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New Light for Adventists- Part 1

Dennis Priebe


An in-depth bible study seminar on the evidences that God will give new light to His people due to circumstances and hearts being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Part 1


  • July 21, 2016
    10:15 AM
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Well this is the time for our in in-depth Bible study these seminars today and tomorrow so I hope you brought your Bibles. We're going to be digging into the Word of God This morning on a very important subject. I just want to make one announcement. I always bring with me. Extra study materials little booklets and pamphlets on various subjects that I consider very important some of which I have written others have written these little things that you remember the Joe Cruise type of booklets those little books. So if you would like some extra things to take home with you just ask me at any time this week and I'll be glad to share a few things with you. So I'll leave that up to you if you want extra study materials. All right. I think we're ready to start. And we will just get our Bibles out and see what we can do the one God sent as a special messenger to his people at the end time read and said repeatedly that God had not given all truth to those living in her generation that God had more truth and she called it new light to be given and share with his people as circumstances made it necessary. And as people open their hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit. So in the past thirty years I have received many compilations of new light for Seventh Day Adventists to consider and the necessity of studying these new ideas carefully and that is exactly that element of what Ellen White said we should do. Some Seventh Day Adventists have taken these statements very seriously and they have come up with ideas new to Adventism Now remember this is not that group of people who have borrowed old error from the churches of Babylon and are trying to persuade us that the Gospel allows us to live with some degree of inevitable sin. In our lives and that's the everlasting Gospel of the Apostles and the reformers It's not that people. It's not those who are trying to persuade us that the standards of the church are just Victorian traditions that must be discarded. If we want to be relevant and have growing churches. It's not that group of people this group of people are very faithful Seventh Day Adventists they are holding to the absolute authority of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. They believe fully in our landmark doctrines. They are living up to all the light they have they are faithful in the lifestyle to the high standards are revealed to the end time remnant that's the group of people I'm talking about right now. See there's only one thing wrong with Adventism we have overstayed our time in this world by a hundred years. And now we're coming up with problems because of that reasons why we're not in heaven. What's the reason for the long delay and summer teaching that we have been in error on crucial issues and only when we correct these errors do we have any hope of being the final generation and going home. Now I came across one inspired statement from Ellen White which I never saw in those compilations that I received over the years. It's found in the Ellen White biography by Arthur wide Volume three page two fifty nine and it is written by Alan why. I think I want to put it up on the screen so you can see this for yourself and read it for yourself. Is that on the screen now. All right good. From that which the Lord has been pleased to show me there will arise just such ones all along. And many more of them claiming to have a new light which is a side issue and entering wedge. The wide. Thing will increase until there is a breach made between those who accept these views and those who believe the third angels message. Just as soon as these new ideas are accepted then there will be a drawing away from those whom God has used in the work for the minds begin to doubt and withdraw from the leaders because God has laid them aside and chosen more humble men to do his work. This is the only interpretation they can give to this matter as the leaders do not see this important light. That's an interesting statement. Now I notice that the accepting of this new light that she's talking about here. Leads to a drawing apart from the body and small enclaves of those who have been. This has been revealed to them who have been in lighten it leads to a loss of fellowship and trust with those who had previously been friends and counselors. So today we're going to examine one area of new light. This will not be an exhaustive analysis of all the texts on the reasons but I hope enough to make informed decisions about the merits of the issues kept capturing the loyalty of many faithful Seventh Day Adventists whose only motive is to prepare to meet Jesus in spotless robes of righteousness. Now this is a presentation that includes more than I'm covering this morning. There is one that I'm not going to be covering which is the sacred name the theory that says the only name that you can use to worship God is some variant of it. Ya way or yes you. This is on my D.V.D. in case you would like to have that I will not be covering that this morning. I'm going to move ahead quickly to a section that we are going to be dealing with right now. That is the Trinity. The contemporary anti Trinity movement teaches that there is no third person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit is a force or an energy or a holy influence from the Father and the son. This is a direct quotation the Bible teaches that there are only two who are worthy of worship a corollary of this teaching is that Jesus is literally the son of the father literally having a beginning. Back in prehistory when the father brought him into existence. Again a quotation. The father and son are both Divine but not absolutely equal. Only in this way could Christ died since the father is immortal. They say and could not die. The son has to be brought into existence if he can die at all. Now in support of this teaching. They point to are pioneers who taught this theory from the eighteen forties to the eight hundred ninety S. Now as with all errors. There is a truth at the foundation of this teaching after the Council of Nicea the great Christian council in three twenty five eighty. The papal party took the title of Trinitarians they said that the Godhead