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  • August 13, 2016
    9:15 AM


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OK Well we have a set up now for the Sabbath school today and the topic is mission mission work in the twenty first century our day and age in a special regards to medical missionary work with us. We have out there. Ted Wilson from the General Conference that in there in the middle road so thankful. Maybe ever can wave to. As a man happy to have the Sabbath. Thank you for being with us today. Other Wilson It's exciting for us as well as our cliff Goldstein editor of the Sabbath school quarterly shared his testimony last night. If you missed it. It was recorded it was fantastic. It showed us how how we came to know the Lord from a secular Jewish background in New York City and was led to the truth and spent time that while that even in that experience and shared about that we have Dr Angeline David. She's our Any D. health director and we're grateful that you are with us as well. Made the trip and she led on one of our seminars here you could also listen to those recordings on our website. And let's see here we have other Charles in here at the at the beginning Cleveland used to be a vice president for a while good and is the current president for health education resources been involved in and. Self-supporting work almost all his life. And we have Jesse's vicar sitting next to him and Jesse is a he's a field the field representative for all CIA in the in Europe. He's currently living in Austria attending Bogan HOF and finishing some education there he was our director of education for I believe this three years and he's an entrepreneur and he's got a passion for sharing Christ and in the business world right and seeing that every lay person is involved in and now missionary work. We also have Elaine and Elaine is currently serving as our Southeast Asia director for light ministry light is the lay in global health training our headquarters is here at Wildwood and Elaine has a. Spirit has worked with us. I think now for eight years with the light. He's been working the Philippines Indonesia Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and and more. We have Michelle do comments on the end. Michelle is our current director of education and she has experience and evangelism she was leading out in the salt program over at Southern and glad you're with us as well. OK well without any further think we've got enough mikes there for you all so we're going to have the got ten questions and we will direct some of the questions to specific individuals and so we got about five minutes for a question approximate we can give a little more or less to to a couple different ones. One thing I want to start with Ellen White used the term medical missionary work extensively in her writings. Many Seventh Day Adventists understand this to mean the kind of work that Adventist health professionals do in Spanish and Portuguese it translates literally Dr missionary. Which brings and even narrower point of view to it yet. E.G. where I wrote in the seventh volume of the testimonies page sixty two that we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work. So the question is what exactly did Allen White mean when she spoke about medical missionary work and what does it look like either Wilson could you get us started. You can you can you can begin. Thank you. Let me just express what a great privilege it is to be at Wildwood today and to have slicking what has happened and what will happen and the theme greater works. Looking back moving forward. I think as we focus on medical missionary work that is. One of the key Lessing and contribution that while Wood has made medical missionary work is a very misunderstood term as you've rightly indicated. James it's people have kind of misunderstood it to be people who are professionals in the area of health. Certainly that is included in fact that's a very prominent feature. We're told that Jesus and more time healing. Then he did preaching. Now that ought to give us a clue as to what medical missionary work is supposed to be in God's modern church at the very end of time and let me tell you I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. So he expects everybody to be involved in it and he expects to carry out his ministry physically mentally socially spiritually everybody can do something in the area of medical missionary work. How difficult is it after reading a little after training a little bit and living the Lord lead you as you read scripture and spirit of prophecy. How difficult is it to share the eight natural remedies with a neighbor right. I mean you can do it in a very practical way. The books of their own white wrote specifically about medical missionary work and history of healing medical ministry councils on health etc They're not just for health professionals they're for all of us. And later today I'm going to read a quotation about how ministers ought to be very much interested in medical missionary work that we have tried in the last three years especially to give an emphasis to the world field about what we are calling which is essentially medical missionary work comprehensive health ministry. Means. Everybody is involved not just the health ministries department. Which is to lead the way but all of us are to be involved in medical missionary work comprehensive health ministry helping people to understand spiritual and physical health. So. Medical missionary work is for all of us and then God will help us to find ways in which to touch the lives of people where they hurt and thank you so much you want to. Yeah I love the L O I quote from medical ministry where she says. Medical missionary work is the gospel in practice it is the gospel practically carried out is the compassion of Christ revealed. So it's more of an attitude that we have towards people then even then even physiological teaching physiological health loss. You know that is part of medical missionary work but it's even more than that it's actually the gospel. In practical ways in in being nice to to the people around us right and just caring for people and visiting the sick and and in prison and so forth you know it just gives them bread to somebody and so it's very very basic and it can get to so high