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The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Dennis Priebe


Humanity knows one thing must happen inevitably to all. Death. God is the only one who can bring purpose to the human experience both now and for eternity. 


  • July 23, 2016
    10:45 AM
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I'm going to take you back right now to the year eighteen eighty nine. That was one year after the major epochal epochal time in Minneapolis in eighteen eighty eight I want you to hear some of the emotion of our prophet one year after eighteen eighty eight. She said The Lord was working and I must be faithful to speak the words given me of God although I was passing through the most grievous trial of my life for from this hour that confidence which I had hitherto had that God was leading and controlling the minds and hearts of my brother and was not his here to for I had felt it when a call came to me. We want you but our meeting Sister why your influences needed. I should not consult my choice or my feelings but what arise by faith and try to act my part and leave the Lord to do the work that was essential to be done now a greater burden falls on me from this time I must look alone to God for I dare not rely upon the wisdom of my brother and. I see they do not always take God for their counselor. But look in a large degree to the men they have set before them in the place of God I tried at the meeting in Battle Creek to make my position plain but not a word or response came from the men who should have stood with me I stated that I stood nearly alone at Minneapolis. I stood alone before them in the conference for the light that God had seen fit to give me was that they were not moving in the counsel of God Not one ventured to say I am with you. Sister White I will stand by you you begin to feel the pain of the messenger who believe that within a very few years the Lord would be coming and this Earth would. And it's a battle with Satan. She says I was invited to speak the next Sabbath in the tabernacle. But afterwards because the impressions were so strong that I had changed. I think the brother felt a little sorry he had asked me to elders visited me on Sabbath morning and I was asked by one what I was going to speak upon high said Brother and you leave that matter with the Lord and Sister White for neither the Lord nor sister wide will need to be dictated to by the brother and as to what subjects she will bring before them prophets do have courage don't they. When it is needed. Yet with all of that with all of her frustration and the pain she said this week. Thank God for every token of his love and of His grace. We will praise God and take courage. We will not sit as criticizers. We need to learn that lesson too don't we. Sometimes we feel frustration don't weigh things aren't the way they should be decisions are made that are not the right decisions will we set as criticizers because we don't agree. And we don't think the Lord approves of some of the things that are done. Now she said something else. She said Stand out of the way Brother and do not interpose yourselves between God and His work if you have no burden of the message yourselves then prepare the way for those who have the burden of the message stand out of the way brother and let the Lord do his work well. She made another presentation. This time it was in eighteen ninety that she wrote this and she made this presentation to the eight hundred ninety one General Conference and Battle Creek Michigan and she had him some important words to say there also. She says the leaders of the people today pursue the same course of action that the Jews pursued they criticize and question after question and refuse to admit evidence treating the light sent them in the very same way that the Jews treated the like Christ brought them. I think I hear her saying that we were doing what the Jews did to Christ to the message of righteousness by faith that was to prepare us for translation. That's what I read there. The message in the messengers have not been received. But despised in rejecting the message given it Minneapolis men committed sin. They have committed far greater sin by retaining for years the same hatred against God's messengers by rejecting the truth that the Holy Spirit has been urging home by making light of the message given they are making light of the Word of God These reject years of light ceased to recognise a lie. And that may be the most serious problem here that when light does come. It isn't anymore. Recognized as the light from the in this time light from the throne of God has been long resisted as an objectionable thing. It has been regarded as darkness and spoken of as fanaticism as something dangerous to be shunned Thus men have become guidepost pointing in the wrong direction. She's talking about the leaders of the church in her time pointing in the wrong direction not the way God was leading them. That's some just some of the expressions of pain that she was experience here during this time. Now with that in mind what you've just heard what do you think about this. I came across this in ministry magazine in one nine hundred eighty five we had a general conference at that year. Here is what was an advertisement in that ministry magazine in eight hundred eighty eight the direction of the Adventist Church took an upward turn at the Minneapolis Minister Ariel precession the slide toward legalism