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Higher than Highest

Vicky Jorgensen



  • June 29, 2016
    2:00 PM
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We are going to start with the quote because of course this talk is higher than the highest human thought can reach and you recognize that that came from Education Page eighteen higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for his children godliness God likeness is the goal to be reached and we would have I've just been so thankful to see how God has intermeshed all of the messages that we've been giving. And we haven't consulted the Jether about any of these things but the Holy Spirit has truly blessed in a marked way. So again this is from Isaiah fifty five were God says in verse eight and nine for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are your ways my ways say it the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth. So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Why does God give us this information. You know it's very at times it can be overwhelming to think the high calling that we have in Christ Jesus and yet it is an honor and a privilege. We just have to become willing to come up higher and to allow the Holy Spirit and that's the reason I started yesterday with the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the only effective teacher that can help us to understand because of our thoughts are not his thoughts and our ways aren't his ways we're going to have to have him to help us to see where the difference is so that we can with a heart response or not just looking for outward conformity or looking for heart responses that's true education. You can have education without a response. But when you are looking for a heart response that is going to allow God's process to take you from point A all the way through and you then as we talk this morning a. Then you will actually go into the next school in the heaven. So we are just so grateful that we have this privilege and that we have a perfect guide our perfect guide and I didn't get to cover half of what I would like to have covered about the Holy Spirit. But if I've done anything I hope I have been a catalyst. So you will go and study what is it that God gave us start in desire of Ages six seventy six seventy one and six seventy two and you will find there a description and it says that Jesus read joist that he had made such abundant provision. He was thrilled that this was going to more than adequately meet the need for it and so that was heavens assessment of the Holy Spirit's help for us. And that's why the devil doesn't want to get hold of it he doesn't want us and actually we don't get hold of it it gets hold of us but we have to invite it and the way that it works is that when we realize our need. Well in this case that's why I read this quote because we have a real need here. We're going to go higher than the highest human thought can reach that means it's not humanly possible. And it's purposely That way God wants you to enter into a union with Him a dependence on him that will enable him to work out His will and in home schooling in any true education work that takes place you need to always remember this one principle is so important and it is that as we work on the plan of addition God works on the plan of multiplication. When that happens. It looks like you're doing such an infant to some a little bit that you just can see how could this make any difference. You're obeying and when you obey God. It enables him to work on a plan that is far beyond anything that you could expect. Or you could even ask for and I want to read a quote here let me see what I did with it it's in Acts of the Apostles. This has become just a key for me and because it tells about the character of God For one thing because it shows here that in this whole process from start to finish it initiated from him and so we have to have heart responses and we're always saying yes yes yes even if it doesn't look like it's something that we can figure out how to do if we just do the next thing. If we just do one plus one it will enable him to take it to the next level and so actually apostles for seventy eight. It goes like this and as though you don't have time to read the whole thing because we have much to cover He says he brings us to his word number one. And from the Tree of Life presents to us the leaves for the healing of sin sick souls. We're talking about how to restore sin six holes. So he's taking us first to the word and there's healing leaves there that he's going to give us healing leaves that are promises God's word. It's his commerces And then after he gives a sow's leaves then he leads us to the throne of God. Now you remember in Hebrews we should come boldly to the throne of God Yes we should come because we're coming in Christ's name and we're coming through the Holy Spirit's prompting So we have every encouragement that we could possibly have. So he brings us now to the throne and then what is the do. Listen to this. He puts in our mouth a prayer. So he's even initiating the very prayers we pray. And he told us in Luke eleven thirteen that we should pray and ask for the Holy Spirit which will bring all other blessings in his train. So when we ask for this. We will then understand and that's why this quote. After he's put this prayer in our mouth it says it's through this prayer which we are brought into close contact with himself. And get this in our B. half whose behalf. Our behalf. We said a prayer and now it's in