consists of three personalities and one essence or substance and it became very philosophical and metaphysical. I'm going to share with you a just a brief sample of instruction for confirmation for a good Catholic follow this little statement. The son proceeds from the Father by an act of the intellect and this is termed eternal generation by which we mean not only that there never was a time when the father existed without generating the. Son but also that the act of generation is a continuous act. It teaches that there could be no separation between the Father and the son on earth since this would interrupt the act of generation. Thus the son would not exist which would mean that the father would not exist. So they could never be separated. Even on earth since they were of one essence the neither the need of the Father nor the Son could exist apart from the others. How about that was that nice and clear here as a historian statement in the formation of the doctrine of the Trinity the concept of the eternal generation of the son was one of the essential and major factors the doctrine of the Trinity was discussed shaped and confessed around the concept of the eternal generation so to understand the Catholic view of the Trinity you have to understand eternal generation of the Father and the son. Here is from a converts catechism of DOT Catholic doctrine. The son proceeds from the Father by generation and generation means the process of begetting offspring reproduction or giving birth to so the father gave birth to the son in some way from their own teachings. My May I just say this is there any wonder that our pioneers rejected the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity. J.N. Andrews wrote this Dr and destroys the personality of God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord yes they did rejected. But remember what they were rejecting will come back to that. So if we are going to defend the biblical truth that there are three persons with the family name of God Maybe we would be better off to use the biblical term which is Godhead Trinity has been co-opted in. Very significant ways. So what we're going to do is just run through some issues relating to this and I hope your Bibles are handy because we're going to dig into the Word of God are there really three beings with one name in Scripture. We'll start with the most common one. Matthew chapter twenty eight verse nineteen. Matthew twenty eight nineteen as Jesus left them is the last word to them were was. Go either four and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost so notice nor the hear the word name is singular the name not names name and all three which means that all three that follow are on the same level the name of the Father the name of the son the name of the Holy Spirit is one name. And the definite article is used with all of the three beings. The Father the Son the Holy Ghost. So this very brief statement is saying that there are three beings that are god. And yet there is one God. This is one of the great mysterious teachings of scripture that even today we have a hard time wrapping our minds around. And for the Muslim world. It's almost an impossible concept. It is a very difficult mystery of Scripture that we are dealing with this morning and none of the illustrations that we commonly use about triangles and various things. They really don't do the job because this is one of the truly great mysteries of scripture. Well let's try a few other text let's just see what the Bible says John Chapter fourteen. John Chapter fourteen when Jesus says He will send someone after he leaves John fourteen and verse sixteen very common statement again we're all very familiar with it and I will pray the. Father and He shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever. Now the word Another is a very important word it means another of the same kind. He is saying I will send you another like me another one of the same kind as I am to be your comforter that word Another is significant there another like me of the same kind. Go to another text second Corinthians chapter thirteen and verse fourteen Second Corinthians chapter thirteen verse fourteen the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all three gifts from three beings three gifts each with a different aspect from the three beings in the Godhead. First Peter chapter one verse two first Peter chapter one verse two. Now notice carefully here again we have three great elect according to the four knowledge of God the Father through sanctification of the Spirit unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ three different things that the three beings do in the Godhead thought we had the next one up. I'm sorry we should one more there are right. Three beings with one name. We have three functions here of three beings three functions that are very crucial one is for knowledge. One is sanctification one is the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. All right. Two or three statements from Ellen whites writings one from testimonies volume eight page two fifty four volume eight to fifty four she refers to the three great powers of heaven. The three great powers of heaven. Another from evangelism page six fifteen through six seventeen. There are three living persons of the heavenly trio catch those words three persons heavenly trio not duet. Trio evangelism again the the eternal heavenly dignitaries God and Christ and the Holy Spirit three eternal dignitaries the three highest powers in heaven. The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost three highest powers that's a consistent way that Ellen White refers to the members of the Godhead Father Son and Holy Spirit so that means three beings with one name God Father Son and Holy Spirit as I say one of the great mysteries hard to wrap our minds around but nevertheless taught in Scripture. All right let's move to the next then what about the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit clearly seen as an individual with a personality. If Chapter four verse thirty. And if Chapter four verse thirty and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed into the day of redemption. Can a force be grieved to in a power be grieved can influence be grieved or can a person be grieved it has a person has the potential of grief sorrow. We understand that easily with Jesus Christ a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief the Holy Spirit can be grieved in. Same way that Christ could be agreed First Corinthians Chapter twelve verse