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Designing and Implementing

Beatriz Caballero de Rivas



  • June 30, 2016
    8:30 AM
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Do you have only father. We thank you so much for this day for the opportunity to be together united when we asked for your Holy Spirit to be here. The words that come out of our miles to the Lord. Me Be Your words we want to dedicate our life to this morning again and to be ready for your soon coming Lord. Thank you for for everything you give us for the sacrifice you did for us and because you want to be with us in Jesus name we pray you mean. Well reviewing a little bit just a little bit. Our first day we actually built a foundation and we discovered that it was it is very important to understand tragic ation yes or no very important and we also saw that if we don't understand it we could lose the kingdom of heaven. So it's very deep. OK. Yesterday we put on special lenses right to look through to be able to identify true education because tragic ation has the goal to reach D.M. and to take us and our children our family our community mankind to where. To heaven and anything else that does not have those ingredients. Has another type of goal and we don't want to have anything to do with that true or false and so we saw through that lens a family like setting with a very important true education has the family life saving uses the Bible right as the most important book Nature is very very important because we can see what we're. Learning ups. You know in an abstract way we can really see God's love through all the details of nature the physical aspect we learned about that was very important to have our if we're not if we're not to help be. And we're not in our minds alert. We cannot understand anything. So that's something that's very important. We saw the work and the industry our children and ourselves we need to be useful. We need to learn to do things right. If we're going to be missionaries out in the world and take our children they need to be able to do the simple things the simple tasks are we social people and everything has it's time and it's way and it's very important we are social people and God made us humans mankind. In the social setting. Character development was another very important that's the only thing that we're taking to Heaven is our character. We talked about the body of Christ and how we are all part of the Body of Christ we're all one big family right. God is the head now but we're going to have students who are going to have children that when is the Malfoy maybe when is the easier. You know and so forth. And we're not going to treat one and the same way we treat the other. OK So that was very important and we just saw also that Jesus grew in four areas and he grew intellectually physically spiritually socially and those four aspects should also be in our true education. Which came out missed that OK. So today we are going to try to design and implement that in a program. OK And like we said before. We are all very different but at the same time we're this thing. So we're going to be seeing these aspects in our trade to cation but it might be implemented slightly different so if I go. To miss last gondolas house and I see they're doing something way different but my boys and her boy are most are the same age why are you doing something so different that I'm doing well it's because they're different means you understand. So let's try to see if we can understand that this morning. Let's go to Stalin one hundred forty four twelve. And it says there that our sons may be S. plants grown up in their youth that our daughters may be as cornerstones published after the similar to a. Of a palace is not just any building. It's a palace. I love this verse I love to been analyze think about it meditative let's let's see let's talk a little bit about it our sons may they be as plants grown up in their youth. We're not saying plants that are on the floor. They're grown up but you know what when we talk of a garden outside those that have had gardens. You know that when the plant is a growing up there are many things that attacked the plant right you have bugs you have the weather and sometimes there comes a big rain and the wind just blows it over and you have to be trying to use it to hold it up somehow and to make it stand and you can't just give it water all the time because it all drowned and that means they have the right amount of water in the right amount of what Sun. OK and it needs to have shade and you know that some plants. If they're too crowded with other plants what happens. Oh they won't grow but if they're too out in the desert by themselves I'll drive what happens. So there's like a balance our sons our boys are like that. We need to have the right amount of things. For them to grow and do you see that some plants may be ready to give a fruit in a couple of years maybe two years three or maybe that that that summer. You already having a little tomato or something but there are some plants dinner eighteen years to be able to have a fruit is that bad to wait a long time for an avocado. Do you want to have a rival of a car or a ripe mango because if you do open it green you're not going to be able it's not going to be OK and if you wait too long what happens to the mango they get some black and you don't want to eat it either so it has the right time and if our boys with the guidance of the Holy Spirit because we're going to have different types of boys boys that are leaders and boys better. They're more quiet and they're more and a little how do you guy each personality of each boy so they can grow and develop and be part of God's body only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit there's no other way with our needs and then some day they can grow up and be tall tree firm in the body of Christ that our daughters may be as cornerstones polished after the similar to that of