to call the horses he built a pig which was within a win next day so he would have a dream at night and the next they put on little racetracks and horses he dreamed the negative strap when he was once so much money under the demonic power that be that the events the wanted to a back room etc. they were going to kill him if he ever came back to their horse races around Seminole was raised Catholic and he said he was always taught that you don't get something for nothing he was afraid we can't happen to give us life completely over the sink and he was afraid people sub was wrong and actually met several roles and began to have Bible studies and begins limited minutes he smoked cigarettes the whole time you get by with a cerebral select prayed that God would give them the patients not on the maximum individual dental medicine hope you wouldn't come back as powerful as love but one thing the demon priest told him was that the theory of evolution was invented by Satan the demon three said that when someone begins the believe the theory of evolution I may begin to teach it special demons are dispatched from second to guard them those pages of the theory of evolution are regarded as Satan 's special evangelist because of how destructive the theory of evolution is it is the worst form of antichrist and Darwin came out of the church I was a Christian England married a Christian woman so he was given special demonic protection of the Mahabharata muddles that when Darwin was just a child the demons helped to watch him as he was worried the demon saw something in him and wanted him to be the one who would bring forth the theory of evolution rests I guess you don't want level would tell you how important it is that you be in Christ because just like God has a purpose for you Satan has a purpose for you on the back wrestler second because the business of the most radically to my younger cousin when I go to Miami and about a moment of the Michael would just got in trouble with the law and received ten years probation I'm somewhat bigger this dual purpose because they figure you to mess up again and you will spend a very long time in the state penitentiary system in Florida and likely do not will spend a long time is taken up that uses them of Florida budget always big and bad it only got tattooed all up now is like nineteen twenty years old I got back down to find out he's in trouble again this time in one of his friends in a drive-by shooting on someone's house of course it was one of four blocks from his own house not a very bright criminal as I know the car and get it and they call the police and my grandmother 's usual begins to pray as he always does the family members whatever the situation is and for some reason the Lord listens to my grandmother and every charges thrown out on him he didn't spend one day in prison with a jail while animal rest that we didn't go to prison because the voice for blocks over and one of the child fails they wouldn't talk to the police after they call the police very funny code of ethics right to him I said you've got to understand Michael got talent wants to do is to use you for his cause opposite would be for you to kill someone and put you in prison for the rest of your life and snuff out to souls from out of and you've got to make wiser decisions and is top of the interview began to cry they began up right now because he understood that it was a miracle that he am about just as Darwin was chosen or not Roger Minogue we must be careful that we don't set ourselves up to be chosen that our young people don't set themselves up to be chilled for dominance one thing is the thing that is amazing the pulp turned around acknowledges the theory of evolution not how in the world that the leader of a church acknowledge the theory of evolution is and he came up at a whole new doctrine he said that the soul of the man is instantly made by God but the body could've been involved from lesser beans over long periods of time that is the real mental gymnastics to get you to believe in evolution but that's a happen to bless the theory of evolution laminae to go on with his lucky longhorn blessed a blessed the Dalai Lama he blessed the highest ranking Islamic figure in yuan he has blessed basically almost every false religion in the world is because at the end of the day Satan wants to be what above all to bless evolution why you sweeten move billions of people profitably by believing this and ironically the last President-elect of studying before it was amazing to me when Mike Huckabee the one faster running for president when he was asked about the origin of man when my companies entities that I don't know if God made the world in six literal days or if it was over millions of years is that I don't know I wasn't there Barack Obama had the exact same answer when we say that something as basic in the Scripture as Genesis chapters one and two is gone for most Christians they no longer believe that God made the world in six literal days they believe intelligent design development words and phrases I'm a creationist I believe God made the world in six days if he couldn't make the world in six days I have no hope for salvation because of a live in Genesis chapter one while I believe them in John chapter three verse sixteen or seventeen in Genesis while I believe many rails in the Bible until you can prove to me your theory stick with mine but I thought it is a more of a more modern things that are going on there is backward then they'll Washington on one side and Barack Obama with Oprah Winfrey and limited Barack Obama would not be present in