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The Pharaoh That Knew Not Joseph

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • January 10, 2015
    11:00 AM
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The plan for prayers. Is that you get on sit That's God's plan. Are you praying. Have you been praying is that something you're praying for. And the wonderful thing about prayer is that God guarantees through Jesus Christ that they will be answered and there's this wonderful passage in the Bible that says if we know that he hears us we have the petitions that we ask for if we know that he hears us now if I'm talking to a friend I need to be in the close proximity so that they can hear my voice. So if I know my friend can hear my voice. I know that they can hear what I'm saying or what I'm communicating. So if we know that we are close enough to God so that he can hear us we know that he will give us our petitions. Now the the work that we have to do as his children is to get into a position that we can hear him and he can hear us but too often we're not and we may go month after month year after year without God altering our prayers apparently and we just wonder is this all there is to religion. No power no miracles. I'm reading a book that I want to share with with you elders and we'll probably need to study it through prayer meeting time it's a prayer written by a man that was contemporary with Ellen White and you think he's an Adventist His name is Andrew Murray. I've been reading this book recently and he writes the title of the book is with Christ in the school of prayer and it is a wonderful book The only thing that gave him away that he wasn't an Adventist was that he spoke about Sunday school. Otherwise he would speak about the heavenly sanctuary Jesus as a High Priest and into see. Reading for us he spoke about the chapter in Luke Chapter eleven whether disciples osc Jesus to teach them to pray I found it such a blessing and one of the things that is highlighted is that God wants to bless his people with more than just the earthly things he wants to bless his people with spiritual power he wants his children to experience divine miracles in their life. That's the kind of God that the Bible tells me exists friends I I pray that we can know God so that we know he can hear us and it's a powerful thing when we know God hears us because if he hears us. He will answer all praise if we are close enough to him to know His will and to Oscar right. Keeping to the conditions. He will answer your prayers. He will because he is gone and if he's not answering opera's if he's not answering my prayers. Maybe there's something hindering my closeness we have to project we're going to talk a lot of the sermon today is actually pop through. It's the exodus and God Almighty and this is part two part one. Just keep praying. There was a picture at one time but just keep right. We looked we looked at the amazing account that the Bible gives us and one of the reasons I'm going into to this kind of history in archaeology of the children of Israel and Joseph that brought his his father and his brothers into Egypt is because we. Need to have an aunt or two people that say the the stories in the Bible are just made up on their exaggerated. You know and that they tried to explain the miracles. By you know some natural phenomenon that described in the Book of Exodus the the story of the exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt is the most awesome story of deliverance in the whole Bible. So wouldn't you think that the enemy would try and discredit the account of that story. Now if we believe the Bible and there are still some Christians around that do believe the Bible. But there are many seminaries that teach that there are no miracles that can take place because we we only believe what we can see. So we need to have an answer and what we're finding. Lately in these days that we are approaching the soon return of Jesus Christ is that there are more and more archaeological discoveries that are proving that the Hebrew nation lived in the Nile Delta in Egypt archeological digs it's a hard thing to go and dig in the Nile Delta because it's a flood plain and so to dig you need to put up barriers to keep the water away and be able to discover what is hidden there what God I believe has preserved for our time so that we as we come close to the second coming of Jesus can realize that this word is actually true. And scientists are coming up with evidence that proves it and so we looked at this amazing story of how Joseph was taken prisoner to Egypt and he is able to interpret the the pharaoh's dream and we've we found out that there is all geological evidence that speaks about a man who was a leader a help a second in command for Pharaoh and the Pharaoh is named as Pharaoh Josiah and he has inscriptions and altie for. X. that. That show. In this pyramid of of SAC all the location is in cycle. This is the oldest pyramid and it has record that there was a feral there by the name of Joseph and fragments of the statue of Pharaoh were found there and on the base of that inscription there was a name of a man called him Ho-Tep he was Chancellor of the King of the Lower Egypt chief under the king he was administrator of the great palace hereditary Lord High Priest Pulis him Ho-Tep the builder the sculptor the maker of stone vases National Geographic writes about this in one thousand nine hundred five that IMHO Ted was an architect. And he also helped build the step pyramid. So what we're seeing here is evidence that Joseph helped in the building of the largest pyramid in Egypt and this he was actually worshiped a thousand four hundred years ofter his life time because of the great things that