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Historicism, Three Woes, and the Gospel

Conrad Vine


Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • June 2, 2016
    3:30 PM
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I was raised in the United Kingdom and when I go back to Britain. He would say where do you come from and they say you don't come from around here and I say Well actually I was raised in England and they say no you weren't you raise somewhere else where and so it's a privilege to be with you here this afternoon in Ohio. And it's a privilege to stand before you and to share some the good news of the Gospel this afternoon. Was shared with Alvin is from two missions. Based in Berrien Springs and we work in about twenty countries and so that kind of keeps me busy but to my greatest joy in life is to study the Word of God because it's insulting the Word of God is like pouring the Atlantic Ocean into a little plastic cup it expands your mind and it grows you and God challenges me and God changes me in the process and so I can say with Newton I am not the man that I wish to be but by God's grace neither my the man that I used to be. And if we look back in our own lives we can all see God's shaping carry each our lives as cottage shaped each one of us. So I'm going to be giving three talks here today it's morrow and Sabbath afternoon and I think on Sunday I'm talking about the papacy. Tomorrow I am going to be talking about something I'm trying to avoid it is actually. If somebody can tell me what the title is all remember what I'm talking about tomorrow but I know what I'm talking about this afternoon which is good news for us today his stars his M three woes and of the Gospel and let me just get this thing up and running here. I spend a lot of time working with Muslims and I know that the Holy Spirit is working in a powerful way in the Muslim world. I think we have to differentiate between individual Muslims and the system of theology that is Islam. The same way that we differentiate between Roman Catholicism as a system of doctrines and individual Roman Catholics and while we may say that Roman Catholicism per se is a system of doctrines is force against God There is no doubt that God is working on the lives of individual Koroma Catholics and I would say the same thing about Islam that while Islam is a force that is against the gospel and is against Jesus Christ. It is clear to me that no one wanted basis with individual Muslims but the Holy Spirit is working in their lives and we have seen more baptisms of Muslims in the last fifteen years worldwide than have occurred in the previous fourteen hundred years since the time for Mohammed it is clear that what is happening in the Muslim world right now with all the struggles in the strife that we see is really indicative of the fact that the Holy Spirit is that work that just as in the year two thousand we started seeing massive baptisms in the Muslim world. So from the year two thousand and one having credible violence in the Muslim world starting with nine eleven in two thousand and one. So it seems to me that the Holy Spirit is working in the Muslim world and Satan is trying to stir up the winds of strife in order to prevent people from entering God's kingdom. And so we're going to be talking today first of all I'm going to talk for a few moments about historicism. And then we're going to launch into the three woes of Revelation and how they apply to us today. I'm so I've given you these handouts here and I'm going to be going through these notes. So you know I'm going to be referring to these notes and pointing out tables and so forth. You may want to keep these to refer to as we go through our presentation the softer noon. So essentially that there are a number of different approaches to profess conservative Christian scripture the one that we are most familiar with the Seventh Day Adventists of course is historicism historicism if you read the prophetic Faith of Our Fathers by Froome. You see this goes all the way back to the times of the Apostles and it was the standard biblical interpretation of prophecy used the wall way up to Martin Luther and the reformers. However in interest in historicism. We understand that when God gave a vision to Daniel in the sixth century in fifth century B.C. those prophecies extended from the time of Daniel down through the course of time to the second coming of Jesus and almost every Vangelis six series I've ever done starts with the statue of Daniel two and you are essentially affirming that God is in control of history and God has a purpose and God is bringing history to a conclusion in his time and in his way and why don't you be part of God's plan now historicism the challenge of historicism from the Catholic perspective many Catholics is that from the time of Martin Luther the Catholic Church is portrayed as an anti God for say persecuting anti God force within the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation as results of which in the counter-Reformation as the Catholic Church pushed back in the late fifties hundreds early sixteen hundreds against the Protestant Reformation the Catholic Church understood that you don't just change the results of people's Bible studies you need to change how they understand Scripture itself. And so they came up with two alternative approaches to two prophecy the first of which I have this that there was Preterism and trade tourism argues that all of the prophecies in the Book of Daniel were fulfilled in the time of the Book of Daniel. Essentially and all prophecies of the book of John were fulfilled pretty much in the time of the the Apostle John. Now magically in this kind of approach to prophecy. If everything in Daniel's fulfilled in the time of Daniel then none of it could possibly apply to the Catholic Church and of all the prophecies of John. The Book of Revelation if they were all fulfilled in the time of the prophets of the Apostle John. Then you cannot say that anything because for instance the the Beast of Revelation Chapter thirteen the sea beast that cannot apply to the Catholic Church and so I'm prayed for some was first championed by a Jesuit priest called Louis de alkies are given the dates are in your hand out. Now the next thing that came home some call Futurism and futurism implied that the crucial events of the Book of Daniel revelation did not take place in the time of Daniel and Revelation but Futurism argues that the these events took place the end of time and that between the sixty ninth week of of the seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel nine and the seventieth week of the prophecy of Daniel nine there was a gap called the Church era which coincidentally coincides with the dominance of the Catholic Church. And this is become very popular in modern evangelical circles. Particularly since the Scofield Reference Bible came out which popularized the idea of Dispensationalism that is the age of grace in the age of the law and the age of the Gospel nature of the church and so forth and with Dispensationalism modern evangelicals have adopted the idea of the secret rapture and we idea of the secret rapture many of the crucial prophecies of Daniel Revelation are punted off into the air after the secret rapture in those final seven years and if you are one of God's saints day the new you have no need to worry about those prophecies because you will be in heaven by then. Of course adoption of the sea. Corruption really is a satanic his head is Sarah heresy. Because what it says to people is this they say you don't need to make a decision for God until you know the Rapture has taken place and if you see the Rapture taking place then you know the Word of God is for real and then you have seven years to give your life to God. All right. The natural results of the doctrine of the secret Rapture is that you don't need. If you live to God today. You can wait until the Rapture and then you can hedge your bets until then and then if you see the secret rapture of people know about it then you can give your life to Jesus Christ and then. In more modern areas we're seeing more and more scholars and theologians including within Adventism talking about more symbolical figurative approaches to Revelation or Daniel they say things like this the Book of Revelation says there is a struggle between good and evil at the end of the day good will triumph but beyond that you can't understand any of the specifics now that doesn't help me as I seek to understand the Book of Daniel revelation figurative approaches to prophetic interpretation really do nothing for me so within Adventism we have seen a trend since the book. Daniel revelation was published by you're a Smith and the first period you can label from eight hundred sixty two to nine hundred fifty seven up until the time of the Adventist Bible commentary during this time Adventists who are mostly focused on on historical interpretation of the Book of Daniel in the Book of Revelation. We were pinning down the events of Daniel in real time history and we were looking for the real time events in the Book of Revelation in verifiable historical events from the past but with the publication of the S.D.A. Bible Commentary Adventists interpretation the Book of Daniel revelation starts to leave behind the historical approach and we start to adopt a more theological approach so now we're now with from the time of the S.T. Bible Commentary nine hundred fifty seven and onwards Adventists are slowly moving away from historicism as we understand it to looking at what does the Book of Daniel tell us about Jesus. What are the major themes in The Book of Daniel. What does the Book of Daniel say about how you are saved the doctrine of salvation and so forth and we're looking at the Book of Daniel more from a theological perspective rather than from his. Oracle