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No Longer Enslaved

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films




  • June 10, 2016
    6:00 PM


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My name is Chad cruiser. My wife is in the back we've been sharing a seminar this week we have a ministry called Anger point films we go around archaeologists. Historians theologians scholars and we make documentaries that give reasons to believe in the Bible to believe in Jesus and the message we've been given and the newest one we have done is on the health message makes is a gather archaeologists historic history and cultures of longevity of which one of them. You know is a group of people here. And so it's been a real blessing and I'm going to be sharing tonight. I was asked to share on the subject of. Is called no longer in slaved no longer in slave. But before we begin. I said such a by our heads with me for a word of prayer. And the father we thank you for the opportunity to study your word I pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us. Lord I pray that we would be challenged transformed by your word Lord we desperately need you. We need you to do something special. We ask of your Holy Spirit would be sent down in the name of Jesus Amen. A number of years ago I went to a school called the Mission College and while I was at the Mission College in the past oral course. One of the eggs actually my roommate now I think about it and one of the guys he was that I had I was a roommate of different people different times with my roommate. I had an I had a name we had Nick I almost give nicknames to almost everybody I know I nicknamed him T.-Bone. And he had been a vegetarian his whole life so the name didn't really apply to him very well and I didn't really call him that very often but I always have a nickname for almost everybody I know and we'll just call him T.-Bone because I don't want to say is name but. From California so I won't say is name T.-Bone will stay quit but T.-Bone this vegetarian raised in Adventist never you know lived lived. You know pretty innocent life compared to what I was used to coming out you know from from where I had come from coming into the church. So he had lived a very simple life and you know when people are in school. Whether it's Academy I don't go to Academy but I'm I'm sure things like this go on people mess with each other sometimes while they're sleeping. They do those kind of things in academy. I'm sure they do right well I wasn't the one to do it because I well I'm not really that kind of person like I would want somebody mess and we me in my sleep and so I wouldn't do it to somebody else but one of the other you know there's always somebody who's a little bit rascally and one of the one of the pastoral students who was also one of the oldest pastoral students one of the young men who happened to be my roommate was you know he came in on my roommate T.-Bone and T.-Bone began to speak in his sleep talking in his sleep. You know have you ever seen someone do that it can be kind of you can be kind of freaky when someone speaks in their sleep you know and he began to speak in his sleep and so then this other friend of ours His name was Scott Scott began to ask him questions while he was sleeping trying to see what kind of information he could get out of a sleeping individual right. So you don't want to you don't want Scott to be your roommate because God does this kind of things and so and so T.-Bone is is sleeping away and Scott starts to ask him questions he wants to you know have some dirt on T.-Bone. And so here's this guy's been a vegetarian his whole life he said to him Hey T.-Bone this is one of the questions yes he said Have you ever eaten pork. Now keep in mind this guy raised a Seventh Day Adventist and if you haven't been around administering your life admin is if many of them don't eat meat but if they do eat meat they don't eat unclean meats according to the Biblical standard and so he's asking him. He says he meant. Have you ever eaten pork and this is the answer in his sleep he said bits and pieces and then after after saying bits them pieces. Yeah he had another question because that begged another question right. Then he went and asked a question. So why did you eat it did you eat it because you didn't know what it was or because you wanted to know what it tasted like and in his sleep he said a little bit of both is that possible to have a little bit of both right. I mean either you didn't know or you wanted to know what it tasted like right. You can have a little bit of both of those right. I mean if you thought it was chicken you DID YOU DIDN'T WANT TO A poor taste like right. And so you know I think about that in his answer in his sleep and then when he woke up my friend Scott said to him he told him this whole situation and his response was That's not true I've never eaten it I've never done that before and you know so we'll never really know what the truth was behind that story. We'll never really know but here's the thing. So for him it was a little bit of both at least in his dream that was the answer that came out of his mouth. It was a little bit of both and you know I think sometimes you know in our spiritual life this week we've been what's been the theme of this of this you know lecture series we've been going through identity right. Identity and you know I think sometimes within the church. We like a little bit of both sometimes in our lives we like to even if you really can't have both you can't it doesn't really make sense to have both the world and the church. Both the world and Christ those two things really don't fit together. But sometimes we want them. And so. Times we even try to live it out that way I think about a man in the Bible you may remember the story in John Chapter three there was a man a religious leader in the church by the name of naked. Nicky Demas was a man who was very religious very religious right. You know begins by saying there was a man of the Farriss named Nick of Demas a ruler of the Jews the same came to Jesus by nine cent enumerable we know that you are a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that you do except God be with him. So here is a man. That is a fair a see the strictest one of the strictest groups of the. Israel lights and this man from an outward perspective looked a very very religious. Yes or No I mean he looked a he but he had the part down. He had the clothes he wasn't just a fair a see this man was a part of the of the Sanhedrin. So he