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At the Border

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • June 2, 2016
    9:00 AM
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Every single person every single individual was baptized every single individual had the same spiritual food the same spiritual drink the every every single individual was brought into a relationship here with God according to the text would you agree that every one of them. He says all of them were baptized in the cloud all are baptized in the sea by the way Jesus said You must be more of the water in the spirit in other words that that mentality that thought of what you can watch in the New Testament about how we must be reborn born again was taught even back in their day and it says they all had these opportunities but now look at verse five pretty discouraging. But with many of them. God was not well pleased for they were overthrown or overcome in the wilderness. They didn't endure in other words they gave up. They didn't make it to the very in and it brings out here that them and when it says many of them. Now when you read. There's places like Matthew chapter seven he says many many will say in that they Lord Lord we prophesied in the name of the many wonderful works and I'll say them I never knew you many in the context when Jesus says there's a broad road that leads to destruction many years on that road there's a narrow road that leads to eternal life. Few are on that road. I want you to think about that with a one the one a term many is given here is that the majority or the minority. It will be the majority and that's kind of a discouraging statement I've got to admit when I first read and study my Bible as all of us I'm sure have taken time to do it times it's almost discouraging sometimes you read Texas seem to indicate that the majority the majority of even God's people aren't going to make it and it's not sounds like it's so difficult for the minority to actually be there and it sounds so hard I mean could you imagine living through this life and then not being in the kingdom of God that's just a killing in my mind around that thought process and then I read here many many many and I was like Is there hope for me. Then you read the encouraging side of that and it's not that there's not hope for you it's not that God wants it to be that way but the simple fact. The matter is the majority tend to want things their own way and they go and do things their own way instead of his way. So it's not like it's difficult and God says I want to be the future save he wants the majority to be safe first Peter chapter three the Word of God says that God is not willing that any would perish but all come to repentance. Listen to that terminology. He doesn't want to lose even one but he wants everyone to turn to him right so that's what that's what we're going talking about here today as we go through this now this is very interesting because it says if you look at verse six in First Corinthians ten verse six These things are our examples. Now if you look in the Get your concordance out you look at that word there are examples it's very interesting because that same word it means pattern or an error or. The idea is this is the pattern of how things are going to be for us is what actually comes in the saying here in just a few moments OK So these are our examples. And then it goes through some things that the children of Israel messed up on. Has anybody here ever studied through this and notice this by the way I'll tell you something very interesting if you have to preach in like in your church as an expert from time to time you have a whole series of messages right here in these verses because each one name something different that God's people thought fell on and he says I don't want you doing the same thing so look at these patterns look at these examples and don't make the same mistake. That's pretty interesting isn't it now so here it is two that says Now these things are are examples to the intent. We should not lust after evil things as they also lust the now that's referring to something if you have a center column reference in your bible or you have some notes there. You're probably fine numbers eleven Chapter eleven in verse four there where they were lusting after the foods they had back when they were back on they were in Egypt right. And so they were lusting after the evil things he says and making a reference there that they were lusting back after the things that God didn't want them to have to start with OK so there was that one example that I will go through these kind of quickly says neither be idolators as some of them as it is written the people sit down and eat and drink and then rose up to play. Now somebody has to recognize that turn that language from someone to be able to recognize that language the golden calf story right. Exodus Chapter thirty two they sit down to eat and drink and then rose up to play and he's talking about this mistake they made there so you can actually read this right here. Paul's reference here to something it took place go back and read the story in my friends you can apply it to your life into the church even this very day you know that's an interesting story and a cellphone should think about this again sharing the truth in dangerous times in Exodus Chapter thirty two what happened. Now follow this line mind set with me. Moses back to chapter before I was caught up into a cloud up on the mountain out of their sight and while he was gone up in the clouds by the way to receive the commandments and things like that wise up in the cloud out of their side with God the church the people said you know it's been a long time since he's been gone maybe he's not even going to come back. So let's have a party and they made the golden calf and they started celebrating it actually says there in the text and actually says there in Texas. Aaron when he saw all that it please the people and when he saw they were pleased with what was going on after I made the golden calf. He says tomorrow we're going to have a worship service to Jehovah. So they had this big party and they worship. So to speak God and they were dancing around acting like fools now follow this with me and Acts chapter two one Jesus is caught up out of their sight into a cloud and while he's gone the church says you know what maybe he's not going to come back it's been so long and they start having parties and celebrating him and oh yes I can like fools and crazy people because after all he's not going to come back let's just do what we want to do obvious fun it kind of interesting the parallels that just keep coming up and here's an interesting parallel Now that's the short version of a longer sermon but you understand what Paul saying here and given he says examples but he says to us don't make the same mistakes. Now it's interesting as you go through each one of these examples. The majority were the ones messing up but there was always a. It's usually a silent minority those staying firm even in the Exodus story Exodus thirty two with the golden calf incident remember there was a certain group of people there was just a few of them. That wasn't participating in that and Moses when he come back home saw what was going on he says What's the matter with you people and the like their pastor was gone and they're under Shepherd pastor was not being faithful right Aaron and making excuses and wanting to please the people and they were punished for that but there were certain individuals Levites who was not participating. Is not interesting God's always going to have a few people that's not participating. Moving on verse eight First Corinthians ten eight. Neither let us commit fornication as some of them committed and fell in one day twenty three thousand and so here in Numbers Chapter twenty five you can go read that story about what took place there verse nine need to let us tempt Christ as some of them also tempted and were destroyed in the serpents Numbers Chapter twenty one so it so again is going through these examples and he says these are examples that we need to be looking at so we go back and look at these examples and I'm not going to the details them because I want to get to the next one neither murmur complain as the day. As some of them rather Also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer. And