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And Jesus Stood Still

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • June 11, 2016
    6:00 PM


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I want to read something to you here says the seven they have in his messages been received in pieces from hands of a number of men that studied the Bible during the miller right movement and after some don't realize that our church was never a founded on the writings of L. and white in fact I don't remember I can't think of a single doctrine that was discovered uniquely by her there was this gentleman called Josiah Lynch some of you may know him and the day your principle lives had followed in the footsteps of scores of commentators including William Miller in his use of the day equals one year principle and that's a principle of Bible prophecy However he's not the first person that you know discovered that but he is the first person to ever make a prediction based on that day your principle that met a direct fulfillment and so what happened he predicted the fall of the Ottoman Empire on August eleventh eight hundred forty and the world just wondered and stood amazed. Then there was George stores and the doctrine of the state of the dead stores was a miller right preacher he published six sermons on the state of the dead these became the basis for a common Miller I believe in soul sleep in the final destruction of the Wiccan meaning a seven day Adventist this is where we got our concept of when you die you sleep then there's T.M. primal in the Sabbath primal he published a small track about the Sabbath and that proved to be a great blessing to somebody called Joseph Bates and Joseph Bates when he accepted it he shared it with two young people. One was called James and the other one was called Ellen we know her as Ellen White and they accepted it and then it was Jacob's in the Spirit of Prophecy Jacobs was the editor of a newspaper called The Day Star in general twenty four eight hundred forty six he became the first man to publish an. Count of Miss Ellen Harmon later White's vision those bringing them before the advent people eventually the the world oral colder in the sanctuary quarter a friend of Hiram at Sun You remember heart and simplest was crossing a field. The day after eight October two thousand and two and he saw this vision of the century Well cruder who was a friend of Hiram was the first man to ever publish an explanation of what actually happened in October two thousand and two eight hundred forty four his explanation of the century form a pillar in the movement that became the S.D.A. church and Ellen was shown in vision. That that article could be safely recommended to every single saint. Then there was Samuel Snow snow sounded the first trumpet of what became the midnight cry of the summer of one thousand nine hundred four and the revival of the seventh month movement but primal who published a track on the Sabbath he gave up the Sabbath you know that and Lynch who was the one that took the day your principle and applied it to the Ottoman Empire. He gave up the day your principal and Jacobs who published the first person to publish Ellen White he became a spiritualist Kreuger who published a sanctuary gave up the century doctrine and stores became a false prophet and snow left the advent movement all together and time doesn't allow for me to talk about Belden then Wagner and Jones in a score of others like can write what happened. You know the other day I had a chance to go back to come back where I grew up and come back is is an interesting place you know it's French it's also English and but it's tough because it's like eighty ninety percent Catholic Caucasian Catholic French Canadians and they're really tough to break through now my generation. Never atheist and so I'm asking questions some of you may have this kind of experience or asking questions going back to your past and you're asking well what happened to so and so well so and so doesn't come to church anymore but what about this brother what happened to him. Well he doesn't believe in God he's an atheist now what about this girl's whole She's actually working in a bar and you're thinking what one after another after another Gone atheist. And I'm just trying to and you know and and I'm thinking about this and I remember this one guy. How how he stood up and he talked about how how he lost his job because he started to stay straight to the Sabbath and what God did is that God took him and gave him a better job and I actually remember him standing up and talking and giving this testimony and I remember another guy preaching in my heart being touched and I remember another one. That if that gentleman his life hadn't changed my life would never have been change and I see the same gentleman drinking beer and saying you know what this is this god business whatever it doesn't. I remember going in the shower and just crying and saying Lord is my experience real to I mean am I fake these people some of them that were chains and link to bring me to God and and these people were more spiritual than me and some many of them are smarter than me and these people turned away from you and And what about me is my experience real and if it is is there hope for me because I don't have high off the I.Q. of these people and some of these people I don't have half the spirituality that they had how come they left. What will keep me from leaving and I ask the same question for you. Sometimes we think that you know what these things will never happen to me I know what I believe and I know and I know people that knew what they believed. And there go on and when I say gone I remember there was one girl she came to our campus in program and the next thing I knew she is gone. She shacked up with her boyfriend and it is KHON gone gone and I'm thinking it's