perspective and then from about nine hundred seventy on words we have you might say very divergent views on Daniel and Revelation occurring within the Adventist Church. We are not a unified church in how we approach the books of Daniel and Revelation we are very very all over the place. There is not much common ground among Adventists scholars when it comes to the interpretation anymore. Of Daniel and Revelation. Now that the crucial point about this is as we move away from historicism from the early approaches that we took to Daniel revelation. We are losing approach to prophecy known as type ology where you have a type and antitype which you find in the old in the New Testament abounds in the year day principle we are abandoning the concept of historical application of the prophecies and ultimately as I believe God as we see later today go. God has a prophetic movements at the end of time calling people to worship Jesus and prepare for his second coming. Ultimately we are losing our theological foundation for existing as a church that is what is happening right now in Adventism there is a growing real there are a number of reasons for this the first is that. Most evangelical scholars reject historicism and the second reason for this is that more and more of our Adventist theologians are studying in non Adventists institutions where the governing principle is not faith but the governing principle of skepticism the essential difference between a seminary and a university is in a university the governing principle of all inquiry is skepticism in a seminary the governing principle is confession of faith and as more and more scholars study in non Adventist universities where the governing principle is skepticism. So we are seeing that feed through into what is happening with our young. Hostiles. Another reason why this is happening among Adventist theologians is that rather than talk about the broad sweep of these prophecies and how this is applied in history to real events more and more of our scholars are focusing on word studies or they're focusing on little passage here or little passage there that drilling down deep into the narrow portions of the scriptures and not wanting to look at the broader picture because the broader picture is unpopular with evangelicals and with Catholics and we also see downplaying of the role of the Spirit of Prophecy among some Adventists theologians now that the end result of this is that if you go to an Adventist evangelistic series. The Adventures of analytic series we just had one of my church in barren Springs is rooted in historicism but once you enter the church then you read Adventist theological publications which are kind of rubbishing the idea of historicism and there is a disconnect between what our evangelists a saying about this is how we interpret prophecy and this is what's called messages for a dying world and what are theologians are starting to say to say that some scoffer historicism would would that's an understatement. And so we are facing a profound we come into a junction with an Adventist them. But what do we actually believe about how we interpret apocalyptic prophecy and if we don't accept historicism we might as well close the doors and go home and rejoin the method it's all about tests that is the bottom line folks and this is happening around us and I'm not going to name any names specifically here today but brother Kenneth Matthews has produced an excellent paper called seven trumpets which has about one hundred page discussion of the very specific see examples of how this is working its way through an Adventist theological writings and these are big name Adventists who are. Abandoning our theological foundations. This is happening around us as we speak just from the nodding of your heads it's clear to me as I see elsewhere that what is happening among our feel logins and what is happening among our Evangelists the divide we see between the two of them that divide is not lost among thinking members in the pews people understand that something is going wrong between our theologians and our evangelists So with that kind of that kind of background. I want to talk about the seven trumpets of Revelation and actual fact I don't know about all seven. I just want to talk about the last three trumpets trumpets five six and seven. If you look at your hand outs halfway down the front page there's a little table there are just going to walk you through that for a moment the Book of Revelation. I'm essentially contains four visions and we think of the Book of Revelation as containing the seven trumpets the seven seals the seven final plagues the seven churches etc Everything the Book of Revelation is in sevens. But actually in the Book of Revelation there are four broad vision. And the First Vision is starts in Revelation one ten where the apostle John says I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and the broad message there is that Christ is the lights of the church and the second vision is restarting Revelation Chapter four verse two the throne room vision of God where John says that once I was in the spirit and this runs through the seven seals and through the seven trumpets and the message the overall message there is not that Christ is the lights of the church but that Christ is the lord of history for which I say amen. The third vision starts in Revelation seventeen verse three says so he carried me away in the spirit into a wilderness where he sees the pure church now become an apostate church and she's a persecuting church she's drunk with the blood of the saints and here we see that Jesus is the friend of the oppressed. And finally we see in Revelation twenty one ten the final vision book Revelation says in the spirit he carried me away. And here we see that Jesus is not just the lights of the church as the from the first vision but now Jesus is the lights of the New Jerusalem and so within those that broader context that the vision of the seven trumpets is in the second vision where Christ is seen as and price is revealed as a lot of history. You know I spend a lot of time in pretty dangerous parts of the world just recently I was in northern Iraq. I mean going there repeatedly since August twenty fourth teens as ISIS were conquering across there and when you meet Christians there Nestorian skulled Ians Eastern Orthodox Maronites they're all ancient sects of Christianity when you meet them. In the refugee holes in the factories in the schools and you sit next sit down next to an Iraqi mother and her lawyer her worldly possessions are on one mattress and she says how ISIS came to a house in Mosul in August twenty fourth teen they gave her a choice leave in forty eight hours will die. She chose to leave and as they were leaving Mosul ISIS took her wedding ring they took her belt they took his shoes the Duke of Gloucester took a watch anything of value and they took her daughters little girls and we have children here today so I'm not going to describe what happened. Other than to say that I never understood why when Joe three friends come visit him the end of Chapter two The Book of Job says that when they saw the depth of his suffering they sat in silence with him for seven days when you come and sit down with people who are going through that level of daily trauma words mean nothing. The only thing you can do is sit in silence and recognize that there is an evil that extends beyond words and and so we see in this second vision of Jesus in the. Seal. Talks about you know that's a crowd how long how long the Lord those who are martyred for their faith tells us the there is a limit beyond evil beyond which evil will not go and I'm very grateful to God for that vision of the Sixth Seal. Of Revelation them but we're going to look for this afternoon more detail at the trumpets the last three trumpets. So what does a trumpet mean in scripture well. Jol jumps to verse one gives us a clue. The meaning of a trumpet says blow the trumpets in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord is coming for it is at hand. So the first thing fight we figure out about trumpets is pretty clear that trumpet is a warning sound that says that God is bringing a judgment upon his people in this case in the book of Jol the people of Judah and and so the command goes forth to sound the trumpet because the day of the Lord is coming Dave Lord's being an Old Testament concept that roles fall through to the end coming. The second coming of Jesus Christ ultimately Joel chaps tune verse twelve. What are we to do when we hear the trumpet sound. It says there now therefore saith the Lord turned to me was all your heart with fasting with weeping and with morning. So rend your hearts and not your garments return to the Lord your God for He is gracious and merciful slow to anger and of great kindness and he relents from doing harm. So the sounding of the trumpets calls God's people to repentance in the renewal of their relationship with God In view of the judgments that are about to fall upon the earth and so when we see understand this about trumpets we see that the trumpets of Revelation are essentially God's call of mercy to the world before his final plagues up poured out on the unrepentant wicked of planet Earth and in Revelation Chapter eight and nine we have seven angels like it one two three four five yes you have seven in this light. That's always a relief when the slide matches. You're saying. So we have seven angels up in there blowing their trumpets and those first four trumpets in the touch are to the bottom of your table there. What I've given you that this used to be sure is a the standard admin's interpretation using an historic SR approach to the prophetic interpretation. These days if you read Out of interest theologians were kind of all over the park on our own interpretation of the trumpets and it's hard to find two