that's when you find that the details on that in Exodus fourteen and verse nine. So it's interesting as we go on through these texts. God has given examples and he says don't be like them and the one I'm going to focus in on spend some time on the day is the one in verse ten there about them the murmuring and you'll see why as we go through but now look at the verse eleven with me verse eleven as a key text here to this whole passage. It says now all these things happen to them for our examples for whose examples are examples upon whom the ends of the world are come. So if you want to if you want to find out like like the Bible so all that so ancient how can it really. Reflect my life and what's going on here and now how how can it really affect me he says these things are examples to those who are living at the end of the world which is kind of fascinating how how relevant. Relative the Bible is even thousands of years later in sinister The bottom line is human. Humanity has not changed you know it's always been dangerous to be faithful to God we were sharing the truth and dangerous times it's always been dangerous as you read through those stories or you'll find out the divine already. The reason they were not really spoken of too much when you read about him a bit later on is because they they probably would have been killed to speak up now of course we don't face that here in this country today but my friends. The Bible actually speaks very interestingly enough about Jesus says if you have hatred in your heart to someone you've killed them. So you don't have to be physically killed in order to murdered and so it's interesting that this will take place the Bible says even among God's people to the very in the time. Now this is not speaking by the way when you think about the Scriptures and the very fascinating the Scriptures aren't really talking too much about the world. They're talking about the church. I mean I remember when I was a heathen and that I was out in the world the Bible didn't speak to me I mean like if there were things written in the Bible it and speak to me I didn't really care what the Bible said to the great degree followed I'm saying in other words what is written here is going to be written to the people for those on whom the in the world is coming speaking about God's people you know it's fascinating by the way I was studying just the other day and I thought come to me and have a look at this and I found that to be true as I go to my Bible the Bible actually covers two basic lines of thought OK. One is proving that God is real and so you have things like Daniel two in the prophecies and things like that to try to prove to people that you can believe in God and His Word is true. The other part of the bible tries to teach God's people how they should live and how and how and what they should be like and how they should serve God That's one of the things that got some people mixed up because when sometimes when the Bible is a. Dressing how we should live and how we should and how we should treat ourselves our bodies or how we should worship God and you preach on those things people say oh you're a legalist you should be talking about those things in other words the Bible they have actually graduated to the place they believe the Bible to be true and believe it to be what how God is guiding our allies and so they're trying to get sick keep us back to the place of just trying to convince us that God is even existing and then he's saving us right. But the doc with the Bible's addressing two different issues here one is he tries to convince people that God is real right I remember when I first became a Christian I can tell you something I've actually had people ask me and said if you could only share one message with people what would it be. And I said Daniel two. It's like you know that So basically right down into such a simple study. I'll tell you when I was a non-Christian and you come to me saying this book is true you should live your life by it. Why why should I do that right. But once I come to that once you have things like that they will do and that proves that to me it gives evidence that God is real and that he that he knows the end from the beginning and he share this with us then it gives it some authority them say OK now when the Bible tells me how I should act what I should do it has some authority behind it because it's showing that it's written from the hand of God Is it making sense. And so as we're going through this today we're going to be kind of looking into that God's word what he's told us it would help things would take place and how it applies to us living at the end of this earth's age and again these things are examples I want to back up now to the very beginning of these examples found in the Book of Exodus when the children of Israel God's people were getting ready to be delivered out of Egypt now everyone knows the story now and you try to imagine with me if you will the children of Israel had been there in Egypt we're going back to X. of the seventh kind of we're going to just kind of glance through we're not going to read up until we get to Exodus Chapter fourteen but we're just going to give the example that come through here. But imagine yourself that he will in the bondage of Exodus and in bondage during the time of the Exodus right. They've been there for hundreds of years. Every generation and now by the time they get to this place they're they're basically. Being that idols of the Egyptians the church as corrupt as it can be in it is in bad shape and and God's people are crying out they're tired of being in bondage and they're just tired of the way things are I think that's so interesting just tired and God are you ever going to do anything and God says OK I'm going to do something. And so he calls out Moses and he says I want to go down I'm going to live with these people and and so Moses comes into town with the power and authority of God behind him and and he throws down the rod becomes a serpent but the magicians are able to accomplish the same thing so it's not really no big deal back to work the next day right with the whip on the back and and serving as servants and so eventually God system owes us then OK here's what I want you to do. You're going to go out and you got to hold your rod over the lake. The river there and it's going to become blood and and all the waters are going to come blood and that will teach them and you hear that taking place in your when the children of Israel on the waters become blood would you would you begin at that point to start. Maybe you think believing in God do you think that be a turning point your life like you saw the water turn to blood. Maybe maybe this is something is going to happen within the magicians turn some water to blood in like well there you go again nothing really taking place but then a little bit later on the next seven days later actually the Bible tells us that that God sends Moses out and he says we're going to turn the frogs from the land of waters up in the lands are going to be and everything and frogs come in everywhere just like Moses said and that's never happened before either and how would your faith be when you start growing in faith a little bit like maybe God is real Maybe he is doing something. You know I think it's interesting as I read through this is amazing even in our own lives. How does that god start moving in our lives and things start happening. That we don't really think anything of but it's setting a platform for God to really to show us that he's really there he's really that he really cares for us and he wants to deliver us if we will but listen and pay attention and he becomes more more playing God as he moves along because he sends mosquitoes he's biding flies basically and they're all over everybody and they're all having been bitten after Moses said it would take place and it happened just. He says Do you think that you would start having a hope of a glimmer of hope come up right then you know I think it's interesting about that is because beginning at the next play the Flies. And Exodus Chapter eight says this eight verse twenty two I will sever in that day in the land of Goshen in which my people dwell knows forms of flies shall be there to the end you may know that I'm the Lord in the midst of the