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The Spit In Our Eyes

Janice Watson



  • May 16, 2009
    10:00 AM
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I delighted to be here talking about and talking to daughters and sons of the king this morning and I noticed earlier when I said well that is if you want to talk to men I will thought he was well I thought I ought to mention that just in passing you know you are thinking about the theme for the weekend being a child of the King is indeed our greatest privilege but at the same time our most challenging responsibility is what I think to say on God 's child it's another thing to believe I'm God 's child and if that's followed only difference being the lead light thoughts from you be talking about today this morning this afternoon it is only remaining like lemonade as a daughter a son of the king and I anticipated as I started praying for this presentation that have a lovely story from Scripture about someone they knew it done wonderful things that would show us what we needed to do so I went to the Bible for that story or that passage and when I got with something that's if I went back to the Bible because you know sometimes when God talks you think perhaps you didn't get the memo as I went back to the story that came time and time again with the same story very short story actually less than two hundred words that's not even a good essay for those of you in graduate school however a powerful little story to spend sometime this morning unpacking slowly one little story Scripture and the focus of this story or at least part of it is that yes I could have said saliva could you know the Bible says that I want to be like him and so it does spend a little time talking about daughters of the King sons of the king and the space in our eyes so we probably often we have come here in your presence because we are in need and because you have what we need speak to us now you know me I ask that you take all that I have an open IM we move anything that stands between me and you but more importantly between you and your people that you work might flow freely but your Holy Spirit might touch us convict us to change us and when you have done what only you can do we will give you all of the honor and all of the glory forever I've been reading stories about blind people sometimes you take something in Scripture and just follow it through and for whatever reason I was following through the stories about blindness and how Christ healed the blind and how Christ came he said to give sight to the blind I was excited about what Christ had been delayed and came to market dates March eight starting with verse twenty two and the little story about spit and Mark eight verse twenty two five speaking about Christ and income of the Bethsaida may bring a blind man onto him and besought him the Township is the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town and when he had spit on his eyes and put his hands upon him he asked him if he saw off and he looked up and said I see men as trees walking after that he put his hand again upon his eyes and made him look up and he was restored and saw every man clearly for not much at all in terms of songwriting but I suspect a lot in terms of one man's life and I think that some things the data loss that may say a lot in terms of our lives on our lives as children of the King wants you to walk with me through that story that I spent because the story starts off differently from some of the other blind stories if we look at Luke nineteen in the story of the blind man for the blind then comes the Christ the crisis of the blind man what is it that you want and the blind man says I want to see you haven't been in that situation you know you're missing something you know you don't have something and you with the urgency I want to think Lord help me to see the story start that way how does the story stuck and I will talk to you and you will talk to me because I'm a stranger and a Florida here you want to be but how does this story still life doesn't start the same way with a man who comes to Christ and says I want to see no it starts with the people brought up alive man to Jesus and said Lloyd Lazio because I understand that there are some blind people who seem to be okay with the fact that the emboli in a long time and they know how to function as blind people that the braille down they know exactly how many steps it is to get from here to here I live is going on just five of us we have no indication of anything else perhaps occasionally dreamt about being able to see sound like he was doing a lot about it when talking about being daughters and sons of the king I miss some of us you can come like this and you who are quite comfortable with where we are we know now we understand how to do it I would ask you to raise your head but even then Christian along that if you were raised in Christian homes some of you have been studying the Bible a long time and I should say us and sometimes we just busy doing life just out of curiosity how many of you in graduate school I remember that I remember that very strongly I remember what it was like to have school almost absorb and take over your entire life the amendment was anybody you get up in the morning thinking about what you have to do planning what the next step as some of you have theses and dissertations I live to be day-to-day busy up out what it is here to do and some of us each and some of us do other things but I suspect that for many of us our lives no one pretty much day today my wife is a different group from the groups that I'm used to this I'll talk to me will make adjustments along the way yes life goes on and he keeps us busy and women involved in the blind man was busy doing his life what does Jesus do for us look at your Bibles the Bible says that Jesus took him by the hand know