or three people really agree on this among our scholars and the theologians However I do believe that what we what I've listed here which is more an older Adventist view on the on the trumpets there is a lot to commend it the so the first trumpet will be the people of God in the Old Testament sense the Jewish nation their capital city Jerusalem were destroyed by the Romans and seventy A.D. The second trumpet was and the fall of the Western Roman Empire its inhabitants its capital city Rome defeated an overrun by the invading barbarians by for seventy six a day and then we switched to the Catholic assault on the Gospel in the third and fourth trumpets in the third trumpet the true religion of Jesus Christ is corrupted by Satan and by the teachers of the Roman Catholic Church and then the fourth trumpets the heavenly high priestly ministry of Jesus is obscured and replaced by a corrupt an earthly Roman Catholic priesthood. Thus providing a false plan of salvation. I'm not going to dwell on those now we're going to focus more on the fifth trumpet the six trumpets. And the seventh trumpet and so. Upon the screen you have the text so if you turn over in your notes to Revelation Chapter eight in verse thirteen. It says that at the end the Apostle John says I looked and I heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice. Whoa whoa whoa to the inhabitants of the earth because of the remaining blasts of the trumpets of the three angels. You are about to sound on those three woes lead up to the close of probation. As we shall see after which the Red Book of Revelation reveals the battle of Armageddon as being in the six the final plague poured out by God upon the wicked you might understand these final three woes as being God's final three offers of mercy to a dying world and since Reformation times our scholars have understood the first two woes at least as representing the upsurge of the Muslim world not we have our lights on here but. If history bit dark his the. The statue of Daniel two. And here you have the first two are blown it up for you here. The first whoa is represented by an Arab horseman carrying a spear and this is what our early Adventists pioneers were publishing and they understood that this first word represented the initial upsurge of of Islam under the leadership of the Arabs and if you want to open your Bibles for a moment turn to Revelation nine inversed twelve. We're going to be looking through this text and just now I'm going to read it out. You can follow me in your Bibles I'm going to start a verse one revelation nine verse one. And so we're going to ask ourselves why did the early pioneers understand this first Whoa. All of those otherwise known as the fifth trumpet to represents the first Islamic Jihad against the fall in Christendom. So follow me in your Bibles I'll be reading Chapter nine of Revelation verses one through twelve. It says that and the fifth angel blew his trumpet and I saw a star the dude fallen from heaven to earth and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. He open the shaft of the bottomless pit and from the shaft smoke like the smoke of a great furnace and the sun in the air was darkened with the smoke from the shaft then from the smoke came locusts on the earth and they were given authority like your Florida. Peons of the earth. They were told not to damage the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. They were allowed to torture them for five months but not to kill them and that's what she was like the torture of a scorpion when it stings someone. And in those days people will seek death but they shall not find it. They shall long to die but death will flee from them in appearance the locusts are like horses equipped for battle on their heads who are what looked like crowns of gold Their faces were like human faces. Their hair like women's hair in their teeth like lion's teeth. They had scales like kind breast plates and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle they have tails like scorpions with stingers and in their tails is their power to harm people for five months they have a king over them the angel of the bottomless pit his ain his name in Hebrew is Abba done that in Greek he is called a poly on the first who has passed there are still two woes to come and so we ask ourselves why did the early Adventist pioneers join with Martin Luther another reformers and identifying this first world war the fifth trumpet of Revelation as representing the Arab heart. The first Arab jihads started with the proclamation of the message of Islam by Mohammed in six twelve in the city of Mecca and so I've given on the long table there are number of identifiers Why did the early pioneers identify this first Whoa as being the Arab jihad. So the first clue was that it was that there was a star that had fallen from heaven to earth here to interpretation of that was that a fallen angel. Possibly probably Satan who is the only angelic beings specifically listed as having fallen from having the Revelation twelve twelve then. The we talk about the bottomless pit all the abyss Ibu saucing Greek. This is you seven times in the Book of Revelation I've given the references that represent the domain of Satan physically the pioneers understood this to represent the abyss that even today represents the Arabian Peninsula then these characters in the fifth trumpet the first whoa are for they are like the locusts of the earth and we want to interpret scripture from scripture. We find that in judges six five and seven twelve when the media knights in the Malikai it's invade Israel. They are reference to his being like locusts upon the earth and so the only reference we have to to any people group in history being like locusts are what we would nowadays consider that the children of the east all the Arabs the spread of Islam and their first global jihad as you see on the screen. Actually corresponds very closely to the geographical spread of the desert locust. We see that the desert locust spreads all across North Africa. It spreads up into the southern two thirds of Spain cross the Middle East to the Arabian Peninsula modern day Iran and up into the Caucasus here is a good outline of the actual spread of the desert locust even in modern times and then we are told that the smoke darkens the sun and the air. Well Molokai for two says that Jesus is the son of righteousness. Therefore we interpret this in the pioneers in terms of this to mean that Satan is permitted through the prophecies of Maha meant to release false would an error that would obscure the lights of the gospel and I can tell you that when you study with a Muslim they understand the gospel is most beautiful thing you've ever seen I was studying once for the young the reigning lady and we are working our way through Romans five and she came to verse eight senses but. It's God proved God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and she stopped at that moment and she looked up with tears in her eyes and she says this is so beautiful the gospel really is good news particularly to people who are living where the Sun of Righteousness is obscured by false teachings. The false teachings we find in the Qur'an the how deep in the Shari'a. They were told in Revelation nine not to damage the grass or any green growth or any tree but only those who don't have the seal of God on their foreheads and this is this was specifically fulfilled in the command of Abu Bakar the first of the caliphs after Mohammed died Abu Bakar with his head became the leader of the Muslim community. I was the first Calif and when his troops invaded Syria the recorders they were to cleave the skulls and give no quarter to those of the Synagogue of Satan those whose shaven crowns. But they were to leave alone those who serve God and that is recorded in Muslim history. Some Christians would be slaughtered others would be left alone. Because Abu Bakar recognize that those early monks really had nothing to do with God and they were to be killed and we are told in the prophecy of Revelation nine that these locust like creatures have long hair and eye in breastplates the Arab Muslims. Rejoice in long flowing hair fair men in their Calvary will black breastplates they rode cavalry. And they sting like scorpions and scorpions we know Sting with their tails. And the book of Isaiah tells us nine fifteen it says they are the ancient and honorable he is the head and the prophet that teaches lies he is the what he is the tale so the Muslims therefore sting through the false teachings of their false prophet tormenting man by obscuring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are led by Abu Ali on which means destroyer. And they were allowed to torment men for five months and notice that that is the states and twice in Revelation Chapter nine. We. Actually see to see on the screen that there are four things that are repeated twice within this prophecy of the first Whoa. Or the fifth trumpets we find there that's the bottomless pit is mentioned twice and nine one in nine eleven that the leader is mentioned twice verses one and eleven we also see that the scorpion sting is mentioned twice and crucially we see that the time period is also mentioned twice now you know when something is mentioned once in Scripture you kind of think OK. I should pay attention to that when something is repeated twice in the same prophecy also obviously some need to pay particular account particular attention to so what is the Holy Spirit trying to say to us through having this repetition. Now you can look at this two ways you can either say that we need to find a single period of one hundred fifty years there represents the first Arab jihad against Paul in Christendom. But history doesn't bear that out because the first Arab Jihad lasted a lot longer than this first will last a lot longer than one hundred fifty