palace. I love to imagine. To look at a palace in my mind you try to look at it is not just the Dall brick wall. Well we're talking about a palace we're talking about the especially the corners of it they have little things that are like detailed in and they're shiny says polished. So when what had happened to that to that area for it to be special and unique for a palace and mine be saying that a palace is aware who lives. Maybe a team. So the palace what are we talking about what Palace the palace of our King our God. Wow isn't that deep. What did that have to have someone artistic had to come and maybe a chisel maybe had to come in take place. But that hurts doesn't it have a chisel. What if I do to solve it will that market will I give the details. You know what if I do it too hard fangs. I'll break it off and then I'll have a chunk come falling off is that what the Lord wants us to do with our daughters. Not when extreme or the other it has to have the polishing done and it's little by little with patience the details need to be there and then our daughters can be part of the palace of our king. Can you see that and this is what we want we need them to be ready. So this can happen. They can't be forced to time any child. There has to be in the readiness of time so today we're going to be talking of them struck something that it could be ready. First the first thing that I'm going to say when we think about our our schooling everything it says and Jesus answering said unto them render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are go. Got you in your home when you're going to start to implement and construct your curriculum in your schedules and everything. First of all we need to give to the LORD What is the Lord and that's what we've been doing on the first day and on the second day we want to do that first and then we're going to look and see what is that the Caesar the government or the laws of the of the of the place are asking me to do I have to do that unless unless the it's running over the laws of God and then we have to make a choice. Are we going are we going to honor our Lord or you have to make that decision in if we choose our Lord is going to be true education but the Lord said Here Jesus said you know given to Caesar what is Caesar's So if it doesn't bother things that are from God then let's go ahead and give Caesar what is Caesar's so. First thing you need to go is to your state or to your area and check out what are the laws of this place. I've lived in many places and there are some places that don't have any you know strict requirements. Others have some that you just have to inform of the partment of education. Others have a lot of a lot of big list of things that you have to do but you have to decide if you want to do it over or not that's just the way it is if you do not. If you do not comply to the laws of that plays you have to decide you know if you don't like the laws of that place you think it's very hard or you don't want to do it you have two options. You don't do that type of education for you just move away. But go to another place that will that accept that because you can be you know social worker could. Or knock at your door. If you're doing a home school setting if you have I bet Miss Manteca talk to us later on of oh about if you're having like a private school setting that's a there are no other laws and you have to investigate those type of law so you can you know do what you need to do because we need our kids that need to be said an extra OK so did we understand that part. OK so that's exactly what I was trying to stay there to research investigate the laws of the state of your area. OK After you have that you're going to sit down and actually I have some green. I have a green paper and I'm going to ask. Tricia to help us to pass around the green paper and this is just to help us. We're going to have a part of a side where there are lines and we're going to use also the backside I want you to put the back side the blank side first just use that side first. OK And in that side you're going to have you just write down maybe some no trail but you need to do this when you're. When you're analyzing when you have prayed. OK And you're going to write there. The philosophy of education you need or you need to know the reasons and the goals that you're doing this why are you doing this if you're homeschooling you need to have one too. If you are doing a school home. You definitely have every school has their philosophy of education. I'm carrying you're going to write that down you write that in a in a corner and you're going to use in that philosophy you're going to use your Bible texts. Maybe a quote of the Spirit of Prophecy something that can back you up of why the reason that you're doing this. But this is very important what there will be great days and there will be. Days that you have to do. Lord. Why am I doing this again. Because when we are doing things that are great and grand for the Lord our enemy will be at battle. And there will be days that are hard and to have this in the portfolio. You need a portfolio to have this and to have the first page and open it and read it again and. That inspires you and to to remind you what YOU that is very important to have that established. OK So that's the first part you need to have the reason why your family or the little school that you're doing is doing this. Next. This is for real you need to choose the name of your school home. This is not a game you really need to have a name. This is not a game you need to have a name. Why because every institution little little school has a little name you can have a name chosen it helps your students if you're at home doing homeschooling the I am in a special school. I am the school of my home and I'm going to name it something sometimes the name has to do with the reason why you're doing it or or the place that you're at you do that next you should have in that portfolio some