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Mind Cure- Part 1

Thomas Jackson


God has placed eternity in our hearts!  Remembering the three Ds as Christians will help us to have a definitive goal in our daily walk with God. Part 1   


  • July 23, 2016
    6:45 PM
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We vote again we need to seek the Lord in prayer near with me or bow to his pleas loving Father in heaven we come now in the name of Jesus. And as we have heard from every presentation the upper lip to save your and as we enter into this particular stay. We need continually the guidance of your Holy Spirit and Lord I pray. As we go into the study that you a break the chains. Of our minds and hearts. And there may be troubled souls here. Using your Holy Spirit. The Comforter you sing all the spirit the one who is leading guide into the true phenomena Jesus the one who is speak peace to our heart peace that he give not as the world gives the joy that he gives that can never be disturbed when there is a biding presence. So take this load of feeble clane you had behind the cross lot. We want you to speak to our hearts let our hearts resonate with your spirit and Lord give us sustaining grace that we leave this place. Not as we came. But that we can live for you in Jesus name we pray a man like for you turn your Bible and no time as it is very important. This series of studies it will be in two parts. But I need to. Share some things I know there are people here heard of my life changing experience. There are people here who have been praying for me. I know that some I know. I know the situation. But first of all let me bring your attention to the Book of Psalms Chapter forty two. Some forty two verse eleven. And songs forty two verse eleven the Lord says what I dice was cast down. Oh my soul and what disquiet within me. Hope that God For I shall yet present. Which is the health of my company as my guide. May God were resonate with our Let me preface this morn to see the meeting for those who probably heard of my encounter time is so short. It seem like yesterday. July seventeenth two thousand and fifty. My wife and I was scheduled to go to Nigeria to run a school. And your Glenda God sees all things for me in the beginning. So you orchestrate that I do not go to Nigeria. So as that took place. I got a call from England been there several times but but only for two weeks this time. It's good. July seventeenth two thousand and fifty. My wife and I boarded a plane there early Friday get there. Friday also early. Everything is business as usual as I travel extensively dispatched from now. Poor carry to my place place of abode for two weeks unpacked fellowship pray. Reacquaint myself with the family eat. Take a wonderful walk in that small city come home sunset prayer for the sunset. I take a shower. Ready to relax for the Sabbath and prepare for the next one is set it. A lay down in my bed with my brad by my side. I don't know what time transpired. But my lovely wife says she heard a grunting sound. As you heard that sound she woke up and she shook me a little bit with my eyes wide open. And no breath in my body. No breath in my body. Well too much detail. They call for the folks downstairs as my wife now report to me they run up as medical missionaries should and. Try to put a lid can peppery me. I have done it hundreds of times with people vassal dilated as hell. As wide open. No breath in my bi Cayenne head no effect. They call. The brain. Deprived of oxygen for the first thirty minutes. Anybody in medical field know three to five minutes obscene deprivation to the brain is irreparable brain damage. They dispatch became. Still got a little bruise on my body bruise result. As my wife replied she helped the. Individual get me out of the bed on the floor in a began to do their thing. Intervention me. To point life back. But as story goes. I was resting for seven days literally resting. For a seven day. They said well we'd better put him in a coma calls the brain on a swell but then I was down. Every day they came to my wife I'm sure you know so you know if he lived. He would never be able to walk or talk. That was a report for those times when my children flew over when my son flew over. Seven days. Nothing and on the Sabbath day my God. Yoga with my hands and my wife hand touching me. Walk me up. I did not wake up then in that short bed. They said You must a grown son Glastris every day. I woke up I did not wake up looking around and see what happened to me. The words that came out of my mouth was worse a prayer. For the people in the I.C.U. shipping people out in body bags. Enough three people in that country die. From this particular condition that they said. I had a soccer player cricket player. All in day's thirty's. One was thirty four years of age. He died. One day before his marriage and. This one I want to say to you. I've been in his work for forty years. When I sat down at a been a Christian because Adventism in Christianity are synonymous. Yet some of them say. So when I said been a Christian forty years. That's Adventism. I've been into four time ministry for forty years. Full time. Left my profession. How's us slept on concrete floors. God is give me the privilege to cover every continent in the world except for the South Pole in no. Every state in NY state. I have handled people with AIDS. I seen people with viral load down most down to teen I sing God raised him up. I seen cancer raise that I seen people die my hand. Forty years. No complaint. When God will be up. I shared that independents I'm sent is for a reason. Those three scriptures that I share really are repeated again. Proverbs Chapter four twenty to twenty three twenty three says keep the I Heart. With all diligence for out of it comes the. Issues of life. Keep that in mind favorite Tex. Jeremiah's seventy nine. This is something that can pass by as special