competencies until to all to the surgeons and to hospitals and and so forth. So it's so it's has all the levels that engages really all of us. And concerning the translation thing you know my wife and I we we have a translation company and so I'm very sensitive to this topic of of translating and unfortunately in some of the fields even in Germany where it wouldn't have had to be translated as physicians missionary work. It was translated that way and and so medical missionary work. Suddenly was one hundred years ago and it was translated it was so reduced to just a few people. Doing that kind of work that most of the church members just felt like off the hook. You know like I don't have to do this. This is for physicians and so and soul. Actually I'm very excited about about translating especially Ellen White writings into into local languages and really making sure that these things get translated in a way that really really helps the work to to progress because many people especially I'm from Switzerland so it would still and when I came back from Mission school you know they taught me all about restaurant work a medical missionary work and doing health food stores and and sanitarium work and and I would share this with people in my local church. Nobody had a clue what I was talking about they had never heard of it you know and I'm like of course No No wonder nobody has heard about it because they have. You know many of these books. Medical ministry book evangelism cousin health you know these things are not translated. So of course going to kind of know it so anyway so this to me is I think it's a big it's a big thing to get everybody involved and follow that up but I just interject one thing I get very excited when you talk about I think a missionary work. It is and I'll follow up a little bit further in the sermon. It is to be one of the most important keys to reach the big cities and when we were in New York when I worked there. We tried to do that work. Elder Cleveland was at that time at Mount missionary institute up in New Hampshire I think it was assisted to a certain extent in New York. Medical missionary work we're told is the best work you can do in New York. That's what Ellen White said. So as you think of Chattanooga. As you think of other large cities where you can make an impact from Wildwood medical missionary work is key to our reaching mill. Eons of people in the cities and I'm well thank you and I think we all agree of its importance and yet we face a challenge. Not a vast knowledge of medical mission work to travel the world that many of us are not really too aware of it or there's confusion of what it means and so forth and I like that the concept or the language comprehensive health ministry we've also used health of and how to convey these thoughts. Other Cleveland you have here much dedicate your life to medical missionary work. What could be done to to further the education and better trained and our church members and get a better way are nuts about medical missionary work or comprehensive health ministry. Thank you very much. It is a privilege to see and encourage early people to get more involved. I have as a pastor and as a health educator. We have often tried to motivate our people from the pulpit to do I'll say both to do more Bible work more bible studies do more medical missionary work and yet we can challenge people with the council but it's a lot better if we can lead them by example and there are different ways. I'm very happy formal training. Not everybody can come to Wildwood or you cheap pines or even Valley or some of our other schools but now we have excellent online opportunities for people so when they get the vision. There are now tools available that weren't available even ten years ago and that's a blessing. Two things I want to mention on this particular point on educating our church members. First of all. I find in the local church. I use that as example I live about an hour from here in Dunlap Tennessee and I serve as a health director for our church. I have an excellent health committee of five. We work together we meet every month. We plan a year ahead for what we want to do in our community and by getting just a core of people who are dedicated and interested in this kind of work to plan programs that can draw on other members. You don't have to preach a lot of sermons. When you're starting to do programs that people can say to themselves I could do that that's something I can relate to. And so we we don't we just lead and plan different opportunities. Another way that we often overlook and that is that in every local community the cloud County Health Department is struggling in several ways Tennessee for instance has some of the highest diabetes rates obesity rates educational problems but we're not alone but these people in the county are usually underfunded and undermanned powered and they really welcome lay involvement and so we often don't realize that. I've been a member of these of course you county health department volunteer for eight years now and they meet every month and they talk about what to do in the schools what to do in the public. And as you sit and and meet with them and just listen for a while get acquainted. Eventually you're able to offer things they don't even have access to because the admin this church is rich in Health Ministry and they're much more limited and they love to do some projects but they don't seem to seem to know how to get off the ground so easily. One example I was helping a nearby church in the Jasper area. To launch the reversing diabetes program. They asked me if I'd come and get them started several years ago. When the my county health department heard that I went over to the other county and helped them start to reverse the diabetes program they said but why aren't you doing one here. And they said we'll pay for everything will advertise it will. We'll get it out of the media. If you'll just do the program that wouldn't have happened if we weren't spending time with them even on a regular basis. So when we mingle with the local people when we lead our church members through example we can get more and more people involved and then and then. Thank you for shit those thoughts. There's a there was one statement like to read here from councils on health page