came face to face with the uplifted Christ and the church has not been the same since. Well who do you believe what I just read or what the prophet said. Was this an upward turn or was it a downward turn in that period of time that didn't work out the way God had intended it for to work for it to work out now twenty thirty eight years later than eight hundred eighty eight. Eiji Daniels wrote his book Christ Our Righteousness. And he said this he said in one thousand nine hundred eight there came to the Seventh Day Adventist Church a very definite awakening message. It was designated at the time as the message of righteousness by faith. Both the message itself and the manner of its coming made a deep and lasting impression upon the minds of ministers and people and the lapse of time is not a race that impression from memory all these long years they have held a firm conviction and cherished a fond hope that some day this message would be given great prominence among us A.G. Daniels reflecting on this time he said it is difficult to conceive how there could be any misunderstanding or uncertainty regarding the heavenly endorsement of this message. It clearly stated that the Lord sent the message and that he led the minds of the men who were so deeply engrossed by it and who proclaimed it with such earnestness and then this little caution because he had lived beyond that time the course taken by the messengers in subsequent years has nothing to do with the positive statement oft repeated that they were led by the Lord to declare this fundamental truth of the gospel do his people at that particular time. Time that tragic direction that both the Messengers took is being still used today to prove that their message was faulty erroneous and needs to be avoided and the A.G. Daniel saw that potential in his lifetime he said This message is of greater significance to the church at the present time than it could have been an eight hundred eighty eight the nearer we approach the Great Day of God the more imperative will be the need of the soul cleansing work which that message was sent to do. Surely we have every reason for a new more whole hearted study and proclamation of the message. It must be expected that the message of righteousness by faith which came so definitely to the church in eight hundred eighty eight will be accorded the dominant place in the closing period of the great movement with which we are connected. Well desist. Hopefully the closing work is this. Hopefully the time when things will finish up. Then this message needs to have a prominent place among us despite the criticisms that are still being made. Despite the rejections that are still being made. We need to understand and study the most the clearest message on Christ in you. The hope of glory ever given to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and maybe ever in the history of Christianity. It is not the Reformation message. It is beyond that by a long way. Well the title of my message tonight is what might have been obviously there could have been great changes if the message would have been accepted. And the Lord would have been able to speed up his work on this earth. That's one thing but there are other consequences of the rejection of this message that I think are really important for us to understand. On April fourteenth one thousand nine hundred two. A young man with five hundred dollars in cash. Opened up a small dry goods store in Kemmerer Wyoming Kemmerer was a mining town only one thousand people positioned on the old Lewis and Clark Trail to save money. The man and his wife lived in the attic over his little store they used clothing crates for furniture some large ones for table some small ones four for chairs the young wife would wrap the baby in a blanket lay the baby under the counter while she helped Jim tend the store very frugal way to start a business. Well as the decades went by Jim's enterprise expanded to over one thousand stores from coast to coast and I think maybe you know who that might be who do you think. J C Penney. J.C. Penney things went very well until the Great Depression came along and it came at a time of great financial vulnerability for J.C. Penney his stores continued to do well but he had made other investments during the glowing growth of his of his stores and these were proving to be extremely costly in order to finance these investments. Penny had borrowed heavily. And he had become a major philanthropist giving largely to organizations that he believed in that were doing good work but the great depression forced the banks to request repayment of his loans sooner than expected and this caused major problems for him. Cashflow was tight. He was finding it hard to meet his payment schedule. And it was taking a toll physically on J.C. Penney he said I was so harassed with worries that I couldn't sleep and I developed an extremely. Painful ailment that ailment was shingles which is not a pleasant thing to live with his doctor he tried everything to try to improve Penny's situation. He finally recommended that he go to a health resort in South Central Michigan and Penny's pain train chugged out of Chicago into Michigan three hours later. Next stop Battle Creek the cab took penny to John Harvey Cal Kellogg sanitarium. And he got in bed and spent the night here is what he said I got weaker day by day I was broken nervously and physically filled with despair unable to see even a ray of hope. I had nothing to live for