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When Prayers are Not Enough

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • June 10, 2016
    9:00 AM
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It's a blessing to be here today and to be able to share with you once again from God's word. The title of that this morning's presentation is when prayers and tears are not enough when prayers and tears are not enough. Let us pray loving kind father. It is such a blessing to be able to be here to be able to listen to your word being spoken but Father. Unless your word changes us. It is completely in vain. I pray that you may speak but you may open our hearts to be willing to listen to your word and your word do its work in us the changes into your likeness. And so I plead this claiming the merits of Jesus Christ in His name we pray. Amen. I want to start with a story that I read not too long ago. I guess I had read it before but it never really stuck to me and this is the story about Brother Howland it's found in the ninth volume of testimony page one ninety one he says Years ago when the company of believers in the soon coming of Christ was very small those at tops on Main met for worship in a large kitchen in the home of Brother Holland one Sabbath morning Brother Howland was absent we were surprised at this because he was always so punctual. Soon he came in his face aglow shining with the glory of God brother and he said I have found it. I have found that which we can pursue a course of action regarding which the guarantee of God's Word is you shall never fall. I'm going to tell you about it he done told us that he had noticed that one brother a poor fisherman had been feeling that he was not as highly respected as he ought to be and that brother Howland and the others thought themselves above him. This was not true but it seemed true to him and for several weeks he had not attended the meetings so Brother Holland went to his house and knelt before him saying my brother forgive. Me What is it that I have done the men took him by the arm and tried to raise him to his feet. No said Brother how and what have you against me. I have nothing against you said the fisherman but you must have said Brother Howland because once we could speak to one another but now you do not speak to me at all and I want to know what is the matter get up. Brother how and he said No said Brother Howard I will not then said the fisherman. I must get down and he fell on his knees and confessed how childish he had been and how many evil surmising he had cherish and now he said I will put them all away. As Brother Holland told this story. His face shone with the glory of the Lord just as he had finished the fisherman and his family came in and we had an excellent meeting suppose that some of us should follow the course pursued by Brother Howland. If when our brother in surmise evil. We would go to them saying for give me if I have done anything to harm you. We might break the spell of Satan and set. Our brother in free from their temptations do a lot of that anything interposed between you and your brother and if there is anything that you can do by sacrifice to clear away the rubbish of suspicion do it. God wants us to love one another as brother and he wants us to be pitiful and courteous he wants us to educate ourselves to believe that our brethren love us and to leave that Christ loves us love be gets love. Oh friends. This is an amazing story and. It reminds me about and in strange moment that is a little bit bigger than the story in strange men between God and humanity or human race when the human race was separated by God there was a plan that was put in place to save us. And I want to. If we look over this plan your Bibles you can turn with me to Romans. We're looking at Romans Chapter five and we're going to be looking at verse six to eight. It says for when we were yet without strength in due time Christ died for the young Godly for scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet. PRAED venture for a good man some would even dare to die but God commended or demonstrated his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us verse nine much more then being now justified by his blood. We shall be saved from their wrath through him. And so I want to just explore this planet a little bit closer we want to look first of all what was the motivation or the motive that led Christ to to to follow with this friend is said God commanded his love or demonstrated his love towards us and we see what motivated Christ what was the motive was love love is what pushed God to action when there was and in strange meant or a separation. The second thing we want to look at is what was the mission or another word would be the goal and so here it says. Christ died for us and why did he die for us it says form much more then being now justified by his blood. We shall be saved from the wrath through him. So here we see that the purpose of God was to be able to redeem us to save us so we hear we see we have a mission and a motive the motive that prompted God while we were yet sinners was love and the mission was to be able to redeem. And as a result to reconcile fully humanity back to God or at least those that would be willing and then we want to look at the mindset the mindset so we have the motive the mission and now the mindset and if you turn with me to. The Libyans chapter two. It's a very. A text that we all know in