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Our Identity as a Daughter of The King

Janice Watson



  • May 16, 2009
    3:00 PM
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father God we are grateful for grateful for the opportunity to be here when grateful for the opportunity to be your children in a special when we grateful for the fact that your Holy Spirit continues to guide and direct as we open a word as we consider what it means to be your daughters to be living for you we ask that you spent with guidance we also draw hearts and our minds white be open to your leaving father take me cleanse me use me may you be the one who speaks may you be the one but that's the work and we promise that you will be the one that gets all of the glory we thank you and we love you and when you think of your self and in a minute have to start walking around I can tell when you think of yourself as a daughter of the King when you think of yourself as God 's child what does that mean to you when you feel like one of the main special anybody else Armitage is under walk around in a minute later and probably to get the board but you feel special taken care of anything else special taken care of part of something beloved joyful challenge change piece on letting me vent is my live absolutely loving the advances is there anything difficult about being the daughter of the King other any challenges for you about being the daughter of the King okay but even more at what kinds of challenges do you base the daughter of the King County properly reflecting him well trusting him expectations as in you're in someone else's that God yours and I asked about other people 's death the missing and obey I think I have systems in the room what a surrendering if you were talking to someone else who does not know what it meant to be a daughter of the King where would you start them where would you begin your explanation of what it means to be a daughter of the King you would talk about your father in what way okay I went up to start that conversation okay so he is the creator he's the you talk about in relationship to him to the vastness of who he is when I first that this is probably about a year ago that I was asked for the first time to talk about being a woman of God and he held for many years I just refused of limitations and I disowned the woman stuff I'm happy to come in for a dynamic but I don't do women's stuff and something called they asked me to come we dice that I would calmly went through all of it and that she told me what he wanted to talk about it and thought about being a woman about a book about problems thirty one and those of you will bargain audio buyers know that I am not the Proverbs thirty one woman in a sense all what I believe that was growing I don't speak quietly in a meek voice I don't consider myself an iPhone I thought she was very quiet and the woman who cooked all the time and you stay home and took care for children and supplements on a regular backstop me how can I go out and speak if that's not me I don't have any children rise up and call me blessed you know how children than in charge and well let's be very careful of what we do with our children talk to our kids about what they hear because what they hear may not be what we think we're teaching I don't know that anybody meant to teach me not but I do know that's what I heard and I know it's let's start with me for a very long time in my life about what God wanted for me and when I thought I couldn't be that person I just gave up on you know what I'm Disneyland because I can feel she has been allowed I don't know what God is there to say about that one must be delivered in that space and one of the things that I learned as I got ready I said you know so often we start the sorry about being God 's child in strange places in fact we don't start the stormy about being a woman of God with being the child think about it as you walk the messages did you get growing up about what it meant to be a godly woman do you remember I will ask you feel comfortable to share what do you think you've already thought saying that you are remembered on the hotel is located in the states when you think about those messages and what they were about if you are like me a lot of those original message it was about what the godly woman dies and does not do you get your godly woman you just like this if your godly woman you don't do this if your godly woman you do this a lot was the story that I hard and finish world that women of God do things differently from people who are not daughters of God is a way that it begins a daughter is the daughter because of the life you cannot talk about a blogger without talking about panic and unlike this suggests to us because I think the only place to begin that when you're talking about being a woman of God you begin with being a daughter you begin with the question of identity the question is who am I and the question is what makes me so glad my wife in fact I talked just this last week after he took counsel of working on a problem with a student and he said you know there is one basic existential question for human beings and that is cool at my question is do I do what I do because of who I have my YM because I do what I do that I just confuse you I isn't that is the fundamental question and much of what I do in therapy has to do with that question am I when I confronted yet he and Elijah what I do because of who I am or am I who I am because of what I do and has the body of Christ we need to be very careful not to define ourselves as we are who we are because of what we do we do what we do because of who we are and what we are involved we are as you know who you are by going to the very beginning what does Scripture tell us about who you are go back with me to the beginning let's look at Genesis let's look at Genesis one Genesis to Genesis three can you find anything in Genesis one two one three that tells you who you are and if so where is that five attacks on the read the text out loud for anything in Genesis that tells you who you are okay what was the text Genesis one twenty six where God says let us make man in our image not being daughters of the gang vent access let us make man in our image what about us I'm so glad that verse twenty seven is there I think is important and we probably should have gotten it from verse twenty six when God tells us something antivirus virus twenty seven is that less magmatic in our image in the image of our .net and then he says may in his image male been everything you does that mean to you that we were made female in the image of God is not the words that was an blackness I was mad in the image of God I was made in God 's likeness in what way will you created in the likeness of God is this afternoon did you live this morning about Microsoft and in what way we were created in the image of God what did you have from the very beginning that it's in God 's image okay from the very beginning going back