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Mentoring Godly Men

Edwin Nebblett Maria Nebblett
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In an age of widespread gender confusion, passive men and absent fathers, there is a desperate need for godly mentorship to disciple boys and men into Christ-like manhood. This seminar will paint a portrait of a godly man and outline the disciplines that build such character. Principles of effective mentoring will be discussed, highlighting the crucial aspects of giving and receiving mentorship. Illustrations will be shared from Scripture, history and personal experience in raising sons. 




  • August 4, 2016
    10:45 AM
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We just want to thank you for the privilege we have to open your word and understand how your principles can be practically apply in our lives and our homes and our church and in our community that we have the privilege to serve. We invite your spirits presence here now that your Spirit will teach us whatever it is we need to know. And how we may implement it in our own situation in Jesus' name and maybe we should amend that principles come from the Word of God But these are principles that were have been applied in our during our lives in New Mexico. So the first question that we want to know is what do you want to talk about this today. Really believe that we should be talking about this because manhood is in trouble. And there's no better place to look at this than in the home so to sticks in North America show that one third of children do not live with their biological father and a man was home a child is four times more likely to live in poverty more likely to suffer emotional and behavioral problems two times greater infant mortality about home more likely to go to prison a child is more likely to go to prison more likely to commit crime seven times more likely to become pregnant as a teen and more likely to face abuse and neglect. I'm not those fathers that are in the home. How many are engaged. I mean they may be in the home but are they there in the home in gage where you see I was engaged in many activities outside of our home instead of working intentionally with my wife years ago to raise sons and daughters. My attitude changed when I realized that I would not hear the words Well done good faithful servant. When I was asked that message in Jeremiah thirteen twenty. Where is the flock. That was given the the beautiful flock really was a call to my heart and as a result of that I began to pay much more attention. I'm not trying to say that the activities that I was doing when they were not busy as a family physician doing a lot of teaching involved in church planting involved in evangelism health of Angelus I'm involved on television lifestyle magazine Genesis I enjoyed it all but what about my one and that was the question that was before us. So in order to answer the question we need to be clear what godly manhood looks like and the place to go. We believe is the Word of God and second Timothy three sixteen we read all scripture is breathed by God and profitable for teaching for repair for correction and for training and righteousness that may be complete equipped for every good work. Now you know many of us are familiar with Proverbs thirty one which is well known to detail many attributes of an excellent wife. However I believe that you don't get to be an excellent wife unless you have first become or are becoming an excellent daughter while the same principle I think applies for becoming a godly man first of all a godly man has to be committed to following after Christ else. How could he be God and we believe that for this. This is the greatest need in the world today the greatest want you have heard this passage and book education but fifty seven the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is us true to duty. As the needle to the pole men will stand for the right though the heavens fall. So how do we if we are interested in raising godly sons do this or first of all we know that Satan will attack you know as long as we seek to mentor godly men were goddess of their age. We need to be aware of the attacks of the enemy but I say that we should not focus on Satan's attacks but rather on the power that is available to each and every one of us in our situations through divine grace and do God's nature to combine with our futile efforts to develop our sons into the men God would have them to be there is no limit to spiritual attainments in and through being partakers of the divine nature. This is the greatest highest inducement ever offered to man his identity is hit with Christ in God and he has that mind that was in Christ Jesus and he has the high pure and elevated thoughts and for years grow into the likeness of Christ. That is so today we will seek to paint a portrait of a godly man and we are going to cover seven points as we look at some of the critical what we believe are the more critical attributes these are by no means all of them of his character and discuss some of the disciplines that help to build such a character in childhood and later on in adulthood if a young man was not initially raised in an environment that would help to give him the right foundation. So the portrait of a godly man. These are the seven points that we want to cover the biblical identity. What is it the humility integrity honor diligence and perseverance self-sacrifice and self-discipline and moral purity. I just want to put in a good word for mentoring because that would mention some of. The blessing in the privilege of having a foundation in a home. And having been able to watch other to live with him to receive his mentoring. A Godly father is the best mentor for a boy. To help him become a man of God but in this room in my home my brother I we did not have to look up to so it was much later in life. That we came to to the convictions that we now have so I just want to make an appeal to to you especially to the men since this the purpose of this seminar today is particularly. Mentoring men and if you are those men that did have that blessing and privilege. They see two men or God has given man an identity which involves many things including being a leader being his represent. To meet the needs of a broken world. So take the time. It's very difficult in this day needs to invest time in extra things but take that time as you can if if nothing else in praying for young men in your life that you know need mentorship. For those of you who are adults. You've come to the Lord in your adulthood. Again the benefits. Having a mentor older man that you respect and trust is incredibly positive. It's a huge blessing. So take that time to pray about it. And there is also a very rich source of mentor. Our boys all of our children have benefited incredibly by reading the biographies men and women of all ages. That have been mentor by themselves. We are going to have on our website. We meant to do it before we came here didn't have time to do it. On list unless the biography lists. A recommended list of materials that you can