eleven First Corinthians Chapter twelve vs eleven talking about the gifts of the Spirit previous verses. But all these work at that one and the selfe same spirit dividing to every man severally as he will this indicates choice. He decides which of us yet what's gift. It is of the season the Holy Spirit makes we all receive gifts he makes the decision we dealt choice. Romans chapter eight verse twenty six Romans chapter eight. Verse twenty six. Likewise the spirit also help with our infirmities for we know not what we should pray as for as we ought but the spirit itself make of intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. So here we have the Holy Spirit we know Jesus makes intercession for us. Now the Holy Spirit is making intercessions for us because we need his help to approach the throne of God Acts Chapter sixteen Acts Chapter sixteen and we will read verses six and seven. Paul is on one of his missionary journeys. Now when they had gone through Phrygia in the region of Galatians and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia. After they were come to Mysie of the essayed to go in with India but the spirit suffered or allowed them not so here the Holy Spirit is making some commands. Don't go here Gold their decision making powers. Once again try Acts Chapter fifteen X. fifteen verse twenty eight. This is that great church council that was held in Jerusalem to decide whether circumcision would be the way they would go or not Acts fifteen twenty eight for it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us to lay upon you. No greater burden than these necessary things are the apostles individuals with the decision making abilities. Us. This is good to the Holy Spirit and to us. So is the Holy Spirit a decision making individual with choices to make the Holy Spirit is put on the same category of making decisions here as the Apostles were Acts Chapter five Acts Chapter five verses three and four. It's the very familiar story of an AND I ascend Safira But Peter said an anonymous why have Satan filled vine hard to lie to the Holy Ghost and to keep back part of the price of the land whiles it remained was it not by known and after it was sold. Was it not in the final in power. Why is conceived this thing in the end hard though it's not Leyden to men but on to God two things there. First of all they lied to the Holy Spirit. You don't lie to a force. You don't lie to an influence you can reject an influence but you can't lie to it you can lie to a person. And this particular person is specifically called God You have lied to God so that I think is very significant. All right. Just a few statements from Ellen White selected messages Volume one page three forty four one assembly three forty four. Christ our mediator and the Holy Spirit are constantly interceding in man's behalf but the spirit pleads not for us as does Christ who presents his blood the spirit works upon our hearts. Spirit doesn't do the same work that the christ does Christ pleads his Blood The Holy Spirit impresses upon our hearts the conviction of sin two different work works by two different individuals and then again from evangelism six sixteen and six seventeen. The Holy Spirit who is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds that was in Avondale when she was there in that school. The Holy Spirit is a person the Holy Spirit has a personality. All right. I do think that there is evidence that the Holy Spirit does have a person is a person and has a personality with that said I now want to share with you something else here that becomes really important to understand. Ellen White warned us from becoming overly dogmatic on this subject. If you want to look it up. It's in manuscript releases Volume fourteen one seventy five to one A.D. it's a little longer than I normally read but it is a really really important brother and should not feel that it is a virtue to stand apart because they do not see all minor points in exactly the same light. If fundamental truths they are at an agreement they should not differ and dispute about matters of written little real importance to dwell on perplexing questions that after all are of no vital importance has a direct tendency to call the mind away from truth which are vital to the saving of the soul brother and should be very modest in urging these side issues which are ought which often they do not themselves understand points that they do not know to be truth and that it is not essential to their salvation to know where these differences exist among. Yes. Those who stand outside will say it will be time enough for us to believe as you do when you could agree among yourselves as to what constitutes truth. The godly take advantage of the divisions and controversies among Christians. Some are ever seeking to be original to bring out something new and startling and they do not realize as they should the importance of preserving the unity of the faith in the bonds of love we are to pray for divine in light of the same time we should be careful how we receive everything termed new light. We must be aware lest under cover of searching for new truth Satan shall divert our minds from Christ and the special trues for this time I have been shown that it is the device of the enemy to lead minds to dwell upon some obscure or an important point something that is not fully revealed or is not essential to our salvation. This is made the absorbing theme the quote present truths. When all their investigations and suppositions only serve to make matters more obscure than before and to confuse the minds of some who ought to be seeking for Oneness through sanctification of the truth. Now that's a very general and a very important statement that we must not allow ourselves to be diverted to side issues and areas which are not important for salvation now what exactly is one of those side issues not essential to salvation she continues the nature of the Holy Spirit is a mystery not clearly revealed and you will never be able to explain it to others because the Lord has not revealed it to you you may gather together scriptures and put your construction upon them. But the application is not correct. It is not essential for you to know and be able to define just what the Holy Spirit is. There are many mysteries which I do not seek to understand or to explain. They are too high for me and too high for use on some of the. These points. Silence is golden your mind is restless. You would make the mistake that many others have made of thinking that you have new light when it is