I felt that I had the friend left in the world that even my family had turned against me. Well Dr Edelsten gave him a sedative to quiet him down but that didn't do much good. He didn't sleep well you know wakened with the conviction that maybe he was living the last night of his life getting out of bed I wrote farewell letters to my wife and to my son saying that I did not expect to see the dawn. But he did he woke up and in the morning the first thing he heard was singing and he went over to the railing looked over where it was coming from and he said this when I awoke in the morning I was surprised to find that I was still alive going downstairs I heard singing in a little chapel where devotional exercises were held each morning. I still remember the him they were singing and it was one of our old hymns be not dissipate. This made whate'er be tyed God will take care of you going into the chapel I listened with the weary heart to the singing the reading of the scripture lesson. The prayer suddenly something happened. I can't explain it. I can only call it a miracle. I felt as if I had been instantly lifted out of the darkness of a dungeon into warm brilliant sunlight. I felt as if I had been transported from hell to paradise. I felt the power of God as I had never felt it before I knew that God with His love was there to help me from that day to this my life has been free from worry. I am now seventy one years old and the most dramatic and glorious twenty minutes of my life were those I spent in that chapel that morning. God will take care of you and I say What a story because there was a place he could come to where physical and spiritual healing met together and the mind was as important as the body. Maybe more so and this sanitarium. Became world renowned the elite and the famous came through its doors from all over the world they accepted what was done there in some radical treatments of that time and they accepted as a lie his lifestyle tootle age. However it was from the brother and in his own church that Dr Kellogg received the most opposition it pained him greatly that when conference leaders came to the sanitarium. They demanded chicken and to meet at their diet for their diet when they visited the sanitarium. While the patients from the world accepted his vegetarian fare with a great eagerness that pained him greatly caused him to lose some trust and some respect for the conference leaders. Ellen White saw what was transpiring and she said this it will be seen some time that our brethren and sisters have not been. Hired by the Spirit of Christ in their manner of dealing with Dr Kellogg. Your attitude toward him will not bear the approval of God you can pursue a course that will so weaken his confidence in his brother in that they cannot help him when and where he needs to be helped if the doctor fails in doing his duty and being an overcomer at last. Those brother and who have failed in their want of wisdom and discernment to help the man when and where he needed their help will be in a large measure responsible because you see not too many years away from that Dr callow good need some theological and spiritual help and by that time he had lost confidence in the brother in and he wasn't listening to them any more and Ellen why did say that they would bear some responsibility. She said It is a fact that our ministers are very slow to become health reformers. This has caused Dr Kallaugher to lose confidence in them and I'm sure we all know that the story of Dr Kalaw is a sad one. He eventually dismissed all the reproof the correction and the appeals made to him through God's servant and wasn't even listening to her any more he began to explore ancient methods of eastern mysticism trying to find a deeper spiritual relationship with God. So what's the result of all this the medical work never became closely tied to the work of the church. It was never made a department of the church closely connected as the right arm is connected to the body instead they grew separately the ministerial work was one thing and the medical work was another thing and we don't mix the two and even that problem exists to our day that they are kept at arm's length as professionals in different professions the medical. Work. Drew apart from the church in one nine hundred fifteen. We're going down a few years now. The American Medical Association had given the medical curriculum of Loma Linda wasn't called Loma Linda back then but the college of medical Evangelist the poorest of all possible ratings a C. rating the A.M.A. was determined to do away with all C. rated medical schools in the country unless they could upgrade. So the decision was made that the College of medical evangelist would do everything to upgrade from that sea level becoming a fully accredited medical school. They brought in a doctor by the name of Percy McGann he was added to the staff and he did later become the president of college of medical evangelise now although Dr McGann was foremost in promoting the A.M.A. approved system of regular medical education in Loma Linda. Listen to a letter he wrote in one nine hundred twenty seven to a close friend of his. I was very much pain to see in a recent number of the review a back page advertising for doctors to go into the work. It does seem too bad that after all the Providence toil and treasure have done to build up this school such a small percentage of its output seems to be available for the one thing above all others for