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Rediscovering Jesus: The Early Years

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • August 6, 2016
    10:00 AM
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Our topic this morning is rediscovering Jesus and we're going to do it in a way seldom attempted from a cult but a riposte we're going to talk about his early years. There's a chance you may have never heard that tried in public before because there's almost nothing that the Bible seems to say less about once you get past the Nativity in the flight to Egypt. You've only got fourteen verses and Luke to end to end three and Matthew two that really mentioned Jesus childhood. We do know he grew up in Nazareth. We know his dad was a carpenter we know he increased in wisdom and stature in then it seems as if nothing else is said until he turns twelve and heads for the Passover service at Jerusalem. But I suggest if we delve into the wonderland of Bible truth let Scripture comment on scripture put it all against the historical stage of known objective facts that we're aware of and then last and certainly not least include in our research an indispensable valuable tool called the Spirit of Prophecy. We can see the early years of Jesus come to life in full color in three dimensions. So let's begin. And vij you to join me in Matthew Chapter two. Matthew Chapter two verses thirteen and fourteen. I'm going to be reading excerpts for the sake of kind of being a little efficient with our time here. Behold an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying a rise take the young child and his mother fleet fleet Egypt for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him. And we move down to first fourteen in the King James Version and we read heroes took the young child in his mother by night and be parted for Egypt R I. Now let's get the picture of what's happening here moments into his life. The Son of God is all ready fighting for survival moments into his life. And if you do just a little bit of ordinary. Elaboration on what's happening here you can see it's happening at night the little dog is quietly settled. You can almost hear Joseph say no. Mary don't don't light the lamp I'm doing this in the dark. I'll explain later. And a few possessions of a very poor family are tied to the saddle. There are a couple maybe three elegant containers certainly two of them one contains murder one contains expensive Frank incense there may be a leather pouch full of gold. This is what will sustain that little family when they're refugees in a foreign land for a couple of years. So if I were Joseph I own some horses and if I were Joseph at this point I would be tying regs if I had any to the little animals tough so the clip clop going out of town doesn't wake anybody up and long before morning twilight this little family gropes its way down the mountain road out of Bethlehem and Sue moments just moments behind their still warm footprints soldiers will come stampeding into town sent there by a monster named Herod whose whole career is rid with murder. He has decimated the San Hedren ruling council of the Jewish nation he has decimated. He's killed the High Priest Aristobulus he's ordered to strangulation of his beautiful wife Mariamne a she's a Azman in Princess he has ordered her strangulation. He's executed his sons Alexander Aristobulus a man tip. He's executed his uncle Joseph and his wife's uncle and father antagonise and Alexander all of these people die at karats command these executed his friends those seventy S. and God S. and that is just a short list. Such that from the throne in Rome. Augustus himself says of Herod it would be safer to be his pig than his son. You're more apt to survive. And now this vile man turns his sword against the young of Bethlehem. How old do you see if the jury is still awake out there. Bob two years of age. Now why would he kill everybody two years of age and younger. Well the best research we can accomplish is that at that era. It was generally done that youngsters would be nursed for the first two years of their life so Herod's thinking is now very obvious anybody still at the breast could be my rival kill them all. That's easy. Just take them all out. That's heroin. So the infant Jesus is taken from a little town called Beth the him which in Hebrew just means House of Bread. He's taken from the House of Bread out into a place which in Biblical Hebrew is called meats to IIM now the Greeks called it. I dos and from that we've Anglicized it to Egypt. Taken from a place where people were exposed to truth to a pagan nation where they don't have much of what they Hebrews would consider to be scriptural or revealed truth the irony here is that Jesus was at this point in his life safer in his infancy in Pagan in. Egypt then he was among people who had been exposed to like quantum of truth. But the question I pose is is there a lesson there. Well he's taken from a house of bread to a place which is a biblical symbol of C.N.N. for people in a hurry and Joseph by this time was obviously in a hurry. You probably could get from Bethleham to Egypt in five six days of hard walking with with a new mother a little baby aboard and just a little donkey to carry whatever you were able to transport so five six days. The first place you would come to is your cross