years. So how then are we to date this well in six hundred twelve A.D. Mohammed started as proclamations in Mecca and if you add one hundred fifty years to that you come to seven hundred sixty two A.D. and seven hundred sixty two a D. that was really the first wave of Arab Muslim expansion lasted up until seven hundred sixty two a day after which time the Calif transfer the capital from Damascus in Syria to a new city called Baghdad after which we have the story of the Thousand and One Nights and a lot in all that kind of stuff that children read in fairy tales. You have the Baghdad became a central world learning but for those first hundred fifty years you have the Arab the first Arab jihad against foreign Christendom the end of that first hundred fifty years and seven hundred sixty to eighty the Muslim Caliph moves the capital from Syria Damascus which used to be. Part of the Byzantine Empire moves it back towards the the river Euphrates and Tigris and builds the city but we now hold Baghdad and. The Muslims settle down to a life of relative luxury and learning having conquered much of the Eastern Roman Empire. But then the there is a second period of one hundred fifty years that we look we find in history and it starts on twenty seventh of July twelfth one thousand nine hundred eighty I've given you the dates there and your handouts and this is when the gentleman call. Offerman after whom the Ottoman Empire was named first invaded the the territory of Asia Minor eastern Turkey today and for one hundred fifty years the Ottomans were constantly attacking attacking attacking the Byzantine empire based in modern day is Stamboul that used to be called Constantinople and eventually one hundred fifty years later on the twenty seventh of July. Something happened. The Turks had conquered all the Ottomans it conquered most of Turkey. They conquered across into Bulgaria much of the Balkans. But Constantinople still remained as a city state that was ruled by a Christian emperor. But he's Christian in name. It wasn't really a Christian but he was Christian in name. And. They came to a point where on this final day one hundred fifty years that there was a new Christian emperor crowned in Constantinople just before the city fell so the invading Ottomans but he had to ask the permission of the invading Sultan the Ottoman Sultan in order to be crowned the king in Constantinople So effectively the ruler of Constantinople the normally a Christian was only allowed to sit on the throne by the explicit permission of the Sultan who with his armies was outside the walls of Constantinople and if you have to ask somebody else for permission before you can do something that indicates that you no longer have authority in and of itself. To do something you only do it by permission of somebody else. I see a crucial point we'll come back to us in a moment. So this. Thus we have the first whoa whoa all the Fifth trumpet we can date. Therefore there were two hundred fifty year periods the first period of one hundred fifty years of jihad started in six twelve through to seven sixty two a day and then the second period of one hundred fifty years starts and in twelve ninety nine finishes and fourteen forty nine eighteen and thus we have the dating of the first. Jihads it was it was a long jihad. It was almost nine hundred years long of relentless onslaught against the West by Islamic forces and as the Bible then goes on to say one word was passed behold still two new woes still two more woes are coming after these things so then we come to the second won't. And this is one of the charts used by our pioneers and our pioneers. This is the second one here. I've blown it up for you here. The second word they understood. Once again you have a Muslim cavalry but whereas in the first well they had a spear. Now they using a musket or an arc of us as it used to be called musket you carry on on a on a horse maybe a really kind of primitive shotgun that the Ottomans started to use so if you turn to your Bibles we look at this this next this next. Whoa. And this word begins a revelation nine verse thirteen and it goes through the end of the chapter verse twenty one. So following your Bibles we're just going to read through this. Whoa here and then we're going to ask ourselves why did the early pioneers identify the second wos being Oxman jihad. So it says there in Revelation nine verse thirteen it says than the sink. Danger blue is trumpet and I heard a voice from the Forms of the gold altar before God saying to the sixth angel to have the trumpet release the four angels who are bound at the Great River Euphrates. So the four angels were released who had been held ready for the hour the day the month in the year. To kill a third of mankind. The number of the troops of cavalry was two hundred million. I heard their number and this was how I saw all the horses in my vision the riders will breastplates the color of fire and the sapphire and of sulphur the heads of the horses were like lions heads and fire and smoke and sulphur came out of their mouths by these three plagues a third of mankind was killed by the smoke and sulphur and fire coming out of their mouths for the power of the horses in their mouths and in their tails their tails are like serpents having heads and with them they inflict harm the rest of mankind who are not killed by these plagues do not repent of the works of their hands will give up worshipping demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood which can neither see or hear or walk and they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their fornications or their thefts. Now there are many reasons why from Martin Luther on Protestant theologians identified this second world lot as being the original Arab jihad that lasted from the time of Mohammed's through to the time when the Constantinople was about to fall they fell in fourteen fifty three A.D. there are many reasons why the Protestant theologians identified this second Whoa as being the not the Arabs you had to put the Turkish jihads I'm otherwise known as the Ottoman Empire and. The first clue. Want to date. The second jihad. Let's just take a look through it the the bottom of your page there we have the table says the first identifier was that there were four angels found at the Great River Euphrates. The Ottomans were God. By four regional rulers all based in the Euphrates River Basin in the cities of Aleppo I Kone in Damascus and Baghdad and others the Bible says that there was a number of about two hundred thousand thousand horsemen while the Ottomans hadn't huge armies of cavalry and they could mobilize armies involving many hundreds of thousands of cavalry at a given time they would they had massive armies. Now that the text talks about fire and smoke and brimstone and if you're up in military history you know that the ultimate conquered using the latest military technology which was cost Bruns cannon and the also man cannon was so large that they couldn't actually hold them from campaign to campaign they would simply melt them down and carry tons and tons and tons of brass to the next city that they wanted to besiege and then they would spend a few months. Digging in a river beds. They would dig out the costs and then they would make the cost the cannon that they needed for that city on the spot and then they were bombard the city in lockdown as walls at the cannon that we used to destroy Constantinople they would fire a cannon ball two hundred pounds in weight more than half a mile. I mean these are large cannon. The cannon are about thirty five to forty feet long and then about three feet in diameter across the across the muzzle. These are huge cannon and those cannon were actually made not by the Ottomans themselves but they hired they hired Catholic engineers from Maine you're in Hungary on Bulgaria to come and make their cannons from there essentially mercenaries these these cannon engineers but the point is this that the text talks about fire smoke and brimstone and and brimstone is another word for sulfur and that is what is that is the key ingredient in gunpowder and so when the text says they're conquering using fire smoke and brimstone. We know historically that the Ottomans competitive advantage militarily speaking was their use of cannon and their mastery of gunpowder. It's talks about the fact their clothing was the color of fire. Hyacinth and sulfur. Now fire is red Hyacinth is blue and sulphur is yellow those are the colors of the Ottoman uniforms. If I would say today that the Red Coats a coming Who'd you say I'm talking about the British OK so we understand that different nations traditionally had different colors for uniforms. In the Napoleonic wars the French tended to wear blue the British will write. Shorter the Americans wear grey. I don't know what the color of the content Lami was or George Washington but the point is that when the text says that the color of their clothing was fire all red Hyacinth is blue sulphur is yellow Those were the colors of the Ottoman in uniforms and they were given the authority to kill a third of mankind. Well they conquered almost the entire Middle East North Africa the Balkans and almost to Vienna itself and most crucially for our discussion today. They were given. In Revelation nine fifteen up for the text. So the four angels who've been prepared for the hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind and we ask ourselves what does a year month day in our what does that represent prophetically speaking Well if you've abandons the year day principle of interpretation that means diddly squat to you means nothing if you've abandon historicism this means nothing is just about petrol mystery but if we hold to the principle of a year day interpretation of of prophetic time periods. We see that one prophetic year equals three hundred sixty days in a Hebrew year and