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New Light for Adventists- Part 2

Dennis Priebe


An in-depth bible study seminar on the evidences that God will give new light to His people due to circumstances and hearts being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Part 2


  • July 22, 2016
    10:15 AM
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Father in heaven. As we study your word. Once again and we study it as studying a sensitive subject please help us by your Holy Spirit to understand correctly your will for this time I pray in Jesus' name amen. All right. As you see our subject is the feast days. Over the past few decades I ever had been receiving a large number of papers and open letters and booklets on one theme. The necessity of observing the national festivals or feasts given to the Hebrews along with the sabbath days connected with those feasts this movement has been gathering momentum. Again among those seriously preparing for final events. Seriously preparing for final events. Much has been written and spoken on this subject is totally impossible to cover everything in one meeting but there's a fair amount of technical material based on the meanings of Hebrew words. And historical practices so today I'm just going to address major issues. Hopefully enough for us to make clear decisions about this subject. Now as in the last subject yesterday. Truth is at the basis of the claims for the feast days. God gave Israel marvelous a marvelous sequence of observances throughout the year. To teach major lessons of the plan of salvation in every particular feast how God was handling the great controversy how Satan is going to be defeated. Every year the Israelites were heard. Pete these lessons so that their children growing up would understand what was happening in God's perspective. The torch of truth would be passed on to the next generation. These were very very. Very crucial teaching lessons and then because of apostasy. And in the Christian Church after the Apostles had gone off the scene and because of animosity to everything Jewish in the two or three centuries after Christ was here these servants these of observances were totally forgotten. Except by a few Jews here and there and they were replaced. Guess what with Christmas and Easter and hello Wien the best of all. If Christians would have remained faithful to these observances of these feasts in terms of what they taught and what they meant it would be very easy to understand the different aspects of the atonement that there is one part in the outer court and then there's another part in the most holy place. It would be easy to understand the reasons for a judgment at the very end of time it would be easy to understand Christ new work since eight hundred forty four. If Christians would have understood and remembered the lessons of the feasts that had been given to Israel. If Seventh Day Adventists would have studied the feasts more carefully. We would not be in confusion today for instance about righteousness by faith justification and sanctification or the judgment or the purpose of the last generation. The feasts were and are a tremendous teaching tool for understanding God's plan of salvation but make no mistake. Those who are promoting the feast today are saying much more than this. These new claims in recent years are the ones I'm going to be addressing today I'm going to quote a couple of statements though this is from those who believe in the feast days. Those who go through the end and are translated will be. Teaching the statutes and judgments. The law is the Ten Commandments and the statutes. It is also the fundamental teaching which the hundred forty four thousand must embrace if they are to give the loud cry. The end of delusions were destroyed for not keeping the statutes and this will be the ultimate factor which brings the end destruction upon mankind. The one hundred forty four thousand will teach the statutes in the last days. The statute message is the very heart of the message carried in the loud cry to the world so sample statements. Since the feasts are part of the statutes Those are all those laws that were given to Moses to be written down put in the side of the ark. Since the feasts are part of the statutes. We are being told right here in these statements that only feast keepers will be translated. That it is necessary to be part of the hundred forty four thousand. That it is the heart of the final message to be taken to the world. If that is not part of our message we are giving the loud cry at all. So it's become much more than a teaching tool. It has become the final test by which the hundred forty four thousand will be determined that is the issue of today. For instance regarding the hail stones you know that come in the seventh plague the last plague God Now stones with hail those who are fused to keep his holy days. So if you're not keeping the annual feast days you will receive that plague of hail and you will be destroyed by it. All right we're going to go right into it. I'm going to do as I did yesterday and just go point by point and talk about the issues that are raised by those who believe in the feast days. The claim is that the feasts were part of the heavenly say. Actuary before Lucifer fell. And that they were part of the creation of this earth before sin ever entered in that is the claim and it is based on a Hebrew word em all eat. D. more Wed It is based on that word now that word can have a number of meanings in the original language it can mean appointment or festival and that's the term usually used festival or assembly or congregation or even appointed time the word mo wed and here is the problem. Every time the word more with this use they say that's a feast. That was kept in heaven before sin. Abraham etc Way before Mt Sinai and it is completely improper to assume that wherever that word is used it always refers to the Jewish feasts the meaning varies according to context and the usage of that of the subject that's being discussed. I'm going to give you a sample we're really going to hit the Bible texts this morning. So hope you have your Bible with you right now. We're going to go to a book that we hardly ever look up the book of lamb and Taishan. Don't read much from that one doing. Right after Jeremiah. And we're going to read Chapter one Verse fifteen and this word is used in this verse Laghman Taishan Zz Chapter one Verse fifteen wait a moment. So that you have time to look at that lemon Taishan the one fifteen the Lord hath trodden underfoot all the all my mighty men in the midst of me. He has called an assembly there's that word more wed hear it's translated assembly against me to crush my young men. So what is the. Assembly. It's the assembly of Israel's adversaries. Does this have anything to do with the feast not even close. It's Israel's adversaries assembling together to try to destroy Israel. So the word there has nothing to do with