the Gaza Strip would be a an Egypt sions city the furthest north east City that. We can tell from archaeology was even there was called. In biblical Hebrew as Monterrey. The Greeks later renamed it Helly AAPL us. It was sometimes identified with the biblical city of own and it is where as near as we can tale Joseph's wife a say not came from. He apparently married a girl from this town. It was it's one of the most ancient Egyptian cities that was the capital of the fifteenth no more province of Lower Egypt Egypt had forty two nomes forty two provinces from Upper Egypt way up the Nile all the way down to the Nile Delta and this place called Monterrey are Helly opulence was the fifteenth Gnome of Lower Egypt it was the seat of worship of the sun. The Egyptians had come to Rivero the sun to worship it. They even had a day a week on which it was worshiped that concept made its way east to Persia from Persia it made its way west into Christianity and I'm going to say it again this morning folks happy sad. Good to be here isn't it. So in this city where the young Jesus probably lived the first two years of his life. Priests would leave that huge temple it was second it was about the second largest temple in all of Egypt it was a great library that held a lot of Egypt in writings and they would roam the streets extolling sun worship and the day on which it was memorialized Now think about that. Our Lord's earliest memories would be of the pungent smell of nigh old river silt and strange pillars erected everywhere because Halle AAPL us was a city where obl disks were very much in vogue they were everywhere. The Egyptians had this thing at that time they loved to erect these obl Askey there for the glory of an Egyptian king or for some Egyptian deity and they just dot of the city. The oldest one in existence that we still know of was wrecked into the glory of society. The first is far as I know it's still there. Two others which we've come to call Cleopatra's Needle ZWERG in that city. They aren't anymore because guess what happened. The British told them when they were in colonial possession of Egypt. One of them is on the Thames and baked an embankment in London the other one is in Central Park in New York City. But this city where our Lord probably spent his first two years was just filled with the Forest of these things. It was called the City of pillars. So his earliest memories were of the smell of the Nile River and pagan pillars of that massive temple to the Sun God re from which robed priests came out every day of the week promoting sun worship. Well how long was Jesus in Egypt Scripture doesn't say but you can with a little bit of thinking which will come to later. Infer that it probably was about two years the mathematics works out as we see who was ruling Judea at what time. So probably about two years or slightly less Jesus was down there hand his earliest formative years in a pagan land. Now after the best flee him massacre. It was as if Divine patience finally just ran out on Herod the Great he came down with a dreadful painful disease very very painful. He was in such agony that five days before his death he attempted unsuccessfully to kill him self he tried suicide. Having failed at that he moves on to another topic he orders the execution of his oldest son. And now in that splendid luxurious palace that he had built for himself under the palms of Jericho swollen with disease scorched with thirst ulcerated X. terminal a burning internally with fever surrounded by a plotting sons and plundering slaves detesting everybody and detested by everybody. A horror to everybody around him this wretched old man whom people had called the Great lay in savage frenzy awaiting his last hour and in those last fevered moments of thought comes to him and it. It bothers him he thinks when I die there won't be a tear shed anywhere. They'll probably have a party then that mine to Harry goes into overdrive and you suddenly thinks I can cure that he sends out to his sister Soloman order get all of the nobility from the Jericho felony into town get them into the Hippodrome and once they're inside shut the gates and lock him. And when I die on the day I die I have him all slain there will be tears on the day of Herod's death. They won't be for me but there'll be tears and that was enough for him at. Moment. For sheer butchery Herod yield to nobody and think about it. Heaven put Jesus on this earth right at the time when Herod could do his worst why. So nobody could ever say I've had it tougher. Well choking with blood devising mass occurs right into us last delirium Herod passed forth into the night of death. And in purple robes with a crown and scepter laid across his lifeless form his beer moved to burrow amid burning incense out to the Herodian not far in ironically not that far from where Jesus was born but as Heron have feared the day of his death became a festival. His will was disputed his last order was disobeyed his sons died mostly in exile in infamy. So that within one hundred years. There was not a single soul left on earth a living soul to carry on Herod's name he just disappeared from history but think about this that man will see Jesus again and he will awaken out of the merciful Enter of all of death still hurting probably still feverish still covered with with ulcers and when he does. The