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Romans 5:13-21 "Born Sinners?"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 22, 2009
    7:00 PM
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will you see here for another prayer meeting in another study this evening we are continuing in Romans chapter five I expect that we will finish Romans five this evening we got through the first twelve versus last Roman size is a sometimes misunderstood chapter of Romans is a very important chapter and just by way of reading the chapter one is an introduction and in the beginning of Paul is teaching about the gospel that he introduces with the gospel with them starting in verse eighteen chapter one he introduces the concept of the wrath of God and we see the wrath of God before now upon the wicked news you don't believe in God as creator who live their lives ignoring that fact that chapter shared teaches us that those you know God Liz contrary to his will also be subject to the wrath of God and so by the time we get a check for three plot makes the point that whether you are a shoe or a Gentile for the e-mail about God are you down how about you if you are living in violation of his will he will be subject to the wrath of God then at the end of chapter three that he introduces the concept of the righteousness of God how we receive it and the kitten is that we don't have to receive God 's wrath and chapter four shows us him and Shu exercise this is a you see is the father of the faithful through all who follow follow his example and then we get to chapter five we see that not only did Abraham give us an example even though an chapter five shows that even though Adam has had enough facts on all men the effect that Christ can have is greater if we choose and the effect that Adam has had on innocence Christ the second Adam cancels out if we choose the effect of the first Adam have on this allows organ be looking tonight as we continue on through Romans chapter five and we got to the first four versus last time and the first verse of chapter vices therefore being justified by faith we cease with God through our Lord Jesus Christ so when we are justified we have Christ's righteous so what if we have Christ's righteousness and we are justified we have ceased with God not good news because up until that point policy tightening up the wrath of God but if you have justification by faith rather than having the wrath of God we have peace with celebs good is good news that he is on to develop some points now one thing that someone pointed out to me after the study was that I thought was worth ginning this time is in versus net talks about when we were enemies we are reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be saved by his life so a him a him exiled by the death price revelations originates also Jesus is the last goblin was slain from the foundation so and Genesis three we see as soon as they were sent there was a safe Jesus tells saying I will put enmity between thee and the woman and so forth so from the very beginning of some there is the plan of salvation Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world story I get in this concept to we were reconciled to God even when we were enemies by the death of his even more than being reconciled we are saying as it says we are saved by his life obviously his death brings the salvation Paul is saying them that Christ that doesn't bring salvation to be she's bringing out the point that the life of Christ also same-sex and if you want in the end of Romans four which is certainly connected to this passage in Romans five we see that Christ was raised again for our justification so Christ is raised for our justification we are justified by faith and were saved by his life so Christ died on the cross for us and one week since his death our behalf we receive forgiveness we received justification for the things that we've talked about them receive it in addition to his that he was raised again for a justification that we see in verse ten room assigned that we are saved by the wide justification by faith is righteousness by faith we have righteousness by faith or justification by faith we have salvation is not clear and Christ was raised again for adjustments him so he was raised again for everything you have she went to have an Hebrew seven tells us that he ever limited to make intercession for us these are high priest and have families he also limited keepers that Christ is a faithful and merciful faithful high priest is able to help us with our syndication because he suffered being sent so yes we are saved by the wheels are saved by his life because what Christ is doing for us now as a merciful and faithful high priest is just as important your salvation passes death across an online isotonic drink received that Christ's work in the heavenly sanctuary is just as essential to the plan of salvation as well as Christ's death on the cross and if you understand the whole sanctuary system Christ is the Lamb slain in the outer court in the blog as the holy place and ultimately David a news and the monthly place were the sons of God 's people are ultimately blotted out because Christ was raised up from the dead he can then go to heaven which is why initially taken into the holy place and then on the day of its romance I typically into the most holy place and ultimately with his blood the sense of God 's people are blotted out so does that make sense as soon when the sons of God 's people are blotted