fees this is just a sample. I'll give you another one Numbers Chapter fourteen verse ten Numbers Chapter fourteen verse ten. I think this one. You'll find very interesting because it's another assembly numbers fourteen verse ten but all the congregation bid stone them with stones What's that talking about. Caleb and Joshua coming back from the promised land and the glory of the Lord appeared cetera all the congregation that's the word mo Wed is that anything to do with the feast days. These are the rebels in Israel who want to destroy Caleb and Joshua And so that's a sample of how this word is used. I'll give you a couple more text we won't look up if you want to jot them down. Jeremiah Chapter eight verse seven and Hosea chapter two verse nine Jeremiah eight seven Hosea two nine. So the claim the claim that they make that since the plan of lord over them. Sion was laid at the foundation of the world and the fees are unfolding of that plan of redemption. Therefore the feasts were established at creation. Well that's an interesting logical deduction just one problem there is no evidence of that in Scripture. It just isn't there and the word can't be used to prove that even close the Passover began as you all know this is not a rocket science here. It began when the Israelites were delivered from Egypt and the blood was put on. Doorposts That's the first Passover that was ever kept and then the Day of Atonement had to wait until the whole system was set up at Mount Sinai with the yearly cycle and all of the feasts connected with that. So all of these fees are connected the tabernacles the Feast of Tabernacles that pointed to when they would be at rest in Canaan. That was a part of the feast that they were going to that they were to do a keep every year. All of these were connected with the Hebrew chosen people after Sinai. There is no and I mean no evidence of their existence before Moses. Here's a principle when you're reading the Bible a particular text. Take everything that that text says dig deep find everything that that text that says. But make no infer and says beyond what the text says if you follow that principle you won't go too far wrong get everything out of the text everything you can. That is right there in that text that you're reading but make no inferences about what it might mean possibly maybe and you'll be on much safer ground. All right there are many statements that are used from Ellen White to prove feast keeping Here is one of them from Ellen like in these last days there is a call from heaven inviting you to keep the statutes and ordinances of the Lord. She says. Again I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes they will find those in review and herald signs of the times volume two of signs of the Times page one of the four volume five of the revealed here printed articles page eighty three. But here's the most important statement and I'm going to spend a little time with this because this is the one most often used to prove that the fees must be kept. So I'm going to kind of read through this is that all the reference here is. Is reviewing Harold Mays six eighteen seventy five May six eight hundred seventy five. This is the most comprehensive statement that Ellen White wrote about the statutes. All right. So here's how she started Christ the angel and God of the pointed to go before his chosen people gave to Moses statutes and requirements necessary to a living religion and to govern the people of God So statutes and requirements God graciously spoke as law and wrote it with his own finger on stone Now that's the Ten Commandments that we're all familiar with. And then she says God acknowledged these people and made the principles of morality and religion more clear by particularly precepts specifying the duty of man to God and his fellow men for the purpose of protecting life and guarding the Sacred Law of God that it should not be entirely forgotten in the midst of an apostate world so we gave extra laws. In addition to the Ten Commandments to help guard the Ten Commandments. Christ who it came to enforce the will of his father he became the author of the statutes and precepts given through Moses so they'd come from Christ that's very important the statutes come from Christ they do not come from Moses they come through Moses. But they are from Christ. God's people were privileged with a twofold system of the law. The moral and the ceremonial we're familiar with that the moral law and the ceremonial law the law of types reached forward to Christ. So those are the sacrifices. Those are all the things that pointed forward to Christ's death on the cross and then the statutes and judgments specifying the duty of man to his fellow men were full of important instruction defining and simplifying the principles of the moral law. So God In addition to the moral law in addition to the sad. Pointing forward to Christ. He gave particular rules about how you treat your neighbor how you treat your animals how you treat property and all of the rules that were pertaining to the Jewish people so that they could be successful. The statutes concerning marriage inheritance and strict justice in dealing with one another were peculiar and contrary to the customs and manners of other nations and were designed of God to keep his people separate from other nations the necessity of this to preserve the people of God from becoming like the nations who had not the love and fear of God is the same in this corrupt age now she's talking about our time when the transgression of God's law prevails. If ancient Israel needed such security we needed more to keep us from being utterly confounded with the transgressors of God's law the hearts of men are so prone to depart from God There is a necessity for restraint and discipline in consequence of continual occurrence aggression. The moral law was repeated in the awful grandeur from Sinai Christ gave to Moses religious precepts which were to govern the every day life. These statutes were explicitly given to guard the Ten Commandments and here's the sentence that is used out of this article. They were not shadowy types to pass away with the death of Christ. They were to be binding upon men in every age as long as time should last these commands were inforced by the power of the moral law and they clearly and definitely explained that law pretty convincing isn't it. Not shadowy types. They were to be here as long as as light as time shall last proof that those statues including the fees are going to continue until the second coming of Jesus Christ. All right so let's look at what we have here. First of all it says the moral law was repeated so it was not the first time around for the moral law at Mt Sinai. It was repeated there and then it says Christ gave to Moses doesn't say repeated Christ gave to Moses religious precepts. So that's when something new. Started the moral law that already been there. Repeated now. God gives statutes to Moses