student health records. OK in there you're going to document allergy you're going to the vaccination or the signed waiver of expansion or whatever has to do with the help. Why. Because we could be investigated and there is no you don't have to be scared. You don't have to be scared you need to be able to prove that you are schooling in a proper way but that. We don't need to hide from anything right because they're doing things from the Lord the right way. There are places that will ask you. To have an attendance record. If you're at home doing home schooling Why do I need this you can have a special calendar and just check off just a little check well these days we did this on this day we did that and just to have an idea. Of the days you did. Or maybe you went out to to see Grandma and that's also an education. But yeah there are some places a do ask. OK. There's something else called the course of study. I'm going to talk a little bit about this you can be as detailed or brief as you would like include the subjects you intend to study in the books and the learning tools including the section long and short term goals. OK And you need to look over the state laws to know if there are requirements in this area of how to write down the the course of study for example I know that the state of Texas asks for the school in the home to have a class called citizenship if you're doing it so how can we do that the Lord's way you can do it any way you want but there has to be something called that you look in your area is there something that they require OK when I began to do I chose homeschooling in my home. OK home school. We're going to call it school home because it doesn't matter we learned yesterday it could be it could be both so in this school home I tried to do it first these long journals because I wanted every detail to be explained and I could have the memory of what we were due. And the details but I started out really well the first day and the second day in the first week I noticed that I was spending a lot of time writing and my day was going and I wasn't being able to go do what I needed to do because I was writing too much and you know what it just didn't work it for me but maybe for you it's a little different maybe you could do a little journal a medium one. For me it worked a little calendar type agenda. Thing that I could just detail a little phrase or a little or little word in and put the page number of the title of what I used or something like that we try to simplify because we want to spend our time what. Teaching we need to be organized though. OK we need to be organized this is the next steps the school Home Journal what we're talking about it's important to have a plan of the year you need to step back and see. OK what am I trying to do with my child from here to here will let me divide it up later just to have an idea of the things that I want to do. Does that mean that I have you know that it's a brace on me and I have to be on top of that like home no I missed a day of doing math. In it adding up no I could do two instead of three but it is important to be able to have an idea what worked for me was to have something general. All in a special calendar where I could see and then go in every Sunday I would work on just reviewing what I'm going to do this week and have something visual written down so I could just look in sketch. Oh that's right we're going to try to do this and that's you know the goal for this area this is very important very important to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven and you know my Spanish Bible says there is a time for everything that is loved and there are the Heavens what is it that you love. What is that what's the purpose for your education. There is time the Bible says For that there is time for that and. What exactly how do I do that all I'm going to illustrate it for you today we were going to do something here. Let's just imagine. And he knew well. Listen imagine that these rocks represent. They're going to represent the big things the things that are important the things that we talked about yesterday that need to be in our education and someone mentions something families said. Let's try to do the family thing what else was very important to the Bible's very important let's talk about the Bible. We're here for the families that ng. What else is nature carrying. Something else that will last or. OK. Just try to put everything in there to fit right. Now let's try to imagine. The little extras. Maybe the the medium things that we want. And maybe you could have an idea work. What medium things are that you one in your in your classroom can someone to say something. And idea but I think that the biggest one would be the Bible you know have God where you would like in that Bible you would like the children to learn to turn to learn independently at some point using the Bible or researching whatever it is they're going to start thinking about you need a list. I would like to also have this goal in this so that they're going to think that are great and there's not as big a change there not as big and I'm just going to put them in there. And then sorry I'm just a little thing and then what goes next what is this. I have sand Arthur and big big chunks of the day. These are the small life happens little things happen right that there are learning also old learning that it's important to maybe go out with the family and we go to share with someone and you know different things that you want to decide and these are the little things and look what happens. So these are the little ones OK we're putting it in Adar of the CAN'T SEE IN LIKE A V. And we have the big rocks representing the big important things of our schedule or our curriculum. Actually we didn't mention in the list those could be part. Of the medium ones too. It is important to have books and we're going to MIT We're going to talk a little bit and a little bit about the books. It