like a matter of thirty days and you know in that program. She was saying how she wants to give her life to God How how how she wants to become a missionary and tonight I want to talk to you about the conscience Romans twelve two talks to us about being not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and we need our minds to be transformed. You know that the frontal lobe the the mind. We are told is the only means by which heaven communicates to us that you know. And so you know heaven communicates to us through our minds and so it is very important for us to understand how our mind and especially our conscience works because that is what God uses our frontal lobe to reach a so if you have your Bibles with me we're going to look at a few verses I'm going to move quickly. So I want you to stay with me because I have a lot to cover and I don't want to take too much time so we're going to look at John Chapter eight what verse that I say John Chapter eight we're looking at verse seven and verse seven to nine Japp John Chapter eight percent to nine it says so when so so that the context is that you have individuals that are dragging this woman who is caught in adultery and they throw her at the feet of Jesus and and then they ask him you know what should we do. Should we kill her should we not they're trying to trap Jesus and so over seven says so when they continued asking him he lifted up and self they're asking Jesus what am I supposed to do with this woman and he said unto them. He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone. Met her and again he stooped down and wrote on the ground and they Which heard it. Being convicted by their own what went out one by one beginning at the eldest even unto the last and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the mids. Who made the statement he that is without sin let him cast the first stone who made that statement. Jesus made that statement right. So who was the one that was writing in the sand their sins but who convicted them. Contextually What does it say it says there what it was their conscience. It was their conscience the conscience is an interesting thing. It helps to this Cernan between right and wrong and it does that by bring conviction especially when we do wrong. So my question to you is who created the conscience God God created the conscience Are you sure that conscience is part of who we are right it's a body mind spirit conscience is part of our mind so God gave us a conscience right. The question is which person of the Godhead uses the conscience as one of the means to communicate with us the Holy Spirit very good. So is the conscience a good thing or a bad thing it's a it's a good thing right. It is given to us by God. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through the conscience but the question is now can you always trust your conscience. So it's a good thing and is given to us by God can I trust my conscience though. Who says yes. Who says no you guys speak English. Who. Doesn't know. If it's your turn with me to Titus chapter one Titus chapter one. And we're looking at verse fifteen and sixteen Titus chapter one verse is fifteen and sixteen. It says here and to the pure all things are pure but on to them that are defiled and on believing is nothing pure and that is so true. Sometimes when you go and speak with friends in the world and you just say something and their minds are so crooked that everything that you say goes down to you know the bottomless pit but anyways unto the pure all things are pure but on to them that already filed and unbelieving is nothing pure but even their mind and conscience is what is the filed. So here we see that your conscience can be what defiled it says they profess that they know God. So these are not just world they are people that are atheists are Gnostics these are actually individuals that believe in God that say that they trust or believe in God but their consciences are defiled it says they profess that they know God but in works they denying being abominable and disobedient and on to every good work. Rep or bait. So the conscience can be defiled So if the conscience can be filed. Can I trust my conscience. Who says yes. Who says no who doesn't speak English. In Mind character and personality it says the idea is entertaining by many that a man may practice anything that he conscientiously believes to be right but the question is Has the man a well instructed good conscience or is it biased and warped by his own preconceived opinions conscience is not to take the place of the US see if the Lord consciences do not all harmonize are not are not all inspired alike some consciouses you know are are are defiled men made. Be conscientiously wrong as well as conscientiously Right right. It is not enough for a man to think him self safe in following the dictates of his conscience. This isn't higher calling one forty three the question to be settled is is the question is the conscience in harmony with the Word of God if not. It cannot safely be followed. For it will deceive the conscience must be a light and by God and so forth so consciences in the frontal lobe the frontal lobe is the only means by which heaven communicates with us and what I take time to share this with me because you there's this idea that says look. Even with an admin tism I follow my convictions. I mean I'm convicted to do a certain thing and I'm a Christian and you're a Christian and we're both trying to follow God and I'm convicted to do this because my conscience tells me this is right and you are convicted to do that because your conscience tells you that this is right but both of the ways that we have contradict each other right. And we both can't be right. Because think about it if I really believe conscientiously believe that I can get to Europe by car. I don't care how sincere. I don't care how