for the first time. So the statutes are not the moral law. We just read the moral law was a repeat of the statutes were given. The statutes were given to guard the moral law protect the moral law help us to understand the moral law so that again they are given for a different purpose and so we're going to have to look at that we're going to have to see what is meant here and what is said and what is not said. So let's review make sure we've got this particular article correct. The moral law is talked about first the ceremonial law is talked about next. And then the statutes and judgments and let's make sure we understand this. They were not the Ten Commandments because it says they were given to guard the Ten Commandments. They were not part of the ceremonial law. Sometimes we say the feast were part of the ceremonial all the sacrifices were but the feast themselves were not part of the ceremonial law they were part of the statutes and that's what is mentioned by the these people and their current. They were to govern the every day life it says they were there for the purpose of protecting life. They specify the duty of man to God and to his fellow man. They define and simplify the principles of the moral law they apply to marriage they apply to inheritance they apply to strict justice in business affairs. They were to keep the people from following the customs of other nations they were to be binding upon all men and all age. Does As long as type shall as time shield last Those were the that's the essence of what she said in that article just one little thing here maybe as an illustration. It talks about the laws of inheritance. Are you aware that when you sold property in Israel you sold it only for the period of time up until the Jubilee Year. Let's say you sold property in year forty five. And that would mean that that property would be sold to another person for five years and then you would receive that property back during the Jubilee Year. God was saying I'm not going to let people accumulate property. It must remain with the families. It always reverts back so actually when you were selling you were renting property weren't you. For that period of time. And so the laws of inheritance were very strict. Did any of our pioneers or did Ellen White follow that law of inheritance on the Jubilee Year any Adventists in all of our history that simply is not one of the statutes that is being followed. Precisely. Today there's no evidence that any of our pioneers even thought about using the inheritance laws that were given to the Israelites. All right. And one thing that is very important. In all this statement this long article and you can read it for yourself if you want to. There is nothing said about the three major feasts of the Jews. There is nothing said about that. It talks about and I told you what we read of what it was marriage inheritance etc nothing about the three fees so in the clearest statement that Ellen white as ever made this article that I've just read to you about the necessity for statutes and judgments. Nothing is said about the fees that becomes then an inference that is. Made that yes the fees are part of that system and we must keep it today. So once again infer and says rather than specific statements. No where in all of our writings does Alan White make the connection between the statutes and the feast saying that that is what the statutes are all about. So what I'm going to do right now. Get your Bible. We're going to look at samples of the statutes and we're going to see if anyone keeps them today. All right. First one is Leviticus Chapter seven. The video because Chapter seven verse thirty four. And again remember every one of these that we're going to read is a statute that God gave through Moses Leviticus seven. Thirty four for the wave breast and the heave shoulder. Have I taken of the children of Israel from off the sacrifices of their peace offerings and have given them unto Aaron. The priest and unto his sons by a statute for ever from among the children of Israel. All right. So are we to give wave breasts and heaves shoulders to the ministers today to make sure that they have food to eat because that's they couldn't grow their own food. This was their food source from these from these offerings a statute for ever. Exodus Chapter thirty Exodus Chapter thirty. Beginning with Verse nineteen Exodus thirty nineteen for Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet there at that's in the laver just the. In front of the tabernacle when they go into the tabernacle of the congregation they shall wash with water that they die not or when they come near to the altar to minister to burnt offering made by fire into the Lord. So they shall wash their hands and their feet that they die not and it shall be a statute for ever to them even to him into his seed throughout their generations. Does anyone practice the fact that before ministers can enter the sanctuary the church hall but that ministers must wash their hands and their feet those any feast keeper. Practice that here is a statute for ever for the Lord on to the Lord back to the Book of Leviticus Leviticus Chapter nineteen. Leviticus nineteen verse twenty seven nineteen twenty seven. You shall not round the corners of your heads. Neither shalt thou mar the corners of the IB year. Now that's a statute remember what is this all about. Well the priests of other religions had something like what we have seen in pictures of the Catholic Church called the time. Sure. All right and and they shall not mar the corners of the beard. In other words trim your beard so right here. I see some beards but I think you folks have trimmed them. And. This this that can be done to take it to an extreme. So right here this is a statute that is not followed by any one today except like a person that you mention perhaps how about verse thirty seven. Therefore shall you observe all my statutes and all my judgments and do them. I am the Lord. This is. A statute of the Lord turned in the Book of Numbers numbers fifteen numbers fifteen verse thirty eight speak unto the children of Israel and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribbon and a blue and it shall be unto you for a fringe that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord and do them. This was not a suggestion. This was a commandment. You must have that fringe of blue to show that you are distinct for all the nations around you and that you are holy to the Lord. It was a symbol of holiness and purity and once again this blue ribbon now. Yes we should be careful about our dress but must we put that ribbon the blue at the borders of our garments once again not practiced. A couple of others that I won't take time to look up Exodus twenty one regulates slavery as I talked about a couple nights ago six years is all you could have a slave for that's a statute numbers thirty five and thirty six talks about the cities of refuge where if you were accused