five twenty four. It reads medical mission work is in no case to be divorced from the gospel ministry. The Lord has specified that the two shall be as closely connected as the arm is with the body. Without this union notice. Neither part of the work is complete. We've experienced that when this union is realized we see a great success and when pastors especially are supportive and motivated about the health message the health initiatives of the church find a lot more success in their communities elder Wilson what could be done or what is being done to and increase awareness and knowledge of the health message amongst pastors. As I mentioned we have launched a very strong emphasis on comprehensive health ministry a blended ministry. So that pastors health professionals church members are all understanding how this is to fit together as a hand in a glove obviously in our promotion at different meetings that we hold. We tried. To help pastors fully comprehend or under and that they are key to helping church members understand better what it means to be part of medical missionary work. Unfortunately many pastors divorce health from their own activities thinking that that's the purview of some health professional. Rather then recognizing that it is part and parcel of the complete gospel and that it is to be used as an example for people even in the pastor's own personal life that health reform is vital. It's essential because people are watching people observe and what you do speaks a lot louder than what you say. So certainly our health ministries department. Dr Peter landless. In conjunction of course with North America and so many other of our divisions. They are trying to help everyone understand that this is comprehensive it isn't segmented it isn't just to belong to the health ministries department. Everybody should be involved. Now one of the most important things I think that we need to be emphasizing is when we hold meetings which we do. Around the World International Bible at conferences we hold them for pastors academicians and others to help people stay very close to Bible truth. That's the main aim in those meetings we need to be giving strong emphasis and I believe Dr landless has been working closely with those trying to help pastors understand the dynamic of health ministries and that is to be part of our. Mation And I think we're going to have to give even more emphasis so that people don't look at health reform at living a healthy lifestyle as just some kind of tacked on option that maybe is a nice hook to get people into the church. Which it isn't it's part and parcel of everything we do so I would say that one of our biggest challenges though is to help pastors fully understand that this is a blended ministry and that they are to have a deep interest in this area. I think of my my father as counsel to me. He urged me to not only go to the seminary but also to go to the School of Health at Loma Linda and I have never ever regretted blending those two in my ministry and pastoral ministry and even today it is absolutely invaluable. But for those pastors that and take that have that opportunity. You know one one instance I'm thinking of the some of our graduates went to Chile from Wildwood and they're helping the ologies school there incorporate. As Jorge incorporating as an option for the theology students to take some health training possibilities of that expanding there's been a couple requests that we've already have and testimonies of from the beginning a part of the training that they could receive medical missionary. And who do want to do want to speak to that in the North America Act. Actually yes I would like to talk to that because as I have been traveling around and for those of you who don't know I began my role at the end just in April. So I am still learning our field and I've been very encouraged. What I am learning for example I was at Andrews University a couple of months ago and today also now. I have it's an election for their seminary students to actually learn public health skills as well so they are working with their School of Public Health to offer this for their students. I met one of the students who is going through that program. I have also been in touch with and with Loma Linda University the School of Public Health they are looking to offer the same program there as well. So this is certainly growing in interest not just in our acknowledgment of the need but that there is a desire to do this. I do want to address one other issue though. Because I can speak to this from a personal experience. Is that sometimes our pastors our leadership they are a little bit wary of bringing health ministry into the church. And this is very important that we talk about it openly and address it in a very Christ like manner. Because what I have been hearing is that they have had a negative experience with health ministry. This is not always the case certainly but this does happen where we have a an individual who may be quite exuberant in what they are promoting for help and it may cause division in the church. It may cause bad feelings. It may cause new members of the church wonder I thought I was escaping conflict. But we're fighting about cheese or whatever it is. And I can say this because I was the cheese detector at potluck for a few years because I could smell the cheese and so everybody would ask me. Angie is this vegan. And you know I had to come to a realization that this was tearing hearts apart and that. It's not what the Lord wants us to do right now he's calling us to press together. We need to be very humble we really need to be what we don't want the Lord to humble lists. That's very painful. We need to tell him Lord I want to be humbled now. So we need to approach the introduction of health ministry into our churches showing the benefits of it and not bringing the conflicts with it and work where the doors are open and allow the Lord to open the doors wider right. You know in areas there are whole countries are hold of that are unions that have had a lot of I like the what was the term you use and the. Exuberance. I like that. But more like I'll just say live more like fanatical OK. And it has made it hard for than some other ministries D. even get a foot in the door because as I say we've already gone there done that