which it has been founded. Personally I feel that the situation is heartbreaking. I have given eleven of the best years of my life to endeavoring to put this school on a solid foundation. But I am now seriously raising the question in my own mind as to whether I cannot do more if I went out into some humble place in the work that I can do by staying here where we see so little fruit of our labors than a decade later ten years later he wrote to two elder Froome. I do not know what lies ahead of the school. I am praying sometimes I think almost night. In De and spending much time on my knees in earnest supplication it may be that this school will have to go down and upon its ashes God will appear one of a sort more in harmony with His will as I see things here they are in a great great peril pride professionalism and a hottie Spirit have laid firm hold on some on the other hand a large number of the alumni are sound and all I can do is to contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints God's standards for his institutions must be maintained. What a poignant letter from one who did his best to make it the school that would be recognized in the world and not for a moment. Would we deny how richly the Lord has blessed. What has happened through Loma Linda through the decades even though it did not follow his first choice for a health training program dedicated physicians have gone forth from Loma Linda to the ends of the earth to bring physical and spiritual healing to those in darkness but something has been missing. Remember it was called the College of medical evangelists working together for the goal of preparing people for eternity spiritually and mentally. There were to be N.L. and whites a vision of what this was all about scores of medical missionary workers in our large city not a few score. And there were to be clinics in every reasonably sized town where doctors and ministers would work together. Something has been missing one thousand nine hundred three. She said something important. Unless the church which is now being leavened with her own backsliding shall repent and be converted she will eat of the fruit of her own doing until she shall abhor her. Well when she resists the evil and chooses the good. She will be healed. She will appear in her God given simplicity and purity separate from earthly entanglements. Then her members will indeed be the chosen of God his representatives. So what might have been medical missionary work could have been the primary focus and goal of the entire medical work of the Seventh Day Adventist Church around the world acute care centers that was never in what God revealed to L. and why mammoth hospitals demanding large sums of money not even close. One of the major what might have been. If we had accepted the eight hundred eighty eight message would have been a United Medical and evangelistic and soul winning work that we would be praising God for in the ends of the earth. Well another area of the what might have been Ellen White was not too popular with the brother in around those years eight hundred eighty eight eight hundred ninety ninety one. She was reproving stepping on toes they didn't like it so they suggested that a good thing for her to do would be to go off to Australia where she could do a work for the Lord and beginning something new. Over there. Well they had a reason for that. Of course the letters couldn't come quite so often from Australia as they did from Battle Creek or wherever she was at that time so she decided that she would use this opportunity to do something that she was hoping would take over the administration. One hundred percent and that is begin a school under the directions that God had given her as to how educate. Work should be done and of course you know that school is Avondale remarkable beginning miracle after miracle in its beginning and over in and it was succeeding over in Walla Walla a man by the name of yes Sutherland the president of that college at that time saw some things over and Avondale that it interested him and he said let's try putting some of those things into practice here in the United States. Well they began to work and the brother and over in Battle Creek which was our college major college at that time said Brother Sutherland we need you right at the center of the work you have been doing some things which we admire over there and we want you to come over to Battle Creek and do the same work here and rather Sutherland said I can do it in Battle Creek. It's in kind encompassed by the city there is no room for agriculture no room for a work study program we're going to have to move out completely. If you want me to come and do the work that I believe God wants this church to do and they wanted him to come so badly that they up the manual missionary college I found this interesting statement by the historian of Andrews University now. EK Van De Vere he said in the fifty ensuing years the college plotted on toward prestige and status with startling reforms shunned startling reforms shun Well Elder Southern brother Sutherland and began. They didn't give up. They decided they could do it somewhere. They didn't know where Ellen White encouraged them to do it somewhere and she had been given some visions of where that might be so they got on the boat and they traveled down the river south. And they came to a place near Madison Tennessee and suddenly Ellen White said that's the place the Lord showed me in vision and they got off