to even male and female were created perfect and we know that since that time so now that perfection has the greatest and we agree with that but over time that perfection has the greatest when you want more what did you have it within the image of God we what an image of it anyway Lebanon yes yes okay the moron that place again and tell me how it wantonly when you have a godliness when you were born feelings okay we know that God has feelings he laughs the hearts seek rise we know their feelings what else really the ability to think to decide to figure out what else the power to choose anything else the potential to create and we all hasn't the ability to create what you create or choose to create maybe different from what I create that we all have them all already been in the image of God no demand that more of them than we did and we got more than they got we all thought the image of government why is that such an important place to begin one is that fundamental and I'm going argue that it is fundamental to the experience of every question but even more so for women what is it about the fact that we were made in his image male and female and that brought within feelings reasoning choice and the ability to create an in what way it talks about who we are and what we were given and that's important for us to know because in history there have been lots of all model about who we are who you are and what they were given you can get it it was a time in history when people believe that women could not reason it was no point sending them to school they should not vote because they did not have the power to reason and therefore did not have the right to choose and then a historical argument in this culture but it contains to be an argument in many cultures of the world to what degree are women able to reason and to what degree can they choose and what is aware of what women create there are many cultures where women work woman's creation considered less than and yes while if you don't think so in this culture when I pull out my knitting sitting somewhere I get the most interesting reactions perhaps the most interesting was when my students and secondly you I have a PhD I said yes is it a delicious and I said yes as you said but if the woman at the next question was what do you mean by woman's fate as she proceeded to give me a very interesting discussion only talking about the last couple of years we had this conversation a very interesting discussion about the kinds of work it's not valued that does not generate certain kinds of income so for them so much I wanted turned out to really be a discussion about knitting but about her concept of woman's work the things that are valued less in society the syllabus that fourth off there is women's work in women's work is valued less talk to anybody who chooses to be a stay-at-home mom as you get a reaction from somebody somewhere sometime he's just a stay-at-home mom wasting the God-given abilities to create this is the reason for the fellow now my friends who have children tell me that you use the moment by moment every day when you're home raising your kids never mind about managing a home and becomes very important to understand that in the beginning God created male and female in his image so what ever it is that our philosophies tell us what really is the other movements tell us the first thing we know is that we were created in his image and in that image we have the ability to reason and to choose and we are expected by God to reflect his image and part of that is the ability to reason and choose which means that you can for your self which we know that not all women know word interpret God 's word choose to follow glassware we take that for granted I once understand that there are still women and I've met some of them will believe that the word of God must be interpreted to and for them by someone else and that is a very scary place for a person to find themselves someone doesn't understand that their primary identity has already given them some things that cannot be taken away to talk about abuse right now but for those of you who may know or may be in a situation related to abuse one of the fundamental savings in abusive relationships in this case don't you race and not acknowledge the image of God in the person being abused mala female you understand that that is a fundamental sin for any of us to look at another human being and fail to acknowledge that they also are created in the image of God or else the survival tell you about who you are hereby created in God 's image and as such you have rights and abilities what else what else does your Bible tell you about who you are is there anywhere else besides Genesis that talks about your identity in who you are and if so where do I love that I came to Evan Holt because they tell me that people you study the word energy in the works so I can ask questions and get these things from you okay with them into the Consulate and it was very good and I love the fact that it wasn't just a little way but when God says that the voice culture comprehend when God looks at something that he now this is more than okay this is more then glad and that we collect is very good on broadscale compared to my scale and the gaunt look at the women that he had created because that was part of his creation and said that regardless was in WL asked the question again the question again God looked at his creation part of his creation women and part of his creation if you and God looked at what he had created and he said it was every going to he was satisfied wireless means you of that matter have anything to do with your identity God doesn't make junk and understand that one of the things that we are told by pen of inspiration is that part of what education dollars is restore in man the image of God so it means that we started very good when going back to very good so wherever you are right now as long as you are committed to God you are in process to very good that means that I don't need to hang my head doesn't matter where I've been in Christ I am in process and the Bible says that the work that he has begun in us it will complete in us but you had days where you feel like junk when you sure that you're not all of that and you're not worth much the days when you weren't able to finish what you started the days when you can't do it the way you planned to do it and on those days I would argue to be reminded that God started you and his creation very good and he is the process of restoring you to very good he does not say some of us you know it was very good except the defective ones do realize God has no defective ones in his ecology that is nothing that he created including you that from his perspective was created effective as an important how many women do you know who consider themselves defective and I met how many women here consider themselves the fact that if I ask you to list the ways in which you are the fact that you can give me a list but you