entire eastern sky is on fire with energy because the entire army of the cosmos has come to see the war and Revelation says their silence and heaven yeah their silence Everybody's gone. They've all come here and Herod will see it happen. Well. Herod's gone now an angel comes to the little family in Egypt and now we're back to Matthew two Verse twenty those who sought the young child's life are dead and now we can create the. You're easily against a foreground dotted with all of these obl ASCs. And a far horizon looming with manmade mountains of pyramidal stone and in those days they were covered with marble they must have been something to see. Against that background Joseph once again settles up that faithful little donkey. I kind of hope he's in heaven. And a toddler sniffs the familiar smell of hay and grain in a sweaty little animal whose wheezy voice just may bring a smile to Jesus young face and strong hands rough against his skin lift him up and he sees the world now from his mother's arms between the long airs of a little critter that sways north east word. Beyond the narrow deep green landscape of the Nile out toward the blinding whiteness of Gaza. And over land once ruled by fear some strangers call Philistines and now of course subject to the iron Eagles of Rome and after five possibly six days of more relaxed walking than when they fled from Herod they would be able to see out on the eastern horizon the low silhouette of the Judean Hills. And almost certainly you can say this to a biblical certainty on the way they meet travellers with news now put it in Jesus' perspective he's there being held by as mother and he hears names. He has never heard before. So Loman on to a bus and fill up and then the name are Kiely S. and one that name is said heads bobbin arms wave and the big man he's beginning to think of is or daddy whom others call us Seth shakes his head gives the donkey's lead rope a little jerk. And turns onto the road bypassing. Judea and the steps hasten as though something is urgent. And as they travel the youngster hears a name he probably has heard before and knees ears a lot. We've Anglicise that to Nazareth. Well eighty miles or so north of Jerusalem. There's a land known as Galilee. And that just comes from a Hebrew from the Hebrew word will which means circle. And here. Once upon a time there is a circle of twenty cities that had stood they were Solomon's gift to Hiram for his help in building the temple and Hiram was very unimpressed. He took one look and he gave them the name couple words which is just. Ancient Phoenician word for disgusting. And the time of Christ. Galileo was regarded a little better. Search and look the rabbi said to make a Demas for out of Galilee a rise of no prophet that just illustrates a theological experts can sometimes get it wrong. They might themselves have searched and looked for the statement shows a deep ignorance of the very Scrolls they were pretending to expound. The shallowest search would have turned up for eminent prophets from Galilee we there were born there are started their ministry there I'm talking Jonah Alija Hosea and mayhem. Not to mention Barak the deliverer as alone the judge or an of the prophetess she was from the tribe of Asher right up there in the Galilean area. But for the sophisticated classes down at Jerusalem. Jerusalem you so to speak Galilee was the. Boat of what they call they are hot air. It's the illiterate country people hillbillies if you will. Thought to be a little worth. So there's where Jesus goes with his mom and dad now up there in Galilee there's a low range of mountains that rise above the deep canyon of the Sea of Galilee and those mountains kind of roll westward until they drop into the coastal plain in the very heart of this area there was a little hamlet in a gently sloping Valley and in those days you got there through a cleft in the limestone hills through which a deep narrow path past a couple of ancient wells and the name of the place was in need of a scattering of humble cottages with white roofs and little homes the inside of the typical Galilean home in that era just one room on the inside walls mats were hung those would be laid down at night to sleep on. There might have been a couple of chests in which there there possibly were some extra clothes maybe some bedding if the family was able to afford it if you were some scrolls maybe from which they could read the Torah and the prophets. From the center of the room hung a lamp that was the only decorative item in most of these homes and. On a ledge along the wall where the earth and where vessels that they would use for cooking and carrying water and so forth and near the door would be a large jug or two of red clay filled with water. It would frequently stick. Twigs or leaves into the mouth of those jugs to keep the water cool and reasonably free and clean free from insects and in the center of the room at meal time they would set a little a little kind of stool on which would be put a tray and on the tray would be rice possibly some made. Be a little stewed fruit if a family could afford it. Possibly some fish or meat. They all helped themselves in common. From that little tray in the center of their family circle and both before and after the meal the youngest member of the family would go around the family circle poor water over their