is important to have books. Is it important that all it revokes and a formal education no not at all. So here I'm trying to put every green in here and everything fit in my babies did it. Everything did fit in there. Now let's see you would have been. If I decide to do it the other way around. Please have patience with me. Durst one moment. If I decide to not put the important things first. If I decide to put just anything. First and then try to fit everything in let's see what happens if I'm using the same amount of spam and just a little now and I don't know if you can tell but we have the same size of them which are little going to probably use the same jar then OK. Try to sift that fan and just try to take to be important things that we already know what they are and then we have the media was should be are important to be able to learn how to read and write and all that stuff. So let's do that. And I'm going to put first the sand the little things. Well I want to have art class and I want to be able to learn violin. It's simple. I like to play. I mean songs or we mentioned it was important. But if I want to have so many instruments that I want to learn but I want to just put it in there anyway and I can have a portrait class and have horseback riding lessons which is really nice because metre also isn't it. I could have all that and I guess it could be in there anything that I love can be in my schedule. OK but I decided just to put it in all of it in any in any order and then immediately then if I have time let's see what happens if I try to put the other which didn't just. What happened what got left out the Bible got left out the work in the industry but a little while ago it all fit that men were using the same day the same amount of little the medium rocks the big rocks and the sand and what was the difference. Priorities were different when you go to do years in your curriculum. Now we can get our green paper and we can go to this site here where the lines are these little slots that you have an in in the left side. Those are going to be your hours. What time do you wake up let that be your FIRST THING five o'clock in the morning which should be my my big one having my time with the lawyer that should be the first one that should be down down here down here and then. You know going down all the way down you go what time do you go to bed. Is it eight nine eleven we go to bed at twelve I don't think you're going be able to get up at five but OK whatever you do you decide how it is there are different there are different needs. There are different needs when you have all your little numbers down all the way down and now you're going to set the what they call. Sorry. What we call the anchor points. OK the anchor points. And you're going to put right by it a little mark. The anger points are the things that will not move necessarily normally during the day will we need to be flexible and we need to keep it simple and organized but we need to be flexible but it can't be every day being something really crazy and different. There has to be something that is that is pretty solid so the child can see in the and the US can see that this. This is important I need to keep it. At this hour when I get up I need to make my bed before I leave I'm not going to make it at lunch time it needs to be done at that point there will be an anchor point to get ready soon. Leaving everything you know that's that's an anchor point so getting ready. Having my time with the Lord. You know could be the very first one and one other anchor point. Don't we eat at a certain time. So our breakfast in our lunch would have an anchor point in our meal time. What about the family devotion because there's the part where they're doing it by themselves but when we get to come together as a family would that be an anchor point. OK would be family a special family time maybe you have maybe that's important for you to have a night where you can share and talk and read a story together and maybe maybe play a tickle in Assad and it just be a family to share in to and to know each other you have you think of what you love what you think it's important for you or the needs of your family and you'll put it there. OK. When I lived in the tropical setting I lived in Puerto Rico and I needed to be out early if I was going to use nature need to be out early because there the weather at a certain hour in the day at three o'clock. It's going to be raining where I lived in the place that I lived and at ten o'clock it was a blazing hot and so I needed in the OK So at this hour we do this before ten and we're going to do that view and you know I had my idea but when they move. Moved in and went to another place where there was a winter but. Then I understood. Oh we have to be out after ten because before ten it's freewheeling and we can't do that so then my anchor points shifted a little bit with the hour do understand. I'm just trying to give a little example of you need to sit down and say Lord let me have an idea what happens if in the middle. You know it's time for this. I mean this is it's three o'clock or it's four o'clock and we have to do this and you see that your child is sad or you see that they have a question or you see that. There is maybe a problem between the students. It's time to sit down and let's talk it over you know let's reason together doesn't the Bible say to reason together. Let's come in reviews and are you OK. And that's you know what there are times where you have to stop what you have planned and sometimes you have planned this amazing day that we're going to do this and the Lord in the morning in your devotion said you know what I have another plan for you and is going to be a lot better and at the end of the day you know learn the Q. I changed it completely with I can see that my child. Understood it and if I would have done it this way. Wow the I would have lost the opportunity to win him over and that only that to understand