was one of the ultimate rulers of Israel. He was one of the leaders of Israel looked religious but in his life so so his identity from an outward perspective was very clearly religious very clearly moral upstanding but then Jesus comes to Him Jesus comes to this man any any says these words that I guarantee pierced his very heart when to the very core of his soul. He said you need to be born again you need to be born again. And here's a man his identity was a leader in Israel a faithful follower of God yet in actuality his life on the inside he really actually somehow wanted a little bit of both right. He wanted the all that went around the positive things that went around with the religious. System that was given to Israel but he also wanted whatever it was we don't know exactly what it was that he wanted. We don't know and maybe we don't know because we don't need to know because maybe this man could be a bit of a picture of all of us we don't know exactly what part of the world he was still clinging to but maybe you could put in whatever you're clinging to into the situation as I make sense. Like sometimes we could be in the church and we could we know there are certain really good things about it like we like the fact that we're on you know C.N.N. and National Geographic and all of these things because what do they say about us. I mean if you watch those videos they're nicer to us than we can actually sometimes be to ourselves and these people are amazing. I remember the interview with Anderson Cooper and they have. You know the guy from National Geographic there what's his name again. And what is Dan Buettner Thank you Dan Buettner and and they're talking about the Adventist and how they they keep the Sabbath and they prescribe walks in nature and all these nice things and many of them are vegetarian or even vegan their longest living people in the world and we like that remain as a pretty cool. It's nice to be that but sometimes we like you know some of the aspects but then there are certain aspects of the Bible that just annoy us by nature is that true. We sometimes come upon things in the Bible or maybe go beyond that you know I know I'm cool with the Bible but you know I get really annoyed with the Spirit of Prophecy. I'll bet every one of us has found something if you've read it long enough something that hits your heart you like that's a little too far that's fanatical is fanatical as long as I don't do it if I you know lie on the balance. I am the one balanced Seventh Day Adventist and you know that you say Chad you're so full of yourself no no no I'm telling you that we all think that right. Each one of us have the skull. Or that there is one balanced person in it is exactly where I am right and I'm sure nicotine is felt that way don't you think I think he probably felt that way like he had arrived but then he met who Jesus. That's right he met Jesus and Jesus revealed that there were parts of his life that hadn't been given to God Jesus told them you need to be. Up born again. You need to be born again you know the Bible says and in Romans Chapter six in verse six in the English standard version is says we know that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing so that we would no longer be in slaved to sin. I was asked here to speak on no longer being in slave to sin. You see the Bible talks about the fact that this body the old man or the old person as the newer translations might say this the old man is to be crucified he has to be killed and it says so that we get to the point that we're no longer in slave to sin. Now if we're no longer enslaved that means we must have in the back in the past and what slaves. So is seems like by nature. We are enslaved to sin. You know like it says there same chapter Romans six sixteen. No no no you not what's it say about it talks about the people that are in slave This in turn there when the action knowing shame on me I know that verse but it's live in me right now in Romans Chapter six or sixteen must turn there Romans Chapter six verse sixteen. Yes. No you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants he are to whom you obey whether of sin unto. Death or of obedience unto righteousness. So you are either eight slave the King James use the word servant the word is it connotes more of being a bond servant or a closer to a slave. So you are either a servant or east slave to sin or a servant or a slave to righteousness and when you jump down Verd. Further into the chapter into verse twenty two it says but now being made free from sin and become slaves of God. You have your fruit on to holiness and the end everlasting life. So now in talks about the fact that we go from being slaves of sin we to we can actually be slaves of God or righteousness. Now think about that for a moment this idea is now you may think I don't really want to be a slave to either side somebody might be saying I don't want either. I'd rather be somewhere in the middle. Like I don't I don't want to be a slave to some devilish power and I really don't feel like being a slave to God I don't really feel like it but the fact is there isn't easy third option that makes sense there's only two options. But here's the thing. According to the Scriptures God is the creator of all things he's made all of us. He knows what we were designed for Isaiah forty three verse seven tells that we were created why we were created for His glory. We were created to glorify God. Now what is what is glory we know I mean we could go on and on into that into the Old Testament how glory is the character of gone. Moses says Show me your glory. And then God reveals his character and so. The Bible tells us that we were created for God's glory to reveal his character to the world that we would show forth the ident. Kitty of God to the world. This is what we are called to do and so you say I don't want to be a slave to sin and maybe I don't really want to be a slave to God But the thing is to be a slave to God strangely enough is the only way to be set free as you know that like what if you had a dead what if your dad happened to be a billionaire. And he wanted you to be happy and he wanted you to to basically have the most fulfilling life possible. When you could shirk off your dad and you could get rid of him I don't care what he wants I'm going to do my own thing but most of us probably wouldn't mind if our dad were a billionaire right that really wanted us to just have happiness. But the Bible tells us in Deuteronomy Chapter six verse twenty four and the Lord God commanded us to