our behalf. Oh what a god research her in RB have he sets in operation the all powerful agencies of have been. As you went and did your one plus one he prompted you to come to the word he gave you the promises he brought you to the throne and he put in your mouth a prayer and you prayed that prayer. You asked him. And you can even ask him to do for you that what you do you don't even know how to ask for and that's the promise there in. Over there so rich so rich with meaning in Romans eight twenty seven where that the Holy Spirit itself make intercession for us with groanings which we cannot utter it's so profound he's doing so much for us we have such a little part to do but if we don't do our part he can't do any of what he wants to do. So this is such a blessed and privilege and so he sets in operation the all powerful agencies of heaven and at every step we touch his living power. Oh I have I just get so excited about that because there's going to be times in your home schooling or in any endeavor for true education that you're going to feel overwhelmed. But listen there's promises for every need in His Word we are told that when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than for the How has been the shelter for me and a strong tower from the enemy. He truly is waiting to be. Gracious son to us and he will work in our hearts if we allow him and we invite him and we cherish him and that's why invite you to go and study out what does the Holy Spirit really offer you. I didn't get to cover it yesterday but there are is a false holy spirit a counterfeit it's based on emotion it's not based on the word it doesn't really appreciate studying the word don't spend much time there. It doesn't really find the joy of service. It's drudgery. It's just I have to do it there's a false. So don't get tangled up in that what God is offering you is far beyond anything that you could ever hope for and once you get a taste of it that's what Jesus was talking about he said up inside your belly will flow out rivers of living water. And you will die you will draw out of the wells of salvation with joy. So God has an experience for each of us not just for the young people. But for us and that's why I started yesterday choose that we have to have it in order to give it in order to guide our young people into this experience we have to have it and when we have it. It's such a joy that it will bubble out and it will enable. And young people of this kind of thing we have to give them a taste of it we have to whet their palate for it and when they experience it there will be a joy and I just love this different statements because well let me get ahead of myself but anyway in cherishing this Holy Spirit. It will unlock it will bring It's the key. It's the missing ingredient. It's the thing that will unlock and it is the perfect instructor so you're really following the guide. And so and it's the thing also that what teaches what is right and what is wrong what is true and what is. It is the key. So now let's move on and then we as we talk just briefly yesterday that we need to see in each one each young person each individual we meet an adult. We need to see them not as we see them but as what they can become if through our influence. This is true education as well as we through our influence encourage them to a higher life of how to have this experience themselves then we can see that there's infinite possibilities and that's what Jesus had was the mind of and the eye of faith so that when he looked at people he saw infinite possibilities. It's what the grace of God can do we know not but he knows and we just be co-operative in his hand that even if it's just by a smile on our face or a word in season. God will use it we work on the plan of what addition he promises to a word a smile. Whatever look so small how can that help anything that. Well he can he can work on the plan of multiplication many times I was talking to someone and I was sharing like this and you know and I said you know I really feel like I need to go get some training. I've never had a meter. And how to do Bible work and I was wanting to do Bible work and they said. You'll do fine. You got a holy glow. I said what and I said oh well maybe the Lord is helping me. Maybe there's something there that as I work on my plan of addition that he's able to take it to a different level. So I just want to encourage you you don't have to do to be all knowledgeable you just need to be teachable. And you need to be teachable by the Holy Spirit and then that's where the statements where it says that God can do more he can actually do more through an educated person. If they're consecrated C. so it's all about consecration it's all about who has the spirit who's responding. That's the real key here. So then he can take us to wherever he wants and lead us in the way that he has and we're all part of that one body with many members. So now. Now we're going to move on to some more things and that is. Pass this. OK. There is also a little thought that I want to leave in your mind. And it should be a daily thought if I am not intentionally and determinately part of the solution that I'm still part of the problem. That is something we need to consider we need to actually be aggressively on the side of right. Don't just let circumstances guide you. You need to be in charge. You need to take hold because there. We've got things to do there and we can't just roll with the punches. We've got to actually be soldiers in Christ's army. So I'm going to say it again