that represents three hundred sixty years and then our professing month would represent thirty days. Is representing thirty actual years a prophetic day would represent one one actual year a prophetic month is the twenty fourth of a day. That's fifteen days and that gives you a total of three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days when you add up that time prophecy. So the historic says the Lutherans on words they were saying is there a period into in human history that corresponds to three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days. Yes yes yes thank you so it's three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days. The question is Was there a period of time that corresponded to the autumn and onslaughts there was a period of three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days was the Word of God accurate and maybe more importantly is our method of interpret the word of God accurate the history actually play out as we as we expect. Based on what the Word of God actually says and how we interpret the scriptures well. Does history show where this happened or not OK so I've given you some a little description of this in your hand out there. You've probably heard of the gentleman called Josiah which will Josiah which he looked at his prophecy in considerable detail. And he took the use the following calculations the twenty seventh of July twelfth one thousand nine. That was when the last emperor of Constantinople was allowed to be thrown and thrown and he was coronated in one of the cathedrals there of Constantinople. But only with explicit permission of the Sultan who is outside the walls and so Josiah which cost for three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days and he came to the date eleventh of August eight hundred forty. And Josiah late she wrote a little pamphlet This was before this happened and he said. We believe in the historic Just approach to prophecy. We believe that the three hundred not the hour the year the day in the month etc is three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days. Therefore we expects on this date in August eighteen forty. We expect that something profound will change within the Ottoman Empire and you wrote this before it happened and people said You're crazy the Ottoman Empire. At that stage in the eastern Mediterranean nobody had an interest in seeing it fall apart because the Russians wanted to gain access to the Mediterranean. Then they could get access to the British possessions in India and so the British wanted the Ottoman Empire to stay in place as a buffer zone so that if the Ottoman Empire collapsed the British didn't want to have to fight the Russians in these the Mediterranean. It was kind of like the great game of the eight hundred forty S. of geopolitics. And it was basically a battle over a worldwide empire and control of the east the Mediterranean North Africa and the Far East India Sri Lanka Pakistan Afghanistan and so forth and Josiah lit she wrote this prediction and he argued based on the three hundred ninety one. Years and fifteen days the eleventh of August eight hundred forty that prophecy would be fulfilled and people thought he was crazy. He was mocked those learned scholars of his time said you know who is this upstart he thinks he can interpret Scripture in this way as it happened in nine hundred thirty eight the Ottomans in Turkey went to war with their ruler in Egypt a guy called measurement alley. He was the passion of Egypt and the Egyptians they advanced up these Mediterranean they advanced into Turkey and it looks like they were about to overthrow the Ottoman Empire Emperor himself. In modern day Istanbul used to be called Constantinople and because it looks as if the Gyptian part of the Ottoman Empire was about to take over the entire Ottoman Empire. There was a hastily convened conference in London in the U.K. and the Christian powers of Europe that was Britain Prussia is ancient Germany Austria and Russia. They held a conference in London and on the eleventh of August eight hundred forty that's exactly three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days since the last Christian emperor was crowned in Constantinople with the permission of the Sultan who is outside the city walls to the year end to the day the Christian powers of Europe gave an ultimatum to the passion of Egypt saying you must retreat back to Egypt. Otherwise we will declare war on you and to emphasize the points the British sent their navy and they would use the city of Beirut to rubble in a couple of hours one of maximum power management measurement alleys cities and mathematical at the point when you retreated Stewie Egypt the broader point is this that whereas in fourteen the beginning of the three hundred twenty a prophecy a Christian monic set on the throne of Constantinople with permission of the Muslims outside the city three hundred ninety one years later the situation was reversed and now the muslim ruler of the Ottoman Empire sits on the throne of Constantinople. But he only does does so with the explicit permission of the Christian powers of Europe the situation was completely reversed. When this event happened in eight hundred fourteen many many people who were listening to what million million what William Miller was saying they said well there must be something to this Miller right message because who would have guessed that the Ottoman Empire would become known as the sick man of Europe years in advance. Who else would have figured out that the Ottoman Empire which won the largest world empires of its time was going to exist only by the mission and power of the Western Christian powers and we read the multitudes except the mill right message once they. The incredible precision of the prophecies of Daniel revelation particularly this the sixth seal of the second prophecy of Revelation Chapter nine Sister White. Goes on to say in the book a great controversy. She says in the year eight hundred fourteen another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy excited widespread interest two years before. Josiah one of the leading ministers preaching the Second Advent published an exposition of Revelation nine predicting the fall of the Ottoman Empire and specifying not only year the year but the very day on which this would take place she goes on to say according to this exposition which is purely a matter of calculation in the prophetic periods of scripture the Turkish government would surrender its independence on the eleventh day of August eighteen fourteen and so in the writings of Sister White. We have this confirmation that what how Josiah Lynch was interpreted in the second trumpets of the fifth the Sixth Trumpet the second world of Revelation nine was actually as God ordained this was what the prophecy was talking about and they had seen this prefer this fulfillment of prophecy in their own lifetime and not only in their own lifetime but it was a remarkable affirmation to the multitudes in America that what William Miller was preaching was that must be accurate that the historicity approach to prophecy has a lot going for it because you can actually predict world events and they actually come about and I praise God that God has revealed these things to us prophecies given as a light to guide us through the storms of life and when we turn that lights off we shouldn't be surprised when we stumble and hurt ourselves. Revelation eleven fourteen says this is the second world has passed the third world is coming very soon. So then we come to the third Whoa. And this is where we kind of venture into the realm of not speculation but. I informed discussion because the third Whoa. Or the Seventh Trumpet you can say quite a lot about it. We're going to say quite a lot about it right now actually. If you open your Bibles you will notice that at the end of Revelation Chapter nine that talks about the end of this this six trumpets. But then it says in Revelation Chapter eleven in verse fourteen. It says the second world has passed the third world is coming very soon. And so we need to read Revelation ten and eleven as they they fall into the flow of the transition from the second word to the Third World and in Revelation Chapter ten what we find there in Revelation Chapter ten we find the story of the great disappointment of eight hundred forty four we find the angel who comes down from heaven with one foot in the sea one foot in the land. He has in his hands an open scroll that corresponds to the closed scroll of Daniel Chapter twelve and he speaks of there the seven thunders Which know when you will use every interpreted other than David Koresh he attempted to expound on the seven funders and nobody else has really attempted an exposition of those thunders but in Revelation Chapter ten you have the story of the Miller right movement the joy the anticipation of the coming of Jesus then the great disappointment. Then the command to prophesy again as we look back using his star sister approach to prophecy. We see that in Revelation Chapter ten God is reminding us that before the seventh trumpet or the third. God is calling out to people for himself for the Final Crisis and Revelation Chapter eleven. You have the story of the two witnesses who it seems are slain for three and a half years but they are resurrected once again and I'm not going to go into huge amounts of detail other than to say that I believe those are those two witnesses represent the Old Test. In the New Testament which were slain or abandoned they were rejected in the French revolution the rise of secular atheism but they were restored and so what we see in Revelation ten and eleven is that between the the second in the third world God calls out of people from self and he resurrects to the role of the prominent preeminence of the Word of God in human society. I'm grateful for