convicted I may be it just is not going to happen. Because if you want to get to Europe. You've got to fly or you've got to take a boat right. So you have Mrs Smith over here and Mrs Smith is a good Catholic and and she missed Mass today. And so Mrs Smith she feels so bad she feels convicted by a while by God or by her conscience the God tell us we need to go to Mass on Sunday that God tell us we need to go to mass period. No but her conscience conviction. And she feels extremely bad why because she missed Mass this morning and then you have. Mr Brown let's call him and Mr Brown he feels bad because he slept in Sabbath morning and he missed church service they got ask us to go and worship him on Sabbath right. So both of them their conscience convicts them and then you have Sally Jane call or Sally or whatever. Sally James doesn't feel bad on Sunday and doesn't feel bad on on Sabbath either she doesn't even believe in God summer but. You know when she sleeps in on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday her consciousness isn't bother at all because she's she's happy go lucky shaman believe that God exists right. So one is convicted. One is convicted. One is not they can't all be right and even though they may all be sincere and the all rely on their consciences for peace. This is very important friends the all rely on their consciences to appease their conscience. So they can have peace. You know I know people that their consciences is their god are you with me and that's not you know I'm not saying that you should necessarily go against your conscience but I know individuals that they would rather. The it's like they are a slave to their conscience but their consciences are not educated by God's word nor and lightened by His Spirit are you with me right. So first Timothy Chapter four. We're going somewhere First Timothy Chapter four and we're looking at verse one and two First Timothy Chapter Four looking at verse. One and two the Bible says. Now the Spirit speak of has expressed that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devil speaking lie. Isn't hypocrisy having their consciences seared with a wife with a hot iron you know what seared means you know if you have cattle I don't know if they still do that but in all Berta. You know you have cattle and so what they would used to do anyways they would have like my name is eaten so I would have a big Zed on a on a on a stick and they would. They would they would he that Zed really hot and amps Shino they would put on the side of the cattle and burn and he would become a scar and so for ever that cow would have Azad on them. You guys are so right anyways. You got it I have his video on there that says this cattle belongs to Jonathan right. And I don't know if you've ever burn your hand or really seriously burned what happens is when something is seared when something is burned. What happens to the sensitivity to it it's gone it's gone right. So there's an interesting concept is that as we depart from the faith. What happens is as you depart from the faith as you start listening to teachings and doctrines that are not in harmony with God's Will something starts happening to your conscience. It starts to become desensitized. It starts to become seared to get to the point where you touch and you don't feel it anymore. You don't feel it anymore. So it says as we depart to be may know more in other words our conscience deep become desensitised here in review and here in one thousand one September three it says but one says My conscience doesn't condemn me in not keeping this particular commandment because some people say you know if it was really bad. I would feel bad when I do this thing but you know I don't feel bad at all so my conscience doesn't condemn me right. But in the Word of God We read that there are good and bad conscience's and the fact that your car. Just does not condemn you and not keeping the Law of God does not prove that you are uncondemned in his sight. Are you with me not only that our consciences become desensitised but there comes a point where when we fully cannot trust our conscience anymore and the sad thing is that when that point arrives we don't even realize it. John sixteen first one in two in John Chapter sixteen are looking at versed one and two the Bible says these things have I spoken unto you Jesus speaking that you should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues. Yea the time cometh that who ever killed if you will think that he do with God a service. So there will come a point in time where there will be a group of individuals that will kill God's faithful people but the interesting thing is these individuals will actually believe it's not that oh man I don't really like killing this person but I'm going to kill anyways. Oh I feel so bad I killed know they will actually be killing you and they're thinking praise the Lord we finally were able to rid and help God and and praise God and their conscience is actually telling them that this is the right thing to do in the last days there was good. There's going to be two groups. There's going to be one group that has their consciences that are educated by their emotions their feelings by media by T.V. internet by their pastors church leaders popular teachings in the world in general so their their consciences has been educated in one way and it is going to be another group their consciences were educated by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God to groups in their minds both. Are actually doing God's will both are sincere and both when they feel God's Will do not feel guilty about doing it in two Volume two of the testimony page ninety it says a conscience once violated is greatly weakened it needs the strength of constant watchfulness and unceasing prayer and Manuscript release twenty seven one thousand eight hundred says he who