the formal part and and the spiritual part. Are we understanding a little bit. OK. I'm going to show you a little peek of my house but. There's a little photograph of the wall of my kitchen and. On the top actually in Spanish is the it's that part where it says that there is there is time for everything then rethink new love under the heavens. And then I have this big frame in the middle is says the hours I need to really know what we're we're I need to visually I'm a visual person and he didn't know what to expect today. So I have that in the little corner to the right. You can see the titles very well because they're in Spanish but the special work that we're planning to do that day in the menu that we were planning it just helps me simplify my life and to be able to know what we're going to do this and the children. What are we making today oh they're just going to take out the bread in that way because they know today is sandwiches. You know and it just makes it all go flow and that's what we want to flow nicely on this side we have devotions of the afternoon who is in charge of that and that we you know we're not going to be to do as you're Turner you know they really know what's whose turn it is we have a little calendar because there are orthodontics appointments and whatever it is on the bottom and then I have a little small thing on the on the left that are my little list remember to make the thank you cards and to mend the little doing the live my dress the whatever and then we have a special projects where we're fixing a table and that's just write it down remember we have until this date to fix the table of the and over here I have a little special always a special quote to inspire anybody you know we can do all things through Christ you know it's hard it's going to be hard but it's it's there all the time and when we're passing and you know just going through that can that change. Yaz and I use little markers that can be a race a boy and since it's glass I just wipe it off and it's really easy. I just it worked for me this you don't have to do this that it could be this is could probably be just a waste or something. But it worked for me is just an idea we need to be organized make it simple make it flow. And just do the best we can do. OK we didn't talk about books yesterday. Are they important. We did say a little bit. Yes. Look what it says here and the message is to use young people young people think you. I'm trying to say I have it in my mind in Spanish and trying to say them English locate never think that you have learned enough and that you may now relax your efforts the cultivated mind is the measure of the man your education should continue during your lifetime. Every day you should be learning and putting to practical use the knowledge gained but it is important to learn. And do we need the books to learn though. Yes well we can learn by doing things and I'm going to show you later on in the I would like you to write it on your paper in a little bit some methods that we could use but you know. When I got to the point where we need to do like geometry in the true going to read whatever pre-calculus stuff. That just went over my head I need a book for that. And there are other things like anatomy and things I don't know all the names of the bones I just don't know my memory that wasn't my area and there's certain things like that we were going to meet we're going to need books to be able to look. I recommend that you look for books that are that are with our our minds a creation based on. Six days. You know things like that we don't want to introduce things that we don't believe in OK that or that are bad. OK the next one be sure that you thoroughly understand the simple rules of English grammar and have learned to read and write and spell correctly climbed the lower rounds of the ladder before reaching the higher rounds so that means. What does that mean. Do I know. Like a grammar book a dictionary maybe a Cyclopedia and something that can help me out with that sure I can use books like that and there is a time for it is going to be all day long I knew I can't do that all day long because we said that would be true education that that would be trying to do either a school home or a home schooling which is just I've seen plenty of those that only have books all day long all day long all day long and the children are actually very tired and weak hoops and. Very tired. But look at says there there is a place for it then we do need to understand we need to learn to talk correctly and to spell it out because we're going to be missionaries who want to be able to speak to people and we can maybe if we can't talk to the maybe we can make you know write it down so we have all of all this is written for a reason isn't it and I'm so happy there it's written. I'm so happy somebody knew how to write it properly. So I could read it and understand it. OK so it says here look at the last part. Colline the lower rounds of the ladder before reaching the higher ground realms you're going to teach. You should teach but this is going to be up to you you should teach I learned to show my children. That they are in a grade. They are in a grade. They actually at some point felt sad to say you know mom in mind that in my studying and my really studying you know a daddy asked me today what we did in you know in our little school he was out all day that he was out all day and. We were doing. We were actually doing math but what did we do Elizabeth was it was you know. Not too small but not too big and we were pretending to have a little store and we had put. Values on our little hands and our little. Phon and we were adding and subtracting before her she was not she was not learning. She was playing and we had gone through major we had done a lot as well all day activities and our things and when Daddy asked what did you do I didn't do a thing we played all there you dad. You know. So she was asking mommy to him I