out that ultimately brings the final salvation for man to be soon I just wanted to comment on versus that we are saved by his wife is also the concept is Christ living him this reason God sends the revelation so we got through the first four versus essentially last time and to set up what we are going to do tonight I it's important to comment on verse twelve is wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world and death by some and so death passed upon all men for that all have sent so the truth the one man through whom the Senate entered into the world but that can get us there swimming in the straighter since sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for the all have sent served Adamson to the fact it is that sin entered into the world death the wages of sin is death and death enters in the world because of sin and we see that death has passed upon all men for the all have sent what Paul is saying here is is that Adam send and because of that she died all of us we also have sent and read an earlier was in Romans three we saw the all listen and come short of the glory of God what Paul is emphasizing here is that because all of us are subject to death because all of us have chosen the sun and we all inherited a fallen nature from Adam once each chair is a cinch last week we talked about this but in Ezekiel eighteen verses one through four and later on this chapter we see that this sum shall I is the father on Father's Day and twenty in the sun so we are not personally guilty or culpable for the Senate that what we are guilty for is our own city after the sins that we choose to come and this is an important point because Augustinian introduced a concept and is the Christian church in the Catholic Church on the concept of original sin that we are all born guilty of Adam Seth that's where the teaching of infant baptism came in the Catholic Church and seven and since then would be baptized because of the Original Sin that they were born with even though they had no idea about how to monitor birth and so forth according to Augustine they were guilty the moment they were born and obviously we know that inevitably babies and everyone he's ever been born shoes to send that that's what brings the guilt not the sin from Adam so with that in mind Morgan a seizure in these next few verses is the comparison between the effect that Adam has on the human race and the effect that Christ has in the race on the research team we briefly several blossoms as friends of the wall sin was in the world of sin is not imputed when there is no law or policy here this is a parentheticals statement from versus thirteen to seventeen cities you can basically skip from verse twelve diversity team and get the same father he's making a current medical statement bursar chances for until the law sin was in the world working meaning there one with the login and was given a mouse on but send within the world even before the law was given because Adam and Eve knew what was right and everyone who followed after them all singing the different when you need for writing wrong answer to them when he says this has not sheared when there is no law Boise sang is like look there was sent in the world even before the law was given a Sinai because people made what was right so you just say what the law will was and it wasn't until saucer people want account of her son for the map clearly not true me we had a flying to get rid of the wickedness etc. searching hers fourteen nevertheless death reigned from Adam to masses even everything that had not sinned after the somewhat sheet of Adam 's transgression the figures and those to come so notices and death reigned from Adam to Moses the wages of sin is death that means everyone after Adam continued to send it and eat it doesn't even though the heavens and after the symmetry of Adam 's transgression which gives you the idea that they died because they send in not the exact same manner that Adam Adam has a son others have theirs soon ascend the Adamson is what caused him to die and those who also send it wasn't Adam Cinemas there's enough of policy even those who ate even ever than that had not send after the somewhat sheet of Adam 's transgression to Apollo things like Adam send everyone else what Adam did nation subject to death those you also send it wasn't eating the fruit but it was assumed that the choices they made Muslim husband said policies is getting a little bit detailed here it's a little bit like a lawyer which Paul was in the intifada when it is the is is that range from Adam to Moses why did Paul think as we talked about this last week because Moses was raised from the dead certain Moses was the first person who died to Ashley was resurrected and so that was the first sign and of course it was subject to Christ diamond ring raising in which she and he receipts this was the first sign that death would not reign over the righteous so that was one of the key things that happened for the resurrection of sizes so when we got to verse forty Monticello ticket numbers fifteen and ever sixteen this is where the comparisons between Adam and is really pick up superstition but not as the offensive also is the free gift for through the offensive one many be dead much more the grace of God and the gift by grace which is by one man Jesus Christ hath abounded and Amir thirty two the comparison here in research and an admittedly all the Seo subset of the four Romans five can be one of the most visible chapters in the bedrooms understand