only a new phase of error. You may take certain views of scripture and searching the Bible in the light of your ideas may gather together a large number of texts and claim that they mean this and that and call for anyone to prove to you that your views are incorrect. Here is your danger of diverting minds. From the real issues of this time. Now my brother. It is truth that we want and must have but do not introduce error as a new truth. And that counsel my friends applies to all areas of new life that we examine that we must be very careful that it is truly a new life and not a new phase of old error which has come to us. In fact I'm going to share again with you a few of the statements from the Catholic Church on this point to get you to understand it all of us to understand clearly what the pioneers were rejecting God is a Spirit and the first act of a spirit brings forth the knowledge of himself his own image. This was a living person of the same substance and one with the father. This is God the Son. Thus the father begets the son the Divine Word the wisdom of the father their mutual love this. Breeds forth as it were a living person one with them and of their own substance. This is God the Holy Ghost. Thus the Holy Ghost the spirit of love proceeds from the Father and the Son of God the Father eternally knows himself and thus continues to bring forth the son about that is that a clear exposition of the Godhead or it is a totally cloud the issue with words that are very difficult for even the most scholarly mind to understand that. So what are pioneers who are rejecting that's what they were saying they couldn't be a part. Of and did not want to accept all right so let's move to number three what about the eternal existence of Jesus Christ. John one God to start there. Don't wait. John chapter one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God The same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made in Him was life and the life was the light of man careful. Jesus was not only with the father but he was God not a god as the Jehovah's Witness translation translates that verse but he was God He was the creator of everything. The life principle was in him he did not receive life from anyone. He is the eternal Word. Now let's get to more specific areas John Chapter eight. John Chapter eight verse fifty eight. This is an amazing statement. He's in the midst of a big argument with the Jews about how he could possibly possibly be before he was on this earth. The Jews said unto him in verse fifty seven The are not yet fifty years old. Hast thou seen Abraham and Jesus said unto them Verily verily I say unto you before Abraham was I Am i hope you know what that those last two words mean this was not just a statement that he lived before Abraham. This was a claim. Let's find that claim it's in back in the Book of Exodus Exodus Chapter three Exodus Chapter three and verse fourteen. This is when Moses is sent back to. To Egypt to talk to his people and convince them that this was the time for deliverance and they will and Moses was afraid that they would not know what he was there for was they are the there on his own authority and they will ask about the God he represents what is his name verse fourteen Exodus three fourteen and God seven to Moses. I am that I am and he said. Thus shelter and of the children of Israel. I am hath sent to me unto you. Jesus is claiming that name Jesus is saying before Abraham was I am the one who talked to Moses and sent him to deliver us a people. Well and why it is a very interesting statement on this in desire of ages for sixty nine and for seventy. The name of God for sixty nine and for seventy the name of God given to Moses to express the idea of the eternal presence had been claimed as his own the name of God had been claimed by Jesus as his name he had announced himself to be the self existant one who is going forth have been from of old from the days of eternity. That's why they took up stones to stone him because he was claiming to be not a God not a Son of God but God himself he was claiming to be the great I am that all good Jews worshiped all their centuries God's amazing grace page forty three all through the pages of sacred history where the dealings of God with His chosen people are recorded. There are burning traces of the great I-AM that's true. All the way through the Old Testament. We know that name mostly as Jehovah which is a trance alliteration but wrongly done of. Yah way which is the noun form of the I Am the verb all of those. Titles or names mean the same thing all the communion listen all the communion between heaven and the fall and raise had been through Christ in the Old Testament. All those statements the Lord has spoken to Jeremiah the Lord has spoken to is the kill is through Christ Christ is the Yahweh the Jehovah the I am of the Old Testament. She continues Christ is the Alpha and the Omega the first and the last so remember when ever you read about Yahweh or Jehovah in the Old Testament you're reading about Jesus Christ. Let's just take one sample of one verse in the Old Testament Isaiah Chapter forty and verse twenty eight Isaiah forty and verse twenty eight This again is describing and when as you probably know that in the King James Version of the Bible when the word Lord is in capital letters. It is a transliteration of yah way the noun form of I am alright so in verse twenty eight Isaiah Chapter forty verse twenty eight hast thou not known hast thou not heard that the everlasting God the Lord the creator of the ends of the earth faint if not neither is a weary there is no searching of his understanding. Notice the everlasting God Yahweh is the creator of the ends of the earth. Ellen why those just informed us that Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is the everlasting God of the Old Testament the Yah way the I Am That led them through all of their wilderness wanderings and brought them into the Promised Land. A few other statements from Ellen whites writings desire of ages page five thirty in Christ is life or original and borrowed and deride that kind of nails it all down. Doesn't it. Original law. I have not borrowed from other source not derived from another being not brought into existence at some point in prehistory evangelism page six fifteen. Christ is the preexistent self existent key word self existent Son of God He assures us that there never was a time when he was not in close fellowship with the eternal God He is the eternal self-existent son but those two together eternal self