am mine in school you. Yeah you are actually in your and I told her you're in this grade zero or less because of the age and she felt good she felt good to them but we are not just. Learning. What's in a box. What people say that you need to learn in this box when you are in fifth grade. You need to learn what's in there. No because we need to what happens if a child we need to teach them by skill. How can I go to multiplication if I don't understand my my adding it and how can I add if I'm not a really correct. It's abstract for me to understand that to mean that there are one and two the value of the number. So is it bad that a child spend a whole year understanding that you know what if someone grasps it in a month. And they're ready to move on should I keep them the whole year no no no no you're still of the age that you need to know the value we're going to stay here. What's going to happen to the child is he going to be excited to learn again. But I know that already you know I already understand that this is too. You know I would like to know what it is if I put them all together. They're ready to move on to the next skill you understand if the child does that you're going to have children that are going to be in math in this level but in grammar maybe in this. Or maybe children that are very vocal in their. They're very good writers and they're in their way up here in that area of it in math they're still trying to get it and is that wrong. That is not wrong. That is not wrong so we need to teach by. By skill and when they're ready to move on you move on. Our high school home means should have the flexibility it's harder when you're in a in a place where there are you know a lot of rules than you should be finished with these books at the end of the of the year but somehow you need to have that flexibility because it's not wrong for a child to be you know climbing high in some areas and then that way you can give more time for the areas that the more help. OK You understand. OK. So should they advance or should I keep them back. Let's see let the youth advance as fast as far as they can in the acquisition of knowledge let their field of study be as broad as the their powers can compasses and as they learn. Let them impart third knowledge so that not all whatever they're going to learn they need to be able to impart it to because if you keep it in here it is going to go poof. So I mean they need to be able to apply it and if it could be in a little quiz or something have doesn't have to be a test you can just you know by asking questions or solving a problem in the homework or in the in the setting that you're in so yes you can have I'm a vent advance advance advance. You need to keep them have be in learning what happens if they're not happy. They'll stop learning. They'll be they'll be the. Sad. Before we move on I would like to do the same thing we did yesterday. Let's stand up for a moment. Let's breathe easily. As breathe deeply you can you can stretch and just pull and. Breathe a couple of times a very deeply we need oxygen in our brain are almost to that and say hi to your neighbor. But happy that we're here we hey that's good. OK we can sit down. What type of books that my going to bring to the home. What type of books am I bringing to the home finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are on this whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure. Whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report. If there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things so those are the things that you're going to bring into the home things that are pure and good. I'm going to give you an example Pilgrim's Progress is a good book was that actually true. But it's talking about our life truly in the sense of spirituality. So we have councils in Ellen G. White to look up that book. So this is what we're talking about. But we need to we need to have things that are true. You know don't put things that are are at least I chose not to bring witches and magic and stuff like that into into my home I don't need to have that and there were lots of things that I didn't read and there was a lot of things that my children never saw and they're OK OK in education derived chiefly from books leads to. Superficial thinking so the books are important but it's not. The whole entire day just books. Language we saw as with language so with every a other study it may be so conducted that it will tend to the strength them needing and building of character. We need to know our language and it's important what about science should have all has science somewhere. He who studies most deeply into the mysteries of nature will realize most most fully his own ignorance and weakness. He will realize that there are deaths and heights which he cannot reach secrets which he cannot penetrate vast fields of truth lying before him and entered and that just shows you that your god is all my powerful and big and he is the creator of all this. Amen. What about math should I put mapping there in the study of figures the work should be made practical let every use and every child be taught not merely to solve imaginary problems but to keep an act accurate account for example of his own income and algos let him learn the right use of the money by using it in is should be become practical you need to understand the abstract and take it to the practical. And that way so math is also torn there should be a little slot in there maybe one of the of the grains of sand should be a match. What about history. Well we can have a type of history were only it focuses on the battles and the deaths and the bad people in all the wars and you know we need to know that were you know there were wars and there were there is sin in the world and all that but far better is that to learn in the light of God's Word the causes that govern the rise in the fall of kingdoms let the you study these records and see how the trooper spirit