Philippians chapter two. Talking about what kind of mindset. Did Jesus have when there was this plan was put in place to bring about reconciliation Philippians chapter two verse five the Bible says Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made into the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became will be until death even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also have highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name and so here we see the mind set is humility. So we have a motive which is love that prompted him. We have a mission or a goal or the purpose is to redeem and then we have a mindset and the mindset is humility. So what happens when a brother offends me and there isn't a strange Mitt between myself and a brother and myself and a sister. Why is it important for us to understand the way that Christ went about bring reconciliation. While the Bible has told us as the Father has sent me Jesus said so send I you the way that Christ's. Dealt with and strange men conflict situation. I suggest is the same way that we are to also bring about reconciliation with the people that we are strange in our lives and so you know growing up as a child I didn't really know or understand this biblical principle and so I'll just be very blunt with you and try to explain to you what I saw as what was the steps to take if ever there was. Separation a conflict tension between people. I always thought that if you were a very bad Christian then what you would do is you would just explode meaning as somebody comes to you and calls you something Earth sends you if you're a bad Christian then you'll just blow up in their face a star swearing or whatever that's really really bad Christian and then I always thought if you were like a so-so Christian you wouldn't blow up you wouldn't curse but you would remain calm but. What would you would do is that you would avoid the person but talk about the person behind their back. You know and start talking about how you know this person is not that good and you know what this person did to me and and and you don't even know what this person is and and so they are so so Christian and I've always thought if you were a good Christian. Of course you and never blew up. You would you would remain calm you would avoid that person with the conflict that you had conflict with and you wouldn't even tell others about it and if you would you would only tell it in a very concerned brother inner concerned sister state. You know we need to pray for this individuals and and you know and but most of the time you would shut your mouth and not say anything and then my understanding is if you were like this mazing good. Amazing powerful Christian is you would definitely not explode. You would definitely remain calm you would avoid the individual in question and you would even fast pray and if you were on the next level you would even a week before God for this person but friends that is not what the Bible tells us is the method that we are to follow and that's why I tell you the title was when prayers and tears are not enough. When you have conflict would have trouble with individuals when you have pain or bitterness because of something somebody did you know. This concept of you know you crying and you're you're you're asking God to be with the person and and which is good these things need to be done but it's not enough because there's also a method that is outlined in God's word that I believe if this method was followed. I believe there is no limit to what the Holy Spirit could do because so much bitterness so much things would be swept away from God's Church. I personally believe that bitterness and in strange men is one of the top reasons and a pen of inspiration supports that top reasons that is keeping God's Spirit from being out poured in this church from if you want to call it liberal to conservative to whatever other name you want to call it. This is something you find everywhere individuals that are not blatantly out in open sin but they are holding bitterness and grudge and there isn't strange met in their hearts with one another so what is the method that ought to be followed. If you turn with me to Matthew Chapter eighteen. Matthew Chapter eighteen and we're looking at versed. Fifteen. So we have here the motive that was cry should be ours should be love the mission that was Christ should be ours which is redemption the mindset which was Christ should be ours with his you millet. And the method should be Matthew eighteen as outlined by Jesus Christ. Matthew eighteen verse fifteen The Bible tells us moreover if I brother shall trespass against the go and tell him his fault between D. and him alone if he shall hear the you have gained your brother. So here we see the first point is this is very interesting is that it's the one that is offended is the one that's supposed to go. You know this goes against reason or the things that we have. In talk the way I've been taught as a child is that if I'm the one that that causes pain if I'm the one that does something wrong. I'm the one that's supposed to go and apologize and you know I think that is still clear of course if you are the ones you should still go but it's funny that crisis and talk like that God Jesus here says if you are the victim. You are the one supposed to go and this is very very very important. I have dealt with many issues I work with people as a literature eventually as