existent Bible Commentary volume five eleven fifteen from all eternity. Christ was united with the father from all eternity. Review and herald April five nineteen zero six April five nineteen zero six. Christ was God is sensually and in the highest sense. He was with God from all eternity in the highest sense he was not a lesser god he was not a derives the god now patriarchs and prophets pages sixty three and sixty four tells us something very important about why this is essential only one equal with God could make atonement for the fallen race. Only a law giver could redeem those who had broken the law only the creator of life could redeem those who had been created. You see if Christ had received life from the father at some point in eternity which is what is being taught by this movement today that he received life from the father at some point in eternity if his life was borrowed or derived from the father if he was dependent on the father for his very existence. He would not have existed if the father had not brought him into existence. It's then he was not God in the highest sense and he is not eternal. And he could not make atonement for the fallen race and redeem mankind. If Christ was not fully God God would have been punishing an innocent third party who had also been created or brought into existence by God. Only one who is immortal in his very nature can offer everlasting life to the to the human race and by the way I'm sure you know that the term only be gotten son is a faulty translation. Let's check that out if there's any question about that at all. Hebrews chapter eleven verse seventeen Hebrews chapter eleven verse seventeen Hebrews eleven seventeen by faith Abraham when he was tried. Offered up by Zick and he that had received the promises offered up his what only be gotten son. That's wrong on two levels isn't it. Number one. Isaac was not the only be gotten. He was not even the first born and yet he is called His only begotten Son do you see why the word has to mean unique one of a kind special none other like Isaac he was the son of promise he was not the son of human activity. He was the son of a miracle. And that's what one of a kind means uniquely special one of a kind and by the way there is another text which is interesting doesn't use a phrase only be God It's in Acts Chapter thirteen Acts Chapter thirteen and verse thirty three Acts thirteen and verse thirty three which is talking about Jesus God have fulfilled the same unto us their chill. And in that he raised the Jesus again as it is also written in the second some this the art my son this day have by be gotten the now that's not talking about his birth is it. That's talking about his resurrection raised up again this day have gotten the so a case could be made that the word be gotten has much as much to do with his resurrection. As with his birth and that's an interesting use of this word be gotten again. I think it's more than interesting that a an individual called Mary of a grade. A vision a visionary Catholic nun in the sixteen hundred said that the word was conceived by eternal generation from the Father and Christ was born before time existed and that is exactly what is being taught by the present anti Trinity movement interesting taken directly from Catholic understanding's here and also why the way the Orthodox the Eastern Orthodox position. So I have a suggestion a suggestion take it for what it's worth. To resolve some apparent contradictions that we even find in scripture. It seems like it. The nature of the Godhead is not the central theme in Scripture. God has never just spelled it out clearly and precisely even throughout all of Scripture where it is discussed in the very few places it is discussed it reveals three equal beings all existing from eternity one in purpose and mind in ways impossible for created beings but it is not a major theme of scripture. It appears here and there in spots. So we will move to the next point the central issue in Scripture is not the nature of the Godhead. But the function of the Godhead what they do and it is always always. Ascending order from the father to the son to the Holy Spirit. It is a always descending in that order. This is the way. Apparently that the Godhead wants all created beings to approach him directly to the father know through the Holy Spirit through Christ to the Father the Father is the ultimate authority. Jesus is the visible representative to created beings the Holy Spirit is the invisible presence working on the hearts of created beings. You know if we're confused today. Even the angels were confused before sin ever entered the universe. The father had to explain to the angels in and Jelinek session. The difference between Christ and Lucifer. When Lucifer was challenging the place of Christ in the Godhead since both Lucifer and Christ had similar functions they represented God to the created beings. It was easy for even angels to say they're both the same aren't they. They do the same work. Maybe Lucifer is right. So if there was a misunderstanding in heaven. May we be forgiven to have problems today. Figuring out the mystery. The mystery of the Godhead. Here's the point. Christ always directs attention to the father not to himself he always points to the father he takes a secondary role to The Heavenly Father then the Holy Spirit all ways directs attention to Christ and the father he takes the third role almost invisible most of the time. So again equal in nature but unequal in function and rank as they relate to created beings. That's the best. I think that we can do on this subject to try to understand. All right let's move to the next point the Godhead apparently has chosen to reveal itself. Gradually to the human race. Apparently this has never been one of the crucial issues for the redemption of mankind to understand exactly the relations of the three beings in the Old Testament. Yah way is that personal name for God Jehovah. And the name is interchangeable for the father and the son. You're never quite sure unless you really dig deep. Is it the father speaking or is it the son speaking because it doesn't really matter the name is interchangeable the Holy Spirit. If you want to ask a person dies is then what do you know about the Holy Spirit. I think you've got the blanks there. I don't think much was known about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Yes the spirit was moving on the face of the waters but that wasn't precisely clear either. There are indications of poor reality in the Old Testament more than one. But