the United States the issue is not endorsed and stumped for by Oprah Winfrey facts are facts he was losing and she stepped up to the plate called on the lawn sluggers I think the antichrist and of you lazy legume meal from the matrix of the but all of a sudden he comes on and she comes on any start the win now let's take a step back I began to realize something funny was going on with with with over and bends out when at Loma Linda one is really the big Oprah Winfrey environmental everyday three in urgent care because we are turned on the TV that have clearly taped on it for patent only turn all the patient information and education only unless the obligations of gridlock every bit as always please let me to say that however to turn it on I don't normally like Oprah Winfrey fortunately I'm not real worried about what her favorite things on his year but interestingly enough she was interviewing Denzel Washington the beginning was a little bit and she did not thought what was CC asked and that Washington how do you do the scene in the movie glory epic film on the on the on the Civil War on about one of the platoons on our own Bob troops that was of the town regions Regiment the Army when a regimen that would lead my all-white Corporal Butler the all-black regiment and so themselves when the guys may get in trouble and have to be whipped and of course there's the postseason will be the over one percent within the last and how did you how did you do that scene that was classic piece as well I prayed to the parade he also said the full sixty minutes well the Duprey said yes to the BW underneath the brazen operating LOL standoff that whenever things allowed in the lot number eleven is really right he said yes I prayed to the spirits of the dead flames at us I don't see it again I finished you don't really understand that he cannot pray the densely that slaves are then living know that they shall die the dead don't know anything so you can pray to what doesn't know anything and get a response for the right and our response he wasn't brain-dead slaves he would break the living demons anything that you feel the spirits take over him we've interviewed on sixty minutes and he brought them under his control and he went out and did the same but otherwise labeled the church in Los Angeles Oprah Winfrey will raise monitor the amount of fact she still considers Whitney Phipps some nebulous as one of our key spiritual advisor the monotonous about with them until many more but he said he prayed to the spread of that slays you would be amazed to know how many of Hollywood's stars don't act their parts the channel Roger Minogue which is been enough again rather banal in the book which of the supernatural speaks about this and said that he could see at North Avenue when one of these demon meeting historians from universities would come to them and ask to speak to former dead presidents like someone come in he was in front of Canada in the nineteen thirties that is story happen and he said that they would go and all and Montréal as historian would come to go to the Demon Temple which is actually the mansion with a beautiful pot somewhere with a very nice place he says and when they would go with their demons the demon priest who can't drop Napoleon Napoleon went they were asked Holden will happen Wanda Minogue and what Roger Minogue says his family is a part of that same demon worship system it is antichrist because ironically again many of those what doing it claim to be Christians or workers became out of Woodberry says he's not even belong wrong Robin Williams the channel these historical figures in other words they are paid to be possessed well that was what David Oprah Winfrey herself got and what is guy out told told him up in your last name is who wrote this book arm slipping on the benevolence livelihood but in this presentation with a limit is the north of the one I'm thinking of putting rock the one that now she's taken a turn in her own churchy printer on whether this is the largest church in the world with over three million members and she and you want to you to move about Oprah Winfrey antichrist type it in all of his things and come up with interviews of people on our website denouncing Christianity because of the liberation and learn to Oprah Winfrey with even one which he talks about how much when she was about twenty seven years of age he was in church and the preachers at a God is a jealous God and what a lot of these different things on the about of the great God not as a good God that is one of about a thousand things that was not a jealous God and Oprah Winfrey said why would God be jealous of me got jealous of hers and she didn't disappoint as she walked out like Judas walked away when he was rebuked for saying what he said about the alabaster box and upon a perfume she walked out with a chip on his shoulder against God for the rest of her life ironically even once autosomes you bring the gospel artisan to go that church was a gold heating church eighteen in my opinion to meet people and you've been very successful in leaving people away from church that is the spirit of antichrist well it gets even people you have people like Bill Marr was a famous comedian and again because of the weight of the church is turned itself no more now if attacking religion openly blatantly on Larry King and to his movie religionist which I would have never seen but instead of the end of Mary says the truth is there is thinking of the truth is that there is no God and he makes the three blind month for the feed only when we will speak no evil monkeys he makes them