do all the statutes to fear the Lord our God for our good always just like we talked about earlier that that God actually wants us. He calls us to do certain things for our good. He wants to set us free from sin for our own good for our own joy for our own happiness. So that we're transformed. You may have heard the story of the slave who was put up on the auction block in the United States years ago. He is brought there in this man is he is furious. He's saying I don't care who buys me I will never work for you I would rather die than work and be a slave to any man and so he is he is totally he believes or he will not have it and they put him up on the auction block and he was a strapping man he was a very strong man and so he's finally put up on the auction block. And as the biz begin to go back and forth between different people. This one man kept getting higher and higher and higher and finally got to the point where he really I mean this is such a big large man he would make a great slave it would seem and so finally he he busy he just. A bunch of money for this man. And finally the gavel comes down to Saul and this man says I don't care who I'm sold I will never work you can kill me I'll never work for you he is taken in shackles he is brought into a wagon and he is taken across town into the country on to this man's farm and he saying I don't care what you think man you've wasted your money I will never work for you what a waste and finally the man comes up he takes an unshackled the man and he said I bought you to set you free. You're welcome to go in this man's face turned from anger to a look of just absolute love and he said sir I be willing to serve you forever and the reality is that love is the central thing that changes us from a life of sin because the fact is we all have love every human being is loving at their core you say Chad I think that kind of contradicts the Bible when it says in Romans seven verse eighteen for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwells no good thing for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find not so how is it that we all have love but the Bible tells us in first chapter five Love not the world neither the things that are in the world actually first on chapter two the love not the world neither the things that are in the world for any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him. You see we do love by nature the thing is we just love the wrong things by nature you understand I'm saying we love the world. And so God says US and by nature you are in slave to sin. You are in bondage to sin and you can set yourself free but then God says I want to set you free. I want to change you. I want to give you victory. I'm going to give you four simple. Points on how to get to the point where you are no longer enslaved that you are no longer in slaved Now the first point. Is found in first chapter five first on Chapter five Verse three and the Bible tells us in this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome or grievous King James as grievous new translation say burdensome because people think well the commandments are a burden and the commandments actually are a burden to the unconverted heart. To someone who has not been changed to do God's will when you have not given your life to God in full love it is an absolute burden. Meaning if you were raised in the church. You were told You need to do this you need to do this you need to do this you need to do this and you just you think man I have to do all the stuff I mean the fact that we don't like the law is proof that we are on converted or it's true and you think we'll get this is this is not good but the reality is we're by nature we're on converted by nature we don't love the law of God If you have your Bibles look at me in Romans Chapter seven. Romans Chapter seven. We were in Romans Chapter six Romans Chapter seven no room at Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight and it says in verse seven. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be. So to those who have a carnal mind. They cannot do the will of God It's impossible. And then it says in verse eight. So then they that are in the flesh can not what please gone when you're in the flesh you can't please God and many of our friends in other denominations read these verses and they stop right there and they say don't you see the Bible says that the carnal man can't keep the Law of God. Human beings can never ever keep the Law of God They just can't do it we're totally to pray ved but many people stop there and don't read the next verse. What does the next verse say it says in verse nine. But you are not wired in the flash but in the spirit. If so be that the Spirit of God is dwelling in you. Now if anyone does nt man does not have the Spirit of Christ he is none of his so many people say look look we're in the flesh we're human beings we can't keep a log of it's impossible Paul said so but then Paul says you are not in the flesh which you are now in the spirit. You've been changed. No So get the idea you were a slave to sin but then through the cross of Christ. It says that we get to the point where we are now slaves to God that God wants to give us the victory he wants to transform us. And as I said in first John Chapter five verse three. It says in this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and its commitments Organon grievous here's the thing you cannot keep the commandments of God without the love of God. So the first way the firk the only way in in totality to actually keep God's law is number one to love God with all your heart that you actually get to the point where you choose love God with all your heart you get to the point just as it says in Deuteronomy Chapter six verse four hero Israel the Lord our God is one Lord. And love the Lord our God with all the heart and with all thy soul in with all thy might and then it says in these words which I command the this day shall be in your heart right in your heart and so God is saying this and if your truly various IS THE LOVE OF GOD THIS IS THE LOVE OF GOD that you will keep His commandments but his commandments are not a burden. They're actually a blessing to you they are something that you actually enjoy to do if you truly have a love for God. So the first way to come from the point. And being in slaved to finding victory to being slaves to God is number one to have a love for God and you can even create that in your own harm. So the second point helps us actually did get to that point to get to point number one