as I classify those of us present true for reform. Yes. The heart is what desperately wicked who can know it desperately wicked you need a religious understandings. Ecclesia I'm sorry you're thirty six. Begin at verse twenty one on through twenty five to twenty six. God said man named member been profane among the heathens. I will sanctify my name for your sake and my say. I'm going to take that stony heart and give you our heart of flesh new spirit. Those are the three scriptures God gave me when he woke me up. And then he quali because you know the devil speaks to you. And so does God Now you know which is speaking God download his word to you. Then he quietly said to me as. Which took me back a little bit. How many years he said been in his working about remember how many years forty years forty years. He says son. I repeated seven times. I'm not going to read. I'm not going to repair your heart and I'm not going to fix your heart. So he said very clearly me so I'm going to you a new heart. One with the capacity to hold my spirit and then those words that are said many times in my testimony which resonated with me dead in that fully understanding to their point. He said surrender. To. But I just said how long I've been in his work. I've seen the hands of God working. I've seen sustain my family. I have lost property houses slept on concrete floors and except for but he already restores it. I thought I had surrendered. Anybody listen to me. I began to reflect. And as he just come to conclusions say many will come to me. As a lawyer. And when I cast out demons in your name. You know story. What did he say. And when you know I work as indicated. We confuse many times. The role that we play. I would not say someone else. The majority of us we carry out God's power of the work. I thought forty years the gifts the teaching the educating lifestyle work. Was my ticket into the kingdom of God. I'm a fixer. I like to help fix people lives. I'm a director. I like to direct people. I like to direct the ministry and by Remember Jarius his daughter was sick. Jarrod's remember a little a little later in Israel then you had disinterring in does a contra jurors told Jesus to come heal his daughter did you know that he's this custom of directing and managing people. So he wanted to keep going to man. Jesus is going to direct Jesus and Jesus responded favorably. But Jesus took his tack because it was somebody in the crowd. He had a slide close to and when he got there. Jerry's daughter was day. And you re disinterring was the same thing centered on that word that you come to my house we in self-supporting work in the regular work. We still have the mindset of directing. We take our plans to God and want him to bless our planet. I did it for forty years forty years. I will lay down a knife ruminating. How this is going to add the Plan ahead of my staff I gotta be sure that I am I'm in the front. So therefore when they look to me I have the right answer this. I lay down a night I go to bed and down to go up but I ruminating and night. Look at that were ruminate It's not planning or know when a body going from what a stupid what about step. You know just you know I meant better not a cloud but it's not reduce some ruminating the sleep is not sweet the work is a man and how I'm trying to figure is that I got us this step but I hear I am a person that likes control. This is not my testimony is yours to. God with me. Oh the down low and you anyone don't know me. If God had not woken me up and begin to download the Had me then next time I wouldn't waking up would have been a second resurrection. I watched a young man coming up. Powerful. Preaching good. But God is not inspecting the gifts. He says spanking from. A MESSAGE TO does not have the fruit is powerless. So I did not have a heart attack because case people didn't hear. I did not have a stroke. When I woke up there. All six physician in the surgeons around me. And I woke up one thing I'm in class Proverbs twenty six two I said doctors the curse calls the shinai calm. I thought I was talking to my students moves down does this the curse calls you not come. You see isn't dead name I'm mad because I know every effect there's a cause. So I said I quote myself said Doc. Why should diagnosis. They looked at me like you are going to me blank stare. As a die was gone. Oh well. Your heart is in good shape your arteries are as clean as a baby. Oh on your records you don't smoke. The only thing we can conclude is a rarity. Now. As I need to check it out. We found out it was not a reality as a doc then what's your prognosis. Well the electrical current in your heart went out. My God has endowed us with a certain amount of vital force that vital force is electrical energy. I use what I'm saying vital force. I don't have a heart attack. I don't have cancer and I have a stroke Fido force. What da pusher protocol now. Says you know not all those. Says you understand a little current with your program they get little or the stir and I had to reassure them that my question was not to challenge the professionality I said to them. I appreciate the intervention no emergency the care but does not the patient have the right to ask questions may my question what may be low too technical. As of now and what your priests tell whether one thing we can see will do so this won't happen again. We will run a wire to your body and get to the right chamber of your heart and kill that no in your heart. I did not enter into no discussion with the doctor and I'm glad I did not enter into no debate with the doctor. I did not introduce clarify that for me. I once again I reassured them. I appreciate your into video. I really do I want to assure them and I kindly said no it's OK. I said I will turn to United States. I have a close doctor friend of mine. Nimrod church is a cardiologist's but he does not specialize in electrical current but he state