know when I ask you to list the ways in which you are very good order and process the very good I get violent I get blank stares that been gone for the County of well off track here so we can get back on the godsend so why is it so hard for us who believe in why is it so hard for me to believe that with all the limitations with all the floor God looks down at his children and he sees not only what you are but what you walk becoming and that the economy is real to him the problem for us it is not real to us we are now is very real you you understand that very well do you spend thinking about the woman that God sees when he looks at you coveted his blood what would it feel like to walk like that woman will feel like they carry yourself like that will put a change something for you it would be visible where invisible and that's a scary thing for people that God has given work to do talk to invisible people to do his work and many of us are struggling with the Julie because we still haven't gotten together on the being we don't understand who we are what you want effective have to fix things will infected have to rearrange things woman who I am processed to Bambi instead in the power of the father what else do you know about your identity when other than the whole time identity but what else do you know about your identity because that is so vital for women who have been told to the state lies about who they are line number one if you are not enough and I all kinds of origins of you are not enough leverage to you are not enough which is by yourself you are not about the daughters of the King always enough in the father don't let anybody tell you for whatever it is about whatever it is but you are not enough the author lie is that we are enough by ourselves that life is a response to the previous line generations of women have been treated as if they were not enough and my job feminism as we know it in its negative forms is an attempt to solve a real problem the problem is what women have been told about themselves and the other problem is that women have been treated as the answer is to decide that we are more than enough and we can do it we don't want to take and we can do what and that scares Christians if they know that's macho to be very careful neither of those extreme is biblical the Bible says we can do all things through Christ both parts count we can do all things through Christ you are enough in him you will be enough through him and he is just creation with all we had would be enough to make you worth something what else do you have besides creation okay I love versus Suns one forty four twelve our daughters as polished cornerstones I love the text what do you know about a cornerstone of the Ewald not the will you pull the cornerstone the building to fall apart to what you know about a cornerstone of Christ was a cornerstone of stones are planted deep in order to hold the building and loan waiver available all over the place there's strong when the Scripture says your daughters we will be like polished cornerstones those of us who have been taught that woman by definition are weak what does the Scripture say that I thought how the whole structure and there are structures that Christ wants to build on us there are structures that he is building on individual man and there are searches that he is building on individual women many of our homes our children's foundation lies in our is one of the cornerstones and if that's then wobbles the building falls because we don't have to be wobbly felt wobbly than you ever thought what he learned one why did that IBM and the number you have an enemy and is no one of the things that I offer you sounds one forty four Murtha well daughters strong solid slanted daughters out of your life change if you saw yourself at the polish cornerstone holding up the work that God is building on the foundation he laid a new and change your life what are you could tell me visiting I know that about myself already I will do that kind of God confidence has been yes yes you get what you said goodbye to his neighbor found is that if normal teenage girls understood that the rate of teenage pregnancy would go down and I'm going to agree I'm going to suggest a you that a lot of the problems that we're trying to fix at the level of what people do need to be fixed at the level of helping people understand they are a far young woman knew who they were in Christ Jesus one they would embrace a more because they would appreciate who he made us to be but secondly many of the things that in-store and and try and pull us away we are open to because I foundation our identity is shaped so what we do here in talking about who we are we do for our daughters because of mothers who don't know who they are raise daughters who don't know who they are in woman who don't know who they are spend their lives trying to find themselves in Winnebago where are women trying to find themselves the question not rhetorical man work apparent as I relationships including sexuality drugs of various types the understand the connection between identity and behavior if I know who I am in Christ I don't have to fix myself elsewhere but you know what our identity is established a couple of other places as well at Calvary when Christ died would you die for good for you you all by yourself you get that recognizes the entire world and we like to talk about how Christ died for the entire world and I'm grateful that he died for the entire world Judah was really really works for me if Christ has for me Christ died for you foods that make you that the bottom of the universe thought you were worth enough to give up all that he had is one thing when I think about Christ on the cross but have you thought about God the father as established by that the gift that God Barbara gave to give off for us this often you have children you would give your child away for only willing to give it all away for such study shall address somebody you love enough complicated that person will die if you don't get it it may why would you not want to give you you understand look at the father did we just say it sometimes and we just kind of move right on deal understand that he gave up his child and because the Godhead is more than father son as we understand it he gave all an integral part of himself voluntarily for you just you not doing a husband you but eventually a husband and it separately this he did for you once those that make you were and we can so casually ministry what he paid that price for how well you taking care of his pride how well are you taking care of this thing that he bought with Albany my mother used to say when I would say things about myself stop talking about the Lord Levitt that white she was right she was we do not have the right to talk about what's free God 's beloved that way Isaiah forty three those of you who know me will sooner or later here make while Isaiah forty three my absolute favorite text of the Bible all entries several of my