of killing a fellow Israelite and you were innocent. You could flee to that city of refuge there the laws of inheritance are described in numbers thirty five and thirty six and the laws of marriage. Now it has been suggested by those in the feast movement that we are to follow not the specific statement about the ribbon of Blue for instance. But look for the principle behind the command. I agree one. Injured percent that is exactly what we should be doing here. Following the principles that is the only possible conclusion that can be drawn because these principles of your birth your garment of your activities of your cleanliness or whatever it is will be followed as long as time shall last details pass away with the end not of Jesus Christ dying on the cross but the end of the theocracy. When no longer was God the ruler of the Hebrew nation thirty four A.D. that's when they end. Not at the death of Christ. These are not sacrificial issues. These are the theocracy which the statute applies to but the principle continues. So again I agree one hundred percent. We are to look for the principles behind the statutes and not necessarily the details of the statutes. My point in this is simply to point out that even those who are very very strong on keeping the feast because they are part of the statute do not keep all of the statues they pick and they choose which statutes. They're going to follow and obey. All right moving on. Ellen White. Well would it be for us to have a feast of tabernacles That's a favorite day. Well would it be for us to have a feast of tabernacles review and herald November seventeen eighteen eighty five. Now she talks about Feast of Tabernacles in another place. Shall we not gather our forces together and come up to the Feast of Tabernacles therefore come to the camp meeting even though you have to make a sacrifice to do so. This is a feast of tabernacles and Ellen wides understanding a camp meeting that is Bible echo December eight hundred ninety three and that particular camp meeting that she's talking about was held in. December which is the wrong time for the Feast of Tabernacles. All right. In other words it is not a commemorative event to be held on the same date as the ancient Feast of Tabernacles but it is to be an evangelist stick time in which we come together share our faith and witness for Christ. She says interesting Lee enough then shall your life. Henceforth be a continual feast of tabernacles a continual thank offering see what she's doing here making the Feast of Tabernacles into a spiritual experience that is manuscript releases volume eighteen page to seventy and her husband James White wrote about can't meetings these annual feast of tabernacles are gatherings of the greatest importance didn't even bother to call it can't meetings these annual fees sub Tabernacles are gatherings of the greatest importance signs of the Times June eight eight hundred seventy six. So for Eleanor white and our pioneers they understood the camp meetings to be the parallel of the ancient Feast of Tabernacles again the principle you see not the detail the principle that is involved. All right let's keep going since it is very clear that Ellen White did not keep the feasts and the annual Sabbath some explanation has to be found. Why God's end time Prophet did not understand something essential to receiving the seal of God and the latter rain that is God. They've got to be an explanation so here is a put to a possible explanation quote the Holy Spirit did not allow Daniel to fully understand what he wrote The same happened to Mrs White with God's festivals interesting. Daniel is dealing with sealed prophecies that were not to be understood until. All they were unsealed in the twenty three hundred ending period. He did not. It was not his job to understand those prophecies while Ellen wide was in that period explaining those prophecies and writing much about the statutes and the ordinances to be kept today. I don't think that parallel works too well. You see for Ellen White the fees equal the holy convocations equal the camp meetings and you can read about that in testimonies volume six page seventy. There was nothing in any of her writings about specific times for those convocations here's another try to explain why. Ellen White didn't get it like Luther was not given the Sabbath. Ellen White was not given all the light on God's feasts. About that one by the way here's a clear. I mean crystal clear admission that there is no evidence for peacekeeping in the spirit of prophecy in spite of the fact they use some of her statements to prove that we need to keep the peace today. But here they just said Ellen White was not given all the light. She did not understand the festival issue but Luther my goodness Luther in great darkness barely coming out of the Dark Ages. He didn't have a light on many subjects that he. To compare that to Ellen White a prophet of God with a direct connection to the Holy Spirit inspiring her to write preparing God's people for end time events is that a fair comparison. It doesn't even come close. As in other subjects such as the Trinity issue that we talked about yesterday the claim is made that Ellen White just didn't understand she didn't have all the light. We have more light than she had we must go farther than the inspired mouthpiece for God. Takes us we have to learn God's will for us today. Even when the prophet didn't get it. That's the claim that is being made. Let's try another one. The claim is made that Jesus kept the annual fees Here's what Ellen White says. Jesus traveled up and down the breadth of the land giving his invitation to the feast. That's one of the favorites that lets up and down the land telling people to come to the feast review and herald July seventh eight hundred ninety six. What is that. Well let's try some other statements that's interesting. Desire Of Ages page four fifty since the healing at Bethesda. He had not attended the national gatherings his apparent neglect of the great religious assemblies he himself seemed to be indifferent to the service which had been divinely established. So he didn't go to the fees. According to this. Desire of ages four fifty one for many months he had been absent from the feasts cell. Apparently the feast that he invited them to was the gospel feast not the Feast of Tabernacles the feast of Passover the feast of Pentecost. That's what he invited people to partake of is the Gospel and the salvation issues. He'd in themself attended by the way I just we've got to look this one up. It's so important. Go back to Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter eighteen and maybe my notes were not clear. I think it's. Sixteen I think. The sixteen. Sorry. Deuteronomy sixteen sixteen. Here is God's command. This was part of the laws given to Moses three times in a year shall all. Males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall choose in the Feast of Unleavened Bread and in the