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Revelation 12 and the Accuracy of God's Prophetic Time

P. Gerard Damsteegt


P. Gerard Damsteegt

Associate Professor of Church History at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • September 3, 2016
    11:15 AM
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Heavenly Father help me to find the right words and the right concepts. So that to feel the effect of not only in our mind but also in our hearts in Jesus' name amen. This study is the result of one of our tours on the great call diversity. Because the more you see and read about it the more things come to life and this topic Revelation twelve and the accuracy of God's prophetic time. Deal specifically with give you confidence that whatever God's says and prophecy. Can be trusted. And is solid and accurate. Here is a quote that has stimulated me much in my life. Search the vast resources of the Christian church is that if you know Harold December twenty eight hundred ninety where it says the infinite there shoes of truth have been accumulating from a stew age. No representation could adequately impress as with the extent. The riches of these vast resources that are waiting to demand of those who appreciate them. These gems of truth to be gathered to obey God's remnant people to be given back to the world but self-confidence and your jurist see of soul refuse to bless it treasure. So what is this. This is that a view to them. The people that have you. That God has revealed light. Vast resources they are rich and they are waiting now. For both of them and people to do what. To be shared with whom seven they have noticed. With the rest of the world and if people only knew the accuracy of those prophecies they would have a total different experience while now go to them and people are questioning. Many of the things because we are so influenced by the world by world the scholarship that we have developed an inferiority complex. Of the past friends. Let us nuclear at the early Christians because my interest in church history. We'll if I share this prophecy with others Christians. I don't say you know it is a disease a disease that you know and then afterwards he said to my you know do seventy at interest. They have unique and strange you know. I connect myself with the past because those are the rich sources that God has revealed are you with me. And so here then the early Christians sick stupid but evolution twelve the room and there represents the church the child represents Christ the dragon represents that Ohman Empire being a Roman Empire and the rulership of the telephone are sixty days or times times and have a time to present literal days or studied have years of persecution and that has been held by most Christians over the centuries the early Christian writers just in martyr second century irony use second century there Chileans third century victorious fourth century was the first one who would go to her. Commentary on The Book of Revelation and so here you see then the the understanding and the message that they were sharing Now letters now continue the heritage of the Christian church views throughout the centuries continue to be similar. Until you come to the Middle Ages and here in the twelfth century you get then that the two elves to do time periods there that normally are seen as still under sixty literal days are now going to be interpreted in a symbolic way. Now keep in mind to tell century. So we are now to our home that years after the death of Christ. So you can see here how normally this could come to fruition over twelve hundred years and he talks about twelve and sixteen. You may be in symbolic prophecy time is symbolic. There you see the reasoning and so what happened now. You tell century the application of the U.T. principle to evolution twelve by about your Cuma fury and I bought in southern Italy Calabria and he was of great and influential individual he wrote extensively about prophecies and after his death the papacy declared all his writings letters. Pettersen. Because he felt that the present church as this in his coat of state will be superseded by something better. And of course that is not the platform of the papacy. So from Christ's birth which was being a thought of eighty one. You had twelve hundred sixty. So in the year twelve sixty he expected a new world order. A pure world order a more nasty world order. A world that is full with Christ and evangelism. Then when that this would work out his followers interpreted since maybe we should take the death of Christ in thirty three eighty and so the other thirty three were twelve sixty and they came to twelfth one hundred thirty what happened. Nothing then the next phase you know they are going to look at something very important at the beginning. So the next phase date could be to fall of Jerusalem seventy eighty. So you at seventy two twelve sixty and you could do thirty thirty what happened that year. Nothing. You see with prophetic you to petition time. You need to period. Two events a beginning and an ending but it's easier to focus on the beginning and the hope to the ending will be you could act interpretation very simple and this happens for hundreds and hundreds of years and this happens now with your claim of Florrie in the twelfth century. So you have to come then six hundred years further till you come to do if you did we understand. And why did he accept it. Of a still that he had to this view because we have now two events that fit a second into the prophetic scheme and so what happened then during that a few more Imation the viewers of the dance of defamation the former's then saw the twelve and sixty years as years because the idea of your claim has caught on and so Wycliffe you has in your own Luther Luther you read the prophetic days of August and you see that many of the reformers had exactly the same understanding and sweet. So when we talk about it to her sixty years. We are not alone. We said this. As the view by most groves of Christians. So again you connect yourself to the past to historicism and not something new. Death seventy yet with this developed and strange and if you have your bible studies with those people as if you know why did we not hear about it. Why did our diaster never talked about those things and then you can say yes pull some TOS and steam. It into the part. And so we are done the instrument to bring them back to the Protestant Reformers the departing ears. And