and we find this one. We talked about in our class or earlier today. But if you have your Bibles terms meter first Peter chapter one. First Peter chapter one. I love this passage because it's so simple I really appreciate simple things in the Bible and Peter was a man who was unconverted who needed to also be born again. Jesus says when you are converted this guy was walking for years with Jesus. You could say he was in the church in essence he was born in the church but then he was a disciple of Jesus but Jesus said When you are converted. So Peter later on at the cross had a conversion experience he was changed and what does he tell us how how does he tell us this experience happens. How does how are we actually born again first Peter chapter one. Will start in verse twenty two seeing you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned that means not fake on to unfailing love of the brethren. See that you love one another with a pure heart for it says in verse twenty three being born again not of what corruptible seed but of incorruptible by while by the Word of God which lives and abides forever. Peter makes a so very simple he says listen you need to be born again. Jesus said iniquity miss you need to be born again you need to go from being a slave of sin to be a servant of God and he says you were born again by what by the Word of God It is the Word of God. And I have shared time and again just because it's part of my own experience I was I was going to you know what church where I was you know there was dancing in there was singing and I was it was a reason Adventist and all these things were going on and we were we were just love in the music and all this stuff and and it was just this this emotionally just amazing all these emotions were going on and and as we were having this experience. I noticed that one of my friends I could see very clearly when he was at church it was like a high because the you know the band was playing the loud music and all these things and so he was just like having a high at church and I notice more in him than in myself because a lot of times you notice things and other people more than in yourself and so he he is you know he's just out on a high in church but then when he leaves church progressively each day life just kind of tanks until he can get back to that experience of the music playing in the band and the emotions and all these things and I know something's not right about this something's not right about this there has to be more to this. And so looking at it I see it in somebody else better than I see it in myself but one of the things we really didn't have the church service each week you had a really really long music service and then we had a very little sermon and I'm being about as honest as I can it seemed like every single week it was like the exact same sermon. It was like the same words and. I remember you know some of what was about every week it was like the same thing every week is like a few minutes of somebody talking saying almost the identical thing each week and what it was was we didn't have the Word of God not just. We didn't only not have it when it was preached from the service and there's a little bit of it there but in our lives we work daily spending time in the Word of God. So we were looking for an experience in something outward like music music can be a great blessing to us is not that music is innately evil but we can look for that in the things of this world say no this is the only way I have an experience with God with with this. When music is playing or what have you. But the Bible says that we are. Born again by the Word of God And so what happened was I would met an atheist actually yeah we met at a coffee shop and he challenged me because I'd give my life to God by this point was an advantage. And he says you're Christian I said yes he said saw Tell me the Ten Commandments and I was like you know I can tell the command I don't know what the Ten Commandments were I was ignorant and he said you are a Christian uni military commitments and yeah I guess that's pretty ridiculous isn't it and then he's actually your question I said yes he said if you read the Bible through. No I haven't. He said Why do you believe in a book you've never read and I realize yeah this is ridiculous and so but I'm so glad that that guy made me look like an utter fool because guess what I decided right after that I'm never going to have somebody do that to me again I'm going to go and start reading the Bible so it may be out of pride I read the Bible for the first time. But here's the thing as I read the Bible for the first time I didn't know it first Peter chapter one verse twenty three says that you were born again by the Word of God but as I was reading it I began to change my life began to transform I was actually the first time you know for months as I'm reading along. I'm chewing tobacco I literally I was in college and I was I was chewing tobacco in I would be studying as I do study about five hours every day while I was school I just had tons of homework and so I would study like five hours and I'd sit there with chewing tobacco in my mouth and I was reading through the Bible and I didn't see everything wrong with that I didn't know there was anything wrong that I would find out later the Bible says that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit but I didn't know that but as I'm reading it changes began to take place in my life I began to be transformed and then a seminar came up about Bible prophecy was young man speaking in my hometown his name was David Asher. And I went to the seminar and totally changed my life. But it was through the process of God's work. I was not born again. But I had a born again experience as I was spending time in the Word of God So the first way the most important way of getting to the point from going from a slave to the things of this world to a servant of God is number one loving God with all your heart soul mind and strength and what is the key way to get to that point of being born again is by spending time daily in the Word of God you are born again by the Word of God. Now the third way. That we are to become servants of God rather than servants of sin. You have your bible stern with me to Isaiah Chapter thirty three Isaiah Chapter thirty three you probably seen this maybe you haven't seen this passage. It's such an interesting concept here because it kind of says what you don't think it's going to say or you think it's going to say something else but it just doesn't. We're looking in Isaiah Chapter thirty three and let's begin in verse verse fourteen. Verse fourteen says. The sinners in Zion are afraid. Fearfulness house surprise the hypocrite. Now the hypocrite is someone who looks like a follower of gone but is just an actor just just showing kind of a facade. In reality there in the world but they look like they are a follower of God Their have a creator. So it says in verse fourteen the sinners in Zion are afraid fearfulness has surprised the hypocrite who among us shall do well with the devouring fire. Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings So who's going to just live in the everlasting fire. That's good man you know even have a bible oh. Praise the Lord man. That's right let's read inverted in verse fifteen is is he that walketh righteously. And speaks up rightly he that despises the gain of oppression. That shakes his hand at the holding of bribes that stops is ears from hearing of blood any shot says eyes from seeing one evil. Now that it's kind of strange because you know typically would think who's going to be in the everlasting fire and you're thinking like the wicked the evil the bad ones right. And then it says no no. The ones who can too well. Eternally in the everlasting fire are righteous people right because of all the Hebrews tells us our God is a consuming fire. And so if we're going to be with God forever. We need to be able to dwell in the everlasting burnings the everlasting fire right and what it says is a couple things that you notice there are several things with two of more look at it says He that shuts his ears shuts his ears from what I should from hearing bribes is that one of us. No stops his ears from the hearing of blood and then it says He that shuts his eyes from seeing evil. Be careful little eyes what you see because we know we have that old statement that the essence of it comes from chapter three seventeen eighteen the essence there is that by be holding we become changed. So the people who are going to make it in the everlasting fire are those who are stopping their eat their eyes from seeing evil they are closing their ears from bloodshed. Right there not looking and listening to evil things they're not beholding these things day by day. So the most important thing is to love God with all our hearts that Mabel's us to keep the commandments. Number two is to spend time in the Word of God. But number three is that we have to turn away from the things of this world where there is music of the world. Whether it is you know television in just trash things that we shouldn't doesn't mean you can't watch anything on television but watching things that are against God's word. The Bible says that his people will shut their eyes from seeing what evil things is what assess sounds one on one verse three says I will set no wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of them that turn aside it shall not cleave to me. Psalm one o one verse three so God's people are going to stop looking at the things of this world and they're going to keep their eyes on gone. Like Philippians Chapter four verse eight tells us it talks just about that very thing about basically looking at the good things of this world. The good things of God rather than the evil and so these are beginning three things number one love God with all your heart that will enable you to keep the commandments. Number two was what reading the Word of God That's right spending time daily in the Word of God. Number three is of voiding evil things whether hearing or seeing or just you know constantly communing with evil. The fourth one is a little surprising but Jesus experienced it. Adam and Eve fell because of it and God is calling a last day people back to victory where Adam and Eve fail is that true. It has to do with what. The health message. Is that true. We're actually told that it is impossible to overcome in the last days without the health message. Did you know that you know it's so interesting too and I shared this into our lectures during the day in our seminar my say our my wife and I the seminar we had in the group that was coming there. We talked about something very interesting and it's now cutting edge science. This is something that actually. In the spirit of prophecy for years people read and I'm sure many of them thought calm and she's going way way too far. Now obviously if somebody does have pure faith they would say that but I'm sure many people did and and what she said was she said that the majority of the problems in our church come from the stomach. Now that just sounds kind of crazy doesn't it like come on man and like I got bigger issues. I got this bigger fish to fry then my stomach like has some serious issues and that's not one of them right now think about it is that really a reality. This is actually cutting edge science maybe you've heard of it. It's called now the science of the gut brain connection or they called the gut brain axis and your gut is actually sending more information to your brain than your brain is to your gut. And if you cut the connection. If you can cut the nerve that connects the brain to the guy you know what happens. The gut still works without input from the brain which is just fascinating. And here's the thing. And so psychologists are looking at this and some of them are even beginning to believe that maybe the majority of psychological issues are actually starting out in the gut. I talked about some of the science you think what come on I just can be one of the things they've noticed is that people who have a greater diversity of bacteria in their Got actually have different characters than those who have lesser For instance what they've noticed is that toddler us specifically they discovered that toddlers who have a greater diversity of got bacteria. Are more outgoing and more social than children who have a lower diversity of bacteria or as not kind of weird. We were that have to do with anything. And so then they're trying to look and so what this bacteria in the gut is of meaning these different kinds of bacteria they call it are micro biome are microbes. I own and it seems that it's healthier when you have a greater diversity but certain foods. There's good bacteria in your gut and there's bad bacteria in your gut. If you have more bad bacteria can cause issues health issues. If you have and it could cause mental disturbances. If you have more good bacteria it can actually cause beneficial. You know in a beneficial life experience or social experiences like the babies and so they're looking