if I am not intentionally and determinately because there's going to be things to try to sway you from that. So if I'm not intentionally and determinate part of the solution then I'm still part of the problem and God wants to use you to help be part of the solution. So he's going to take us through an exe and a whole experience that will help us to do just what he wants us to do at the right time now before I move too far from this I wanted to mention to you before the I did mention the the quote but I didn't tell you where it was and it's the one about how that the children are the lawful prime prey of the enemy. That's why we work to try to bring them back to the restoration. That's why we work to try to enable this whole process to take place and it is abundantly provided for but we need to recognize this is one of our enemies. So it's from a review and Herald article September nineteen eighteen fifty four paragraph eleven review and Herald September one thousand eight hundred fifty. Paragraph eleven. Now. There is another thought that I would like to share and that is. In order to receive God's help man must first realize his weakness and his deficiency. So as we come we come home Billy. We come home early and asking our Heavenly Father and it delights him to realize that we realize that we are totally dependent upon him and that enables him. So in this. I want to mention again that in this whole process. There is quite an experience that God wants to take us through. Have you ever sat down and just let your mind think for a moment. All of the wealth. And this is a good time to actually mention it right here is that if you go to the the website true dot education and you look for those Ellen G. White quotes and as we've just mentioned about that there is things to back up all of this. So you're going to look there and you're going to see that. Everything that God gave is now you're going to see that it's actually being proven true on true education and so we have now where things are catching up with this Isn't it beautiful that God in His omniscience his foresight made such abundant provision. Well who is God let me back you up go back to Genesis one and right there in the very first verse what does it say in the beginning was was God. And who was it. It was God evil him three persons of the Godhead three separate people three persons working so closely together. That they are they have a singular verb as though the every action is so complimentary they are always a. Harmony. Never in competition and that's God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Has provided everything for all the resources of heaven. Plus holy angels to come and these holy angels are just waiting by the throne ready to do bidding waiting us. To ask for help and then he sends He sends us everything we need. And so in his omniscience. He is ill him but L. him is the covenant keeping God. In other words he will never go back on his cover if there's anybody that backs out it's us. It's not him he's faithful. He's always faithful and he's always below him is always anticipating our needs. And always ahead of time this is what you see in the first chapter of Genesis. He's always anticipating everything is leading up to the creation of man he didn't do man on the first day because he didn't have everything prepared. This is such a powerful lesson is that we are always in our homes to be working so he united Lee never any competition never any rebellion. It's a sweet experience God wanted it to be based on love and caring. You can have love with just one person. It takes more than one in to tea in order to have a love experience. And so in this in that very first chapter you see him the covenant keeping God making full provision for all of man's needs. And then he is fulfilling everything and it is a love experience working harmoniously he's taught us and we just mention to how we learn by example we learn by what we see and so as we read this first chapter we see the lessons that come home for a true education in our experience in our home and in our schools. So this is God's ideal. Well now back to the scar. Did you ever stop and think about all the myriad of information. All of this that tells us every single aspect the councils that God has. And you know some people say the Spirit of Prophecy and they put S O P Well I like to rename it I say secrets of Providence. That's the secrets of Providence aren't you clad that in all of this material. God has given you the secrets of Providence because you said surely the Lord God would do nothing except he reveal it. His secrets unto His servants who the prophets. So if he's revealing this information for us. Wouldn't we be foolish not to tap into it and see if he said this is how a Christian home operate. And he tells you where the pitfalls are where the things are he's warning you that these things destroy peace and harmony in your home. These things will build it and so he's telling us the secrets of Christian living of how to arrive at this standard that is beyond our highest comprehension. Well. And so he tells us everything we need to know about health. Well we can be the leaders as it says in Deuteronomy twenty eight we can be the head and not the tail because we understand and in all of this true education. Remember true education will always teach the Cause and effect relationship when you understand the cause and effect relationship which he gives you through all of this wealth of information. He's telling you the cause and effect. This is what causes