and we don't want any more. What could we do or what experiences of you all had to do to try to get that all door open again I had that has been closed. Elaine in the Philippines we've had issues with this cheesy issue for many years. However we as a medical missionary we just have to be consistent. We have to show them that we are really working with the church and things like this in the first in the first few years in the Philippines we saw that we would not even allowed to come and speak at the church but they saw our consistency and how we want to. The really work with the church and now they invite us to come our pastors are are changing to become vegetarians and also not only that when we do evangelistic series because we go out there with blood pressure cuff since that of bibles in the first few weeks and we push the medical missionary were. Work and that's and they want us to do all their back to us that series. So I praise the Lord for bantering wage the medical ministry such fun and I also want to speak on that. Pastor and communication is so important I think in the past and not that we really wanted it to be this way but there developed of them and us we have the church leaders and then we have the self supporting people and a lot of times we didn't have the direct connections to them and so it was easy for rumors to get started. Or if the church later does find a group that is promoting something is not balanced then the temptation for them is to think it's all of us or most of us. They know it's not but then how do they deal with it. They're they don't know I'm on either. And so laypeople move so quickly. In what they're doing and so it's frustrating for church leaders the quickest way to solve the frustration is if we as self supporters will reach out to our church leaders and and take the effort. Don't make them chase you. You chase them. And that's the least we can do when we do that and they see our attitude then we can begin to intervene. Then we can begin to differentiate that this is not us. This is not our group and often we might even be able to work with the other lay group that might be unbalanced. But so that communication spending time together as and he's already touched on is well this is very important. I'm so thankful for the way the Lord has blessed. We have a general conference a president that's a born again medical missionary. Started the apple seed restaurant in New York City at right at the foot that the foot of the World Trade Trade Center is many people don't know that we had Dr landless who has made every effort to try to connect self-supporting work. With the division invited me to join with all of the vision directors when they met in Mark so that we will know each other we can help each other and if there's some fires we pressed together and that they can get out quicker and you know I think that tendentious a fanatic. Movements have a lack of tactfulness and so as soon as we show a little bit of tactfulness then immediately the conference offices and so forth they needed a thing. These are different take on there and so like I have appreciated a lot working with Wildwood and also with light that we will not go into any conference and do any one month training course without getting written invitation from the conference office inviting us to come there and so that immediately you know even if conference certain conferences they don't even know what we do and what light does and why does but just because we asked them that we need to get a written invitation. They immediately have confidence they're not on these people are you know they're not just some independent weird you know fanatical reform Adventist you know. So this is a soon as they feel that then suddenly they did the barriers are all broken down and we can immediately enter into the field and other. I think as we come to the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation next year. It is a beautiful time for self-supporting work. Supporting ministries and all of us to understand and to help pastors to understand that a sanctified life is actually part of Christ's righteousness. We are only saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. Or not saved by not eating cheese. However when you accept the robe of righteousness. You also accept and that's justification when you accept then his justifying power you then accept his sanctifying power which helps you to grow more and more like him. All of this is Christ's righteousness it is none of our own. I mean there is so much in spirit of prophecy which helps us to understand that. So I think if if pastors and we need to do a better job in communicating this to pastors and to church members that the whole process of Christ righteousness is to restart for in each of us the image of God. And that's why you know it says in script one seventeen written in one thousand nine hundred one every minister of the gospel should be prepared to every minister. To do practical medical missionary work there. The key word operative word is practical and it says the medical missionary work is to be as closely united with the gospel ministry as the arm is united to the body. This is interesting this next sentence the reluctance to shoot has shown to the primal geisha ins of the principles of health reform is caused by an unwillingness to deny self. So I think as we submit to Christ's righteousness. He then takes that self self centeredness away and medical missionary work and health reform takes on a new meaning not a fanatical work your way to heaven approach but understanding that it's part of God's whole plan of restoration. So we want you to know where we are as a school here training medical missionaries were doing the best we can to try and balance you know well rounded medical missionary as you know it's not an easy task because you know this. Maybe something Michel could speak to and think of asking that question what. What can we do from our side. To make sure that our missionaries going on from this institution at least are having coming across the right way and reading more problems but actually strengthening the church around the world all day and I think it goes back to the core motive of why we're doing what we're doing. And we're first and foremost as a school here to train people to share