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Mind Cure- Part 2

Thomas Jackson


God has placed eternity in our hearts!  Remembering the three Ds as Christians will help us to have a definitive goal in our daily walk with God. Part 2   


  • July 24, 2016
    10:45 AM
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Let us pray Father God in heaven we come once again in your divine presence. And in the name of the Son Jesus Christ asking for the presence of your the spirit. We need the holy angels that just sent from above to minister to those of us who are to be heirs of salvation who are around this place. Keep back in a distraction. Any interference that you worry we're not trying a large in place in our hearts. Let the Spirit move deep within the very fabric of our being that our heart would be poured out to you to reciprocate the love you give in to us that we might. Rightly represent you here in this messed up world that our life connected with the source of light was so shine even individually. It will peers to dark corners of someone else so that they may see that light and glorify you. Put your words into my mind. Speak through these feeble feeble lives and let us return to you a surrender of heart for your glory in Jesus' name we pray in man's mind cure. Part two. Mind Cure. Part two. See we have that on the screen is there on the screen there. Very good. None of us are a is good that was all been in tanks has been a tanks. Since we started evening. Let's read a text together what does it say. We. Discover the leases been imparted that there's an intimate relationship between health and salvation to understand that. Health is not an appendix nor an option. It's an integral part of the plan of salvation and reason said we don't have time for just to go through that. But if you look at just when you put down a note Galatians chap the FI verse twenty two twenty three that deals with the fruit of the Spirit you understand now in those fruits you'll find what love joy peace goodness gentleness long suffering faith make this and what else temperance. You get it. Those are fruit of the Spirit is no way we can say Well help is just something we need to talk about that is a fruit of the Spirit which is an actor a beauty a divine attribute of God No one can live out these health principle without the power of God What you think about that we have discovered that God is the one who has made us. And as we continue to just impresses upon our mind we deepen the impression of the heart that we do not belong to ourselves. I don't want to say oh no I am speaking to the choir. We know that God has rightful ownership to us a man is given us own as a man you know what is that owns Man U. is the Word of God This is where I began my journey forty years ago. On my knees. This is where I learned the principles of hell. And then when I was blessed with the books of the Spirit of Prophecy. It just was like excuse expression. I seen on the cake. It just solidified that solidified gossip plain Neustar hard line no matter how you spell. It is still go bad today laws of hell are you with me. Eight Laws of hell. This is the key. This is the key Sacred Law which any of us can live out by God's grace to share with other people eight dollars eight dollars your membership which your life is not like a what would you got to do. See we have become so score with this technological society. You can lay on your couch lain your bed in flip tree and has become so ingrained in our mind. Therefore we can just change our lives with a flip No God did not make human beings like that he's given us a wheel of faculties to use found guilty mind cure. Let me quickly go over Part one. I'm not going to get into all of but if you can see this a little bit. I said our fun. Don't jail. These computers but God has placed eternity in our hearts. That's Ecclesiastes is shouted three eleven. What does it mean a place eternity. That means God put into your heart. To spin eternity with fear that is a motivating factor that God's name will be glorified that motivates me that motivates my goal. Remember. Three D. S. by noted three D. S.. Destination. The resurrection. Decision. Get three or four people listening that's good. This Aria know something you love bears Let's repeat those three days again what is a destination direction. This isn't my destination your destination is reach by the direction you take based on decisions you make how many understand their. That means every decision that you and I may. Is not so much retiring from is well. In a sense. Going to fish and we want to retire out of this world. So my destination is reach by the direction I take based on the decisions I make is that make sense to you. This is a template through life. That means once we have a definitive goal. Everything flows from the definitive go. Everything else is peripheral you ask Christians we have to really have homesickness in our we have to have the desire that God's Name need to be vindicated. That's what drives me every decision I made if I'm a single person I'm talking about marriage if it is she or he doesn't fit in the destination. I must acquit. I don't care if you tall dark and handsome is she. Thirty six twenty two thirty six. I don't care what it is if it does not fit. Anybody listened to me then that's simple fine life. It does you know be looking destination keep that in mind very important. Therefore was that destination turn would be to the book of Philippians chapter four Chapter three thirteen fourteen called Here is the destination to live in chapter three thirteen fourteen Remember Paul said if we get those things beyond you remember that then he said in verse forty I press war towards a world. The Mar of the high call analysis where is the high call in found. That's where the scripture says the high calling in weigh in and where. Now I read the tanks you say in the Bible read the tank kimono. Now. Where is the high call in found in Jesus keep that before you the high calling is found in Christ Jesus kids enema. The destination is found in Jesus one little statement. High call or higher. I read this before to you. Higher than the Hyas human thought can reach is God's idea for human our. Godliness to. Harbor Yale Oxford don't teach that hell are you only places like Hartman ministry those places not not going to those institutions but we talk about not a P.H.D. to you this you do need three degrees. You do need there be a. M.D. in a P.H.D. with a brother Michael be a born again if they were there. M. D. main in the divine image. What about your Ph D. praising Him daily you get those three degrees. You are qualified. Are you with me because you don't praise God You go down like a band of mourners they got to be joyfulness whole of Christ. Re from your heart. Higher than a higher as you my dear God and this is the GO TO BE reach. When you leave here focus my go God in this we heard from Dennis pre all through it. By God's grace. We can have them mine of Jesus. Wow. I do now. One. My my. I don't. One is not good. Yeah me. Good. Mystery of a bag I'm in Israel now because it calls on my friend Adam Allen. If you don't have a you do not leave this campus of a book. And. It is worth it. Take that popcorn money and buy a minister you are it. The relationship Michael that exists between the mind and body is what very intimately related. You cannot separate I don't spend time on that but I want to go down. It says here. The condition of the mind affects the health to a fog rated in degree than many realize following May of the disease which men suffer of are the results are meant to depression. What else. What else and and and so on. What do they do all in all teens to break down the life forces and to invite decay. So I gave a little definition of those terms. Grief is what. Emotional suffering caused by a disaster. Could be a calamity the House could have been hit by a tornado. Are you with me a car accident accent or a unfortunate outcome sorrow anxiety apprehensive of and knees this a mind worrying. I read somewhere