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Romans 3:1-19 "Vindication of God"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • March 25, 2009
    7:00 PM
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him we thank you for bringing us together this week for another prayer meeting we pray that as we study from Roman Circus three would bless us and help us to understand more your purpose for our lives of her minds and clearances at clear mines of any distractions that may keep us from understanding what you would have us plan this evening betrays Jesus than in RIAA said we are going to see get right in the Romans chapter three those are the issues have been coming we've gone now throughout the structure one of Romans chapter two in the last three weeks and the basic point of the book of Romans thus far the first seventeen verses of chapter one is an introduction where it introduces the concepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ and him starting in verse eighteen of Romans one the concept of the wrath of God is brought out by Paul at his first demonstrated that those two deny the existence of God will face the wrath of God in the judgment that an chapter she we see that those who know God those you know his law and who break a anyway will also face the wrath of God in the judgment and ovarian aroma check it she we saw that Gentiles to even though they may not be circumcised if this is a keeps the law scarcely ceased speaking they are circumcised and a spiritual Jew is not one to make our profession but one who has an inward experience and it was interesting twenty six we see the post to keep the law there on circumcision with counted for circumcision the work counted is the same meaning as in pewter accounted as righteous which gives us the idea that to be counted righteous describes an inward experience those are the things that we went out last week service the natural question after you study the first two chapters of Romans would be well if the Gentiles through our wicked and deny the existence of God and the Jews you know the law of God are all going to receive the wrath of God what's the great thing about the energy of both the question and thought noticeably people would naturally think and so he asked the question starting there in Romans chapter three beginning in verse one he says what advantage than half the G or what profit is there a circumcision so what will Paula thing like that the Jews have the knowledge of the law of God they have outward forms that are supposed to demonstrate their relationship to God so what's the advantage of that day like the Gentiles are under condemnation that a reasonable questions and why what's so great about being a gym what's so great about keeping the lawn what's so great about these outward forms that God asks his people indeed if were in a face the same wrath of God and the judge and Paul gets right to the point he exists and what's the advantage versus the much every way chief me so think about this one what is the advantage of being God 's chosen people now if you study Romans Chapter one Chapter two you see hey even if your among the chosen denominated people of God are still subject to the judgment and wrath of God so you might say well hey that's also great because I know more saw been judged accordingly by themselves are great in pulsing white and enough there is this huge advantage to being God 's chosen people he says much every way she fully because and Suzanne were committed the oracles of God now we should not be ashamed of having the oracles of God committed to us and the question is what is the advantage of having the oracles of God committed to and I'm saying us here as with thing about this voice at the end of chapter two Paul shows that a true Jew is one who is a is a person shoot as an inward spiritual experience and yet he is saying the juice you even have the outward manifestations they did have the oracles of God at the time the Messiah but he sort of implying here that God will continue to have a chosen people to have the oracles of God committed to and in Romans chapter cheating shows that the Jews specifically have a knowledge of the law of God and when you understand basic Bible prophecy truth has the basic principles of the law of God committed to today were to have the oracles of God committed to ask today to have the most complete system of truth ever committed to people absolutely the Seventh-day Adventist church so the Jews have the oracles of God committed them that the Seventh-day Adventists have even more knowledge even more truth than the Jews did in their today and have a book of Revelation they didn't understand the eighteen forty four days from Daniel eight fourteen and so on so forth and as Seventh-day Adventists we can read the first two chapters around the amount were living in the time of the judgment and we know so much and yet for breaking the law of God organists receive the same wrath of the Gentiles you don't know the law of God that they keep the law according to their conscience God judges them accordingly isn't it better offer them pulsing no we have a huge advantage because we have the oracles of God committed to so don't ever forget and don't ever be embarrassed for being part of a group of people that have the oracles of God committed to us if something to be thankful for and yet remember that we are all subject to the judgment of God now it holds going to develop this idea of what is the advantage of having the oracles of God committed to a group of people what is the advantage he says much every way chiefly he's going to develop the site Dia verse three he says for what if some did not believe shoulder unbelief make the face of God without effect serve what if they're certain geez don't believe the oracles of God that were committed to what is certain is you can believe that Jesus was the Messiah does that make the faith of God or the oracles of truth