Judaism Catholicism the relentless about Christianity and Islam mocking the three of them now if you really want to get heavy into the antichrist of input with vinegar the only history of the go through but I do want to mention Islam because many people don't know that Islam exists six hundred years the public existence after the death of Christ my mother actually was was I was in a place in Saudi Arabia with a lot of crisscrossing and trade and so commonly all distortion Old Testament New Testament and all of the pagan religions of Saudi Arabia when he was also done he decided he would make one better religion out of all of antichrist I wanted to do he turned Jesus into a profit and he turned the moment God the pagan god of Saudi Arabian people at the time he turned them into the supreme God Allah Allah was the name of the morning that's what a symbol for Islam is a crescent moon animals remember they worsen the moment if you live in the desert of Saudi Arabia you might worsen the movements of the sun think about it for a second you're really a most positive world the site gives you relief with warmth you want also limit as far as the debit that in the summertime the night is when you feel your relief right so they worshiped the moan and the connection back to the policies and the strong will to live the count beads likely due in prayer are unable on on all of a lot of biggest one is on this fourteen Fatima was one of Mohammed 's daughters of Fatima also important let the Muslims invaded Europe and almost at all of France even they bring in the town of Portugal Fatima and that is where three children one last one living number don't notice is to live in a ninety love check saw this vision of the Virgin Mary and it became cheap in that place where they would color our Lady of Fatima now that connect Islam and Catholicism in a new way I thought it would take statues of the Virgin Mary and call our Lady Fatima and even in Muslim problems in North Africa people would bow Mary great reception a great floor because of the representative of the Mohammed and his children but again the devil can attack these religions because he set them up that the symbols they were running neck all three of these monkeys are all pagan symbols of America Rodman also something powerful he said that when you worship Satan you're told to wear across SWC JC or Madonna or any of them come out and all I want gigantic crosses it is it it is actually on mockery of the fact that Jesus died on the cross that in the Bible you never told to wear a cross or told to bear you Norcross diamonds that a goldplated cross will have no real connection to the wood bloodstained cross of Jesus Mary Belmar you coming about as far to let that you could possibly ever go honestly but again the spirit of antichrist set up the religion looks ridiculous the simple religion of Jesus Christ is hidden by praise God it is one of few places the seven-member denomination we still find the simple apostolic Christianity well let's go to music comments in daily areas and the guy next to him about Rick James is not bad all open and blatant Satan worshiper ironically is music is used by people like Kirk Franklin and when he samples and target the gospel music I think it one of the sampling a Satanist the dual sample something because I'm on my studies of music am learned that the music itself carries the spirit the music itself is an tangible almost unconscious to it and you can't take the music created by somebody and went over to visit really have the power in the Bible we know that once all was upset they call the David and the Bibles of the big of a large evil spirit David just wanted music he played if you can play music and called an evil spirit to leave someone yelled that the question can you play music and call the evil spirit to enter someone forget the lyrics and just the music do that now music never been out in the world of the music and the music is no joke to get into your boat Jay-Z and Beyoncé are of funny couple are married now to the one of you was on Bob Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie probably the biggest couple in the entertainment world will little note Bob Beyoncé claim to be personable to does if you have America's status as a Christian recently because now she makes things like the free Mason remix is over songs and dances that are videos of all the telescopes maybe she gave up on it I think it's a law left the church when she says he sees she becomes another person on stage and I personally do have a main sauce affairs while in psychology will be blood multiple personalities and put him on medication right and that in this virtual world be without a multiple personalities are wondering if the person possessed in the remit of the Spirit at work in this person I'm telling you from what I've seen that is exactly what's happening to become more and more of it of no basis in a warehouse he entertains and become a more more popular Rodman also had an imminent time the musicians of Montréal the best band work the most talented they were once worshiped Satan that was the trick to going all the way to the top not to worship Satan so but Beyoncé phone at love which is one of the mogul Jay-Z considers himself God of the matter of fact if you and one of his songs as I am J whole book God MC out of five percent Nation of Islam out of New York he believes that he is a God and believes he should be worshiped so you have a song we felt that young people of all you have your chance up vast abdomen of course when you have them aboard the script in the side of worship the one