the negative this is what causes the positive and the so that therefore if you are honest in heart you say yes every time to the right when you're being prompted by that Holy Spirit you can always say yes just like we talked about Jesus in a moment in five B.C. eleven seventeen he had quick deserve to see where's the Holy Spirit working. Where is it not. And this is where I want to go and what I'm going to do so he could always align himself perfectly so. That God could bless the Holy Spirit was given to him without measure as a citizen John three thirty four. So this is going to tap into the spirit because it says in the testimonies to South Africa and I believe it sixty six point two and it says the Word of God is the seed of the Holy Spirit. So as we put this word into us. It's the seed for the Holy Spirit now I get excited some people can't walk past chocolate and pass it up I can hardly walk past scenes. Because when I look at Seeds I see potential. Yes it looks like a seed but I can see tomatoes. When I look at say that I can see peppers Kumar's popcorn. You have a wonderful experience young people who haven't ever grown popcorn. You have got to grow popcorn. You just want to miss it and you want to have it and you can you can grow enough for all year long and it's a wonderful experience that's fast food. So anyway but we'll get off the popcorn for now but anyway back to this is that God has given us his secrets he wants us to be successful. He wants us to come off more than conquerors through Christ he wants us to be able to do all things through Christ and he's enlightening us. That's true education God's in Lightman plan. So as we get in lightened and we start cooperating. We start having a more blessed experience and we start fulfilling God's desires for us as our well as our own hearts desires start coming for we start saying that God truly is the answer to all our needs. So then as I mentioned OK now we have all the information we need to know how to have health. Well today and you know as well as I do there's more sick people now than ever before. And they are really reaching out trying to find a better way I know. Man in Tennessee and he runs a little health food store and people come to him all the time all the time asking him what can I do for this what can I do for that and he tells of many shares the health message with them and he sees results and they see results. He's had so many experiences there was one couple that came in there and they had just been to the pharmacy across the street and the pharmacy says there's nothing more I can give you there so there's nothing I have that will help your husband he's on a downhill slope. There's nothing that will turn him around that I have to work with in this pharmacy. He said But I tell you what go see him over there in that health food store you go talk to him he did and when he DID YOU KNOW IT WAS THE TURNAROUND. It was a turnaround for these people when my friend Walt started talking to these people. He asked them and this this man is a Godly Christian Seventh-Day Adventist man and he has such a wonderful way sharing Jesus with people he asked the people he said Do you believe in God They said No neither of them believed in God he said well I want to tell you right now I can heal you only God can. Nothing I have here in this store will heal you. It is God and God alone that can heal you. He says I can give you some things you can do some things but he says it's going to take God it's going to take God and you know God turned that man a round. And you know what then when Walt asked them later he said Do you believe in God now said Yes yes. So God uses wonderful ways that you know it's good that I was afflicted that I might learn by precepts we oftentimes we run from the situations when God is trying to use those situations we need to have more faith in God He can do many things in fact he can do the impossible. So again we. Every kind of information that we could possibly have and so all this truly is the secrets of Providence. This is what we need and he said this is a really precious quote to me is found in the eight hundred eighty eight Materials on page twenty seven point one it says from the Holy of Holies there goes on a grand work of instruction so you can know that as you are working in true education you're working with God in the most holy place and it says also in fifty five five six sixty one never a time when God instructed his people more earnestly. So he has stepped up the pace he's turned up the volume. He's trying to help us because we have a short time and we have much to learn but we have a perfect guide a perfect teacher and it says that he can teach us more than one hour. This is not an exaggeration he can teach us more in one hour. Then we can learn in a whole lifetime. Well that is precious that means in a situation if that's what he needs to do he can do it but if he wants you to go through the character discipline. Of learning little by little That's also part of it so just have faith in God and know that he can do it and then I want to read this precious quote If desired they just go fifty to fifty one he who loves Christ the most will do the greatest amount of good. There is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart. And lives a life wholly consecrated to God if man will endure that necessary discipline and without complaining or fainting by the way God will teach them hour by hour and day by day he longs to reveal his grow. Race and I want to just mention here what did I tell