read. If you're a young man and you didn't have the foundation or even if you did have the foundation our young people do this all the time they look at the lives of others were the life's. They are inspired by the testimony of those people so mentoring is very important. So if you are now young you have boys or girls in your home. This is the time to take very seriously. Your role. Your example is far greater in more impactful than the words you can speak so make sure that through the life that you are living. You are mentoring your sons just as much as with the admonitions that you give them. If you. If you don't feel that you are skilled. Doing the mentoring. To help you. To help me. So what I do. As I didn't know how to do it. I did know and many things I knew what to do but there are some things I didn't and the Lord bless me by giving a woman who can help me. So the first thing that we want to do is to help our young men to understand that they draw their identity as a member of the body of your people who gotta remember this world is not our home we're just traveling through but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. So we draw our identity from God We need to help our young men to understand that they need to strive all that God's purpose in creating them as US review of the scripture rather than what worldly philosophies are shaping meant to be in our current age first US alone. Yes for you know like a father with his children that we exhort each one of you and encouraged you and charged you to walk in a manner worthy of who calls you into his own kingdom and glory. So through the study of passages such as First Timothy three and four First Timothy Chapter Three Chapter four and Titus chapter two. We discover that it calls a man to be a servant leader who becomes first of all the head of his own home seeks to rule well as Christ would have us believe in self-sacrifice and the second thing that we have to understand is that the godly man we help our young men ourselves to understand that we need to exemplified this servant leadership and to love sacrificial now we want to take a look at an example and I think I left my book in the back or did I break nor I didn't I left the book in the back. I can walk will thank you from history of a very worthy. We called it a mention. Worthy man since the nature of his leadership testified by those who worked closely with him and were under his leadership many similarities to the self-sacrifice and servant leadership of Christ. So I just want to review your this is one of those books called boyhood and beyond by Bob Schulz. In one thousand nine hundred fifteen Ernest Shackleton and his men approached the coast of Antarctica. They were attempting to be the first party to hike across the continent. It was particularly cold very cold year with much more ocean ice than usual with only one day's sail to their destination the ocean throws around their ship called insurance for nearly a year the ice held them captive before it crushed and sank the boat. Well the crew camped out on the ice until it broke to pieces in the warming weather so climbing into three small white boats the twenty eight men took to the open sea their desperate struggle was only only allowed them to reach a barren island called Elephant Island. Unless somebody went for help. Every one of them would die more the nearest source of help. According to this was eight hundred miles away on south. George Island. Well Shackleton and five of his men attempted the challenge. He was not about to put anybody else through something that he would supples not willing to do. And in a twenty two foot makeshift sailboat they sailed some of the most treacherous waters in the world they buried they battled hurricane winds of one hundred forty foot waves freezing rain built up eighteen inches of ice on their small craft without modern navigation equipment and with only a few good readings of their sextant they miraculously reached the shore of self. George. So without even from the small party how to climb a range of Uncharted snow capped peaks to the wailing station on the other side exhaustion and hunger tracked the. Like Wells forcing them to gamble for their lives on the slope of sheer ice they had to make a choice either die from exposure or a lock themselves into a human to bargain and slide down a steep slope into the fog without knowing what was going to be at the bottom though Shackleton and a small band were saved from death by reaching the winning station he would not rest until all his men were safe. It took months and four different ships but he safely rescued. Every man to tell you these kinds of stories of the kind of stories where you. You don't tell your own story but you hear what other people have to say about it. Well Frank who was the captain of an Durance wrote about Shackleton's boat journey that it was certain that a man of such heroic mind and self sacrificing nature as Shackleton would undertake this most dangerous and difficult task himself he was in fact unable my nature to do otherwise he lead in the position of the most danger difficulty and responsibility. I have seen him turn pale yet force himself into the post of greatest peril. That was his type of courage she would do the job that he was most afraid of by self-sacrifice and this is the this is the captain saying and throwing his own life into the balance you saved every one of his men not a life was lost. Although at times it looked unlikely that one would be saved his outstanding characteristics his care for and his anxiety for the lives and well being of his men is what the captain wrote you know we need more men like Shackleton men who are able to look past themselves to the need of others to the needs of their family their community their church and the world. This is to love work some one. Nine hundred ninety seven or how I love thy law it is my meditation all the day the word is a lamp unto my feet. I'm a light unto my power. What's the practical application of this a practical application is that we are to allow the Word of God to shape and transform our lives. This was not always the case in my life. Years ago I remember very distinctly a situation that I was in I was involved in a large health education series. In our community and I would speak about complex issues make them understandable and I enjoyed what I did and I received a lot of praise for what I did one day while sitting down to my devotions because I had taken the time by this time to go before the Lord every day to learn more about myself I got this prompting I did not hear inaudible voice. I just got this prompting you need to read the story of baling and I so I remember sitting there going. I know the story of I don't have a problem with money. OK fine. So I opened up page. You're familiar with this book I trust I read the story. Babe I'm and I read it and it didn't take very long fifteen minutes or so and I got to the store and I went nice story. Not my issue read it again. OK I didn't hear any automobiles just got the pumping so I read it again HOW it. I did not crave money when I