that were committed to his people without a facts with wisdom Jesus not the Messiah because the Pharisees rejected is eighteen forty four inconsequential because certain theologians say it's not the truth is still the truth no matter what anybody says so if some don't believe Paul has never for a question shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect and verse four he says God for bid now were studying the book of Romans served in an attempt to be systematic can you think of another place in the book of Romans that Paul says God for bid if you get a reference chapter six starting in verse one Paul asks another rhetorical question he says what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God for bid so in promise releases a what if some don't believe those that make the faith of God without effect now God for bid and then later on he says shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God for bid so here's the connection if you don't believe that you can have victory of her son does that make the faith of God without effect no way the truth is still the truth in Paul's setting out to prove that an inverse for him to come back to the proof one Paul thing in verse three verse five he says if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God what shall we say is God unrighteous he taketh vengeance I speak as a man in her seven for the truth of God has more about it through my wine in his glory why yet a milestone judged as a center to organize high school bit more about that that what he's combating the idea that some people are saying hey any so that again in Romans six the more you send the more the grace there is so that sounds like a good plan to me will have more grace on the judgment if we send more and more and Paula saying you'll see what he says energy versus the less step back and look at verse four this connects to the idea of what it advantage is there to the oracles of God being committed to a chosen group of people at risk for he starts up or thank God for bid with respect to some who don't believe he says he gave let God reach through that every man a liar and a thankful that we can always trust in God to be true because some from personal experience I I can say that you can't trust me or anybody else to always be right on the money on a percent of the time that God God is and we aimed to to get another hundred percent point that God is true this is let God be true that every man a liar and you realize any restriction the book of Titus is is impossible for God to why so what Paul is saying here in verse for the work this concept is the same often times the same author in Hebrews that even God says something it doesn't matter if other people say something to the exact contrary because what God says is true and what man says it if it goes contrary to God and get to the wire is not God if that man pure and simple so God says essential have no more dominion or read that's what it means if man says sin remains but doesn't rain that mount a liar and artistry so continuing on God forbid you let God be true that every man a liar as it is written that now might be justified in my sayings and Midas over when our jet this is interesting here this is speaking of God and what Paul is saying here is quoting from Psalms fifty one verse four and were to go to solve you want in a minute to look at the context of this passage the one we see here is that when God speaks there is going to come it's time when what he says will be justified so when God says something he's true and he will be justified for saying what he has said and he will overcome when he is judged us an interesting concept because we talk about the judgment we talk about how every man will be judged according as worse and that's absolutely true but there is also the element in the judgment of the the judge and when that time comes God will be justified in what he says and he will overcome when he is judged now tying in the book of Romans together in the same chapter is there another verse that gives a very similar concept to God being justified excessive occurred I can hear someone saying it's in verse twenty six in verse twenty six aromas three axes to declare IC at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believe in Jesus so think about this in the judgment God will be justified in his say he will be over he will overcome when he is judged and later on chapter of Romans three we see specifically what God will be justified in his said Irwin what specifically this license against what sayings of God will be justified in the judge and that is that when he says someone is justified they really are justified so in the judgment our visitors must come at the end of the judgment revelation twenty two eleven Jesus as he that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is holy let him be holy still and so the question is is a God justified to say that this person is unjust on this person is righteous the is God just to say that this person is justified well Paula sang true but every now why now were in a study in what justification is as we go through the book a room they were why is Hall when he speaks about huge advantages that God 's people have been having the oracles of God committed to them what advantage is that with respect to verse four Romans three what we see is that Paul is flying in the concept that those you have the oracles of God submitted to the have an understanding of a judgment our message that justifies God 's people and also vindicates God 's name to the universe so it may be true that there is a Gentile out there in Borneo who's never heard the name of Christ and through their conscience and you can see this in Romans chapter key through their conscience they hear the Holy Spirit telling them this is right or this is wrong and they follow that conscience and God can market that person think they are a law to themselves on bringing them to my kingdom but they don't