the boat Sutherland took a look. Run down a little farm nothing good about it at all. He says I sat down on a rock and cry. We're going to start a school here. Please Lord not that but he and brother McGann had such faith in the prophetic voice that they said we'll lay our prejudiced aside we will do what God tells us to do even though it doesn't look logical or coherent to us and they began the work of turning Madison Institute into the kind of school that Ellen White would have been excited about. I want to share with you just a little bit about what Helen wide said about this school in the matter of the Madison school there has been a standing off from them because they were not under the ownership and control of some conference. It is not the Lord's plan that means should be withheld from Madison because they are not bound to the conference the attitude which some of our brother and have assumed toward this enterprise shows that it is not wise for every working agency to be under the dictation of conference officers there are some enterprises under certain conditions that will produce better results of standing alone when my advice was asked in reference to the Madison school I said remain as you are there is danger binding every working agency under the dictation of the conference the Lord did not design that this should be the circumstances were such that the burden bearers in the Madison school could not or should not bind up their work with the car. For once I knew their situation and when many of the leading men in our conferences ignored them because they did not place the school under conference dictation. I was shown that they would not be helped by making themselves amenable to the conference they had better remain as led by God amenable to him to work out his plans the restrictions by which their hands have been tied are not pleasing to the Lord I would say Let justice. Now be done the world is our field God's children who feel a burden for the work of the message are to be allowed to work where the Spirit directs them. Let not a forbidding power be exercised to restrict them in their work a great mistake has been made in the exercise of human authority in God's work and I am been to proclaim the message break every yoke and let the oppressed go free. I am been to bear my testimony against unnecessary restrictions being laid on those who desire to act a part in the Word of the lord no ruling power of man over man is to be exercised by carrying out their own devising as men get in the way of the Lord and close up the avenue by which he would reach those who need the blessings of the gospel. My brother and stand out of the way of your fellow beings. Remember hearing that before an eight hundred eighty eight stand out of the way you can look all that up if you want to it's in it's another reference I have maybe harder to find is probably in manuscript releases now I have manuscript at least five eighty two pages three to nine. Well a little more these I found in the modern manuscript pieces Volume eleven one eighty two and one ninety three the work that the labors have accomplished in Madison has done more to give a correct knowledge of what an all round education means than any other school that has been established by Seventh Day Adventists in America and all our colleges were in. By that time all of them if many more in other schools were receiving a similar training we as a people would become a spectacle to the world to angels and to man the message would quickly be carried to every country and souls now in darkness would be brought to the light Madison Institute. The only place. The only school where it where L. and wide ever sat on a board of a school and the school became a really strong success between the years one nine hundred thirty and one nine hundred fifty and we could have recovered. Most of the losses that had taken place. If that would have happened. But. The response of the leaders of the church was OK we'll stop fighting will stop opposing we will allow Madison to exist and continue as a self supporting institution. A.S.I. was formed right then instead of saying this school is to be the model for all Adventist education all over the world we're changing our philosophy in all of our schools to be like the school. That's what God wanted to have happen. Avondale was to be the place where it started it trance offered over to Madison and that was to be the model for all Adventist education throughout the world but instead of that. No we can't change now our major college programs with the degrees and everything else that is involved with it. So we'll make it a self-supporting institution. They'll have to find their own finances they'll have to make their own way we won't oppose them any longer. That's how A.S.I. started isn't quite the same today but that's how it started. By nine hundred fifty the church allowed Madison Institute to die and it doesn't exist anymore. Well there's a nursing program but the school doesn't exist anymore that model of Adventist education is gone forever. Way back. F.C. Gilbert wrote an article entitled Why did the Jews reject the Messiah. Here is what he said it was suggested by the Greeks that the Jews send their talented young man to El Xandra that's down in Egypt where the training and instruction in the philosophies and Sciences of the look and learning of the Greeks was very prominent the young men would gain knowledge influence prestige. And the more they advanced