I tell you really are much closer to the promise of the former's in the past. Than today to present world. See dad is the bridges we have building bridges in Bible study and some data to tell sixty years from Constantine others from Pope Leo to first your Stimmung at certain set of seven. So all those things happen throughout the centuries and to view the its end of the tell for sixty years in the sixteenth seventeenth or eighteenth century and all of us now one year from the present had to do with the papacy because it was clear that he moans today Revelation twelve the persecution had to do with the papacy the same you know devolution thirteen and so here we have a tremendous bridge with other people and so what is now the situation in the eighteenth century deterioration of the mode of values the friend's monarchy had become absolutist you see you. Louis the Fourteenth and those who have gone to Paris have seen her side noted their consistency or Vall the him. It's a logical schemes and the immodesty that is on display in the thing in her site clergy most closely associated with royalty widespread immorality human the rule. A classic moment abundant wealth of mortality over the royalty nobility and clergy and suppression of poverty among the middle class and the lower classes. This was due to a totally distorted society. During the eighteenth century. Then in seventy fifty five Lisbon earthquake had a profound impact on the world today we don't think about a bit of us and enormous effect in fact a tsunami destroyed large parts of Africa and yet at the epicenter was a Lisbon the next year in seventy fifty five. The Church of England put Jew proclaim to them. The purpose to book. Showing what happened in every European nation as a result of the earthquake including North America the could review all of this tsunami. It's incredible. And as a result the rise of Deism. The rejection of the traditional biblical view of the Almighty God the Father of the human race and so you get you know the whole new philosophy developing and affecting profoundly the world of the ex thing then you get a reggae action against Christianity and clergy and Voltaire Rousseau with one of the leading lights at the time the birth ten of the friends evolution in seventy nine hundred eight and the fruits of the suppression of the defamation or moral or political or social earthquake and you can. See that in the history of all the philosophies of the time elimination of the royalty was now to go the elimination of the ability the elimination of the clergy. So if you eliminate all the ruling classes. You have gained your goal a total new world order you step into the a new world order and now it is only atheistic principles because the Christie energy of that time was the papacy. It was a corrupt system and the lower classes sought and they saw it needs to be changed and so that was exactly what happened. The guillotine was there the quickest way to eliminate the whole level of society and yet to be a teams because one was not sufficient. And so the corruption total corruption of the morals and invited to create controversy. Clearly shows here that by a bowler see that affirmation and friends the seeds of that evolution were planned planned the people the common people. What was that example corruption. It could have to Christianity. If their divorce Christie unity got out of it and that had to take place so that God could use their wrath of the wickets to go down the papacy in a new culture and the world that just dominated by Deo the Roman Catholic European powers. Nobody can touch the papacy except if there would come a power out of the bottomless pit that are so much against Christianity that that would be the power that God would use to a limit. It. The sick to the power of the papacy. No wonder that you have a whole chapter in the Bible chapter eleven with the Book of Revelation devoted to the power of the wrath of the week it was used by got to go down the papacy is no volatile how will it work. Well that will go if we get to it. Almost as a church in the French government. Yes What happened. Papal a position against French heater ship they didn't like it. Of course no one is going to because all the priests were eliminated and all the clergy the French politics defend the nation against the enemies and about already enemies the enemies were to Roman Catholic power is a douche institution of course scripture to Fidelity forces just a first time where you get the National Prescription conscription and. Friends become very very powerful and it exported does that evolutionary the public views and the result was friends. Well successful in the military front and set up puppet governments in favor of their views and you see one of the cartoons of the papacy about you know how different saw the papacy and there was a strong and a most of the between the two and that happened as a result of the friends of evolution. The goal for me would be to don't look at the church in defense government and the key players you have now Pope Pius the sixth and the podium. So what happened here an attempt to eliminate. Papal government. What was the problem. What was the problem. The French goals abolition of the people government. She saw it as the great just anime. Of the republic the new established a republic and here you see a picture of the pope pleading with the podium pleading to spare Rome. Oh yes the bow plus consider the enemy of the Republic their method military invasion of Italy and it was very very successful a very successful campaign and out of pro. Status and what can we do and then it was appeasing these friends. B.Z. trying to get peace peace peace. Now initially it was a lawyer in seventy nine to six. But yes. There are some kind of relationship between a Podio on the French government and the pope. But then also you became thick and very powerful in the powerful army for the French and so the pope switched parties. And called the older Austrians to help them now in the podium saw that you could really met and came back. You know or than Italy and decided to demand much more over Pope said we do anything to get peace at any cost. And so the result was a piece of Dolan Teano if everybody seven hundred ninety seven between General Bonaparte and Pius was six. See one year before the end of supposed to be the papacy. So their day came and now the polio on food on the screws much harder because there are still the idea to eliminate the