constable of my wife on the phone all my records. So I told him make this short because I'm not to cut the part that I will go home. They said would only two places close to you specialize in that that's Vanderbilt University which is in Nashville and universe Alabama so fine. So at that's been one month in the hospital couldn't walk and talk. Just Sharon my faith. Very So then God afforded me a place two hours outside of London England in the country wonderful family in the Bible said Cashel was bred on many waters it returning to you. In a foreign country no money etc etc My wife had to tell that story because when I was seven days. I'm not conscious of anything. The Lord had to deal with my lovely wife. But I spent the next month in the country outside of London England and I said to my wife in a Folks I said when I got here I need to go to church. My wife so you came walk out crawl to church is what I told her they found the church. Went there. It was having communion a day president and a communion. It was not spares fifteen flights. I can walk down steps like this when I got to hospital fifteen flights and my wife is a protector. I love her. The deaf as a women ah protection. She's an U.K. good those stairs and yes I can I go up those stairs. If I got to crawl you memoir clued you in Crawl. I want to those steps I took communion. I pay my vows my God is good to me. I went to church every Saturday I was there. Walking steady my wife what brought me a cane. I would say was proud pride. It was too short. Just way too short too short so as a come on me I put my hand. Yoshio down so that none. I had good care when a young lady's now was working with us. She from England my close friend. What he was there COULD food by the way in the hospital I can eat the food even though they put into their where I was throwing up everything. And my wife consulted with the people and said Well. They say you can't go into a kitchen but you can bring your own food. I'm out there in a country exercising every day. They gave me a lot of physical therapy on what kind of physical therapy I GET ME ABOUT hour so I knew I was coming around because I found myself walking to the bathroom with a little nurse on my right side. I walked into the bathroom. That's what I thought I was God I said Can we stop a moment. So should Mr Jackson. So why. So I can ensure question. Everybody short to me you know a second Asher question. She's sure she's very short short she will. Yeah I said Is there a male nurse on his floor. No mistakes there's no manners. Is there a male orderly on this floor. No no no no. Is there a male janitor on this floor. That's what I said she said why are you asking these questions. Well I'm look cognitive now. I'm Look if my wife cannot take me to the bathroom. I'm going to janitor a male to take me to the bathroom. So that really kind of going to mine. And so two months. Rehabilitative and several a bit. In England. Because it was fair that I can fly so I flew bad. So let's shrink this I will count me in every year we can be there in a video. Praise God. So I get back to the country year the ministries the same. The people are the same the challenges are the same I you listen to me and bring in a point. There's no change in the ministry no change in the people. No change in the disposition no change in the finances. No change in infrastructure. Everything is the same. So for me. So for me as very important. And as funny go to step away. As have staff meeting. Because when you and sees a different been a leader and a manager is very important. That's why we're now doing development and leadership training program is leaders different been a leader. And as situation occurs. They go look to the leader and you need to have an answer. Or you listen to me President or you listen to me says what in workers. You need and service. That's what I used to do and when God told me to surrender our way. Why play to him. That mean I gave up my right to direct my life to do re the ministry live. I gave up my room right to use my two years. And I committed myself to the hands of God And so when there was no response from me. Decision as they used to look I say we are still living in Bible days the same God of Adam Abraham Isaac Jacob The apostle is still alive today. And that God still answer prayers today. We're not going to look to Jackson no mo and we're not going to vote on what God has already or day. You don't vote on God's plan. When God gives a word I don't need a committee to agree with God's Word. And looked at me who has it now let's pray. It's FREE. God give us the answer. Didn't answer the day of pentacles. You gotta keep his mind least of these keep this in mind there's a God that way and supreme if you keep your heart to violently. I go to my cardiologist's when I walked in his room office. He grabbed my hand he hugged me and he cry. Check me out. He said it's a duck. What about this operation. I got I have so let me. Fan the best specials for you. So you found someone in Memphis Tennessee which is two hours away from me. Asian Dr. Now show you how messed up our minds are now my doctor is a Christian doctor. So there's Asian doctor I'm thinking never met the guy I'm thinking maybe is Hindu always in Buddha some of this nature. I'm serious. That sounds some mind messed up. So I'm sittin there on the examination table setting there. My wife in a corner. Dr long he walks into the room he opens the door. And he has a take he greets man why he looks over to me with us. Stare and never seen a doctor I haven't a face. Then he walks over to me just like this brother sitting here. He walks over to me grabs my hand. He bends down and says God is good you start administering not having a stout. Look at his eyes is as watery never met the man in my life. Fifteen percent of the people that survived this. He said they never wall. They never talk. It's God's good to you as a DA. He