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The Perfect Teacher

Jeanie Mabley



  • June 30, 2016
    10:30 AM
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Dear Father we thank you again that you will be here and bring all our thoughts and to captivity so we can hear your voice as we look at Jesus perfect. An errant the perfect teacher our pattern. I thank you Father for that promise that we can do through you are through with your help in the Holy Spirit I pray these things in Jesus name Amen. Well. I wish I could have heard Beatrice another hour or tomorrow. And I want to say that when Rob Mr Montana gave me the society man. Manning months ago so I had lots of time for preparation this saw much material to read and so much counsel and I knew that because I've been down this road as a homeschooling parent and it was overwhelming. And I knew that it's probably how you all feel. And so I just focus on the little book education. I thought I can handle way at. And that was written for the public it doesn't have the specifics which we all want to know but that was all powerful read for a devotional read and I outlined it typed it. You know just those points that stood out my mind I'm also spent four months just for devotional time. You could just read that over and over and recommand with to anyone on non-Christian. Now you know member of our Church Education has basic principles and. I know that that book has been given to educators or to those are crediting our schools in the past and when they read that book. They said if you go by their book. That's all we'll hold you to is that book. Those are powerful principles. So and I want to make a bat and give that encouraging word. Well to begin with today. I want to give a little questionnaire. That had been given over fifty times in the last twenty years by the Moore Foundation to youth who are between the age of eleven and fifteen. And this was the questionnaire. For the you. They were to choose to do things that were most important to them. OK These are the options and I want you to be thinking what you think they chose to get along with their age me it's you know to be accepted by their peers. That's number one number two have a good relationship with their parents and. Their hopes for them to graduate Well that's number three number four to be happily married. Number five to be rich and have a dream car now this was done twenty years ago said a Corvette. I don't know boy still dream a Corvette. So I put in maybe a sports. Vehicle. I know that's what my daughter want to as a rock. And then number six to be saved. So all repeat did they choose. To get to be accepted by their peers or have a good relationship with their parents or to graduate well from a school get a degree or be happily married or have their dream vehicle or to be say. How many would say out of They've got to choose two things. So the students chose get along with their age mates as maybe number two or one of the two as anyone. They get was that. You think that was number one to get along with the peers that be them who are all. OK to have a good relationship with their parents. I think anyone chose that. You think maybe that was number two. OK To graduate well get a degree. You know be a success successful student. They get me many chose that. No happily married. Yeah. To be rich. Now if you're a Christian child you're probably not going to add met such an admission. But this was anonymous so. You know if it's anonymous she put down what you really think. To be saved like that's on their mind. Now this was twenty years ago. But you know what it was to get along with their parents. Can you go in there and. Number two to be saved. Twenty years ago yeah I'd be interested to give this test now anonymous to students. Well my point is. Kids want to have the companionship of their parents. But parents are busy so they are there right. And they're in school with their friends and spending the majority of their day if they're in school with their friends. So it looks like that's their world and it probably goes. And if the students who are old for let's see fifteen fifteen to nineteen. There was sort of a toss up between being happily married and what was the other the good relationship with the parents and that was sort of makes sense because they're now moving into a new home of their own. So of course they want to have a happy home there with their new spouse. So that's what I wanted to talk about was number one as we look at the perfect parent who's Jesus us and he was parenting his twelve disciples who had serious defects. You know I as I was studying this I was thinking it was kind of easy at least they were grown man you were having to deal with all that foolishness of children you know and. Why. You know. Then I immediately thought. There were five eating there were you know who's better me worth it was still there. They had the facts and when she was. Spanish she only had the read and a half years with them. And at the Last Supper it looked bad. It looked bad but then when Peter they all they all failed miserably. They felt their new boy did they feel their need desperately and then he laughed. Now but he gave them the Holy Spirit the greatest gift. And when are I hadn't even thought of this but. I hope I don't cry. When one of my daughters left home. I thought I had failed and I went into deep depression over it. But the seeds were planted in the Holy Spirit is still working in her heart. Hurt and one day recently. She said to me. Mom I only want to know god's will