at these things they're saying well what would be the best diet to have the best micro biome because what they've discovered is that there are certain things in the meat products that are inflammatory. And inflammation many times is associated with depression negative mood. And they've come out and said you know. What they said is they said you know we discovered that basically eighty eight wide meaning some a diet. With the greater diversity of plant food and they specifically said a vegan diet is the best for the got microbes and isn't that kind of interesting. I mean do you think like these great scientists of the world they're like hey I want to Ellen White says you know our health issues that's not the issue but the issue she said these things one hundred years ago and it looked crazy. Didn't it is a crazy five minutes ago and telling told you about the science right. I mean we just think come on I mean is this actually true but the science is coming out. It is absolutely amazing what we're discovering she said this in this is sounds crazy but she said the food God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for keeping the body in a sinless state and that interesting. That's amazing. And once again we think I got I got bigger fish to fry. But I'll tell you when I actually saw these things and just decided you know I'm just going to try and when I began to cut out all the spicy food out of my diet. She said that you begin to cut that out and you know if you have more or less loss. I'll tell you from personal experience I experience that unless it. After I stopped eating all the spicy food. I'll just be very honest with you my wife knows I told her and I'm just open and honest about it she was right. I gave it a try and the thing is they're actually noticing scientists have looked into spicy food in character. Now once again I don't know what caused them to do it actually you know people have looked at these ideas and they noticed that you could notice character differences in people who enjoy spicy food that spicy food eaters typically are more risk takers. They don't just now that's kind of strange right. I'm not even telling you how you have to eat but we've been told these things you can do with it what you please but the reality is if you struggle with some things. It's I want to tell you this it's not like it selve ation by tofu. Right like God will say good job you know you stuck out the tofu for like twelve years you know you get to go to heaven no no it's not like that you don't get to go to heaven because of the food you you avoided. But the point is this it helps clear your mind that it makes you easier to overcome in stay connected to your heavenly Father does that make sense. So it's not so by veganism or something like that but the reality is science is day by day by day catching up with the message we've been given over one hundred years ago stuff that we were kind of embarrassed about life. Yeah I would I wish you didn't say that you know that looks kind of strange you know and then you're like no no no she was actually you know one hundred twenty years before time stuff that you would never imagine was actually true and it changes people's lives and here's the thing I tried it and changed my life I'm not saying I haven't I haven't arrived I made it I'm not sinless not at all but I'll tell you he has made a difference in my life. It's made a difference in my marriage our marriage is better. My wife will tell you I mean Boy it's been a blessing to me and praise the Lord for that in remember God says He gave us all His commandments for our good. Do you see that he's in and I'll tell you this and you think ah that's sad you know he's one of those fanatical people he likes he likes to eat plant food. Listen. When I became a Seventh Day Adventist in college I had never had a salad in my entire life. Ever. I don't think I can not remember having lettuce one time in my entire life before becoming a Seventh Day Adventist I was the most unlikely person to eat this way I thought it was ridiculous. You know like you chuckle at those chuckle at those you know bumper stickers like you know something make him fall like save a cow individua Tarion you know or something like that you know like that would have been funny to me. And so I had no interest in this kind of these kind of things whatsoever. But you know I thought about it and I was like I'll tell you this this this and you know people to I'm just I'm just going to say like I'd only don't talk just you know and why don't why don't why. But I'll tell you what she said something that I thought was absolutely crazy but it also made me think What if it's true it was so crazy. I didn't even accept her as a prophet at the time I've just become an Adventist for a few months now and sure I'm willing to read a little bit but I'm not really digging the idea of this woman and and just to be honest with you and somebody came up to me and they said you know how sometimes we like to get people like the hardest selling white quotes like how about that one you know take that right. You knew Adventists or whatever and so so they come to me and they say you know I says she says The time will come where those who meet will go from walking with God to walking with him no more and I'm like I didn't say a but I was like What. But then in my head I was like that is so crazy. What if it's true. You know and what if that's actually true that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard right. But what if it were actually true you know. And here's the thing you think also what God saying is like you know meters are all we can people that's not what he's saying. He's saying in the last days temptation is going to be so amazingly difficult to handle to overcome. That's right that God is saying listen I want your body to work like it was supposed to work right in the very beginning and if your body is functioning properly with just the right nutrition. It doesn't mean God says enter into the joy of the Lord you ate the right food. No it means that it makes it easier for us to commune with our Heavenly Father. This is what he is saying. So when we look at all four of these things when we look at what God has shared with us in His Bible. One of them is that number one we need to love God with all our heart that's the first one we started in I think the most important or the most important one is to love gone with all our heart and this is the love of God that we keep His commandments his and his commandments are not grievous Number two is that