in learning the higher would be their attainments will be able to do a better work in reaching the world. Gradually the Jewish schools came to confer degrees upon their graduates while the religious schools continue to operate a marked it Clint declension in spiritual influence and power was visible year by year the Word of God was studied less as the courses of studies based on culture and philosophy increased their career curriculum of the rabbinical schools was influenced toward intellectual ism since John and Jesus were not attendance at Robin ical schools the people would not recognize their authority as teachers or remember the question how has this can this man teach having never learned none who were if used to accept the teaching of the rabbis or were given recognition. When the Savior came to those who were custom audience of the oracles of God They failed to recognize him as the fulfillment of the types and prophecies of the Old Testament the leaders of Israel had to a great. Dan yielded to the demands of Greek culture and learning thereby hoping to gain prestige and influence and his thesis in this article is simply that one of the major reasons that the Jews rejected Jesus was because they had established a system of education and he did not comply with their system of education. So he was set aside. Only those who had received degrees through the program could be accepted as teachers in Israel and those who had not could not be listened to with confidence. Maybe there is something to his thesis. But that was one of the major reasons for the rejection. All right. A couple more statements that I came across from Ellen White. Now I would say this applies not just to those days but our days testimonies to ministers to sixty five and to sixty six through association with the world our institutions wilt. She said will become unsubstantial unreliable because these worldly elements introduced and placed in positions of trust are looked up to as teachers to be respected in their educating directing and official position and they are sure to be worked upon by the spirit and power of darkness. So that the demarcation becomes not distinguish between him but Service God and Him that serve them not it's interesting she put the word will in there instead of May will become Here's one practical little thing I came across in fundamentals of Christian education to twenty nine. I have not been able to find one instance she says where he Christ educated his disciples to engage in amusements of football or pugilistic games to obtain physical exercise or in theatrical performances yet cries to us our pattern in all things now. We begin stepping on toes you see when we talk about specifics that should not be included in an educational program and have not competitive sports become the dominating influence in almost all of our schools today and not just in the school but between schools and in conferences and with other groups in the leagues and how about the theatrical performances running rampant through our educational system today. Someone wrote in to the administering you drop by the public school playground at recess time and listen to the children play then do the same at the advent of school. I know you will be rudely awakened to the obvious truth that what our church schools claim to be and what they really are are two different things. It is time we stop kidding ourselves that we are so much better than other churches and other schools. I hear sometimes. Well we're better than the public schools. I agree with that but is that God's ideal for our education a little better than the public schools we teach them Bible. We have some good teachers faithful Peacher But do we have the same conversations as the kids in the public schools on the playground where they talk about the same music and the same movies and the same video games and all the things that all the kids are talking about these days in a prayer by Dwight Nelson at a dedication of the JNA Andrews statue at Andrews University he said he Andrews is not OUR IDOL not like the posters of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and Madonna that graced the walls of dormitory room. A stone's throw from this place. Oh I thought that was sad. Don't you. Those posters seem to be our idols today and when they were back then. This was several years ago we would have different names today. But the same issues would apply. Dr Richard Hamill was the president of Andrews University for quite a long time he was there when I was a student. He said there are critics of our school system who claim that the advent of school system is far off course and that we are doing many things wrong. I do not believe them. He said some things may be a little different than the specific instructions given by L. and why. Today we cannot get students to live in harmony with those specific instruction. Instruction was given that teachers should work with the students. It is an absolute impossibility to operate on that plan. There is no point to mention that other particulars have had to be adapted as the years have gone by. I searched the guidelines of the founder of this institution very carefully. We must continue to study these guidelines and to follow their instruction. Now that's interesting. When he has just said and I'll read it again. Some things may be a little different than the specific instructions given by L. And why are we striving to study and follow these guidelines or are we saying