after hearing the truth turns from it because to accept it would retard his success in business lines turns from God and the light. He sells his soul in a cheap market his conscience will ever be on reliable. So what this is telling us is that if you are violating one principle over here and you have other principles that you're keeping you know you're turning keeping the Sabbath and whatever but let's just say that your cheat on your taxes right. So what's happening you're violating this principle because you are trying you know to to to to your thinking is going to impede your progress. What is saying is that your conscience will not be reliable anymore. And you're thinking no that's impossible I mean I and I still feel guilty about certain things. Watch what we're going to read here a little bit later. You know when I was younger. Something that really helped me to see this is when I was was born my dad never never bought a television never had a T.V. in our home. He was I'm a pastor and you know some of you may remember back in the days. You know television was double vision you know it was some of us maybe a little too young for that but you know in the even in the Sixties and Seventies when the IT T.V. was a bad thing and there's many avenues that didn't have it you know but after a while you know you start getting it and so I grew up not having T.V. when I was very small but then when I was about six years old dad decided you know he's going to buy a T.V. because that really like to watch the news. He thought you know that was important so so he bought this little black and white T.V.. You know they had the little thing in the little things and and so but we didn't put in the middle of the living room. What he would do is that he would pull it out maybe once a week or something and or twice a week to watch the news for an hour and he might let us watch a little program and then you would wrap the cord around and then you'd have to put the T. and any go and put the T.V. away somewhere and you know us kids were four kids at home I'm I'm I'm I'm child number three and so you know of course kids they want to watch cartoons and they want you know we want T.V. is that is the way to go is the life so what would happen is whenever Mom and Dad would leave. We would go and find the television and we would watch television until mom and dad would come back and we were blessed or cursed I don't know Dad had a diesel Gulf and so we could hear the car coming from quite a ways you know we'd open the windows and listen carefully and so I think that caught on because what would happen is whenever they would leave the T.V. would be honest and a different place and so as soon as he's gone it's like OK we're going to get the T.V. so I should go here never were looking for a T.V.. We find a television and then we put the T.V. on and then we start watching the television and we may watch for an hour or two three and then when we have these zero zero quake guys and we go into operation wrap the car and everything put the T.V. back everything go to K. open your Bible as if you're reading it somebody sweeping the floor just looking completely innocent I don't know if that ever caught on to what we were doing you think that maybe you would touch a T.V. to see it was hot because it was pretty hot by the time we were done listening to it but as I watch television I realize I was brought through different stages different stages my conscience you know at first I can remember whenever we first watch and we see violence or the morality. You know the reaction is to turn the television off. You know it's just that that reaction that it's it's it's wrong. You know and even if at first first you know it's so bad you turn it off and you put the T.V. away you're already doing something wrong. You're not supposed to be watching T.V. in the first place and now you're watching this film and you know you turn and you put it away but the more you watch you know what happens is when you see that stuff you don't turn it off anymore you you turn your head the other way and I remember as a kid I would I would have enough sense to know I'm not supposed to see this. And so I turned my head and I kind of wait for the guy finish getting shot or whatever and then I go back and I watch some more and then Step number three it gets to the point where you're watching it and you're indifferent to it the guys getting shot twenty six times and you're just watching. So it went from discussed to turning off to turning your face to watching it and friends the last stage you know it's it's it's it's scary. It's not scary when you're in it because you don't see it but it's scary when you're out of it and you're seeing the guy being point yet punches. Come on you can do it you and your at MIT only when they experience this that you're in it and you want the guy and because he's a bad guy need to get him and punch him and punch him and and you don't even realize what you're what you're doing so it went from total disgust to the point where you are screaming and shouting and you can't wait for the guy to tie you find pleasure pleasure in people that are being shot pleasure in seeing immorality and you know my dad was very strict when we were growing up West Indian you know he would use the belt on us and but it's very interesting how. One day while I was watching. I don't know how but I just imagine Jesus and you know it's interesting how my dad being very strict you would think that Jesus would be like What are you doing here and and the vision that I would see of Jesus would be you know I'm going to be you or whatever I can see none of that I don't even see Jesus screaming at me or is like and here you go again. The only thing I saw in my mind's eye was Christ looking at me not a single word and just silently just tears streaming down his face and you're like looking at