Feast of Weeks and in the Feast of Tabernacles and they shall not appear before the Lord empty now that is a specific command just as direct as the command Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy that every male in Israel must appear three times a year before these fees if Jesus did not keep this commandment. Was he breaking the moral law because that's what they claim the fees are the moral law and here we have the command that every male three times a year must not should must appear before the Lord Jesus did not do that as we just read he did not appear for many of the fees that would mean that Jesus was a law breaker if the feasts were the same as the annual sat as a yearly as the weekly Sabbath and so we have a real problem there with that particular understanding so Jesus did not keep all the fees let's continue the desire of Ages six fifty two the national festival of the Jews. Was to pass away forever major statement the Nationals used on the Passover right there. The national festival of the Jews was to pass away forever. Now that if that is explained by saying that this refers only to the sacrifices on the day that the Passover Lamb was was offered has nothing to do with the Feast of Unleavened Bread the eight days that would follow this is just they say the Passover sacrificing of the Lamb. That would end forever but the Feast of Unleavened Bread would be continuing till the end of time. So let's check that out. Let's be very clear on that acts of the Apostles three ninety three ninety one. Paul Terry did keep the Passover during the eight days of the feast eight days of the feast. Let's look up a Bible text because there is a good Bible text on this one Luke Chapter twenty two. Luke Chapter twenty two and we're going to read verse one Luke twenty two verse one watch the wording carefully now. Now the Feast of Unleavened Bread drew nigh which is called What the Passover. That's eight days. That's the whole eight day fees that is called the Passover not just that one day on Friday afternoon when Jesus was crucified in the lamb was killed but the entire eight day cycle is called the Passover. OK. Try an Old Testament text and make sure that this is exactly right. Go back to the Book of these equal is equal forty five is equal forty five verse twenty one folks. I am trying to keep you from falling asleep. Keep on looking up those texts easy kill forty five verse twenty one. In the first month on in the fourteenth day of the month. You shall have the Passover. What's the next word a feast of seven days the Passover is a feast of seven days unleavened bread shall be eaten so Passover is not just one day. It's eight days of that feast. Let's lock it in let's make sure because this is a strong argument that use only the sacrifice ended but the feast continued. Acts Chapter twelve back to the New Testament Acts chapter twelve. Beginning with Verse three. Herod the king killed James the brother of John and because he saw it pleased the Jews he proceeded further to take Peter Peter also then where are the days of unleavened bread so he's dealing with the feast called the Feast of Unleavened Bread and when he had apprehended it me put him in prison and delivered him to fork or turning as of soldiers to keep him intending after and there's a mistranslation of the King James of the they don't do it very often. What is the right translation would you guess for Easter. Passover. As Passover. So it says intending after Passover to bring him forth to the people and then in that previous verse then where the days of unleavened bread. You see Passover equals the eight day feast that we're talking about right here. So all of these statements say the same thing. Let's see. Here's one from Ellen White the typical service and the ceremonies connected with it were abolished at the cross and the ceremonies connected with it. That's Bible Commentary volume six ten sixty one. So the key point is the Passover is not one day it is the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Ellen White said Remember the national festival of the Jews was to pass away how long forever. The national festival that means the eight day feasts were to pass away forever. We were not to be keeping the eight days of the fees not just the one day Passover. Let's go on the claim is made that the sacrifices ended while the feast days continued Ellen White after the crucifixion. It was admitted not denial of Christ for the Jews to continue to offer the burnt offerings and sacrifices which were typical of his death that signs of The Times July twenty nine eight hundred eighty six. So ask. In the crucifixion. If you would offer a sacrifice that would be a denial of Jesus Christ sacrifice and death. No sacrifice of any animal was to be offered after the death of Christ. Now they're all agreed with that that is tip. That is absolute truth sacrifices and that the ceremonial law ended at the death of Christ. Commenting on the Jerusalem Council in Acts fifteen Ellen White says the council had decided that the converts from the Jewish church might observe the ordinances of the Mosaic law if they chose while those ordinances should not be made obligatory upon converts from the Gentiles. So the Jews could keep some ordinances of the Mosaic law if they chose. But the Gentiles were not to be required to keep them that sketches from the life appalled. Page one twenty one. This could not refer to the sacrifices because that was done when Christ died. No sacrifice could be offered. Now we're dealing with something else. Issues and feasts of the Jewish law. The Jews could keep in that they wanted Gentiles did not have to keep them has nothing to do here with the sacrifices that was done at the cross. This is dealing about the statutes the feasts so this is very clear it would also apply to the Feast Days of Our Time today. The Jewish converts could continue these if they chose That's the key point but it were not what would this is not necessary in a longer. It would not be binding at the end of time couple more statements from Ellen White on this point. Paul knew that the typical ceremonies must soon all together. C.S. the typical ceremonies must soon all together season we're talking more than sacrifices here. Typical ceremonies that story of redemption. Page three zero six. Another He that's God has swept away every ceremony of the ancient type he has given no liberty to restore these rights. Every ceremony. No liberty to restore these rights and not again talking about sacrifices. It's talking about the ceremonies. That's review and Herald February twenty five eighteen ninety six. So I think we have some very clear statements so here's one more from the little book Christ triumphant page two eighty one. Many who at that time united in the services of the Passover never again took part in them light was to shine into their hearts. Never again these early Christians ever participated in the Passover and remember Passover is a