says that. Worry kills one hundred people where we're going to kill one. And was said again worrying kills one hundred people what only woke probably kills one and then. Discontent a sense of grievance dissatisfaction. You know I have a lot to complain especially those who are taller than me. I have a lot to be discounted. Airplane seats. If you don't fly me Binns class especially if I fly from here to Australia. And people want to come back. See I have probably about three feet and legs. Short tall ladder lay you get a lot of complaining about I go to Thailand. I remember care about a suitcase just gone through the door in. And it's not wood is concrete I got a lot to be discounted bed to show. I got a lot to be discounted. And you listen to me and complain all day long. They had to shore door to small airplane seat now wide enough discontent. There's a move on. Re Morse distress arising from a sense of guilt and self-reproach of what does that mean blame will yourself been up yourself. That's right as rain is like being yourself. The will be in yourself when you can fish will sing. Gussie is faithful. And just to do one. Denise and Gemma and remember them no more. Now my god does not have amnesia. Once they're confessed Buffy from giving he does not bring it up to you. He does not treat you as you deserve. Are you with me now when we forgive people you for is after gave him that I remember what you did to me. Come on Tom to may as well. Produce stress after give you sister. But I'm watching. I'm watching and I'm going on a road. You know that you get burnt once you don't get burned twice. It is a risk. Loving like God love. Do you want to just say I see it on face look at who it is a risk. My wife and I going to church one said turtled he stopped reading Middle Street stuff as an address and less right there that turtle can not go anywhere. And till he stick his neck out. If I get what I just said Come on talk to me if he doesn't stick his neck out my friend he can stay there. Even if you go get ran over but he got to stick his neck out with the wrist is going to get cut all but a new price you have to worry about that. It's a risk loving my God LOVE LOVE ME giving our expectation right. You know and. Only God can produce that. In US alone. My wife giving without her said Honey that I really appreciate that. Honey that's not what I do because more produce than love a man like knows fruit shine. She can do none but love bank. Love God are you with me. I want to correct are people of my wife not love me. Right. When you love a right. Hello. Come on talk to my children not act acting crazy. You don't act crazy. Come on talk to me now by was is in Roman twelve to and be not conformed to this world read that would me. But what be transformed by the what renewing of your mind. That you may what true. What is there good and acceptable and perfect will of God so the mind keep that in mind get to be renewed. Remember nine ten disease a while. There's a review nine ten has me ninety percent all disease snow anted of diseases for which men suffer. I have a foundation here. And in a mind. That's a lot of diseases. When people come to our center. My first understand even though when I sit down talk to when I get opportunity. I understand what's behind the cancer. I understand what's behind the diabetes understand what's behind the heart disease. Yes that may be some lifestyle but I know it's read here too and know that for fact as seen as forty years when this is strain now everything's going to flow as you eat right that's it. If you eat the best food in the world. If that mom this imbalance that food were right in your good. It's not going to do any good. So you don't want to cast the food away cast exercise away but the mind is very important. A great deal of singers which afflicts human has a role or here in the mind knows it. Readers would read it. What is their heart what makes what many what aspect this big thing that means stomach problems. Do you get them for mental trouble. Has a what paralyze an influence upon the digestive organs with out a functioning digested system. The best for us it is not going to be metabolized a mental attitude. That's why when I'm in a cab here Sima workers. You know are your go to Capital your Which are your cell phone. You know cell phone people said at the table. There's a group of people sin and say we just sell. Where's the fellowship and. Now people come my house. They're not bringing no phone to my table. No phone my table. Hey face to face talk to me I know you get upset when people tell to you cause the phone. Don't talk back to me. And I would hear some not since we don't do newspaper some fam doesn't mean that with the newspaper at the brevity or with the computer no mine to mine communicate these help. We need the interaction God is a rash a relational be known at the table. No bounds. Let's get rid of this take our face out of the Facebook. Then put in the real book then let's have face to face a face answer of face. Follow me far to loot orders given to the calls on the line the mortality the disease and the generation. The degeneracy that exists today. Even the most civilized countries such as America the human race is deteriorating. Now this is just a review on that our IT talk to you through Genesis three seven to fourteen how mint to illness or originate. You read that for yourself. I'm not going go back there but I put out what took place. Remember. Shane what else you think the place you buy remember anything we get isolation remember isolation mean you separate yourself. There was fear. What else there was guilt denial. BLAYNE. That's right. And then there's self-preservation now we can pull out this is not speculative does not exaggeration. That is what actually took place when Adam either separated from the god. And even the family became dysfunctional. Do you want someone to just send the family became dysfunctional as a result of been disconnected with the source. Of Love and Joy to the degree that one of the sons killed the brother and you see the Chain Reaction saw a disconnection with God Devil go disconnect our minds open up the floodgates for sane suggestions. That's the star a meant to illness that's to stop. Listen I share with you. The physician name more than human wisdom you remember that. He needs connection with God. I saw this and I'm going to read all that in order to lead his patient. Jesus healing method. He never focus in on just one aspect of the person you read throughout history is he say. Will that are be made whole. Is that what he said will be made whole. In Matthew nine one three eight we see the helium method. Be a good courage mental that since before give any spiritual pick of the bed and wall physical all through Scripture you see Christ method dealing with the whole person or you follow me. Any work for the Lord. You cannot just give physiology only you get to deal with the spiritual you get to deal with the mental They're inseparable inseparable part two with the mind Romans Chapter seven verse twenty five. We do not serve God with the fingers of the tolls we serve God with them. Ah that's why devil targets the mind the mind. This is the battleground. This is where the great controversy is re. The wheel who has your wheel would determine your destination the person with mental problems that person still listen. Because maybe the message is too simple as it has going to work. When people have a mentor a illness the protocol is always medication. But we just read. It the physician is connected with the true source of power he becomes the channel. Do you believe if we use God's method that God was supernaturally intervene. Do you believe that we got to recognize we're living in the most important time of history as well. The preview to bring out we in that generation nor the generation like this year mission. Even though we come into the very good. Of Darkness. But this is a generation that God is that stars were shining we can expect God to do what he say we're going to do all I need to do is use