we need to be spending time daily in the Word of God. Number three we need to work. We need to avoid evil right. Keep our eyes from the seeing of evil close our ears from the shedding of blood. And number four. We want to go back to the health message when I talk about the health message. It's not just eating. It's getting your exercise drinking a lot of getting around the sun like it is following these laws that God has given not to be saved but because it gives us a transformed life in the process. So God wants us to experience this but the reality is we've all been in slaved but it is a process of gone freeing us setting us free. You may have read the story how many of you have either heard or read the story of the Pilgrim's Progress anybody. I share the story sometimes it's just such a cool story. There's two versions of the pilgrims frog rest is the original version that was originally written by Bunyan himself and then because it's so all the same public domain and so some advantage to made an advantage out of it. So it's kind of doctrinal ideas because in general the the original version is absolutely amazing. But there's a you know almost instead of it adds a little off and maybe eternal torment is a little off but otherwise it's amazing. What I've only gone through I'm going through a little bit of the administration but I've you know been able to go through actually had a C.D.'s of the entire the original version. You know it's unlike. You know Lizza beef in English and so as as I was going through it tells the story of what you may know for those of you don't know it's a story it's an allegory of a man by the name of Christian and Christian in the story is the example of what a Christian goes through as they get their life to Christ so Christian is on his way in the book to the Celestial City. He's And he has to go on this road we could say it's a narrow road and you have to stay on that road to get to the Celestial City. But as he's on his way there's all kinds of trials and tribulations. There's all kinds of things like you know he goes through depression. He goes through skeptics kind of you know like trying to turn him off of the path and and he runs into you know things that we don't believe in hobgoblins and satyrs of the pit and and all these scary things in the Valley of the shadow of death. So he goes through all these kind of difficult trials but one of the trials is he's actually going along and you know sometimes we discover that as we're trying to walk with Gone. Sometimes the path gets a little difficult. So he's walking along and it's kind of uncomfortable but then they notice that there's another path. You know another path in and you know hey there's another path right there. They put it look it's just right next to the good path right. And they start walking around they're like oh it's this is not as well easier over here and so they're walking along this other path and it's right next to the I mean come on you can see the other path they're both right there obviously it couldn't be you you can't you know you're very close to the the right path. So what they don't notice as they walk further and further but you know something that's right along just the trajectory trajectory is just a little off and after a while they're actually a long ways from the good power and as a. Get further and further away. They start to get tired. And so what do they do they do what people do in the tire they go to sleep. They took a nap and the trouble is they woke up in there was a giant there and his name was Giant Despair and joining disperses or you are you know trespassing on my property. You know now you're going to I'm going to throw you into my prison you know so now they're basically the slaves that's not the right word but they're the prisoners of Giant Despair and you try thinking like that doesn't really sound like they're great of a book but you read it and it's amazing you're like oh this is great so now they're thrown into this prison in Giant Despair. He has a wife and so forth and and what Giant Despair comes and he like whips them on a daily basis like he's he's beating them in the past seemed good as they were going that way but now that they're in slave and they can't get out. It's absolutely horrible. And so he's mocking them and beating them and whipping them on a daily basis and life is just horrible and Christians there with his friend. I think hopeful is his name and hopeful there is with him and they're in prison and and this is just horrible horrible and even hopeful I mean with a name like hope or you're expecting this guy's pretty optimistic right. But in prison is pretty rough you know like after torture for a while even hopeful gets less hopeful you know and what in so happening is Christian is sitting there and and Giant Despair has ideas for them so he's encouraging them. Why don't you just kill yourself why would you go on like this this life is horrible. What you see is in it and you know you're going to be here anyone I'm going to be to every day you're going to go through this depression every day or your life why don't you just end it off yourself. And this goes on day after day after day one particular day Christian come. To a conclusion he hadn't even thought about it and he said this. Oh ah what a fool him I vos to lie in a stinking dungeon. When I might as well walk about at liberty. Why they say that he says I I have the key of promise and he pulls out the key of promise and he says I am sure that this this key will unlock any lock in Doubting Castle and so what does he do. He he goes up to the lock in the original language. He said he tried to turn it in it turned damnable hard you know is like very hard to turn the sun cursing really is just you know heart is you know really hard open and so so he tries over them forgive me I'm fresh and music stars but you get the idea. That's what the original says. So he tries and he turns and in crude it opens and so he has this key a promise he opens the door and ha praised the war he and his his friend Hope all they jump up and they begin to run away and then and then as they're running away the Giant Despair is on their tail. This giant begins to come after them joining the sparrows after them and as as he's trying to catch them. You see the trouble was that he joined the spear didn't do well in the sunlight right. Joy in despair doesn't just like depression doesn't do real well in the sunlight dying despair doesn't do well on the side you understand. You know Bunyan was giving us these connections