hands and catch it in a brass basin. That was the job of the youngest kid in the family. Now who's the youngest kid here. Joseph had some children by a prior marriage he was a little bit older. The youngest child would have been Jesus into a house like that went the Son of God. Well it's said so nicely and the fish and Luke Chapter two verse fifty two Luke two fifty two puts it in just fourteen words in Jesus increased in wisdom in stature and in favor with God in man. Just a sentence to describe his boyhood but how much there is if we do a little bit of looking mind I just stop at this moment and editorialize a little bit. It's time for us to rediscover the Word of God. Seriously rediscover the Word of God. We cannot any longer afford the luxury of assuming the fetal position in front of the wide screen and telling us you know the second coming. Maybe a couple of hundred years from now. At least long enough to get the new car smell out of the B.M.W.. Look at the world around you look at what is happening in this world we don't have the luxury of time anymore. I was on a panel with Mark Finley a while back of an A.S.I. convention Mark said it so well. God's people can help the Second Advent to come sooner but we can't make it come late. There will be a time beyond which heaven just. Wait any longer. And I think if you look realistically at today's world we're in a terminal crisis now getting there very rapidly. So it's time to rediscover the Word of God. Just a sentence in Luke Chapter two. But how much there is if we do a little looking and let me add that what I'm suggesting here is not something called contemplate if prayer. OK. Contemplate of prayer is where you decommissioning your frontal lobes engage in something that I would say is not terribly different from self-hypnosis. Descend into your own mind and go there looking for God to talk to you and show you things that's dangerous. You go into self you're not going up looking for God When you go into self you're headed for real trouble. What does the Bible say the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it well if that stuff is lurking there don't go there looking for God. So say the same thing applies to guided meditation I'm a three time graduate of Catholic University I have the highest respect for four Catholic people I just have a level. I enjoy talking to priests I have high respect for women religious I happen to disagree theologically but I sure have a lot of a lot of good memories for good Catholic people who are following every bit of truth they know. But the Catholic version of this would not be contemplated prayer would be guided meditation where you go to a retreat center and a retreat. Person guide you through what God's going to be saying to you that is very Ignatius that comes basically on Jesuit institutions. Either one of those I would not choose I would prefer to read the word compare Scripture with Scripture look at known truth do my research look at the history on which all of this happened and then let my. Frontal Lobes blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ruminate on what we know to be true. Rather than what we imagine down deep in ourselves. God will reveal to us. One person who engaged in contemplated prayer put it this way I descended into my own self and found God there and I loved her I loved her fiercely. Anough on that let's get back to the life of Jesus. How much there has to learn if we just do a little bit of looking. Put scripture to get together with scripture exercise a little logic now let's go back to Luke for sixteen and illustrate the point I'm trying to make Luke four sixteen talks about a later event in the life of Christ but it just screams with details about his early life and he came just to Nazareth or he had been brought up and as his custom was he went where on the Sabbath day they went to church. Now people will explain that by saying well course he went to church. It was a Jew and my response to that he spent most of his ministry complaining about what Judaism had done to the Sabbath. All right. He wasn't there because he was a Jew he was there because he was the creator and back in his memory banks in that divine mind of his was that. Week after which a beautiful blue white world was made and he rested and the people he had made he said before he ever do anything else. Rest in me. That's conversion. Well anyway he sees as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for to what. What's the next word here stood up to read from that we can tell something about his childhood can't wait in his early years he had learned to read. He got an education he could read and write we know he could write because when those wretched men dragged that lady into the temple to embarrass him. Him and Her he smooths out the dust on the marble floor of the temple and he starts writing probably in Hebrew rather than Aramaic so that only the scholars would be able to read it so he wouldn't disgraces church in front of the common people. That's my guess we know he could read we know he could write now then he knew a lot of things from Scripture and not just the basics I mean in Matthew alone if you will take the time to look it up. He quotes extensively from Isaiah Jeremiah Daniel Joel Hosea micro-second Malakai in the psalms all of that he's incorporating in the book of