his Plan B. connect with his power. He can do the same thing he did with those demanding get X. he can handle paranoid schizophrenia. He can handle bipolar. Are you listen to me you're meant to diseases not be young gods healing power. He needs somebody he can trust download his spirt I'm making sense. So even though the presentation maddest simple. We got to understand we must allow God to use elves Sabbat of oh no that oh your memory. I share with you this. There that Chris the galley Christ room. God want to write his name on now for he is a man now we're not done by a literal writer an eye for it therefore it is there from her brain from brain. Read there. Crystal galley crisis room. It is the forebrain that God desired to sit on His throne in Austell temple. There's a bone in front in the front part of the skull called Krista galley Christ room. This is crash room to enter PALMER The soul is where God or religion e inscribed his law of love your member I showed you a picture of the spinor bone like the covering cherub I'm over see in that room. Wing spin on Born represent angels who are over the sacred our God one to sit here in order for men to have to be realize. Is not Prozac and brains that are but also law. Christ get to sit there. Somebody's got to be could nature of God to point that so to cries. As we don't take. From the low the crown of the brain. And healthy. From the low produce a healthy life place of judgment reasoning power. Scientific study shows that the frontal lobe is the seat of spirituality more ral ity and the while Will that here. That's where God want to control find a frontal lobe in the Will one of the frontal lobes most vital function is the will. What is the will come in. What is the will power choice. Now let me as a quick question here. I need a do not need force to go into dissipation do we have now will power or power will Obo I said again. Do we have willpower. Paolo the wheel or both of our RE the majority sin bow. Would you say using or use a bow. If I say bow. All right let me make it simple. Now we know we have the power of the wheel. Do you really than I do our will power is there a difference between power will and will embarrass book on Norman Vincent Peale that when I was coming. I want to be rich. No Power of Positive Thinking. I read all those motivating books and I found out to the world standards. I flung up the riches taste. And get rich. Not a cold note books. God has given us mental faculties you really that the belittling to think. All right now if I have will power. All I need to do is use my will power to stop sinning use my will power to correct my behavior which and by that you said I Ah so at long that I get what I get will power. So I need something else with my will power. So I'm confusing you. And we move on. We have the power of the wheel the bill. Indeed the thing but we need willpower. We need God's power to actuate the choices we make. None you understand what I'm saying we have the belittling to think the guy get weird ability to choose. But we need our supernatural power call sayin is supernatural you came wheel that out existence. If you want to stand. So we can align ourselves with the will of God We need his wheel. We need to give our will to him and the magazine. That's your and i biggest struggle. We are still determined to do our own thing. Important to understand that. Hebrews eighteen is for this is the covenant that will make with the House of Israel after the days as the law. I will put my laws into they mine and right them in they are I will be to them a God and they should be to my people gossip. I will do my good pleasure. I will L.-O. out there. The mom the mining special emotions on the Mount among the most powerful of influence which affects the body in and I'm going to read all this. Melissa what it says is that what was once speculation has come from a second. Right. It has now been firmly established of that a healthy body cannot be used to divorce from a healthy man. Now we've been no net for years when you think about that science is just that kitchen I was dead. And now we applaud in science but we should be the head in at the tail. We go on. It says here that emotional hell it can be said with certainty is an integral part of all overall wilderness. Yet many people continue to neglect the emotional hell and damnation physical in the process stress caused by unresolved emotional issues for example remains one of the leading contributors to illness when you think about it and resolve not coping. God does not give us coping mechanism to give us power to overcome. He was a well I'm coping well I'm hoping you stop coping and get. Connected with the power. I don't want to cope with life. I want to live by God's grace a victorious. Fruitful life. In this messed up world that God's character can be revealed what you think about their god do not have coping Christians here victorious Christian here as frou frou Crichton's what once was speculation is now been for for our right we're going move on. This is written. Almost in one thousand nine hundred fifty S. statement. Dr can our university CERN emotions pause in the body has shown that what. Hate. Envy scorn jealousy fear actually create poisons to rid a poisonous. Psychological and we fizzle out. Sorry physiological pauses. But powerful does misspell it taps it substance which pours in the lie strain the blood and under the influence the body weakens. All the life processes are disturbed or a person who lives under fear or under the shadow of any deep pressing emotion saying to shrivel up he grows old prematurely worry kills or hundred people where work only kills one worry keep then imma repress toxic emotions repress some press on express emotions. Impression. Does not lead to constructed. Exploration least to deep pression. In. Exploration. Impression rather that does not lead to constructed exploration least to deep pressure. You internalise you borrow of you're on sand they get you one is an impression if there's something on your mind especially with people you get prayed up and go let's talk about those I'm talking about you walk around it and let not your room unaided over you be in your mind that person show did me wrong. But you go to everybody simply the person you go to Internet. Put it on Facebook and tell him tell is true I se what I said why I was on face when I did that to the person or it was a public. Scene they did Face Book. Come on church you go to the person. Matthew eighteen. Don't go to no net. I just got to counsel the folks like they're going to put your gobbets in a stone face pull everybody look at their Face Book. What goes in the home and the family. Let's keep it in the family. Let's get it straight now. And I go I'm not going to hang out my dirty laundry on Facebook. If I have an issue if you. I'm coming to you you don't hear me. Gossip bring another you get what I'm saying come on Google baby's. Impression that does not lead to expression least two deep pression. Yeah I called the Google generation is links to you know you got the job traditional You get the baby boomers you know what I'm saying. The Millenium. The Google. Students come there. Their research should. You know we're in a bad position cause I Internet strange where we are instances. Oh where is the Internet which any internet for to do this research as a son when I was doing research I went to the library. I got the books didn't a Google babies they go google they come to you. If you get an answer you become the Google come out talk to me now. Ah turned in to the books. I'm telling you we got to just dip in generation God trying to make them with minds. A This is a thought Oh hell long in no repeat it often becomes a belief. What you think about there that's true. You know when we feed our mind with the Word of God you haven't seen a pastoral cals you have seen them gone back in for you don't seem to have very different pathways do you. You see one path. They've been trying to down you saying are you saying that see the brain that way. Grooves grooves