and do it. I just I have a prayer journal. Of Thanksgiving because I have to focus on Thanksgiving. Boy I wrote that well in a big. I'm not and every year we homeschool. We were battling I know my were battling because I had the same hair. And you probably do too with your kids. And down when Rob asked me to you know present time there. And I'm leading the. Oh yeah they need to they need to. You know and I kept thinking I knew them. And I tried but I tried with you know I Will they didn't know how to engage my thought to the Holy Spirit instantly you know and just get the thoughts I wasn't aware of the power before and boy. God has taught me bad and I hope that you will just come to the Lord every day and this is what I do now. That I have learned that lesson. I pray every day. It's a word picture. Laure. Lay your hand on me. That I make her hand lane and with and depth and hype of your law that I may be filled with the Holy Spirit. I read there the end. Why am seven of the testimony said to me it's a word picture. Lay your hand on me now Lord that I could comprehend because if you come up or hand more and more the love of cheese sauce. Then you can love your children like him. You can see that you're all sinners. Further along in the things. But you know you're all sinners and the second thing I do every morning and I would recommend and then I say Lord. Take my heart I cannot give it but it sure property. Keep my heart pure. Save me in spite of my week on Christ south and this part I love. This is now the word picture now. Me raise me into up Hugh or in holy atmosphere where the rich current of your love through me and. There's another quote I read that fits right in their flow through me tender thoughts and words and an X.. So now you picture this love cloying and so now when you open that door. You say so or you. You know you know you have the Lord Besigye chill and all day long I have learned to pray this interesting thing happened when my children left home. I thought I really learned to become patient. My husband was at work and am all home all along and then. My husband came home he read to well he was actually laid off and we went through a period of time and then now he's retired and he's home all day and now I am battling patients again Lord's power. I am. He's giving me victory and I hope my husband say those things you know as a homeschool parent you know you go or you read in the counsel and and you're in charge right. But. Wrong as the Holy Spirit is in charge and you're doing it in his power and boy you can really kind of become very controlling. Very demanding including. So I've had to apologize a lot to my husband is very sweet very patient. Fortunately and he will always say with a big smile. Well our forgive you if you don't do this again he knows the rest of the story. OK So companionship is a real big but before I mention jesus us as the great companion least twelve disciples. I want to mention that he had gone through years of preparation. Remember that and what was he doing during those thirty years of preparation for the parenting job and a bigger job was to be a teacher. It's HIS it here's the preparation this is education so let's move on here. Jesus followed we know the divine plan of education those schools of his time we know with the magnifying of things small in their belittling of things great he did not see he is education was gain Jurek Lee from Haven't outpointed sources. So here's another summary you swore. That was his perpetration to be a parent. Study of the Scriptures. They each are experience is a lie which is God's lesson book full of instruction to all who bring to them a willing hand. See I understand how or so if you're a lazy parent is not real you can't sit on the couch and say work. It just doesn't work and if you're. You know if you're not praying and saying those lessons like Beatrice said so powerfully it's got to be in your heart a love for God's word love the scripture. OK soul will bring along. Parents must the quiet themselves. It says Before taking upon themselves the possibilty so fatherhood and motherhood men and women should become acquainted with the laws of physical development physiology and hygiene with their bearing on the prenatal influences with the laws of hereditary sanitation drastic actions size treatment of disease. They should understand the laws of mental development and moral training and I want to ask you a hard question did you all get that training. I had been. And I was training to be a Home Ec teacher. Sol you got to take some educational classes. So all I took a loss of education we read The Little Book education but we also read a lot of things and then I took you know child development but boy I tell you when you get it then I think that was one hundred marriage family something. But when you have children you name much more than a man. I had never babysit I didn't have a younger child to take help and care for and I always wanted a child but boy I looking bag. I needed preparation so then I asked myself and you all can ask yourself. Will my children have a preparation. Well they'll have a real head start but. Think of that have your children a soon as I can start reading child guidance. I think my daughters do when they read Child Guidance and Avonex home and they did a lot of babysitting and to gather we were learning while. We came about news lots of you know confusing ideas out there for parenting disciplining. But they definitely felt the need to learn how to do this and had the experience of babysitting so. Just