days. It's not just one day. So it's very clear that the feasts were optional after Jesus died. But there's Paul didn't Paul keep some feasts of the Jews. Yes he did You can read about it in Acts Chapter twenty verse six with the brother and at Philip high and Pentecost is mentioned as well. And Paul kept those feasts Why did they do that if it was not required any more for the same reason he took a purification vowing the temple remember that one. Let's look it up. It's interesting Acts Chapter twenty one Acts Chapter twenty one and we're going to look at verse twenty four. Christians were urging Paul to do this we have four men which have a vow on them. Them take and purify the I self with them and be a charges with them that they may shave their heads and all may know that those things where of they were informed concerning the are nothing but that also walk just orderly and keep us the law. What was the charge that the Jews made against Paul. He wasn't interested in the law. He was a law breaker. He wasn't keeping any of the Mosaic Laws the statutes and the Jewish and the Christians the Jewish Christians were saying look let's prove to these people who are attacking you that you are not against the law here are some men who need to be purified in the temple join with them shave your head to go through the ceremony with them. That's not a problem then that will prove that you keep the law as well as they do. Paul was doing everything he could friends to reach the hearts of the faithful Jews to remove every barrier he could so that they would listen to the preaching about Jesus Christ and remember the council in Jerusalem had decreed that you could keep the Jewish feasts and ceremonies. If you chose. So Paul was on safe ground here. He kept the Passover with Jews. He kept Pentecost with Jews and Gentiles as a sign of Christian unity. Remember the years thirty four to seventy were a transition period in which nothing was quite clear yet where the Jews really rejected. Paul said so and the Jewish Christian said so but the Jews really didn't see it that way they were still going on with the system and offering sacrifices and doing everything until seventy a day when the whole system was destroyed and they could no longer do that. So these years between thirty four and seventeen were sort of in between the years some Jewish peace were still kept sacrifices were not by the Christians but still kept by the Jews couple of Ellenwood statements on this point. Paul did not bind himself nor his converts to the ceremonies and customs of the Jews with their varied forms types and sacrifices. He did not bind himself. That's edges from the life of Paul one hundred five. He complied with their rules and or. And says to win souls. That's one sixty one same book. He complied with the rules that he didn't have to that were not required feasts were not required for this period of time but Paul did it to keep to the witness and to draw people into cell they should all right now what about our plan here just a quick look. This doesn't prove anything is just interesting J.N. Andrews when that city Jerusalem was destroyed the complete cessation of their fees and as a consequence of the annual Sabbaths which were specified days in those feasts must occur complete cessation of the fees and the annual sabots the Jewish festivals he said were utterly extinguished with the final destruction of Jerusalem. That's in his book History of the Sabbath page ninety Joseph Bates when their fees cease to be binding on them. These Sabbaths must also no fees. No annual Sabbaths that's in his seventh day sabbath page fourteen. Your rawest Smith the feast days new moons and ceremonial sabbaths were to cease at the cross Biblical Institute page one thirty nine. James white New Moon's feasts and Sabbaths of the Jewish Law seized their United Review and herald March seventh eight hundred fifty four. So our pioneers are clear on the subject like I say it doesn't prove it's just a bit of evidence. Our pioneers were clear that the feast days were no longer in existence after the Jewish time. What about the Palestine issue. Remember those primary feasts they required three May the males to be were present at three major feast each year they could not observe it in captivity. Because no sacrifices could be off. In captivity. They were closely tied to the Israelite agricultural calendar. Remember they were both operating on a lunar calendar which all didn't quite square up with the solar calendar and every once in a while the agriculture was off center by a month and they had to add a thirteenth month to their year every now and then to make their calendar work. So again all of these fees sir tied to the agricultural system and they could not be kept in captivity Well then how can we keep them in the United States and then how about if you live in the southern hemisphere. When the agricultural system is opposite of ours completely opposite of what we do in an agricultural setting and of these are very much tied to the first fruits and the harvest of the agricultural system. All right let's look at Leviticus twenty three one of the great proof texts that the feast must be kept today. Leviticus Chapter twenty three. All right. The whole chapter is talking about the feasts of the Lord look at verse two concerning the FISA the Lord can you guess just guess what word is being used there when we were we started. Mo Ed. That's right. This is a mo Ed this is a feast of the Lord and so all of these are feasts of the Lord. What is what is being talked about in verse three. What is the focus of that verse. That's the seventh day sabbath the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest it's called one of the feast of the Lord and that's why we are being told today that the Sabbath is one of the feast of the Lord but it is not the only one because the rest of the chapter verse for it starts out these. The Feast of the Lord and it starts out with Passover. So it puts the Sabbath right in the same context as all of the feast. Therefore there is no difference between annual fees and weekly sabbath annual Sabbaths and weekly sabbath. It's all part of one package and we if we are observing one we must observe all of them. This is the great chapter couple of problems here. First of all in verse three as we said is the Sabbath. But then it continues in verse let's just take a look at verse six in the first day of the feast of Passover. You shall have an holy convocation ye shall do no served by all work there in that word survival is interesting. It means ordinary work. It means occupational work. It means heavy duty work. It does not include all work doesn't include mow your lawn. If you want to put it that way doesn't include going to the grocery store. It includes your business your activities now check that in relation to verse three which is the Sabbath the seventh day. It says in verse three You shall do no work there in. That's a different