the emphasis is always on the one God the Lord our God is ONE Lord the great shame on of the Israelite people that was their focus the Lord our God is one now in the New Testament more revelation came to bear because Christ had now come down in bodily form. So we have the Word of God the Son of God and then Christ reveals to us. Another aspect the Holy Spirit who is our comforter better translated advocate one who stands for us. One who is our lawyer if you will. The emphasis is on three beings in one Godhead descending in rank and function from the father to the son to the Holy Spirit. That's what the New Testament reveals early Seventh Day Adventists were they concerned with this issue. Not at all. They were concerned with the sanctuary in the twenty three hundred days that. It was the issue of the early pioneers they were concerned with the Bible not tradition the Word of God as the authority not the traditions of the fathers they were concerned with the seventh day sabbath and the law of God there was very little study or even revelation from God through Ellen White about the Trinity. If you want to use that term very little discussed about that by our pioneers and as I said earlier the Trinity in the early eight hundred years it was a mixture of the Bible medieval philosophy and the early church councils there was a group during that time before Adventism came into existence called the Christian connection. They were absolutely certain that the Trinity was a Catholic doctrine and unscriptural and guess what Joseph Bates and James White were members of the Christian connection and because the a trinity apparently made the Father and the son identical. It was rejected by our planners. Here's just a sample from Joseph Bates on what he wrote on this. He said respecting the Trinity. I concluded that it was an impossibility for me to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the father was also the Almighty God the Father one and the same being I said to my father. If you can convince me that we are one in this sense that you are my father and I your son and also that I am your father and you my son then I can believe in the Trinity. That is why they objected to the Trinity doctrine. It made them really just one essence with three different faces shining out at different times and the pioneers said no that's not what the Bible teaches that is not correct. So apparently God was satisfied to leave it this way not make it an issue. The pioneers not get everything corrected at the same time until about the eight hundred ninety S. And by the way the eight hundred ninety S. was the period of time when the last generation was supposed to be formed to go home. Translation. Maybe God said this is the last thing I need to get clear in your minds. Ellen White was in Australia during those years. W.W. Prescott visited her in Australia. He had developed a new style of evangelism based not on doctrines primarily but on righteousness by faith on the character of God. Guess where that came from the eight hundred eighty eight message of Jones and Waggoner Prescott began to preach this way and he spent time working with Alan wide in Australia and he began to question some of our pioneers teachings on the nature and the Deity of Jesus Christ because our pioneers believe Christ had a beginning and he did not exist from all eternity. And he began to question this A.G. Daniels the president of the General Conference supported his new direction and this was the very same time when Ellen White was putting together desire of ages and in that book she differed sharply with our pioneers on the preexistence of Jesus Christ and male Andreassen he had just become a Seventh Day Adventist four years earlier. He said that some of the leaders doubted that Ellen wide had really written quote In Him was life original and borrowed under ride that she couldn't have written that that's not true. He derived life from the father he didn't have a original life she couldn't have written that so M.L. did what some others hadn't been willing to do in one thousand nine hundred two. He made a special trip out to California to Elm save and where Ellen White was. Residing at that time to investigate this state. And original UN borrowed on the ride and he actually found these statements in her own handwriting. This was not a forgery. This was not an insertion this was not something that someone had gotten into her writings without her knowing it in her own handwriting. He found this statement that we refer I referred to earlier and that was enough for email address and from that point on. And because of her influence and a new study on the Godhead the administers understandings of the Godhead took a different direction from the pioneers that's just a fact that's what happened. That is not the same as our earliest pioneers including James why taught in the early years. Why so late. God has priorities. He knows we can't handle everything all at the same time so he starts us out. Not with the Jala Gee in the eight hundred forty is the message was publishing get the word out get the message out bright beams of light shining over the whole earth publishing was the message of the eight hundred forty S. in the eight hundred fifty S. it was church organization. You can't just go on loosely with everyone doing willy nilly. What is right in their own eyes. We have to be organized. We have to be a body that was the eight hundred fifty S. health reform in the eighteenth sixty's more important than all of the doctrines apparently health reform in the eighteenth sixty's the body is a temple of the Holy Ghost what we're doing this weekend is combining some theology with some health reform that's coming up shortly. And that's crucially important then in the eight hundred eighty S. What a judge choose next righteousness by faith Christ in you. The hope of glory not being so doctrinally centered even though doctrines are hugely important but not being so centered on them. We lows focus of the one who is behind in. In all of the doctrines and our relationship to the end God simply paced the introduction of new truth to preserve unity in the church. So the church wouldn't fracture at very various points in its existence so very simply the character of God was more important than the nature of God and God simply said we'll let that one go for a while. Don't make that an issue of contention. So we come to our last point. Now some and remember who I'm talking about the faithful Adventists the really serious Adventists who are preparing for the