favorite text of the Bible I read Isaiah forty three and we used in the first lot when you walk through the waters I'll be with you when you walk suffice up with someone you want to go to verse four for a minute and listen to God speak to you for the first three I am the Lord your God the holy one of Israel your Savior and emitted into versions I get Egypt for your ransom close and Sema in your stead since you are precious and honored in my site and because I love you I will give men in exchange for you and people in exchange for your life for I am the Lord thy God the holy one of Israel by faith you I gave Egypt from Iran send Ethiopia and see before the system that was precious in my site that has been honorable and I have loved me therefore will I give men for the and people for the highlight off hold country for you hold nation with all of its riches in Egypt was known for its riches for you not the woman sitting next to you but your mother much a cousin not any of the men in your life the first relationship you want close you put on the woman that he bought with everything what you feed her how do we know when she must adopt you remind yourself that this is God 's beloved this is a precious one the one that is closest to his heart who was bought with his blood he created us in between us with precious in his sight is actually long everything else is secondary everything else is secondary discussions about marriage and single massive everything else is secondary to what you guys thought of his beloved and the bribed he's waiting for me to manage how many remember your wedding day note that the question obviously I love weddings the father reasons weddings are great places to people watch things happen wedding but the thing I like to watch the mouse because I reveal all kinds of things if the guys face when woman's coming down I don't worry about that right now maybe looking back to look at the birthday I'm sorry my stick and then instead landed trying to look like he's not nervous and annual review is that as good as you know is looking really a young friends of yours who are serious people anyway often best five things go well for her to the may open the door and the music stops and she's coming on I am a whole confidence is watching and his benefits smile all over the place I called it out okay in the TMS is radiant and you know you can't intend what about that it is not a manly thing and let me up so he and he is watching a walk and if not bad with respect to get to the middle we don't really see how was she looking at him now that he's not looking at the other people and that's what she's working on if you looking at and is looking at our late one-on-one weddings when he doesn't light up that way I'm praying hard concern when Christ says you are my rock what he means it is a Neil and his family 's life it takes a view anymore I think the July and at times is that one little to this is my beloved and she's coming to me every time you come to him every single time you can't let him hit at a sad expression on his right there's never a time that you're coming to him that he is not to let out with joy might arise my beloved company yes we week yet for broken yes we're struggling but we need not to forget that we are the beloved that you are the thought her opportunity with all that in talking more about identity I think you heard it some of you felt it was a allowing a father to remind you daily once you know who you are is him you can see and learn both ears this morning I talked about seeing yourself I talked about seeing gone and I talked about the authors and process we talked about having God 's DNA knowing that we are a part of him knowing that we are loved by him that we should know who he is less for me quickly what you consider the aspects that are God 's DNA wasn't about God that is central to who he is okay we can declare one Bible says God is not anything else says the went down compassion justice how they and whatever I say just as the next Web becomes the mind must have as an expression of his life and understand the law defines God only as an expression of his because we has sometimes separated Islam from his love of family was represented he did not send a small existence of its own designers will of the manifestation of his life because it is the law that allows us to live his love and it is a lot better like that protects us from this is the ten Commandments we talk about the window do you realize the protection that we are given in the law that reflects his love and if we would teach our children how the law is about love that rebellions might be different and so you can make a list and I look at the fruits of the spirit of fire of my list of what it is gone it as the picture of God and I thought God gave me he is the NAIA and his shot I've never gone down the list and look at yourself one by one why did you decide you decided you can join and at what happened and they discouraged and what often happens with the law we look at the law we don't measure up and we get discouraged what is the purpose of the law the chalet ourselves bring us to Christ that we might be why is it that we only see what we're not in what the Lord tells us about where becoming weakness when you see them all when you say not the enemy ideas I found I do not yet accurately before while we discovered you have seen little kids to three euros when you have a little three -year-old and three -year-old for a while that the foster daughter when three -year-old and you get the three -year-old it has to do and a little bit beyond the three -year-old and an old doesn't make it what makes you have to do to be more than often the case will end with the tribe issued by the time and you grab a little kid and say what the matter with you when you went right in analogy to the government one that we think that we are better mothers in God is a father you how much all that big a widespread greater he is the new when you look at your three-year old and she's messing up she's not able to do it what do you see most of you see the fact that one day she will and your already busy figuring out how you're going to help her role into the woman that you see yet what you expect less from your father than you do from yourself why would we not let us see ourselves with design I have learned to come to my father is a daddy if they will mess up again she candidly yet thank you for helping me to learn how to do it better thank you for growing me so the one they have look like you will mess up again tomorrow on something maybe not perfect and sometimes the same thing when every element is up again if you no longer growing sometimes is nothing out because she is growing I is making sense to you because if the women are not able to understand who God is and who we are becoming in him what will happen to the rest of the young woman coming behind us what will happen to the children if we don't get it we can't


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