crave the affirmation of man. Men's brains when it went that well hit me I was devastated. I couldn't believe what. I know just like. I want to say this year that there is nothing wrong in giving health education. There's nothing wrong in doing good work but my model for doing the work was not the group or you've got the understand. This is what the word is supposed to do for us to teach us to help strip away the world and thank you dare to see ourselves as God sees ourselves to see our need of him to do it his way God redirected my life. I must confess to you. I was so stunned that I said in that case I'm not going to be doing any more public speaking. I can't do it because I'm a safe and so I stopped or that did not go over well with many who wanted me to be doing what I was doing. I can't I can't I can't do this and I says. Lord I will get up again when I'm safe to get up again when you say I am safe to get up again and it was a year and a half before I did anything publicly. And when praise would come I would very quickly say not me. Look there because it's not about me it's all about him. So I just want you to be clear I'm not saying that you should step away from doing good work where I'm being clear with you that is the one who needs to direct us and that it is our desire that we shape our lives according to his word. You know it is the Word of God This is an example and his children our children saw all the change in their father's life in they saw that it was a change that he made a drastic change that displease many cars Inc with him in have allowed work to determine what he would do and what he would not do for the money. And so this is what it is for the guy. The man and if we are parents with boys in our home. Girls in our home with it with helping them to be to have the priorities. Person. We need to help our young men to understand we are to seek wisdom job twelve twelve with the ancient is wisdom and in the length of days understanding with him is wisdom and strength councilman this also I think can apply to the men in our lives who are more experienced than we are that can also help to give reflection and understanding. And the godly men should be able to teach second Timothy two therefore they're there for my son be strong in dark Grace. In the grace that is in Christ Jesus and in the things that has heard of me among many witnesses the same committed to faithful men who shot be able to each others also. And I think that a godly man should learn not to be angry. Wherefore put on truth with his neighbor for we are members one of another be hungry and send not let not the sun go down upon your wrath neither give place to the devil. We don't have time to go into one of the stores that some of you may be aware of a young man in Colorado. Birch and killed a number of individuals at the church she was a part of the ministry and what prompted the motive that prompted him to do what he did was anger. The man should learn how to live his life so that it results in a good reputation the formation of a right character. We all know is the work of a lifetime. And it is the outgrowth of purple meditation United with a grand purpose. The excellence of courage. Sure that you possess must be the result of your own effort friends may encourage you. But they can't do the work for you. Wishing sign dream. Never make your grade or my life today to sixty seven. The next attribute that we want to talk about is the attribute of humility Christ humbled himself and lived a life of absolute surrender to. The got me man is likewise a humble man a man that is so render to Will. The definition of humble having or showing a modest estimate of one's own importance less we see ourselves as we really are without him we can't begin to see him in a priest really is let alone be unable to take hold of His grace and power we need to go. Did with God The Lord be high. Yet he has respect come to the law but the HE No with a far off humility is necessary friends Romans twelve three says for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but things are already as to every man. The measure of faith. That word abomination. Pride is an abomination to the Lord that word abomination is a strong word used in the scriptures to declare in a very bold and clear way how God heals up in a haughty spirit. It is disgusting to him. Proverbs six think everyone that is of a proud heart is an abomination to the Lord strong Proverbs twenty six twelve the Is that what man wise in his own conceit. There is more hope of a fool than of him and here is yet one more warning. Pride comment before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall humility is important to it is the foundation of greatness. Matthew eight hundred four says Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child the same grade is in the kingdom of heaven. That's a very different program than the one by which men function in this world rich rewards are promised to the humble Proverbs twenty two for by humility and the fear of the Lord one reaches honor and life and again another promise James four ten humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He shall lift you up when our daughter was about twenty three. This is our oldest daughter. We asked all four of our children. To write for a list of their hopes and dreams involving a future life partner a list of attributes that they desired in a life partner and that they considered to be essential for their happiness in order for them to feel like they ended up with a good match our oldest daughter first born fashion wrote a very impressive detail is that we began lightheartedly. Taste twenty eight hundred month olds. Since that list actually contain twenty eight points each with a description of some character attribute or value when we did this for the purpose of reaping knowing what was in our children's hearts at that point you know not the chest. Figure this out from our observations we felt that we knew our children. Well we've had a beautiful relationship with them by God's grace. Since we began making many changes in our in our homes and in our life but at that point we really that's you know from their perspective. So anyway they all wrote the list and number four on her list got my attention because it was the only one of the twenty eight fundamentals. She didn't call him by the way. But she did call them essentials which is pretty close. So number four. She wrote the end of the number four in the form of a prayer and number four was humble. I want to be humble willing to admit in C. I'm sorry. And then she wrote this little prayer whatever else he's old. Let him spring two thousand and eight min who is willing to admit she is wrong. She elaborated a man who recognizes that are his greatest enemies and is committed to contending with them and making himself accountable to me even when it is difficult and then she ended with that man I can trust with my heart. Humility friend is necessary for a man to become the man. The husband and the other that God intends for him to be. If I ponder. My own personal experience and that of many that we have