these two chapters are in this spot here because it tells me that before the final world strikes earth. God has called out of people from south and he's reminded the world that really the word of God is truly significant and we need to listen to it and we're not so listen to human wisdom the futility of human wisdom. We see what is happening in America right now with this transgender issue that as we turn our back on God as a nation at least among our political leaders. So enough in our wisdom we become few tylenol thinking we are going down the path of utter chaos. Once we abandon what God has created in the creation order of things and so before the third woa arrives before the seventh and final trumpet God calls out of people I.E. restores the rightful role of the Scriptures to human society I say amen to that and so then we come to the the first the final word. The third world the Seventh Trumpet there's not a lot to say in that in the text about this but in Revelation eleven verse fifteen. It says there and then the seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah and he will reign for ever and ever. Then the twenty four elders who sits on their thrones before God found on their faces and worship God singing we give you thanks Lord God Almighty who are and who were for you have taken your great power and have begun to reign the nations are. Age but your wrath has come on the time for judging the dead. That's a crucial phrase in this passage if I'm dating this for awarding your servants the prophets and the saints and all who fear your name both small and great and for destroying those who destroy the earth then God's temple in heaven was opened in the ark of his covenant to see him within his temple and there were flashes of lightning rumblings peals of funda earthquake and heavy hail. So this final woad the seventh trumpet when does it begin with a text in the case that the time has come for judging the dead. So we might say that if the second. Whoa. The filed the second eighteen forty with the three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days. You then have this prophetic interlude with a great disappointment to the right movement God calls out of people and restores the prominent role of scriptures. So the third and final world begins at the time of the pre-action judgment the time has come for judging the debt as the text says. During the time of the third Whoa. The Seventh Trumpet Revelation thirteen reveals to us that there is a resurgent papacy. Supported by the military might of a apostatized United States of America to coerce the world into worshipping the mark of the beast of the image to the beast. Revelation thirteen fourteen also remind us in the time of the Third World and the Seventh Trumpet God's end time movement that is called out in Revelation ten has a job to do and it says there in Revelation fourteen six I give you the text. Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven and notice this that the first angel who announced the woes in Revelation eight says this and behold I saw an angel flying through the midst of heaven and I've always wondered why started studying this. Why do we talk about the three angels messengers when the three angels messages start with they say then I say. Another angel flying in the midst of heaven and there are three of them. So it's not the strangest messages at all because if he starts with the phrase then I saw another angel. Then there must be at least one other angel to the three. Revelation fourteen and the only other angel we flying we find flying in the midst of heaven littering the Greek the phrasing is the same is the angel revelation eight two announces the three woes that the three woes are related to the three the proclamation of the three angels messages they represent God's final call of mercy to a dying world and so L. white comments on this passage and this is what she says I've put the text upon the screen there she says the kingdoms of this world are soon to become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and He shall reign for ever and ever. Then she says this there is to be a rapid and triumphant spread of the Gospel can you say amen. Then the time of the third Whoa. When the world is going through its final spasms of pain and war and anguish and and suffering all the rest of it's when we see a resurgent papacy and an apostatize United States of America and I believe that with our decision on same sex marriage nation shook his fist in the face of God. The only conclusion I can come to on apostatize United States of America turning its back on the light that God has blessed her with for two hundred years despite the fact that we see social chaos and moral collapse around us. It is not our job to sit and wring our hands Sister White says during this time there is a rapid and triumphant spread of the gospel. It's a call to arms brothers and sisters that we have a job to do to share the everlasting Gospel with Ohio and with the whole world. It's easy to get caught up in what's happening around us and to say this is terrible this is terrible this is terrible. We need to get Obama out of office and all the rest of it but the Bible says that during this time of friends read a prophecy during this time of social and moral chaos God's people are focused on the proclamation of the everlasting gospel that is our focus. We're not going to be diverted by Second Amendment rights or First Amendment rights or transgender rights or all the other stuff that's going on right in America today. Our focus is the proclamation of the gospel. Because if we're not doing it nobody else is going to do it so this is what Sister White says Journ this time of the third was there is to be a rapid and triumphant spread of the gospel. She goes on to say I see in early writings page thirty six commenting on this verse she says I saw that the anger of the nations the wrath of God and the time to judge the dead was separate and distinct one following the other from this we conclude that before the third Well ends the nations are angry before the close of probation. That is Journ the period of the Third World which we are living in today the world is to be convulsed by conflict and anger. Do you see that in social media in America today. I have noticed that whenever I see the news that people are always outraged about this that or the other everybody's outraged you know you're outraged because a gorilla gets killed in a zoo. I'm sorry but if you believe in evolution. You should not be outraged with gorillas being killed in zoos that really has no intrinsic purpose or meaning to life is just a random collection of chemicals. Why are you outraged. And so we're living in a society where people are right or left and there is increasing polarization in North America. We're living in a world where people's identity is shifting and used to be that ten years ago Europe was a post modern post Christian continent and now with the rival of one million military age young Muslim males in as of refugees coming in you have the Arion prime minister saying just a few days ago he said these Muslims have no place in Europe Europe is a Christian nation. But we notice this he didn't say that I am a hunger area. He's saying now we are switching to spiritual Legion says nine densities and the Book of Revelation Chapter thirteen. What matters at the end of time is not whether you are British will South African It doesn't matter whether you're African-American or Caucasian Latino What matters is whether you worship the beast in its image or not so allegiances at the end of time in people's identity will not be ethnic It will not be linguistic it will not be political will not be national It will be along spiritual lines and we are seeing those spiritual battle lines starting to harden up in front of our very eyes in the world says Sister White and she she says I see the anger of the nations. So what else happens during those first woes to the final world. Well this is where we venture into the realm speculation of we see we know in the final world the world will be angry the nations will be at war we know that the papacy will be resurgent we know that the United States will be an apostate worldwide power. Enforcing essentially a rebellion against God We also know that during the Third World the seventh trumpet that there will be a triumphant spread of the Gospel worldwide. Is it possible Islam is part of this world the first two worlds who turn to final side of your second XI to finally find the reverse. Side of your second sheet now says the first two woes involve these and Islamic caliphate the first two were those involved attacks against powers connected with an apostate Christian religion. The first two woes resulted in diverting the enemy's attention away from God's true people so they could fulfill their mission of proclaiming the gospel. The first two woes were redemptive scourges upon an apostate Christian religion and Christendom designed to lead men to repentance that is Christian's repentance indicates to me the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet sounds of before the close of probation. So the first and second woes involve God allowing jihad against a postulate Christianity the Arab Jihad to the Ottoman jihad and we see that those first two woes occurred because Christianity a Christian part of the world had apostatize and turn their back on God. What do we expect of the third world do we see in the world today. A call to establish these army Islamic caliphate. Once again. What do we have in the Middle East right now. ISIS they are than modern version of the Caliphate. You see when the Ottoman Empire was abolished with it when the Caliph it and when. Ataturk the father of the camel Ataturk of a founder of the modern Turkish Republic in the early one nine hundred twenty S. he abolished the