rappers normally do with it Bengals run room to come on stage to get sand all and then I think what my name you don't end up and say the name into this time of worship that is exactly what Satan wants you what you don't worship them I thought you was is now not idle those stolen gold award abroad instead Satan uses flesh and blood but the problem is when a dude as most of them can't handle what they can does the at least duty young stars blossom and get wiped out so quickly men like Kurt Cobain talented musician I'm sure that all of us it was not in a very young age that I could go on and on Elvis Presley Bob Marley you name him use that method would same and allowing them to run your life he's going to find up what we need to kill you we sure did you burn in the lake of fire with you I love you Britney Spear Lawless Doctor Dora Britney Spears yet with a Britney Spears if you would remember who all the way back to despair the long TV bragging about she was going to stay absent until she was married vulnerable bomb he was from a family of Christians and as she slid further and further into and at an Iva Myers probably the best that I really given this talk want to go further for the into the world of entertainment and Hollywood is like a black hole you can't get out of it fame is more addictive than any drug known to man once you have people 's accolades and you enter crowd the blog it's difficult to change what you're doing and unfortunately the church itself talk about antichrist the church itself have become possessed with the same spirit of entertainment is one of the most destructive things work in our churches and we only get the style that we argue it I will be on the spirit driving the styles that are chosen what is making me which use the newly formed in and do the things they do it because they want entertainment because once a Pakistan that any of a lot of applauded Satan because as with in the same I was easier was putting chains in the West but all the fallen kings of Israel and Judah 's heirs you are a God unilateralism about that's why when you are Christian the key and fundamental principle he was always returned to is military you must always check your ego at the door because if you let her have its way things work in trying to destroy the black churches are often so inefficient the past some more about pride in being seen and being known and they are about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and here's the kicker that is the spirit of antichrist in a full slate of our church is now because I have more law that young mathematical without the black Adventist school then it will be like TD Jakes they want to commend the church at event jobs of hundreds of anymore and they want to managers I want I think I want a church a Walmart church I will be glad one-stop shopping would become the church but it's about building an empire on the South athletic effective because the same spirit that tells Jay-Z the writers online Lucifer the same spirit leaving people in the pulpit every week is the same spirit I called the bands that played a way to do in a song to be done we did not alike of your member in attacks when she was equal to thing about being a Academy and CNN with the drum that are going crazy so it was done in isolation could be a blessing FM insincerity and in humility to be a blessing but what you're seeing in everybody trying to complete the black judges in our area Arkansas are like an arms race over music I'm not a bad hitter we do not charge them under the banner bigger than the week before but if you look at bigger in the week before the gospel not be in breach of any doctrine do not address actually asked by MMA one eleven adopted a multiple churches but it really is better I want my kids got a guy out Hollywood when leaving the music shot up my poor brother Ben and I can go to church at me and would do without it don't James Brown was the former like what happened at night and even himself brother the funny thing we are likely immature advantage of the blog that sonic justify what happened a while we missed that I mean if I wanted about what funky rap music the judge of the world I want to go to get it all around music Unlimited lab rock 'n roll and the no-confidence of Thomas it was limited I hope that if something elevated and different from the world with one last piece that I think you have to get that is that the church has been hijacked in America and in the world today is a Christian who believes on many things similar to many of the people on the religious right I can tell you that one of most dangerous thing that happened to Christianity is the politicizing of Christian beliefs Jesus when he came to Jesus are absent and national meetings were on there were people from all different political views at the status of these controllers in Washington and Bonaire arguably things and I think that economy is it what you believe on abortion or gay marriage or always loving the mouse that I called Jesus within the Bible they came to Jesus and he said who should we pay taxes to the sea there are also reports of all money go to God you suddenly see the point you look at the inscription and that sees his face and inscription on it Jesus then render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God that's a statement that you don't as a Christian chalk too deep into the things of the world you become when I don't get me wrong I was there was never another abortion done in United States of America I was there with awaited stop of tomorrow I wish there was a lot of things that wouldn't happen but I'm careful