counseled the difference that one character trait makes in the success of a marriage union the success of many things I realize why this young lady was at the age of twenty three to single out that character trait as one that was essential for her happiness. I breathed conflicts Proverbs. Thirteen ten conflict can arise first of all very easily in the relationships of a person who is proud and. When we allow our natural unselfishness to flourish. We shot out God. And we hinder his life changing power the power of grace. The power of the Holy Spirit to work in our life we are always serving one of two masters at all times and when Jesus is not reigning supreme in our hearts the enemy is and all our natural. And selfishness who so Proverbs thirteen tense they States only by. Contention. The godly man needs to have a. Humility. It's extremely important. It should be at the top of the list. We made it. Number two here when we are lovers of our own opinions when we are in tents are on having our own way which proud people usually are or satisfying some selfish longing and make no mistake. We know this from what is in our own hearts naturally. When we are intent on having our own way in someone stands in the way conflict arises. We are naturally mediately ready for combat in our sinful selfish human nature. Freshness and pride are at very very natural and ever present when that is the case we are apt to become agitated at the slightest provocation the most insignificant remark or incident can precipitate conflicts or. Self-centered people think only or primarily of themselves the enemy loves to instigate conflict by encouraging our natural self centered spirit. Humility is essential if we are to live in harmony with others. Philippians two four says Look not every man. On his own things but every man. Also on the things and Romans twelve ten says be kindly affectioned one to one another in brotherly love. In honor prefer one another when we are humble friends and we are focused on God's glory. We resists the enemy. What are we promised will happen when we resist the enemy. He will flee from us when we are consciously submitted to the Lordship of Christ. We are at rest. And as long as we remain surrendered to Christ. Nothing can disturb our peace that is watts. That is the experience that our need to see in their parents. We are free to be God's channel of blessing to others regardless of the actions or the mindset around us. There is sweet freedom in surrender friends. We don't have to be in bondage to the enemy or to our natural selfishness. There is no joy in selfishness have you have you noticed that as I have even when we get our way when I have selfishly insisted on my own way and I get my way I have been a joy to know why that is because Joy is the fruit of the Spirit when we are in the spirit is not in control. When we surrender to His will. Our hearts can beat in unison with the heart of God which loves and gives in service reach Oystein continually. For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and the spiritually minded man is humble she has a teachable spirit. She is all other centered. And is able to be mentored by and is able to be mentored by others to become the man the husband and the Father the God calls him to be. How does a boy cultivate humility take it home now is the practical application. How does a parent help mentor a boy or a young man or girl to become humble. How does a grown man cultivate this character trait that is so foundational to greatness steps across Page forty three. Well let me repeat the first recognize that the battle against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought so we need to we need to engage in that battle some people don't even know that their flesh is warring against the spirit they're not where they yield you know. Surrendering all to the will of God requires a struggle but the soul must submit to God before it can be renewed in holiness. This is a day by day battle for the man and he must be steadfast in resisting our children will not learn this unless in our home. Anyway the grace of God is amazing. He can find rocks. Tell our children in his own time. What to do but for those of us who are parents what our children observe in we will say this again and again and please pardon us but it's it's one of the hardest lessons we've had to learn the major setbacks in our children's lives have been because of our own sins. So we need to model for them. What it means to surrender which means. That humility cultivating humility needs to be. Whole. And we need to make. Accountable to each other. We have learned in our home. Even with our children course we have one of the first things that we did with them and began to put many burdens in our hearts was the. The burden with their hearts because Ellen White says you must win their heart you must win their affection. If you are to impress religious truth hearts. So one of the purse things that we did when we changed is we gave ourselves to our children and much time we set aside a family time in the evening and one of the greatest benefits that we gain from that is that once you have a relationship where love is not in question. There is mutual love you're crazy about each other. It gives you more influence it gives you the ability to be able to to speak clearly. When you see it at work in your child and you point out those things. It will alienate if you don't have a relationship. So taking it home. We need to be able to be discerning first of all and we will not do that unless we are in the word of ourselves and look to the Cerne our own selfishness and then helping our children to do the same. Take personal responsibility for your own pride every selfish or prideful inclination in response admit it to yourself and confessed those sins. I learned to confess those sins to my husband when I was selfish or prideful and responded in a disrespectful way to him if I ever did that in part of the children. I learned. How important was that I humble myself. Also in front of the children to model to them if you are a parent you model humility for your sons any time you respond selfishly your provoked a response then fully eg knowledge your failure. Ask for their forgiveness something the actually respect in this way but in fact humbling yourself to admit your failure and to seek their forgiveness is the morals the fact way to win their respect and motivate them to chose Christianity because they will see this works. Your humble response will be the greatest evidence to them. Of the power of a gospel of Jesus Christ. And if you are a parent. Once again. Ask your sons. I used to have a terrible problem in the early years of. Our children's lives with my him with using my temper and yelling at them as God took me through a journey. Learning to exercise self-control and to speak in correct them in an encouraging way instead of tearing down demoralizing way I learned not only in prayer was I was on the patient I learned to come to them to humble myself and to say Honey pray for me mommy is not representing Jesus rightly and I want to incur has the power