have the knowledge of God 's judgment our people true sale work in the judgment the issues in the judgment are the synthetic controversy or that Satan has created about God 's law which is this character in whether or not it really can be kept Jesus Y and when you study the seams of the great controversy and have a remnant people to keep the commandment forgotten the face of Jesus and because God says that had my God be true but every man a liar I don't care if someone comes to me and says have you ever seen someone who's perfect I haven't so therefore can be true they let them be a liar my God Petri because of the Bible says it that's the bottom line and so when the oracles of God were committed to his last state people these oracles gave God lastly people the opportunity to understand that the honor of God 's name is at stake in the judgment now the question then is how does God 's leaders his name in the judgment how can he really say this person is justified this person is not and to answer that question we go back to Psalms fifty one where the original source comes from an Psalms fifty one is where Paul quotes Romans three verse four and a soft chapter fifty one verse four and Mrs. David and this is his reading sentence after he had gone and Bathsheba on a reverse for first the show you the context verse four he says against the VA only have I sent and done this evil on my side without modesty justified one night when mouse speakers and be clear when now judges so David is saying what I have said and I read of this and because I have reached tentative this and I now can it suspect that because I've repented when you say that I am just in the judgment you because you will be justified to say so in clear when you say that there is more through the minutes go back to verse one and this is our seventh a misunderstanding of the judgment really starting in verse one Psalms fifty one Davises have mercy upon me O God according to thy loving kindness according under the multitude of sites and their mercies blot out my transgressions sound familiar the blotting out of seven for David a single word for years to your gender mercy I am sorry I was wrong I read the lot out my son pieces wash me really for minor neck body and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me against the DVD only have I said and done this evil in my site that the modesty justified when us he is and be clear when judges so what's the point the point is is that when probation closes on Michael stands up in Daniel twelve verse one hundred Revelation twenty shoe verse eleven Jesus is he that is filthy let him be filthy still he that is unjust for me an authority that is righteous let me register he that is holy let him be holy still at that point in the judgment so skewed God said our righteous are those petitions he has blotted out their sons in the judgment so if God or Jesus through his blood blots out the sun of those who have confessed as David has in Psalms fifty one cuvée have a spirit of repentance they acknowledge that they are wrong and in the judgment God wants out their sentence what record is there of this Pentagon so then when God speaks and says that person is justified or just he is just to do so because their sense of them blotted out and what Paul is saying and actually listen if you look at Psalms fifty one the people you will have their sins blotted are described in David's prayer assaults if you want it to those who them washed and cleansed from their sins those three acknowledge their transgressions and ask for forgiveness those human verse 's can have a clean heart created in them and a right spirit renewed with in them that's the new covenant so those she would have had a new heart created in their lives and they've reached tentative there sends are the people who will have their sins blotted out in the judgment so that when the judgment is over God is justified and clear to say this is a just person because it is true that they send in the past the insane I know you bring up every summer they never committed that you now what I wanted out their sons with Mike DeWine so there's no record of it and the reason I can want out there sends with my wide is each as they have had their wives their hearts have been a new heart has been created in there why I have written my law into their heart and mind so when we hear that David was a man after God 's own heart those you have got a lot written in their hearts and minds will also be people after God 's own heart and it is those people that God can then say in the judgment even though there are some who don't believe they are proven to be the wires and God has proven to beach for review because he has a group of people that I feel like David have had a new heart created with in them because of that he's blotted out there so and seven the judgment guy can say I justify them I blotted out their sons because they have had a new heart created with in so getting back to this point what is the advantage of being a spiritual you much every way chiefly because the oracles of God that have been committed to us place within our hand through the power of God the ability to vindicate God 's name before the universe and even if anyone even if everybody else in the whole Worrall says in a guy didn't really create the Earth in six literal days and rest the seventh and a set the seventh that really matter and we can really stop sending in this life and to be justified means to be declared righteous only and he still keeps them until Jesus comes haters that make the faith of God without effect got from that God is still true and they will all be proven liars in the judgment because God will have a group of people who he will be able to blot out their sins and say here is the patience of the saints here they that keep the commandments of God literally and the faith of Jesus and so some people may say I've never seen a group of people that keep involved are perfectly