said I got to have this surgery did zap out my X. No he said let's look at so I stayed on his care for weeks. Went back the other week. But good. When do we go back there last month. Sometime. I said again. What about this operation. Is it. Jackson. There's no markers. If they did they can find anything. He said in. What would they don't do. That's what he tells me he said I see you next year. Now. I do think of a day but I do not hold on to that. He's a medical doctor the records show stuff. But I'm not crazy. You listen to me. God is still in charge. I'm not going to get back. At the same pace in the race. I'm not going to direct and control. I can tell you when things happen. Extra's my armpits sweaty my stomach stop all the no. And not a star room an eighteen. Y. frontier you must there is a whole different ballgame. Even when there's contention. Because I'm a fighter. You cross I'm a fighter for truth truth needs no. Defending Question Time your opinion. I don't argue with my staff. I know I don't know by. So when I get into this message. You've got a problem that's God's problem. You get something to say about me. I'm not going to defend myself only time Jesus opened his mouth off when his father was being under attack. But he never took time to do things and himself. Is rationed tells us now is global Chicago used to get in my fights what fights here by been a mud fight throw mud on one another and I read say Yeah my fight. I read a statement it says when people throw my balls on you don't smear know why. Bob they smear all over you let them dry then knock them off. I go back to Dr my blood pressure is one twenty over seventy cholesterol is good but I'm still aware. Fighting force was taken out on me and you listen to me you're still in the race. But there is no confusion in God. I just want you know that and I appreciate your prayers. It's more to the story. There's a glory B. and every story. And as I said in that panel discussion. God can wake me up or do not allow this to happen for me to be example of the relationship between. In allopathy medicine in natural medicine. If that was the case man Galway says precious time it was morning that God want to say me. And that's why and then when I came back I did of. God sim into John fifteen minutes that is John fifteen I missed that better John fifteen. I read a hundred a time. John fifteen. Even deal with righteous by faith finishes work I did a four part series a month ago John fifteen which has definitely impacted my life. Why at this point in my life. That there is no irritation. No agitation no frustration that the devil can bring me. By God's grace the story of my peeps. This experience has revolution as my life in forty years. That people say why did it happen. Go after medical doctors. They don't know but I tell you one thing. If Cause there's a call for everything you a T one thing. That can contribute to it. It was not a diet. Not in morality just a lot like a lot of self-supporting workers from Pastor we operate on spiritual adrenalin I used to be a basketball player I operate on drilling and I know what I mean about adrenaline you know you get a second wind and you push you push That's right. Pumped up. Twenty four seven on the airplane special international flights. I love people I like to help people. My wife is my barometer she jet poor. She is your fight you. Her seventy rares I'm keep pushing. Every call is for me to answer you have on seminars and demands demand this is that a come in sat and rest awhile. God took it on himself to give me a rest. A seven day wrists. Seven day Reds. Pray for me as we pray to finish his work. Read what does a say up on the screen. This really does statement get the know he what the Lord is one is he that has made us and now we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of his pasture. I read this before. Does let us know who is in charge here. God is has given us owner's manual. And fortune to fonts. On a computer does not match mine on as a man you talked about that already. I'm not going to spend a lot of time every product comes of a manufactured phones man the Bible keep that in mind. Here as these eight Laws of health like Hartmann has a law. We simply call it God's plan because I put the most important one at the top of the plane God he trusts. Those are God's law all those laws I a sacred as the Ten Commandments. But did I just say there are a sacred as to think a man is now a Senate. KING You are beyond keep the Ten Commandments. No they are holy We need only power these laws are not secular they are sacred the same power we need to keep the ting commandment. We need the power to keep these a law. Given that in his of forty years people tried this. Now there was in there's individual in the Army. I don't see and I think it was that Linked IN LOS as my friend here. That had a diabetes and now dead boy he's no longer have diabetes might be gone but but he follows these laws by gosh where is he was my friend. Raises and my brother could just end of a moment now. Women know him. You got a chance five dollar member when did I meet you. In Lake general uska man's parliament was about three years ago five years and years you know when I give programmes I give the enemy DAB Ray I asked people to come up and you remember you came to me he has that big head that bts Probably thousand milligrams of goof agin he said in a chair. Ah. And someone was trying to prevent him going through the situation and I date doctors that make HOUSE CALL. Right. Went to the head a doctors revealed to him the calls of his problem. What did you do very quickly. I gave you a book disarming diabetes. What happened then herbs. Then fallen gods flamed by His grace. You become a tool in God's hands. And I told him No Jackson to do one thing only thing we can do is point people to the source. God has the power pointing to the source one. A parachute doesn't work