Jesus and Jesus has to be the core of everything that we're doing the gospel. Is the core of all of it and when that is at the center that other things start to fall in line around it becomes the priority is the priority is not then just what you eat or how you exercise or what not the core is the Gospel and the rest goes with that. So in our curriculum. That's something that we're really trying to do to hit not only that the health and the scientific side but the spiritual side and the practical side we're working to have a lot more of an evangelist stick focus. I have found so much that when we get out and help people a lot of the petty disagreements go away. It's just it's just a cause and effect when we're involved in people's lives in the messiness of people's lives in the sharing Christ in people's lives. It starts to change us because we start to realize what matters and what doesn't. It puts things in perspective and so that is a burden that we have that our students have a heart for Christ that we develop them spiritually in a love for Christ that their personal spirituality grows because it's our personal relationship with Christ grows. Then we are better able to share there something about experiencing the grace of Christ for ourselves that kind of just eliminate that judge mental spirit. It just disappears when we're having that we know the grace that Christ has for us and that is something that we are trying to build and. Didn't hear and get then allow them to experience in the community else and I thank you Michel. And one thing I know is that it starts the leadership. If the leadership of that attitude or spirit reflects upon the student body and so we need greatly. You know we need new good leaders to be praying for more more workers for the vineyard the field is definitely ripe. Well I've been reserving a question here for other girls that have been and been itching to ask. With your I think I'm doing too much talking with other girls and with your upbringing. I want to take advantage of that you're experience. And growing up in a secular world in New York City Jewish background. How have you seen the health messages as how do you see it as a tool that could be used for reaching that demographic. Well. Or any other advice you have for reaching. Well I think it's neutral in the sense that look who doesn't care about their health. Everybody To some degree gets a decent pains or knows somebody who's. I think everybody at some point is concerned about that and where is you know sometimes they'll try with Jewish people. Well they'll have a thing on archaeology. I think in that a laurel that's not going to lay no better than that or are some other stuff but the health is is neutral and I don't care who they are whether they're atheist secular very religious. I remember when I worked with the van Center in New York City. We need a crutch MAR I mean we'd have these ultra orthodox the kids sit would come on the vans they would come and they would these people would normally never commune we would sometimes even go into the areas now eventually. We were warned they're going to bomb us if we keep coming. So even then they knew some of them knew but the point is what I always thought is good about that is the whole health thing is that. Even if people there anti-religious or they're skeptical of religion. They're interested in that and if they could come and see a these people really care. There's they're helping me with a need that I have they're not trying to shove their their religion down my throat that I think is a very important first steps. Wasn't going into us that was at a restaurant or well food store part of your story. Yeah well in my situation I wasn't. I was a I was not very interested in health but I mean I did not like vegetarians I had and I had no I didn't know anything about it but I was just. Well it was very interesting because I I think I mentioned as I was having a cult experiences. And I decided I'm going to get into the occult. And on the way over I just happened I was looking for a job and there's a health food store for the AHA a compromise. I'll even hang around vegetarians if I can get a job you're going for a job that's going for a job. I just needed a job as a starving writer and I went into the health food store and I mentioned to the guy something about the cold stuff. Maybe it's what he puts me in a health food store locks the door. You know and starts he starts telling me about the devil Well tell me about the devil back you might as well. Told Me Santa Claus wasn't going to give me presents if I wasn't good but then when I left he handed me a book says Here read this book. And I'd leave and I go over I was on my way over to the library to get a book on the occult and I actually got the occult book spiritualism book read. The first chapter even practiced the first technique. And I'm walking through the library and literally in one hand. I have for the first time in my life this book on the occult and on my other hand I have the book that guy handed me in the health food store. What do you think it was the great controversies and then that about a night or two later when I had that experience that I talked about and it was the bottom line I had no interest in health in the beginning but these weren't the health food store it was there. It was an approved of you know if it would have been something religious I want to walk into to look for a job. It was neutral. And that's why I went in there and it was through those people that eventually I became a seven day man. And then thank you so the health message it's a it's a black and white. Yeah it's not entering into that kicking and screaming the whole way. So what now I'm very thankful for a malady very very thing where the Lord has funny ways of working things out and and he uses that entering wedge in the right arm in different ways and it's an entering wedge to the cities as other Wilson mentioned to the secular and also to different religions. Elaine. But he still has experience working in Indonesia that has the largest Muslim population in the world in countries like Thailand large Buddhism. Can you speak to how health is being used in those areas. Well we have that same principle of having a health food store on the bottom and then a lecture hall on the top and I