director. There's a lot of conflicts sometimes we have to deal with and and I have realized that if I deal for example with two individuals that have a fall out had a fall out what happens is when I go to one person A The person A believes that he or she is the victim and when I go to person B. the person B. believes that he or she is the victim. So no matter what or who instinct instigated or who started. I have realized there's always this victimized zation mentality. So one person says well yeah it's true that I did this but the reason I did this is because this person did this and the other person says well the only reason I did this is because this person did this and and it's very hard to be able to do determine sometimes who started it but it's not that important in their mind who started it. The person that started it it's not important because what the reaction of the person that didn't start so much overshadowed their in their mind the bad that they did and therefore that's irrelevant. So they are the victim so Christ as OK OK OK that's fine you know you both think you're a victim fine if you're the victim. GUESS WHAT YOU'RE THE ONE. I'm asking to be able to get up and to go and you know when you go you don't go and apologize for something you've never done but I'm tell you like Brother Howland I have done this in the past where if there's an in strange moment between myself and. Someone else I will go and I will not apologize for something I don't know but I will apologize for the in strange man I will say something like this just like brother how and I'll say you know it Look John if that is John's is the guy's name I said John look you know I just want to talk with you have realized that you know we used to have maybe a better connection but there's tension between us and look I just want to apologize. Honestly if there is anything that I have done to offend you knowingly or unknowingly you know I I just want to apologize as I don't want us to be in strange anymore so here you come with a spirit of humility and it takes humility because we are so proud and we say well I'm not going to apologize I'm not the one that did anything wrong but notice here. The motive is love but the mission is redemption. The purpose why go and meet this individual is not to be able to. Not to be able to to to bring about more tension and and to put a person in their place but I go to this individual. Out of love and for redemption so we're going to talk about that a little bit later but I notice. I want you to read realize this first point the offended one or the hurt one is the one to go. Step number two it says here. If your brother shall trespass against you you go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. Do you know that there are some things that your spouse should never know some of the hope somebody was annoyed or I need to tell my spouse everything or my best friend or whatever no there are some things that your spouse your closest soul body whatever you want should never know it says go to that individual alone. So I have this brother brother Bob I want to call his name and he's offended me really bad and so I may say. You know he's really hurt me. And so I decide I'm not going to go to him because I may be a little too proud right into anything wrong or whatever and I think he's the one that needs to come to me so I go home to my wife and I say you know Bob you know he seems like a good brother and everything but you know what he called me or you know what he did to me and I can't believe in my wife's like No way says yeah this is the I can't believe this and then I go I go to to to to his his his his pastor and I call this pastor and I say you know you know Bob Man you know I'm concerned about it we should pray for him because this is what happened that I didn't. And then I called his mother and I said you know look can you do something because this is what happened with Bob and then I call his conference President and then I call his union president and so I call all over the place and you know many times if we were more righteously inclined we say you know or we think we are so you know I call not because I want to gossip but I just want to I'm concerned for this brother and and we need to pray for him and he's hurt my feelings and Bob. And then I go to God's word and I say whoops my bad I realize I should probably have gone to him one on one. So I go to Brother Bob and I say look I'm sorry you know is there anything I have done so I swallow my pride I pray I go to Brother Bob. And Brother Bob says. And let's see he avoided me when he came into church one morning and so I got upset and whatever so but he kind of says you know brother. Look my dad just died that very day when when when when I saw you in church or I didn't actually see you in church and that's probably why I was zonked out I couldn't see and I just kept walking. You know. And so sometimes it is things that are explained. You can explain away sometimes it's not sometimes brother Bob just says you know look you know John I look I'm just I'm just sorry you know I've had a rough Mohnish I took it off on you and so we kneel together we pray together we cry together and everything is OK. Everything really OK So now Bob and I are best friends were best buddies were or or my arm is over his shoulder and or walking around. Everything is not OK because I go back to my wife and I say hey you know you know sweetie you know what I told you