remember parents you want to continue to be learners read it over and over with the Holy Spirit's guidance and. Understanding of physiology and hygiene. I guess together as you learn these sayings. With your children and studying. A simple book of anatomy and physiology in the laws of how I know we carefully went through councils on diet and foods to scare for you went through it and so I loved homeschooling in this aspect I got to continue to learn. And together. OK here's a never statement. And never will education accomplish all that it might and should accomplish until the importance of the parents work is fully recognized and they receive the training for its sacred responsibilities. I just wish in all of the colleges would add a class A now called heritage and maybe high school. OK So Jesus prepared himself and we know he's. Time. In prayer with these over these twelve disciples and remember he had one day Cybil that was one of the holy say how do you describe Judas Judas was constantly working against ham. And he had Peter over there saying and all off the wall things and so he had these two conflicting personalities and he spent much time in prayer. And know that's the hardest thing when you have people in the home and Satan knows that So like I said yesterday I pray that the Lord will wake you up every morning. You know. The time you need and this is a beautiful description. It's long but it's a beautiful word picture of what that looks lie. Maybe you can picture the US. When we have this quiet time but this warning many in their seasons of devotions. Fail of receiving the blessing of real communion with God They are in too great haste with hurried steps they press of the circle of Christ loving presence. Pausing perhaps for a moment within the sacred precincts. But not waiting for counsel. They have no time to remain with the Divine Teacher. With their burdens they return to their war. Now I have to pray Lord bring my thoughts into captivity take time right now so my mind is connected with your divine mind I like to picture that connection. And he does and. I will have a plan of what I want to study and it just goes a different direction. Those workers can never attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength. They must give themselves time to think to pray to wait upon God for a physical mental and spiritual power and for the sake of time I'll go. You want to keep reading. OK. I know every sentence is always powerful. They need uplifting employs of his spirit receiving this they will be quickened by fresh Why. You need it every day and during the middle of the day I think you need to take those moments go to the bathroom shut the door or whatever it takes the wary receiving this OK the where it frame and tired brain will be refreshed and a burden heart will be lightened and here's this beautiful picture. Not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ to sit down in companionship with him. This is our need happy will be the children of our homes and the students of our schools when parents and teachers show learn in their own lives. Precious experience pictured in these words from the Song of Songs as the apple tree under the wait a minute I haven't and danced the samurai. I'm sorry. OK. Will start again here is the word picture. As the apple tree among the trees of the wood. So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with a great deal light and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the Banqueting House and his banner over me was law. He says I love you Jean. Wow. Every morning. What a vector I we want our kids to to discover that. That they're not hopeless. OK now I'm going to add now another word of caution I just discovered. I've been thinking about those social times. When we parents get together with other parents sometimes I'll come home thinking why conversations. They weren't so good and were all wanted to do our best. But it just the conversation sometimes I try playing and I realize what these conversations should be. You know we should be encouraging each other and I think we do that but I've just been on my heart especially on Sabbath. So this is what I read when I was reading about the story of Jesus going to Jerusalem where his head. You know so it's going to be him in eighteen years and and. In those in that time he's got to turn things around. And he had those heavy work to do. And bought. He's going to Jerusalem and everybody is just visiting and chattering and so do you remember he didn't choose to be with the other children. He chose to be with his parents and then when he came back from Drew song. It's sad and I don't know quite how to take all this he planned that he would go home alone with his parents. Now maybe they didn't inquire where is he they just left without telling him. And but he had wanted to go home with them along and this is why because people. The presence of the Lord and this is why it's us and these are be ages that his parents lost the presence of the Lord for three it was like the three days when he was crucified and then laid at rest in the tomb and then was resurrected you know three days juices wasn't present it seemed and that she said is an illustration of what happens to us in our conversations when we get together with other adults and and so I wanted to bring this out. There is necessity of carefulness of words and actions when Christians are associated together less Jesus be forgotten of them and they pass along carelessly. The fact that Jesus was not among them the lips of it's beautiful