to make the church my platform for social political change why we do that in a in America you have got to respect the fact that people are going to be different in opinion from you it is the only reason you have a religious freedom to worship and the minute you start saying how other people should worship and live the problem then is you'll will be turned on and told how to worship and live at the only hope we really have is the preach the gospel where everybody can hear you what the government take away that right either we got the gavel and what happened when you look at the Christian Coalition and you look at all the far religious right it becomes dangerous because they jump on issues and irony he is fictional there's a lot passion but not much compassion they don't seem to really care what happened before people with one being the exception doesn't really care what happens in the barrio the ghettos of America the taxes they say fine thought of what weblogging on the job to get then I'm for big tax of the small taxes the problem with the church begin to speak like that if you make enemies of the church on issues that are not our salvation by people who hate the Christian church in America and they hate him because of his stance on issues and will never get to know Jesus Christ but Jesus the Bible said that the love of Christ that can stream about your mother reduce and eliminate teen pregnancy wood wood programs got up at ten if the anonymous what happened know Jesus Christ as their Savior I guess what the government cannot do that piece we the church must do in our data one of things that is really frightening of them will still towards Sunday legislation I'm not frightening inevitable but it's coming is coming because the goals for select galvanizing and eventually to go to switch them on the controversial topic who wanted a think everyone can unify all liberal and conservative will say finally we can you know what regardless of our differences let's unify around Sunday worship must be Sunday the day of rest in our country and in the world obviously I can see a Barack Obama door that I can see the George Bush doing that but I can see that as we go forward with these these shoes atoms between the right and left will create an opportunity for some other sake let's agree on something script is that like this first off or wanted to beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they have God because many false prophets are gone out into the world hereby know ye the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God represented we as Christians need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ about that we just say that when he learned what a little bit of meat and bones on it for second the truth of the matter is this when you go to make a relationship with Jesus Christ no choice and a lot of is used to try and fight the fight of works of more than important we would try and save as of the fourth of those the live differently and some benefit living differently even if it's disconnected from God but if I do that amount of fight that you don't wind up like antichrist in the fight of faith phenomenon to be one Virginia life focus on getting to know God better don't focus on cigarettes or alcohol or diet focus on Jesus spend more time in Bible study spend more time in prayer spend more time in fellowship and witnessing when you draw closer to Jesus the things of the Loral begin to grow strangely some stuff you want to believe that you can walk away from doing it now I have many great struggle and work habits I develop with a habit of going out on at the nightclubs when I will than a late high school and college I remain a sermon of the Washington DC the mat level of the prevailed amount of the witness of the preacher preach and I'm telling you about significant allows aware out at night follows I was at AMI guess I can remember the big trick battle to spend that night we got dressed and got the card on my way to the club the thought of walking into it between pulses but the work of another let me out to go back unfinished wood doing this anymore finished with eleven and I even tried but as I drew closer to Christ boasting that work on them fell off it is the love of Christ the constraint of antichrist is real but I'm so glad the greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world I'm glad of the real Jesus is really still alive and each one of our lives and all we have to do is hold onto his head the God of the universe and is an and to the mercy of the gift of his son still saves us the blood of Jesus Bill washes and it still cleanses and I praise God for lettuce pray father God we thank you for your love and for your mercy Lord and for your truth Lord and for your word father God we live in very difficult often confusing times we don't know which way is up down or sideways the father got trained us teach us mold us the father God we would follow Jesus the more we don't know which way to go help us always look up to the light that is Christ and always walk in his steps father God those things that are in each of our lives the habits and attitudes the mindset of thoughts that are not of you will be asked the more the wood draws closer to but all those things would grow strangely dim father does not cover the things of this world instead father God let us remember that you have prepared for us much more than this world could ever offer bless his father got not to be deceived in these last days cut time short for your people see the prayer in Jesus 's name amen


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