second coming of Christ. Are advocating a return to our pioneers anti Trinity position and here is the most dangerous aspect. Is the question raised by its chief advocate did. Ellen White write all that has been published under her name did. Ellen White write all that has been published under her name all my friends. This is something we really really need to think through carefully. Whenever we find something in her writings which contradicts our beliefs about some position we have taken we find some acceptable reason to set her aside that can apply to any one of us at any time this my friends is the heart of higher criticism of the Bible. Well you don't really have to believe in the literal creation record of Genesis one. It could have happened over many millions of years. You don't have to believe that Jesus was born of a Virgen that was just something to make it exciting and special for the disciples Higher Criticism says we can reinterpret what the original inspired authors said because it just doesn't fit with what we. You know today. Same thing applies to Ellen White My friends if it doesn't fit with our cherished preconceptions and that makes her writings of none effect doesn't deny her writings remember I said these are all people who believe solidly in the writings of L. and white but not her full authority making her writings of none effect because we are picking and choosing those statements which fit our preconceptions and setting aside those statements which do not under some pretext and there are many pretexts here. Well Ellen White was young when she wrote that my teacher when I was in school a long time ago was asked that very same question How old was Ellen White when she wrote this particular statement a student asked him and he scratched his English beer a little bit and he said How old was the Holy Spirit. Just then. Some say you set aside her later writings because they're not as pure as the earlier writings great controversy after eight hundred fifty eight can't be trusted. Etc etc Some say that people inserted things into her writings without her knowing it. Do you think God would allow that in the Bible that would there would be untruth inserted into his word. So that we couldn't tell the difference if God is going to speak to us at all. Will he not protect what he has spoken or else we're saying that God isn't a very good handler of truth and Ellen why doesn't a very good handler of what God revealed to her. Here is a statement that someone said Ellen White was inspired by God in almost all her writings but either she or someone messed with her writings colloquial but that's what is being taught right on this subject. That means that everyone is free to pick and choose whatever agrees with our opinion it's the essence of higher criticism. So I'm going to suggest that perhaps even conservative Seventh Day Adventists will have to decide between the authority of God and the authority of man. It's not just liberal it's conservative Adventists who have opinions too that they do not want to give up when faced with clear inspired statements. So those are the reasons at least some of them why I believe that there is a three part Godhead that Jesus Christ is Eternal on the same level as the father and that our pioneers had good reasons for rejecting the Catholic version of the Trinity which is way different from the Biblical version of the Godhead. And we do not have to apologize for believing in a very mysterious doctrine three persons one God can't explain it can't fathom a it's a mystery but it is a divinely given mystery not simply something that we're trying to avoid We are trying to grapple with it. We're trying to understand it and make as much sense as we possibly can about it. Now I just want to say this this is a seminar so if there was something which I was unclear about and you needed to get some more information. Raise your hand right now and I'd be delighted to see what I can do. Yes. Here's one right here. Oh a copyright is there anything that I didn't explain too clearly. And you would like to have a better explanation about this. Number one. There's iron rolls function Father to Son the Holy Spirit. Oh oh oh oh oh I'm comfortable with that I think there is quite a strong emphasis on the right is the I'm right. Again I'm going to go back to the same thing that happened in the and jelly coast when Christ and Lucifer were doing exactly as the angel saw the same work and they were there was question as to why Christ should be in the Godhead and Lucifer should not since they were both representing Christ to the angels. So if there was that kind of representation the father is there as you have probably read. No one can see the father and live doesn't say that about Christ because we have seen Christ in human form and even the the. Inspired writers like John saw Christ after He had been taken to heaven in his glory and that was very impressive but they didn't see the father. So there is something different. There in the way the father and the son relate to created beings. The father in light unapproachable the son revealing as much as could be understood or accepted or tolerated by created beings and the Holy Spirit impressing that upon the mine so I think that the that Jesus Christ is doing a a work which the father does not do. Which means that he is representing and he's revealing the father and he would always you know on earth he would say there is none good but the Father and of course so how can that apply Jesus was as good as anyone could ever be but he would always point to the Father. And he he said that I came to reveal the father. So that's why I think that there is a difference in function in the way they relate to created beings. One more thing with the sensitivity or there's a good point. Hierarchy is not a good term for. You could say if it were just to deliver a different task that's right. Like a C.E.O. and a C.F.O. chief financial officer. Once again we're getting into parallels adult work but that's a little different functions different needs. You know I guess if we really believe that there is this three being Godhead that I'm glad that they kind of boil it down to one as the ultimate father that we prayed to because I have a hard time talking to three different beings at the same time. And I think God had really realized that we need to focus on the father make our prayers of the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Roger. The number who are here. I'm like to think of it as different functions of the guy that God is love and