about Brother Bob you know he he's not that that bad of a person and my wife looks at me and says I think it'd just be aware of him John and I try to be able to call other people I can never. Undo everything I have done. And so that's why in the Bible it tells us if your brother has offended you you go to him alone. You don't go start talking to nobody except for God about it right the third point is very important and that is it says if he hears you. You have game. Your brother within that phrase is a powerful powerful point. The purpose is to redeem your brother back to Jesus Christ. That is the purpose. Now the purpose is not to give your brother a piece of your mind very important if you want to give anybody a piece of your mind you do that at the foot of the Cross The second point is that the purpose is not to set your brother in his place that is the role of the Holy Spirit. You don't go to your brother and says look I'm going to give you a piece of my mind and you can you stop doing this because THAT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT. Is it important to dialogue that important to instruct as brothers and sisters. Yes but when there is in strange meant. That is not the time to do this the time. To be able to to talk with the end of the vigil. The time to be able to give somebody a piece of your mind you do that at the foot of the cross you do at the foot of the Cross as you Neal in prayer. Some people may take you an hour thirty minutes other people you know because they've a. Then to do so much you may have to spend a week or two or more you know in prayer until God is able to give you that that that that love that peace and that. That ability now to be able to go to that individual one on one without blowing up without trying to give them a piece of your mind without trying to be the Holy Spirit to convict the person over wrong that they have done that is not your role. It is not your role. It says if your brother hears you. You have gained a brother the purpose is redemption. Wow that's amazing that's why it's so important to be able to understand what is the motive. We have talked about Originally the motive is a love that is what should move me when I go and meet my brother should be love. So if I have anything but love and remember love is not just an emotion love is a principle. So sometimes I may not necessarily feel that overwhelming gooey type of love towards an individual. It's a principle that except by faith and so I will go to the brother. Even though I feel hurt but I will ask God to give me desire for his or her salvation of the hurt feelings in my heart. So the motive is love the mission is to redeem my brother the mindset needs to be humility. That's why so important to spend time at the foot of the cross before I go and speak with that brother because if I go and there's pride in my heart. It's not going to work. You know I work with student literature evangelists and they have leaders that are over them and then their leaders report to supervise or supervise reports to me. And then what happens is sometimes I'll have students call me directly and say you know I have trouble with this leader and I don't know what to do and I say Look have you talked to the leader says no I don't need to talk to a leader I know exactly what the leader's going to tell me or what he's going to do. That's why. Calling you and I say you. I'm sorry are you God you know how would you know that no I know I said Look. Matthew eighteen principle you go and talk with the leader first remember the training that we did about some of the principles in Matthew eighteen. I want you to go and talk with that individual first and then if things don't work out then you know the supervisor or myself can get involved and so sometimes you know you have an individual that call you back say I told you it wouldn't work. I told you I want to work. I when I talked to many told me exactly what I told you you would tell me and I said oh OK I'm sorry to hear that what did you tell him what I told him how you hurt me and what he did to me and Dodo. And I told him and I put him in his place and I try to you know I didn't tell him what he ought to do and not to do I said Oh OK OK I guess you forgot the other part of the training that he had what you mean the other part. Well. You know if if if you put him in his place was your purpose to to save him to bring him back to Christ because obviously if he saw Wicked you know he needs Jesus because if you're going to go to heaven I'm going to have but if this guy won't go to heaven. We want him to come back to Christ no Isn't that and and and I and maybe your your your. The Holy Spirit. You know maybe you took on the role of the Holy Spirit to put him in his place because from my understanding from the Word of God That's not the purpose so maybe that's why when you went to him it didn't work. It didn't work so it's important what is the motive the motive must be love. What is the mission or the purpose must be redemption and what is the mindset the mindset when I go should not be pride should be humility. So the first point is the one that is offended that must go. The second point is that we are to meet alone. Now I do understand that if there is some more serious implications for example sexual abuse or those. Kind of things we have to be careful because there are some individuals that have a predator type mentality. So if there's someone I'd abuse me sexually I'm