with his clothes but you think by that. A game is obvious you get a parachute jump or not the play. Is close you close. A parachute works when. Only is open. God can only come into your life when the heart is open. That's when it works. Life. Does not have a remote You must get up and change it or you will be folks get to get up and change it. Mind what little time we have. Part one. That you are in now Michael the ones up there. The missionaries do you mean what he said his given was in the room when he said he was doing it all and. As Mr L. might where you may you come and get his message. I'm encouraged by you doing a god man on your frame for you my friend the Zimbabwean tell him we'll get families in Bone who will work with what with his brother would like to see that we're going on Ministry of healing. I mean have the book. Wow good if you don't have the book and has the book and series and a brain book but they get the book as all right you get the book that book changed my life that was one of the first help books I read forty years that book contains the wisdom of the Great Physician. Minister village and as Michael said mine cures a chapter that comes out of the book. Mind you he quoted this to forty one in the hardback but he says the relationship that exists between the mind in the body is very What ended it when one is affected the other sympathises. The condition of the mine affects the health to a far greater degree than many realize that many washed is now as we move forward mini of the diseases for which men suffer. Other results of what men to men to what. Grief anxiety discontent. Re Morris guilt destroy us what they do they all tend to do was very important. It says here. They all tend to break down the life forces. And by D. K. and death decay and do that in MA here Romans twelve two and be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may what prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of the mind give isn't mine a very important. Now put is a before God His place eternity in our hearts. Ecclesiastes is chapter three verse eleven. Thoughts action is a by product of our thoughts action forms habits habits move into character character determine our destiny as a man thinketh so is he in his heart. Now and have him scream but I want to go back for a moment that for a moment when you look at this. I thought I had on this piece here. It says here grief in about no a grief is. Sorrow. You are all right what about anxiety. OK you get a little bit. What about this Contin. And I'm not satisfied as to get the devil good that I have in the first place. Now we can be discontent in a healthy way. But this can tell. What about remoteness. I call it a pity party. You you come to many all if I had a did better with my children it would turn out alright event a day. This you continue beating yourself between yourself you follow Him sense as remorse. What about guilt. Hon. Scum the nation. What about distrusts no confidence no trust. I've been married for forty four years. I can not imagine been married for forty four years and I can not trust my wife and she can trust me. Hello. Now God has a trust but God build a relationship if we walk around with suspicion apprehension all that is of fix our physical health. He then Amana keep that in mind very important. But there's a say you read it. Nine ten and I read his minutes and is a nine ten diseases a spiritual. Outer one hundred. What is nine ten nine. Thank you sir. Listen. Sickness of the mind prevails everywhere nine ten of the diseases which men suffer have a foundation here strokes later kooker in our diabetes cancer. Ellice for my algebra you name it. Ninety percent of physical disease find their origin in the my couple with not eating right no exist size and all of their nine ten very important understand that you care are the seed is but a says. Now listen. Perhaps some living home trouble. Some of us come up to homes that is dysfunctional that this is just toxic. Not that God fix taxes alone but is toxic. Parents children. It goes on eating to the very very soul. A week in the while that's vital force it goes on remotes for sand ruminated beating yourself for things you've done in the past when you give your sins the gun and confess he cast them into the sea and when those things come back to you. That's not God bringing him back. That's the devil bring in a bad kid then a man says it says here undermines the Constitution. On balance is the man. This is this there Eroni is doctrine is also now she goes on to talk about eternal burn in hell in this torment. But I know and young man commits suicide. Blew his brains out. He was holding on to a doctrine in admin fear and made it a test of fellowship. I tell you the doctrine. No Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is not a third person a god no Holy Spirit and they made it to us in the second person left the faith. Because most we don't believe the turn of burn but we can hold onto Eroni of downturns and to the just be and we a make it a test and the devil has leverage it would travel you over the heel. You don't believe that don't play with the devil don't play with him. You go on to talk about here. By giving exaggerated distorted views of the carriage of God. God does not destroy. I come to all of this fine. Have produced the same results upon since the demise. Taken. Cause Minto. Illness. A great deal of the sickness which afflicts humanity has an origin in the mind. Where his origin. And then he goes on to say is and can only be cured by re storing the my to hell. There are many more than we imagine who are sick mentally heart sickness main many what the spec thinks that stomach problem could be Crohn's disease. Also US. Because there's connection between the brain nerves in the stomach. Our men too added to either suppressed immune system or cause it to function properly. You could be the best being