need to know where is that I want to share this is that's called Club said Jakarta. So now we have four in the city of Jakarta but now there's over ten all over Indonesia. Oh I know where he was out of the center of influence. So every weekend we get at least in piece each center we get about fifty to one hundred nine Adventists come to our health lectures we use whatsapp B.B.N. Blackberry Messenger to broadcast. Asked. And then they come and then we tell them the topics that we have many times we've prayed with Muslims I mean it's one to ten thousand Adventists for you know ten thousand Muslims in Indonesia. And it's one to eight thousand in Thailand and Cambodia and all these other places in the Philippines this one to forty three. So you see where the work is so we are heavily emphasising on health in the schools it breaks down all the prejudices. We have prayed many times with Muslims and Buddhists and they all get sick like Elder Goldstein said everyone gets sick aches and pains but once you show them that you truly care for them. And as a grocery store. We health. We help you know transform them and just show that you can't look on something without giving them an alternative. OK it's just not going to work so we have transitional food as well. So if they're you know carnivores and then we go to you know lock the Oval. Like this. So until we really help them with showing sympathy for them. Christ method works everywhere and they all believe in God They all believe in karma and it's just trying to rich our belief with bears and them and I thank you. Now one thing that I've been thinking recently and I want to direct this question to Dr Angie. We are so we have a concept of every member of the church being involved in health ministries and every member church taking hold of medical missionary work yet we also have at an assault professionals. How how can these two sink together and that and work together so you just on the House side because we talk about pastors working together in importance of unity and so forth but even on the House side it seems like we've got we've got late you know late kind of ministries and medical mission work in general and so and then we. Of. You know we have lifestyle center restaurants and then we have large medical facilities in Loma Linda and and in Kettering and elsewhere. How can we have some concept even dream about how can we all even unite more with unity will have more power. Well I I wish I had the answers but I'm glad that I was a lorry that gives us the answer yes it. It is a tough question. Not because it's not possible. Right but because I think for for various reasons. Things have become fragmented. But I want to encourage you. Because what I have noticed here is that things are coming together now and I believe that this is the power of the Lord. It cannot be explained. Otherwise. And we wouldn't want it otherwise. But there is an interest across all of those various levels and entities of coming closer to other and so we certainly want to very proactively encourage and help to facilitate that. Now what when we're talking about how does a health professional work with someone who isn't. Well how do they not work with someone who is not trained as a medical doctor for example when you go to a hospital when you go to a clinic when you go to your physician's office is there only are there only medical professionals working there. No you have janitors you have people answering the telephone. You have individuals who are just out the door smiling. These are all very very important and interger old to the proper functioning of every single entity. Even here at our lifestyle center. I had the privilege of having hydrotherapy yesterday. And you know we had to go either way it was amazing. It was wonderful. And I had one therapist but I had there was someone else who had to make this appointment for us and a good friend who made the phone call and so there are many other people involved in health ministry. Some of you may have heard of your best pathways to health. If and if you have been there you will see five year olds doing health ministry. Why because they are smiling. They're helping to hand out food they're helping to to guide people from one station to the other this is all part of health ministry. We have too narrow a view of what health ministry is. It includes all of those supporting elements that come to help the help health professional do what they need to do as well as it's written in the Bible in First Corinthians fifteen the body every part of the body is an integral part. Now they were the right arm is not disconnected from the body. It doesn't have its own heart its own circulation its own whatever its Everything is integrated and if we learn those principles I think we'll find that along the way. Whether we're not whether or not we're trained professionally we have a role to play and in that of a ministry. Thank you very much for the Cleveland. That's what it is. Is that it is about. You have it your best helical is is a is a tremendous opportunity and it's a it's a breakthrough for our church because it has suddenly. Brot thousands of admin as laypeople and medical professionals literally working together and you just go to one of those and you just get infected. You know it's just it's amazing. And there's a work for everybody. My wife and I just came back from going to the last one at Beckley West Virginia. She's drawing blood. I'm working in counseling mental health. That was their greatest need. They didn't know that when they scheduled for Bakley West Virginia to have the pathway for health that there was going to be a flood of catastrophic level that would proceed the week before when that had been planned months before. So they were as a tremendous opportunity there. And I was I have never been asked to do mental health counseling but they asked me to bend as much as I could and pitch in because they had a lot of people that wanted to talk about what they'd been through. And I saw there for the first time and that in this particular role that when you are dealing with someone that's brought into you to counsel a little session a little room they give you that is feeling great needs it just takes two or three minutes and they're opened up to sharing their whole life experience. Why did this