not going to go and meet with that individual alone. This is a criminal act and. And so we have to be wise in the way that if you go and meet that person alone there may be another sexual harassment or so for so you have to be. You have to realize there are there are some times when a person blatantly commits a criminal act. You just need to report and they need to go to the jail doesn't mean that you don't have to doesn't mean that you wouldn't have to find forgiveness in your heart with God's help and there isn't in sometimes there can even be some kind of of reconciliation but I hope that you can understand as we're going through this that just because you are reconciled with your brother doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be the best buddy buddy buddy. You know because we have different personalities. It's we naturally will click with some people more than others you know in heaven I don't believe that our we be the best friend of everybody in heaven. I will definitely love everybody everybody will love me. We will be you know one happy family but it's just normal that there are some individuals because we have certain personality and so forth that we are we may click More with and that's fine you know God has given us different personalities. We should all have the same character of Christ but the personality is how we exemplify that personality that character and and God has made us different which is fine and therefore we may have attraction to different individuals but it's important to understand the motive the mission the mindset and the method. Well what if Bob doesn't listen to me and he he just kind of screams at me and so forth he doesn't care. Listen when you have a plan in place you don't need to get to get upset. We blow. We start crying many times when we lose control and we don't know what to do but when you have a plan in place and and brother Bob blows at me and says you know why you can just go to wherever you know I don't need to get upset back at him. I know if they know it's OK I know the next step I need to take the next step is I need to go find somebody one or two individuals. And we need to now meet with Bob we need to meet with Bob So it didn't work out one on one and but we want to be able to reconcile the situation we want to reconcile Bob also back to God and therefore I go to somebody else. I don't go to somebody to has beef with Bob I don't go to somebody that hates Bob and I don't even go to somebody that doesn't understand the principles of Matthew eighteen because then we're two people ganging up on Bob I'm going to go to somebody that understands and appreciates the Word of God and understands and appreciate the fact that we can spend time together before we go to Bob somebody that when we go to Bob We can both be humble about it and we can both be filled with God's Spirit and we can both seek to be able to restore Bob back to God that is the type of individual I want and when we go and we go to Bob and we talk to him. We're praying. One is talking one is praying. We're trying to restore Bob But you know if Bob blows up again and just doesn't want anything to do with whatever then we are told in might as well just read it is verse sixteen it says but if he will not hear you then take with you one or two more that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word maybe established and if you shall neglect to hear them. By the way verse sixteen one or two more another purpose is in verse fifteen sometimes it can just be said it's he said she said. And the verse sixteen it's important because now it's not he should HE SAID SHE SAID any more but because there's two or three witnesses. Then we can make it. It's clear you know of what is actually happening happening between our in this situation and verse seventeen says it if he brother Bob in this case John neglect to hear them tell it on to the church but if you neglect to hear the church let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a public and so we see here that there comes a point where it needs to be taken to a higher church or a higher authority and and but it's interesting to realize you know. If he doesn't hear you you bring it to a higher authority. Why because the issue is not anymore. The guy didn't look at me when I came into church. The issue now after we've discussed. As to who we've talked about it after we ask him to just surrender and pray and if you're together and just research and if you doesn't agree then it's just blatant rebellion rebellion that's the main issue we're dealing with so these principles by the way they work not only for they work not only for individuals in the church but I have found that this principle can work in. In a school of course that has to be modified it can work in in a workplace and so forth where you know in your workplace if you have an issue you talk to the individual want to want it doesn't work and you can call and bring a supervisor or somebody else to be able to help it doesn't work sometimes things escalate a little bit more and there comes to a point where at times there. If there is no resolution there must be a disconnect there must be this fellowship type thing. So it means that maybe it means that I may have to work some where else because it just doesn't seem to work in this situation right. And in this place the individuals in the context of the church. There's this fellowship that's happened because obviously with