one element of love is you believe. OK it's hard to read my mind to read on the Holy Spirit being fine and still be home but the Holy Spirit points to Christ and Christ to the Father. There's a military in the gun and he and then he said that we were created in His image and then translate that into our relational things in our families you know. Yes I think that I'm like I would like different better than the new. All right. Very good good point. Now I would just make this point too if we think of the Holy Spirit if the Holy Spirit is as much God as the Father and the Son are of the same nature same qualities you hardly read anything about him in the Bible just a snatch here and a snatch there and a verse here and a verse over there. He doesn't describe himself he is the one who inspires the prophets couldn't he have told us a lot of things about what he was but he doesn't talk about himself he totally ignores himself total humility if you want to put it in those terms total humility and saying I will. Even talk about myself. You won't know much about me. I don't bug you. But I'm waiting to see what the Holy Spirit looks like when we get to heaven. I don't know it's a mystery and Ellen why warns us away from speculation on that point of a question over here right over there. All right. I just want to be sure about something because you hear this from my pastor that day that he said Let Us make man in OUR image. Let us make man in OUR here still say they were all previous again. Yes but the way and the seed and the decision was made. I'll go down for me the pastors say that God is to come down to earth as a baby in the form of me and Carlton says she's all right. It depends on what is meant by that it can be probably not too bad but again God the one the being we call God in three aspects three persons three individuals. God did decide to come down to earth. Emmanuel means God with us. That's the name that was one of the names given to Jesus. But again it was only one of those three it wasn't all three that came to earth. So what was one the Son of God because he was the one that had that function that role that purpose that he came down to this earth. But again it was God God was was was was Jesus. So there is a truth there but it needs to be carefully explained that it was one being of the three that made the decision to be part of the human family for ever. By the way to retain his human nature will never be the. Same as he was before he'll be part of the human family for all eternity so in a very significant way he will have not quite the same nature as he had before or the father or the Holy Spirit for the rest of eternity. That's the mind boggling thing though. Did he go back to the one that said he did but he retains his human nature and there is a mystery. What does that mean did he send the Holy Spirit because he couldn't be in all places at the same time all of these are mysteries and so something is the not the same as it was before this last one by the way will close now. Said this was the god this perfect coming. The son carries out of this that. Yes it is said but men do twenty or thirty two things for the speed of the word against the Book of the him but the slope is the beginning. How about that and the given in this world who in the world. That's the incredible statement or some response. Yeah. If you reject the teachings of Christ. You may be misunderstanding him the Jew The Jews may have prejudiced against him but if you are listening to the Holy Spirit. There's nothing more I can do for you. That's amazing. All right we're going to have to close. I do have. Just a few I don't have too many I have a few compilations of some of the important Ellen White statements on this. So if you want one of these come up after the meeting and I'll share them with you as long as they last. Also. Tomorrow I'm going to be talking about another new light issue which is very strong right now in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It's called the feast day movement. I have several of these presentations I also talk about the Yahweh issue the sacred name. I talk about the futurism idea of the aspects of. The Book of Revelation and Daniel into the future they for a day instead of day for a year but I'm not going to be talking about those I have D.V.D.'s on those of some of you want to take a look at those I have a D.V.D. set on new light for Seventh Day Adventists tomorrow will focus on the feast day issue in the same way we dealt here with the Trinity issue. So that's our that's our that's where we're heading tomorrow. I hope you join us and we will have another study time together. Now I just want to let you know that we're going to have a fifteen minute break and then my son gets to talk to you. How many of you have seen his presentations in past years. Quite a few of you. All right so you know what's coming. He's a naturalist in our family and he takes us down from the high theological mountain down to the level of the second book of nature where we can all relate to these cute cuddly little creatures and squirmy little creatures out there and what they tell us about our creator God and today's presentation as you probably saw in the outline is called the God given gift of animal architecture and that's a very interesting subjects hollow in the world did animals figure out how to build homes and he's going to talk about that and can they pass on that knowledge to their children. This is how you do it. You put the stick in here and then you do that like we do with our children and so this is one of the powerful evidences of creation that denies evolutionary theory and by the way you need to be here in the first five minutes when he lays out the premise because that sort of focuses the whole presentation if you miss that you're kind of going to be at sea in the presentation. So right at eleventh at eleven forty five is the time when he will be presenting and don't miss those first five minutes is crucial to understanding the presentation. Let's pray Father in heaven as we have studied one of your great mysteries as we have tried to understand what we can bear. Really feebly touch. Oh Lord I just pray that we will see the important thing that our God is a loving caring just God that Jesus Christ the representative of the Father is the one who shows us the character of the father and may we never never turn away the Holy Spirit's impressions upon our hearts and our this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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