Matthew alone when a tricky lawyer came up to him trying to trap him with a tricky question Jesus replies half indignantly counsel. Have you not read it. Haven't you read the case law go to even know the law. And that guy left. In a hurry. So the question is Where did Jesus get his formal schooling. Well he didn't get it from the rabbis how do we know that. Because at the age of twelve he goes to Jerusalem and the astonishes the leading seminary professors with his wisdom. So where did he get his knowledge. Pretty clear he didn't get it from formal schooling now I am well aware that eighty years before the birth of Jesus. There was this guy with the name of Simon Ben shock and he got the idea let's make schools all across Israel to train young men and women didn't count then it was training young man for the rabbit or possibly to become scribes trained them in Torah and the writings and the prophets to make them intelligent in the word there were these schools scattered across Israel but up there in despised and humble Nazareth. I very much doubt there was either a bed in Beth midrash or a Beth. Not a school for rabbis or a maid rush. Jesus didn't have the advantage of a school like that. Sure he went to synagogue every Sabbath heard the scriptures read obviously memorized much of it because by the time he's walking down the M A S road with two disciples he can give the whole prophecy from memory but you didn't get that depth of education it in Nazareth sent a god. So where did Jesus learn to do these things. Well it's simple. Ladies and gentlemen he was home schooled. OK. It was a custom in that era a Jewish boy in a poor family was basically his education was basically scriptural his parents were here as teachers. Now think about what's happening here. He learns as a little child to Lisp out in a childish way and gradually improve his Hebrew till they can say it with adult authority things like sham i used by habit of Ohio. They know of my whole. He learns to say what he's given Moses to write. Learns to say the blessing the family gathers around that little tray of humble food by rock. The mail if a moment I caught him. Blessedly the Lord God King of the universe. He learns what he's already taught. Now think about something in those long silent unrecorded years. A great part of his work on earth was done. Think about that as a youngster as a teenage carpenter. As a young adult passing little note notice through the streets of Nasserist he was assembling the components. Of three and a half years of the world changed. Ministry which means wide. Well what matters is not the heavy dreams we may all from time to time and gauge and what really matters as the rasp of a tool on wood or the quality of a saw cut or since my wife is here we tired surgeon the quality of an incision in an open procedure that's what matters. Think about this ninety percent of Jesus' life on earth was spent just getting ready. Ninety percent. My dad had a speech professor one time we used to say if you plan to do any public speaking spend two hours of preparation for every five minutes you intend to annoy an audience. Jesus spam all that time just getting ready and now by the time he reaches the age of twelve. He's ready for his first trip to Jerusalem. So at the age of twelve a young Jewish boy was entitle to be called Ben hot some of the law and he can wear the full actresses dad gave him in Senegal and Sabbath and this year. Passover is going to be a be celebrated in Jerusalem. He gets ready to make that trip now he's a man in Israel and he can go down and celebrate B'soxun So the little donkey wants and it's saddle. I sure would love to see that little guy some food and bedding are piled aboard him the family assembles in south they go out through the narrow past descending from Nazareth out into the valley of jazz real alive with spring times flowers across the Key shown river past shewn him with memories of the prophet. Eliza and past royal jazz real by this. There's only sculptured graves to remind of its plat past splendor. Past barren doulas Gill boa. Still dry past Sandy to on the dock with its memories of Gideon and Barak past may get nowhere for the first time Jesus may have seen the short swords they helmets and the Eagles of Roman infantry and down around it got me mad with its fountains and shade and lovely gardens they little family very very likely may have spent the first night. Well the next day the Klein begins up into the mountains of the NASA and winding through the figure ards an olive groves that fill that district and the second night probably found them somewhere near Jacob's well if you measure how long it would take for a family to walk the distance very likely they were down somewhere near Jacob's well in that fertile valley between the ball and I'm not far from an ancient shack on day three they go past kill Shiloh and get be of Saul and Bethel to Deros And by the pleasant springs in the would be able to make a final camp from which would be a short and easy walk the next day to bring them within sight of Jerusalem. Now by this time Roman power has really dominated Jerusalem. Its walls were overshadowed with the eagle wings of Rome but the Temple still crowned the city now I know that the Romans had built a great fortress called Fortress Antonio with this huge tower that roared up above the