in the good in town and were meant to depression that rats in your stomach know what I'm talking about. Far too little thought is given to the causes underline the mortality the disease in degeneracy that exists today in the most civilized favor lands the human race is increasing in invigorating no is to teary is to carry a day at least one out of eight men will suffer a major depression sometime in their lives. Men have a false conception of who they are. I guarantee you that because I know we have an image we must project we find one out of four women suffer major depression life. And find a ninety nine percent of the people day just seventy years of all will suffer situational depression. What does that mean I remember my mother we should begin to get sick. And even before I became administration as it. Now I'm going to say it is not a condemnation of those have to do this but that purpose of. That my mother was not going to die in a nursing home. She was on. I am mom. Now something my can one I can do that we have sisters and brothers say is too many of us to let our mother cast her off into a strange place situation of depression. She could lose a husband but the familiarity of Framley put in a strange place that this sin him down. That's why when you have a knockout blow she better have your room. Hello out there. He lies your room from Mama grand day. I'm serious. Situational depression. What is meant to illness. I'm a poor forms of secular do we move on because we'll pick this up to mob out God's grace mental illness is a new disease a condition that influences the way a person think feels behaves and all relates to other and two years of our surroundings. It's all right. Although the symptoms of mental illness can range from Mount to severe and not different to pin on the type of mental illness and it is a secular right in some of these this is true. A person with untreated mental illness. All of them is unable to cope with life daily routines and demands. All right let's move on small What causes. Gone from secularize although the exact cause of most materials is NOT know and I will. But cause great to spill that myth because there is a call so all new to illness and that will be revealed. If we don't do it at night will be real tomorrow and the solution. Therefore to go on the said It is becoming clear through research through research I do research find many of these the conditional calls by yes a combination of what genetic the top. About that biological satellite you go environmental factors. OK no problem with that not personal weakness. I have a question on that. OK Defense have a question on net and recover from it too is not simply a matter of will and said this when I got a question on that isn't a question about truth. OK And I will show that. At the time I have tomorrow and I'm going to read out of heredity. I put up or it is not destiny. Gossett I visit the nigger is the fall for the third and fourth generation we do not inherit a disease we inherited predisposition. Yes they want to me a predisposition that we might have the Tennessee and then everything put in place. Did we get the disease. Are you with me. OK I will stay then biological some mental illness has been linked to abnormal balance of brain chemicals which is true call neurotransmitter Newell's transmitters help nerds cells in a brain communicate with each other if these chemicals are out of balance or not working properly messages may not make it through the brain correctly leading to symptoms a minute illness. I can buy into that because I work with people neurotransmitters hormones are going to instead they can become imbalanced your lifestyle can produce that and you following. Let's look at psychological trauma. I can agree with this some mental illness may be true about what psychological trauma such as Chalo such as child abuse severe emotional physical sexual abuse is that true. Yes those are some of the factors contributed to that. Or loss of both parents etc environmental stress or such as death or divorce. Yes dysfunctional family changing jobs a school or substance abuse can trigger disorder. So I can do some of that. And we all experience that. This is just a picture of pairs shown how to begin to deal with all these different mental disposition I'm not going to spend time on that tranquil as an antidepressant drugs account for one full of all prescribed medication has a lot of medication which is a zero when this is done two thousand and four is increase over level may your children United States on antidepressants is more now. More now. More Prozac your prozac solve all of these drugs. Interesting. So I'm not going to spend time and move on. How many know this man. Those who go to segment schools take psychology must pass through the fog of psych Sigmund Freud. I mean for good. He says religion is an illusion. Every student will have taken psychology will study him or you listen to me. Anybody want to deny that you must bypass because he is the father of a psychoanalyst. He says religion is allusion from regards to monotheism God as an illusion based on him a tally motion need for powerful supernatural paths that means that we need a a pair in our life. So we invented this guy to come for us. That was his position I don't need to read all the rest that stuff that was the position. Why how do you know when I went to undergrad school I was that by him and took his stuff too. So I had to be detoxified I read his books I read his books. Broader religion this argument from develop in the future of illusion in which four argued that religious belief in CERN the. Function of psychological consolation. Fraud argues the belief of a supernatural protector serve as a buffer from a fear of nature just as the belief in an afterlife serve as a buffer of man's fear death do us them and Senate already sent up here that this man has no clue who God is and though he