he did for Egypt. What were some of the great things that he did for Egypt. The record shows in National Geographic that Emma Ho-Tep saved his cum tree from a famine which is exactly what Joseph did with the help of God But this is the stone that in US one in the Nile's of the in the cataracts of the Nile which give account of Imhotep that this is a copy of Aki logical finds of the time of the pharaoh of Joseph which we are being told was Pharaoh when we compared the. Inscription on that stone to the Bible account we see that there is power in L.. There's a description of the distress of Pharaoh because he has a dream. He doesn't know what it is and what it means and Joseph after being two years forgotten in prison by the cup Beara suddenly the cup but remembers there was somebody that helped interpret his dream that got him out of prison and Joseph said to the cup bearer Please remember me when you when you get free and as it so often happens even a friend will forget you. And so he comes and interprets the dream seven fat cow seven skinny cows and the seven skinny cows eat the food the seven fat cows what does it mean and Joseph gives the interpretation of the dream and he says they're going to be seven years of plenty Pharaoh you need to stock up with all the grain you can you need to set up storehouses you need to to build granary is to hold all of this plenty that will be given to you. The God of heaven is giving you this dream so that you can prepare and Joseph was a part of it. As. The Pharaoh said well who can we find who can we find that would be so able to do what needs to be done. Joseph And so Joseph is put second in command Pharaoh says this about Joseph Genesis forty one forty to forty four. You shall be over my house and according to your word shall all my people be ruled in other words Pharaoh was saying whatever you say the way we should govern Egypt you go ahead I will do it. Joseph only in the throne will I be greater than you and he made him ride in the second chariot so Pharaoh has the first chariot and Joseph has the second which he. And they cried before him bowed the knee and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt. So the Bible says do we believe it yes or no and archaeology is coming up with evidence that shows that there was such a man that saved Egypt from famine. They're going is good. If we can believe the story of the Exodus that Jesus that God was with them Jesus was with them and that God parted the Red Sea at one of its deepest points and had prepared for them a place for they where they could go over on dry land. If God can do that he can do anything. God is almighty I praise God That's what my Bible Tells Me So there was the pharaoh that knew him Joseph that was the pharaoh that said yes bring your father. You have a father you have you have family bring them into the land and they were given the best of the land so that means they would live there and they came for seventy of them seventy of Joseph's family his father came and all his brothers and their children seventy of them came and they grew to be a mighty nation. They lived then they built houses there and Akio just off finding evidence of those houses now building a different story there built in the exact place that was given to them the best of the land the Bible says you shall have and your family will have the best of the land and that was Goshen and so archaeology is digging around and finding this amazing evidence now because of this I got so excited I become now subscriber to the building society and I have this article ancient. Israel in Egypt and the Exodus. I love it. Manfred be tech those of you that have been hearing about what your children have been watching and learning in my Bible class will know that we are talking about what what are we talking about boys and girls the exodus and we've been watching videos on it on you jealous. Well one day we might show the video there's a video one hour twenty minutes and that video. And there's other videos that you can find on the internet about the exodus and how they try and explain every single play and the parting of the Red Sea by some you know natural phenomena so it wasn't really a miracle. But these archeologists in Biblical Archaeology Society. Manfred the tech being one of them that writes in this particular article look at the ancient Israel in Egypt evidence man should be tech is one of the most prestigious and well respected archaeologists he's an Austrian and you can go on the internet and watch some videos on his findings. It is Saw way above my head. He is so good at his stuff. And he's got maps of the place ancient maps of the Nile Delta and he'll show you plans of houses that were that were built by the Israelites and I say prisons and there are some articles that are written. I just want to share with you. The end from the introduction. Margaret Walker the editor of The magazine says the exodus is one of the most dramatic events in the Hebrew Bible the flight of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and their most miraculous escape across the Red Sea is traditionally viewed as. The single event that gave birth to the nation of Israel. So let me ask you question do you think the Jewish people are interested in the Exodus yes or no are they interested to know if it really happened yet they are that because that's their heritage and they believe the Old Testament and then she goes on to say the biblical narrative of the Exodus is a fascinating account that can be supplemented by additional historical sources this book taken from articles in Biblical Archaeology Review magazine considers texts and archaeological evidence from the second millennium let me tell you that the second millennium before