phrase on the seventh day. No work at all but on the Passover feast No serve ordinary heavy duty occupational work there is a difference. Just in the way the phrase is being used right there. No servile work go down in the as we go through to the end of the chapter verses thirty seven and thirty eight verses thirty seven and thirty eight. These are the feast of the Lord aright describing every one of the feast here which he shall proclaim to be holy convocations to offer an offering made by fire a burnt offering meat offering etc beside the Sabbaths of the law. Lord. Interesting phrase the feast days are beside the Sabbaths of the Lord the Sabbath of the Lord is a very interesting phrase. It's never used of the feast the annual fees only of the weekly Sabbath the Sabbath of the Lord the. The ordinary feasts were called God if you're going quickly. It is your Sabbaths the annual Sabbath are called your Sabbaths the Sabbath of the Lord is called My Sabbath the phrasing is different and it's not just an accident. My Sabbath all ways refers to the seventh day sabbath yours Sabbath refers to the annual fees God is making a difference. He is saying something important there. And so the the phrase here that is said beside the Sabbaths of the Lord is really really important on this point. One more here. Some are saying that the feasts can be separated from the sacrifices you don't offer the sacrifice you keep the feast the Hebrew word chock C H A. Q Is one of the words by which the feast circle in addition to Mo Ed chalk is one more word. And it literally refers to the sacrificial victim. I'm your read one text you can read it for yourself Exodus Chapter twenty three verse eighteen is a text that uses this word in referring to the fees Exodus twenty three eighteen thou shall not offer the blood of my sacrifice my chalk with eleven bread neither shall the fat of my sacrifice my chalk remain until the morning. So here it is clear very clear that the. Chock refers to sacrifice and it is one of the words used to are called the feasts in the Old Testament. So it very interesting that the feast or extensions of the sacrificial animal the Adam allowed. Was there and the feast grew out of that. I don't believe it is Biblical Biblically correct to say that you can separate the sacrifices from the fees they were central to the fees they were central. And one last point on the study of the feasts they teach valuable lessons about the plan of salvation and our time is well spent in studying them but to make them a test of obedience on the same level as the seventh day sabbath my friends is making a manmade test that God does not require a man made rule in the same way that Sunday will become the manmade test of obedience at the end of time exactly the same way. Anything that God does not require is a man made test. Any human rear rule not clearly specified an inspiration is stealing glory from God and His commandments any man made rule. My friends life or death issues salvation seal of God loud cry life or death issues do not need inference is drawn from a text here and a passage there. They need to be clear spelled out precise unmistakable. If it is going to be a test of life or death eternal life or eternal death. God always makes that clear. Ellen why doesn't address in common here. They meaning some people in her time they were pressed beyond measure to receive the message of error. It was represented to them that unless they did this receive it. They would be lost. That's exactly what is being said today about the thieves. That is selected messages Volume two thirty four and thirty five that if they did not receive the message that someone was presenting they would be lost and that is what we are hearing today from our friends that believe that the fees must be kept. All right. Those are some of the reasons that I do not believe that the feast day movement is a movement of God for the end of time. I'm going to share something else with you right here. I found this. I found this in a little book written by one of the primary authors and representatives of the feast day movement melody and Richard Drake called God's holidays and while it has nothing to do with the fees. I think you'll find it interesting. Our old natures are taken away and our new natures are given to us during the Great Tribulation. Our new nature is given to us when our sins are blotted out during the latter rain. There in which in the when Adam lived in his sinlessness we are told the only way God's people will not sin is if they have been given the perfect nature. Our very nature and being is still sin even when we are not willfully sending We are in a state of sin. Our sinful nature has to be changed before probation closes for ever. Our sinful natures have to be changed or we will not be able to stand for one moment after the close of a survey of probation without sending We must reach Adam's pre fall nature before the second coming. The only way they can be ready is if he has given them their new. Nature. As long as we have a sinful nature we are defiled therefore when God's people are sealed the sinful nature must be removed from them and then they are no longer tempted by evil. What have I just read. I have read the original sin teaching of the Roman Catholic Church brought down into the Protestant churches and rearing its head in the Adventist Church by those who are being most faithful in trying to obey all of God's requirements and then in addition to that I have read something that Ellen White dealt with in her lifetime called holy flesh. You know what holy flesh is it's not about your character. It's not about your choices. It's about you get a nature transplant. When you receive the seal of God before the close of probation because you see if you believe that we're sinners by nature and we keep our natures till Jesus comes we will be sending till Jesus comes and these folks will believe that. So how do you have any people that can live without sin after the close of probation. The only way as a nature transplant God rips this old fallen nature out of you. He puts in Adam's perfect nature in you and you won't be tempted anymore. That's why you'll live without sin. We're told after the close of probation. So we've got to doctrines going here as I said it does it's not about the fees but it is among those who are holding onto the feast says important for the end of time Original Sin and holy fledge if you have any any doubt about this teaching look up selected messages Volume two page thirty two all may now obtain holy hearts but it is not correct to claim in this life to have holy Flemish that means nature that were flesh in the time you see it means in nature. No human being on the earth has wholly fled. It is an impossibility. When human beings receive holy flesh. They will not remain on the earth but will be taken to heaven. We will get holy flesh. When Jesus comes Holy Nature a perfect nature. Let this phase of doctrine be