temple and looked down into the temple precincts. But still crowning the slopes of Zion was that temple that gilded roof and marble colonnade stair stepping up the slope of Zion from the Court of the Gentiles of the Court of Israel up to the Court of the priests and then to top that the temple itself a beautiful marble building. With the front door that was flanked by two massive pillars and on these pillars of snow a marble work twine grape vines made out of Amber gold which is one of the reasons why the Temple didn't survive when the fire start of that gold came down and went into the paving stones and into the cracks between him and Roman soldiers who by this time were half crazy with rage at the Jewish people in the resistance of Jerusalem just tore the place apart looking for gold. So when Jesus came there were there was this magnificent building behind those gold in crested pillars was this mysterious Holy of Holies Kodesh called a shiva. And now something happens. Now let's go to the spirit of prophecy why not if we are looking to find truth about the life of Jesus. Why not explore every known avenue of truth we can find. And I recommend to you. The book desire of ages I'm going to do just a couple of excerpts from it and leave it to you to do the rest of the research for the first time the child Jesus looked upon the temple he saw the white robed Priest performing their solemn ministry. He saw the bleeding victim on the altar he bowed in prayer. While the cloud of incense ascended before God and the rest of it you can read around page seventy eight. Now something happens. He's twelve. He's considered to be a man. Something begins to open up in his mind and he looks out at that victim on the altar. And something clicks. That is me. And it was here. In this. Place this memorable one almost wants to say a magical occasion. That something very human happened in Jesus' parents' last him. See the feast lasted for a week or so. And the crowds begin to pack and clear out of of Jerusalem and Luke two forty three puts it this way Jesus tarried behind and you're still. All these really set the stage has it. Now I get the picture a day passes before. Joseph and Mary realize he's not with them. They're now a day out of town which means they've got a day's hard walking to get back to Jerusalem it'll take them a day to return. And the problem is at this exact moment the countryside is in ferment our Keeley S. who had replaced Herod the Great after ten years of cruel and disgraceful reign even Rome finally had enough they just said that yet they di posed and they sent him an exiled to France about as far as they could get him out of the farthest wing of the Roman Empire and Rome itself took over control of that particular province now in the interim. Angry zealots angry Jewish zealots one into play Messiah as they understood him to be a deliverer of Israel and a conqueror of the hated Romans. Move out and begin insurrection there were a couple of them Judas of God and the fairest sea by the name of Sadat both of them wrapped the countryside in sword and flame there was disorder until those legions came in and just pounded them into the into the ground and so the countryside is still infirm mant and travel is still dangerous. Now here is Joseph and Mary they leave the shelter of the care of a and they return by this time just sick with worry against this tide of humans and animals pushing the other direction with the kind of despair only a parent can feel and they search for three long days and and on the third day something get some near the temple we don't know exactly where the Bible doesn't make it clear could have been List Kafka Gaza if that huge hall of human stones where the Sanhedrin would would formally sit it may have been there. It may have been the halls of purchase. We don't know but it was some place large an elegant enough for the cream of the cream of Israel's intelligentsia to condescend to meet someone their merry hears a voice that brings a bell. That's familiar that's the voice of young Jesus. But what is seen here is a twelve year old youngster surrounded by a circle of which legends are formed among those likely present because they lived back in their lifetimes and their reigns as Jewish thought leaders span this whole era. Among those likely present was the fabled Rabbi Hillel he was one of the founders of the most aura. He was regarded by Jews he was reverence by them almost as a second Moses Hillel is the one who formulated the Golden Rule. Jesus later took it improved on it somewhat and approved it. Hillel was probably there. His son rub on Simeon could easily have been there and his grandson got who later on. But some precious time for the early Christian church brilliant. Tell music scholar and low. They are Rabbi been shot my Gmail is a great rival could very well have been there. Do you realize that these schools of thought still exist in Judaism in the twenty first century Hillel shut my Gmail ial their thinking is still present among Jewish scholars today another one who very well could have been president would have been non we sometimes called him honest son of SAF Jesus future judge he could have been there as a young San had wrist. BOB been. He was famous he could expound the Torah so well and see it so clearly that Herod finally just had enough of him and put his