Christ is exactly the window in which the Exodus took place. I want I don't have time to go into it today but we can calculate it to the year that the Exodus took place according to biblical evidence biblical reckoning that the Exodus took place one thousand four hundred and forty five years B.C. that we can know for a fact and so they are saying here that they find evidence all of the Israelites in Egypt in the second millennium before Christ that describe Israel and the Exodus. Just show you some of the pictures of some of the archaeological finds can still historic museum that was German By the way. I mean those of you that know the German art. OK so it will be the historical ot museum. This is what you see here. Now this is a nineteenth century painted copy from the museum in vain in Vienna and look at what it shows a people being present in Egypt and how they are dressed you notice their multi colored costumes. This was typical of the Israelites. The Hebrew people amazing. And then they're all out of your logical finds in an article by James K. Hoff mile and his article is called the archaeological context of the Exodus. Can you see what is being depicted there. What we actually see friends is men all in hard labor in mortar and brick and this is what we read in the Book of Exodus Chapter one Verse fourteen that they labored building bricks and it wasn't easy labor. It was hard labor that was the lot of the Israelite slave. Now what we see depicted here in the lower extreme right of this fifteenth century B.C. wall painting fifteenth century. That's exactly the time of the Exodus. There is a painting from the tomb of recommend. Man of thieves and visor of to Moses the third now to Moses' the second most is the third are most likely the Pharaohs of the time when Pharaoh ordered all the babies to be killed and then later on to most is the third the pharaoh of the Exodus but we'll look at that in my next sermon what we see here. Can you see that the top. The top corner can you see like a man or three men with something in them. When you see them just like that there are three men and they have their own sound like this they're holding the road and the description of what we see here is that. These taskmasters they are overseers and they are warning. This is from the archaeological. Review the caption that is underneath this painting. Says the road is in my hand idle. This refers of course to the Israelites the painting shows the various stages of brick making process in the upper left of the bottom register a Syrian prisoner slave draws water from a pool others among them work the moistened mud with some sort of tool other workers carry and prepare the mud in a bucket on his shoulders to the brick makers who shape the mud into bricks the bricks are then stacked and left to dry in the hotter Gyptian song when the bricks are properly set they are carried off to the building project and it goes on to show that others are stoking fire with a stick so that others and the others with the bellows are making a furnace to melt bronze in goods to make of the molten metal for Poles and for Gates that would be used in the building that the slaves had to engage in Bible tells us that the Israelites were put under heavy labor we can read if you open your Bibles the next is chapter one we can just look there briefly. That Pharaoh see in verse nine he sees that the people of the children of Israel are mightier than we he says. Come let us deal wisely with them lest they multiply and come and it come to pass that when they're full out war. They join also in our enemies with our enemies and fight against us. You see this Pharaoh had record had account of what chosen for done for Egypt. But what was happening now is that the pharaoh that new. Joseph a died in this new pharaoh was getting worried because these people were a blast people they were exempt from the taxes that even. The Egyptians had to pay because they had sold their cattle they had sold their possessions they had sold their land and they'd even sold themselves so that they could buy grain bijections themselves and the Israelites were exempt from that because of the favor that the pharaoh that new Joseph had given the Israelites. And so you could see that somebody was thinking hey this is not fair. How is it that God's people all these people these foreigners in our land have better conditions than we do. And I read in the book those of you how many have seen this book the Exodus. OK Your children will have taken home boys and girls don't let your mommy's and daddy's girl hold of this book is yours OK. The only time they can get a hold of this book is if they want to read it to you OK because some of the little ones can't read as well OK So parents. It's their book but I was reading in this book that element this is a compilation of the description of the Exodus and the time of Joseph in Egypt and compilations from trucks and prophets and so on and it she says that Joseph was wise and he allowed the Egyptians to pay a tax instead of having sold themselves into as it were serfdom. But this Pharaoh now says we're going to make this work. We're going to make these people work and the Bible says they did settle over them taskmasters X. of this one verse eleven and they afflicted them with their burdens and they built for Pharaoh treasure cities. So what we see built around in Egypt was built by the Jews was built by the Israelites because it says so here in the Bible. Now if archaeologists are finding evidence that they existed. We put that evidence together with what we read in the Bible and we see that the Bible is true I don't know about you but that makes me excited. You know when you go to to Egypt and you go and you see the Red Sea when you see