carried a little farther and it will lead to the claim that its advocates cannot sin. That's holy place. Once you've been given this perfect nature. You will be tempted any more. You can't sin and you are walking straight into heaven based on your nature transplant some very very dangerous teachings tagged on to this feast day issue. Folks when things begin to go wrong they multiply. And one thing is added to the next and the next and the next. All right let's see if I can bring all of this to some kind of conclusion what do we have but ten minutes left. I think so. Faithful admin us are very frustrated about the long delay in the second coming of Christ you are they are there must be some new light. There must be some new magic bullet that we can find that will unlock the second coming of Christ but you know what God saw all of this ahead of time to this and catch him by surprise. This frustration this desire to find something new and then to read a couple of state of things from Ellen why don't want you to hear them carefully this is in the Ellen White eight hundred eighty eight Materials very many will get up some test that is not given in the Word of God we have our test in the Bible. Now what she going to say next. The commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. This is the. True test but many other tests will arise. Among the people they will come up in multitude. Springing up from this one and that one. There will be a continual rising up of some foreign thing to call attention from the to true test of God are we seeing that today in many areas some new thing. In the little devotional book Christ triumphant page three sixty three. We should be careful about receiving everything termed new light. I have been shown that it is the device of the enemy to divert minds to some of skewer or an important point something that is not fully revealed. Or is not essential to salvation Satan's object is accomplished just as surely notice when people run ahead of Christ and do the work he has never intrusted to their hands as when they remain in the lay of the sea in state lukewarm feeling rich and increased with goods in a need of nothing. The two classes are equally a stumbling blocks equally some zealous ones who are aiming in straining every energy for originality have made a grave mistake in trying to get something startling wonderful entrancing before the people something that they think others do not comprehend but often they do not themselves know what they are talking about another one which is of some interest I think it is review and herald May twenty nine eighteen eighty eight the doctrine of truth will be mingled with error and the result will be that those who are taught will cherish error as they do the truth. Have you noticed that. Listen to this it will be more difficult to reach and correct their errors than to bring a company into the truth from the darkness of complete ignorance of the truth. I found that to be true of you more difficult it would have been better if they had not heard this mingling of the truth with. Falshood. More harm can be done by one who has a mixture of truth in error then many who teach the whole truth can undo and correct more harm than those who try to correct it. There were those in Paul's day who were constantly dwelling upon circumcision. And they could blink bring plenty of proof from the Bible to show its obligation to the Jews plenty of proof for circumcision instead of catching up every new and fanciful interpretation of the Bible cling to the message she says. It is the third angel's message that bears the true test to the people Satan will lead men to manufacture false tests and thus seek to obscure the value of and make of none effect the message of truth. The commandment of God that has been almost universally made void it is the testing truth for this time the Sabbath of Jehovah is to be brought to the attention of the world. What's the test the seventh day creation Sabbath based on the weekly cycle but all man made tests will divert the mind from the great and important doctrines that constitute the present truth maybe that's the greatest danger. It leads into an area of diversion. We're not focusing on the one central thing we're not focusing on heart preparation we're not focusing on preparing for the seal of God we're focusing on this thought teaching and that teaching whether it is the name of God that's interesting to talk about or the fact that the trinity is a Catholic doctrine or whether or not we can have day for day prophecies in the future from the Book of Revelation to replace the day for a year that has always been there or whether or not we should keep the feast as part of God's plan to receive the seal of God all diverting Satan. Listen. Satan doesn't care how he traps God's people in worldliness he's content with that inlay of the C.N.N. ism. We've all been subject to that. Or foreign things to take our attention away from the real test. Of obedience for this time there's only one test faithfulness to God's Commandments and the faith of Jesus the moral law and the statutes are clearly not the moral law. All that's not as glamorous you know of to talk about obedience and in a heart preparation. It is much more fun to talk about this text and that text and the other one the Trinity the prophecies the Hebrew observances and to find some history being part of the hundred forty four thousand my friends is about heart surrender and not much more. Yes we should have an intelligent knowledge but God can teach us a lot under the power of the Latter Rain. If our hearts are surrendered today and tomorrow and the next day it's heart surrender that's the key issue. Let's not be sidetracked my friends with a new light which is neither new nor life. Well you've listened to some heavy duty things yesterday and today is this is not easy stuff to wrestle with but friends are we are being hit hard by faithful people who are wanting to see Jesus come. And let's be sure that we don't get trapped in any of the traps latest see in ism or fanaticism Satan doesn't care which it is let's pray Father in heaven. I pray I pray for my brothers and sisters who are just as sincere about wanting to be ready for Jesus to come but have allowed some theories to impinge upon their heart preparation that is necessary to replace the daily struggle with a fallen nature to deal with how we can overcome fallen nature. Even sometimes suggesting that we have to have it taken away before we can ever overcome sin. Oh Lord. There are so many deceptions so many areas in which you are going to trapped Father I pray for this congregation. I pray for every one who is involved in some of these movements of a new light Holy Spirit can undo and correct can prepare a people ready to I pray to Jesus this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you would like to listen to more sermon visit W.W.W. or.


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