the rebellious mind that individual brother Bob has decided that you know what I with through my attitude I'm showing that I'm not wanting Christ. In my life and therefore this continuous. Says I want this fellowship his actions are saying this fellowship from the body of believers but it's interesting to know they said Let him be as a public and I want you to remember that Jesus says it is not those that are well that need a physician but it is those that are sick. He says that income to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance. Jesus came to be able to bring salvation to the publicans to dissenters right. So the way that I treat that individuals even though there might be a disconnect. I should still be able to treat that individual with love with respect and hoping I mean I may not be best buddies but I'm hoping by my actions by my kindness. I will be able to bring that individual back to Jesus Christ and so that's why when we see a publican or sinner why you treat that individual like a publican or heave and we send missionaries to to He even lengths to be able to save them and therefore this should be exactly the same mentality we have with that individuals. Why should there be a disk connector of this fellowship. Well the Bible tells us can to walk together unless they agree. And obviously it is individual that doesn't want to submit to Christ then the church is going one direction the body of believers is going one direction and that individual is blatantly going one hundred eighty degrees. The other direction then there needs to be a disfellowshipped there so that even to the world and to the church. It can be clear that this individual we still love him but he is not any more part of the mission and focus of the Body of Christ and we're still working with this individual to bring him back so he can start going in the direction of God's church and friends. I hope you can understand. That if you have a church. And I just want you to imagine this you have a church where you have half of the individuals going one way. And half of the individuals going to the other way is complete confusion is complete. You know the world looks at that and even other church members look and they just there's it's confusion because and then even those that are good Christian quote quote They are crying and and and they are and there they have tears and they're praying for the church in the situation but nobody because of issues that have happened sometimes for two three five ten years. Nobody is saying wait a second. You know we're crying some people are crying on both sides people her everywhere says wait a second. What if we actually would start following the biblical principle while it wouldn't work. I would mean would they want even talking whatever. Well. Well if it doesn't work or they don't talk we know the difference that's we needed. Were you not going to disfellowship everybody and so forth. What if. What if our ministers or church leaders. Would actually have the guts and the courage to say you know what by God's grace. I'm going to fast I'm going to pray I'm going to ask for God's wisdom to be able to do what God ask us to do and in the process as some people are weeded out and decide to become as heathens then let it be we're going to still going to work with them but we need to be able to follow God's principle. So that God's Spirit can Swan's more be poured out upon ourselves upon our families upon our churches and we can truly accomplished a purpose and mission that God has for us to be able to be an instrument. A solves of salvation to the world. So my question for you this morning is what's blocking the way. Is there something or somebody in your life. You just haven't learned to forgive you know wherever I travel I mean I realize more and more that there's so many people who are struggling with this with their father or their mother or their kids or or the sister our author whatever and sometimes individuals are long dead and buried six feet under and and they're still grudge and they're still hatred and these are people that that are coming to church you're returning Typhon you're praising the Lord and you're you're doing your Sabbath school lesson or whatever else you know you you feel you are and you enjoy it too. There's that bitterness. There is the lack of forgiveness and you know we are told it's not just kind of inspiration science is showing that as you're holding on to that there is disease that are happening not only just hypertension you know I'm just in the den and doctors giving me a pill on that it's you know it's being dealt with and not realizing sometimes even some of the physical ailments that we have beings ID that he pression whatever it may be many times it is linked to this spiritual issue. And some of you will tell you Well John you know. Look it's stop. Maybe understand but I can't I can't forgive I mean I one of my going to tell you I'm going to tell God Look I'm sorry. And I'm not you know I mean it's not going to work I don't even want to go there and you know I'm telling you if here on this side. Here on this side. It's forgiveness and letting go and you're not on this side you're completely on the other side where you don't even want to go to that section where you want to let things go on and you don't even want to go there. But I'm telling you Don't lie to God You can tell God you can be honest and you can see lower over there where where you want me to