earth when I follow this how many plagues were there in Egypt ten but is the last seven only fell on the Egyptians the first three according the text. It was apparently falling on everybody but then he says he gets to the to the fourth plague the last seven plagues right. And those plagues are only falling on the wicked. Now it's good parallel to me to think about how many plagues are the new book of Revelation. Seven the seven last Clegg's only fall on the wicked there's not ten because it's me it's interesting here the first three was almost like a wake up call to all of God's people like everybody knows what's happening here right. But by the time we get to Revelation and there's only the seven last legs I believe that one of the reasons is only seven of the only fallen the wicked God has already shown his people that he's there. There should have to be that wake up call that they had the Word of God they had the message remember there are these people in the bondage of Egypt then it's been so long since they've even heard anything about the true living God that maybe they had to get and they had given up right. But by the time you get to the Book of Revelation my friends there's not going to be anybody saying I wonder if there's a god. And so it's moving on the flies are now biting the people and then the next plague of the the moraine the disease that falls on all the cattle and they all many of the cattle are all killed and then the boils that fall and the people have the boils on them and and then the hell and the lightning storm comes you can imagine. Now I want you to picture with me if you will if you were part of this bondage of Egypt you would want to so bad and you saw all these place down to the place of the the lightning storm and then after the lightning storm the locust come and eat whatever's left of the crops and what destroyed by the fire in the lightning in the hell would your hope be rising a little bit that maybe I can trust God may. He's real and I love doing this because we're point this out mirror Paul says these what's happened to them is an example or parallel to our lives right. And so what's happening here God's delivering them from the bondage of sin bondage of Egypt right. And as he's delivering them he's showing the miraculous signs miraculous thing that's happening to convince them that it's him doing it and he can be trusted and I would like to think of I was one of the children of Israel I would be like you know I can trust this god. Nothing's going to shake my faith how about you all right same him but we'll see locusts then and then the darkness now this is the one I really enjoy the darkness. Now when you think about this with me it says the darkness was only Egypt but not in the land of Goshen Now how does God accomplish that one. I mean the land of Goshen is kind of in the middle of the Egypt there is not like I said outside completely out of the way it's kind of in the same area. Now imagine you have light and there's light where you're at but where they're at where the Egyptians are it's complete darkness I can almost imagine going up to the side and say OK you're right there right over here sticking your hand out. I don't know exactly how it was divided but it was somehow it had to be a sharp vision showing that God was doing something is that making sense. I mean try to imagine this isn't a make believe story this is the real story these are real things that took place and these people saw all this happening and I have to ask myself if I was an Egyptian If I was want to God's people the children of Israel and he would just deliver me by these powerful miracles. What I ever doubt my walk with God Again I would like to think no I'm going to be faithful I don't care how bad things get I'm trusting Him How about you. Yeah. And then the next day it takes place all the firstborn die. Imagine that those people that painted the blood over the doorpost representing the blood of Christ all the kind of things happen God gave them in symbols what is going to do to deliver them and it happens and I know that it's like seems like a story so long ago but imagine. You're living in a place all of your life you have neighbors even though they may be Egyptians you still know them somewhat friends right. I mean like it wasn't like everybody in Egypt was tormenting everybody who's Hebrew there was there was a relationship I'm sure built in all of your for all the people that you knew even if they didn't really care that much for them all their firstborn dies. You're going to a funeral of a child right this is something out of the way of something wrong there about the about the kid dying before the parent you know just something not right in nature and is painful and you see that happening now imagine all that happens all around and God said before it took place that it would take place. Only if you would do what he asked you to do none of this would happen to you right. And so it happens and as I read these stories I think about as like you know what. How can the children of Israel disappoint ever doubt God I mean. I would think that they're going to go from this point straight to the promised land our God that God is now deliver them follow this god is now deliver them and where are they going. They're on their way to the promised land. Now when God delivers his people out of the bondage of sin where what what what destination are we looking forward to the promised land that's where we're going is it isn't it interesting that Paul said this is a parallel for us but I want you to notice now what happens in his parallel go with the Exodus Chapter fourteen now you say in the Ten Plagues and you've been miraculously deliver not one soldier had to fight any way to deliver you right. And there was no uprising that had to take place is basically God just done everything there was nothing you could done yourself. And now you're on your way the Promised Land happy as can be marching along Exodus Chapter fourteen starting in verse Tim actually verse nine. But the Egyptians pursued after them and all the horses and the chariots of Pharaoh and his horsemen and his army and overtook them and camping by the sea and beside you can pronounce that if you like verse ten and thank you and when Pharaoh drew nigh the children of Israel lifted up their eyes and be. Hold the Egyptians marched after them and they were so afraid and the children of Israel cried into the lord now follow this you've just seen the templates. God has let you out of Egypt there was nothing that happened you know you come out alive and safe with no fighting you have to do on your own you get to this place where you're walled in with a big lake in front of you if you will right. And there's no way of getting across it and you turn around here comes Egyptian army what would be your reaction fear God to show you all these going to listen my friends no reason to fear. He's going to take care of things you know I read the story that's what I would think I mean put yourself in the same position but I think you're right fear is it. It's like God does everything you can continually to show us that he's there that he can be trusted that he's going to take care of us. But essentially run into a problem what do we do. Homo what's going to happen. So they set into Moses is that because there were no grays and Egypt was taken away to die in the wilderness where Ford has now dealt with us to carry us forth out of Egypt is that not is not the word. No Listen this is not the word that we did tell you in Egypt saying leave us alone that we may serve the Egyptians not once said that is interesting that when the state when there is so interesting is kind of like Aaron in the golden calf. He says that he formed it with a graving told but when Moses asked him about it he said we threw the gold in the fire and puff out came this camp right. In other words the wording here it's not true. No one was wanting to stay in Egypt no one to appreciate the bondage of that they were in and getting that the whip cracked on their bank you know in the way they were living and they want to be delivered but after they're delivered. No notice this after the deliverance of the people immediately since they have a trial come upon them they're mad at the Evangelists the pastor and are mad at God for bringing him into the situation been better