this stuff and you see this vision in your mind. No screaming no yelling no beating just tears and you know I start to realize what what am I doing what has my conscience become maybe to you it's something else I don't know for some people is the Sabbath they work on the Sabbath one time you know especially in the winter I don't know if it's here but in Canada in the winter the sun sets early. So you work one time and you feel so guilty and so maybe even some people they feel guilty and so whatever money they earn on Sabbath hours they turn it in. Just into the offering plate trying to relieve their conscience right as if to atone for their sin but I'm telling you the more that you work on Sabbath it comes to the point that you know you know I ask forgiveness and God knows I need to do what I need to do. Maybe some of you it's lying and the first time you. You really lied to somebody you could even sleep that night but then you told yourself you know tomorrow. I'm going to make it right but tomorrow comes and it takes courage and so you don't do it and the days turn to weeks. And the weeks turned to months and the months turned to years and the longer you wait the harder it is to be able to tell somebody that you lied to them and your conscience is violated. Maybe it's treating somebody bad you treat me maybe your parents or siblings I don't know your pastor your coworker you treat him bad. And at first you feel bad that you treat him bad but then you know after a while you kind of ignore the guilt and and you try to justify yourself in your mind and then after a while it gets to the point where you find pleasure in treating someone bad and you tell us off you know after all he treat me bad and he deserves worse. Maybe it's in a relationship that you're in that you shouldn't be in and you know the Lord says can to walk together unless they agree i know i know i know and maybe it's something that you're doing in that relationship that God is saying wait a second. This is only for marriage by the way just to let you know and when you first do it you feel so bad you feel so filthy you feel so dirty but the more you do it the more your conscience becomes desensitized. And it gets to the point where you say well I don't know I need this thing and I'm telling you friends it's not that God cannot forgive you of course God can forgive you but you know the greatest fear is that you'll get to the point where you will want forgiveness. Are you with me because your conscience is so desensitized that it is like it's not a big deal. What's the big deal you know I need this thing I need this and therefore I do it for some people with sexual temptations on T.V. or internet and friends porn is one of the most addictive but it's one of the most sensitizing things on your conscience. It affects your spiritual. And for some woman you know it may not be porn it may be novel sitcoms all kinds of stuff T.V. series. But it will they might still be it's pure is pure trash. It's filth. You know and if you're honest with yourself. It's trash for your conscience. There's nothing there to purify or elevate you towards God and you know maybe used to feel guilty but now it's just like Lord please forgive me and Lord help me not to do that tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and we do it again and then Lord. You know. Please forgive me and then help me not to do it and tomorrow comes and then we do it again and God forbid that we start justifying ourselves and stop asking for forgiveness and start saying well you know it helps me to deal with the stress of my life you know I have a lot of stress. I've been through a lot in my childhood. This is the only way that I can deal with stress and so what happens is when you stop asking for forgiveness and you spot you start justifying it. What can God do for you and somebody says well I'm Single my spouse. Maybe doesn't give media attention I deserve or I don't do this as often as he does I know some pastor that does this thing I'm not as bad as they are and friends when we violate our conscience. We violate our conscience. We violate our conscience. We violate our conscience until it becomes so unreliable that Satan then moves in and makes you feel guilty for things that are not sinful and makes you feel nothing for things that are sin for you with me you may think that. Oh if I violate my conscience. I'm not going to be feel guilty for nothing. No sir no matter what happens is when you violate your conscience over and over again Satan moves in and then there's little things like the fair seas and they are counting their little herbs and they're there they're mint and they feel guilty if they haven't really you know tied their mint but yet they. Can go out and not feel guilty and kill the son of God are you with me so Satan moves in and starts playing with you and playing with me the first sees Also I don't know if you remember Judas through thirty pieces of silver at the to end you know he said I've killed innocent blood and so the fear is he's conscience wouldn't allow them to take the thirty pieces and put it back in the treasury because they was blood money and so they say no no no we can't do that so they took the thirty pieces and they bought a land so they can bury strangers but yet they can crucify God this quote shook me to the core five page five twelve says God's voice will be recognized if we do not separate our souls from him by walking in our own ways doing. According to our own wills and following the promptings of an unsanctified heart until the senses or the conscience have become so confused that eternal things are not. The CERN and the voice of Satan is so disguised that it is accepted as the voice of God you believe that. And so it's not about if you are spiritual or not it's not about if you have an I Q Are not it's not even if you have some amazing experience