but trying to fit it on my Power Point will not be found in the company of those who are careless of us Presson. And who engage in conversation having no reference to their Redeemer in whom they profess their hopes of eternal life or center to lack of meditation watchfulness. Of our conversation and prayer. They have lost all that is valuable the divine. Rays of light emanating from Jesus are not with them cheering them with their loving elevating employees and then it says they get very discouraged then Course sort of have this the scourge mint in darkness and you know might take a little while to get back to the joy of the Lord and and I just been pondering vat you know I'm there but I do know there are some people you can eat and need it we connect with and you will have a very spiritual conversation if you notice that it's just an stand and but how do you help the other person that you love. To draw them bag in so I think maybe we need to pray before these times together that God can guide those conversations because we love that sweet communion Jesus wants for us as we are with other families. OK. There was something else that we are told not Jesus already knew all the principles of true education. But we are told that we need to know them and that why we're here. So what are they. Well Peter has just reminded you family setting nature of love and loving nature and Bible study and then she mentioned how and I'll say more about that and we're character development and then she added the principle of focusing on a unique notice of each child not this factory production. Each child guided by the Holy Spirit I love. That fog Beatrice and I think our children will kind of tally you all Mom this is born as they are also to let you know you need to re-evaluate and I had that happen to me I'd change the textbook it was cheaper. But all it was bad. I had told toll toll rebellion. I am not going to do those and I knew in my heart I wasn't liking it either but now she's saying I'm not going do business. But I do. So I drove over today at his office and she said the rest of the day and then his office but I changed the text watch. So you know I was such a good point Beatrice remembers that lever to her memories in those areas. OK And now they're gone. Experience in practical life is in the Spencer ball. You know my husband as a very practical guy has professional degree in business is an accountant. Or he is just practical. If it's broken. He figures he thinks he can fix that. I think I need help so we make a good pair but I did not come into this parenting as real practical in a way that practical reality. In fact my parents had a house cleaner. When I was growing up they could afford it and I'm looking back saying While I can't believe that I didn't think I was lazy growing up. But anyway. And I was recently in the home of a relative and I understand she was a working mother and had three children that were teenagers adopted children and so she finally gave up in despair training these cameras here working mom and you're trying to train. I had to save that word so she hired a housekeeper. But God's plan is what. We're together in learn the skill and to be masters of the F. scale. OK so the parent needs to have their practical billeted and then they need to be orderly they need to have habits of. My jumping here. OK I'll read it as a stated experience in practical life is indispensable order thoroughness punctuality self-control a sunny temper even it's of this position self-sacrifice integrity. In courtesy are essential qualifications. Wow. With gods how. We know that those things will help us be better better parents and teachers those beaches so beautifully brought our best Skagit wall on the wall I just saw that was beautiful you can't miss that on the wall it's not a scribble and some board can everybody can see it. But I want to speak to the issue of self control. That's what we're teaching our children rising as bottom line self government. But how about teachers parents as those words and I have done a word study from. Mind character and personality and communication an excellent book but it's it's it's raw. It's rough to read those words but again there were some word pictures. And I guess I jumped or maybe not. OK here it is. Learn the eloquence of silence parents. Wow I like that the thought that. OK I'm not saying anything I'm so upset. I'm getting my D.. I'm not going to say anything but she calls that Alec Coanda one. Was did he know he was let us Oh I am to the slaughter and insane and I'm sure there's a lot of things he didn't say to Judas. And do I only have five minutes or fifty I still got fifteen. OK I saw you move forward apprehensive here. OK. That eloquence was science and then I was thinking why is what Mrs White means when she says Don't immediately attack what's just happened. You need time with the spirit and your kid needs time with the spirit. You both got a kind of you know have that time. Now I know if one's beaten up the other you have to deal with it I had that the other day with three one swing three boys. But being naturally I mean how else could he get his attention. He's big. By the work anyway so I brought in the US. Quiet alone from the others because they're all going to add their two beds. And then we could calmly talk about it but I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with one swing three boys so many one ponders that lets me know because there's always Who's first. You know you can take turns your time it but anyway that science you do have time