happen to me they're talking about the divorce they're talking about the flood they're talking about child custody and in just a few minutes. I'm placing books in their hands like I'm so easily that I've never done before because they're riveted on trying to understand why they're in the situation they're in and we have the books to help answer them. So I'm not there's a way that thousands of I've been as can get together working United LI with our medical professionals as well and I'm going to shock I'm coming your way here we have already read a statement that I mentioned that Americans from. Enough to divorce from the Gospel and finished by saying without this union neither part of the work is completed. So it's easy for us to maybe cast blame on the gospel work and say where's the help part but we have to you know it's wins both ways. So how how can we be sure that the whole For doesn't leave out the Gospel work you have any ideas on that. You know it's interesting to me how we tend to naturally work in silos and praise the Lord He gives us burdens for different portions of the work but then maybe we don't fully see the importance of other portions of the work. I started out in ministry doing literature ministry and I tell you the people in literature ministry will tell you that this is going to finish the work. And how this is the most important thing we can do and I worked with public evangelism I worked with it is written doing the media say I've worked with the Bible work training a lot and now health work and everyone seems to feel like very peace is like the peace that is going to do it but you know what it's the health one right now and it is what it's all the other ones too. That's right. And that's the whole point is that it really takes all of the pieces together to do the work. It's the idea of Christ's method that Christ mingled with people he started winning the confidence and meeting needs and then he bids them follow me. So sometimes we focus and we do really well. On the health part as the entering wedge. But you know what if we don't know how to then take people the next level. We don't reap the harvest. We have to know how to be able to introduce the Gospel how to share with people we need all the pieces together and if we leave out some of those pieces then it's like planting without cultivating or cultivating without harvesting or harvesting without preserving. And if you miss any part your cycle falls apart and so that's all that's what I see is it's not one above the. Whether it's seeing how can we link these pieces together and maybe in some past times health ministries has not done the best job with with connecting with the gospel ministry or with other parts of the cycle and I think the more we do that bridge the more that we link together and work together on this the more effective and the more multiplication we're going to see in our results and men and men appreciate that. Elaine you got a thought on that and in our health ministry it's a mentoring which And then by the time we do counseling. Now with family or you've got problems with your family they've got mental health and this we start pointing them to Jesus and then bible studies and you know other things and now we just opened a cancer center this is not for treatment. It's just for counseling for concer for cancer survivors. Counseling the ones who are going through the cancer and they have that gone through the cycle. So I believe in we shall It's a cycle and we need to catch every little part so we can put it all together. Our main goal and then I meant thank you. OK got a statement here from eighth vial of the testimonies page one forty eight. It says not one in a hundred among us. Not one and a hundred among us is doing anything beyond engaging and common worldly and to prizes. We are not half awake to the worth of souls. For whom Christ has died. Yes he has questions for you. How can a lay person be involved in business and yet still keep their spiritual life alive and also be witnessing for Christ. You know I really love that quote It's to me actually. Why write wrote this right. I think right after the General Conference session in one thousand nine hundred one. When it was reorganized to really systematically get in to spread the gospel unto all the nations and so it was there. There when she was kind of diagnosing the church saying not one in a hundred among us among church members is doing anything to advance the gospel right. They were just in gauging income and worldly enterprises and and and she was basically calling the church and the church members to get into it in the context she says there will be thousands. Where where there is one today proclaiming the gospel to heathen lands thousands there will be thousands and so and so it was at the time when it was the biggest push to go into South America to go into Africa to go into many parts of of of Asia and so forth and so and so. But the missionaries were lacking and so she's saying this and I think and the major problem was most of them were just engaging in common worldly enterprises and so actually I think it's providential that it was just a few years after that two or three years after that that God called for the ministry of Madison to get started. In this context of actually getting people. Trained in practical trades and we usually talk about medicine and talk about the the missionary focus and all the spiritual things but we forget that. Madison. From from my research at least they had over fifty businesses run on campus and twenty seven of them were run by the students themselves. I mean I cannot believe this. When I read this. It's like who are this training was highly practical highly focused on trades and focused on how to monetize those trades and at the same time I mean. So the business side the entrepreneurship side that was being trained and at the same time it was using those tools to really. Reach people through their business with their customers with their health food stores in their restaurants and the and all of the I mean this Madison foods they then vented thirty different kinds of of soy meat substitute products soya milk soy cheese soya meats saw everything and they and I mean very amazing actually. What they did at that time it had all kinds of other businesses all business