the wilderness. Petra and I we went to on our honeymoon. We went to Egypt and we went to Sharm el Sheikh for a honeymoon was the first and last time of a big picture did most of the fundraising for that she was working in a bank in Germany and I was a student so I didn't have much money but we went there and we went to what we thought was Mount Sinai. But regardless of that because we later found out that it's not the real Mount Sinai as the children can tell you we were so impressed that this was the land of Moses and the Israelites. And so we were closer to the Sinai Peninsula and we actually went to the traditional side of Mt Sinai but archaeologists have not found any evidence that the Bible speaks about there so it's not the real place but in other areas in that country. Moses existed Moses lived and the people of Israel wandered through that desert to get to Mount Sinai in North West Saudi Arabia which was where media news. We were reading our Bibles we were reading the account of the Ten Commandments Petron myself. Well that was a while ago. Not as long as Jane and her book write seems a long time ago but we were there and I tell you it was such a moving experience to build to think that this is the land of the Bible. If you ever get the chance to go to Israel or to go to Egypt if you know if it's. Piece enough to to be able to go is really such an inspiring thing but now archaeologists are proving the Bible to be true. This painting in the tomb of knocked in thieves. Describes all kinds all depict all kinds of work in the fields the Bible says in verse fourteen and they made their lives bitter that is the Israelites had their lives made bitter with hard bondage and mortar and brick and in all manner of service in the field what kind of service all manner of service in the field. So look what we see here we see depiction of slaves working in the field this too was a was the lot of the Israelite slaves this one thousand century copy painting from the to of. Knocked in thieves slaves are gathering grapes the upper right. That is a depiction of them picking grapes further to the left in the upper register three slaves on the grapes in the vat and so the biblical account. Rings true in archaeology. But Pharaoh this Pharaoh that didn't know. Joseph decided to try and kill God's people who you think was inspiring him. So you think Satan a stopped trying to kill God's people. No he doesn't look at what Pharaoh did he ordered his to kill. The male babies and that's interesting then somebody else in the New Testament trying to Herod the Great. There's a you know friend when we understand. The story of the children of Israel in Egypt the exodus and their wanderings The Bible tells us is in the example for those who have come to the ends of the world what that means is that you have going on you have type and antitype you heard that this is an amazing way to help us understand the Bible. So what that means is that you see something happen here. It's top what that means is there's going to be an antitype antitype means that it's in the place of the time it means it's the real thing. So what an example of type one to talk would be in the building of the sanctuary. So that the tabernacle in the wilderness. That was a type that was a model of the real the N.T. type which is in heaven and so what we're seeing is the story of the Exodus you read in first Corinthians Chapter ten versus one to twelve says that everything that happened for them was for admonition for example they were types. So we see indeed the Pharaoh kills all the babies the male babies and in in the New Testament we read that the same thing happened. Why to get rid of the deliverer in both cases a male baby was to be born as a deliver and so we see that Moses is in fact a type of Christ. The whole story is a type of the people of God us today. God's remnant people as we approach the second coming of Jesus think of that and hence the reason for my series because we are implicated in this ancient story. And so they were they were beaten they were whipped they were. In hard bondage and it was prophesied the story is so beautiful you read the end of of the Book of Exodus and the beginning of the story the end of the Book of Genesis and the beginning of the Book of Exodus and you see that God is in it all the time he's in charge. He predicted that the Israelites would be there for four hundred years but then there would come a delivery and Pharaoh got wind of the at deliver was going to come he got the news angels Alawite says the angels had communicated to the Israelites that there would come No deliver. And so like in the New Testament over women were expecting to give birth to the Messiah. So in the Old Testament women were expecting to give birth to the lid to the delivery and Satan works through Pharaoh to try and stop that from happening happening but did he succeed in stopping a deliverer to be risen up. Let me ask you a personal question Is the devil trying to stop the Deliverer coming to you he isn't Don't let this story tells us that in the darkest time of the children of God There comes a deliver deliverance to set his people free what talk experience. Now you be going through what Doc experience may I be going through May we be going through God will send a deliver up. He is God Almighty. There is nothing that the devil can do to stop his plans and so the Pharaoh said kill all the male voice when he ordered the Israelites midwives take any time you see a little baby boy if you see a baby girl let it live. The devil was a mark. Through that the most powerful leader on earth at the time and the midwives actually named you know when when God names somebody who God names a place. Pay attention. It's significant and you know that