so the way Paul to think them more than this chapter can be difficult to work and try to make it a simplest possible and the way to simplify this what Paul is doing is making a comparison between Adam and Christ here's the effect that Adam has here's the effect that Christ saw in verse fifteen what is the effect that Adam has he brings in the offense what's the effect that Christ brings the free gift what does Adam Gage through his offense many are dead what about Christ was three degrees in gift of grace of God we have God 's grace abounding you see have you sent us from Adam and you have God 's grace from Jesus Christ it's complicated language but that's basically how you can do so still and Adam brings the offense Christ brings verse sixteen and not as it was by one this so is the gift for the judgment was by one to condemnation but the free gift is of many offenses under justification so Adam 's sin brings condemnation through the free gift Christ brings justification and Paul desire to establish the point that death has passed upon all men for the all have sent the condemnation comes to us through our own shores that is undeniable that because of the Adams because of his son our natures were weekend from birth which led us which could is a much more unfavorable physician and Adam was created which would make it more likely first to come in the combination soon Adam she is a sense brings condemnation that Christ brings the free gift to justification so Adam has this effect but because he is his choice let us to have a week in nature that causes us to send we are through our sin under combination by and so that's the effect that Adam has lost that Christ's is a fact is justification in which one is better obviously the effect of Christ even though Adam affected us Christ comes gives us of what is a free test we can but it's free as justification services of our business is very new to me and number seventeen was the last verse of the parenthetical statement before he is the key point in verses eighteen to twenty one her sentences for if I want man's offense death reigned by one much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign one by one Jesus Christ is what is what Paul says here just rained by Adams offense but what the wards she uses right after much more which means that okay Adam brings death but much more look for Christ springs she brings things if of righteousness and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one service Adam brings his effects which is death but Christ brings righteousness which brings life and it's much more so yet is the affection out of the crisis effect is much more so this is what Paul is trying to layout and the in the Jewish mind the way to the Jewish mind word is the Hebrew writers would oftentimes make comparisons bigger for hay here be here in a here point to be here and what caused innocent fears out of the fact his son weekend us which causes us to come to condemnation because of arson but what Christ much more because of his life and his death we don't have to be under the combination that Adam causes us to be subject to Chase severe forepaws hazes if Christ the fact is much more than there is no excuse for us to be under condemnation and by the Chinese Romans eight verse one pulses there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit that much more those you are in Christ Jesus no condemnation even though Adam brings the effect of making it almost then have a war inhabitable for human beings to come short of God 's glory price effect is much and that's good news so if you're reading to the book of Romans in like manner the wrath of God seventy four dollars everyone's you and until those who don't know about gonzo to do now the price of facts on the sinful race is much more than so that server seven she said now verse eighteen Paul uses the word therefore and he's checking at the thought from first twelve starts out through by one man sin entered into the world death by sentence of death passed upon all men for the almost in the near verses thirteen to seventeenth we start to see the comparison ends here we see the comparison very clearly in verse eighteen therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men on the justification of life now exists verse eighteen and also verse nineteen art share versus that are used by different stamps to try to prove very different points verse eighteen is used by some to say him this approves that we are all under condemnation because of the atoms but we were all justified by Christ's death on the cross also some people said in a verse nineteen mortgage that is all I is so a Muslim if I come on that is one of her sentences for as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous what I've heard some people says will work we all know that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God so when Paul says many of the first-ever verse nineteen forty means is that by one man's disobedience which is Adams all were made sinners but then the body obedience of one which is Christ many shall be made righteous that's still in the future all are going to be made righteous so therefore all were made sinners by Adams whether we had a choice and an only son will be made righteous the thing that I would say it was also reversed nineteen is that's ignoring what Paul just said in verse seventeen races yes Adam 's sin has an effect but what's Christ effect much more if you say in verse nineteen that Adam made everyone's centers whether