or if you have been a bible worker or a pastor or not what's happening is if you continue to follow the unselfish promptings of your heart. There comes a point where your conscience is so desensitized that Satan moves in and when you hear Satan talking or think it's God and when you hear God talking you think it's Satan and child guidance we're told Page five thirty eight a large class of the professed Christian world are watching their feelings. But feeling as an unsaved guide and those who depend upon it are in danger of him. Babying heresy. Satan can move upon our feelings. And he can so a range surrounding circumstances as to make our feelings changeable do you know that Satan has access to our feelings and that's why we can't always trust our feelings. Well in Revelation Chapter three if you can turn there quickly with me in Revelation Chapter three. This is the live to see in church we can see here verse sixteen in verse seventeen in the context of the conscience. So then Jesus says because Revelation three Verse sixteen so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot. I will spew the out of my mouth because you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no not that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked in other words crisis saying and making it clear to the Laozi in church that legacy on your conscience is no good your conscience is messed up. You are blind and it's not. It's not but you know it and are acting like someone who can see no you don't even realize that you are blind god here in Revelation is doing something similar to to a mother that is taking maybe her two year old child that is blind and for the first time that the mother is sitting her child on her knees and is telling the child look. Mary you know you're blind and that means that you're you're different than mommy and daddy. Mary would ask Well Mommy what is it. What is blind. Well Mary blind means that you cannot see. Well while Mommy what does it mean to see and mommy needs to try to explain to Mary what it means to see if Mary was born blind that's exactly what God is trying to do here. It's not that we are are blind and we know it. We are blind and we don't know it and God comes and says listen I need to. Explain to you something you think you are OK but you're blind and can't see in March after ten verse forty six is a story of a blind man in March Chapter ten verse forty six The Bible tells us and they came to Jericho and as he Jesus went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people blind Bartimaeus the son of timea sat by the highway side begging and when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth He began to cry out and say Jesus. Thou son of David have mercy on me and many charge him that he should hold this peace but he cried the more a great deal. The son of David have mercy on me as Bartimaeus was blind physically and desired to see we are blind spiritually and we should seek to do the same thing that blind Bartimaeus did the story of blind Bartimaeus tells me Jonathan cry. And don't stop crying out to God you know I cry to Jesus have mercy on me not because I can see how sinful I am but because I cannot see it. I cried Jesus have nursed on me not because I feel guilty when I sin. I cry for him to have mercy on me because I don't experience the guilt and remorse I used to have are you with me. I cry Jesus now son of David have mercy on me because I'm tired of being spiritually blind and not being able to appreciate spiritual things maybe for you. There was a time when some of us would cry after committing certain since or some of us could hear a sermon and it would move something in our hearts but now we can hear the sermon and it does nothing to us it would move us to tears. It would resonate a chord. And sometimes when temptation would come we would shrink from it but now we. Into Temptation and we can sin without feeling guilty because our consciences are desensitized we can come to church Sabbath after Sabbath and all we can do is criticize the pastor. We don't forgive were filled with pride. We are depressed discourage overwhelmed. So cry cry friends I've been doing this in my life and it's amazing that when you cry to God It's amazing what God will do for you we need to cry. Jesus son of David have mercy on us why why does that they only see in church need to cry out because many within are lost from the depth of our hearts we know that something is not quite right. Our consciences have been desensitized. We are lost but we don't really care. Are you with me some of us we know that something is not quite right as Mary the little girl she kind of knows something's not quite right and if we were to take time to look inside. We were realize that we are in a lost condition. Why because we're violating our conscience we're committing these sins but our consciences and not convicting us anymore. We kind of think we're OK but somehow we don't we don't think we're OK because we still feel guilty on certain things it's just other things we just don't feel guilty but and if we really really cared. We would spend that time with God we would prioritize with him we would spend time in His Word we are told that the pioneers sometimes would spend two or three hours on their knees every morning and they wouldn't get up until they had the assurance that Christ would be with them that day and they had that peace. He held onto his hand but we get up and we rush and we go and if we have time for God we'll take it a little bit but and we wonder why we have no power and we wonder why we commit the same things and we wonder why we are continually addicted to certain things so cry. Jesus Jesus the Son of David. Please have mercy on me and friends. I believe that the most powerful words in the Bible is found in verse forty nine. It says and Jesus stood still and Jesus stood still