because times have changed and students don't like this anymore or that anymore. We need to adapt something else. I thought that was a sad statement. Really did back in the one nine hundred seventy S. and early eighty's we had an editor of the administering view. Kenneth wood that was fearless in certain ways and he wrote an article entitled and this was one nine hundred eighty. Colleges in trouble. We are alarmed by the fact that some of our colleges seem to be drifting away from the standards and objectives established for them by their founders we are alarmed by the secular climate that prevails on some campuses. We are alarmed by the strange winds of doctrine that blow on some campuses. We are alarmed by the lax moral standards that prevail on some campuses. It is interesting to note that Mrs why did not say send your children to battlecry God will preserve them from error and save them in his kingdom. No she urged parents to keep their children away from the school in Battle Creek where false teachings were being circulated parents have an obligation to know what is being taught. Even at Adventist schools and to send their children only to those schools that teach historic Adventism and will strengthen the faith of the young people who are sent there. That was a very courageous statement for the editor of the admin is reviewing a make I've seen nothing like that since one thousand nine hundred eighty and he did take some heat over that particular editorial another person said have we convinced ourselves that God's program as outlined for us and for our students is impractical and could not work at this point in time we may have to sacrifice both time and long cherished beliefs of who we are to follow God's guidance as a church we may well be facing a basic test of loyalty that God has allowed to come to us at this time I think we are a basic test of loyalty. Do we believe what God has said or do we have to adapt because we live in a different time I think that is as much a test of loyalty as anything that ever came to Israel in their time. A letter came into the Adventists review said. There are three branches main branches of our work evangelism education and health reform evangelism the carnal heart must be crucified. If that isn't the heart of evangelism. I don't know what is the carnal heart must be crucified not reformed put to death cell festa die education the responsibility for education. He said rest room holy with the parents. There is where the decisions are made about education health reform a law that embraces the physical mental and moral powers. The reason that we are still here seems to be that these three branches are not being taught embraced or supported by the church at large. Well we can name many things for what has gone wrong but again. Eight hundred eighty eight righteousness by faith. That's not really what we need we need the doctrines. We need to make sure that our doctrines are defended this righteousness by face seems to loose. It seems seems to open ended. It's dangerous. And then things began to go downhill the medical and the ministerial work separated and what God intended for medical missionary work became sidetracked educational work became very much education under the guidelines of a worldly system that provides what is needed for professional degrees. Instead of spirit soul winning and I suppose you noticed that most of our institutions have you change their names. Emmanuel missionary college and use University Southern missionary College Southern University. I think that's more than just a naming issue. I think it shows a direction that is being taken. So why do I share all of this with you tonight. There's bad news. Not something positive to share with you by God's grace and God's power and I believe by the dedicated ability of people to see what is going on and even respond to something like Elder Kenneth Wood said in the Adventist review some have taken very bold steps in the last thirty to forty to fifty years. It's not just brand new it's been going on for half a century individuals have decided that yes we will resurrect medical missionary work. We will put the body in the mind together and they are both crucially important to salvation. It's not just a witnessing tool. It is about a relationship with God that makes a difference and other individuals have decided that there is a better way of education. There is an education that can be done if we really fight our way through the the red tape and the problems and the and the resistance that can be done according to God's order and can be productive of our young people for soul's salvation and witnessing for Jesus Christ and I don't think it's coincidental that way back in one thousand eight hundred eight. They were opening some door God was opening a door for the work to be finished and we closed it and then nothing much was happening in that line for the next fifty years brothers and sisters and then all of a sudden messages of eight hundred eighty eight began to be recovered. I didn't know anything about eighty. In eighty eight when I was going through school or even through college. It was not mentioned at all but all of a sudden the books began to come back by the efforts of just a few individuals just a few and now we have access to all most all of the messages of eight hundred eighty eight and through the next seven years and by the way it really isn't the eight hundred eighty eight message it's the eight hundred ninety