to quickly say connect with the Lord and say. What should I do. And then this is the other beautiful cold. This isn't and here we strain. It's call and I get an echo and I turn to the side I don't know what I wanted to read that. OK OK where you are if you don't hear me at least you can read it. All holy restraining without faith it's impossible to please God Maybe Rob I don't know if you're in the way their words. We can have a salvation of God in our families but we must believe it live it have a continuing abiding faith and trust in God and here we go we must subdue I hasted temper and control our words and in this we shall gain great victories. All I memorize the US and her about it on a last we control our words and temper or slaves to say we are in subjection to him and you get a word picture here with this label we're here with a chain. He leads us captive all jangling an unpleasant in patient fretful words are an offering presented to his Satanic Majesty and it's a costly offering were costly but any sacrifice we can make for God for destroys the peace and happiness of whole families destroys how and he's eventually the cause of forfeiting in eternal life of happiness. We know in heaven. This isn't going to be. Somehow the lateness of our hour last night we didn't get the last one in there. Anyway I'm sorry about that it's sad news that there will be a whole a restraint on our model and I like to picture. OK God's hands over my mouth. And it will become a habit of saying of only speaking gently quietly. I know something that helped me recently is to relearn were to need it Lee almost whisper. I've tried it with my husband just one say something and I'll just sort of say Where did you get real quietly in a whisper and it has credible of fact instead of allowing cleared in did you think. You know. And I remember being in kindergarden once with a very talented teacher and when they got very noisy maybe teachers know the secret she quit talking. And all of a sudden the kids would or she was she just lore of ways. And nobody could hear anything and I always remember there were our early work to good but of course our human flesh used to raise the voice that they can hear yours. You know and so with God's help. You know and I know Jesus when he spoke it was a melodious for why he's missed us why it was told by God. That Her voice was too loud measuring being told by God Her voice is too loud. Now she had to speak and be heard I guess. But he said her voice was too loud. You need to you know use your voice proper way. And so she learned to Laurette and he then gave an example she heard Jesus for days. Sweden Mulai Yes. Wow With God's help and I have some promise to Syria. I just knew I wouldn't have enough time. I'll get here is the promise. I can punch a teacher's advantages may have been limited you're not trained as a teacher right. So well that he may not possess as high literary qualifications as might be desirable and yet if he has true insight into human nature. Who the Holy Spirit. I added that. If he has a genuine love for his work and appreciation I was mad. Magnitude need help and it determination to improve if he is willing to labor earnestly and perseverance. He will comprehend the needs of his pupils and by a sympathetic progressive spirit will inspire them to follow as he seeks to lead them on word in afterward. And as the highest authority. As the highest preparation for your work I point you to the words live methods of the Prince of teachers I bet you consider him here is your true ideal. And on this next page education two eighty two there was about four beautiful promises from the Bible you know will have to Mao but I will never leave you or for sake you was one of them and I am here but here's It says Behold it. Jesus dwell on it until the spirit of the Divine Teacher shall take possession of your heart and live where you like to Nelson Amir the glory of the Lord you will be transformed into the same image then says the secret of power over your pupils we whacked him. I know this what we want and I was saying I thought I had failed the other day I bought a verse God show me lessons and Major I had planted some seeds my daughter had given me she has great faith in these dried up dead looking seeds to grow in my soil. So I dutifully put them in there in the fall just covered them up with dirt and said they are really grow I don't have to do anything else and. They were on black eyed Susans and I don't know what happened next year nothing came up and I thought Sure. Takes more than math and they share this spring. I have a huge crowd after like I had seasons. I am so excited and I thought god. That's what happen in my little ones I planted in my you know way. In their hearts and I think they were sprouting very well or even growing but God took her and I have. Confined to jump ahead here while the fault was that when Jesus was all done three and a half years and. That then they now their need of the Holy Spirit. They felt it and the whole e spirit then took over the rest of the work and while. What did it look like they changed the world all. And that's what our generation can do. So later I'll get to that core I think is at the end here. But are times off more of a good stopping point and let me look here and see if I covered will continue the good Jesus parenting his disciples to look at the clues and share this media was brought to by audio verse a website that. Catered to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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