God knows your name and these women were counted in good favor with God because they didn't do it for a cent are we brave enough to do what God says and go against the flow go against the popular idea go against the popular way to to really get people to come to church we can talk about that maybe a little later and the Bible says it's an amazing account Pharaoh says you know comes to these women and said I tell you to kill the baby boys and the more I look around the more baby boys I say what are you doing and they say come up with a story well that the Hebrew women are just so strong that we can't get there fast enough and they deliver their baby boys before we were even around the Bible says that God had them in favor because they didn't fear the pharaoh they feared gold brothers and sisters boys and girls. We need to fear God and give Him glory. Because he is mighty but the lesson is in the darkest time of slavery in their life. The Deliverer was about to come and that Deliverance was a baby boy that was born into the family of the the priest of Levi a descendant and the mother the Bible says that he was a good child he was a strong child and the mother looks off to this little baby for as long as she can trying to keep it quiet so that the Pharaoh when his soldiers wouldn't hear him come and kill him but after about three months she she will eyes that. I couldn't do it any longer so the Bible tells us how God sends a Deliverer how he does it in such an unassuming way but yet subtle such as a divinely ordained way. Simple but powerful tender and vulnerable but untouchable because God is watching and so Moses' mother makes a little basket. Can you imagine the grief the pain of all of the mothers that had their babies killed there was a doctor time for God's children and so she she lets him go and she doesn't even want to see she lets lets him go for the last time and this is the delivery. That is just floating on the model now in those three little Miriam his older sister in tender sisterly love understanding the prayer and the plan of a mother is keeping watch from a distance and seeing what would happen. Isn't this an amazing story and it's true. So Pharaoh's daughter is taking a bath in one of her servants finds this little basket and shows Pharaoh's daughter that there's a little baby inside. Do you think that Pharaoh's daughter was not aware of what her father was doing in trying to get the babies killed you think she didn't know but as a baby that three month old baby was crying asking for help asking for motherly attention somehow something became a lie. Five in that woman. Maybe a motherly instinct that God placed that said this is a Hebrew child she knew it but she said I will take it and so Miriam comes along and says Please show me get you a nurse to help you look after the baby. I mean look at the plot and Pharaoh's daughter says yes and so Miriam runs and goes to get the mother Moses mother comes and Pharaoh's daughter says please look after my child I will pay you good money to look after the chart. Can you imagine the joy in that mother's hope she can pay to look after a baby know what you think that mother did. She knew that she had the liver of in her hands that her the deliverer of Israel was back in her house again. And nobody could touch him and she was getting paid. What do you think she was doing every waking moment of her life. Those twelve years that we're told that she had her son. What do you think she was trying to teach Moses. What do you think she was telling him about day in and day out. Remember there's only one true God There's only one God who is powerful to live don't believe in all of these strange gods that you see around us here in Egypt. There's only one true God and He sent you. He sent you to be a delivery. Can you imagine how much effort and energy she puts into training little little Moses we should do the same with our children. We should have every one of our children in our Adventist schools. Did you hear. What I said I'm a pastor and I go and teach them Bible I know what they're being taught and I'm teaching them the truth about this miraculous story. And I don't just tell it to them once I show it to them in more detail. I show them archaeological proof. I want I let them see videos. I was so touched when I got a whole pile stacked full of cards saying Thank you pastor for being our pastor. Thank you for coming and telling us about the Bible one little girl even wrote she said Thank you pastor for being the window to Jesus. Do you know what I meant to me. We need to be teaching our children that God isn't just a Father Christmas that we pray to when we're in trouble he is our loving Father that we can come into His presence and he can give us the joy of His presence and you know that to have the presence of God is to be saved and if we are in the presence of God We know that he will answer our prayers over how I want to be in the presence of God We must send our children to our Adventist schools. Oh but they're not good enough or educational or they don't have enough you know sports equipment or they don't have enough computers or they don't have enough there's if God thinks we need any of that he will provide it. In fact K.J. is just got a big new delivery of i Pads for them to be able to use those but the best the best is that our families and our churches and our schools would be working together. Teaching our children you know what we may be few but we are God's people and because we are God's people we have nothing to be afraid of and so Moses as you grew up. And I'm going to have to let you go one day Moses. I want you never to forget who you are you are the deliver that God To say God had a plan. Has a plan for you what is the plan