we had a choice or not and Christ will only save some who are you saying has a greater effect your segment has a greater effect the apologists said that Christ has a greater so using that logic you're not the winding up apologists in verse seventeen with Weber 's nineteen essay and what I try to establishes what Paul was living here in the first are a business effective at invaders the effect of Christ and much more here's the effect of Adam jersey for the price and it's much more so multiply that diversity team so in verse eighteen it's as therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men and the justification of why now there are different viewpoints obviously on verse eighteen but again the point is when we understand the context of Romans five with the context of Ezekiel eighteen where is usually can clearly says that the sun does not bear the net twenty the father and only when the sun chooses to commit the same sin does he bear the same guilt as a Vikings very clear about Romans is simply teaching that Adam and Susan verse twelve Adam through Adamson enter the world all of us received a weekend nature called sinful human flesh because of his choice and we all have chosen also to participate in Adamson if you will buy our own choices may not be the apples and that's what brings condemnation since Adam through his son we receive a weekend nature we inevitably choose to send and that brings condemnation to us we are all subject to the wrath of God in Romans three comments a very clear that because Olson come short of the glory of God all the world is guilty before God through the choice of our son 's so that's what the site is ultimately because we choose to send those out and then we also are under condemnation fanaticism versus the second half of receipt chances even so by the righteousness of one of the free gift came upon all men unto justification of why now because Christ with their righteous life and that is the second half versus engaging this is describing the effect of Christ on humanity even so by the righteousness of one the free gift can't come home in the justification of why certain is Paul saying because Christ live a righteous life everyone is unjustified exactly if you're stepping it now clearly not everyone will be justified to what Paul is saying is is that everyone could be justified if they chose and that's how powerful salvation has that because of Christ's everyone could be justified and oldest leader that Saddam has his avert crisis is affecting the numbers nineteen continuing offers by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so when your obedience of one shall many be made righteous again at the comparison Adam she was visibly inevitably we all receive their weakened human nature from Adam and we all chose a son that's what brings us under condemnation and eighty yet because Christ was obedient soon after the comparison Adams is disobedient Christ is a reading him 's disobedience has an effect on everybody because we were all born with a week in nature because of the disobedience they guess what Christ he was of the and he did so in a weakened human nature because of that many should be made righteous so Adam was disobedient and unfallen nature then we are one of the fallen nature we choose to send Christ in a fallen nature was an obedient life and all of us should shoot to follow him can be made righteous so what do this Adam sends women fallen nature Christ didn't sit with a fallen nature severity the effect of Christ is much more what the Christ she didn't send with a fallen human nature Adamson with an unfallen nature so again that's the emphasis of the comparison and as disobedient as an informed than he becomes following Christ with a fallen nature never said and there again it's much more the effect of Christ look at what Christ is done for us so then it it it continues on verse twenty moreover the law entered that the offense might abound the worst sin abounded grace did much more abound and again this is a verse that is is very much misunderstood by a lot of Christians not to mention the administered outside of Athens is so if you understand that Hall has been making a comparison between Adam and Christ all alter the last half of this chapter you'll see that because of Adam 's sin the offense of Adam has had an effect but where sin abounded widgets and originate from Adam grace did much more abound and where did Grace originate Jesus Christ you can see that clearly in verse fifteen seven verse fifteen Eusebius sense for Madame NEC written receiving grace from Jesus Christ versus wanting the CNB is something in our yellow turnout and where does the grapes come from I comes from Jesus Christ the sin abounded in this world because of what Adam did though as Paul has been proven all along the effect of Christ is much more to send came in that grace abounds even more because Christ's is more powerful than Hannah and people will use this one versus AC if if I send you the God 's grace abounds and the more I send the more his grace about and you're reading it that's what you call I said Jesus taking wonders separating it from the context of the entire passage all you have to do is to know that is not true he'll back to Romans three were Paul talks about people are teaching let us do evil that good makes on and what he says that is whose damnation is just bathrooms three verse eight and the even intense study that very clearly another way to prove it which is even clearer he jumped Chivers is