papacy. But they need to have a good enough reason. And they didn't have it yet. And so here are the articles of the Treaty of tall and the pope was to sit in the major areas of blowing your food outa and Obama sections of the Papal States to pay thirty one million lira sting cash. Even though possible it should be paid for it. Jewels and what happened then that the podium got to collect a ditty a tad. Yeah yeah. Yes because every pope has a tiara and some are stored in the Vatican and so what did he do with all the tiaras you know he didn't go put them on his own head. He simply melted them down put a gold in the jewels because I'm a foreign national army. You need to have money. And sort of papacy paid to maintain these most powerful army in Europe provided horses for the French army gave over a hundred pieces of sculpture and paintings from the museums and churches to be selected different and so he went through all the property and they put it on where the loads and those all going to be carried to where. Two pairs because Paris was the new Rome and if you go to Paris. You see then. Number of things that you know you find also the arch of of Trajan. And all the monuments that you find to Rome on a smaller scale but you find it in in Paris and then of course. To give pension for the death of a French diplomat killed their own and so here then the papacy was sucked into great poverty basically and then to allow a garrison in Kona So that was the piece of Tolentino And finally the pope that know now we have the skewed piece look at what it cost me. But now everything is fine and you go to the Louvre Museum and contains many treasures from Rome. He has relief. Everything is looking good. I found a book here. In research in Rome. It's an Italian and in French written by the secretary of state. And he gives me sixty delightful for buyers to six and then he says and this was written after the captivity of the pope. He says I cannot understand this. It's incredible. We did everything possible to secure our final soul licit solo pieces with the podium and now suit is one incident that was the catalyst to the end of tell for six years. We lost it all. I cannot understand this and he goes on be moaning and be moaning and groaning and I wish that just as they. Into English because it's worth while. But presently the people who would be interested in that probably a few at a distance but this is very very interesting and so what was now the catalyst that changed this all this tells you that prophecy doesn't guess. It knows. And if the world already knew about this prophecy which basically is stretched seven times seven times it will Daniel five times in the Book of Revelation seven times. Now you know for us it is one time is enough of God says it. But this is seven times and so here then finally a lasting peace is achieved and yet is the incident that left a deadly want. Joseph Bonapartist. He was the ambassador in Rome and a brother of the podium. However the French still looked for a way to break this laser latest peace treaty but they didn't have enough arguments France looked for an opportunity to take control of the papacy because it was still the greatest degree and image and use of part but a part of the French the best that are your own he became that in September seventeenth ninety seven the incident of who led to the deadly rooms. This is the French embassy the Palace of course see this is one of our stops on the Great Hall diversity tour. It's now an art gallery. It's famous Michelin jello stay there for a while. Then the queen of Sweden who was. Yes Had to abdicate because she is a Protestant. Became a Roman Catholic. The proles of the religion vaastu strict and she wanted to go off of frivolous religion and of course the papacy offered this. So she went to Rome. You know believes she is the first woman that was a very distant future. And there you have a stat. Of the sculpture of this and her to what was the incident the incident of the French Embassy that the friends the ex used to intervene the at the time in the embassy there was also in the Christmas season. That's parties and whatever and well on December fifty nine General do you follow was gored to become the brother in law of the podium Bonaparte you know not a bone of a part to those who were going to part. And so he was marrying into the into the family and became a very close relative then with the podium. What happened then the day before the incident. Papal troops skirmish with the friends with a deadly mishap they drank they feast it on December twenty seventh and there were some nationalists there among the Romans and they would also part of the party and so he walked in the street and shouted three Romana liberation of Rome and at the same time there were people you know the distance is about a mile between to this embassy and the Vatican one and a half miles. And so what happened then is the end of the street a shout at you know. No Republican slogans and their bit of faith will stoop. And it stopped but they did not and the French general before was a part of this and then a shot was fired two bullets that changed the world the same time when they down there they tore his clothing. And they did some more torture to that body and their dress friends general the brother in law to be of the best sitter. What did you do. He picked up a suitcase and left here. You know before. And so Napoleon's reaction you want to deceive or stab JONES I'll tell you bitchy to march to Rome and there exists February thirteenth hundred ninety eight. Bertie into Drome. And on fifth February fifteenth the oblation of papal governmental capital and on the capital that all the time I read there his declaration he declaration on Capitol Hill one hill in view of then the Roman Forum. He called upon the Republican spirit to revive the Republican spirit of Rome and only that but now you are a Roman people have again can taste the freedom free from papal government and then he says and by now of the years diction of the French government the I have everything all the secular power of the papacy. But has been abolished and the new. Government will be supported by defense government was a stall there and there the Vatican was occupied and only occupied but two overs leading friends. Vent their Feb twenty pope by sixty arrested and taken from the Sistine Chapel to see taken into exile. He was celebrating dared you know get ration over the papacy his papacy right to the time you