please pray for that is another practical application in helping your children. Who are usually the last ones to recognize our own pride and selfishness the Bible points out in Jeremiah seventeen nine that the heart is the seat above all things and what desperately wicked who can know it that they only our the white recommends in contemplation of the life of Christ is essential or only under the. In light moments of the Holy Spirit will we be able to see Christ nor His Holiness and beauty. Then we will see ourselves and where we lack and we will see how we really are and we will be humble to recognize our need intentionally practice humility in your daily life church then formals with those that are around you with your spouse with your children especially in all your closest relationships. That's where we usually tend to give ourselves permission to be ourselves and to be calm and patient and brace accountability when I first started. Really seeking fix every over my sin angry words my children began to hold me accountable when they saw that I thought I was different. After coming going to the bedroom fleeing to the bedroom and getting on my knees and I would come back and Mom was different. So they start it. Without my asking them different. Yet they started holding me accountable by when they would see that I was up to patient. My all this which I didn't realize she was here and my oldest with a. Wish she would start hearing me change in my tone mom. Do you want to go pray first. You see she became an accountability partner to me is the oldest of the children. You can do that with your spouse humble yourself and be accountable see when you hear me letting go of Christ just put your head your hand and say honey should we pray whatever you want to have your spouse say to you but choose to be accountable. But we want to three says the integrity of the. Well the perverseness of transgression shall destroy them. You know according to a two thousand and two study conducted by the University of Massachusetts sixty percent of adults can not have a ten minute conversation but at least once. These people in the study who actually did talk and told an average reader during their brief chat. According to the study get the worst of it with eighty six percent of us parents regularly doesn't matter what our ages followed by friends siblings and spouse in general about things that aren't important little lives that we think will make us look better or more likable as an example like saying Yeah. Did you or you are right and you didn't deception. How was eternal consequences. You might have remembered this passage in favor live by page three nineteen it is Satan. Who is the conductor in the form of an angel of light taking the world captive and they're all going with whitening speed to perdition this delusion. Well spread and we shall have to contend with it face to face and I'm less we are prepared for it. We ourselves if we don't recognize the law will become ensnared and overcome. What's the purpose of integrity that this might be the purpose of all lives that we should regard even to the expression on our face to our words and even the hone of our voice when we speak all our business transactions would be wrought in faith and integrity then then would the world be convinced that there was a people who are loyal to the God in heaven. Wow first study to be quiet and do your business work with you as we commanded you that you may walk. Honestly toward them but as. The publisher. Of nothing. Is amount of integrity. And again this is another area or it is so important. If you are teaching your children that it's important to tell the truth. And you punish them when you see that they lie but they hear you get on the phone. And you know when you just finished yelling your children said the point. ALICE. Oh I'm having a great day. Thanks. When they see a lack of integrity in you no matter what you say to them as you're teaching them think what you see what they see and they also conclude that there is no power in the Christian you profess. The godly man is a man of honor. He has learned from the cold study of the scriptures that honor is important to God Therefore he endeavors to understand the meaning and value honor into his what it means to honor God into on her. Honor means respect and honor is important to God God values the act of showing honor as we are told in the book education. For he is pleased when we show reverence respect in high regard to those he has placed in positions of authority and responsibility over us such as parents ministers teachers. This includes showing high regard and respect not only based on the merits of the person honored but based on his rank or position that he occupies in the eyes of. God wants us to honor him and honor all men for he has model honor for himself in his honor in behavior toward man. Eight forty six says. I won't read it yet. God has shown incredibly high regard for us His creatures He has honored us undeserving though we are he shows us a tremendous amount of favor in grace and grace that is absolutely mind boggling. And when his love and grace awaken law for him in faith in us. It will result in the surrender of our lives to him in the heart will to His holy will our faith will be evident in our desire to show a growing law for him respect and reverence for his word in obedience to his revealed will that Godly man learns to love God because why Louth awakens love as we know God as we get greater glimpses of his love is awakened in our hearts and then we are inspired to become like him to become honoring and honorable the godly man becomes strives to become an honorable man because honor breeds honor. Among the many Biblical admonitions that call for honoring others is the command to honor our fathers and mothers got values parents so much that the commandments. Up the years in the that the law. As. The only commandment with a promise that I days shall be long upon the land which the Lord giveth life is one of the most coveted. Human beings and in promising that reward for obedience God was saying to me and this is important to me honor is important to me God then regards this honor to parents is an act of dishonor to himself so. The value he places on the latter is evident both. Promise in the Decca log and in the strong language in Scripture that is used to symbolize the severity of the consequences suffered by those that choose to disobeyed and her parents have you. Have you read Proverbs thirty seventy. It says the I that mock it and his father and disputes to obey his mother. The Ravens of the valley shall pick it out and the young eagles shall eat it. Another one. Proverbs twenty twenty who so curse of his father his mother. He's the lamb shall be put out enough secure darkness certainly strong arguments intended to highly discourage the dishonoring off parents. Is this something that we outgrow is not only important to honor your parents when you are young. Being parents that have raised four young people two of them being young men today by grays we understand today more than ever. How. Obedience to this