for us to serve Egyptians then we die in this wilderness. That's more detail than the moment. Moses said. To the people. Do not be afraid stand still see the salvation of the Lord which he will show you this day for the Egyptians whom you have seen today you'll see never again forever. Don't worry he says but then Moses turns to God the Lord. He says the Lord will fight for you and shout and so hold your peace and Lord said to Moses. Why do you cry and to me speak to the children Israel if they go forward. I love that speak to God's people the church tell them for Don't worry I don't know crying to me I'm taking care of things I've taken care of everything so far so what happens my friend's mother's hold is brought up over the over the sea there in the sea ports Now imagine if you are trying to get my mind I always try to think of these stories and picture them in like movie for me or mind you know what I mean like how this actually take place and so I can imagine the waters parting. And so there's up on each side like this wall of water on both sides and you have the privilege of walking across not muddy ground the Bible says what kind of ground dry ground. So you're walking across on dry ground I can imagine with my kids were little I would have. I would have if I was in this mess I would've had to take the kids by the hand because I can see my son Mark is trying to die I wanted to see what would take place when you like knowing that they're trying to reach and I can imagine how amazing just unbelievable that was and as God has delivered you when you're walking through that you're thinking there's there's nothing that can stop us God is so great look what he's done for us would you ever doubt God's love and his care and his watch care of your life again ten place and now the water split things that could never happen. And you're walking across on dry ground. It's interesting to me because if you read the rest of the story they get the other side and they turn around and here comes the Egyptian army they're like oh no what do you mean all know like God is going to let the Egyptians march across and kill you right and so the God closes the water's up and Egyptians are all drowned or gone or for their disk implicitly wiped out. Let me ask you a question if you was in this multitude of God's people would you ever doubt God again. Don't shake your head no I mean now. I like to think that I like that I would never doubt God again. And here's the interesting thing river Paul says these are parallels for us upon whom the ends the world of come right. As I read these stories and you think about as you're sitting here right now as God's church right now the places in this world we see the bad things are happening even sometimes among leadership and and sometimes among the people and their problems in the churches and all the things going on is it not tempting to say is God really with us or not will it go. How's this going to work out I just don't see it because things are getting so bad or it's getting so rough. How can I believe that this is going to take place and God says if you'll just simply look back and look what I've done in the past you really think I'm the LET YOU DOWN. So your responsibility. My friends is me faithful to him you know you read the story and as you see what happens with the people when they're complaining and things like that were there not people that weren't complaining were not people that were not faithful and like Moses and Aaron at the time and and there were those that said God's going to take care of us don't worry it'll be OK trust God and I read this and I think there's no way I would ever doubt God again. Now we were in X. this chapter fourteen go with me the next chapter. This is so funny. Reading through this I mean again. Reading through the Bible the first time when I was going through I can remember at times thinking what in the world is a matter of these people. I remember reading Genesis and when the woman ate the fruit like you know don't do that. And every time I read it she said every time and then gives it to her husband. It's like watching a movie over and over you know one and different and i Verse twenty three of fifteen I listen to this. When they came to Mara they cannot drink of the waters of Mara for they were better. Therefore the name is called Mara and the people murmured complained. If you will against Moses their pastor who would lead them out saying what. Shall we drink. What's the matter of these people. Now what you think about this when you were in Egypt and there's no way out possible and God performs a ten to ten miracles if you will that these things take place and delivers you you would think OK God taking care of us don't worry when you get to a place where you where you can't drink. I mean where you can't cross the water is impossible to get across you're just done and going to die. God's let's the water and center cross on dry land close the water on the Egyptians and takes care of you all the time. Why is God doing that I think it's very interesting God brings us to situations in our lives that we can in no way. Take care of ourselves and then he takes care of them for us and they were love and then we go. Have you ever been a situation before I've known people do this. Oh God please if you just give me of the situation off. I'll straighten up all of this I'll do that and please or just deliver me from this. And so God something happens and everything is taken care of their situation taken care of they go. Sure sure was lucky. I've even heard people a chance talk like that right. It's like we never recognize that God is doing things that he's the one performing these miracles and so God performed all these miracles now they come to a place where they can't drink the water like no no what are we going to do what do you think you're going to do like this God take you there and give up my God my friends as God brought you here to give up. Has he brought us to this place in our lives to say well that then we can go any farther. So I love what happens here they complain when God's people have a problem or they do complain. And so Moses the faithful pastor. I would love to have Moses in my pastor. Except when the grounds of the golden calf makes me drink it. And a faithful man of God and that's a true pastor. Verse twenty five. So he cries into the Lord and Lord showed him a tree and told him the cast in the waters in the waters are made sweet and they were there was a statute made an ordinance that he would prove them and he said if you will diligently listen or hearken to the voice Lord do what God says and will do that. It is right in his sight and will give air to his commandments and keep all of the statutes I will put none of the diseases upon you that I put upon the Egyptians for I'm the Lord is with the hills you now follow me with you Will you in the bondage of Egypt just a few months ago the bondage of sin you know the parallels sin and God works miracles in your life after a miracle in your life the Ten Plagues and then the water split in the waters close in and now. And now you come to a place where the water can't be drunk and you don't know what you're going to you're going to die of thirst you ever been in the desert you might have been in a desert. Did you have plenty of water have just here in central Ohio in the middle of the summer when humidity is like ninety nine point nine percent right and you're outside How much do you thirst for water after about an hour to. A lot right and so imagine if you will hear these people in the desert like they're known to have water and it's going to get pretty scary pretty quick and they're Penny King in and so God now makes a miracle and give you water to drink would you ever doubt God again. I mean from that place for when you like say you know after the ten plagues and after opening the waters and closing the waters and give me water to drink. I'm not going to doubt God ever again I can trust him and I'm never going to doubt him again how many people here think he would like to think along those lines right. Nobody was like me OK I would like to think I would never doubt God Again like. I'm trusting him because of all the things he's done take care of me when that be the thought let's go to the next chapter. Now if all of this we start in chapter as we went to each