said his promise was based on his mindset and we sit under this in for the oh. And learn second and then a person come to you with such a larger problem then you going to suck on them. There probably no way Jose. Let's go back go back with me to Genesis Chapter three and we might have rather. Let's go back to the beginning. And you with me and that skip all the rest of the jargon back to Genesis Chapter three. Let's see where mental illness began and for tomorrow. We have find a solution. Meant to in this. Genesis chapter three verse seven. Notice what the Word of God says. Follow the Word of God Father be with us as we come to these points here. Give us understanding clarity in Jesus name we pray a man. We probably won't begin any further than in this we pick up tomorrow. Let's have a genius. Chapter three you there with me I'll pick up a verse seven. Now everybody know the whole picture of anime Vadra want to give you a whole bible study on that God put man in the God and man was perfect. Would you say so. Even though some might debate about the fact that Adam was only reflecting the thought of God So Adam not. And God's mind were in harmony and when Adam spoke in his sin the state. He was all souls. He was speaking after the thoughts of God. Adam mine was in harmony with God keep that in mind I read the secure we read this thing here and vent seven the Bible says. In the end the eyes of them both were open. Now remember I'm in Genesis three seven. You're a member of the tempter you go up and read the devil said had not got said you can eat of these trees in a BEGIN to respond to or put here but even added to God's word. You know that God said Don't be she said God said don't need or touch when you add to God's Word or take away your ad to your name to The Book of plank. That's what happened to us we are always going to err. We're going to get it. God's word. We're going to revise God's word. You could do that so down in verse seven follow me now. It says here and and and the eyes of them both were open and they knew that they were what naked and they's so feet leaves together and made themselves apron. Follow me and they what. Heard the voice of the Lord God walk in the garden in the cool of day and Adam in this wind did word from the president of the Lord God amongst the trees of the God verse nine and the Lord God called him to Adam said unto him as he woke up I eat of their eyes are not God knew when they were Didn't are his omniscient. Bursting and he said I heard the voice in the garden and I was well and I was a naked and I will. Then you go on down he said would to use negative first Wilson and the man said though given a man. Let me put this on the screen as read this up here on this part this what happens when Adam and Eve sinned are themselves from their relationship with God. This what took place. Shane and salacious fear guilt denial blame self preservation. Where you think about that are you with me. And not do an injustice to the Scriptures. Those of by product. Of a mind a separate from God of depression. Shame they hear themselves. He would be. Isolation. Fear free kill. Combination denial. Plain and self-preservation. These are product by product a mental illness and mental in the study in the Garden of Eden then start with seing the fraud because he need help. This close here. And when you give their mind we come back tomorrow by God's grace. Here is those turns and if I'm in a grief emotional suffering caused by disaster an unfortunate outcome sorrow. Anxiety apprehensive and eases the mind worrying discontent a sense of grievance dissatisfaction. Re Morse distress arising from a sense of guilt self-reproach distrust having no confidence and suspicion. These are the areas what we are confronted with. Tomorrow by God's grace. We will deal with those. I want to lead read his last statement here. If God spares tomorrow. Up here you see very important. It says here. The physician. He is more than human wisdom and power that he may know how to minister to the many perplexing cases of disease of the mind and heart with which he is called to deal. If he is ignorant of the power of divine grace. He cannot help the afflicted one but will do what aggravate the difficult but if he has a firm old upon God He will be able to help the disease. What distracted by he will be able to pull on his patient to price and teach him to carry all the cares of perplexity to the Great Physician. Doctors in dealing with disease must realize they are not dealing with some organic physiological then dealing with of power beyond their understanding Christ's method of yearly you pick this up in Matthew Chapter nine verse one three the first thing son be of good cheer mental that sins be forgiven the spirit you and pig that bed and wall when cries deals with sickness here address the whole person very important understand that. What we did to those who might be interested as we continue tomorrow. We have put in this program. One of our D.V.D.'s call mind cured is a three part we don't have two parts. This is also available mind cured. Did help give more of a nation. Also there's another D.V.D. which you might already have information is the healing power of forgiveness does another thing that we need and has a say. What has really revolutionized my life is John fifteen by in crisis. If God's will. We will pick this up tomorrow we go deeper and let's find God solution to the problem if I don't see you tomorrow. Again I want to leave you were I said less than the three P's. In about remember the three P.S.. Somebody remember the plan the power and the person. Remember these three P.'s God has the plan with some history. He has the power that's God's exclusive ROW. The only thing he is looking for is the person. The person who is willing to submit and commit to his place and to receive his power to execute his will. I was say I'm on issue as I've learned in this