suited us just symbolic language no it's not it's a God thing let God be true and every man a liar you see the point series God says something it is tree that's right we cannot be certain what you say yes right we cannot run the what God says Natalie G twenty four nominees able to keep you from falling process lines five twenty three twenty four the very God of peace sanctify you wholly and so on and so forth there's plenty of other verses continuing on in verse five that if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God what shall we say is not unrighteous he taketh vengeance I speak as a man so here's here's the point in the first three chapters of Romans Paul says what if you break God 's law whether you don't know him or you know the law you are faced the wrath of the judgment so then the question is will hey that's not fair if we send and because of that we receive more grades is unfair not to take vengeance on people who are centers I mean it is a logical argument to make as if you have to fail God is so loving that he will destroy destroy anybody even if he keeps sending even on the Bible says in some places that it you'll face the judgment does not can actually destroy in the judgment then the logical question is will then how come some people will be destroyed you are sending all other people who are softening heart destroyed how fair is that and Paula sang I speak as a man humanly speaking how can you say that some who are sending will come than the righteousness of God will others you are sending a face the wrath of God that makes no such at all and so then ever sixties is gone for good for then how shall God judge the world you see that concept again God for bid earlier we saw that is if some did not believe show their unbelief make the face of God without effect in Romans six the rhetorical question is shall we continue in sin that grace may abound the answer is gone for good and hear the ants the question is if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God is God unrighteous he taketh vengeance and the answer is God for bid for the house of God judge the world how kitchen God judge the world if you're saying that the more we send the more grace we receive what we keep sending them and yet God will pour out his vengeance on some it's impossible for God to judge the world based on those principles continuing on percent for the truth of God has more abounded through my wine in his glory while you and my also judged as a son so there were some people who are saying you know God 's truth will abound more and more even if we lie in other words the ends justify the means and Mercedes is not rather as we be slanderous Lee reported that some affirm that we say let us do evil that good may whose damnation is just a geek keeps asking these records for all of a sudden whose damnation as Jesse comes right up so that if hearsay that you can keep sinning and that the more you send the more the righteousness of God will be commended in the more grace you will receive if you are saying that your damnation and the judgment is just and he actually says that it's been settled land originally reported that we are teaching this and there's others she say yeah they say that and said that just goes to show you that if there is reports out there saying something in and of others say yes that's true that doesn't necessarily mean it's true so what Paul is saying here is the letter there is no way that the judgment of God can be carried out in any way if we follow those principles that let us do give the evil pink or let him surrealist evil that good night so the more we send the more grace were receiving the judgment and I was actually the teaching of manipulations they taught that the deeds of the flesh to not affect the purity of the school and in Revelation Jesus I hate that now soon after the first day versus Paul kind of a little bit of pep talk to God 's chosen people Singh had don't give up your belief in the oracles of God just because everyone must face the judgment of God or the wrath of God if you send breaking the law and repent me this there is a huge advantage to having the oracles of God the oracles of God committed through his people help us to understand how God 's name will be vindicated in the judgment and don't let anybody tell you that the grace of God will be poured out more and more on those who continue to send an unrepentant way it's just not true and Paul clears that up so convincingly on how you could come to any other conclusion if you just read Romans three Lenny gets back to his point about the wrath of God verse nine says what are we we says we he's referring to the juices are we better than they refer into the Gentiles now in no wise for we have before both Jews and Gentiles that they are all under so so the Jews you have the chief advantage of having the oracles about their hundreds the Gentiles in round you don't believe in God as creator they are members so just because we have the oracles of God doesn't make us better human all it does its places in our hands the opportunity to have a more complete knowledge of God to give honor and glory to his name in the time that we live and the basic solution is that is in the three messages for your God-given authority for the hour of his judgment is come in the Paul's Jennifer something here so you should show that it's true that Jews and Gentiles are all understand and then he's going to show the car and link which we choose and Gentiles and how they are all understand inverse him through nineteen so how is it that Jews and Gentiles are all understand starting in verse as it is written there is none righteous no not want the most cited from Psalms fourteen one three three in verse eleven there is none that understand if there is none that seek after God first twelve they are all gone out of the way they are together become unprofitable there is moment is good no not one verse thirteen their throat is