ahead around Cyrus twenty to around six first one horses what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound down for bed how shall we that are dentists and living longer there so what Paul is saying is what sin abounded in this world through what Adam did the where sin abounded grace did much more abound because where'd grace of the hounds those who are allowing price second their life rather than Adam are dead this similar grace abounds we are dead to sin we no longer live in the sin about in the world where people allow Adam to have an effect on them that where people allow Christ to have an effect on grace much more than a dozen homes treatment up to this point that all of us is sin and come short of the glory of God we all deserve the wrath of God 's judgment and God is so loving and merciful that through his grace when we become justified we have to cease with God so that sin is no longer abounding life and grace is much more about them because we really should be phasing out throughout the judgment because the because God is so merciful we don't have to face that and when his grace abounds in our wise we are dead to sin and live no longer in password means one is as but where sin abounded grace did much more man Adam had an effect that Christ is so powerful that through his obedient wife and his death on the cross she has the power to change humanity that has been affected by Adam and ensuring them into people who no longer are affected by sin is no longer there the good news of the gospel is about a Chinese Canadian rooms I was like wow sent him down in this world but because of the grace of Jesus Christ it abounds much more because he's much more than and we can have a new life in Christ so that any adverse chapter five verse twenty one this is not a sin hath reigned and to even assume I Corinthians might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our rule or this is interesting with us in the God 's grace your search notice how the comparison finishes up here in chapter five sin reigned in the death sin entered the world through one man death passed upon all men for the all that send the notice this so that the effect about a minute in the last half of verse twenty one is even so might grace reign so sin reigned in the death so the question is okay and and sin came from Adam let's also entered the world and grace also-rans and through the grace entry into the world through Jesus Christ and how does grace reign what is the verse that it rains through righteousness 's analysis of grace is not God loves you he will forgive yourself and you can keep sending him with an unrighteous life not grace the way it works is that in the way it rains it rains through righteousness and truth righteousness is Jesus Christ righteousness but it's his righteousness in the lives of his people and when God 's people have the righteousness of Jesus Christ his grace is raining in their lives and the end result is eternal life the wages of sin is death but the grace of God through his righteousness is eternal life so here's the good news of the gospel also and come short of the glory of God we all deserve eternal death and the wrath of God in the judgment sin entered the world through Adam the grace of God I will Jesus Christ is the effect of the grace of Jesus Christ entering another world has a much greater effect on us if we choose to allow it then send the afternoon of the world through Adam Grayson enters into the world through Jesus Christ is demonstrated through his obedient wife Adam was disobedient Christ was obedient that's a demonstration of the righteousness of Christ when Maggie Grace through the righteousness of Christ reigns in the lives of his people they have the promise of eternal life so now we've gone from in the first three chapters worrying about being subject shoes a wrath of God and the judgment to realizing we have keys with God because we are justified by faith and through his grace and his righteousness reigns in our lives we have the promise of eternal life and so this is powerful and wonderful and it needs and then they my senator or governor unsuccessfully that's a powerful chapter so the menu to chapter six verse one you realize wow what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound now because if you continue and send you are still allowing Adam to have an effect every and the only way for grace to abound is to allow Christ to have our one hundred percent effect on the N atom to have a zero percent effect on its sin abounds in your life Adam has an effect but grace and downs in your life only Christ has an effect on you and Sue when that is the case that means that you are dead to sin and he no longer live in so we won't get into that concept in Romans six next week but the bottom line is Romans five shows we have peace with God more just five essays we are also saved by Christ life in the last part of the chapter shows atom has an effect and Christ says in effect Adams the site has affected their Adamson has affected all humanity because all chosen to sin and fall short of God 's glory in Christ 's effect is much more in his grace reigns in our life we have the promise of eternal life through his righteousness served as the starting next week he will be doing Romans six how to say that Romans six seven and eight are really the most important chapters of the book so if you must anything else that's okay that you do not want to mess Romans six seven


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