year in light of forty years. What it means to give up to God I'm serious. You have an aisle one essential task. Do you know what essential task is. And I love. No other pretty bring up. Even our salvation. The only thing that we should be concerned with is bringing honor to God. But the greatest challenge you and I have to help someone else is surrendering. We don't know what that means. I pray tonight you go to bed before you go to bed to get up and do conversions the day by day experience but not until we experience. On condition surrendering then me. I've given up my rights. To control my life. You know Jesus may know plans oneself that doesn't mean God don't give you a foul for thought. But to try to control direct your life that is something that you are going to end up in the DID church. I did it for forty years we could have been head of the ballgame. We are past the fourth generation of Adventism our God is not going to feel those who visit peer into the can trust us with His Spirit. Tonight. For you lay down said lord. If I don't know how to surrender. I give you permission to take this heart. Keep it to let me mode. Now when now here's my last question for you prayed. When you look at John fifteen. And just one question you reversed one verse down a verse three when Christ said I am the true value my father is the husband. Every branch in me. That does not bear fruit. I take it away every branch in me that bear fruit. I Persian. I said this before. Repetition deepens the impression he purges for what reason. For what reason commom and let you go. We're going to bring forth more fruit. Now my question I asked as before. What does he use to purge you and I to make us fruitful as well that's what I thought you say pick up your Bible look at verse three as we close up. God does not use trials to perfect our characters. Do you know what I just said Look at verse. Three. Don't take the says Jackson word where the first three said he said you are clean through my word trouser reveals what's in our trial reveals our great need. You might be going to a trial and praying to God lawyer him Ministry out the Word of God are all for the solution to the trial. If this brother now good friends have a broken relationship calls in a heart pain depression. I become very bitter and angry. It's brother because he done me wrong irreparable damage and I say every time I hear his brother name. Cheers run through my body. Now I'm dues as a demonstration I've been through that experience. And we sin. Now and I'm going to a trial trying to perfect my character. Reveal you were saying you are doing God thing his word for the solution. Forgive him in love you. Do you want to say that with the words and forgive him and love him. That's what the word said the word is one. Produce in United Fruit Hebrews four to a zero sum of fifty one. John seventeen seven God used the word to prune us. Mental illness only can be resolved by the mind being restored. I work with people. And into depression bipolar. I work with paranoid schizophrenia. I have seen the devil speak through people voices said in their ren in front of a person. And as I have talked to her all a certain a man was a very. A squeaky scary voice comes out and it's warm and I face tells things we not talk about exercise and demons are in the U.K. play with the devil. There's power in the Word of God May God help us may God give us a love for his word. May God make us when men and women who our prayer life is like breathing may a light shine. That is prayed together. If you knew you would be a ballet his loving father our Creator. Our sovereign God is in the name of the sun and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There's no other name. In heaven or of a bad man when he can be saved. We call upon Him Father for cause he's faithful. Calvary thought is a revelation to our door sensors What seen. Does to the heart of God we thank you for Jesus. Who are traded in a wine press law who have gone through this in LET US example he didn't leave us example what a god can do but what a man can do by God abiding in Him Father let us let us have that experience through Jesus Christ in law there's stains that our challenge in our lives. It could be marriage of trouble. It could be financial burdens. It could be institutional problems. It could be church problems. But father all those things are not to be our focus our focus is one thing is that we must learn how to ultimately unconditionally surrender our lives into your hand. Is that we my glory file you that the fruits of your character will be reproducing us and thus others might partake of those same froze in your life reproduce in their lives all these factors that cause us to not get sleep. Education imitation father. We surrender to Hue we give up using the same tense methods of solving problems. We want Joe to. The love the forgiveness. We want the fruits of the Spirit to be perfectly reproduce in us Father continue your pruning work give us grace to endure the pruning because Lord. That's what you're looking for fruit. So we now have to come back together tomorrow pray that. Bone is not so much. We have to have this message is that we need to know where we find our strained. So let the souls fall the defeated cheese the night. Let us sleep be sweet. That no more room an e no more agitated of us spirit. I lift up this institution the leaders live the families the individuals the marriage couples. I pray Father you take us in your hands chambers Motors fashion us make our way to lack your wheel and that we may have a joy and a peace that the world can't take and that we can finish his work then we can vindicate your name through your power that the worm I see a manifestation of the very character of Jesus Christ pour out of down this country gathers to the stars tonight is a prayer in Jesus' name a man. 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