grooves and more you spose yourself to word it put grooves in their brain. You see two thoughts cannot occupy the same spot. Yet it empty and feel it with the Word of God thought. And I guess it's a people said our prayer life a life a crisis. We pray only in crisis which anybody can. If we have constant communion with God through prayer and when a crisis Kong. Issue comes it's not a crisis because you already have an actual Tennessee. It's a boy because for now you don't panic. United in a panic ball and depending no. Anger the most toxic. Emotion suppress anger is probably the most toxic emotion of all physiology because ology of suppress anger leads to poor be a virtuous and poor health. We need both mental and physical action to remain a did this capsule Dowton is neurochemicals that build up in the brain when anger is suppress. Anger. The brain has a chain reaction stress response response. I remember when I first sued first bought a piece of property one piece of probably in Tennessee. When the Lord gave it to him. And my friend was forty five acres a friend of mine. You know I used to be best probably about you know that my friend showed to me he was on my way left side we walk in checking out the place and one city boy. Grass out there tall weighs. To my peripheral vision I see something black moving. And as I was coming down on my right foot. It was two black snake intertwined. That's coming down my right foot as I came down a Soyuz. My friend had to tell you this. In a standing position I went three feet in a year that was not the in a story I projectile myself another six feet tall and in that I'm not done yet. In my biased basketball days adrenalin this is I know you. Now I'm not going to get on this gamma and this last rate across the world but he he thought I was by Nic there was that adrenaline young sense. Final flight adrenaline and the body unleashes a flood of hormones that cause a significant damage. Now that was only. Momentarily you found sand. Once I landed away from the snake then it calm down relax but say if that is constant constant heart attack. Dad bts you name it. Are you with me. Ladies and gentlemen. Even though we need good video every vote but toxic emotions. Brain function sufferers. Can cause prank to any disease including rightness of cancer high low blood pressure the list goes on the list goes on. Anger is our you motional security system when someone has something inveighs our emotional physical spiritual boundaries. We become angry. But few people know how to deal with day anger in a healthy way angry behavioral or do little to address the root causes of this primary emotion and may in fact perpetuate them on one minute of anger suppresses your immune system for six hours then you come to Harlem lifestyle center come to our lifestyle center over angry attitude then you want some herbs to take you on some hundred thirty a day and that's not going to solve that problem. That's why you get to connect the spiritual and mental as well. You continue to teach men to help in that Help Center. One minute. But on the hand. One minute. Of Christian joy and laughter. Improves it twenty four hours. There's that save in hell. Healey flows from the throne of God. You can change your anger at it to read now. Hello. Or am I agree person. I'll give it to you. A civil then give it to give it to him and replace it. If you choice here at that speed you want to wait. Evan is mean over that can take place and this moment. My God. Your god is not a evolutionists. He's a creationists he speak the word. What is the pressure has moved on. Well depression. I'm going to skip some of these things because it's too much detail I want to get to my final point but depression does tell you can have recently face obvious emotional trauma but still at least fam of the nine symptoms. Well least two weeks. That means here to this study. It's said that if you experience a deep sadness apathy agitation sleep disturbance weight or appetite changes lack of concentration for tea also feeling a worthlessness of morbid thoughts for Liza's a period of two weeks. You could be going into depression. That's all they say. As would bring on that. D.V.D. and the way out call mind cured three part series or did. If you don't have that or that take the calls which I knew not. I searched it out in actual calls to Chris. It could be decrease of activity of the prefrontal cortex that could come through many reason. LOL so low brain sever tone and. Comes from foods we. Outdoors exercise experiment that affects our moods we. Insufficient that Terry Trippler for a lot of post go to the health food store and bad trip to fray. The body can produce their lower mega three situ fatty acids that can become all these things can come into the diet into the natural laws of if you know hey you want to spend thousands of dollars to have this take place full of asses such depression as a real sclerosis bill the arterial occlusion all this can be really following the eight doctors. All this can be with me now but it's on the table. I went to the spirit of privacy to look at things that will contribute to depression that's all this is you see one T. counsel hell anxiety in perplexity idleness jealousy lack appreciation from others lack a junior religion over work anticipated I should be a T.D.. And to support a war reviewing past failures years ruminating ruminated past and then make a kick off that the devil just he is said to have a field day review deeming good enough. They're dead. Yes dead. The bar is a limit to the bars of Lindt as a servant to Delenda dead sickness he Kathy suppresses the Sarah town wipe out. I'm Eroni is doctors I told you about that Iran is done we got to be sure we all solid grounds family problem fiction remain calm fiction we know what fiction read it is Harry party. PADA all that stuff. Re Morse for C N N pack. I want to move on. I can stand all day on I can stand all day impact. Effects of depression increase risk a return to addictive behavior such as drinking may cause chronic headaches calls osteoporosis. When combined with stress increased risk of HIV progress into AIDS in some of the things here. Increased chance with all spring will suffer depression physical medical problem predisposition increased rate of decline in physical ability decreasing the are we deal with him you problems suppresses your MIL's system very important understand that risk factors genetic tendencies. Early puberty in girls do you know the eight the average puberty age for girls in the United States now. Eight years of a you're absolutely right that means they're now in a position to have babies that comes to dietary and stress eight years of age they still face two pair were badly dolls' on we live in a world that is deteriorating out of face Arcadian rhythm that's what can happen in US travel stress that later occur in a body get out of phase like shut down shut down on grandparents or raise their grandchildren. I really were blessed with my grandchild. But it should our daughter a professional woman at a time trying to get together and I and my wife became surrogate parents. He's twenty one. Today we got him we was just a little baby still on the paps we didn't breastfeed him. We may brown rice and sunflower seem milk for one twenty one six feet tall healthy love the Lord but we cannot take the place of those parents now and lawyers as men in our. Thank God for grandparents but still. We had to build that child relationship. As much as possible. Maybe the parents absentee gone. But would never take the place of. Logical barriers. Risk depressants smoking alcohol all in. Alessa I live with two bow logical parents. Sexual abuse contributed and said I'm sorry sectionals severe sexual abuse severe sexual abuse will produce that I want to move forward on these things I want to get to my last part here. Each year as a thirty thousand people commit suicide. Depression. And depression. Now you have to take us I'm not going to keep these ten on real quick. But there's ten tale signs of depression number one