get I guess to the point where I can forgive. I don't even want to go there. I don't want to go there. I want to I don't want to forgive I can't forgive it is too much pain and if you could only understand God how much this person has hurt me you know if you meditate on this following statement you will see that it is true when we say something like You know I can't forgive this person. What we're saying is that. God you don't understand the way this person has hurt me is bigger than the way I have ever hurt you can you repeat that. What we're telling to God is God the way that individual has hurt me. Is way above what you can understand why because it's way above the way I have hurt you. And when we start understanding that we are hurting Christ every day even more than anything anybody has ever done to us and when we start meditating upon how much God forgives us friends that is a starting point to help us to start having God's Spirit soften our heart so that we can get to a point to forgive others but going back to my point that if over there on the right hand side is where I ought to be and I'm I'm completely on the lefthand side and I have pain and I have suffering and I don't want to go there and I don't even want to open it up and I just want to ignore this thing and I just want to ignore the person but I catch a glimpse of maybe what God desires of me and what God can do in me and so I tell you brother my sister be honest with God when you go before him don't tell him yeah I forgive this person why you don't you know you don't. But you can come to God and say Lord I'm not. And willing to go over on the right side I'm not willing to go there but Lord I'm willing for you to come into my life and start working in me so that one day. If you can do it part that I will become willing. And in other words what you're saying is Lord I'm willing to be made willing. I'm opening up my heart for you to come in I don't want to go over there. I can't even go over there it's too painful but I'm willing for you to come in and I'm willing for you to start working in me and and Lord you and I together if it takes a month if it takes a year I mean your time is up to you but I'm willing for you to come in and start working on me to change me and to do with me what you desire and friends God will take you right there. It's amazing how we serve a loving and patient patient God My prayer for for us is that we would we would start somewhere. I don't know this morning. If there's somebody this morning that. That is struggling with this in any crowd. I know there's quite a few that they're still struggling with issues with family members and with church members or coworkers and you know sometimes we have moved churches and sometimes having a lot of churches in the area is not a good thing in the sense that people don't deal with their issues they just go to another church and we've never dealt with that brother or that sister we just let the years roll by and sometimes we even move to a different workplace to avoid the individuals. And yet there's still that bitterness. There's still that pain and you know. As long as we hold on it's limited what the Holy Spirit can do for us and definitely what God's Spirit can do through us. And so I don't know what your struggle is. This morning but I pray that. That if this is something that you're struggling with as we bow our heads in prayer. I'm going to give you a moment of silence where you can talk with God about this. To start on a journey of true freedom of true peace and then I'm going to pray he turn a loving father. You're so loving and so. Patients towards us. Oh Father forgive us for hurting you causing you so much pain. You have said that your long suffering. Meaning you suffer along because of the pain the rejections the the indifference we have towards you towards your lot towards your towards your purposes and desires for us every day no matter how much we have hurt you when we come back to you your arms are not tighter just saying no you know I don't know if I can hug you anymore. Your arms are open wide just as before to allow us to come and you give us that hug. No matter how many times we have caused you pain and the Lord this morning specifically we come to you because for some individuals there are some people that we just can't seem to forgive. There's so much pain in our lives and we've. We've just explored the way that you have told us to go about to do things and holy father. We can't do it. But father you have said that your grace is sufficient for us your strength is made perfect in our weakness and so as we open our arms wide to you and run to you as you are. Open wide to us all Father we are willing to be made willing. We're not willing to forgive maybe but we're willing for you to come in and to start to work in us to transform us to changes in your likeness to cause us to be so close to you that you can empower us to let people go and not only that to be even instruments. If needs be just like Paul was used to be able to bring a jailor that whipped him bring him and his family to you maybe even you would use us to bring as it were enemies to you we can't even imagine it but the one thing we want to imagine. And we can use that we can run into your arms and you can start doing a work in us for we're willing at least for about and see if this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio or.


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