caliphate. And we in the West don't think this is a big deal but it's a huge deal to Muslims because when the Muslim world was united under a single Calley the first four Caliphs Abu Bakr and so forth. They conquered the West Muslim cavalry made their way almost up to Paris and they were turned back in the Battle of Tours in seven thirty two a day when the Muslims were united under the autumn and caliphate. They beat the Christians and they conquered Constantinople. And if you read the propaganda of ISIS what they say is very simple they say that when the Muslims are united against Christendom the Muslims always win and historically that's been the case and they say to the young Muslim men of today. If you want to lose the shame of Western domination and Christian domination. You need to join the Caliph that because when the caliphate to the Muslims the world are united or a single Kalif then the Muslims will be strong and united and they will take the world for Islam. This is what they're saying the Turkish president or the gun calls on Muslims to invade Jerusalem the areas they're saying we will march to liberate Jerusalem. Also gun so Erdogan he's the Turkish president. He's replacing secular Turkey with a Sunni version of Turkey. There are some pictures of what you see going on in the world today. We're all familiar with this kind of stuff. The American Thinker July twenty thirteen Turkey the restoration of the Caliphate. Muslims in Tunisia rejecting multi-party democracy demonstrating for Tunisia to become part of a global caliphate because that is how Muslims see that they can get out of Western domination and they can have Muslim supremacy around the world are the Wahhabi leaders of Saudi Arabia see the Turkish threats over the caliphate the Saudis want to lead the caliphate the Turks once lead the caliphate they want to lead this worldwide force the B.B.C. just recently recorded that oh over one hundred thousand Islamists met in the Indonesian capital Jakarta to press for the establishment of a caliphate. Across the Muslim world. The Palestinian Authority chief judge argued recently that Jerusalem will be the capital of the caliphate the Egyptians recently were in the streets are calling for Sharia law. And the Islamic Caliphate. And they have some recent pictures nine eleven Benghazi San Bernadino. The assaults in the train bombs going off in Europe and in Spain just a few years ago. The message is pretty clear when you look at all the Jihad these are actually saying they're going to kill Americans but this guy has a world renowned Islamic scholar he died a few years ago. Now Do D. and this is what he said he said Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam. Regardless of the country or the nation that rules it. Islam requires the earth not just a portion but the whole planet and you may hear from people Islam is a religion of peace. I would suggest that you go by the Sharia law for yourself you can bite on Amazon for forty dollars It's called the reliance of the traveler. It's about six hundred pages long and if you want to spend a terrifying forty eight hours reading I'd suggest you read that book and if you're a woman tremble. The Shari'a law expressly articulate how and when Christians are to be killed if a Muslim kills a Christian under any circumstances he is not to be punished. No matter what the circumstances because we are a second class citizen the Shari'a law says that. If you deny that is obligatory for salvation to pray five times a day in the manner prescribed then you left Islam which means Islam is pure righteousness by works if you deny that it is a blog a tree for your salvation to perform go to Mecca once in your lifetime. Then you have left Islam is very clear in the Sharia law the Islam is a doctrine of righteousness by works and is a fundamental denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you can read it for yourself is in black and white it lists in the Shari'a law when Christians may be killed which is pretty much any time a Muslim feels like it and there is no penalty for the Christians for the Muslims. So hey we have to be this. The magazine of ISIS. It's a very famous magazine I hope you don't receive it if you do homeland security are probably watching your inbox. But is based on a show had teeth of Maha meant. Mohammed argue that there'll be a final showdown on planet earth in a sound of northern Syria called the big and the Crusaders would come and they would wipe out most of the Muslims but that would be the catalyst for the return of Jesus the MEK T. to earth the twelfth and hey we have on the pages of this magazine. You can see it on the screen but what they're century doing in ISIS is they the Reformation. Because when Martin Luther stood at the diet Savoy rooms. Martin Luther said that councils of disgust and they've made made mistakes. He says but unless I'm persuaded from the Word of God alone I will not recount so help me God. So Martin Luther said I'm not going to listen to twelve hundred years of human tradition. I'm going to go back to the Word of God itself and actually implement what the Word of God says what ISIS have done is exactly the same because after Mohammad died there were four schools of Islamic theology or jurisprudence they were fixed by the end of the eighth century and from the end of the eighth century most Islamic discussion has stopped. Other than how do you interpret these four schools of jurisprudence and so we have from the eighth century to the twentieth century twelve hundred years of Islamic theological debates about how to apply the Sharia law were ISIS have done is they've simply said we're going to cut out those twelve hundred years of interpretation. We're going to go back to the Qur'an itself and the had teeth of Mohammed and we're going to base our lives on those original source documents. Mohammed got rid of Luther rejected. Over thousand years of Catholic interpretation. So let's go back to the text ISIS are doing exactly the same which is going to go back to. The text and the text is a terrifying text. So how do we interpret this. In the seventh trumpet or the third seal. Or maybe that on this scenario what we're seeing in the world today with a global upsurge of Islamic attacks led by newly resurrect Islamic caliphate known as ISIS in the Middle East is very easy to see the nations of the world of historical Christendom uniting around a common Christian Identity is a natural leader is the pope and the imposition of a global Sunday law to win God's favor as and as an expression of loyal Christian Identity. What will be the catalyst for the world to turn to the Pope what we see in Europe right now is people are saying we are a Christian constant because there's a massive arrival of military age Muslim males claiming to be refugees and so if we turn to Daniel eleven versus forty five twelve one. This is the text we're in this is what we read in the text says and he shall plan the tensors palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain that he will come to his and no one shall help him. At that time Michael shall stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that time and at that time your people shall be delivered every one who is found written in the book Daniel eleven forty five through to dial twelve one they go over the period from the close of probation. When Christ heavenly intercession mission ministry comes to an end and Christ receives his kingdom at the end of the pre-adolescent heavenly judgment. So therefore eleven forty five includes those events just prior to the close of probation. Therefore a parallel the time of the seventh trumpet or the third world of eleven forty five says this he shall plan the tents of his palace. Between the seas in the glorious Holy Mountain. Yet he shall come to his and and no one shall help him an Adventist scholars have debated what power is represented here because the phrase tense is really the word tabernacle. So this is a religious word and this is a political or a secular world. So this power here he is a combination of religious and political power. This is a union of church and state just at the end of time. A claiming authority over there in the Middle East and there are various streams of interpretation. But there are basically two streams Robinson's thoughts on this the most common thoughts and they says that this represents the paper say that stablish NG is worldwide headquarters as a solution to mankind's problems in. In the my holy mountain which is halfway between the Dead Sea in the Mediterranean Sea. Now this is the papacy as the end of time before the close of probation establishing itself in Jerusalem to try and be the global peace maker or establish a global government in a city that Muslims and Christians would recognize as being a holy site. There are various interpretations of this verse. Some people hold some out of him to scholars hold that this he shall plant the tabernacle of his palace to be ISIS. If you read the writings of would come or Henderson you have very different views on this but if you read across the spectrum of Adventists historicism ter purchase the general consensus is that this passage is referring to the papacy the end of time as damaging his headquarters in Jerusalem as a final attempt to solve humanity's spiritual struggles and conflicts among humanity. So today we are seeing as I put in the notes that an upsurge of some forces globally. We're seeing an upsurge of radical Islam. The fifth trumpet the first word was characterized by an Islamic Assault on a post a christian them the Sixth Trumpet or the second world was also characterized by an Islamic Assault on a POS tape Christendom. And so you project forward. It's not hard to see that the third Whoa. Part of that process. Why do the nations of the West ancient Christendom. Why do they coalesce around the papacy because