do you feel like cry more often than you normally do you feel sad a blue most a time when you see a seven the mirror do you appear to be sad or do other comment that you do now long didn't do you are no longer seem happy. Number two do you feel frankly a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Do you think the nothing matters or that nothing would do any good. Does the phrase was to use comes to mind frequently number three. Do you have less motivation interest in activities hobbies work relations. Do you have have you have previously. Now before. Has your sleep pattern changed do you find yourself unable to sleep at night struggling with restlessness. That leaves you tired in the morning. Do you have trouble get in Abbottabad wanted to sleep all day. Number five and says here. Have you had thoughts recently that life is just not worth living. Do you wish God would just take you home in number six. Do you dread the beginning of a new day then to spatial of your responsibility decision and meeting with coworkers of office number eight have your. Patterns change have you lost your appetite. Is even favorite food no longer of the entries are you in a much more than your previous Did you perhaps even an excess intake of junk foods sugars can use it. Things as nature. Number nine. Do you have less energy than usual. There are other physical symptoms that different from the past such as frequency of headaches upset stomach constipation rapid heartbeat. These are just signs of depression and number ten. Do you feel that you are not functioning as well at work as you have in the past and that others are beginning to notice this ten tale sign as all known to D.V.D. ten to size does God have a plan for healing the man we can say Amen he has he made us now we just had to access that place. Remember Obamacare. Minette. Now but God has a better plan you know that Dungy was a call Obamacare is go back into Obamacare and you with me. Or Bible care is here to free that man from the hands of they have a serious soul. You know had to be in a certain category age. Color. All you need do is a lot. I need your help. Here's a plane or buyable care. The eight doctors that make HOUSE CALL. Hello A doctors you. And know you've heard this from Harden from us. You have to let this resonate. Do not be so prone. I need to take something godown said Law I am my by your grace a hearing to these principle if they're not working for you. It's not that I can do because those are God's principle. They work they were I know they were they were. Christ invitation Come unto me all your labor and I have a lady and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I'm meek and low in our ye shall find risen to your soul. Let's read verse thirty what is a for my yogas what am I burn is like do you that Gossett mind is one easy in my burden is light. You see it was Christ mission to bring to me what kind of restoration. He came to give them health and peace and perfection of care and misery and pay seventy our Savior words comment to me it says here though I like this though. Men have brought suffering upon themselves have we not. No I have by their own wrong doing. He regards them with pity in him. They may find help. He will do great things for those who trust him no matter what you have messed up. It does not change the disposition of God's attitude towards you and I. We get to run to the strong with truly with heart surrender to him. And my God. Yoga will do what he said he would do he would do it. Oh here we go coming on down. And we should get this as we wrap does the know. All of our trouble in our heart. Stamfordham government to say this is fundamental to all of us with stones of the word what I'm put up here is not new to you but let it become with clarity. You remember that for me your truths will burst like bright light. With greater clarity. God is what you know what I love is remember God So what he did was that's what you call this in benevolent love. God Love is like giving love with out expectation. They want to just say yeah especially in a relationship. You do some for your wife or your husband you have expectation. Don't you come I know you do it. Downside Thank you. I love you who that affects you. But when we connect with this source a law that want to fecht us we keep that we keep love. I'm not saying you go beyond abuse once or if there's not a respond then that's not your problem. You'll promise a million in God and that in love through you in the fruits come from. He or she got to see those fruits. So well what's gone on in our life. That's what brought my wife into this faith. We both came out of the world as we religious but she no she knew there was things that had changed in my life. My attitude. And what was on our mind. She was not interested in coming to join this movement. She was coming to find out what has made this change in this man life and that she came to see and investigate not the Word of God who as she was in arms of Jesus or you listen to me she. Came with a curiosity just a fan. What is changes made because you know what kind of person I was the fruit that God will bear in your life is not for you. Pay for somebody else to partake of collage. I mean Christ object lesson pay sixty four I say it again. Christ object doesn't pay sixty four the object of the Christian. Is fruit bury. The perfection of Christ's character that it may be reproduced in other people prepared. God is love for the father himself loves you. John sixteen to himself disco to be a key as a move forward we got to understand God loves Calvary testified. The Father loves us. It goes on to say Yes I've loved you with an everlasting love thirty one thirty three. We have slept got his face. We have say crucify him but he did not change his love. He broke his heart because we rejected they rejected that give but God is love. That's the essence of His love. He don't change. He cannot change. There's no Veron isn't for the Lord is good and His love endures. Love is what is durable even to Calvary. That love was nailed to the crawl. But he endured keep then a man. Tama the love now. Can a woman food. Get her nursing child and have no compassion on the son of her womb. Surely they may forget it yet. I would not forgive you. I'm the youngest are eight children and my mother. Maybe is why I say I was Paul. So be it. My mother love me. I know that for a fact a father was nowhere around. She will find a bear for a baby so. I know that for a fact she will she will go down for a baby son. And God see. Surely they may forget. Yet I would not forget you and you listen to me as love. C.I.V. scribed. On the pond my unit as Brother pre rode out the only person he would ever keep humanity. The only one that walked a newer view heaven is Jesus Christ was car was the only one. No more hip replacement for you no more glasses were you know migraine headaches. No most calls where they took your PIN digs he will be scar free. But he will have a bad scars love love love. June and said at an option. How is an I don't work determine only by the highest price paid. Jesus paid the eyes price possible. He gave his life to give you life. This priceless sacrifice a stablish what would you keep any man extatic your worth as very important as a come down very important Calvary Calvary is a revelation to our door since his with C.N.N. does to the heart of God. Calvary testify that he loves me. More than I can imagine the Lord God of heaven collected all the riches of the universe and laid them down in order to purchase the purple of loss humanity. THE FATHER. Gave all the divine resources Internet hands of Christ in order that the richest blesses of heaven mighty poor out upon a fallen race. God cannot express greater love than he has Express in giving the son of his bosom to the world this gift was given to man to convince him that God had left nothing undone that he could do that there is nothing here in reserve. But all but that all of Heaven has been poor out in that one Venzke year. God help us to understand that help us to