friends. You know Jesus stood still and then he called Bartimaeus across there were thousands of people that day with Jesus thousands of people around Jesus and he's walking and he's being bustled in but Jesus only stood still for one man that. Day one man when that one soul realized there was something wrong and started crying. Jesus son of David have mercy on me and people are Aaton be quiet you're being annoying just shut up and he says and he kept crying and crying and crying and the Bible tells us that Jesus stood still I don't know what's going on in heaven. I suppose Hughes is pretty busy. I mean there's prayers of millions of Christians and probably millions of atheists too when they get in trouble and he has to sustain the planets and he has to keep the the grass growing and provide food for the birds and and God is probably very busy and there's a judgment on top of that that's going on in heaven. And I don't know how it all works and there's billions of Angels in this. Otherworlds but I like to think that when one sinner gets down on his or her knees and realizes that they've lost sensitivity ther conscience. They get down on their knees and they cry from the bottom of their heart and they say Jesus the Son of David have mercy on me I like to think that Jesus and all his business and all the judgment is a whoa stop hold the books stop. I like to think that Christ stand still for you and for me what a wonderful God we serve you know what a patient and loving god. The reason our consciences have been desensitized is not something we do only against ourselves we do it against Christ. But what a patient God to continue to bear with us and when we finally cry out you know say finally you come to me you know I've been waiting all. Christ then still and and he reaches down to us and shows us the mercy shows us the mercy. Well what if my conscience is messed up. Is there hope for me. Hebrews Chapter ten verse twenty two The Bible tells us Hebrews ten verse twenty two let us draw near with the true heart. In full assurance of faith having our hearts spring cold from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water and Hebrews nine fourteen nine fourteen it says how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the terminal spirit offered himself without spot to God purge or kinds your conscience from dead works to serve the living God If you have twenty five. It says Husbands love your wife even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it that he my sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word. So what the Bible is saying is that God can wash. And cleanse our consciences and the way that he does it is through His Word as we cry out to him God through His Spirit uses words to bring back sensitivity to our conscience is that amazing that. Even though we violated our conscience time and time again that God can bring back sensitivity in mind character and personality Volume one page three two three says Your conscience has been abused and has become hardened. But if you will follow the right course renewed sensitiveness will come to it isn't that wonderful It also tells us here in in to T. it says Time must be given to a study of the scriptures and to prayer. Thus the mind will be stablished strengthen and settled and this is in the context of the conscience. This is the context of the conscience. Some of you may be thinking well what's the point of the conscience if I can't trust it. What's the point the conscience is one of God's most precious gift when it works and I I add when it works. Once there is a total surrender to Christ and once the conscience starts to get educated by the Word of God the Spirit brings back the sensitivity and I'm telling your friends then is the greatest blessing to be continually in tune with God or as much as possible and when you feel guilty. You're supposed to feel guilty and when you don't feel guilty. You're not supposed to argue with me it says God does not see in Christ object lesson ask once and you shall receive He bids us ask on wearing Lee persists in prayer or talking about crying out to God the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and gives him an increased these are to receive the things for which he asked for. I don't know where you're at this evening when you're a walk with God Maybe some of you have relied on your conscience and thought well you know it's true I commit this sin over and over and it's true I don't feel guilty but then I feel guilty on this so God wants to renew our minds God wants to give us consciences that are in tune with God's Holy Spirit. And I don't know where you're at today but I wanted you to think outside of you and start thinking about Jesus start thinking about what he is enduring each day for you start thinking about how much he loves you no the Bible tells us that even when there was a there was a plan that if sin would come in the Father the Son They knew exactly what they had to do but we were told in the pen of inspiration when sin actually happened. The son went into the Father and the meeting there lasted for a long time and the people were thinking to angels are thinking what's happening because a lamb was slain from the foundation of the world because there was already a plan that was going to happen but a spend of inspiration tells us that even though of a father knew. And the son knew what had to happen. It was still very difficult for the father to say yes I will let you go. Can you imagine that you magine God knew the future. God knew you know that Jews would come that he would die and everything he knew everything that's going to happen but you got God the Father and you are God the Son and it's like they say me I know they said you know what needs to happen yeah I know what needs to happen but man I just can't you call and you. I don't know how it all works in heaven but I