chapter of finding here that God's doing miracles after chapter after chapter and the people's deep keep doubting him. But look at verse sixteen now the very next chapter. They took their journey from Ilam and all the congregation of the children of Israel came to the wilderness of sandwiches between Sinai and stay away from the place between him and Sinai. On the fifteenth there the second month after their departure al the land of Egypt the whole congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron in the wilderness. Why now we have a read why I said yes but fall this year. What do we read as right after God delivers his people and start sending them all. On the way to the promised land. Every time they have a problem come up was their first reaction complain Berber I hope this walks across somebody is toast today. My friends what's your reaction as soon as you see things going wrong in the church as soon as you things they see things going wrong in your life what your first reaction talk to God Like Moses does or complain. God forgive us right. Has he not brought us to this place will he not take us to the end. So it goes on and says the children of Israel said unto them. I love this what God that we had died by the hand of the Egyptians. By the hand of the word rather in the land of Egypt when we said by the flesh pots and we did eat the bread to the full for we have for the A brought us forth into this wilderness to kill us whole simply with hunger. Now we're we're running out of food now if you look in commentary and study into this a little bit. They weren't out of food they were running out of food. You know there's a big difference between being out of food and being hungry and running out of food. Anybody here been running out of food. Let me ask you Did you ever run out of food. Somehow it's always provided in some way or another if you trust God it's always like it comes in might not be exactly what we want and I love this story here too because what they're fed up about is they remember the good old days back in Egypt when I could eat whatever I want to eat. Interesting. I've heard people say that even now. In the good old days when I can eat whatever I wanted to verse for then said the Lord into Moses Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day that I may prove them whether they walk in my law or not and you know you talk about the Sabbath here next but it's one point that out now have your been in the situation for yourself that you didn't know whether or not you're going to have food the next day everything in that situation. I've been there. Right I say when I first got married I thought I was a heathen and my wife was my wife was actually my girlfriend at the time is the one that gave Bible studies with an earthling woman of Christ right and so we were at we were married we were we were just another as well as one of the moment only one time just another bloody poor house and dirt poor and we had babies come along shortly after we came along about a year or something and we were married and and then Marcus Come along little bit after that and and we had some times when we things weren't going so good and we had to make a decision at times whether or not we was going to buy food and diapers and things for the babies or give faithfully to God's the tide faithfully I mean we actually had made decisions like that we always gave to God faithfully and got always took care miraculously I mean not just your stories I'm sure we could all share stories about how Gummer actually took care of things he's doing that to show us that he's there and here he said OK. Moses I know these people can't feed themselves. Don't worry I'm going to rain bread down not possible right. The Bible says in the book of Psalms they actually angels' food bread from heaven. You're well. Well just going to read it it's a verse six it says verse five are there and it shall come to pass that on the sixth day they shall prepare that which they should bring him and it should be twice as much as they gather daily. And Moses and Aaron said into the Children of Israel in the evening you shall know that the Lord has brought you out of the land of Egypt who are the people saying had brought him out a land of Egypt. Moses and he says no it wasn't me it was God what you think I perform these miracles. Come on give me a break it wasn't me it was God so you'll know there was God By the time the Comes Around. So in the morning then you shall see the glory of the Lord and listen to this for that he hears your murmurings against the LORD Who are they complaining about the Lord but who they think are complaining about Moses. Don't miss that my friends right there are complaining against the Lord he says and what are we that you murmur against us and Moses said this shall be when the Lord shall give. In eating flesh to eat in the morning bread to the full that the Lord hears your complainings murmurings rather which he murmur against him and are and what are we your murmurings are not against us but against the Lord. All right now put yourself in the group of the children of Israel. Try to put yourself there again this is something that God wants us to parallel for our time that you and I are living in OK so so try to bring the parallel with you as you go along. You're in the bondage of sin in the bondage of Egypt God forms these ten miracles and delivers you from the bondage of sin. Bondage of Egypt right now you're delivered out you say I'm trusting God from now on and the very next thing that happens in your life is you come to a place where if God doesn't intervene. You're doomed now God brought you that place so you could show you that he's still there and you can learn to trust him he's trying to teach his people here that they can that he can be trusted. It's not an accident that they were brought to a place in the in their inner journey as soon as they left the bondage of sin the bondage of Egypt is not an accident they were brought into a situation that it was impossible for them to get through in this God intervene. It wasn't an accident. God is wanting to teach them the same thing you want to teach us that we can trust him all through our life and so he performs America on the waters open and you walk across on dry ground in the water close and drowns Egyptian army and you like Praise the Lord he can be trusted I trust Him forever and then the very next day or two a week later whatever you come to a place where there is no water. What am I going to do I want to drink God says don't worry I believe God brought him there from purpose to once again to show them that he can be trusted you can trust God and the ripoffs says these are parallels for us at the end of the world upon a time when you are living in right. And so God turns the water. So you can drink it and then I have the place there's no food like oh we're going to there's no food. I believe firmly that God brought them that place on purpose again let them run out. So you and I can learn to trust him because he is really there is not a make believe thing you know almost almost sometimes I hear people pray it's almost like they're praying not really believing that there is anybody listening. Like do you really believe that God hears you when. Setting up that way riposte said these are just examples for us to find out what happens where for the people did chide with Moses you know a relic that one of its kind like extreme or Marine. Not only a memory now they're fed up with you Moses Moses. We're just fed up. You keep bringing us these places or we don't have water to eat or food and water and drink or other food to eat and you keep bringing us in the situations and like no wait a minute why are you child even though those four. Don't you remember the last month. What has got done my friends what has got done for you in your life bring you to the point you are is an accident. Are you sure was lucky I was in the right place at the right time I like that you know I was so lucky that that machine broke that night I had to go fix it met that little girl she witnessed to me and I became or I am now I was we working both working in a factory right. And she just got hard on the second night on the fourth a temporary had to operate this testis little machine I was the guy to fix the equipment here when it broke and this little circuit board