all these businesses running so so I saw that that this that the business side of things actually is very very useful and I think the world. Oh I mix is common in the world has understood has understood something about this business side of things more than we have for instance if we look at how many McDonald's restaurants there are worldwide. You know they're not afraid of profit. You know. They have they have so many restaurants. We have they have ten times or restaurants than we have in all of our avenues restaurants combined right. So why is that. And so and I think that there's many reasons for that but I think one of them is that they're they're really not afraid of of profit maybe you know and of of of being able to do business on a very high level and of course in all we should not do. Embers in all or their kind of hamburgers. But in our restaurants but but I think that there's there's something that we can really learn and I've seen this many times and it can be any type of business. Traditionally we've always talked about health food stores or restaurants and centers and that's good. And I think we really need to do a lot of those things but I've seen people like there's a friend in Chile. Of My He has a he has a a tire company a tire company and he. Has actually is the biggest tire company in the whole country of Chile in South America. He has big it almost looks like you're walking into a Wal-Mart. But just for tires and everybody goes there everybody that goes there they walk in they see all the health expert Penders on the spot and they see. Instead of on the walls. Instead of having you know what they have what kind of pictures they have entire stores and mechanic shops right. Yeah. Poor poor ladies right there have enough money to buy clothes. You know and but instead of these kind of pictures. They have they put. Bible verses they have like final events written how do you know on the walls of their of their store. And that every person they they were giving out six thousand steps to Christ every week to every person that walked in and bought something in their store. Thank you for shopping with us. Here's a present for you. Here's a step to Christ or a great concert. You know if they've come over again you know then they'll give him a great controversy or or maybe oh maybe or maybe a desire phases first and then because you know they them every day. Amazing what what one company does through through a tire company I'm like whoa we can use any type of company to to really advance the work of God and they they make more they have a whole department and missionary department they had fourteen people employed just to follow up on calls of their customers asking for bible studies visiting them in their homes. I mean just amazing and I'm like oh and then this is what this is part of medical missionary work even if it's even if it's not directly on health you know it's ministering to the knee and this is what I love about this if they don't minister to a need the business will die as you. So and So it's very nice they have to do. Actually they have to do. Christ method you know it's the only way they're going to succeed. As a business. So it's really a blessing on how to get business people involved into ministry and that means that the manager of the of the company suddenly becomes a missionary manager and the cashier becomes a missionary cashier and then am I going to say I'm the spokesman just because the statement doesn't say I'm going to say that if I don't do anything. They're not doing anything beyond business. So it doesn't. We can do business but we need to do something more than that and have our sights higher than that. Yeah and not everybody needs to become a pastor you know this is what I was taught when I when I first got converted eighteen. They said if you want to work for God full time you've got to be a pastor does no other way or you can become a missionary and work out of the jungle you know fighting against crocodiles. That was the other option. All right and and so and so little and then but suddenly I found out. Whoa. Business opens up a field we can use all the talents that God has given us all the lame members with all of their talents using it in in these kind of companies to advance the gospel work. Aimé men. In closing. We're going to read from ninth testimonies page one six one sixteen it reads the work of God and this earth can never be finished until the late excuse me myself until the men when comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers. I think we all agree this morning that we need more unity. This is Christ prayer from John Chapter seventeen and he wants to see it realized in the health work but as people. All right. Pastors laypeople health professionals missionaries everybody entrepreneurs business business men and women whatever profession whatever work keeping our eyes focused on the work that God has given to us which is to spread the gospel to the entire world to every nation kindred tongue and people. I want to thank you all for joining us and being a part of the pan. I wish we had more time but where we've run out someone invites. To come up and he's going to have a final for us. He's a man. Was that amazing panel discussion. The good news is it's all recorded so if you miss a point you can always go back to the website and catch the recording again. Let's close with a word of prayer. Eternal Father Lord we're so grateful that you're giving us such a wealth of knowledge so inspired writings Lord that whereas we can take this information apply it to our lives and Lord help us to change ourselves in the world around us. Father. We're so grateful that you've given the men and women on the stage the experiences that you have that they've been able to share with us. What they've learned through the years in ministering to others and giving us an idea of what we can possibly do in the future in terms of advancing your work the medical missionary work father. Simply Today we're asking you to bless us that you keep us that you are Spiers that you wouldn't bigger I just want to be the type of people you called and prayed just bother to do this and much more your son's name this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot org.


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