what his friends ask for the kitchen it will just plan ahead on logotype and so another Jesus all and doesn't do what he does the way we anticipate is that we take this blind man was doing fine by the hand with me this is a second you by the hand yet have you sounds yet Jesus reached out and hold onto you because if you haven't found that yet we're not quite ready to talk about being children of the King I the children of the King our men and women who cries has taken by the hand in the midst of the lives that way busy doing in the midst of all this going on inside and it takes him by the hand where my Bible says and needs up to outside of the village bring about this for a moment you're a blind man in a time when uploading trains and planes and so forth you're a blind man what do you know you know your house and you know your village and you can get around your house solubility because you've counted the steps you figured it out the people know you make protects you so you don't bump into things and here comes a strange takes you by the end takes you outside of your village was that feel like you're a good person what does that say like vitamin that is you know when we need to take Scripture and we need to go to analytically and we need to take it apart we need to do the theological studies but the days when we need to go to Scripture and we need to experience what God is doing not even a whore both of them want you to feel a little bit as the blind man being taken out of his village was happening about I take it even a little five minute math and I scared of I have just left one I know I can find anything should he leave you alone out here on my way home it really is he alone out here one of another trip over my life for myself who dwelling at me when I call my demented with you this is making sense to you give us talk him by and talk him outside of his village daughters and sons of the king have to follow the Lord outside of the village when they can see and they don't know and they can't fix it will not let you yet did you like did you resist I find the black man I will legally we are undertaking me what you want what you do with me and their grades I'm like that with the law if I get when we got only happened we know he's not I am not Abraham one is an important that we allow the board to take us out of our village that space that we understand where we function well when we have developed skills out of that space where we can while the proof texts into a place where we go understand we don't know where we're going we don't know how it's going to add his and we could find ourselves we could get lost what would Christ do that couldn't he just have healed a blind man in his village so you just want to make lifetime it is once the Mac OS X application isn't it he wants to teach us a family are to be behind it all if they are if anybody wants the site allows you I'm not all that would mean diving basic and simple than a little stormy step-by-step because sometimes to understand what it means to be God 's child clinging to understand that if you're not on the all of what you are have a limit which can be achieved very quickly when God takes me out of my village have you ever had an experience in life you brought to what all your education all of you understanding all of your experience all of your heart and he couldn't do anything God needs children who understand that there is a limit to all of what we can gather in schools of higher learning there is a limit to all of what we can gather she led in our typical study there is a place where only God can take us all only God can help us why am I telling you the obvious because if you're like me in our day-to-day lives we forget the obvious and we continue to try to keep ourselves safe is often will talk a little bit about the ways in which we try to keep ourselves safe but we just want to limit ourselves from going too far out because one with care and to what about the other villagers you know those other people wonder why the black people letting strangers wrath among his strength directions the money of those in your life the villagers who say that but you stay home don't you understand that your woman or your Yahoo or your poor or you can in some way 's to think now the black people effectively does the dog and I don't know anyway you won't bump into anything you won't purchase up God is looking for however will go with you thanks so he takes them outside of the village and you can see if we're not careful we will spend all day on the first two things that happen outside of the Bible and Latin outside the village and then I got to the part yes that is a scholarly work and the Bible says and he spit into the thought to myself you know the Bible is translated so maybe it's coming across the me differently from I will look it up and the originals that that's actually the workflow state law to ask you to touch it and the God of the universe spit in his read the story did get right not did you see in Scripture and what did you think be the blind man for a moment what the expected him about the sanctity theater company I got a wonder that you are feeling that hit my face run down my face in my eyes will have you do this not in the Bible it says if you go back to the Old Testament you will find that Scripture very clearly tells us that spent use with this day but if you go back into I believe the Deuteronomy where they say if someone has an issue if they have some kind of illness amazement on you your unclean and you need to be taken apart which is a good thing because the lives and those of you were medically inclined and find I am not but I understand that saliva can transmit disease correct in fact that's one of the ways that I understand you transmit SARS and the eyes are particularly sensitive because those droplets enter the eye and enter the human system you didn't