tester that was broken I had to go fix it and girls running it and I say I sure was lucky that took place like that I believe an angel broke that thing. God like making this arrangement I got to get these two together somehow right. I don't know how God doesn't why does things but don't you believe his hand is in these things like he said. If you look back of your life like that was no accident that took place the way it took place right. And these people can for sure say this is no accident that these things happen the way they happen. And so now they're without water again and the weather dinner shining with their with their pastor or their evangelist. I liked it better when I was in Egypt. That's what they were saying give us water to drink that we may drink and Moses said to them Why are you charging with me why do you tempt the Lord and the people thirsted there for water and the people murmured against Moses and said wherefore is this has brought us up out of Egypt to kill us and our children are cattle with thirst. Are you frustrated with. I mean what says I when you read this do you get frustrated with them I do I still do Mike what is the matter with these people. What do you make and then I would think about my life and I think about churches and I think about the church and I know God forgive us God kill us because you're reading our story and you worry about the church going through the worry about how things are going to take place. Do you worry about when you see corrupt leadership in places. How about corrupt members. You know the corrupt members outnumber the corrupt leadership about ten to one. There's a body in worry you. God says Trust me be faithful to me you're accountable for being faithful to him and trusting him. Moses cried into the Lord saying What shall I do these people are ready to stone me and for the younger generation that doesn't mean do drugs. And the LORD said unto Moses go on before the people take with the Elders of Israel and the rod with you a smoke the river and take it in your hand and go and behold I will stand before The upon the rock of horrible and Thou shall smite the rock and there shall come out water out of it and the people may drink and Moses did that so in the side of Israel and all and he called the name of the place Massah marabout because the chiding of the children of Israel that means complaining that's what his words mean and because they tempted the Lord saying is the Lord among us or not. Is the Lord of on us ten plagues over the water clothes water no water gives us water no food gives us food no water and he's give us water again in our saying is he here with us or not the think you ever doubt God again. Come on now from that point for you never doubt him again right now we're God taking these people to work we're going to wait to you know we're on our way to the promised land now I want to skip for just a little bit we're going to go to Numbers Chapter fourteen is giving for a little bit and if you read the story line God is continuously brings them into situations where they. We depend on him and each time it's a little bit harder of a of a temptation something a little bit more difficult showing that he want to show them that he can be trusted to continue to trust him and how often do they succeed they fail every time. Right they continually fail every time he brings into a situation they fail they bring in the situation they fell and each time he shows them that he's there. Why is God doing that because my friends right before they enter into the Promised Land right before we enter into the Promised Land The greatest test and trial that's ever come upon them comes upon them us. You understand what God's doing in our lives. He ever say God Why do you let this happen to me. And he says because I'm preparing you. You can trust me. And so on our way to number chapter fourteen I want to stop Numbers Chapter eleven for just a moment Genesis Texas Leviticus the numbers were going to fourteen but I got one verse and numbers eleven I want to read. Numbers eleven in verse one I love this. I'll likely to memorize this one to get a chance. OK. Numbers eleven one to memorize if you get a chance just the first part of it it says this. And when the people complained it displeased the Lord ready and when the people complained it displeased the Lord does it please God are you complaining and look at this one here it says and the Lord heard it and his anger is candle and the fire of the Lord burn among them and consume them they were NEVER most part of the camp now. Keep in mind that prior to this this this point in their life when they were first complaining that was it was got angry with them. No I mean I mean he didn't appreciate what do they do. Well they don't know yet so he kept doing things for them and doing things for them keep showing them he was there and what do people keep doing. And so they come into a situation they started complaining of murdering until finally got them fed up with the people. So you want to complain all fire consumes and through the camp you want to complain fiery sermons comes out right because it is at this point he says show them and give them all the abundant evidence they need that he's there and he's real and he can be trusted that's what happens at the beginning of that but then we come to the place where we don't really trust. Anymore. But now let's go to the border of the Promised Land Numbers Chapter fourteen. We're going to pick it up at now you can remember the numbers thirteen Moses to now twelve spies remember that and he sent them out to go now a sense of how to look at the promised land not to see whether or not they can take it because God already said they could but they're supposed to bring back a report about how great it is right. Bring back reporting and so they do they got these grapes that are like like hanging right in the ground between them and two people trying to care one cluster and and these like there's watermelons bigger than I and they're in my body and I don't know all the things are telling about this is wonderful it's huge just because it's beyond it's my own description and some of them realize that because of that the people the lander huge they're giants and it can't be taken. You know they start doing. They start telling the people we can't take it there's no way it's impossible for us to get there it's too great for us. I can't help the wonder of perhaps and you've read some of the the things that with that from the prophets about what heaven is like if we perhaps we could right now clap our hands and all of the transported to heaven and we go and then bam we're back here again. How many people would you have to say that's too great of a glorious place for me and we can't take it you know I can't wait to wonder if maybe we would be so overwhelmed that we just wouldn't be able to do it that not possible Here's what's happening. God allows and they said the twelve spies and with it yet to the spies come banks they know guys. You don't understand it is so great in God's promise that to us we can trust him now that Caleb and Joshua recognize that the land cannot be taken. Yes I mean on their own they realized that the people were too big for sure but they said God didn't bring us here not to take us there and notice again my friends out twelve two said let's go. So let's pick it up in chapter fourteen verse one all the congregation because maybe the tense by said is too great all the congregation lifted up their voice and cried and the people wept all that night. Now picture with me if you will the church has come to the border of the promised land there get ready. Paul says this is a parallel before us for us to live the end of the world. Getting ready and I and my friends were on the border of the promised land I mean getting ready to enter into heavenly Canaan they're getting ready enter in Canaan here and all the children of Israel. What's the word. First to complain they murmured. What in the world you're getting ready to go into the promised land you're getting ready to go and what God has promised you and you're complaining. You don't know why they're complaining because it's impossible for us to take and you know want. They were right. It's impossible for you to go to heaven if you think you've got your merits and your strength in your power you're going