command honor your father and your mother is how crucial it is in the shaping of a godly life and in a special way as we're talking about today man. Marine is part of the very fabric of the the character of no boy will be judged as a boy or man in the highest sense of the ward without learning to one is a mere lad a boy learns to honor his. And reverence those in authority over him he is well on his way to becoming a man of honor man after God's own heart. There's a true life example of this pleasure with dishonor that is found. In Second Kings to twenty three and twenty four. This is not a case of honoring parents but honoring others that God has placed in positions of authority. This is the incident I'm not going to take time to read it but this is the incident of a mauling by two female bears forty two disrespectful you who mocked Eli show the Prophet calling him. Walt. There are many additional zigzag administrations promises or illustrations of a value honoring the scripture it deserves. I won't I will go through these. But will not even stop to talk about them because we're short on time. Those that honor Him only with lip service twenty nine thirteen says. Wherefore the Lord said for as much as this people draw near to me. Sorry. And with their lips to one hundred me but the have removed their heart from me and their sheer toward me is taught by the precept of men as we closely study the scriptures we see that the heart of God. Has honored his children bestowing on us marvelous gifts of Grey's. Longs to be honored and he is a got that once his children to show honor to each other so as we bring this down to the topic of the day. Attributes of a godly man and the. And that built such a character we cannot but be persuaded that the man must become a man of honor a man who is borrowed by his sense of honor who has learned to honor all men and in a special way honor those to whom special honor is to. So take it home. How does the child learn the value of honor or what honor means and specially as we realize that we live in an age of this respect. Would you agree with that second Timothy three one and two says this know also that in the last days and hairless parents will come for men shall be lovers of their own selves covet just bolster sprout femurs disobedient. Thank unholy without natural affection trolls breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are traders minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of. But a power their. Turn away role models for children and you that her honoring are scarce therefore friends it is not possible to just look around and teach the fine honor for a child by what we look at and what we see children and especially you in this day and age you largely fail to show honor and even among grown adults. There are so many who scarcely know its meaning we need to turn to the word search the Scriptures. The godly man the godly boy is not shaped by the cultural climate that is that we are living in but I. I allow him the word to shape his life in character. We turn to the warden it is there that we learn we see Honor exemplified we teach our sons from the Biblical examples what it means to honor we teach according to the principles laid out in Deuteronomy. Six six and seven which I won't go into for lack of time but basically we teach as we are sitting in our homes as we walk by the way when we lie down when we rise. We find teachable moments to teach you lessons from the Word of God We take our worship time in the evening to discuss those the things that matter the failures. That we've experienced the power of the grace that is available. When we see honor in the Bible the fine in the lives of people such as in the respect and trust in the reverence and will in fact missions of the godly of glory of His Father Abraham under the most trying of circumstances in Genesis twenty two. I want to fourteen as the story of how as a boy he was bound to an altar becoming a willing sacrifice in again we see it exemplified in his life at the Year at the age of forty as he listens to his father's admonitions regarding the the only safe choice at that point of a wife for him she believes that honoring his father in benefiting from his wisdom was not something that he grew that he grew at the age of eighteen or twenty or twenty five. We need to ponder how honor was displayed in the lives of Noah's children. Imperfect they were they honor their father as boys and then as growing grown men joining him in his endeavor of building the ark subject to ridicule for forty years and eventually entering the ark with their own families. What was. The reward of it. Of these obedience his own life. Each of those men each of those children their own life's was their reward for for their honor their father. We see Honor exemplified in the life of Ruth toward new Yomi in the rock record bites toward their father George that that's it's a great story. I'm not going to take time for read it in Jeremiah thirty five and read what God says with longing to the children of Israel. All you who would be me that you would honor me the way that the children of Jonah honored their father. One more lives honor he life has showed honor to the prophet Elijah through his willingness to forsake his home and family to become a humble servant to minister to the needs of the prophet. The. I won't go into more of that. All of these stories that we've made reference to are these scriptures that we have read all this bully a higher much higher standard of honor one that is foreign to our modern culture. So how do we take it home trends we can create a holy culture right within our homes as men and women of God We need to raise the standard of honor in our own lives. What are we doing to honor our own parents as grown people as eighteen people for. Raise the standard of honor fight being intentional in teaching our children to honor in various ways. And the first we've made reference to to live highest lives that exemplify the priority of honoring God. If you provoke not your children to wrap our children actually go. Provoked when we are trying to teach them one thing and doing another let us not provoke her children to wrath Let's teach them those lessons in Deuteronomy six. Six and seven passion teaching them diligently when we sit in our homes and as we walk by the way and everywhere. We need to define for the children what honor means that they will see it easily. Home articulate clearly what you mean when you are teaching him to be an honorable boy articulate clearly what you consider to be honoring or respectful behavior versus disrespectful clearly communicate those expectations and follow through with the needed correction or affirmation and encouragement lavished children with praise and affection. When they display or initiate honoring behaviors toward you and their siblings. If you just approach this in a in a corrective way only it will create a negative. Atmosphere in the home. So give them affection and give them affirmation. Teach them courtesy. I don't know how much time parents in this day and age spend teaching their children