that God has for you and for your children. It is to believe in God that he can work miracles and that he is the Savior of all mankind and we share that news with everybody in our street and in our neighborhood. I'm sure you believe as much as I do that this church should be packed to overflowing. One of the reasons why is not packed to overflowing has to do with you and me. Now don't stop pointing the finger. Because when you point your finger in one direction. You have three pointing back at you yourself. There is something that God is calling us to do so that he can finish his work and send the deliver to his people. What is it that we need to do. The enemy is working trying to destroy go to church today to destroy God's people are we going to sit back and let him do it. Thank you sister for saying no you know I look at you and I see some of you and I know some of you are going through great difficulties great trials for me to tell you something I was awake last night I couldn't sleep because I had such an overwhelming joy in my heart from having heard the word of God being preached on Friday night at a downtown church and there was a young man that was so discouraged and so depressed at the downtown church that you know how when you go up to somebody you greet them and you say hi how's it going and they give you that still look that good you know through. You know that you know something is not right and you and you feel you actually find the vibration of his bitterness anger resentment. Kind of it was he was losing This is his body language was using Where is God anyway. Where is he I can't see him. And so I didn't have time to talk much with in them but off towards. After hearing the Word of God. Did you know that the Word of God is the time the sermon time is the time when you should be praying to speak to me. So stay away from what is the point. That's why I asked the compression because it's not my message. This isn't Come and join pastor Pharos club. This is the message of God So all of the Usually we're so tired on a Friday night right. Usually we're so burnt out we've been getting up early and going to work and rushing here rushing there you know some of us have gotten sick because we're rushing around too much and so Friday nights we're tired and usually on a Friday night I never stay around to linger because Sabbath is when I need to preach and I need to get my heart ready. I need to be on my knees pleading for the more to speak because if he doesn't give me something to say I've got nothing to say and sometimes you'll notice that but pray for me so as I was coming out and I was going to go out of the building and go go go home I had a distinct thought in my head I love it when you and the great thing is that the more you read the Bible and the more that he does that you recognize his voice and say yes. So I heard this voice this for. Come out in my head. And you know it was it was a powerful message. I was filled. Yeah I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Because of hearing the Word of God You see friends. What you get out of church depends a lot on your attitude and what you come expecting to receive and what you are praying to receive it does so don't stop coming to church for what reason would you allow the enemy to trick you interesting away from the place that God has promised to give you the most blessed saying Good sirs in His Word to look it up in Hebrew don't neglect the meeting together as is the habit of song you miss out this joy. You know what a joy it is to see people that are together in the name of the Lord. You know what a joy it is for me to come into Friday worship and see the little kids with their their elbows on the pews looking attentively and always looking attentively. When they're looking like this and they're looking intently at my my face and I see them with those little little childlike eyes listening attentively listening believing everything that is coming out of my mouth. It's an encouragement to see one another is an encouragement and so when we don't see somebody we should look out for them and so I went and spoke with him. I don't know how I didn't write it down on a piece of paper. I didn't plan what I was going to say to him. But all I said was Brother counted joy when you come into various trials and tribulations and I just poured out holy spirit driven words that said to him. How did Joy. Why are you suffering because the devil is on your case because you're doing the right thing he was baptized recently the devil will let you go he'll discourage you do you know that sometimes the devil will put thoughts in your mind that makes you feel like I want to give up. Have you ever had those don't raise your hand or help. Don't let him do that but the Bible says count it all joy when you come into various trials and tribulation because the trial of your faith that is more precious than gold and you look at patients and I just shout from the Bible I don't have time to go into everything I should but then I remembered what I had read in Psalm hundred eighteen Psalm one hundred eighteen says look we have to speak positive things we have to realize that God goes Mercy's into a forever. Amen. God is merciful. He's a miraculous God He can see what's going on in your life. He is not blind you are his child he loves you he wants to hate help you he wants to put miracle working power in your life. Do you want it so I read for him. I read to him just it is so powerful I can do is sure. Forgive me. Oh give thanks to the Lord. What are we supposed to do so my hundred nineteen hundred eighteen give thanks on through the Lord for He is good because his mercy and yours forever. Give thanks to God and then the for the next couple of verses not