you yesterday was the thing that grieved the Holy Spirit the fastest. Plane. Murmuring. Letting your attitude get in the way that is one of the things you want to be aware of and we're all told about this there is myriads of passages that tell us that very thing and that's why in a school when you are in the school of Christ. You're going to have a master's degree in some things. What do you think those masters degrees are going to be in South mastery for one we must learn to master self and not self Master us and right now we have to learn to use the frontal lobe to make choices not by on how we feel not by our emotions. So we're going to be making frontal lobe decisions that are based on principle. Brace based totally on what God has said if he said that we are to control our thoughts that I mentioned this yesterday that after I lost my husband one year ago. God took me through a process and when ever and I knew that I was in great danger I I could just see that it wouldn't take much for me just to go into deep depression and could even spiral down to death. I mean our couldn't eat I couldn't sleep I couldn't I couldn't function. I was just needing the Lord and I just kept reaching out to the to God to say Help me Lord help me you know and he did he started actually tutoring me in my mind in the passages. He started bringing to my mind and he started telling me every time you're starting to think about what has happened. I want you to stop thinking that way and don't let it even began Don't go down that way as soon as you see it was coming this way you need to start thinking and he said think of anything whatsoever that you can be thankful for about the situation. So I started thinking Well thank you Lord that he wasn't killed in a car wreck. Thank you Lord nobody else got hurt or anything else he was he was there in the field. Thank you Lord that's where Bob what I wanted to die. Thank you Lord. And I was just. What ever and as long as it took to get me away from that negative thing then once I was stabilized again then I can go forward and if it ever started to creep up on me again then I'd look for some more things and be thankful and thankful and I overcame evil with good and I learned that this process works. This process works in every part of your Christian life and I began to realize you know this was another thing you know people. I remember the passage just said beware of self-pity and I kept saying yes be aware of self-pity. And so I was realizing you know I have to stay off background. I cannot afford there and you know one of the things that cured me of that was I realized well you know what Bob doesn't even know he's dead he's just like he's sleeping and he's going to be the person that comes up to me I get says an early writings page seventeen and says What did you pass through while I was sleeping. And I was like yes I'm going to tell him I would just some other you know he's going to be so surprised. I went to California to Los Angels. I have already been doing this and he's going to like what. You do that you don't even know how to run a computer. So that's why I say they always very can do wonders. All you've got to do is have a willing heart and he could take you places and do things with you you just need to give yourself to him and there's no limit to the usefulness of one who lay self aside and makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit. So we're going to and this is a thought too because my overall thought was the Lord said yes you're going to be striving for excellence what is. Excellence is reaching your maximum potential in Christ and through the three great powers of the Godhead not what your friend can do your spouse can do or anyone else excellence is what you do. Reaching your maximum potential for God through the three persons of the God All are you OK sorry. Yes it did it hit him in the head and OK I'm sorry I didn't mean to scream in the microphone. Anyway it's OK. Now God desires you to attain the highest point of excellence. So without great labor there can be no excellence and so that that was a thought that Bob and I asked me one time when he caveman we were talking about your education and things and when we were telling you know how that agriculture is a very vital part of this true education. And most people don't want to really get involved with agriculture for one reason. What is that one reason it's it's not just work it's hard work. You're going to have to do things that you don't feel like doing when you don't feel like doing them and longer than you want to do him and it's going to be a real character development because you have to wrestle with self and you have to come off more than conquer because otherwise you'll back down and you'll just get weaker. So one day when Bob says you know. I need a acronym. I need a acronym for hard work and it was just like I didn't even have to think about it so I said well this isn't mine this is this is from the Lord for you Bob and I was healthy attitudes rightly directed will of righteous knowledge. That's hard work. But in the. How come those healthy attitudes rightly directed will up Jane righteous knowledge. That's true education. That's why agriculture is a part of true education because you have to keep your attitude bright. If you go out into that garden with your children those young people or if you do any agricultural pursuit with anybody. You have to have a healthy attitude. Yes. Yes hard work and this is the acronym hard work healthy attitudes rightly. Directed will obtain