courteous behaviors but I suspect it is not very much. Teach them courtesy use incentives especially when when teaching younger children inculpate the thought that honor is a beautiful God honor it is a lobbying thing to do friends and then pray diligently for your children that you are teaching them these lessons as your choosing to exemplify them pray for them when these lessons of honor are indelibly etched into a child's heart they become safeguard to him because for the sake of honor. They will be willing to sacrifice his god fearing pair. We will then have a greater influence on our sons and daughters. Then the many influences in our culture that distance them from us and that destroy their spirituality. Let me tell you a little personal experience here. There was a time recently when one of our grown sons. Was not persuaded that what we were actually earnestly as parents appealing for him to do was really what was best for him. It certainly was not what he wanted to do and we had met we were asking him to do a very hard thing and we don't do that lightly. We they are all walking with Christ by God's grace. So it is not often that we have to stand before them and make some serious appeals we praise God for their walk with the Lord. They are absolutely determined to honor and serve. And it was only because his heart is the the heart of this young man. This is by our own I a deep sense of honor that this son chose to listen to our in treaties and he our counsel. Even though it crossed every inclination. He had at the time he was not personally convinced that he knows that we are not perfect so he could very well say to himself. You know mom and dad aren't are not right. They're not seeing this clearly. But he chose because of his. Because he has embraced the value of honor wholeheartedly. He could not go forward knowing that we were pleading with him not to go forward. It was months later that he was actually convinced perswaded young any shadow of doubt that the choice me the choice he made was indeed. God's choice for him even though he couldn't see it at the time his sense of honor in his willingness to sacrifice for the sake of honoring God person foremost and honoring his parents with us safe to him as a grown man in his twenties his commitment to submit to the discipline of countability has blessed his life beyond measure. He has come to us. In time again in the months that said thank you thank you for standing firm. Thank you for not being afraid to cross my will. At this stage of my life. Now I want to make a disclaimer here our sons understand the frailty of man and they know that their parents are not perfect. They know that we are capable of misinterpreting. They are committed to be rather than man in our body determined to keep their covenant with God even when the man that they must this obey happens to be a parent. I say this is a clarification in a warning for parents who might hear what we're saying and begin to abuse their privileges requiring are expecting from their young people that which is actually not in harmony with the will of their parents that we know currently that in the name of honor are asking their children to do things that are actually more innovative by the parent's own selfish desires it is a fearful thing to stand in the place of God as we seek to offer counsel and guidance to our adult children and we had better tarry long on our faces before. If we are going to make a very serious request of an adult son that we know is his sense of honor and will probably therefore give up whatever it is you are giving him. It is not sinful for. Child. So saying no. If e-mails that what you are asking is presumptuous or Oh it breaks principle. He must only do this seem know without dishonoring even as an adult a parent if he himself has sought a multitude of counsellors before coming to the conclusion that his parents are just wrong and misguided. Even then when a son can actually come to the point of realizing that his parents are misguided he should feel duty bound to honor. We never lose that duty to honor that misguided parent by dealing with him tenderly respectfully and with. Most kindness. He even if as he chooses to follow the course that he believes the morning before his feet. Well let's see what we can cover in the next ten minutes some time. When you have difficulty because we want to cover a lot of material for you today. Second Peter one five through eight speaks about giving all diligence and we know about this text and self-control and self-control perseverance. These are the qualities that are needed by every Christian certainly diligence comes from the Greek word spoke up and also correctly which really means earnestness in accomplishing and striving after something and perseverance is from the Greek word. Which in the New Testament is characteristic of a man who is not swerve. From his deliberate purpose on his loyalty and faith and piety. So we see that diligence and perseverance is needed to munched other virtues for fruitful growth in faith. So the part like to give for this is an illustration that I read one day from the book daily bread. This was about George Miller who began praying for five of his friends that they would come to love the Lord Jesus Christ. He months. One of them accepted Jesus as his personal savior to him many years later two others were converted it took twenty five years of prayer before the fourth man accepted Jesus Christ in his life and Mueller persevered in until his death on the fifth friend and throughout those fifty two year. He never gave up hoping that he would accept Christ His faith was rewarded for soon after Mueller's death. The last one accepted Jesus Christ as a spur small savior so here is Michael do we do this prayer for our children do we persist in prayer for those that we care about do we persist in praying for our extended family for our friends our opportunities to reach others for the kingdom of heaven. Gratian six nine says it well don't let let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we think not. While we were speaking in England on a ministry trip a couple of years ago we had the privilege of visiting Westminster Abbey. I had read about William Wilberforce who championed the end of the slave trade in England I read this. Also in the devotional book daily bread. William was discouraged one night in the early seventy's one thousand after another defeat in his twenty year battle to end slavery in England tired and frustrated he opened up his Bible and began to leaf through it on a small piece of paper fell out and floated to the floor. It was a little letter written to him by the preacher John shortly before his death. Wilberforce read it again and this is what it said unless the divine power has raised you. I see not how you can go through this glorious enterprise in opposing that a bomb on Noble practice of slavery which is this candle of really. Of England and of human nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you against you. All of them together are they stronger than God. Oh be not weary in well doing go on in the name of God