to get there is too great is too overwhelming and you're right you're not whole enough you're not good enough but Christ is right. He's given us a parallels here to teach us like yeah you should give up and hope your letter if you're relying upon your merits. If you think you can take the promised land on your own you should give up in despair and that's what these ten spies and the rest of people are doing in the church ever giving up we can't take it is too great and God says you're right you can come out of Egypt. It was too great you couldn't you couldn't get across the Red Sea it was too great you could have had water it was too great a problem you couldn't fix it you didn't have food I think that you don't have water again I think that every point the way I fix your problem you know why God was doing that because the greatest test was yet to come here they are get ready go to the Promised Land The test is there and what are they saying we can do it. You would think at that point it's like oh yeah but God can. What is the matter with us. Can you imagine what an angels must think of us as they look down and then they're here and it's like don't they recognize what God has done what God is doing what he continue to do don't we recognize that. So in verse two they all complained against Moses and Aaron their pastor an evangelist the whole congregation said to them would God We had died in the land of Egypt or God We died in the will. Now listen to this very carefully Don't miss this and where for Has the Lord brought us into this land to fall by the sword and our wives our children should be a prey were it not better for us to return to Egypt and they said to one another let us make a captain let us return my friends don't miss this in the last part this history of the exact same thing happening. Listen. Don't don't miss this great point. I believe God bring to us here. It's many people aren't really believing that we trust in God at the in the search history and many aren't going to be satisfied with going back to Egypt by themselves but they want to get the point leaders and take the church with them. Have you noticed this like what's going on I hear they get made on the promise land like oh you know it's still it's too far all there's no way we can take it what are we going to do. Hey let's take the church and go back to Egypt I'm like go to Egypt by yourself on the promised land and I think the same thing's happening even now I hear it. I mean I go to meetings that I go to I hear things and see things and read things you can't miss it. There's a multitude right now before I would say the majority even saying you know what it was better when we were in Egypt the sins that we enjoyed in the way we live our lives before I become the christ was so much better member the good old days when we can eat whatever we want to eat go we want to go do what I want to do. Let's take everybody back to Egypt forgetting the good old days of the whip on the back and the tyrant that they were serving then. You understand this parallel getting regular the promised land and the majority now want to go back to Egypt take the church with them but there's a few They didn't attack the people they were just a few said friends we can trust God Moses and Aaron. Filner faces before the assembly the congregation the children of Israel and Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of which were of them that searched the land ripped their clothes and they spake to the company the children of Israel saying the land which we passed through and searched out zinc ceding good land. That is it's worth it. The land that we're going to being taken to is worth it no matter how bad it gets it's worth it. It's an exceeding good land. If the Lord the lights on us then he will bring us into this land and give it to us a land which flows with milk and honey and then he makes this next a solemn appeal only rebel you not against the Lord. So you have a minority here near pleading with the church people please don't rebuild against God neither fear the people of the land for they are bread for us their defense is apart from them and the Lord is with us Do not be afraid. Now let me ask you in this appeal that I just read to you the appeal to the church. Why are there any threatenings that he say either do this or God's going to destroy you either do this or else did they threaten the people in any way. They say if you don't I'm going to draw my sword I'm going to kill every one of you was there any threat but I want you to notice that the reaction of the simple humble appeal to trust God to just do what God says look at the reaction. The congregation bade kill them. Was it dangerous to share the truth in that moment when Moses day I but with the whole message was so we get to this point to go with the theme of the you know the can't mean thing here look what was happening here is not any more dangerous my friend to share the truth today than it was back then when he simply said I mean think of the appeal. Guys we can trust God he's going to take us through just just do what God's word says love and love Him and live free and go forward as he says to do. He'll take care of things we're going to kill you Moses there wasn't like Moses threaten them and they had to defend themselves. Moses just gave an appeal to God's people please just trust God does believe what the Word of God says if God's word says that we can follow we can be sure it's true make sure it's right. You know we struggle with that in the church even this very day where you talk about some of those basic subjects and people are starting to doubt the word of God come on that's out there it is. Weren't born in twenty first century you can't really believe those things anymore. I'm tempted to get into some things that time's running long I'm not going to get into it right now maybe maybe tomorrow next day. There's just something to think about just a more thought out this way and just let it go as a falls on the ears. Is it a coincidence that we're arguing the baiting over women's role in the church at the same time the world is now debating whether or not women and women what role they go which bathroom they go to I mean here's the point my friends. What's going on in Egypt in the world what the things are taking place there is now the debates and things that were going on in the church I want to follow this if we just simply believe what the Word of God says there's no questions. This is making sense. They'll be no questions and here at the same place or get it right on the promised land and then they're debating the issue is here. Moses and Aaron and Joshua can recite God's word says we can go and people are saying no we can't if they just simply believe the Word of God who's going to win this battle. You know the story they didn't believe the Word of God He said Let's kill them because they're teaching the truth. Let's kill them. We know what I love about this the parallel between this and Revelation thirteen at the point in time up to this time. Where was God you read the story God Not anywhere. He's not speaking. He's not doing anything he's let anything play out but as soon as God's people getting ready to be destroyed the Bible says the glory of the Lord appeared in the Tabernacle the Congregation for the children of Israel when it comes to a place where God's people are going to be destroyed God showed up in my friends it may come to that it's going to come it's going to be that very same thing be faithful to God You're going to try to do what God wants you to do and you may think Oh God what's going to happen to me a moment of my job I'm one of my family is this. I mean if I lose my life. You know it's going to look really bad in the church in the world and things are getting really bad and at that time God shows up. Don't worry he'll show up just in time. Have you ever notice how God right on time. I mean I read stories in the Bible words for days like this still on top. He'll be there on time and the Lord said to Moses. How long will these people provoke me and how long will it be ere they believe me for all the signs which I've showed among them. My friends when you want to believe them when are we going to believe that God is going to do what he said he's going to do all the things he showed and all the things that is done when we believe