appreciate that. Kava represent this crown and work it is man's part to respond to his great love by appropriating to great salvation the blessing of the Lord has made it possible man to obtain We had to show our appreciation of the wonderful gift of God. By becoming part takers of the divine nature. Avonex cape the corruption that is in the world through lust. We are to show our gratitude to God by becoming a coworker. With Jesus Christ by representing his carrier to the world in great mercy the Lord has roll back the thick darkness from before his trial that we may be whole here as God of love the whole be whole again. God is love love definition self list. Other centered. Passion chosen devotion to the whale being. Of others a self. You get a definition. A score you member ten is zero as in ten is. Zero. They say love to hole one's self in a zero position due to a high value place on someone else that's true love not sin to minimalism That's why by God's grace my marriage can work because my expectation is of the law. My expectation is not a my way is me in the Lord I must place Ciro value on myself of interests of my family in the work of God. That's all I need to do. God is what as a avoid three to read one through seven. I tell you every one that is created they wonder is called by my name by creating him for mine glory Phormium Yeah made him the god hey that tells us God is relational a man relational Ah it tell us we were created with the capacity problem in our to love and to be relational like our Creator do you believe that is coming down. We can create it with the capacity that God Love can flow from us to someone else. We are relational even though if you are an introvert you are shy when you submit to God that introversion would disappear. It has to. I no way you don't live in a vacuum. I'm Cashel you are let God download you his spirit watch him go back the object of love Write this down. IMO talk through cause the time is gone just chapter two verse eighteen to twenty three the object of love. Down in I will put a triangle up here. God at the top. So right now to your left and to my right we've got. Adam over there. Ha red in the middle. We get the word alone and lonely you get that. Over to the next when we get evil were there. God. Adam he God said it is not good for man to be lonely. OK And I know my times are you going to sleep on me. God said it is not good for man to be alone. It is a lonely. God did not make Adam eat at the same tack. All right. Therefore he says alone. Therefore God is relation. He brought two people together for them to feel his wheel and you follow me to that I'm not. Now God created Adam he download to Adam all of this plan all the information the government of God was downloaded to Adam to patriarchal system was download the Adam God download I brought this out before Adam was not alone. He was alone a share with you which creator look controversy in the minds of some folks but as our right. Just a just a now he put Adam to sleep. A man did enough These agree with that a deep sleep. But I am telling you I am not just proposing. Not that the fact that Eve get the same information. Adam was the hey that was very clear. That's why we should even worry about the camera getting to the algae you could get it would just stick to the word we have found now but his ship it will is clear is Day to me so and it was put into deep sleep you know that and I person believe as a total one of my friends that is challenge me that God every individual on this. Planet Earth or God is person no you all and did it to your emotional security your affirmation is not predicated on a relationship of another human being. And I was saying to God put me to sleep or translate me that is what's causing dysfunction in young people and in families because they looking for other to define who they are. I'm telling you that creates emotional displeasure. That's why young people will get where young people we and they were young. Get with the group because I want to be somebody I want to be exempted. I want security. That's why in Chicago. California has some of the largest street gangs because they want to be long. They want the security. You give me that they do not fast as I want to join gangs. I know what I'm saying here. Ga As a gay to animals. He also gay to even three basic needs. We'll talk about that now we share this with Bill and later maybe some other time he may even where from what was the purpose of a real. Well we know that he didn't get it from the foot of the Beeb I'm sad but maybe now they make Sam specular But you know the real protects. It protects the heart. The lungs even is a type of the church Halo Adams a type of Christ would you say so we're being created to protect our of God. You don't get that. We are being created to protect the heart of God by living a life with his character. Sin Pierce gods are. In a receiver three internee we all have been given these three God given inner need was the first one. Was the second one was the third one love to know that someone is conditionally committed to our best interest. What you think about that. That's a low someone is committed unconditionally to our best interests on. In AA and some was I know I experience that with my wife Laura I truly believe my wife is on condition me committed to my best interests. Sometimes is to so much interest. I begin to feel the pressure must sell. She she grab the process as I write you need a little wrist I'll tell you when they way. If I'm preaching she attempt to preach and so now we leave now you be sure you go to another room get some rest. I mean. I know when I've lived there you know like my body I took pictures and that's what touch another she hold in my hand stroking my face kisses me is holding with hope. I know committed unconditionally. There is such a relationship that can exist like that. Significance to know that our allies have a meanie. N.. Purpose. Ha time I'm into hell and thoroughly security to feel accepted and have a sense of belonging is that resonated with our hearts all of behavior. Still from that. If you see erratic behavior. If you see your children men. If you are fathers I said these are four songs one forty four twelve daughters are cornerstones. To be Polish after the similitude of a palace have a daughter and in now my busy lives are trying to you know be great in a world that was neglected in a life that was extraneous human bit a strange man. But I think God restore what the Kanka one said destroyed. That relationship become lame nothing. Never having Why because she changed. No My father taught me how to be a father. And as one of caution a dad. We got Going To date we read. We were in a cabin. There I need some counsel. That's all about we can put food on the table house on the table. That's good but you get in the best in that girl because if the father don't invest the girl she can go to another man than another man than another me than a baby cow. Pushy looking for love significance and security in a bag and when I'm saying yes so important. So important. Three days a police adoration affirmation acceptance. That's what God down though. That's what got one you and I to experience. That's what he wants us at the heart of our behavior is an attempt to get our legitimate needs yet at MIT illegitimate to get our legitimate ne men illegitimate. In by someone's hand. As where people go from one person to another person they looking for someone as a I'm in love you're in love. Hey you are into adulterous affair. You're looking for legitimate need illegitimately. Then we're cast them out but we need to council. We need to let him know that's what you missy you mizzen owes these and there's only one place you can get that you get what I'm saying. Keep in mind. Eric B. Hevia erratic behavior is a result of these three knees. Why did God give us these deep in a nice knowing that people will fail people for example some parents are harsh cruel abusive while every person has been created with these three internees. No person is able to meet