had to be a time. For Christ came down to become incarnate there have to be a time when there was God's father just a last word to his son. There had to be a time when there was one last hug and it was had to be a time where he said you know I'm here. You know if you need me you can always come and I know father you know you know I'm only a prayer way I know father but I had to be a time where the father had to release his son and had to let Jesus come down and friends you know I have a son and I would you know if if I had to let my son go in and you know he'd be in a better place than where I am you know I'd be sad to let him go but I say Good on you know go out there make a difference or if it was a place that was just kind of as good as me but if I knew that the moment my son gets out of that door he's going to get shot. I would never let myself go but friends Christ let go and friends How selfish of us to say no I can't give my heart to God. No I want to keep doing my thing and Christ is saying but. But I keep my son for you and and and and every day I'm just pleading with you won't you just get to the point to surrender everything to me. No You know I I CAN YOU KNOW I HAVE MY LIFE TO LIVE AND And you know I have things I want to do and and I love what I'm doing with my girlfriend I love my music and friends. Maybe you don't. Maybe you don't see what is wrong with what you're doing and so my cry to us this morning is that we may make the decision. For the next month every day to cry to God Jesus the Son of David have mercy on me when I started to do that God start to show me how bad I am praise the lord how much I needed a Savior and you may say why I don't feel the need. That's why you need to cry because you're blind. I'm blind. We can't see. And so we cry. Lord I'm crying to you not because I know I'm bad. I don't even realize how bad I am. How have mercy on me and please father get me to the point where I came care about you about your feelings about your purpose to the point where I can surrender everything. And so I'm not asking you necessarily to make that choice now if this is something you're struggling with but the only thing I'm asking you to do for the next thirty days every morning every night cry out to God to have mercy upon you and I'm telling you. God will take you where you're at him and if that is your desire. If you really commit to this and I you know if you don't it's OK You know you will hurt my feelings I'm a Cole Porter I get slammed doors it's OK you know but if you want to do this thing stand with me and that's ask God to help us Amen. And for those Also I don't know you know this is the West probably everybody is fully consecrated and everything but if there's somebody here. And if maybe you can bow your heads and close your eyes and pray with me but if there's somebody here that sense the call from God to finally surrender all. And that individual has not surrendered before and maybe. Tonight. You realize. Maybe you've been depending on your conscience to try to figure things with life and now you're realizing that your conscience is not fully reliable and it's not predictable because you haven't been surrendered. But maybe tonight you've caught something about the goodness and the mercy of God and you've caught a glimpse of how much God truly loves you and you want to say. Jonathan I want Jesus to stand still for me I want to surrender my life to God for me and I've never done it before but I want to do it now and there's no pressure God's not going to hate you if you don't do it for friends imagine the peace and joy that you can have if you do and you know if that person is you. I want you to raise your hand and the side of heaven that God may look down from his throne and stand still for you praise the Lord Brother. Praise the Lord sister. Praise the Lord. Let's pray Father in heaven. You see your children here today and Lord I'm just a sinner like them. We all are in need of your grace. But Father. We come to you not because we are spiritual not because we understand everything not because we actually feel guilty at times when we but we come to you because. Because our consciences are messed up our consciences are desensitized. And we don't even realize how bad we are the only reason we're standing is because in your revelation. You said we are messed up. And even though we don't fully see it. We come to you and we as a body of believers cry out to you father. Is Jesus the Son of David have mercy upon us and give us our eyesight. Father back and Lord some of us who are committing to be able to pray every day for you to have that Mercy to come to nearly open our eyes more and more to spiritual things so that we can have a deeper appreciation for what is spiritual so that our consciences become so that if your sperm. We move over Father we desire that union with one ness that you want to have with us and so I plead Father help us to fulfill our commitment to cry to you and as your people cry. I pray that you will hear and you are wiil yourself to it and father tonight I also pray for those that are raising their hand and Lord they want to surrender it all to you for the first time and Lord I don't know what this means I don't know what in their lives that they need to give to you you know they know this so I pray that as they commit to spend time in your word and if some of them need to be baptized need to take that step I pray you may help them to lead them to their pastor they can start taking the process to have that that wonderful marriage experience with you I plead Lord have mercy upon them and Lord May this be a start of something great Father I thank you for your faithfulness and for your patience this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to. Reading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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