of nations has been bound up within a substance of the divine principles. Let him study the history of the great reformatory movements and see how often these principles though. Despised and hated their advocates brought to the dungeon of the and those so careful have through these very sacrifices triumphs. So they need to be able to know these things. OK And you know what our children need to know they need to be able to back up and see a picture of a timeline and see the history in their mind and disses even this year. Noah and what happened over here why did this happen and we are part of the same people going through this world and we can see going back and learning is thing. All you know what our enemies say is not creative at all he does the same thing over and over and over and over and over again and if I see them all I know what he's going to try to do to me he's been doing it all the time and he has no Like I said he will invent anything new he will either try to trick you by blowing you down or he'll try just attack you boom. This is the same thing and he tries to imitate everything from God God has a special day he'll imitate it. God has special True education he'll try to imitate it. He's got good wisdom in books he'll try to imitate and give you bad books kill copy anything then anything. Music good music inspiring uplifting takes me to Ronen music of the Almighty. Huell imitated me go down day here in your mind. Who do you want to bring to your home to your school all. We needed no history but history as commonly studied is concerned with man's achievements his victories and battle his success in attaining power and greatness God's agency in the fair's of men is lost sight of few study. The working out of his purpose in the rise and the fall of the nation is very beautiful. OK I'm going to explain to you something that I could do if I have many many children in my setting but we're all wanting to study and how can I make this happen when this is one way and this is called Unit studies or learning projects and this is how it works I'm going to just give you an example if we chose in our nature time or this mother I have or you want to design it. Let's study the ocean. OK how would I do that if I have a four year old five year old and then I have a ten year old how do I do this well for the ten year old we can actually look up words that have to do with the ocean like we could we could go to that we could go to the beach and we can pick up shells and try to investigate the words or the names of the shells and let's look him up let's see what type of animal lives here are we what are we doing there when we do that what are we doing was that biology. What it is how they how they grow old what they what they need and the little one could be drawing the little shell in having this you know picture that what they saw when they were at the beach and and let's it. We can do timelines. How many people use the ocean to travel and you can do history we could talk about people like those in it. Peter and Marg and Phylis and they use big boats to go from here to there in the U.S. What was the ocean's name get a map out a list. We're doing history we're doing geography we're doing all sorts of of things you do hobbies with then if we're studying the ocean you get to sand and make an art project with it or the little shells and glue it in. Ors must be awakened the interest aroused for this God's method of teaching provided He who created the mind an ornate ordained the laws its laws provided for his development in accordance with them we talked a little bit about that yesterday. And after we have all that divided in our mind the Bible the science the math the hope we can do the list on and on On and on and on and on what happens. What would be the method of teaching it. Deuteronomy six six through nine. That's the method. God told the people of visible how to teach their children the Ten Commandments. The king the Ten Commandments were you know the law of God His character on these two rocks and where they were you know maybe they were supposed to memorize it but they were mean they needed to know the meaning and how was that to happen. This is how we should apply other things to teaching children look at it says. And these were words that which I commend the this day. Shelby and by heart. So first you have to understand it and grasp it and love it if you don't love it you don't believe in your unit Show your child to do that no. And out shell teach them diligently into their children and shout talk of them when they sit down statistics into the house and when that walk us by the way when the light is down and when they rises up. Can we talk about this while I'm walking or I'm sitting on going to the store in the car. Mommy what about this or teacher what or what is this is it or do I say excuse me don't ask me that because it's not three o'clock it will be talking about math and three sure we do that will they ask at three o'clock Will they remember to ask at three o'clock. I have an appointment to ask my teacher at three o'clock. It happens naturally and naturally we need to give it provide their need. OK. And when their lives down when their rises up in the bind them for a sign upon the hand the hand is what you do the things you do when you work when you do things manually and when you and and they shell B.S. front let's between the eyes and that's our brain they need to understand it so as the intellect but done well with the manual and then shall write them upon the posts of the House and on the gates they need to be able to go. That's the way they can grasp it understand it and believe it. What you're telling them. So it's a natural way of putting Can we teach math that way. Yes The I wonder what. Look how many butterflies are there can we add them up yes. Except or exciter Do you understand more or less how to apply that I know it's a little abstract but teachers take hold of the school work with diligence