all our three needs how we now realize that if one person commits all of our needs. We wouldn't need God. Now God does us on God does use us harm. We become his hands. We become his fee Elo but that means we got to be connected with God that He can download to our children. To our wives to our husbands to our church members to one who hates us. The one who destroy your reputation. That is like war of adult that you don't you Don't ruminate you don't act today because your heart go out to that person because you know they are empty. And you just become the object of the frustration and must says something you are a problem in a on the lower plan that he will be our need meter apostle Paul re re own wretched man that I am who should deliver me from this body dead then he answers on cause and strong way Jesus the Lord Jesus. Although all along the Lord planned to meet David's need. People fail you. You say man I'm having a trout Norna God lend that trout to reveal to you that you look in the wrong place yet look to you. Love significance and security very important. Gotta quit. Sometimes the law would meet certain needs by himself and other times he would use other people as what as an extension of his care and compassion. That's why medical missionary work is a revelation Gossamer is for it is a revelation of the spirit of Jesus Christ a ministry of compassion. You get. Very poor. Trusting God God is our refuge. As we close this what I want to do is mass media part and never know when I might even see any new we see one another. My experience a year ago is sobering to me as I step off that plane. That day. WHO WERE told me no sign. I would not wake up. No more. Plato. And as I told you when I woke up. And when God unfold to me with clarity my the disposition of this heart. In forty years. And God on it. What faith was I had. But he spare my life because he want to bring me to the point where my life is truly fu for for His glory. And I. Just press believe that. I want to meet and it again and my. Management exploitation to you today. You don't have to leave this campus and say I'm going pray about this today. God loves us. You've been in this world too long. Killings. Destructions property lives. And we as a people have been trusted. With the solution. I mean a solution is not in the election. Most of our conversation is over. Truong and Hillary. We spend more time and talk about Truong in Hillary. They only know what god's for me. We should be line I self up. Of the solving of the universe because we are people has nothing to do with your aptitude. Decrease the attitude. That he can use us any one of us. I was tellin some of the older women older brothers one brother share when he was said that I can just get my hip place out to money work for a guy. I said Paul had a from me in the eyes that denies Doc him for doing work for Guy songs ninety one I believe ninety one he says even in your old age you can bring forth fruit to not let infirmities be an impediment. For you to bear witness to God in your witness you become strong. Ah Devon I have some residual effects of that deaf experience of mine while yes I do invited forces zel. Though I'm walking and talking and there's a reason you're fair I'm very mindful that I know what I used to be alive and know what I am I carry some infirmities in his body. But I know one thing. Thank God I want to take this frail body in my MAKE IT IS PRECIOUS ago. That his name may be sanctified in this or I have an appeal for you. I have appeal for you. It's very important. You see. God I want to give us a peace peace is not the absence of trials but the assurance of overcoming them through the power of Jesus Christ's. And when you think with me. As we go to the throng. When the outlook is bad. Try to up look in. The events we call tragedies said banks and failures. Opportunities for God we look at these failures said Bank and we ruminate We who is in gross our mind. But we know a guy love us. He takes those opportunities and use it for his advantages. He knows how to draw glory even from our ruin to our deepest humiliation. When we feel defended and only disqualified may be the hour that God uses us and unparallel ways year a wasted effort. Maybe to years when God plants any turn or harvest though we have. Wish all night call nothing. The great angler is still double baiting his hook God brought the children of Israel out of darkness. With treasures. The darkness in your life into darkness a man by. God is working. And we bring us are we coming now with treasures. Can you take them by faith. Don't leave here say it was a good meetings good time we had a time getting shorter God wants to transform our troubles into what our problems into our fears into well faith. That's what you want to do you know how Pearl This may be but Pearl is May all yes' is to the irritation of the sand. Sand irritate that Auster and what comes out a prayer oh. Vala a parable a pearl. You see we find that a pearl is a garment that encloses an annoyance to your head and all the irritation a saying bring it upon you don't even ruminate hold on to it said Lord. You're now produce and Perros when there's irritation come in your life when this frustration come and you don't get on your knees in the Lord please them it is irritation not coming. GRACE. So you make the parable. When disposition your mind changed to the point that God is a work in a mighty working you know like I am telling you your circulation with your sixty thousand miles of blood vessels it will run flow through your body. I'm standing because of that not because I get physical strength fighter force was depleted from Ambati. I'm sixty. Eight years of age and not the fact that if and I had I could have been stronger but I know it's God's grace. I have to have back added to by his grace a credit to we are trouble on every side yet not distress. We are prepared but not in despair persecuted but not forsaken cast down but not destroyed the brain nurse communicate to a whole system. Keep in mind. Very important. And as we do that we've got to feed this by we gotta feed it. Good food for the life of the flesh and blood brain food essential fatty acids all the green leafy vegetables whole grains fruits. We needs a lawyer take his life. Clean up my diet as you clean up my attitude. You've got to feed the brain. You gotta feed you gotta feed you know what have good health. You've got to have good blood. You know have good blood. You've got to have good food. Hello. Hey man. Yeah keep that hard ball delicious out of a company like. Preserving the mind with a knife and a four. Fellow you can develop a healthy man with a knife and a fork. You know you get a place like this. Learn how to prepare good food on what you eat. Here's a list even flesh foods eaten no blood of fat refined sugars alcohol addiction smoking intemperance when you give your heart to lure people in to tell you you need the right. Keep your heart to the Lord. When you abide in Christ he and you the fruit of the Spirit can manifest itself and one of those fruit is temperance you get when you fight is not. I can't eat this as she just don't find that you have one essential. Past get into Christ as the Holy Spirit put you there maintain that relationship to the Word of God through prayer and sharing your faith maintain. Iran is eating and drinking results in Iran is thinking and acting ninety one sixty. Consider what you me eat for strict brain from your brain needs glucose. Carbohydrates Whole Foods if you don't get it is going to be a battle. We now brain is a prime a blue clothes you not going to think right. And you will be around it is learning how you know that's right. No why should know why. Sure yeah yeah fruits nuts grains vegetables. I mean if you're not there. God would get you there. But don't fight God God got to have a plan for you. We might be struck would die but see to go. God give me grace to make the step to make it in television Lee intelligently. If you don't know connect with someone here can it tell you Don't let the Dell destroy