the pope is the obvious leader of Christianity in the eyes of the world and why would people coalesce around the papacy unless they feel under assault or under threat. The logical force in the world state is attacking the West is radical Islam. And so. As we look at the this these passages today we see that in the world today there is a resurgent papacy those intolerant secularism here in the West and there is a resurgence of radical Islam. All three of those forces deny freedom of conscience and religious liberty. So it's not good news for us from that particular perspective. But in the six trumpet to God use the Ottomans to protect the Protestant Reformation time and again when the armies of the Catholics are about to wipe out the Lutherans in Germany. It was the arrival of autumn and armies over the borders from Turkey the Save the Protestant Reformation and so it may well be that the end of time while radical Islam and the West are going you know toe to toe to seek who has global domination that allows God's people to focus on sharing the Gospel while radical Islam and the West are seeking to be dominant trying to wipe each other out that gives time and space for gods and time movements to what we are primarily called to do which is not to sit in judgment on Clinton or trump but to share the everlasting Gospel and so. As I say in my notes. It may be that during the Seventh Trumpet of the third world when a Sister White says there is to be a rapid and triumphant. Spread of the Gospel the loud cry will be given worldwide because the powers that be the papacy and apostate United States and radical Islam are involved in a morsel ideological struggle for global dominance we see it right in front of our eyes today but perhaps more important because proclaiming the everlasting Gospel and the soon return of Jesus is the only priority of God's children is not a priority is not the top priority. It is the only priority of God's children. So how do we respond to this stable Firstly as I put it on the screen. God sends these trumpets through history. As we go back to the Book of Job Chapter one and shops two and Chapter three God sends these trumpets in history to call these people to a renewed and restored and a right relationship with God We're all pointing the fingers at the Christian the Catholics or the Muslims or anything like this when we hear these trumpet sounding through history. God is calling us to a restored in a right relationship with God he's a God of mercy. He's a God who forgives therefore this is a call for me to search my heart in my life and to ask myself Is there anything in my life that comes from tween me and a holy God and if there is then I need to give that up the Lord's arm is not too short that he cannot save his ear is not so dull that he cannot hear but it is your sins that separates you from God that He will not press. Fifty nine versus one two you know the apostle Peter says that. Husbands treat your wives with respect and care for app compassion for them as the weaker sex so that nothing may hinder your prayers. We think about the implications a lot guys if we are treating our wives through anything less than compassion and love and respect if we are abusing them in any way we are lost because God. Isn't going to hear our prayers including our pres for forgiveness. You may say that you can see the depth of the man's experience its actions in the face of his wife these woes. Don't just too. Don't just talk about the Muslims and the Catholics out there and apostate United States their call for me to repent of what's in my life that separates me from God and if there is something in your life today that separates you from God then don't just come to four to sing and enjoy the fellowship and listen to the talks. It's a time for personal repentance and confession. If there is somebody that you have hurt or is hurting because of what you may have unintentionally done all sad and before we get to the Sabbath if you want your worship to acceptable to God be reconciled with that person if necessary confession of sin and repents and OS forgiveness. That is why God gives us these trumpet calls isn't all that we can point the finger at Muslims. So that we can be ready to meet God on the day of the Lord is very personal. Secondly the third angel the third the seventh trumpet the angel says this the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ and He shall reign for ever and ever is an invitation for us to wire to confirm what is our ultimate identity. These days we hear an awful lot about identity. We we are a nation of identity politics now if you can identify as you know I don't know a lot partly we all have to recognize you as a lobster. I'm going to identify as it is a lie and then I get federal aid because I'm an endangered species seen your the government then has to feed me and housing me I'm joking with you. But the text says that the kingdoms of this world to become. The kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever and it's time for us out of interests to recognize that our primary and our own the identity is as citizens of heaven above from where we are expecting our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. It's easy to get caught up in national politics. This is the right path forward for America or in my case for Britain at the end of the day every nation will be opposed to God and we need to understand that our first loyalty is to our brothers and sisters regardless of what country they come from because we are all citizens of God's kingdom. It's time for us to maybe get off the bandwagon and say it's not my nation right or wrong any longer but the only nation I serve is God's kingdom and I will serve his kingdom and I don't care what country happened to be in my primary and my only loyalty is to God's kingdom and finally the text concludes with the coming of Jesus to the air of the Third World is the time of the three angels messengers. We are called as God's people to commit ourselves one small to proclaim they have lasting gospel around the world. So I want to challenge each one and every one of us here today to love your neighbor as yourself you can love your neighbor as yourself if you don't know the name county or if you don't know what job they have or if you simply don't care who they are we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves and a good starting point for me and for you will be to go home from four to Zion and stop praying for our neighbors and to get to know our neighbors and so that the know that we're praying for them to actually love our neighbors as ourselves to go home and to maybe join a mission trips give out blow trucks to hold an evangelistic series to sponsor a missionary we are not called to sit on the sidelines we are called to join the fray for God when God called. Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter one three times the Book of Jeremiah God says Jeremiah I'm going to place in the midst of trouble but three times. God says Do not be afraid for I will be with you. God never promised us that he would take us from the battle. He promises that he was down with us in the midst of the battles and so in these trumpets we are called first to live circumspect holy lives to be reconciled with those around us. It's not allow anything to come between us and God Secondly we are called in these trumpets to essentially give up. In our emotional gut participation in national politics and to say that I am loyal to God's Kingdom in God's Kingdom alone. And thirdly in these trumpets. If SR White says there is to be a rap in triumph and spread of the Gospel worldwide. We're called to ask ourselves what am I doing to contribute to the Gospel reaching the ends of the earth am I actively involved in helping the Gospel go to every nation tribe language and people and if not then I need to start doing it this weekend the trumpets a still sounding They go to the end of probation closer probation. So God's call for mercy on my life and your life still applies today is my prayer the each one of us will indeed hear those trumpets and rather than using his excuse to point the fingers at all those. That we will hear God calling us to a deeper and a more faithful walk with him and as other people see us may there be less of us and more of Jesus and as Herod said. Chapter six when the decided twelve disciples went out ministering it says it was the name of Jesus came to Harrod's is is not my name that should rise through society or your name as a result of our lives now witness who should be the name of Jesus that percolates through society by the name of Jesus alone. May God bless us as we live for him as we serve Him as we witness about him and for him as my. When Jesus comes again all of our neighbors not families will indeed be on the sea of glass. Heads and have a benediction. Father I want to thank you for the gift of prophecy that you've given us these words as a light to guide us through the stormy years of Earth's final history the God I asked that we will never switch off the light of prophecy but I ask Father that you will indeed be a light and to our feet into a path day by day that we will not think that we have wisdom sufficient off that we can find our own way Father if we have indeed lives I ask that you turn it on again and that we will walk humbly and faithfully in the light that you've given us Father may we not smog that light. We'll turn our back on it may we be faithful to live in the lights that you've given us male lives be wholesome and winsome and willing to those around us who know we follow Jesus but have yet to find the Savior themselves. So please Lord today I asked that the love jesus flows through us shine out and reach the hearts and minds this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W or.


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