and the power of His might. So because of this will force persevered and the head of the parliamentary campaign against the British slave trade for twenty years until the passage of the sleep Trade Act which ended in eighty nine seven in England but then he continued in his perseverance and when he resigned from parliament because of his failing health in eight hundred twenty six the campaign of his led to the abolition of slavery abolished the abolition act of eight hundred thirty three which through the year British Empire. He died three days after hearing that the passage of the act through parliament was a short present sisters read to persevere in the perseverance providing for our family first. Titus five it says If any one does not provide for his own and especially for those of his own house. He has denied the faith and is worse than an infant. Oh we have the perseverance what God would have us to do three twenty three and whatever you do do it heartily as unto the Lord and not on demand knowing that it is of the Lord that you shall receive the reward of the inheritance. We need to persevere to keep our heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life and we need to be eleven that we desire that every one of a show the same diligence to the full assurance. Of the hope of the. As we take that home experience. We need to model perseverance in our own homes as we engage in activities that are not our favorites and then we need to teach our children both value of perseverance. We need to. Teach them to to till the very end to do the task of the chore as faithfully as when they started to floor. Self-sacrifice. The holder man. The man who is the greatest example of self-sacrifice. He is the man the godly man in braces as we look at the life of Christ who is the perfect pattern for every man we encounter truly the most perfect example of self-sacrifice in law for years in the history of mankind. The apostle Paul in his letter to the Philippines laments that all seek their own not the things that are Christ's in contrast as we look at the description of the mind of Christ in Philippians two I think there's a mistake there. Versus we see a different picture in verse three he makes an appeal. That's the foundation for the experience of entering into that self-sacrifice the love of Christ. That he is that the Apostle is wanting us all to partake of let nothing be done through the hoary. Look not every man on his own things but every man. Basically all their focus will be oriented itself focused proud unselfish look on the things of this was the way of Christ's perfect for every man that this mind the new. Who was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal. We need him. No reputation and took upon in the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of man. And being found in fashions a man. He became obedient death is the high and the critical. The question is what more of a man to exercise that level of sacrifice and heroism that we see in Christ he was twelve to shed some light. Talks about looking into Jesus the author and finisher our faith who for the joy that was set before him so he had a motivation for all of his self-sacrifice the end it was the joy that was set before him what was the thought saying a lot of friends love is the humorist and most enduring motivation for godliness love is the foundational principle of God's character and His Kingdom. It was the fullness of the love of God lavishly displayed in the life of Christ in the sacrifice of Christ that inspires the greatest joy in the father's heart. Commanding the father commending the son was Philippians two nine. Wherefore God is also highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name and at the name of Jesus and every need should by how beautiful how what we are describing is here always. It's not in the US. It's all motivated by law exercising the greatest self-denial and tiring labor for the benefit in the blessing of others. You know twenty nine is a sort of Proverbs thirty one for a woman job's twenty nine is for a man in the first verses. Job is reminiscing about his past. I'm not going to take time to read them. Verses for three leaven he describes the admiration and that in that respect. He's he's actually reminiscing about the days before the. Came upon him. But here is where it starts. Good bye all. Because I delivered the poor that cry and the fatherless than him that had none to help him. It's just this and it closed me my judgment was as a rule in my. I was eyes. And the COS which I knew not I searched out and I break the jaws of the wicked. And. That man is a caretaker. He has to be motivated by the gods of the in men's love of God has to take possession full session of the soul of the man and the godly woman. This is this is the standard. How is human achievement. How do we take a whole lot of the fruit of the Spirit by be holding we are changed faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God We need the indwelling of the Spirit laugh. In one day we get to the point where we are so in in being in the hands of to minister to others. The last that. Needs to be a part of the learning process every day in the word being captivated by the love of God and in in doing in learning to practice self discipline is that it is through self-discipline that we gain many of these traits as we dedicate ourselves to prayer and to actually change. And you know our behaviors. On the one text that we think it matters are your moral purity since our time is completely up first Corinthians six nineteen and twenty want to know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have in your not your own for your but with runs therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are there is much that we can say in this age where we know that purity is very very difficult in our modern society. But this is an area where we appeal to men particularly to pay close attention not only in their own lives personally. But how they help their sons to your thoughts in this day and age so that we can help them to be able to reflect Christ in all that they do and all that they sing as we close. That you would help us to understand and to put into practice principles that are found in your word that will be instrumental in helping us not only in our own lives as men but in the lives of our young men and those with whom we have the privilege of mentoring or teaching that they may old to be the kind of man that you would have us to be. And that in so doing we can lead our families to the kingdom of heaven and indeed to hear those words one day Well done good and faithful servant. We present ourselves and our flock that you have given to us. Jesus precious name. Thank you so much everything that you have missed the slide this last point will be on our website pathway of promise or if you want to just get the whole thing. Get over the Scriptures make it a matter of study. I won't know it will not happen. Right. Turn this video was produced by audio verse for yes. Aves layman's services and industries. 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