your frontal lobe. Don't let him do that. What have you to drink to all the glory of God Calvary. He was wounded for a transcript. He was bruised by iniquity and with His stripes we are hero he has a whole world there is a man when you think about that he got you in as a man can get you. I want to pray with you. One of make appeal. Not just a gentle appeal. You let a god speak. I stand here just as a witness of God knows what the power of God can do. I thank him from breaking me from death to life. In my purpose for existence. Is the core if I had a father. And I know he cannot trust me. Unless some empty human some less some unity. I tell you the three P's plan power the person you know that God is the plan the scriptures tell us plan as we make the peel disappear as exactly this. That we want to commit ourselves to God's plan for our lives. If you're not ready for this. I can understand. I want to pray for that lot. I want your plan for my life. I'm relinquishing my plans. Specific appeal not just give you all I want to commit mass of your plan. I want to be recipient of your power. And in your power I have all the resources they were able me to fulfill your plan that's all who commit to you listen to me. And then this is what you need. Willing. You are the person I don't repeat on the person willing to submit in commit to God's plan and to receive his power to carry out his wheel specifically that will be done not my will in his place. He's coming. God I want to dwell in us. He's knocking on the door. Remove the rubbish. Open the door. A parish you won't work with his clothes. I told you that it won't work. God so Bandar only works. One is open only works White am when he says God says no one away him except those who are full of themselves. In about a travel like I do especially when you have a lovely wife. I'm graduating get that right now Sue cases feel the peel. We want to come for and bring him to sue case. We want him to death. Sue case. Oh what a prat selfish. Jealousy unforgiveness hatred argumentive temper tantrum. But today. Assuming yet never satisfy wants. We want to empty ourselves of that so small minded in Laos sad it presumes. We want God to India suitcase. That's what the peel. That's what I said to God. He won't help a lot. I can't take all this rubbish. I'm yours. I come with empty suitcase. That's going to be you. That's what we're going to pray for. Empty suitcase to be feel well what joy peace patience kindness. Could this for a pointless gentleness self-control. Is that what you want. I know I want it. I'm experiencing that so deserve to know if you. Feel that need that only God can satisfy. I like to preview. I. Forced to stay and come up and Neil together. If that show needed and I want to pray with you. I want to really pray with you. I want to pray with you for you as you pray for me. Please brothers of spleen. Please trust your God Ask Him to help the arm believe God is faithful. He's faithful and he's to use that to some God's faithful. And I asked a guy Joe People must experience this. I think we have another forty here is with us today. You might have chills wayward family trouble but the only solution are that. As I submit to God into some case that he can feel it was spirit and that the fruits that probably from the very life of Christ feel my life. And that their way. Were husband away with child why I don't see a argument or man a woman don't say you got to do this. Oh you don't have it now I'm not telling you to be silent when you see abuse going on but let that fruit pass through the council no rebuke. You also want to send let Christ raise that up. I say that out when you see that play us ten year I will soon wear flag. Surrender. That's what if like me. That means. I kill my right to control my life. I give up my right to you. Satan's two years of hatred unforgiveness irritation argumenta that's what we say in right here. I give up my right. Are you with me. I don't. This is not formality. This is serious business to me. I'm just thinking. That day. I said no why. Sanny when I get off the plane I said How how are you and I you know how you and I because we could have been at odds. How was it you want sand that was a rude awakening me. God said. He wants our hearts. I know we stand to agree with price. Crisis. And I will take the positive definitive step and everyone will think my way. Give it to me one more thing. She read his visitors who read this. Great controversy. Page five twenty five. And. He says here. There's a right in Mark and make sure. Oh yes he says when the natural course operates with the supernatural natural you and I cooperates with the supernatural. It is a part of God's plan to grab us. And answer. To the prayer of faith that which he would not be stole. Did we not thus ask did you hear that. Now we're not up here read not asking him for more money come in a call for us. You know that but we're going to answer in light of John fifteen seven God said when you abide in Christ in my word in you you ask what you will. It should be done now in the context what God's will is that you bear fruit. That's what that statement say is that would you say that is what you're saying pray that some cannot kneel some care. So let's pray. Let's pray. If you can I kneel just bow your God knows that. Loving Father. Our Creator not Redeemer. You know it has been communicated by you through your servants here. At this sacred holy complication the love that flows from your throne. The purpose for you create eighteen us. In place in us on this planet that we by your power who rightly correctly represent you in this controversy that your name will be sanctified in us through us. In the midst of a unbelieving world but I thank you for the response that you put upon our hearts here. I pray for every individual you lift him up. Families. I prayed for the young men and women who are. To be delayed a sea of this world. Possessed him with your spirit father. I pray for the leaders of this institution every responsibility great weight. Pray for the workers. I pray that they leaders and workers will learn. That without you. This is the to Sion in is true she can do nothing. Pray for her the previous his family. And lift up my soul to your father. I thank you. Thank you for loving me inspire us. You know that wake me up. I thank you for the prayers of your children. We know you hear prayers. New when I GIVE US A We don't ask them not Father we asking. That you will make us fruitful and we know because only can be done through the pruning process through your words. So give us grace to endure the pruning give us the spirit of the living God that will possess our soul. And as we leave these grounds and those who remain that your main will emanate from us that people would see the glory of God that deserve would be few of your glory that Joe coming would be hasting help us to be true to you in the time of the investigative judgment that take us Father take us. As wholly yours abide with us and with a few and let all our works be wrought in the. Their all our plans be carried out of a given. Oh a quarter your divine providence as we leave. That is leave with the mind that we got touch lives on the way extend mercy to us as we travel. Extend mercy to this campus. Let your light so shy that men and women may see our good works and glorify you. Thank you Father. Thank you for this heart expands we present ourselves to your hands. We commit we submit we on conditionally surrender our rights. To control to reg our lives these shores and use it. Teach us how to be devotional in our studies teach us what it means to pray. Which is is the key in the hands of faith that unlocks the storehouse of heaven. Let us be the candle light for you know you say we are the light of the world help us to touch another life of your spirit and now here we are here we all sin us into this dog same Kurz world to pin a tree is down US for your glory in Jesus' name. We say Hey man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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