and patience realize that yours is not a common work. You're laboring for time and for eternity molding the minds of your students for entrance into the higher school every right principle every truth learned in an earthly school will advance us just that much in the heavenly school. The work that we are doing is very important. Either you chose a home setting or a school home. This is Attorney D.. This is where the Army of God is going to come out and be lifted and be ready to go out and to preach on to the world. This is the only way our work. Is going to finish. What do students carry with them when they leave school. What do they carry with them where they go in what are they to do have a the knowledge that will enable them to teach others have they been educated to be true fathers and true mothers again that little family thing that we were talking about boys need to understand that they are priests they will be priests of a home. Do they know how to do that are there lots of men in our society that know how to do that today. I wonder why they've been attacked. It's been a plan is the same plan from the beginning. They've been attacked. OK What about mothers are they being attacked to very much so this is a very hard work that many times falls a lot on the mother. We need to we need to go on our knees when there is a merge and say what do we do. We go on our knees. Can they stand at the head of a family as wise instructors the only education were education worthy of the name is that which will leave young men and women to be Christ like which fits them to bear life's responsibilities fits them to stand at the head of their families fast with true education is really all about. We did this activity already which I had there. So I'm going to leave it there leave it with that quote there so you can write down. I just have a list before I finish I have a little list of first of all we have the Bible this is your book of excellence as a teacher as an instructor also the student needs it but do we need it. Yes we need to we need to really really dig into this deep every day we can find more you know deeper deeper deeper and when we thought we got to the end you know what there's still more. We're going to be a turn for eternity trying to know more and more and. The Lord is going to give us more we're not going to be bored. It's going to be joyful it's going to be nice. After the Bible. We have some books that I want to write down the title please. And you probably have others that you would like to to share Child Guidance there's a line needs to be read counsels to parents teachers and students the book on education. There's another book called True education. We have the book on Adventist home. We have the book on mind character and personality. We have ministries Ministry of healing which talks. There's the section there you think it only it's only just about hell but there's talk about mothers and there's beautiful the list could go on but the the authors Ellen G. White very inspiring books the last one Adventist home mine character and personality and ministries of healing. I'm going to also share with you. A couple of things that I used to present. All those books I used to present but all of this information. There is a place that you could go online and as Adventists is called Adventist home educator dot org Adventist home educator dot org And there is a lot of nice information on families that are trying to do to reject. Of course we have first of all true education and if we go there we're going to find we can find a compilation of Ellen G. White's quotes and you know talking about education so I would dig there a lot there's another book that I have that's called the successful homeschool family handbook the successful homeschool family handbook and is by the late Dr Raman and Dorothy Moore and that again we're talking about true education. It could be used as a homeschooling setting or as a school home setting. There is a beautiful D.V.D. out there of the authors Scott and it's called undoctored needed. And Dr needed and it's from belt of truth ministries of course that's Adventist and much of the things that were presented here he also talks about that he deepens a lot more though. There is a book called parenting your child by the Spirit by Sally Homer her beautiful. I have especially goes on by by stages. I have the parenting your teen by the spirit I'm reading that right now and it's wow it's really beautiful and uplifting. And you know what looking at all this. It just makes you. It makes you want to like sort of cry it's really big. Everything that we're doing and we are sinners. We're not perfect but if we grab hold to the Lord and his strength. Can we do. Yes We Can we need to stand up and grab each other by the hand like I said yesterday. Those that are doing it in a school setting and a certain way those that are in in the home setting. We need to grab the hands and walk together. As families as a society we need we need to walk together because this is about to end and we want everyone to be able to hear the last message and our children need to be ready to claim it and this is the way to do it. Thank you so much let's have a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you so much once more because you are. Granted and powerful and you are our God our loving God and you come down to our level and show us the things that we need to know to be able to be ready for your company. Help us to be light for others and help us with our difficulties also we have we have many Lord. We need your strength we need to be able to have your power your light in your guidance to be able to see the way but by doing so we're very pleased. We ask for your Holy Spirit In The Name of Jesus this media was brought to you by. Audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or you first if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W.


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