righteous knowledge and who's going to be directing those attitudes. The Holy Spirit and you are going to have to be choosing just like whenever of that I was tempted to start thinking in the negative bring your thought back over here and start thinking in the right way let the Holy Spirit lead your thoughts instead of your feelings. Those are all very important especially in agricultural pursuits. What do you need. Oh yes healthy attitudes rightly directed will of Tain. Righteous knowledge. And so let's move on here. Now one of these masters degrees that you're going to have and this is what we're talking about right here. It says there is a science of Christianity to be master. A science as much deeper broader higher than any human science as the heavens are higher than the Earth the mind is to be educated trained. For we are to do service for God in ways that are not in harmony with inborn in clinic. Hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil must be overcome our hearts must be educated. And so then there's another thought that goes right with this and I think these are both from ministry of healing for fifty four. We are to form habits of thought that will enable us to resist temptation. We must learn to look up toward the principles of the Word of God principles that are as high as heaven. That's principle such as self-denial self sacrificing love that compass eternity we are to understand in their bearing upon our daily life. Every act every word every thought is to be in accord with these principles all must be brought into harmony with the subject and be subject to Christ. And then that the first part to fifty four is what you know the first part I think was to fifty four. Yes. So anyway if not get your CDROM out. I have so many notations here. It's either four fifty three in ministry appealing to fifty four or the last part I know is four fifty four. So these are some masters that you're going to have when you finish not finish but when you are graduating to the school above is that you will already have had this. This is very very important part because you won't go anywhere in your progress into education without it and that's why by the time you get finished you're going to be a master at it. Now our time is quickly going and I think I have twelve minutes. So you remember and I mentioned this just briefly here is that when we have the Spirit of Prophecy the secrets of Providence and God is in lightning as to the cause. Effect relationship so that we can see it in whether it's in agriculture or whether it's in home life whether it's in our health whether it's in our education. Whatever it is we have the secrets and we know on both sides so that we will have the education to help us to be able to discern when we go for our training or whatever it is so that we can be educated people we have something to always be testing it by and that's why I'm so excited because this research that has come out when you go to that true dot education. You're going to see so much that is going to stand and support you in all of this endeavor. So with all of this behind us we have now we thought about how that god. God gave at the very start of the Advent movement. He gave some special gifts. Do you remember Dr Kellogg. He became so re noun. That many many famous people came and when people wanted to have a surgery and and Dr Kellogg even became famous for his incisions and his the way that a person's incision looked afterward it was like his signature that everybody you know the old Dr Kellogg did that. And it was not to to promote Dr Kellogg it was that God was trying to show where the light was. He was trying to draw the Gentiles to the light so that they would see that and so there was many things and even like. Effie Belden I believe it was at the Belden. You remember that when he would sit down and there was this was at the beginning to he would sit down and by the time the sermon was over as soon as he picked up on what it where was heading the topic by the end of that he was able. Yes. Able to do the presentation on in music just like you know I love music and so I was just. Now Lord we store that gift. One of the Abbey beautiful. And you know one thing that really has come to my mind more and more is that as I told you how God is trying to lead my mind. It's getting easier and easier to do that it's just a wonderful experience I highly recommend it. The only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner. But it took a real crisis that made me feel my need to my very core of my being that's what got my attention and I went from this point to this point because I was so desperate. I was just I knew that my life depended on it if I didn't get my act together. I was going to go down. And so and I knew that I couldn't afford even time out so to speak to to grieve and to to be dysfunctional because it was too much now resting on top of me. So anyway so with this. I want to say in Job twenty nine thirteen. It says I made the widow's heart to see and do you know that's exactly what God has been doing for me. He has been unable to me and when I read the word or sometimes when I'm reading instead of prophecy he gives me a song and I was just like father. That is so beautiful and I keep little slips of paper and I think sometimes you know I'm going to try to get these on a tape but I want to listen to them again you know and I do I sing them I wrote them on my little paper and then I put what my tune is there. It's hard to do that I'm not even musical I'm mad that I can't