what it says Let Israel now say that his mercy enjoys forever first three let the house of our own now say that his mercy enjoys four of the first four LET THEM THAT FEEL GOOD know say that his mercy and use for ever I called upon the boat in distress and the Lord all suit me and set me in a large place. The thing that really struck me about those few first. Said God was telling you say it gone say save and there is power in the mere fact of our saying and giving praises to God and I was encouraging him and I said Look. Is there anything that can separate us from the love of God and I went to Rome and say no there isn't and so I read it to him because I didn't want to miss a word and you know the words there but they are written for our encouragement Amen. They are written for us to realize that we have an almighty god that the devil is defeated. Let's live and act like it a man. But sometimes we go around with up with our hands and with our heart you know hands. This movie priced and going over and giving ourselves a lot of negative so self talk. Do you know what I'm saying you kind of run over in your mind. It's badly cut work because the boss is giving me grief is bad at home because my wife doesn't understand me it's bad because the kids are playing. I don't have you know I got gas to put in God is part of. If you know his you if you know he hears you. You know you have the petitions that you got quickly Romans chapter. You don't have to wrap it up quickly here as it is written for thirty six. Oh no a little bit further up first thirty one What shall we say to these things if God be for us who can be against us. So we're talking about the Mighty God that took the children of Israel out of Egypt. If God is for us who can be against us the answer is of course nobody but as it is written for thy sake. We are killed all the day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Yes it may. But the Bible still says counted all joy when you come into various trials and tribulations. You know all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us for I am persuaded that neither death. No life no principalities no powers nor things present nor things to come no heart no depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Nothing can stop God's plans from being fulfilled. And you know what he said Well I tell you what I said to him I said thank you so much for encouraging me I said that and he laughed and he smiled and said No thank you for coaching me but the very fact that God I answered the voice of God That said Go talk to him that's all that's what I heard I didn't hear the first I didn't hear any idea he was just go talk to him and I open my mouth and that's OK. It was powerful to me. Yes it was powerful to me I made myself available for God's service. And you know what I don't know I'm just sharing my heart but I went through. An experience of three hours on Friday just writing out a little paragraph for the children in a book that you know that was a hard thing to do sit there for three hours to write in every single book by hand. I'm not telling you this truth. You know so well good policies write no no no it's because I to apply myself I had to be determined to finish it. I don't know how many how many children do we have but I think about sixty so I did a sixty times wrote out a whole paragraph saying you are very important you are very special to gold and to me and to everybody and I wrote down the little verse that says Luke chapter one verse thirty seven. For we got nothing shall be impossible. That's my message for the children and for you with God Nothing shall be impossible but because I could have been doing others I could have said all I need to go and prepare my sermon but I don't know God Bless me my arm was aching but I kept on going in a finished and to call out the names and give the little books into their hands and see the look in the gardens and the first in the second the third rays. Look look up and and hear their name called and pasta gives them a little gift. I don't know it was good bonding time for me but I was taking time. In doing something that God asked me to do for the children of our church and I did it with love. I was kind of thinking of every name every child and I was thinking about different things I could have written a whole paragraph in saying hey you know you're such a good artist and boy I love the way you answer my questions I could have done all that but I really didn't have that much time and I believe that God blessed me because I gave extra time than I normally would from doing the devotion for the kids at worship and so he blessed me in the evening and then he blessed me I couldn't sleep. I was on a high. It was like I was on some spiritual drug or something I was talking to God he was talking to me he was telling me what I should do to improve my ministry. He was telling me who I should be praying for and I did and you know what happened. I started crying for two hours from midnight to two in the morning I was praying to God. And I couldn't sleep I said Lord you know I need to sleep to get some rest I to preach tomorrow but I'm just so happy talking to you please don't stop and I know that because God was listening I knew. God could hear my prayers. I knew that he was can be the same for you I'm nobody special Believe me I'm Santa just the same as you. God is a mighty cold and he wants to send the liver. He's mighty he is sending the Deliverer right now do you want to see he's the Holy Spirit. This is the greatest gift that God wants to give to you and me. Now you see God has called me to the ministry. My dad didn't want me to come and be a pastor he's happy now but the first I want to tell you as I look into your faces today. I'm