you I started thinking of you ever seen somebody put their spin on somebody else I love mothers know what all the time and we don't say within what a lovely mother both of you what married I understand near this with a company I understand that those of you who are married fifth but all the time let's not get too sidetracked what are we saying about God that God may use some nontraditional ways the more those who are his in the same way that among them my use her spirits to deal with her child I'm looking at this and thinking about this time focusing on the story and script are for quite a while and talk about the things we did in commentaries that read simple and that I realize this when Christ's in this member the spit went into the man's system what does the spirit of God concerning the DNA of the creator of the universe I'm listening the DNA of the creator of the universe now again this is Loma Linda so you know more than I do about certain things what this DNA to what is that what we know about the site UK it helps determine your uniqueness for one I understand that the only way someone else in the world would have your DNA is if they are identical twin is that correct exact DNA structure that you have because it is a unique identifying allowance DNA is like no one else's no one else's your children's DNA related to yours no correct item with me what would it be like if in that we part of your body every cell as we bring you this section of your body you carry God 's DNA which are likely different in areas of your life that don't reflect your father because let me try to something when cries they in the eyes of that blind man something changed came across a study recently that was scary to me they interviewed sixteen I believe to twenty six -year-olds the majority of whom said they were not Christians and they asked them do you know any questions eighty four percent of them had a friend or know someone closely with the Christian however less than fifteen percent of those people felt that the Christian behave in any way differently from them they feel that the question was different there are there are some of us walking around claiming to have the DNA of the creator the master of the universe but it only shows up on seven or in religious contexts it works in most of the areas of my life except fill in the blank can you tell I'm an area in your life that doesn't show that God has into your system this alone what happens next to the front to him do you see anything but the answer yes or no to the time estimates that these the anything yes I know you are Jesus but not as he saw many of us that Jesus makes money where on the edge of the village we might even have left the village and she has some front lies and infiltrated who we are and which I raise your hand if meeting Christ changed you which is what we we're excited to the fact that he was excited to say what anything gives all men like trees walking enough Jesus run in the facts then why can't he see clearly don't miss this whatever else you missed don't miss this let me suggest to you that Jesus could indeed as he did with all the other blind people quote unquote get it right the first time but there's a lesson here for us we are willing to settle for too little we are willing to accept not you not from God God speaks to give us everything and many of us are still half way there if you me with very serious face which could mean the little bungalow or it could mean as it did for me as I looked at that story but the Holy Spirit started touching places in my life the judges when has God called you out of the village move July one and you have left for less than where you started out to go Lord I want to be your child I want to be totally like you and I was gotten there like that you know now that I'm a doctor people have expectations from me people expect and Lord absolutely good Christian logging I'm no longer a racist I'm no longer whammy kiss I used to be now it's true that some people who try to cancel you understand what those are the ones who for whatever reason don't get the documents right or the people of the glamour they are but what you know I'm racist of the Bible call us to not be racist but the Bible tell us that the weather the Bible coalesced into the lab everybody so when you have a group and you got over group B and you got the bridge is still struggling with group B which may have nothing at all to do with rice when not bear yes we see he man like he's walking while we don't see the manual other people in your life that you don't see people you pass by that you don't speak you know we thought we did really well when we started seeing the homeless we see them now we don't talk to them maybe I would never bring them home and please don't let them come into my office but what I see them and I give money amenities unseal always sing this in the work he saw a man like trees walking and I suspect that he saw Christ like trees walking and the Lord said no not enough not good enough and no more trust him again and this is my absolutely favorite part of this story a lie trust him I can what the Bible thing was the Bible cyclicals were individually assessing what I guess and saw every man clearly not one not to be so everything you want to believe that the last thing that he saw was the face of Jesus Christ daughters and sons of the king see Christ clearly visible mostly but we don't seem to we see him but he looks like a decision but he looks like the pastor we see him but we see him through the lens of our past experiences and we relate to a golf that we see like trees Helen God wants from us advantage is the ability to see him clearly little bit about the afternoon of money while I didn't know what layout framework for you without you that Christ saw the people around him clearly I know your mind but I know that for most of us to go home today