S. message. It barely started in one thousand nine hundred. We don't even have any transcript of the meetings in one thousand nine hundred eight. It's the written books and presentations of the eighty nine days that are the real eight hundred eighty eight message we misnamed but those books now are available you can read them for yourself if you make the effort you can find out what that message was that was to repair people for translation that was the whole point of the message. It was not about just having a nice relationship with the Lord. It was about preparing for translation in the next few years and those books are available today. If we care to take the time and the medical missionary work is available today as part of what this conference is isn't it that we're having here this camp meeting and it's available and we can take hold of it and become a part of it and so I'm going to say. Praise God that when another window is beginning to open for the soon return of our Lord as we see in the world around us that things are becoming critical at that same time the message of righteousness by faith is coming back medical missionary work is coming back educational reform is coming back and you can train and send your children to places that are safe and will do God's work but you. You must make that choice. I must make that choice and sometimes is a painful choice but it needs to be made and I just want to praise God for institutions like this. And others around the world that are doing the very same thing with very little funding and a fair amount of opposition but are convinced that this is the only way to the second coming of Jesus Christ. So that's the good news. The good news is that this is another window. This is another opportunity for God to finish his work on planet Earth. This is a time when God's people can rise to the challenge and say no more delay no more ignoring remember the text we read in the scripture reading that God will make us to ride upon the high places of the earth. If we will obey and he also list of the curses didn't he. And we have experienced a good number of those curses in wondering why half of our young people don't keep their faith after going through our schools. So let's get on God's program and praise God for what he is doing at this time and not just look on it from afar but give your moral support to these institutions give your financial support to these institutions and give your prayer support to these institutions. We need to be strongly proactive right now to demonstrate that God has a better way and his way will open the door to the gates of heaven. Tomorrow morning. I'm going to give a message called five years to the gates of heaven. To tell you what it is five years to the gates of heaven. We want to walk through these gates while we have the opportunity right now. I believe that's God's will for his beloved Seventh Day Adventist remnant church. That would be Sunday morning. Not tomorrow morning. Thank you. My wife. Thank you. Sunday morning five years to the gates of heaven tomorrow morning. The last piece of the puzzle. OK. All right. Brothers and Sisters. I wanted to share with you what might have been and what still could be what still could be if we will allow God's work to be done. We do need to reflect on that. Don't wait and see what really happened that changed the world forever and will change us forever. Let's pray. Let's kneel in prayer as far as possible. Dear Lord. You have done so much for us. What we just heard about your life and your death reaches deep into our hearts. What you have done to bring this remnant church into existence touches us deeply because we are part of it what you did to prepare the way for immediate second the coming realities one hundred and more years ago saddens us because we weren't willing to listen we had other agendas and we allowed things to go wrong even terribly wrong in the way we would be your remnant people but Lord. You are a forgiving God you are a merciful God you are a God of great patience and we thank you for purser veering with this group that have done some things just like Israel did in the Old Testament and we wonder how they could have done it right now. Lord please forgive. Us. Please forgive our Laodicean ism. Our apathy our contentment with the status quo with the things that we like please forgive us. Please help us to see a new vision of what might be instead of what might have been May we see that if we are willing to take some decided steps change can be made and souls can be saved and your name can be vindicated and Jesus can come. I pray for that. Lord I pray that right now. This will be that window that will not close again until we see Jesus in the clouds of heaven. Lord take us we're pretty helpless. We're pretty weak we make a lot of excuses and take us as weak as we are and do whatever it takes Lord to make us the wonder of the universe that will be the protecting agent that sin will never arise in your universe again that will protect even the unfallen worlds and the Angels from ever making that mistake. Oh Lord take this people. Special unique people in the history of this world and do your most powerful work that is ever been done. Thank you Lord. Thank you for your promises thank you for your love. Thank you for your patience and thank you. In Jesus Christ name this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit. W W W audio verse or.


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