have a stake in a way and taking into action it to do good while here you see it and he goes to place in place and he he was taken to Sienna. When I was a priest in a monastery. But it was an earthquake and the monastery was partly destroyed. Except the people proportions and so he left for another place he it isn't a plec and screw click in one of the walls there or the wall of the streets where it says Death to the pope in seventy ninety eight walk beside this nunnery. And the nuns came out to give him all of her glory and then he extended his feet and the nuns priest is still interesting you know that that is worth a plaque. So he moved then to Florence from Sienna. Where he stayed there. Nine months now. Why you lineman's because the French were not in complete control of northern Italy and Austria where they had a fighting. And they felt that if they continue to move to Pope baby lose the treasure. So he stayed up but then. The pope was involved in all kind of diplomatic activities there insert Toda in that monastery and so finally decided to move on. And then they went to his last supposed to be going to Paris. But then they came to a followers the pope was so sick that he died there. Then they birds him. And his body often transfer two years later to Rome and there he is and doomed and his lastly crashed was that evil be buried faerie sing the grave of Peter and if you go into the crypt there you see then the steps you facing the cliff of Peter then Pope. Buries a servant had his heart removed and sent back to violence because he died there are the people who are upset that he couldn't be buried there. So does that give it at least some souvenir. Masoretic got his heart. And it was very dare I have a picture also hold that the heart of it a very good and so prophecy predicted a time. The seventy nine eighty eight seven hundred ninety seven peace treaty seemed to prevent the fulfillment of this prophecy yet Providence made to tap and go to stealing control. And he warders all things even when it looks you would leave impossible. And so why do Christians today no longer hold this view because we are basically the only ones that that hold as you well the tell for sixty years and the really poor people imprisonment many a dream the misinterpreted a deadly routine Revelation thirteen for sleep. What does it say there. A deadly wood and so many problems since if you analyze the sources thought that at the end of the tell from sixty years. That is the end of the papacy the deadly won't finished and if you read on the yearly court records there is that many people at that time when the pope was doing captive his government. Those are bollixed thought that this is the end of the papacy and no pope will be elected but they were mistaken in this view and so here they thought that a deadly wound predicted the end of the papacy except the idea eight he did not so a misinterpretation of the papacy of this prophecy let down to the opposition here today. They didn't understand the healing of the wound. Of the beast in the Revelation thirteen for study and they saw one of us had to sit where would it to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world good after the biggest conclusion the deadly move was to be healed. And the world was to follow it. What is it today here in nine hundred twenty nine. That was the historical Roman act the union of the rooms the nine hundred twenty nine letter and treaty between the state of Islam and the papacy was the healing of that at the moment. Even if it is only a few acres. Yet a few acres was enough to give the papacy a role in a place at the United Nations the babies is present on any committee and even the workers of churches. Even if the papacy is not part of the World Council of Churches. They are suspected and they invited to participate in a dialogue on the Christian unity is to Beijing. Establishment of vested in city as an independent state. The storing to civil sovereignty of the pope as a monarch. So now then for the first time after today you have there were again a monarchy and because of a does a monarchy. It's a state as a part of the United Nations and every nearly every government has a representative you know the you know the rule and you receive the representatives of the United States across the nation and needing down there. Will your poll the second reading of the moon by the next pope. Millions of people and here. Addresses Congress as a religious leader political leader and then he addresses the United Nations and is new again the agenda of what is it the agenda of global warming. And one of the important things we're closer warning is conserve energy having Sunday as a day of rest. It's in there. It's part of it and this is the blueprint for the next. You know fifteen years it has to be and. Better by two thousand and thirty. So again friends truly now a prophecy is fulfilled that all the world's. Wonders of the beast. And friends. This is a powerful Bible study. What do you think. Do your neighbors know this. Do you love your neighbor. If you don't love your neighbors. Keep your mouth shut. But if you love them. What will happen if they are do you see if I despite our what will happen. They will be victim of the seven last clicked. It was not a pleasant experience and love and service at a time. Many will call this is you know you new dish. And you didn't tell us to us friends and we wish that we had the compassion of Jesus. When he looks over the fields. What did he see there for the harvest. If Jesus didn't have the compassion. If the disciples had of the compassion. If you were the Christians had a little bit. Where would we be if the world then just didn't have the compassion to give their lives. Where would you like to be today. Friends. It's time for revival in the US What you see and this needs to be shared with everyone friends made the Lord bless you and keep you. They give you the power but the just come in your power. You may have failed many times it's only by God's grace through the faith of Jesus that you could revive her in the defamation and. I tell him I says he's the greatest meat. Among all of us. But you say. May God bless each one of us and he make a decision for him and his kingdom and our message is not for Exodus. But for the whole world. It's what you say you go. Bless name of this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service to visit W W W audio verse or.


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