him now what happens in a story here just just a quick summary did they go to the promise land here. You know there was a delay and why was there a little a delay because the people complained right. Go with me real quickly let's open our Bibles this move for just a little bit to the book of Hebrews Chapter three Hebrews Chapter three you know I've lost track of time. How far along here and I'm a done. I am are I. OK well I've only seen one person get up walk out nobody go to sleep yes I'm going to finish in Hebrews chapter three in verse seventeen now follow this with me. What's going on here it is he's kind of recounting some things a little bit here and I'm going to pick it up I guess maybe better to pick it up in verse twelve Hebrews chapter three verse twelve take heed. Brethren lest there be any in any of you the evil heart of. Of unbelief in departing for a living God but encourage one another daily what is called today lest any of you be hardened the deceitfulness of sin for we are made partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast in the end. So you've got to hold on right that's what he's saying if we hold on while he said today if you hear his voice do not harden our arts as in the provocation Now if you study this a little bit the word provocation there. That's referring to the story we just like dead don't harden your heart like what they did when they provoked God. Then it gives the example. For some when they have. Heard did provoke how be it not all that came out of Egypt by Moses. But with whom was he grief for forty years so who was it he was really bother with. Was it not them the had sand his carcass is still in the wilderness and to whom swear he that they should not enter into his wrist but those that complained didn't believe my friends your complaining are complaining their complaining. Is just the result of their not believing God doesn't it's not but God doesn't it's not bothering God are complaining this isn't what bothers God is our not believing resulting in complaining and it says so we see they cannot enter in because of unbelief say I thought when I read the story they did in him because they were complaining that my friends complaining is just a symptom of the actual disease of not believing what God says is true. Do we trust Him Do we believe him and you know I think about this they're getting rid of the promise and these people that didn't believe that's the reason they didn't go in the Promised Land they didn't really believe that God could deliver them and and I and I was reading and continuing through our Bible I love reading through the Bible does ring themes and stories and doing word searches and I come across something I thought was very fast and now I want to do something real quickly here with you if we had to pick like a group of people not individuals not like saying you are. But if we could categorize people that would say for sure I would be in the heaven. Let's give it a top five list real quickly here who would be put at the top of the list in our list murderers child molester. You know. What would you put at the top of the list. I'll come on now you know the story line of message of having I think adulterers or maybe child molesters you put these are the top of your of your evil is when you. You know God has an evil list and when you read it you're like one I want to see Put these are the top Revelation chapter twenty one verse seven. This is the closing text a Revelation chapter twenty one verse seven. Yes Revelation twenty one apocalypse is speaking in. Sons. He that overcome a shall inherit all things and I will be as God He shall be my son but the fearful and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and whoremongers insertions and idolaters and all liars will have their part in liquid Burns farmstand which is the second death. Now does God put a top of his list as far those are being lost it is unless there doesn't look and look at the bottom is the murders whoremongers and source of idolaters but is of the TA fearful number leaving no why would he put that thought I mean we have people all the time in a church near fearful not believing is like you know we gotta be careful on how we how we present things that we could have said you know the anti-Christ if we call him the anti-Christ right. If we tell people this is what God expects of one oh no no we had we better be careful how we do things you know you hear that going on a lot and it says those that are afraid an unbelieving In other words and they're really they're really not sure that God is in control. Why does he put them at the top of his list. They are a stumbling block if you go back to the story we just read back. Paul says it's an example for us an example. It wasn't the whoremongers murderers sorcerers idolaters and liars that kept him out of the promised land that when I get my gun the first time it was the fearful non-believing and I believe it's the fearful nonbelieving that keeps us from going into the promised land now. God wants His people to go for in faith my friends it's a it's a sin. It's a huge sin to not trust God because it's saying I don't like what he's done what he said he's done in the past if I don't trust him now really saying I don't believe what he said he's done in the past are you following that you don't really believe you're fearful number leaving because you don't really believe that he's done what he said what he said is done up to this point if we did we would have nothing to fear or be afraid of both in our personal lives and in our church lies. God has given us the privilege of seeing his hand work firsthand. Correct me. Sometimes I hear people say I can't afford to get tied because it's like you don't trust God I thought I work I don't work on Sabbath I'll lose my job you don't trust God like dealing with these things to me is like so elementary it's like God brain to the point of letting you know you can trust me don't be afraid only believe only go forward and God is irritated like that according to the text God is irritated with our unbelief. Do you not believe he is really there because unbelief my friends leads to complaining and murmuring and not and it shows our distrust of God You trust God this morning. It's a dangerous world to show the truth and admit to that but do you trust God if you like the story today is an amazing what we can learn from the Word of God and my friends we're late we're standing on the board of the promised land be like Joshua and Caleb and. Aaron and Moses God can surely take us there. You may find that the whole congregation the whole church even in leadership positions and sometimes in their other areas are going want to go the wrong way but you don't have to follow go the right way. But notice also that these individuals didn't spend their time attacking the church going the wrong way they decide you can go whichever way you want we need to go this way. And they were the ones attacked by following that be faithful to God you don't have to go the way they go. I can tell you stories like in practice for this they will get a nice couple messages in practice how these stories play out in your life. Hey the whole church may want to have a rock N roll band. I don't have to participate right. You don't have to attack but you don't have to participate be faithful because God is going to take you through he wants to say. Every single soul and it's a matter of us believing his word to be true and following. Let's pray. Thank you Lord Jesus so much for your word. How we can trust in our lives you've proven time and again Lord that you were there and can be trusted Lord I'm so thankful that you give us the stories you give us these examples that we can see your hand working Miley. May we never forget it Lord May we never forget the mighty hand that you of how your hand is working in our lives for us even the here by the grace of God Where would we be and Lord I pray that not one of us ever give up but every one of the sound of my voice this morning will be among those people that look up when you come and say Lo This is our God We waited for him he will save us because we trust that all praise Jesus name for this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about us you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W.


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