eyes out. He's blind but he's still a thought leader in Israel. Next time I have been discovered not celebrated for victorious prayers Johanan bends a cry who actually predicted the destruction of the temple. Wealthy Joseph affair I'm a timid but earnest Nic of the most. And finally youthful Jonathan Ben who was later held in boundless honor because he created. He wrote the celebrated paraphrase that is the galaxy of stars. Many of them still legendary today in Jewish scholarship. Whom the young Jesus dominated with innocent questions. Nobody could answer. And now. Now comes almost comic relief because into this profound scene. Comes Mamita. The Jewish mother. You can almost see it happen. She's both relieved and grief stricken I'm probably a little bit upset. And let me put it in your dish so we can kind of relate to it into. Days terms. Oh yea I get asked you to show up. What are you trying to do already kill us with worry. And Jesus replies Mayla I have a job to do. Ellen White puts it. Well soon. He would be closer to her as her Redeemer than he could ever be as a side. All right let me close and make my point. It was on the screen earlier but I wasn't sure it would stay there. So I wrote your name up here on the board. This congregation has chosen for its name two words two simple words. But put them together and they asked almost those two words and they pulled Tenchi eight they take on enormous power feeding from each other they synergize. Implicit in those two words what you have turned into a name. Is that you have a mission and a message. Implicit in the synergistic energy goes to develop being side by side. Is that if that message is delivered correctly it has world changing power that message can alter human history. May I respectfully suggest we just leave you with two suggestions. Number one let's be really sure when we preach the advent message. That Jesus is the. The center of everything we say. Think about it. Implicit in this title is a mission which is found probably said no better anywhere in the word than Revelation fourteen six through twelve seven powerful verses that define what you have to say and where do they start I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting what gospel which means the advent message starts on the foundation stone of the gospel which means it's. Buried in that person we call Jesus but it doesn't stop there. It ends with Jesus in the twelve first where it talks about people who keep the commandments of God because they have the kind of trust in the Heavenly Father he exhibited on the cross. He enunciates into the record of history his admission he can't see the father anymore and the very next thing he does is turn loose of life and drop into the unknown trusting out there somewhere. Are the father's arms to the end of time in your own small way that's what you're going to have to do turn loose of this world and drop into the have no now it starts with Jesus and the Gospel but it doesn't end there in the King James Version verses six and seven a Revelation fourteen separated only by a comma move promptly on to a judgment our message fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is common and that centers in Jesus because it talks about something unique in this ad then his perspective which you will find nowhere else in the whole Christian faith the cons. What Jesus is doing right now in preparation for his second coming and he's doing something for us. But it doesn't stop there. Separated again only by a comma in the King James Version it moves on to a worship message but look at the one which employs worship him that. Did what heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of water language so similar to the Fourth Commandment one could I suppose say that's plagiarism. A Sabbath message and let me say it for the third time today. Happy Sabbath. Well then you've got four verses four out of the seven over fifty percent of what you have to say is a warning to an end time world and probably in a moment of terminal terror goes into globalism we're headed for globalism at the end of time read Revelation thirteen and seventeen understand what's implicit in the symbolism of that Hebrew number ten. And you will see this world is headed for globalism and the globalism will surround a concept of a global accord on religion over half of the message you have to deliver is part of the Advent hope is a warning to the world don't make that mistake it's fatal. Then you move on to the capstone verse twelve. Here are they that what. Yeah keep the commandments they don't just preach him and there is a difference in how they do it they do it by trusting God in their own small way to the extent. Jesus did on the cross. That's your mission that your message that's Advent hope put the words together and there's just Norman's energy there. So number one let's get Jesus back into let's never forget to make him part of everything we preach. If we preach the advent message and not center on him. It's just a bunch of words it's all it is number two the. Let's get back into the word. Let's not just be readers of the word or casual students of the word for those who want to deliver that message may I respectfully suggest you need to be fighting this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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