an open sepulcher with their tongues they've used to seeing the poison of asps is under their lips purse working his mouth is full of cursing and bitterness persisting their fierce swift to shed blood or sixteen destruction in this rear in their ways were seventeen in the way of adhesive they not first eighteen there is no fear of God before their eyes does that sound familiar that judgment our messages fear God and give glory to him and this group of people there is no fear of God before their eyes and in verse nineteen he wraps up this whole thought this is his final arch of the concept of the wrath of God verse nineteen now we know that what things to ever the law saith is said to them who are under the law who is under the law everyone the Jews and Gentiles that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God also do this is through notice this list of the fact that Paul creates a wire cheese and Gentiles that they are all understand while there is none righteous no not wanted numbers eleven a physicist there is none that understands mother 's mother seeks after God verse thirteen effects about how their throat is an open sepulcher there times they've used to see the poison of assets under their lips their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness there she cursed with the shed blood him is there a common theme what kind of additive is spalling using to prove is one goal think about this if you go backwards he talked about how the mouth is full of cursing as part of her body and her lips and heart sons and are through but going even farther in verse eleven says there is none the understand and what part of the body does that describe the mind so we have the mind we have just wrote the time the mouth out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh what Paul is describing here is called the human flesh or the sinful human nature the sinful human nature is better towards not understanding God 's speaking to see mouth full of cursing and bitterness feet are swift to shed blood and not fearing God so the human flash is naturally inclined to go against God and the judgment our message in the first Angels message is feared God and yet the human flesh is inclined to not fear God and whether you're a Jew or Gentile you're born with the sinful human nature we all are and so did him that by the time we get a verse nineteen we find that whether you're a Jew or Gentile when you look at the law when you look at what the losses your mouth is stopped because you realize that you along with the rest of the world is guilty before God and in the marginal reading of the King James for guilty it's subject to the judgment which major subject of the wrath of God because they are human flesh and how it has gone away from teaching that were automatically under condemnation because being born what I'm saying is that because of her human flesh we choose to go against God and what's interesting is as we come later in the book of Romans where developed the concept of the human flesh Romans seven makes it very clear how the human flesh wanders from God and what's interesting is Romans eight shows us that Jesus came in human flesh and lived never be outlined and because of that faith reinforces the righteousness of the law can be fulfilled in us and we have human form so there's a good news coming but when you get to verse nine scene of Romans three the bottom line is that Hall has hammered home the point that whether you're a Jew or Gentile because of our human flash we have gone against God we have broken his law and in the judgment if all it was was a record of our deeds according to the flesh we would be guilty before God and the judgment and when you understand my win all introduces the hi the journeyman starting next to three versus that is where the gospel becomes powerful it's where the gospel becomes truly good knees because each one of us in the judgment we would be subject to the judgment of God and would be found guilty which means that we would be lost game over because of all the things listed in verses ten to nineteen and humanly speaking that's bad news and verse twenty he found some point uses and therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight for by the law the knowledge of sin figures and because of your human flesh you along with the rest of the world has gone against Scott at least once in your life so it doesn't matter what you do the rest of your life you are not meant to be justified in his sight but yeah and Ramos Hewitt says not the hearers of the law shall be justified before God but the doers of the law so he's not saying hey it doesn't matter what you do and this is probably where some people got the idea hey it doesn't matter what you do because I matter what you do the deeds of the law will not justify you therefore you can do anything in the grace of God will become more and more and he's not saying that he sang in droves to the viewers of a large justified but the diesel wobble not justified and subordinate develop that idea in coming studies that the bottom line is to this point in Romans three leadership to all the world guilty before God all in verse twenty three hundred and three for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God therefore we would all be lost in the judgment therefore we all need the gospel of Jesus Christ and what Paul was saying in Romans three as well as that the good news of the gospel that it brings eternal salvation to all who accept it and those who have the oracles of God committed to then have the extra understanding of the judgment our message that will vindicate vindicate God 's name in the judgment and so we are going to developers conference got the names will be vindicated in the judgment through his righteousness is righteousness in the lives of his people and it's in the just to live by faith that's how God 's name will be vindicated


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