even read music. As well as say the Lord can do the impossible but I'm just saying is that they are such a joy to my heart. And he will do the same for you and that's why I bring this up the only reason I bring this up is I see potential in each one of these young people and in yourself as well God will do beyond what. You can imagine if you're willing and if you ask him. Sometimes I read something and I say Lord. This is so beautiful I want to song. I want to be able to remember this in song and then sometimes it's a difficult you know sometimes the way the wording of different things are have to have some help in being able to put it into a song but the reason I bring this up is that there is such potential sitting right here in this room just such potential that I want to encourage you to start thinking in this line because God can do wonderful things. And I'll tell you a secret. I'll tell you secret. Because I'm not able to write music and all this kind of Staff. I borrowed tunes. And now there are so many two that I love and so these precious favorites. I often employ to fit my scripture songs and my inspired statement songs and they were wonderful because I already love those tunes anyway. And so then when I have my words with my tunes and that's why I bring this up is because these young people can do the same thing. Yes. Yes Well I would like to. I'm not really a singer in public so I will try to have my courage opinion of God will do that but anyway I just I have I have wanted so many times to tell young people this very thing and that's the whole reason this brings such joy to my heart for me to be able to encourage somebody and I hope the Lord will put a spark in somebody because it will be such a joy to you and you know the reason why it said I made the widow's heart to sing is I made the widow's heart to sing for joy. And that's job twenty nine thirteen and you don't have to be a widow in order to have that experience. So anyway. And when we have our army of you. I only have five minutes and I want to tell you when we have our army of youth rightly trained they are going to more than fulfill the part there were says in First Corinthians four nine. It says that we are a spectacle Under the world. When we have such a loving relationship in the home that we are tenderly guiding and directing these young people. When we have that kind of bond and you'll have that bond because you're doing everything together. Not in a half to mode. Remember your guarding your thoughts your attitudes healthy attitudes rightly directed. So it's going to be a joy for young people to have you as their teacher to have you to guide them and they're going to love to come and show you all the joys that they have been finding their treasures their discoveries their joys of learning. It's going to be a beautiful thing because as children. This is key as children begin to grasp. The cause and effect relationships that you can share with them in all these myriad of different topics you are as they sit down with you and they realize will this causes this all and this causes this. Well then the add in list there will and they start choosing the right from the earliest time of their being because you are carefully guiding them. And so as they experience that they begin to trust God because they see God loves me so much that he didn't want me to have to experience this and I'll say this is that God gave us the word and he gave us the spirit of prophecy. Because he wants us to learn from the mistakes of others. He doesn't want us to go through the the sad time of learning from our own mistakes. So he's giving this as a preventive that's his real goal. And so the wise will pick up and learn they don't have to go and do. This that we have record of. The perceptive will learn from their own mistakes they will recognize where they made a mistake because they have the Holy Spirit to guide them and the Holy Spirit says that was a mistake. We should have done this and they come to repentance and they confess it and they say Yes Lord forgive me I learned from that I never want to repeat it help me to hear that still small voice calling me when I'm about to go down that road and that that word behind me I will hear. So as we do that but you know what the problem with the Fool is the fall won't learn from the mistakes of others and the full is not teachable. They won't learn from his own mistakes. Therefore what more could God do for him. There's nothing he can do if he is that rebellious in his heart. He's not teachable. You can't correct him be can't get him to do any better he's just leaning to his own understanding. There's absolutely nothing more so we can choose. Do we want to be the wise do we want to be the perceptive or do we want to be we had that choice. Well time. I have one minute. One minute and where to go from here. Well I was I guess I'm going to save agriculture for tomorrow. I can't do it in one minute and do it justice. But anyway. Lord we're going to morrow we will and. At this time I want to in my talk by saying this that it is the touch of the mass master's hand that makes all the difference in what I shared with you today and the master's hand is ready to help you. And my dear friend Mark can is going to sing a song to rivet this truth. Indeed your heart to realize what God wants to do with all of us and I'm just so grateful for this precious relief that we in this media was brought to. My audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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