for us and so so they get away they had to be saved but what was it that saved them. It was the key of promise. We talked about that over and over and you probably heard it over and over but there are certain things I just need to be repeated on our Christian walk because we can know these things I have heard a sermon on Bible promises but here's the thing we're born again by the Word of God were changed by the Word of God as we read it and as we claim the promises of God as we spend time with God And as you read the Word of God. First you maybe like I've shared this with others before that first you may not even like the word of God. But over time we're born again by it. Jeff are here I remember the guys they were these are savages businessmen. And he goes around as he's speaking to you know different business men or he tells a story of the sitting by a scientist on a plane and he challenges the guy. The guy's not even a believer. And they get talking and somehow the the the the scientist begins to open up to this administration this man in there talking with each other and and the the businessman says to him hey listen you know he knows the guy doesn't believe in God but he said listen I'm going to challenge you to do something and I will even I'll even pay you to do it if it doesn't work. He said I'm going to challenge you to go home and for the next sixty days. Read the Bible for an hour every day and this is some scientists it isn't believe in God but the guy's having family issues and he says I'm going to challenge you to go home and talk to your not talk read the Bible one hour a day sixty days and he said if nothing happens at the end of sixty days. You call me and I'll pay for every hour you know you give me your going rate for whatever you get paid per hour and I will pay for all those sixty days. Now many of you probably can't do that you know money be paying people off for things like that right. But he did and so and so so he said listen I'll just I'll pay you well the guy goes home or what they start doing. He says are in the Bible and guess what happens. The Bible says you were born again by the Word of God you're born a game of the Word of God And so listen if you're open and you're willing to be changed and you want to be changed. God wants to change you. Don't think he doesn't want to change you second Peter chapter three verse nine says that God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. He wants to change who he wants to bring to the point if you don't like the Bible right now he's saying do you like nicotine as you need to be born again you need to be change you need to be transformed in this and I don't think Jesus looked at nicotine is like man you need to be born again I think Jesus looked on him with eyes. Of compassion eyes of love and if you recognize when I don't love the word of gone. It means your unconverted I'm not angry with you I wasn't converted. But Jesus wants us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. He wants us to be changed so I want to challenge each and every one of you put God first in your life. Give your entire life to him spend time with daily in His word What's number three. Of void the evil and number four follow God's message give it a try and I'm not saying you need to do it all over night that would be I mean I would've been horrible I would have hated that. But if you if you slowly make changes start drinking your water you can do that right. Probably many of us need to drink more water so drink some more water get a little exercise slowly try one thing after another find the blessings that God has in his health message. It's meant to make your body like a well oiled machine right. And by the way you don't have to be as skinny as me to D.D. that way I know if you heard this guy from his name's Patrick but Bohmian guy over in Germany broke the world record he was carrying over over twelve hundred pounds of the twelve hundred fifty five pounds. He carried it for all like thirty some feet. He dropped at me yelp Wiig empower. The reality is you don't have to be all skinny to me to be a plan bass right you can you can be big a strong two you know. And so the point is this God wants to change you and just try it step by step. You're not going to love the Bible overnight if you don't like it tonight. But if you spend time to tomorrow the next day the next day you'll be like this this scientist who if you're open to God's power. Now if you read it just to prove it wrong. Well God can only do so much with that he might still change your life but if you're not open he won't but if you meet a same God I want to I want this experience. I actually want to be changed and he wants to change you don't ever don't ever doubt or go forward. God is calling you. Let's close with a word for heavenly Father Lord we need you Lord we want to put you first we realize we're not saved by outer externals when I say by the way we. But it's interesting how much you can help us to overcome other areas of our life. You can help us overcome disease but even this is not the most important thing when we want to be avoiding the world but even just avoiding the world isn't the most important thing because dead bodies avoid the world but it is living out your word with an absolute love which is sensual and absolute love for you that causes us to love those around us we may sometimes get annoyed with the people in the church the disciple sure did. But Lord you're calling us to love you first and foremost and instead of just being annoyed with you can actually turn around that we actually love those around us Lord We need transformation each and every one of us including myself father if somebody here does not read your Bible I pray that you would change them to someone here this evening with all hands found no eyes close that you have been reading your Bible and the Holy Spirit is calling you to pick it up and and you want to take the challenge of reading the Bible every day for the next sixty days you want to take that same challenge and you say well I don't even know if I could do it but by God's help I want to at least try to do it is someone where it worthwhile heads are bowed no eyes are closed and say yeah I want to try that. Would you raise your hand where you are just now father you see the hands. I pray that we would be born again by the Word of God which lives in abides forever father that we would leave this place different than when we came. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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