announced the Lord Lord what is it that I see clearly is that you and someone else or some one at the unit was being less than fascinating because they had some kind of memories of those days if they didn't have matter they shall have bodies of water what happened when he saw himself he saw every man clearly including himself why is that important because I suspect many of us as borders particularly of the God of the universe do not see ourselves clearly we say what the world has taught us to see we see what our families may have taught us to see and we hold that image I went to the doctor once Reese once in the not too far past and we had about the session itself with its own after the session I happened to glance at his notes and the nose said that in the obese black woman that is I don't will normally put on a little Obi wan I went home and looked up some things and so fulfill one and thought I deceive myself definitely see myself differently next to some changes when Christ calls us when he leads us of some when he takes the time and energy spent on us to talk to us it is so we can feed ourselves the way that he sees not just our sin but the type of person that he has created us to be the type of person he is going to cause us to be I want to a blind man continued running around calling himself the blind man of Bethesda how many of us are still wearing the labels that we wore before we met Christ was still seeing ourselves as that person that we use to be and allowing that the home to name us that person I'm with me when I studied this story has been a lot more time on and there's a lot more that I didn't share today when I study the story I was deeply struck I was struck because I understood that I had not allowed God to do for me and in me what it is he wanted to do and this when I was coming to the session I wanted to do something with commonly this is a university is a little by thinking is important that we begin particularly as woman the SAG forest we need an experience with Christ that allows us to see what we do the words is dependent on who we all know all the people law and who got is what we learned this afternoon 's walk through some of that bit by bit and show how then that manifests itself a blind man behaved differently ask the woods not because he could say that McCarthy had seen crimes and questions on the following spit for the Bible but that's what happens you get excited about something you stop following it and I want to turn with me if you would very briefly still and Mark Mark ten verse thirty six with Mark ten thirty six they actually let me move back will that my tenets go to thirty three and thirty four sorry where Jesus is predicting his own death and easily go up to Jerusalem the Son of Man shall be delivered unto the chief meets unsubscribes they shall condemn condemning to death and delivered him to the Gentiles they some mocked him and support him and shall spin on him and shall kill him and the third day he shall rise again if you go to Mark fourteen sixty five and Mark fifteen verse nineteen eleven find two groups of people and the spirit is going the other way you're going to find the Jews who are spitting on Jesus before the Sanhedrin and you find the Romans standing on Jesus as they prepare him for his the fiction because I really only two choices choice number one is we come blind maybe even auto where that we are blind and God Spitz on house and we transform we are transformed into its image into his likeness and we become one with him the author option is that we as broken as fallen has lost them as we go have the goal the absolute out right now ready to gather in all models offer special and spit on the God of the universe there is no middle ground one or the other and you could tell the children of God by the direction in which the spirit is flying roles as much sense this morning you get to choose if you choose to allow God to touch you with the essence of who we think of an attorney you cannot continue where you are I don't care how far we came from to get here is go to take us and it's not always going to be simple or cosmetically pleasing or elegant because God wants to save us by any means necessary if you said no I know we think were wonderful people who would never spin on anybody but if you say no if you refused to go all the way by default we stand next to the Roman soldiers we standing next to the mom as we spit on price I don't know what saliva to be like in heaven I don't know that I really that interested in that question but I do know that when it's over that's where I want to be I want to be there because Christ has transformed me so this morning that all of the clinical and academic stuff that we all can do and we know the spirit has to make a choice further from here and have appeal among them as you stand up the front and have just a moment of silence so that you can talk to your God in response to whatever he is sent to you I worry I worry about thinking that I'm standing still one of truly turning around take a moment hi we come to you this morning you know how much I wrestled with the simplicity but the lack of all of the trimmings but your word is powerful in all of its forms I thank you for this story thank you for simplicity but I thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit has to and is doing in the space we bring to you our answers are thanks our submission perhaps our questions and I struggle our reluctance are not quite being able to crossover we ask that you send your strength and your power the blood of Calvary carries the same DNA as the spit that went into that man's eyes we are cleansed by your blood we are changed by your blood and we thank you be with us now may the change amounts be the change that changes the world through us by your grace about your thank you and we look


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