glad that I haven't listened to the voice of the enemy that has been using all kinds of means all kinds of strategies to get me to give up. I thank God. That I haven't listened to that negative voice. So I'm here today to say as the words in some hundred eighteen let everybody give thanks to the Lord Amen. Do you want to give thanks to the Lord. Do you want to receive the mighty deliver that God is sending my friend he will do that for you and he will work. You know the greatest miracle is that you come together with Jesus like this. That's the greatest miracle. And that's what gave me so much joy last night and that is what is giving me so much joy in sharing the word of God today. God is almighty you seek Him when you search for him as never before when you pray for our church for those that have moved away. For those that have gone away disgruntled would you pray that they would come back. Would you pray with me because that's what I was praying. With tears. God put a love in my heart for everybody who's missing from the pews here. And I thought that's a miracle because I'm not capable of loving anybody because God is love and not he's the only one that can make me love you can do the same for each one of us how many of you want to join with me. In believing that God is almighty and that he gives he will send us with a Living Will you join me. So don't stop coming to church to let the devil stop you the let the more people that stay away. The more discouraged the ones that are here get to you notice and we start trying to find reasons for what for you know whose fault it is it's the devil I we're listening to the devil and some are being used by the devil. I know I've been used by the enemy. God forbid we had to be used by Almighty God amen. How many of you right now or just close are willing to stand for God and say I will not let the devil stop me from coming to church do you want to stand and make that commitment. It's not because of past affairs. I hope you realize in my ministry I have never wanted to speak anything that was my own idea. It's only got a man and I asked the elders to come and pray for me in acknowledgment of my need but I think it may be symbolic of all of us that we have this need to know that God hears us friends. We have a mighty army just standing here for God Would you say amen and hallelujah. You know that Ellen White says that where there's just one conversion there would be how many. There would be hundreds if we were just. Close enough to to Jesus and love one another that is what would make this church grow so I'm standing here before you today it pealing through the Spirit of God to your hearts that you would not let the devil do anything to keep you away from coming to church because well God sees that when he sees that we're serious he will start doing something he will start working that miraculous power of His presence in your life and you will really actually start liking coming to church you start wanting to come to church because you know that he is feeling you. And so you won't let your tiredness keep your way you won't even let sickness keep you away. Ellen one time when she was at the doors of death she was brought on to the platform of Battle Creek and she was pale. She looked like she was deaf herself but she got up to speak and. God gave her power the devil is trying to destroy God's people don't let them do it don't let him put you and me to sleep Amen look. We are standing here in the sight of God. Committing our lives together to not let anything. Keep us from God's house and from loving his people I have a dream that before I would ever be taken away from being a minister in this place that it would be a time when it's bursting at the seams a few of you said to him and please. All we yearn ing for the Souls that are all here. God alone can give you and me the love in our hearts for those people. Otherwise we're too busy or we are too busy trying to pay our mortgage. We're too busy being too tired friends. We need a revival. We need a river a coming back to the Lord God is almighty and thank you for standing. So I look forward to seeing you every Sabbath and when you do that God will give you the energy in the power and the ideas to bring others with you that has been. A loving father and we thank you so much that you are mighty God Lord. We don't just talk about somebody who doesn't exist. We don't just pray we don't pray to somebody who threw a piece of wood or stone. We pray to the God of the universe who created everything by his word he just spoke it and it came into existence for the parting of the Red Sea. He just you just blew with your nostrils. That's the weakest puff of breath that a being can give and the party and the Red Sea was part Father in heaven. There are a lot of casualties there are many martyrs that have are giving and have given their lives for Jesus Christ. But father sometimes it has been said that it's harder to live for Christ and to just die once for Christ to give your life father we are here today because we realize that we're under attack. We don't have pharaohs armies around us but we have Satan's angels trying to keep us away. So please Lord let us have a new experience with you. And know that you are mighty and know that there is nothing that can keep us from the love of God we thank you for your promise we accepted today and we look forward to the mighty things you will do for us we're looking for true conversion we're looking for love to father please send your Spirit of truth your spirit your spirit of spirit of come into our homes today for this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word and much more if you would like to listen to.


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